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  1. Home of Jasmine L. Duman

    Jasmin L. Duman was and is still not a quincy of great wealth this cabin in russia is where she grew up , the place is hidden by a dense forest covered in dense snow wild bears wander the area though freindly they scare away locals ,naturally all her close family so its soley her home alone. She chose to live a simple life after the reich had been disbanded. The trees give ample firewood amd the deers and stags are abundant so pleanty of food as well. She can also grow beats as well.
  2. The Past of Numa

    Numa was know locked in the cycle of endless feeding for he had become an adhujas although he lost many of his animalistic type traits he was know around ten feet tall with a small musculare build. Numa felt prideful of his power but as it was it wasn't enough to even compare with those who scarred the very land of hueco mundo it was terrifying to think of the espada and the power they weilded. Numa's eyes would scan over the horizon until he spotted another creature off in the distance not that long of a run but if its one thing numa has learned its that dead food cant run numa would raise his right hand aiming it twoard the creature in the distance he would then quickly make a fist flexing every muscle within his arm causing a long bone like projectile to fly out at blinding speeds as a spurt of blood came running from his hand onto the desert floor. "Hmph" numa would examine his lower palm were th projectile flew from , numa had been able to use these for hunting and killing hollow from a distance eliminating uneeded conflict. Numa would focus his spiritual energy twoard his wound upon his hand watching as it closed , "soon" he would trail off as he went to collect his meal soon indeed although one does grow weary of hollow meat numa was starting to wonder if he could make a hamburger ot somthing. It wouldn't take long before he ascended to the highest level of menos becoming a vasto lorde.
  3. The Past of Numa

    The taste of blood danced upon the pallet of numa's tounge. The canine like hollow had recently killed his latest meal. A humanoid bear like carcus layed atop the sand infront of numa its legs gone as numa made sure to imobilize his prey , numa would circle the presumed corpse eyeing it most would see this as meaningless but he was in search of the beast's hollow hole. Similar to a soul sleep and or soul chain a hollow's hole was the highest spiritual power concentration point on ones body ; numa would have circled the dead hollow three time already and had no such luck in finding a hole "this is rather curious" numa would grunt out as he loward his head and began to attempt to flip the giant ball of fur over , numa would slowly crane his neck upward after he place his snout under the mass using his face like a shovel. Numa would let out a relieved sigh as he fully raisef his neck flipping the carcus over were a large black hole shrouded in fur glared at his face , numa would sigh hanging his head as he turnt and walked away from his recently dis-owned kill. Numa was a very picky eater and he didn't have any plans for coughing up hair balls later that day. Numa would casually walk through the great gathering of quartz trees his intention was to find a clearing , from what numa had deduced one could not become a gillian class menos by simply eating he needed to merge into one being with a multitude of other hollows but at the same time he couldn't allow himself to be overtaken by the other hollows becoming lost in a tempest of souls meaning he needed to find a vast multitude of hollows that were in a frenzy and low in intelligence or a vast amount of hollows with little to no power. Low intelligence would gurantee numa his spot as the dominant personality but it wouldn't ensure his survival while dumb doesn't equal weak ; the weak grouping would provide him more security but could lower his chances in terms of becoming the dominant personality as weaker hollows seemed to have an almost primal instinct to survive. At this point numa had reached his decision he wouldn't risk being lost to a tempest meaning he would take his chances with stronger hollows Numa would quickly begin to weave around the many quartz trees that inhabited the forest , his ears open for the crys of hollows and for the crys of any menos grande not wanting to die before he can even achieve the first step in his evolution ; numa would leap into the air flexing his paws exposing his claws taking grip onto one of the quartz trees he would continue to travel in this fadhion at rapid speed only stopping upon reaching his destination which was perched atop a high tree branch overlooking a great expanse of what one would call "clear space" had it not been for the high volume and density of the hollows on the ground below. The sounds of mindless savagery filled the air the shattering of skulls and breaking of bones combined with the pungent smell of the