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  1. Death Among Us

    Draiden's ears would perk up , as the recollection of lurkers mannerisms pertaining to feeding came back into play. The privaron espada had to look at things from another angle or the big picture if you will. Las noches had in draidens mind no allies say for those paticular spiritual signature's that seemed to scare off the quincy ; many questions lay unanswered about that. 'we need an informant but at the same time his method of eating puts us at high risk , numeros are our foot soldiers and as an adhujas he will need to feed or else he will permantly regress' he would think to himself as his gaze became fixed on lurker as if deciding what he should do next in that very moment. Draiden wasnt one to gamble , why would a lazy man like him put hardships on his shoulders. Draiden would speak while leaning aginst a rock "lurker you can be a valuable asset its undeniable, but be aware should you or kotaro impead las noches" his eyes fixated the two hollows, as if they where the only two in the area and no one else "it will fall upon me and vatto to erase the problem , but more importantly lurker as an adhujas you need to constantly eat or you'll regress so to you i say if i notice the population of the numeros dropping you know whats coming" he would say once again sounding like a patriot to his home. He would the face kotaro "im not to worried about you , but one of these days lets shake the foundation of this place in spar" this would be said with a small wink.
  2. Death Among Us

    Draiden would follow the group attempting to keep up , silent but solom. No words to be said no words to fail him. Rather unatural for the neon haired arrancar but he wasnt feeling all that chatty instead a nuestral face was carved upon him.
  3. Death Among Us

    Draiden would shrug as he sat up on his rock , what could he truly say to them. "im just going to say the well mannered one has evolved twice in a single day , and that vasto lordez holds enough spirit energy to be on par with me and with training he could even give you trouble" draiden would finish as two of his pearls seemingly where orbiting around his skull after he finished. He was trying his best not to get the guy riled up because draiden wouldnt be the to be put down if he was cranky over guests. "and it would be nice if youd stop giving me the death glare considering how deathly understaffed we are and well you know me and jacob are fired till further notice and all privaron business ya know" he say that last part expressing an underlying sadness in his tone ,draiden would hop off the rock and head twoard the gates hands in his pockets it was obvious he was moving slow on purpose. "Be grateful we're doing somthing good for Las Noches" these words weren't said with malice but they where said with a seriousness Draiden never carried showing how he felt here , draiden was no espada his dutys where no longer bound by the rules of Las Noches ; But Absolon was he was meant to be a leader there at all times at the fore front to lead his troops. Things like this did not apply to non-espada meaning all responsibility and duty's his and his alone to bear for now. Neither he or vatto needed to scout much needed tallent. Draiden would rest his back against the wall of Las Noches looking up at the night sky , memories of the old espada came into play as looked up it brought him comfort to imagine that they had all become stars in death. "out of the 10 of us who thought me and the holier art thou brat jacob would live , i miss you guys" he would say as he slouched against las noches sitting in the sand. He truly hoped one day the espada could be brought back he still hoped but he missed the days of when things where simpler. He could be sleeping and the quarto espada would find him and splash him with ice water and they'd laugh about it. "its all war now...." He would trail off watching the others from a distance.
  4. Death Among Us

    For once draiden had the urge not to engage absolon in any fashion , he would have a raised eyebrow 'huh' look as he turnt his head to face absolons back. Draiden could tell when a man needed a nap or when a nap was interrupted today he was seeing both in absolon. He would give a nod to vatto pointing him in the direction of absolon with the small gesture "that last thing you need is me talking to an obviously tired and irritated Cero espada who im guessing beat us both badly" this would be said with a small smile. Draiden did know for a fact his attitude pluss absolon right now would equal serious issues ; and right now having calmed down and realized the gravity of the situation the hummingbird of Las Noches didn't want those problems again atleast not yet. Provided realized the seriousness in the situation and walked over he would attempt to pat vatto on the back firmly before sitting himself on a nearby rock laying on his stomach facing everyone as to listen ; and possibly fire off a balla at someones skull if they threw him in the lime light to be shamed. For lack of words he would be eyeing lurker like a bird of prey. While everyone began talking draiden would begin talking and bouncing two pearls from one hand to the other , luckily only absolon knew he was playing with highly destructive bombs despite these two being duds. If vatto doesnt move he'd walk over and begin "Absolon they where brought here because they hold potential , that vasto lordez could use some trainging , and this one" he would point to lurker with his finger "from what i saw he could be an army all on his own , although i would suggest keeping ALL arrancars away from him his feeding habits may thin the number of numerous we have." He would finish
  5. Death Among Us

