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  1. Hyperion Homeland

    The breeze would blow through the old hyperion ruins , once a small flourishing metropolises now an old dilapidated and decaying shell of its former glory. This place once teamed with young hyperion's raging infernos roiling in their hearts. The terror and rage of war had destroyed the land and all its beauty restoration was never attempted or even spoke of and as the generations moved on this place became less than a memory. One hyperion in particular had not all but forgotten her mother's tales of the land , when the hellfire of war raged in their land. Lara would take in the scenery of her aged surroundings , lara would run her hand along part of a collapsed wall her fingers gliding upon the hot stone that sat hot beneath sun. “This place even though it's empty…” lara would pause as she her hand left the wall and returned to her side as she strode further into the land , the young hyperion head would take notice of a half buried cart in front of a doorframe what lara could assume was the remains of a house. She would give a small smile as she passed the wagon “-its almost like they're still here” lara would mumble to herself a happy smile on her face , most would call her crazy fool but how wrong would she be? Each and every person that perished here left their mark in somehow someway. The vendor carts , old toys , buildings , all the way down to the age old vandalism ; even though they know wandered the plain the rested beyond they left their mark a small part of their life if you will. The salmon haired shinigami had wandered her way into what appeared to what used to be the square of the mini metropolis a few benches lined this area. She would quietly walk over to one of the benches her eyes scanning over the old thing. The bench appeared a little eaten and worse for ware but it would be sufficient for her needs , lara would remove her hyperion head cloak giving it a good shake before draping it over the bench not wishing to get herself dirty with amy leftover debris if possible. ‘Now i think some reading is in order’ she would casually think as she sat down and retrieving a small book about six and a half inches long and four and a half inches across from in between her breasts, all thanks to her handy combat slash workout slash push up bra which kept her goods in place and gave enough supported pressure to hold items in between her breasts easily and comfortably. The young maiden would open the book and begin her pursuit of knowledge in her clans ways Fenikkusuāto Kogeki : ( Phoenix art of attack , フェニックスアート ) Allow the caster to create and manipulate the element of fire. Despite how basic the spells truly are they are also the most destructive and difficult to control as fire has a tendency to go and rage out of control.Users are able to create fire through the manipulation of spiritual energy particles to spark these fires, from there the user can grow or extinguish these fires with little to no effort. It is only once they have used these flames to set other objects ablaze that the controlling of this element can become complicated as the flames no longer require the user's own spiritual energy to burn, instead feeding off of the oxygen in the area and whatever object or objects they have come in contact with. This can result in the creation of nearly unstoppable, raging infernos that have the possibility to cause major damage to the environment around it……. “Note to self keep usage to a minimum” she would say as she nervously laughed just thinking of the property damage costs should she use such a skill with no restraint or discretion. …..those well versed in the usage of this branch of magic, or “advanced” practitioners are able to pour their own spiritual energy into flames that have found other sources of energy and have grown to strong for other casters to regain control over them to the point of even being able to completely extinguish them with little to no effort. Lara understood the basic gist of it but what in the hell were the other things? “Spirit energy particles…” she would trail off as began skimming through the book as apparently though the books held good information they were ill organized and thrown together she would cease flipping the pages when she located her keywords. Spiritual energy particles, these particles are a natural occurrence in the world , every living being that has any noticeable power pollutes the world with spiritual energy particles similar to reishi but different both exist in the universe but one is less commonly used than the other. reishi is a building block while spiritual particles are merely small miniscule traces of excess power floating about ; the highest known concentration by the hyperion clan would be the soul society's Dangai and its cleaner…… “Uh huh so a second particle that exists alongside reishi…...so in simple terms it's all about igniting the outside force which is in abundance without exerting my own reserves in bulk…..almost like a paradoxical version of kido????” a few silent moments would pass before she scratched her head and just simply flipped back to her original page giving up on the understanding just accepting it was gonna take a lot of meditation. …..Users also have the ability to create explosions from long distances up to around six to seven hundred feet. Manipulating the kinetic energy of the spiritual energy particles in the air, forcing them to heat so quickly that they ignite with enough force to cause massive explosions capable of causing a great deal of damage to anyone standing near the site of the blast. Little more than the size of the explosion and intensity of the heat can be controlled by the user meaning that fires normally break out after the usage of the explosion technique. While some may consider this a good thing, it prevents the usage of it in places damage must be kept at a minimal. Advanced users can create controlled explosions where the flames only appear for the duration of the explosion before quickly disappearing, causing the same amount of damage while limiting the amount of damage caused to the environment. Though, witnesses have seen scorch marks left as a result of its usage by even some of the most advanced users meaning that regardless of one's own level of skill, because of the unpredictability of fire, damage to the surrounding area may be unavoidable……. Lara’s face was in a low scowl as she read this , ‘guess i'm training away from the island’ she would think as she let out a long