already fallen numas gaze would eye these primal creatures with ambition his paws ached with anticipation repeatedly sheathing then unsheathing his claws. Numa would take off leaping from the branch diving into the croud were he landed upon a frog like hollow to numa's dismay a lion like hollow lunged at him to which he lunged foward but not with the same intent numas paws would be positioned at the felines abdominal area causing him to throw it off ballance and push it onto its back. Numa refused to waste his time with combative situations if he could help it all he needed to do was wait out the fight till the reaction happened so he could become a menos. Numa would focus spiritual power into his claws as he lept off the other hollow causing crimson construct extensions to grow around his claws impaleing the hollow beneath him, numa would slash at the back of several unknown hollows keeping other hollows at bay by throwing other hollows off cheating them of victory ,a pile up effect around numa those who stopped to feed were fed on it wasn't long before a bright green glow began to overtake the vast space a burning sensation flooded numas body all had gone black when his sight came back he waa at a point of elevation and surrounded by menos grande. Numa questioned nothing he would quickly lunge foward taking a chunk out of another menos he would repeat this process till he achieved the next evolutionary step. (Part 2/5)
  4. The Past of Numa

    The sands of hueco mundo a timeless site in the eyes of numa how long had it been now? years , a century no a millennia? these questions ran through the mind of the simple hollow everywaking moment of his existance. numa would look up the eternal night sky that was hueco mundo his sharp eyes spying a large eagle like hollow flying high in the domain of the sky , numa's gaze would follow as it swooped down only to swoop down upon a large insectiod hollow it was almost fitting in witch the course of events had transpired. numa himself was of the lowest teir of hollow he had remained a "new born" for som time now he couldn't become a gillian and not for lack of trying but he had a theory. "hmp" was all that would escape the maw of numa as he began moving once more through this jiant waste land he had been driven out of the menos forest for the fear of his life as many unkown massive powers had been clashing above the canopy but now he needed to return , the need to eveolve was stronger than ever in numa. With all of Las Noches's activities disrupting the natural flow of things outside its walls it was in every hollow's best interest to get strong while one could , numa new what it was to be prey and today was the day he took his first step up the ladder to becoming the hunter. the air would wistle as numa darted and manevered the dunes of hueco mundo his senses wide open keeping himself aware so he didn't miss the menos forest as it was a jiant hidden cavity in the earth below the dunes ; although he didn't need it a black dot on the horizon seemed to grow beigger and bigger numa would think nothing of it at first until he grew closer and closer numa's quick bolt like run would slow to a complete hault as his eyes would widen in fear and shock "w-what the hell happened!?" the lone hollow exclaimed with fear lining his voice , what was before him was a large gaping hole in the canopy of the menos forest , "such power i couldn't even fathom......were does this destruction end and were did it begin?" numa would trail off as his gaze landed upon las noches in the far off distance. "is this what evolution promises?" numa would question lunging foward down into the hole decending into the darkness of the menos forest . (part 1/5)
  5. Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Ooc : due to inactivity i think itd be best to say we both left this scene pretty battered
  6. The Past of Numa

    Here i go lets see if i can pull off rping from total scratch...... 0_0 pray for me
  7. Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Abaddon threw a proud smirk as he closed his mouth watching the flames surge forth , Abaddon would close his mouth seconds after release the giant blast of hellfire from his maw should he resume keeping it open hed only add to its magnitude and intensity further draining him thus by doing this he will conserve power ; sadly the torrent he fired would reshape as it traveled twoard the fallen aiden and comrads now a full on torrent as seen will rend the flesh completely from ones bones but thats only in a consistent stream the fire now being a lone projectile would meerly reduce them to lightly charred corpses as the fire would loose power as it traveled and debree's in the way would also be struck furthering its lessening. In that short moment of pride and joy Abaddon felt a sense of confidence about him , but he was quickly brought out of it by the sound of shunpo close behind him , Abaddon's primal instincts screamed for him to move sadly due to his