    Draiden would listen to every word spoken to him as he adjusted his stance , it was clear he was still relaxed but at attention as a small smile spread over his face showing just how youthful Lendero truly looked he possed the body of child who was slipping into adulthood. That childish smile that only the espada of old got to see before he willingly left his seat. "im never like anyone expects but thats a given , and allow me to start over Vatto had you not said somthing about ripping out my tounge you would have received the same respect and curtousy i show others" he would push his hanging hair out of his line of vision as he watched lurker begin his stride to the gates "but in turn the tone i take with others will always come off as rude its just my nature , best i can do i say sorry" he would say his tone still lazy in tone , his eyes where even half lidded still but you could tell their was attentiveness in his voice this time around , even if the sorry sounded all types of half assed. If his apology was accepted Draiden would then begin walking past the two "I'll answer your questions , but i would like it if we followed him id hate to see him killed by a gate gurdian or Absolon" he would sigh out sounding tired but a friendlier attitude had swept over him that was clear , it was almost commical. If Vatto accepted theyd be on Lurkers heels walking behind him. "Firstly the battle you speek of Absolon had me on the run in the beginning , he pushed my speed to its limits forced me into ressureccion i even tryed nuking the entire battlefield." Draiden had said all this to enlighten him just a little "i got caught in my own blast sadly , and before you give me and grief about being lazy the tecniqe is instantaneous i didnt want him to even attempt running" he would that last part alomost with a shudder at the idea of Absolon escaping from that intracate web of bombs draiden had spun. "As for my rank your half right my abilities are very destructive even in my unreleased i would cause severe damage to Las Noches i have a rather explosive personality once you get to know me" he would pause to scratch the back of his head "If im honest i didn't care for it at the time it was just a seat and all the meetings cut in on my god damn sleep , besides if i fought someone who could be a good fit in what use to las noches would they be dead" though draiden was lazy and had his unruly moments he did care. Deeply for his home and its many great napping spots
  6. Death Among Us

    Draidens eyes would close as he let out a sigh "lurker as the most well known expert of sarcasm around id say you need work" , taking his left hand running it through his neon green locks. Draiden didnt know this arrancar but from the way he spoke he was no numeros nor had he know this being to be a privaron that only left one reasonable option to his mind. So Absolon had put a new arrancar in the ranks of espada. An emotion swept over the arrancar one he hadnt felt in many , many , many years this feeling was not simple anger but unbridled rage ; but those before him may or no be able to sense it depending on how well their natural instincts where honed. Draidens eyes would open once more his posture now straightened though his hands still hanging to his sides and his eyes seemingly blazing with a slight rage. His now bhlank face though devoid of emotion seemed to hold the very essence of rage , "I really couldn't care less , but if you want to try it greenhorn i'd be happy to show you the true pecking order here another day but i need to have words with the man who recruited you" he would say making a waving motion with his hand as if saying the arrancar wasnt worth his time let alone a confrontation , las Noches wad just rebuilt and he'd be damned if he destroyed it with his newly developed techniques against this random "but if you must fight me you can wait till i rip the hiero from Absolons body once more" he would say now his eyes locked on vatto and solely him then the giant doors behind him then back at vatto and the other two hollows. "And im guessing your going to look for him instead of simply calling him , the man is paranoid about this place being destroyed yet again all that needs to happen is for him to feel a spiritual energy spike" he would say giveing an almost hinting look , all traces of rage gone now that he thought he could get his hands on Absolon once more and show the results of his training.
  7. Death Among Us