winded sigh. ….. The fire will and always had been linked to the users own emotions, things like anger and willpower can be harnessed by users to increase the power of their flames and the intensity of its heat. users can manipulate their flames in any nearly any way, allowing them to change its color though the color of these flames does not change its effects the way flames effect the target. The shape and solidarity of a user's flames can also be changed, allowing users to beat and bludgeon opponents with their flames. Flames utilized by the users can also be molded into different shapes and forms, allowing users to create rudimentary shields or weapons, unable to create the finely shaped and detailed objects. A cutting effect can also be given objects meant to be utilized as swords or other sharp objects, allowing these flames to slash opponents though this manner will most likely not bleed but instead, simply leave the target burned. “Just what type of war was going on in this clan before my mom came to power…” these methods seemed simple to most but in reality this painted out the offensive spells of the hyperion clan as inhumane torture burning one…..alive...the terrible feeling of fire dancing on your skin as it burned you , air being violently ripped from one's lungs as it burned them from the inside out only to finally find release from suffering in the cold embrace of death. What was that war about what could warrant such savagery against one's own kin and people….but lara had to realize that life wasn't always peaceful lara’s own mother slew Quincy's a branch of human but a human all the same the very beings they swore to protect for the sake of the universe's balance so what of the greater cause that took place here all the atrocities that took place in her mother's wake they were justified in one's eyes but detested in others. In this short moment she realized the meaning of her mother's words long ago “For a new forest to bloom the saplings must grow from the ashes” she would mumble as she looked up at the sky just noticing the sun beginning to descend closing in upon sunset ‘guess i have time for a little more?’ she would think as she turned her attention back to her book as she began ascending into the air walking toward the general direction of her village. Fenikkusuāto Kogeki , Taiyō (sun burst , 太陽の破裂) Chant (optional): (not yet made\ unavailable) a basic spell that allows the user to create explosions from a distance with the snap of their fingers. This spell requires a bit of marksmanship, the user picking a spot in the air they wish for the explosion to take place before snapping their fingers toward said target. At which point the air within a two-foot radius of that single spot will become superheated in the matter of a few moments before a sudden flashover will take place, causing a massive explosion with enough force behind them to cause internal damage to those standing near it. the flames caused by this sudden explosion burn at a temperature of around one thousand six hundred degrees Fahrenheit, causing horrific third-degree burns to those who make contact. It becomes increasingly difficult to sense these attacks under pressure or if one is already in extreme heat. “Guess I should probably look into some real estate in the main lands rukongai district” she would think aloud referring to the warriors in training back at the clans combat class palace surely they were in need of exercise and besides they needed a field test. Lara would descend down toward the village gates hiding the book in her cleavage once more much stood before her future she need to shatter the weight of her clan's past ,no her past with the weight of the oncoming future. An age of change will arise
  2. Hyperion Homeland

    The musky smell of books filled the air within library of the hyperion clan,every battle,every achievement,every single noteable member and astronomical feat was stored in this library well the original copies of the scrolls ; this library was one of many that existed on the island each held a newer crisp and much more clean version of the dusty old scrolls that lay on the shelves of the head hyperions library cept for a select few as some things need to remain hidden from the "public eyes". The young head of the hyperion clan's footsteps would echo among these catacombs with each step , lara would run her gloved hand over the books upon the shelves as she walked through aile of books , "we really should decommission this old hole in the ground-" lara would remove her hand from the bookshelf and look at her dust caked gloved hand and then quickly pat it off her hand onto the floor. "-or atleast higher a secret maid for gods sake" she would sigh as she continued walking until she came to a culdsack like area in the library with a mirror like dome and a small ball of kido at its center creating a very efficent lighting system in this small area. 'this is peculiar this part of the library is in horrible condition' the young pinkete thought as she slowly began walking closer going to investigate. Lara would ascend upon the steps with each step the sound of dirt and sediments of stone would make a light crunching noise giving testament to its age and ill care takers , laras bright green piercing eyes would scan over the worn bookshelves , they all seemed to have some form of gate upon the shelves some hanging on for dear life by a single screw. Surprisingly the books on the shelves seemed to be in a decent condition lara would slide one off the shelf and dust off the front of the book the dust flying everywhere causing her to give out several sneezes that mimicked that of a Chihuahuas bark. Lara would rub her nose sniffing beforshe began to read the cover which was in bold letters on the front of the book. Hyperion Art Volume 1. Spells and Seals Lara would give the book a curious stare , she was ass horrible at kido spells its not that she lacks control she meerly was just a lazy sack of potatoes when it came to her studies so she only ever learned the basics and a very minuscule amount of mid level kido's. 'so we have a few uniqe spells of our own wonder if its anything like the shibas sand spell?' she would think as she stashed the book away and grabbing three more off the shelf not botheting to clean them as she planned to study these in her spare time.lara would grab as many books as possible before heading back to her office. "you know mom i may have filled in your shoes but im not even half the leader you were.." she would trail off as she continued walking.