fatigue his reaction time wasnt at its absolute best , he would feel the blade peirce deeply into his flesh before he broke off in a rapid shunpo sadly it didn't get him off scot free he was dealt a seriously deep slash the grew shallower as it stretched along , Abaddon himself couldnt excert himself to much more but he couldn't allow himself to be slowed instead of the whole wound healing hed focus all his efforts on a single spine ligament to make sure it healed not causing him to fall from the high speed movement which in turn meant he was moving faster than those around him could perceive sadly he was pult out of highspeed movement by a large oppressive downward force as he was near the shingamis charred and inanimate corpses , Abaddon was familar with this felling already he would again mincro manage taking care of individual areas focusing spiritual energy into the muscles in his thighs and calves launching himself foward and up breaking free of the gravitational feild using his wings to accelarte his rise up on high his blood would have dripped profously upon the corpses and the ground , it initself would take on a deep crimson almost black and it reeked of his dark and oppressive force as blood is one of the most concentrated forms of spirit energy. Abaddon would be hunched over many many feey high in the air mingling with the ashen clouds as his wounds healed slowly and he regathered a bit of his stamina. 'this damn shinigami is skilled , he used his zanpakto or spiritual force to bind me several times and has had pleanty of open chances to kill me it seems like my only plea to life here is to be his information cow.....so lets see if i can feed him from the wrong bottle' Abaddon would think as a small devious smile came to his face , Abaddon's falcon like eyes surveyed the situation below as the shinigami began examing the fallen charred corpses of his comrads , their were still large sections of this district on fire farther away from the current battle feild 'if i can somehow find a way to make a distraction i can go assimilate those hell hounds flames that were left to burn they should hold enough latent spiritual energy for me to get my own power back up to par'. As it would take a moment for Abaddon to be located by the shinigami, assuming he went over to their corpses mainly due to their bodys being lightly charred one could assume they might be alive but it was very unlikely. "I hate to say it but ill need to shake him and go back to hell unless i get back up" he'd say as he would open his left hand a full soul crystal would rest their he'd quickly jam the blunt crystal into his bicep without so much as flinching as his flesh envloped it efficiently hiding it. Just as the self inflicted wound would close a loud warped sound would echo through the area giving away his current position, his distance would force the shinigami on a miniscule journey but it did give him a little time before the shinigami would arrive , Abaddon's face woukd have a small smile on it as a young well known soldier of his jogged out of the portal. Morte: Morte eyes would widen as he saw the being before him , it was none other than the lord of the fifth ring and mortes master Abaddon the lord of wrath. Morte would come to an abrubt hault as he exited the gargata like portal that all sinners use, "my lord!" he would exclaim bowing quickly to Abaddon a small inkling of fear was about him as he fully layed eyes upon his master in a released state , 'who could be here strong enough to force my lord out of human shape' morte would ponder as he opened his senses finding a large signature headed their way he'd let loose a small "hmph" as he faced in the same direction as his lord "i see these mortals....just dont know their place" he would growl out as his spear would glow a bright white shinking morphing into a full size katana. "Morte if your going to fight him keep your distance im not fully aware of his powers , but we need to lure him to densly populated area he'll be forced to restrict himself, im in no condition to fight hold him off till i can regather myself thats an order" Abaddon would state , as he turned supressing his presence best he could and broke off into a bimu. "Aye Sir" morte said readying his blade for the appraching shinigami if he rushed to him but if he didn't morte would fluctuate his spiritual energy in an attempt to grab his attention as Morte slowly descended walking down from the sky showing he was completely calm and in control of his situation. Morte: Karadawaru: his wepon has the ability to shift forms from katana to spear while in katana form it can rapidly grow three feet for suprise stab attacks the contraction speed happens at blinding speed. Abaddon: Heightened senses: his physical senses are heightened these senses are hearing,sight and smell he relys on these three sense he is absolute trash at sensing spirit energy Released Bimu: bimu is still pretty good but once again it leeds alot to be desired.
