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  1. "Tranquil fury" sound good? I cant think of a name for the second it so intense im just thinking what are the people watching this beheading thinking.
  2. Luke would lightly rub his nose with his fore arm as he examined some unknown substance underneath a micro-scope , it was some sort of powder one of his scientist had concocted upon his behalf. The powder was in fact a drug meant to push ones body mind and spirit energy beyond the limit's and safety guards we subconsciously put on ourselves , For a human this meant things like super strength , super human speed , Telekinesis so on and so forth. The goal of mirage inc. was to find a way to break these barriers for supernatural beings such as himself the captains of the gotie 13 , Sadly all test subjects didn't make it past trial testing as they had all been receiving direct injections that combined with a weak untrained vessel the body would begin failing and simply experience instantaneous combustion. Luke would pull away from the microscope and slide his rolling chair across his workshop floor "so to survive and even feel experience of ones barriers breaking they'll need to have already have atleast a substantial amount of power.." he would say as he spun around opening his laptop which lay on the table opposite to the desk that micro-scope sat atop of. He would begin typing away pulling up a list of deceased test subjects and the ones who survived , "...each substance acted as a power multiplier that far exceeded the subjects average capabilities , but due to the sudden astronomical spike in overall power and speed for a short burst of time the decline is harsh" he would finish as he sat back in his chair watching his little laptop screen pump out calculations like no tomorrow. Luke would sit back in his chair as he listened to the chime of machine's in the background quietly sipping upon is steaming hot black coffee it's been three days now , no sleep constant work and he'd have less once he retired from the work shop. For now Luke could relax the machine's where compressing the powder's into pill form and his delivery to the kyrakyo clan had been taken care of , "Father...." Luke winced upon hearing that word from behind him he had totally forgotten about his artificial life project.
  3. Marik would turn to leave "a war you say? me and my friends , you and the captains of the gotie 13? i like our odds in this fight" he would say leaving in shunpo but before he left he would say "i'll be back soon Aurora kind of destroyed my only on hand shirt and its freezing" . ooc>leaving thread for now
  4. Marik would smile warmly at Dante "your far more battle hardened than i thought initially" he would say sipping his tea. he'd put a finger to his lips in deep thought staring deeply into his cup of tea. he would then turn his head out twoard the garden then back twoard his cup. "id like to see you in action but im debating the method , if take you on im willing to bet money Aurora will do just like you did if she thinks you seem to be losing or i could end up with her blade in my back" he'd say still in thought being rather serious as he didn't know the depths of their relationship but he was still certain there was some love between those two, or atleast some unresolved romantic tension. "i'd prefer to asses you away from Aurora but it's obvious you two act as a third party for one another , i wont question your relationship but it's obvious you two care for each other deeply" he'd say grabbing his staff using it to stand up from the small table "and i wish you told me about your master sooner i feel like i''ve disrespected a great man's work" he would say bowing this time showing respect and penance to Dante for his previous actions. "so im assuming you just need a good sparring partner correct?! from what you've said you have outstanding skill thank's to your previous master once again my apologies" he'd say bowing once more running his hands threw his hair tieing it together in one huge bun "well we had an agreement you ask and ill do my best to instruct or lend aid , but i will eventually bring someone trained in an exotic way to see your progress" he'd say holding out his hand for a hand shake to solidfy the deal , Dante and Aurora would set the pace and deside the lessons and he would teach but progresss checks would be up to him.
  5. Marik would smile and then clap "how would you two feel about me having a teachers aid? to even things out i just feel having another woman here would even things out" he would say looking around the room then back to Aurora taking in the the overwhelming amount of Male staff running around. he would pour himself another cup of tea and begin drinking " because no offense but it's a sausage fest in here , Aurora seems like the only woman" he'd say jokingly as he took another sip. He would then once again look at Dante "your clothes for one need to get thrown out , if your bankai creates a blizzard wearing white will make you further visibly undetectable and if it's laced with your spirit energy you could suppress your presence and move like an assassin within your blizzard if the snow storm is thick enough to obscure vision" he would say rather questionably not sure what to think as he hadn't seen his bankai in action. "as for counter's we could fight all day and you could pick that up from fighting , just remember a block can become an attack opportunity like i did with that kido against Aurora in the beginning of our fight" he'd say pointing at dante making sure he was paying attention. "speaking of which that comment you made about your defensive stance how would you have blocked something like that full force? at close range at that as well Aurora jumped back and tumbled you where infront of tree's when we spoke" Marik was bringing up their first conversation as he wanted to prove his point on that stance being rather useless against someone who knew how to break it down and used the environment against his opponents.