  3. Mirage Inc.

    Luke mirage slept soundly at his desk , a light trail of drool siding down from the corner of his mouth pooling onto the desk the room was relativly dark the lights having been dimmed by a fair degree making the room near completely dark, the light whirring hum of the mechanical table filled the room accompanied by lukes light snoring. A few silent moments would pass by until the silence was broken with a light beeping noise , luke would begin to stir his eyes would click open as he rapildy blinked his eyes adjusting to the lighting , he would stretch out relieving the built up tension in his joint multiple loud satisfying cracks could be heard from lukes body. Judgeing from the freqency of these needed stretches luke may need to learn to start retiring to his own chambers instead of sleeping at his company desk and hidden lab of the compound keep this up and he might as well sell his home and live at work. Luke would rub his eyes as he walked over to the side console of the table which in itself was a touch interface screen , luke would give a short "hmph" as he touched the screen as it kept blinking the words 'complete' upon touching the screen it would switch to another page that were full of statistics although a small red bar appeared in the statistics that caught his eye , and made him slam his palm over his face. 'Indapendent power supply: 0.0% Current power:External Support System [Active]' Apparently he had forgotten to install a power core for the damn thing so for now it would be stuck in complete statis until he did so. "Ugh hopefully i have some in stock" he stated as he walked over to the cabinets once more rummaging amongst the boxes until he found three orbs which looked to be made out of copper but was in actuality a specialy made metal to contain spiritual energy and snuff out signatures the same alloy was incorpated in every aspect of the cybernetic and organic lifeform within the confibes of the coffine like table. Luke would smile but quickly frown as he noticed they were without power which earned a big sigh from himself "guess its time to go harvest some power but i guess i should supply my own for this one" luke would say as he rose his spiritual power and brace himself for what was to come suddenly his spiritual energy bursted forth in a violent surge of gold fluid like tendrils flowing into the device luke would do this till he lost conchisnouse.
  4. Barracks

    Ooc: turn order? “Ah, so you’ve met the big fella have ya? That ones hard to miss and hard to forget wouldn’t you agree?” replied the assumed freind of the kido corps captain, lara would smile as she reminisced her time with Jdan "yes i did he was very kind and sweet " she'd say with a pleasant smile , although her smile became one of bewilderment upon him mentioning the the kyoraku clan head was previously at the training grounds had she missed him. “So was it JDan that pointed you this way… its very unlike him not to send along guards or escorts. If I remember correctly its one of his favorite things to do,” the man would question as they walked lara would keep an even pace with the group "he did send me with with two guards one's name was Brett Kyoraku and the other one didn't really talk much, but when we got here i dismissed them , i can take care of myself pretty well personally i wanted Jdan to come with me because i enjoyed talking with him" she would say with a childish goofy smile. “Lara Hyperion we should let Commander Metabee lead so he can show you around while we are on the way. I’m sure you have notice how pristine everything looks… well long story short they remodeled everything and completed it just some months ago" lara would maintain her smile and would start following metabee , " sure that sounds great i have to admit you guys did a nice job although-" she would stifle a small laugh "-i think a freind of mine wouldnt be pleased hes always been a 'go big or go home' type of guy" she'd say as she let her eyes wander around observing the craftsmanship "but in my opinion its splendid" she'd say as she kept observing every detail of the barraks. "Oh and ummm well you didn't give me your name but please just call me Lara ok" she'd say with a chipper voice and an anime sparkle flying from her winkig right eye.