  8. Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Abaddon giant beastly eyes would narrow in complete agrivation at the swift action done before him , the lord of the fifths imposing sise didnt allow such swift mobility like his regressed more limber form which was built for devilish speed and heavy strikes while this form was to tank attacks and deliver heavy blows with extreme amounts of devastating power. Abaddon would open his large maw letting loose a large ball of hell flames which would strike both the projectile attack causing them to detonate upon the impact of his flames which of the most didnt seem like a good idea. The explosion would obscure both veiws of one another but thanks to Abaddon giant frame and weight he would be propelled in the opposite direction his body littered in small burns. During his being pushed he would regressin form the muscle mass rapidly dissapearing as he flew , beads of sweat would plaster his forehead as regresding at such a rapid pace burnt through his stamina by a fair amount. 'i cannot! ! No i will not fail My mission! !' he mentally declared tucking in his wings and shifting his weight to his right side so he was facing foward the way he was being shot he'd then spread his wings and use his spiritual energy to create a platform to slow him to a hault and activate his third eye watching as the yellow one fleed while the purple one waited on the other side of giant cloud of dust embers and ashes caused by the explosion . This was the time choices needed to be made would he stay here and fight an enemy he has no feel for or would he chase after the soul which he'd been after and invested his time in. "i have had enough" he would mumble as he entered into high speed movement giving chase to the captain that was fleeing as soon as he haulted (attempting to chase aiden). having burnt through his stamina by a goodsum he only had about 4-5 spiritual energy based attacks in him while moving in Bimu his presence should be hidden until he hits his rentry point the same could be said for the captain if Abaddon sensed spiritual signatures instead of seeing them. His point of rentry would be when the two shinigami are just picking up the downed captain he'd let loose the largest outpouring of hellfire he had released all night about twice the size and volume of the sokatsui from his mouth burning through his stamina even further he would be panting like a dog afterwards but anyone would be tired after releasing such an intense and vast amount of spiritual energy all he would have left is two more attacks in him. Skills used: Hellfire Bimu: Tsumi yomitori-me: by opening his third eye he can see into the mind of his target(s) and look for specific information he mostly just uses it to see the said target(s) sins , he can also violently expell those trieing to enter his mind.it also allows him to gaze into another diamension side by side with the current world we are in he has dubbed the spectrum
  9. Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    So now i got to choose fail my mission or attack aiden and leave my back wide open FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!
  10. Parting the veil

    The moon now peaking up into the sky as the sun was laid rest would cast light upon rukongai, The only sounds acompany the lone shinigami were of his shoes clicking against the pathway , 'i hope i gain somthing anything from this damn cult or it seems ill need to kill a friend' Hachūrui would think in fustration as he let a sigh escape his lips , his breath would appear clouded and foggy giving testament to coldness of the night. His pace was an even one his hair would bounce slightly with each swift step if he moved any faster he would be jogging. 'there have been a string of disappearances near these cults.....shinigami and citzens alike it'd be wise to arm myself but i dont wana raise suspicion' .He would abruptly stop and begin biting the middle knuckle of his left gloved hand, a habit of his when he finds himself alone in a pressing situation he needed to be armed but stealthly , 'i cant bring my zanpakto as i want to appear unarmed but just maybe....I GOT IT'. The corners of Hachūrui's mouth would turn up in a smile as the air on his back and shoulders began to shimmer a dark purple and quickly took the form of a white backpack with a medical cross on it , naturally if they had any intel on the gotie 13 theyd assume he was in squad four and not only see him as a joke in terms of combative ability but not having a zanpakto currently present should also lower their guards somwhat. "Now i guess i should be on my way" he chimed softly as he continued walking to his destination. Hachūrui was filled with excitment but also curiosity he was hoping this cult was nothing more than a group of intellectual individuals debating and that the disappearances were nothing more than a coincidence ; wishful thinking i guess you could say as he didn't have much of a social life, poor poor Hachūrui his only companion a pyro resperating lizard and an computer generated personlity the never ceases to annoy him hopefully he'd find a like mind within this cult or new unexplored