    A low hum would buzz in draidens ear as he lay on the edge of the roof atop las noches , his body a mere pebble on the greatnesd that was Las Noches. The privaron would slowly open his eyes waking from his nap finally finishing his deep sleep that those two hollows from before interrupted. The neon haired arrancars vision was blurred as it was blurred a bright neaon green light. Draiden had suspended a singular balla in the air near by that gave off a warm heat the neon haired arrancar would sigh as he rolled upon his back being carful not to fall off las Noches. He now was facing the burning bright balla he would slowly reach up and take hold of the balla. In one swift motion of his hand crushed it causing the spirit energy to disperse and fade. Draiden would give a little "hmph" as he sat up three spiritual pressures now present near las noches 1 was very noticeable , while the other two felt odd familiar , the other felt warped and distorted "those two wouldnt be here right now....not this fast" he would mumble to himself as he looked over the edge of las noches just three simple dots , i can sense them clearly like i should but if it wasnt for that theyd be invisible. Draiden wasnt oozing his presence out but he made an effort to suppress his power as he began to take off in Sonido the first one taking him to the sand , and without waiting a momemt he would sonido once more and reappear just behind the three meaning the other two would be facing their backs to him , while this indian tribal looking arrancar would have a clear view of him. Draiden would immedeatly call attention to himself "so a random arrancar and my two favorite hollows kotaro and it only makes sense that this is lurker" that same unintrested disrespectful drawl he carried with everyone even the cero espada. His body language suggested extreme boredom and fatigue even though he was neither ; anyone who had engaged him in combat or watched him fight knew his behavior was very deceptive.
  8. Death Among Us

    Draiden would sigh all time around seemed to slow to a near stand still , this was a sighn he was moving at his max speed in a very short burst ; this could also be confirmed by the world fading to black and white before him. Draiden would raise up the zanpakto of the now dead arrancar and slice any incoming spikes in his direction to pieces and simply grabbed one out the air before he examined it. To his companions it would appear like he may have simply teleported an unrealistic feat but it was a testament to his speed. "I assume this is-" draiden wouldnt finish his sentence as he threw the thing on the ground lazily looking at his hand , whatever that was had just tryed to eat at his hierro. Draiden barely felt it but that crap set off every red flag he had , 'not to self avoid gunk' hed think to himself as he put his hand back in his pocket. Draiden would eye these two before he began to walk foward and then began to float upward the moonlight illuminating his neon gree hair and tan skin. He would look down upon the two he had just helped from this angle he looked menacing espiaclly with that shadow cat over his face and his eye glint in the shadow cast on his face. And right before them a miracle would take place draidens normally bored expressionless face was smiling , a smile showing he was pleased. "Well i think its time we part ways , and as promised the secret to becoming an arrancar" he would say still smiling "lurker once you evolve from your what i assume is gillian stage you can try to remove you mask from your face and kotaro you can pull your mask off now if you wished" he would say making a tearing away motion at his face before he turnt on his heel facing the gaping hole in the ceiling of the canopy. Draiden would quickly cough up three pearls letting them fall in lurkers lake , call it a gift each pearl had grear deatructive power he could only imagine lurkers high when they dissolved due to draiden making those far lesa durable than most of his pearls. "Next time i see you consider the thought of becoming an espada we could use guys like you two" and with that he would leave in a burst of sonido. If they had anything to say he would listen but still attempt to leave. Ooc: leaving thread
  9. Death Among Us