  5. Mirage Inc.

    They say a machine can do the work of fifty of men , but no machine could ever do the work of an extraordinary man. Today in mirage inc. Labs the founder and creator of this company will put that to the test , to create something to contest those words to push the limits of the natural and supernatural and to test the pinacle of his companies technological and scientific advancements. Luke sat in a swivel chair surprisingly he wasnt wearing his normal attire of a three piece suit he was in a white tank top and some baby blue boxers , luke would clap his hands ,causing the lights to come on, he would then grab his cofee and kick off his desk sending his swivel chair rolling to the middle of the room were a operating table of sorts erected from the ground mechanical arms at the ready. Luke would stand up and seemingly chug his cofee "ok lets play god" , luke would walk over to the cabinets on the left side of the room , he would open the cabinets all of them and set his cofee mug on the counter next to the storage compartments, the top compartments were full of boxes with the biohazard symbol on it while the bottom shelves had many assorted metalic peices of equipment that seemed to mimic many parts of a humans skelatal structure upon closer inspection one could tell that they were actually metalic bone structures. "So many options, so many options" he'd say in a sing song voice as he crouched down and reached in the cabinet pulling out a conjoined bone structure that could only be identified as the Radius and Ulna bones that make up the structure of the part of anatomy known as the fore arm , luke would give it a squeeze to which a loud click and the sound of metal slideing against metal could be heard as a twelve inch serated blade rapidly extended from one end of the structure "choices indeed" he'd say with a huff as he began gathering the necessary parts for his project, luke would then set himself to work the robotic arms doing their thing along side him as he used his computer to format the functions of the atomoton not to mention an AI system for it as luke himself wanted to see what a being capable of acting outside of its parameters, cable of learning and growing. Luke lost track of time in his work his fingers felt like jelly by the time he was finished dark circles plaughed his face , the robotic arms ceased movement as the cybernetic skeleton was finally completed. Luke would yawn as he walked away from the table , the robotic arms of the table would retract into there compartments out of sight , luke would grab a box from the top cabinets setting it on the counter he'd lift the lid , inside were random DNA samples of any corpses his company needed to clear out during the quincy invasions so far all he had was soul reaper and quincy DNA with a few strands of his own in each in attempt to rend his flesh into his creation. Luke would grab a tube containg a blue DNA strand , he didn't lable them as he wanted to be suprised he was creating life and he loved to gamble , would it be a child a young adult or a seinor or maybe even a monstorus beast only time would tell. Once luke reached the table it had changed to better suit the next step that was about to ensue. He would slide the cylinder into a hole in the side console to which the table would then seal itself the table know looked like that of a see through coffin, a thick white gas would fill the inner space that was made by the table. Luke would examine the screen as the words Quincy blinked on the screen fading in then out their was also details of gender and what phenotype would appear but luke just walked back over to his desk and take his seet in his swivel chair and rest his head on his desk , 'the flesh process should take awhile as the nanites need to fuse and build more connections through the organic mass forming around it' , luke would ponder in his mind as his eyes began to get heavy it took a few seconds but sleep prevailed luke was out like a light just as his functions were ceasing another beings mind had just begun to blossom.
  6. Resonating Soul

    Many years had passed since that day of long ago , frigga made her whereabouts unknown to her two comrads no one seemingly new where she had ran off to but the two rag tag boys had made pleanty of ally's as the years had went by , loki had grown into a fine young man and sato had became one as well abide you me he lacks a certain level of maturity than the rest. Together loki , sato and their freinds had made many memories with one another sharing stories of their adventures and tales of their past's a family was born from the choas of the world. Each child fished out of the ocean of choas given a chance at peace.......but even in times of peace one must be ready for the inevitable darkness on the horizon. Sato would be on the ground holding his stomach in pain"Ow you jackass!" he yelled his face contorted in pain, "bwahahaha c'mon mr.snow balls i didn't hit you that hard~" a light male voice chimed inbetween his laughter , sato would slowly get up , his eyesight would be rather fuzzy as he tried to re-focus on his opponent, his eyes would slowly correct themselves as he picked himself up ; as the world became clear to his eyes once more sato would take a defensive stance as he examined his opponent, he stood roughly about five feet and six inches tall wearing what