  6. Marik would set down his cup and interlock his fingers as he rest his head on his hands , "lets start with the positives shall we? your form and technique where executed almost flawlessly" he would say just be for he would point to her zanpakuto "now you did blind me shortly with that little beam of light i'll give you bonus points for that , but you only took out one of my sense's i could still hear the buzz of your shunpo no matter how fast you move and sense your spirit energy" he would then point twoard his walking staff with his still chipper smile. "now about how you used your shikia i told you to come at me as if you meant to kill me , that meant come at full force from the beginning trying to scope out someone's skill's who is leuge's ahead of you in ability is liable to get you killed" he would say but then take a swig of his tea "But i had made severe mistakes far worse than yours , in the begging of our fight i was purposely pushing you and holding back , i had to critically injure after assessing your skills to see what your hollow could offer by not taking my own advice i payed the price you made me draw a blade i havent needed in two thousand years" he'd say with a low chuckle referring to his now healed chest that was recently charred badly and which once contained several cracked bones. "i must say your inner hollow was rather refreshing she reminded me of my youth speaking of which" Marik would now face dante "what you did was very admirable but not very smart I've trained for century's she wouldnt have died , but you would have your frame is bigger than hers i could've punched your organs full of holes" Marik would then finish his tea He would then look at Aurora and simply say 2 words "Zanjutsu and Kido" he would then face dante looking at him with extreme thought "and you feel like your about captain level so you and i are on the same level of power to test your skill ill most likely have no need to hold anything back , since you froze over a valley im assuming you have bankai? maybe i should use Shikai? or go to the hyperion clan to grab Lara they'd be an even match right??" he speak alound thinking to himself almost forgeting about the people infront of him.
  7. Marik would promptly take his seat resting his staff on the floor next to him , he would await the tea's arrival. Upon him receiving his cup he would take a sip and then gently place his cup down before directing his gaze at Aurora "so miss would you like to hear my judgment of your skills? it's obvious you passed just know i only speak the truth" he'd say rather calmly. He would then look at Dante "Even though this wasn't your test i have a few words for you as well young man you nearly gave this geezer a heart attack" he'd jokingly sayb trying to lighten the mood with a little joke.
  8. The wind would Blow against marik's entire body furiously as he rushed foward with unimaginable speed his silver hair appear like a blurr , Marik's eye's would zone in one Auroras arms and legs as he poised his blade preparing to strike with surgeon like precision. Although his plans to immobilize the young female where completely derailed in a matter of seconds just as his blade was about to reach it's mark Dante entered the fray , the young man had jumped in front of Marik's attack this wasn't good at all. One could consider his new pupil's act even a little foolish due to their height difference but marik had to give him credit for showing valor for his freind , even though at this point he was certain they where lovers. Marik had aimed for the young woman's thigh's , forearms and shoulder's having alighned Dante and Aurora's body shapes Marik would end up stabbing the boy through the heart due to him having caculated his strikes for her smaller body. Marik would flex every muscle in his body as the tip of his blade came in contact with the clothes on Dante's back , a small shaockwave followed by a little bit of wind was the end result due to marik suddenly stopping after advancing at such a pace. His smile still in place as he sheathed his blade causing it to glow and the wood that encased it to materialized once more turning it back it's his walking stick once more , "your more than right about that it's been over two thousand years since ive drawn my zanpakuto , she passed with flying colors now as for her wounds" he'd say circling around actually needing his walking stick his age showing through as he was trembling slightly his walking stick giving his old bones support. Marik would reach out his hand as it was enveloped in a lime green aura , He was attempting to use kaido on her to speed of her healing then all she would need is rest. Should dante allow him he would gently place his hand on her forehead and begin pulse his spirit energy through her in tandem with her heart beat. The burns and cuts she's recieved would all slowly begin to heal within a few seconds of treatment. Once done marik would remove his hand and look at Dante "you'll need to pardon this old body power isn't everything if you havent held a blade in so long , would you mind if we discussed my judgment of the situation over tea?" marik needed a breather and time to relax "who knows if she can push me that far i wonder if you can make me use my shikia? ill be back in my prime condition in no time with you to" he'd say letting out a rather playfull laugh.