    Draiden would keep ahold of his kills , eyes the two before him. Its rather simple what he craved now that he witnessed these two individuals in action. Draiden would raise an arm gesturing twoard the vasto lordez "you i want to see in the great halls of the espada one day as my superior , comrad or servant you hold great just look behind you youve permantly damaged the forest behind you" he would then look at Lurker "the same can said for you but want to see what i can shape you into you could learn from me we fight in a similar way" he would say holding out his arms to either arracar presenting them with the kills. The headless one to lurker , and the one with the hole in its head to Kotaro. "Split it how you see fit if you have any requests make them after you eat and a word of advice eat slow and start at the hollow holes" those areas held the most concentrated spiritual energy on the body.
  10. Death Among Us

    Draiden would use his sonido to re-appear behind the only brother who was concious , draiden had his signature look of complete boredom about him as he slowly aproached the young arrancar clicking his pearl angainst his teeth making the same noise from earlier "and then their was one" he would say dragging the arrancars zanpakto through the sand the sound of the sand making a light clinking noise as it grinded through the sand. Draiden would give a sigh , "if you struggle that only makes this worse for you , its a real shame your such a pretty boy as well" he'd say before he dissapeared in yet another flash of sonido. Draiden would re-apear behind the mans blind spot once more and attempt to sever his head from his neck. Provided his hit lands he'll quickly try to drive the blade into his brother skull through his forehead , draiden wanted the two hollows to to be pleased with their meal not being to brutalized if possible. Now if all went well draiden would drag the corpses back to the battlefield , but he wouldnt give it to them right away he wanted them to have an even share. ---------------- The hulking arrancar would topple foward as he was sent flying by a cero , the vasto lodez had more power than he realized as his cero destroyed a majority of the tress that had been fallen by the large creature and a few tree's behind him , the result was a large dust cloud but once it settled the sight before them was a arrancar impaled by multiple tree branches and heavily burned. He was alive but just barely hanging onto life by the thinnest of threads. Its arm had been blown off and sent flying , where its smoking arm landed was right before the decoy hollow of lurker. But what would that hollow gain as arrancars are simply that one soul.
  11. Death Among Us

    Draiden would grab both sides of his skull trying to sheild his ears , but to no avail. If he had regeneration he could rupture his ear drums and fight on but that wasnt the case. Draiden would drop to one knee he would still be able to use his speed if needed since it was similar to a sprinting postion. While draiden knelt he would notice the younger brothers blade in front of him , the last thing he needed was two of these guys in release mode making him work harder. He would quickly grab at the blade and disappear in a burst of sonido. Draiden had not fled but retreated to the darker area of the forest near the roof of the canopy he could see them but they could not see him. An errie silince would reighn over the area. The privaron espada would beging clicking his tounge pearl against his teeth mimicking the sound of a humming bird as if taunting them. Draiden would slink his way around in the shadows as he kept making the bird noise letting it echo thoughout the area slowly letting his spirit energy rise to try and scare them. "Its been fun runts" he would say fire three of his specialized ballas off at once two at the older brothers horns and one at the younger brothers knee in an attempt to cripple them. ------- The large arrancar would jump from large chunks of debree to debree , manuvering midair , grunting as he traversed through the air. He would then with one great leap jump onto another set of tree's but he would waist no time he would begin rapidly nocking down trees left and right falling aimlessly to most maybe a desperate attempt to most , but the mongrell was making an obstacle each tree that fell an arch way was built a bridge a hanging spot and all the sharp branchea provided pleanty of weapons for him itd take time to destroy it but if they destroyed it as he built it hed juat have more amo and a new terrain to take advantage of.
  12. Death Among Us