in sato's mind was considered some ancient garment that had been altered , sato himself would visibly frown as not a scratch was opponents body. "C'mon sato dont give me that look not my fault you cant land a hit on me~" hed coo waving his index finger in a no-no motion with a smug grin on his face. Sato's face would flare up in anger as he rushed foaward via high speed movement reappearing in front of the boy aiming a punch mixed with his spirit energy at the other boy's face. A look of shock and suprise would appear on the boys face upon sato's use of such speed 'what the hell! When did he learn that!?' all he could do in response was raise both his arms with his forearms acting as his sheilds he'd quickly brace himself, he was hoping to stop the attack completely but he didn't acomadate for spiritual energy which took him by suprise sending him flying back several feet leaving a deep trail in the ground as his feet remained firm. sato would be standing there huffing loudly as cold chilled air flowed off his fist , sato would have a pleased look "well looks like hit you roki-teme" he'd say a hint of amusement in his tone. Roki would slowly lower his arms as the trailes of frost on his arms faded one could see ice had formed on his skin which was slowly faling to the ground in small chips , "heh you just suprised me is all i haven't learned high speed movement yet........" roki would smirk as a spike of pain shot through his right arm "tch you fractured my arm" he'd say with a slight growl . sato would smile as he slowly got back into position, he wasnt sure how he moved that fast but he needed to do it again 'but how do i move that fast again? It was just a fluke Maybe if i-' his thoughts were abrubtly interupted by roki dashing at him with amazing speed aiming a punch with his left arm directly at sato's face , sato's eyes would narrow as he shifted his whole body barely missing the punch sadly he would take this time to rear back his arm for his own punch not thinking weather or not roki would use his damaged arm which he suffered for , roki would quickly throw his right arm into action slamming his fist in sato's jaw sending him tubling backwards, upon making contact there was a loud snap as it had webt from a fracture to a break in the bone. Roki would close his eyes as tears tried to pool , he would let his right arm hang slack at his side as he tried his best to ignore the throbbing pain. 'what sato has in strength and power I've always made up for in speed and tactical combat but my arms gonna be a problem' . sato would pick himself up anger seemed to be coursing threw his veins like acid as he radiated riatsu tendrils of cold air coming from him he quickly broke off into a dash at roki , who looked like a dear in headlights as he charged "guess i should quite" roki said as sato rose his palm preparing to slam it into roki's chest , upon the thrust of sato's arm roki would quickly jump back ans skid to a hault in a crouched postion , he noticed that a thick sheet of ice with a few jagged formations jutting out the ground were he once stood 'if that had hit me.......' roki would stand " I FORFEIGHT!" hed exclaime cradling his broken apendage , sato would seemingly forget about his anger at being smacked around upon those words "as you wish" he'd say bowing while walking away leaving a small smile on his face as he left roki in the training arena. Roki would smile as he headed in the oppisite direction "looks like i better learn riatsu control and high speed movement " he'd say with a fox like grin as he headed for the medical wing.
  7. Barracks

    Ooc: ............ my bad.....thought you forgot me............ *drinks bleach to revive honor* Lara would bow in respect "i am lara hyperion the current head of the hyperion clan" she would stand up straight with her freindly smile in place "im sorry if I've disturbed you im in search of a yoshirou kyroaku-" a light blush of embarrassment sprawled across her face "-you see im here to establish clan relations and i felt it best to follow my clans customs of doing things formally " she would seemingly calm down and begin chewing the thumb of her gloved hand and mumble loud enough to were they could here unknowingly "if it weren't for Jdan id be running around like a chicken without a head"
  8. Barracks

    Lady hyperion would follow the quick stride of her escorts , her cloak flowing in the crisp cold wind as she walked , lara's hands were cold and sweaty she was extremely nervous about her soon to come interaction. The young maiden would wander onto the kido korps grounds in complete disaray she would seemingly walk in circles for what felt like hours until she just gave up. She would hault her walk and raise her hands to her mouth making a cone like shape " KYORAKU YOSHIROU WERE ARE YOU!?" she'd exclaime in desperation her voice cracking , as two small tears seemed to pool in her eyes , 'i knew it was a mistake dismissing the guards upon arrival' if no one responded or came out to aid the young woman she'd simply behinbegin searching for the largest source of power in the barrks. Ooc: well did this in art :/