research material ; within the passing hours the sun had completely gone offically making it night time , the scaled shinigami had stumpled upon what most would call the "richer" side of rukon , beutiful estates here and there and heavily spaced apart , but one odity that peaked his eyes was a small migration of rukon citzens heading into a building he would quickly jog up behind the crowd and worm his way in walking into the building with what he now identified as a mixed group of unseated officers and rukon citzens even children, 'well its time to see what this religion is all about' he would think as his face became devoid of emotion and serious his eyes trained to his surroundings as they entered the place of worship. Skills used: Kikoku-te: by imprinting his spiritual energy on an object or idavidual he can summon it or switch places with said item or person or switch the place of two item ,this is achieved by infecting the whole battle feild with his spiritual pressure ; he can imprint his spiritual power on things via projecting it twoards and onto said being's or making physical contact allowing him to do the switch from afar. Things summoned:Backpack and all its contents
  11. Parting the veil

    The once bright sun was setting on the horizon painting the clouds in the sky a brilliant pink and shining a redish orange light upon rukongai , such peacful tranqility most would be home at this time but as we all know there are those that prefer the approaching dark to the fading light. The scene was a well lit cozy tavern located in the second district of rukon named "The Cup of Joy" this establishment was well known for their many and uniqe and exotic liqors , and fun entertaining drink and food for those "not of age" it was a buzzing hotspot for shinigami and rukon citzens alike some would say its the perfect melting pot but things have really plummeted in the past year. The trinkle of the water from the indoor fountain echoed throughout the tavern giving testement to it's hollowness, most would find this rather disturbing but for our fateful Hachūrui this was nothing of true concern in his eyes , the young greyed shinigami had removed his gloves exposing his scaled hands with his black claw like finger nails , normally Hachūrui went out of his way to hide his body's "odity's" but with so few occupants he felt as if he had some breathing room. 'where the hell is the tavern girl?' He would ponder resting his cheek in his palm propping his head up lazily as his eyes began to wander and survey the building in bordem , the place was mostly empty except for family of three on the second flour celebrateing some childs birthday and a herculian sized shinigami sitting in the corner silenty enjoying his liquor, 'this place is usally packed? I wonder what happened' his eyes would then wander over to the bar stand area which currently was unmanned with a sleeping woman at the end of the Bar , 'she obviously doesn't care about herself' , his eyes would then wander once more eyeing and reafing the various types of liqor on the wall behind the bar top only then did he notice a zanpakto mounted proudly on the wall 'thats new~'. With his curiosity picking at the back of his mind he'd remove himself from the seet and begin to slowly make his way to taverns mini bar taking a stool on the opposite end away from the sleeping woman, his burnt orange reptilian like eyes zeroed in on the zanpakto but his eyes caught somthing.....more impacting just above the zanpakto, back in the day when Hachūrui was younger he was a regular at this tavern with his freinds ; the tavern had a policy for its best customers. "To think its been that long" he'd trail off as he gazed at a picture of him in his youth next to two of his old comrads. "Impossible is not a scientific term! Now buzz off Lizbeth!" a light smirk would play on his lips as he read the caption under his picture, 'She always was such a troublsome girl' he'd think as his smirk became a soft smile as he thought back to his academy days qnd all the mischief him his freinds and science caused together it was a bitter sweet memory ; some of the best memories are sad just because they can never happen again. A loud creak would pierce through the day dream of the lone shinigami, Hachūrui would quickly turn to his left only to see a fair young women entering behind the mini bar in response he would straighten his posture and lock onto the tavern girl. "What can i do ya for Hachūrui?The usual? " The young woman asked , Hachūrui would nod in response as she turned her back grabbing several bottles of alchol mixing them in a cup hidden from his line of veiw , Hachūrui would tap his finger on the counter as he waited "sooo this zanpakto-" Hachūrui was abruptly cut off "its mine after you disappeared for a century i entered the academy to pull in some extra cash as a shinigami " she would state as she put down a mug of glowing green fuming liquid "One Deadly Cobra" she would sigh out as she turnt around leaning her back against the counter stairing up at her blade. "What happened to your customers that you needed an extra source of income?" he'd ask curiosly taking a swallow of his drink which