  9. Marik would brace himself as he was struck by the girls ball of power it would send him flying backwards his feet digging into the ground creating little trenches as he came to a stop , his chest was lightly charred and smoking his upper half was almost completely exposed and only a fourth of his hollow mask remained. Marik was astounded he never thought she'd be able to damage him so much although something wasn't right and it was those damn bracelets for sure , a minute ago she was fourth seat level at best and now she was fighting with the spirtual force of a high tiered lieutenant she had passed marik's test with flying color's. Now that his evaluation of her was done he would have his little bit of fun and put her hollow in it's place as well , her body was trained indeed but it could only hold so much power before it began to shutdown so marik would push her there or subdue her. The smell of burnt flash flooded Marik's nostril's as raised his head his serious face gone and replace once again with his smile which meant hell was about to be unleashed upon Aurora's hollow , he would being ripping any clothes that remained on his upper torso that hadnt burned off away and onto the ground leaving his bare upper body. "papers walls now?you mean the bait to lure you out" he'd say in his chipper tone as marik truly began to feel the internal damage her blow had dealt , Though his face was still expressing joy he was in pain that blast had cracked a few rib's and damaged his sternum. "i purposely made them weak enough for a hollow of your low grade to break through" he'd say obviously goading the creature into coming to him and hide his deception , marik had paced a hand on his chest and began using kaido to mend his bones leaving the charred flesh in place not wanting her to get wise to him healing himself. Upon the injury's being quickly mended he would tighten his grip on his staff causing all the wood to fade revealing his white and red zanpakuto that held the shape of a katana. "but since she has passed with flying colors , im going to teach you a lesson" he would say his body now glowing with a bright brilliant white aura , he would rush the girl with his full speed and make a barrage of stabbing motions some would be feints while in reality his stabs would be aimed at her thighs , forearm and shoulders. Should she make any attempt's at moving her blade he'd stab at her wrist threatening to sever the muscles within. in the event that she dodges he wouldn't waste a moment and begin chasing after her with a volley of swift swings attempting to force her on the defensive for a little bit , or litter her body with a multitude of flesh wounds. Powers & Abilities used:
  10. Marik's attack would miss entirely as the girl bolted forward and upward into the air , where she had suspend herself giving a display of acrobatic ability. He was dually impressed that she dodged his attack as the jabbing movement he had perform was a short compound movement meaning it was silent and swift , 'did she predict my movements' he'd in his mind question her skill's now peaking his highest interest. He would keep his eyes trained on the girl but give a sparing glance at Dante as he put the pieces together and felt a splash of guilt , Marik was being hard on the wrong person was that man responsible for her skill level being like this or was this of her own fruition. Marik's eyes would slowly narrow as he allowed the events before him to transpire before this girl was an anomaly that needed further study. Those bracelet's from earlier had began glowing they weren't what Marik thought they where at all , he assumed they where to keep her hollow in check but it appeared they helped her regulate her flow of power as well. Marik would observe her carefully as she gathered power in her right hand in the form of a bright burning ball of power , a light breeze being kicked up jostling the long silver haired vizard his calm and stern face still in place but somehow looking even more serious than before. Marik was in fact impressed with the young girl but her demon lay dormant within did it not respond to her feelings like other's? had she made it submit already? and if she did that meant she'd have to make the girl fear for her life and force the beast to grasp for the reign's. Marik would wait as the young female vizard used a rapid succession of shunpo to appear before him marik would grit his teeth as he lean back a little ways before using shunpo to evade , he needed only a few moments to himself to set the stage but that also meant blocking Dante off from the battle field marik had just the thing simple sweet and a lost art. The smell of burnt hair filled Marik's nostril's as he realized he hadnt fully dodged her attack but no matter he would examine the damage later , Marik now on her right