    Draiden would stay put and in place with his eyes closed as they approached , he couldnt believe their arrogance. He was once an Espada regardless of demotion his past could afford him atleast the smallest respect with his breathren. Draiden guessed these guys just learned sonido so he planned to suprise them. Draiden would use Sonido Gehmlos , leaving a solid blood and flesh speed clone in his place , when the two would stab the clone it would fall foward propped up on their blades blood dripping from it ; this sonido technique was extremely hyper realistic. During that time had made one more copy of himself behind the brother who attempted to slash him while he stood behind the one attempted to stab him. He would let them get any last words of disrespect they had out before he delivered a powerful straight kick to their backs. This was an attempt to send them flying into or through a quartz tree , hopefully they survived so he could have an actual challenge. ----------- The large hulking imperfect arrancar would scream as he charged forward , drool coming from his mouth his eyes red as the flames of hell. He had one objective one purpose and that was to kill these lowly bugs before him. The hulking giant would raise his fist as the vasto lordez charged with a blade he moved on instinct slamming his fist on the ground letting the blade slice deep into his forearm instead of his waist before pushing off the ground and jumping to a quartz tree blood spattering on the sand. "You hurt me!! Now i kill you and you friend!! Paint the sand with insides!!" He would scream like a mouth breathing mongrell as he broke off a branch on quartz tree and flung it at lurker with great force almost like a javelin and then pushing the tree next to him over in an attempt to squash kotaro. Power used by draiden: Sonido Gemilos: he is capable of making tangle clones of speed to aid him in battle he often uses this against foes of great power to throw them off
  13. Death Among Us

    Draiden would sigh , as he surveyed the force before him 1 imperfect and 2 perfectly suited arrancar born without problem.The relic of an age long forgotton would push past the two hollows still hidden in the shadows. " you both will kill the large hulking imperfect arrancar they posses low intelligence and they cant do much except throw aimless punches and maybe a cero" he would say while scatching his head (just a little note ceros take 2 posts to use one to charge1 to fire). Draiden would then semingly pick up a rock and begin coughing a thick semi solid black liquid on it , to the arrancar known as mask monk and the cero espada they knew this substance to be highly volatile as enough of it in a spaced out area could cause untold destruction as it put them both in bad situations ; considering the cero espada had his heiro burnt off in the explosion. After the rock was a glistening black he handed it to kotaro. "Use this if it gets dicy just get back if hits this imagine 14 of your ceros going off at once in a big green explosion" he would say before putting his hand back in his pocket. "Ill handle the other two" he would say signaling for them to follow him into the clearing where he would announce himself " For deserting Las Noches and Alighning with the Now dead traitor Robons by the authority gifted to the privaron Espada by our ruler you are sentenced to death!" He would say flexing his spiritual pressure but only has high as lurkers to trick them "surrender or die"
  14. Death Among Us

    Draiden would sigh as he began following the smaller hollow , before calling back to the vasto lordez "start learning now or you'll die by someone elses hands when i tell you how to become an arrancar" he would state. His pace even although he seemed rather bored disinterested even. There was a lack of true zeal in his eyes slothfullness was engraved in his core. But it would not deture him from making small talk. "So kotaro im curious as a vasto lordez you should at least be able to hold a candle me in terms of power" hed state mater o factly as vasto lordez was one of the most powerful hollows there was and a gillians cero off guard or not should be nothing but a small nusance.
  15. Death Among Us

    Draiden would stand from his rock re-adjusting his sash , letting their choice of prey sink in. The fact of the matter was ever since the robons incident , along with his death he had amassed followers which deserted Las Noches making them enemy's of Las Noches. Draiden needed to find justification or he wouldnt have any motivation as long as it was for the good of las noches. Draiden would give a small shake of his head as he heard another hollows concern , how....soul reaper like "Do you know what privaron means by chance?" He would ask curiously giving them a minute to answer if they new if they did not he would speak once more. "It means i was demoted because i committed some ungodly sin against the espada , or my power became inferior" he would then began to untie his sheathed blade from his sash it was not really a zanpakto just a well made blade. Draiden would toss the sheathed blade to the Vasto Lordez , he could always have another made like he did last time as his true zanpakto was not made for combat but an ornament on his body. "I was demoted because i was overbearingly lazy , one o two is my current rank because of it but before all of that i was ranked number 2 amongst our elite arrancar" he would say biting the collar of his shirt while thumbing down his sash to reveal his left hip cusp where a large 2 was visible as he refused to let anyone remove his old number or put a new one on.