gave him a light kick in the sinuses and causing him to give a small beltch as well the drinks spicyness dancing on his tounge , the woman kept her back to the grey haired shinigami as she sighed "it's that damn cult of knowledge on the otherside of the district , ever since they showed up i barely get any customers" she would sigh out nonchalantly slamming a cup down as she poured whisky into it ; she'd raise the cup to her lips and down it all in one go. " but.........somthing strange is happening at those cult houses people go in and they dont ever come out" she'd say swishing around the contents of the whisky bottle taking a swig straight from the bottle. "Well thats rather curious, a cult of knowledge you say" Hachūrui would stair down at his drink as his mind was going a million miles a mila second already pondering and calculating possible situations happening within those cult houses , 'a cult centered around knowledge? Such foolish creatures they are ........All creatures want to believe in somthing bigger than themselves. They cannot live without Blind Obedience, and to escape the pressure of that trust , those in whom fate has entrusted power look to somthing higher birthing kings and gods~" Hachūrui would think as he downed his drink , "Wellllllllll~" the woman said now facing him both arms crossed "Isn't this the part were you say im on it!?" She'd exclaime slamming her hand on the counter with a loud resounding smack , the young shinigami would have a confused blank look , did she expect him to go in on a possibly life endangering mission ; "what would i gain from investigating such an organization i have no intention of involving myself with a group of desperate fools" he'd say setting his empty cup down. "oh really? Well im sure the gotie 13 would love to know how you've been stealing their resources and shrugging off your duties~" she would say in rather low tone practically whispering it to him, Hachūrui's right eye would twitch as he met her gaze , despite the little dirt she had on him was meerly the tip of the ice burg as he had still been collecting the checks of his deceased comarads years after they died and much more which could've got him in serious trouble if he hadn't deleted their files after he had the necessary resources,. Hachūrui would sigh hopping off the sool "Lizbeth your so troublsome you know that" he'd state heading out for these "cults" "You better hustle the services start after sundown!" she would yell as he walked out the door. TO BE CONTINUED!!......
  12. SOUL SOCIETY Odd New Religion: "A strange new cult of sorts has appeared and has spread itself among Districts 1, 2, and 3. Investigate them and make sure they are not undermining the Thirteen Court Guard Squads!" The Cult of Knowledge has appeared and seemingly appears to be harmless, for the most part. A series of reports have shown that some of the missing individuals have been seen entering one of the many private homes used for worship before they have actually gone missing, which raises suspicion. Hopefully if someone were to investigate they will make sure to not become missing, themselves. (Well ill be posting here soon)
  13. Hachūrui's Lab

    A light clicking echoed throughout the halls of the lab, a lone single inhabitant lived in this facility in solitude. Hachūrui hair would bounce slightly with each step he took traversing the halls 'what a nuisance' he would think as he took his right hand and moved a strand of loose hair that had fallen infront of his face ; it would be very beneficial if the independent scientist attained some hair gel if it was in his price range. Hachūrui despite having a lab and lots of expensive wares was by no means rich or loaded in fact he had an average income ; the young soul reaper built and tailored all he had in his possesion. Hachūrui had just awoken and had been spending a majority of the day installing new memmory boards that he just so happened to have stolen from the department of research and development during the quincy invasion , despite being a soul reaper he had his own agenda and plans and participating in barbaric uncivilized bloody war was not one of them. The young shinigami would hault as reached a large door , he'd look up at the sensor above the door awaiting the facial recognition to kick in , "Facial analysis completed welcome master Hachūrui~" a feminine voice chimed from an unknown location as the door would give a loud resounding click and then slowly open. Hachūrui would smile lightly as he gazed at the scene before him , as he walked into the containment center he was rather pleased having actually just finished this part of the lab weeks ago sadly only one specimen had been collected, a dead unamed quincy that was missing his left arm and right leg. Hachūrui would look at the empty tanks with distaste 'i have no specimens and my research has hit a wall' The grey haired scholar would pinch the bridge of his nose and sigh "lizzy please give me a bowl of rocks i need to place them in the tanks" he would ask with a slight tired drawl ; "is there a preference in stone master Hachūrui? " the voice would ask , Hachūrui's pinching of his nose bridge