  9. 'how long? How long have i been here?' the thoughts of a lone little boy more dead , than alive. His skin was a sickly pale his eyes sunken and lifeless his frame was skinny and fragile looking one could equate the boy the skeleton with a mop of blonde hair. The male figure had retreated into the mountains long ago , the mountains were constantly in a snow storm he would stay in his cave to avoid the snow , his only nutrition being icicles which he broke off from the maw of his cave. He was not here of his own free will , for tell me who or what would purposely place themselves in the middle of this frozen hell for whose sake would anyone put themselves in a position that has gifted them eternal damnation. "I wonder how mommy is doing" he'd say with a rasped voice , as he scooped up the snow with his bare hands and began eating it by the handfull holding as much snow as his skinny frail hands could hold ; he spoke of a mother one that he was forced to abaddon long ago. Life wasnt always so sad and degrading , he had a loving family that lived in the country but somthing had stirred in the boy somthing powerful. It wasnt long before the boy began to show physical manifestation of this power , at first it was a wonder at how the boy held such a strong bond with the element of ice but darkness ......lurks in every corner ; the boys powers were connected to his emotions makong him a danger to everyone day by day it grew stronger and stronger till the villages fear evolved into hate. The boy constantly brought snow to the village killing crops which were the only source of income for the village, families going hungry their own children growing sick and feeble......so when push came to shove they chose their childrens lives over the one. The chased the boy out of the village everywhere he went he was chased away until he found refuge in the mountains and their he stayed , days became weeks, weeks became months , and months became years ; and there he did stay dieing ever so slowly. The boy would chew the last handfull of snow as he stood, surprisingly his hands weren't red like most from handling snow , perks of having a strong affinity to the harsh ice element. The snow would leave tracks as he walked through the cave his breaths shallow but even with each footstep , a feint breeze would grow stronger and stronger as he reached the maw of the cave. The boy would look up at the roof of the maw , several icicles had formed above dangerously sharp luckily they were firmly stationed at the maw's roof. His pale boney hand would slowly reach twoard the hanging icicle each finger slowly gripping onto the ice once he attained a firm hold he'd begin shaking it ever so lightly cracks form at its base . a loud snap sound would resonate through the empty cave as the boys meal gave way leaving its hanging place landing in the snow while the tip rested in the boys hand "a nice fat one" he'd mumble as he dragged the formation of ice into the depths of the cave a small smile on his face icicles of this size rarely formed in the cave so he was rather pleased with such a find a formation that appeared to be five feet tall and three feet thick. The pale skeletal like boy woukd sit as he layed the ice fornation upon the snow in his cave , his sunken eyes examined the piece of ice with a hungry glare almost animalistic his mouth had a small river of salavi pooling in his mouth and falling onto the snow on the ground, he'd lunge at the ice biting into it chewwing and swallowing this process would repeaylt over and over like that of a wild animal devouring its kill. A broken mind and soul de-evolved into simple idiocy. Meanwhile~ "All this snow is a real bother....dont you think so Frigga?~" a young boy no taller than four twelve cooed , he was drapped in some sort cloak like attire that had sleeves far to big for a person of his size , while his companion was a young female wearing an army green jacket, a black tank top ,headphones around her neck, jeans with the knees so worn they were gone and a pair of combat boots. Frigga would keep a cold stare at the white hell infront of her "loki if you want this barrier to last let me concentrate " she'd state codly shrugging the younger child off , frigga had been using her spirit energy as a sheild to divert the strong winds and snow creating somwhat of a clear zone around herself and loki. "My my still as cold as when me and the director picked you up frigga" loki would laugh out as they proceeded blindly through this frozen hell "hey frigga why dont we use the radar? It would make finding the source easier" he'd say with a tone one could only call complaing , his hands raised in the air he was obviously frustrated. The stoic women would simply hault and look at the child , "maybe you should pay more attention, this blizzard isn't natural-" frigga stated as loki began looking around in all directions, "what do you mean?" the cloaked boy would ask in confusion,frigga would look up slightly "Check the density and volume of the snow its unnaturally high and latent with spiritual energy " she'd finish as she bagan her stride once more , loki himself close behind her his playful smile now gone a more serious air about him 'one person did all this? Makes me wonder what our target is like..' many thoughts went through lokis mind as he walked a small flicker of fear was about him loki had never seen true combat which made him second guess his chances of survival should he be attacked as his only wall was frigga. This pace continued until frigga abrubtly stopped causing loki to bump into her and fall flat on his ass , he would growl as he looked