side would raise his left hand similar to how a monk would pray raise his index and middle finger as he channeled his spirit energy to create a construct. A three dimensional white cube would rapidly begin to form around Aurora in an attempt to entrap her , he would throw a good amount of spirit energy into it not to much but just enough to hold her for awhile so he could begin his next movement. Provided he had trapped her he would turn away and face the onlooking dante and give him a serious look no words needed to pass between them it was clear Marik was telling him "STAY PUT" this would be marik's attempt to draw her hollow out. Marik would use shunpo to put some distance between him and Aurora before his spirit energy began to whip about , power full ominious winds washed over the valley as his hollow mask began materializing his normally comforting spirit energy had become warped and twisted one could say almost evil in nature. "darkness and light come together! I beseech thee open the gates of the pearly city!-" his voice would ring out as his mask was half formed on his face his voice sounding warped and demented. A ball of flames would appear in front Marik that grew to the size of a basket ball as his mask finished forming "So I may unleash the might hell!!" he would finished as a large torrent of flames washed forth growing in size by the passing second as it sped twoard Aurora , A colosal wall of flames that ate everything in it's path. Marik had once again toned it's power down as he didn't want to reduce her to ashes but scare her , but either way after this attack if she was still standing in some form or fashion she'd pass. provided she where to avoid the cube these event would occur still but Marik would waste no time double checking with dante he would take to the air and rain fire and hell from above. it was known how much an extremly weakened version of this would do but it still was pretty leathal as it was marik's self made kido. powers used:
  11. Marik's eye's would widen as he witnessed the raven haired woman dissapear , it was rather shocking at first but he didnt have time to ponder her speed as he was snapped back to reality by the light buzz accompanied by shunpo. Marik himself would have no time to make a simple move against the young vizard she was to close which meant he needed to take her seriously as well. Marik would use the only Hoho techniqe he had ever learned Utsusemi the basic of this move where the practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage. The after image would appear to be turning as the blade made contact , the look of terror on it's face was genuine and so was her blade carving into it's legs but it was simply an illusion of something to good to be true. Marik would in fact be behind the young maiden his staff alighned with the back of her head prepairing to give her the biggest thumps upon the noggin , it would be similar to that of someone playing pool. Marik would make a quick jabbing motion with his staff , now this would seem like a light tap but this should hold just enough force to send her tumbling foward and since she's crowched and he left his tail coat on the after image. With the after image now fading should this attack land she'd be sent rolling forward tangled in his tail coat like a giant ball.
  12. Marik would train his eye's upon the young raven haired vizard he remained stationary , he wanted to see her skill level based off her first move and he gauged correctly. she was quick with her flash step something that was rather notable and something to build upon , but marik assumed that this girl didn't think he took her seriously with that flash of light it took his sight but not his ability to sense her presence. Marik would close his eyes as he raised his staff above his head with both hands bracing the blow stopping her sword strike , a simple feat an due to his staff actually housing his zanpakuto his staff would be virtually unscathed. Marik's eye's where trained on in the of her blade making impact his face still as serious as ever apparently he needed to send her a clear message to get more intense , so maybe a little taste of fear would elicit that. Marik's lips would slightly part as he stated the name of a fairly powerful kido "Hyōga Seiran" upon these words a massive wave of ice would rocket forth from the area Aurora had struck on Marik had struck the cold threaten to freeze her and surrounding area. It is known to be strong enough to destroy a group of Menos Grande with its sheer power and break through Bakudō #81. Dankū, but Marik had toned it down just enough for her clothes or just small parts of her body to be frozen in certain areas. One thing he couldn't fix was tne amount of force behind the kido. But all in all she'd live.
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