up at the back of frigga's head , "hey what's the big id-" he was quickly silenced by a heavy pressure it felt so cold all of a sudden dark and scary. A single rock fornation stood before them a hole in its face, "it's inside" frigga said calmmy as she proceeded foward her mind soley on her given directive 'obtain or terminate the source of this storm' Frigga's eyes would dilate as she felt a tug on her arm , she'd quickly turn her head to see loki latching onto her "lets think this through Frigga! We dont know what's in the-" lokie began but frigga quickly put her index finger to his lips as she crouched down making eye level with the boy , lokis hair always covered his eyes from veiw but trust me he has sight like a falcon. "Tell me loki what was the pledge you gave our lord when you were annexed when you were saved from the darkness? " the young woman asked as removed her finger looking into the boys face. He hung his head slightly as he began to speek "From hopeful day to raging night,my proud soul will soar through the dim twilight, In a war near lost in plight i will save those who can't fight........" loki would stay silent for a moment, tears began to pool in his eyes as he rembered his oath and as he relized how selfish he had sounded. "I made that oath to our lord , ive been by his side ever since" loki held hia head down but quickly looked up as Frigga plave her hand atop his head "and our lord has sent us to save another soul would you betray our lord the second chance at life we were given" she asked in an almost mothetly tone , loki just shook his head that was all frigga needed to see , they both proceeded to enter the cave making sure to tred lightly as not to alarm their target. Loki was slowly laging behind close enough to were he could see frigga but slow enough to were he began noticing certain things like the kaji for mother having been what appeared to be cut into the ice and it was hard to make out but it looked like a picture a bunch of villagers chasing a child it was easier to make out than the kanji mainly because this was drawn in blood , which sent a chilling shiver up his spine 'so we are dealing with a fractured mind with a mommy obsession oh joy!' he'd yell in his mind as he ran ahead to catch up with Frigga he didn't want to be caught alone in here with the current occupant. Frigga would slow to a hault as she heard a loud crunching noise acomidated with feint smacking , frigga would inhale then exhale bracing herself for what or who she was about to come face to face with, she wasted no time jumping from behind the corner , her stomach had died her eyes felt violated what stood before her was no man but corpse far past due its time with death , frigga would begin channeling spirit energy into her left arm which would meet in her palm as it was focused, she'd close her hand and a blade of red spirit energy formed. The creatures eyes seemed to widen as it backed away scurrying to the nearesr corner hudling into a ball "no leave! I didn't do anything wrong! I want mommy!!" it would baul out through sobs "i dont wana die.." itd squeak out . Loki would walk from behind the corner as these weren't the sounds he expected, the scene before him was puzzling but Frigga having her construct weapon out explained pretty well. "Whats wrong with you!? We're supposed save him not kill him!" loki would scream in outrage rushing to obscure the path of his comrad. Frigga would ready her blade "move loki , his mind is to fractured to be of any use to our master" she'd say as she approached her eyes were like that of animal eyeing it kill "So were you" loki mumbled these words struck her in her soul her cobstruct would fade from existence "do as ypu wish I'll be waiting at the entrance " she said rather numbly as she walked off pull a cigarette out of her coat pocket along with a lighter dissapering from veiw to relax her nerves. Loki would turn around as she left apparently the creature had shifted position and was sitting hugging its legs into its body "thank you " itd mumble , loki would move a little closer "i saw your drawings....its sad how the world has treated you villages run you away your mother lost and now for years you lived in solicitude " loki would look deep into those sunken eyes and what he saw was a hurt little boy that simply needed a reason to live again, "your right im all alone every around me always pushes me away" itd mumble looking at the carving of the kanji for mother on the wall "even mama" he'd mumble, "loneliness its a true despair but if you take my hand i can take you to a person who will give you a life worth living for" loki would say as he extended his hand which was covered by his huge sleeves "what do you say can i be your freind my names is loki" he'd chime with a little cheer in his voice . A powerful feeling sweeled in the skelatal like male chest , a powerful feeling one of joy filled him as he reached out to grasp his hand "mine is sato" hed state with a small smile 'ill never be alone again' But that was years ago The sun would peak over the hills and sun would strike the valley below,sato would look up to it and smile as the sun hit him its warmth was somthing hed grown used to over the year's. "I live to see a perfect world " hed say turning around on his heal and began walking "better get back to base or ill worry loki" hed say while he strode home. .
  10. Wrong place

  11. Hyperion Homeland

    The soft chirping of birds echoed through the hyperion's palace that housed the combat class of their bloodline, a light breeze would blow through the palace's courtyard. The light clicking of shoes echoed throughout the empty courtyard as a woman who stood about five feet eight inches walked through one of the arched doorways of the palace into the courtyard. "its so quite today usally nakeim and koro are beating each other up" she yawned out as she walked over to a plopped down on the ground laying against the trunk. 'So im really the only one up then' she thought as she detached her katana from her side , taka would slowly unsheath her blade. This was no zanpakto just a well made peace of metal, as taka is still in training she isn't aloud to weild a zanpakto. Take would place the blade atop her knee's and what she did next was unexpected, she quickly rose her hand and deliverd a karate chop bending it horribly. "oops" taka said sarcastically as she hopped up running twoards the gate , this gave her an excuse to visit the elders and get out of the palace. Hyperion's are very tight on wepon distribution so not many people have them luckily being combat class meant she'd get a replacement "maybe i could visit lara?" It didnt take very long for taka to reach the village, she would begin traveling by roof top flipping from one roof to the next to add a form of difficulty to the travel just to queanch her boredom . Taka would do one final flip as she landed in the courtyard of the main hyperion household, the servants throwing her a glance and then going right back to work ; apparently this was a natural occurance for them . Taka would continue to wander the compound until she spyed a large figure that brought a smile to her face "Uncle Senju!!" she yelled as ran like a bolt tackling the giant of a man the firce knocking him to the ground, senju was a large muscular man of great stature so this was teastmeant to her basic strenth. Senju would let out a loud throaty laugh "my dear child what are you doing here today" he'd say sitting up taka sitting on his shoulder as he rose and continued his stroll through the garden "well my blade broke again " she said trying to sound as disappointed as possible. "Again!?" he said in mild shock and bewilderment "thats makes the 245th blade destroyed in your care whats wrong?" seju asked gently grabbing her with his colossal hand placing her on the ground "the blades just arent like a real zanpakto when is lara gonna perform the ceremony? " she said as she placec her hands on her hips looking up at the elder of the hyperion's senju. "I'll talk to lara but you of all people should know shes busy" he would ruffle her mop of blue hair and smile "how about you go help the boys set up for the festival they've already begun" he said happily that explained why the palace was without noise "ok" she sighed as she shunpoed off leaving her bent katana behind. Post ended.(i hate trying to post with a phone)
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    "Im so sorry! I was thinking aloud...the hyperion gateway is hard to explain you'd have to see it in action to understand it" she said after she downed the glass of water enjoying the crisp cold beverage. Lara would smile again "well its a promise ill tell the kids about you and seju" she said with a smile "i can see it now they might even call you uncle like they do senju" she said happily. She would listen happily as she heard of the whereabouts of yoshirou. "Thank you very much Jdan ill egarly await your arrival" she would then attempt to hug the giant of a man before facing her two escorts "well lead the way gentleman " she'd chime happily.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Lara would give light to yet another smile "water would be wonderful but ill pass on the snack the elders fed me heavily before departure " she would say in response to his question , she would also nod at his prediction of her reason for being here"indeed i am". Lara would lean against a wall"Senju would probably love to meet you as well and the children of the village as well" shed laugh happily upon her statement "i imagine you and seju are very much alike" she would then have a pondering look upon her face for a moment "well actually the elders didn't say i couldn't bring more than one person but i imagine you wouldn't wana leave your post maybe i could move the entire palace" her look was in one of deep thought as she also thought alound "the hyperion gateway would need three days to recharge......i should ask the head kyoraku if he wishes to bring his entire clan or just his own person" To most this was rather shocking and apauling to most the ability to move a whole palace without structural damage. "Would you come if your head allowed it?" she asked curiously "also not to be rude could you direct me or possibly escort me to your heads current location?" shed ask rubbing the back of her head lightly her head tilted down attempting hide another blush.
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    "I mean no harm at all" the hyperion head state although she would gigle slightly upon the mention of a body guard "you remember that branch of hakuda i talked about its rather effective so im more than safe on my own" she'd state giving a response. Lara would hault as he opened the door for her "such a gentleman". Lara would quickly turn her head in the direction her escorts were facing. She was astonishined at the herculian size of the head guard "your as big as senju hyperion you wouldn't happen to be his distant relative?" she aaked curiously and jokingly showing great positive vibes of friendliness , senju was the only hyperion of great stature and mass so lara was somewhat amazed that people outside her clan could become this big well to her anything above her height of 5'10 was abnormally large. Lara would give bow of respect and a small smile as Jdan seemed to know of the hyperion name "we were also known as the phoniex clan but that was before..." she paused her face seeming sadened "the interclan war"
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    A bright red blush would form on lara's face sadly she couldn't hide her embarassment , she would look down at the ground obviously trying to hide her loud blushing face. "Im sorry its just im new to this whole head thing" she would begin fiddling with her fingers her blush growing "this is the first time the elders let me leave our homeland please forgive me" lara would perk up as she heard the guard mention he never heard of her clan. Her blush having faded she would smile at him " well my clan isnt well known but we are known for being born with large quanity's of spiritual power and our unique branch of hakudo" she'd say clapping her hands together with a smile obviously proud of her clan for its unique's among other clans. Lara's smile would fade as he mentioned destruction , "so that explains all the guards.." she'd trail off now looking around "but on a side note i love the look of your home , or is this the house for the combat class?" she'd ask rather curiosly giving obvious way to her ignorance of the current ways "im sorry things are just so different here". As lara heard his last statement she would smile "some shade would be great" she would say striding over to the guards and walking inbetween the two if they would begin proceeding to the inspection/ holding building. Ooc: gotta forgive me Lara doesn't know much outside of her home.