would turn into a fave palm "What is wrong with you i just want rocks it doesn't matter what damn kind!" he'd eclaim in agrivation. "Oh! My apologies Hachūrui! Forgive me. " the voice exclaimed in distress and embarrassment as a metal claw holding a basket of grey rocks was lowered infront of him, why did this young man of science have rocks? You may ask well seeing as everyone gets lonely he has had a few pet rocks over the years as he doesnt have real freinds but thats a tale for another day. Hachūrui would grab hold of the basket as the claw retracted back into the ceiling "thank you lizzy , you may dismiss yourself till i head out and open all unoccupied specimen tankd" he would say calmly as he placed his free hand over the rocks projecting his spiritual energy onto them , "Understood" lizzy stated going off line. Hachūrui would slowly begin walking tossing one stone in each specimen tank which would shut close and begin filling with a clean clear dense liquid that if staired at when full one would assume it was full of simple water this process would repeat untill every single tank was holding a stone inprinted with his spiritual power. "Well im all done here what time is it?" Hachūrui would quickly glance up at the wall which held a digtal clock which read 7:00 AM. Hachūrui would set the basket on a near by desk and begin heading out of the facility and down the halls once more, "maybe i should hit rukongai today its been awhile since ive had a decent beer or even been outside" this was an overstatement as it had been a whole years since the Quincy invaded making it a year and nine months since hed seen the sun. Hachūrui would make a stop to his room he had a permanent inprint on his zanpakto and his backpack so it would be of little importantance to come here to most but he needed one vital thing his gloves. The young man had accidentally mutated himself in an experiment with his pet lizard giving him reptilian like skin eyes and claws , reason for his gloves being important as he didn't want to rouse to much attention to hiself , despite this his experiment was successful as he turned his pet lizard into a small fire breathing dragon serving as a minor companion to his solitude. Hachūrui would quickly slide on his leather gloves and head out. "Lets see what the day brings" Ooc> exit thread Skills used: Kikoku-te: by imprinting his spiritual energy on an object or idavidual he can summon it or switch places with said item or person or switch the place of two item ,this is achieved by infecting the whole battle feild with his spiritual pressure ; he can imprint his spiritual power on things via projecting it twoards and onto said being's or making physical contact allowing him to do the switch from afar.
  14. Hachūrui has built himself his own private lab hidden away in a private undisclosed location sadly due to its secrecy and nature of the experiments he does it was only natural he never received funding as he built this area with his own two hands over the process of years. AI system: This A I has been dubbed the name Lizzy she is in control of all computer and lab fuctions when her creator is not present she has a strange obsession with the outside world and feelings for her master that she was not proramed with. Hallways: The hallways ten feet wide and tall with doors that when sealed shut are air tight with two forms of security one being vents in the floor filling the passageways with experimental toxins and drugs (affects are all bad and random some worse than others) and the secondary being security cameras equiped with mini plama canons devastating piercing capabilities Personal room: The computer was peiced together wire by by and programed by Hachūrui over the course of 4 long and strenuous years it is one of his most prized possesions. It may not be pretty but it gets the job done. He also has custom made sleeping unit which pops up out the floor which counts as an automated doctor when hes injured or suffering from ailments. Autopsy / Operation Table: This specially designed table can grow in size to acomadate larger specimens up to atleast twice the average height of an average male. It also has a side drawr which contains a variety of custom made tools for this feild of work, along with four robotic arms.this device has its own room away from everything else. Workshop: This area is were he comes to sit and "relax" tinkering away making gadgets as a passtime or to sit and look over his datta Containment Facility: This area is a containment facility for specimens Hachūrui has collected in the feild, each unit is full of a presertive and tranquilizing liquid if a subject is harvested dead or half dead they will remain in that state and incapacitated if alive the glass was specially desighned to withstand vast amounts of power and physical strenth preventing escape should a conscious subject arrive, there are also 20 jumbo sized tanks for more colossal specimen (not rotting , or if not dead on the verge and if alive restricting any and all movement in a sense making them a vegetable until the receive an antitoxin for the tranquilizer)
  15. Name:Hachūrui Age:???? Sexuality: asexual Height:5'10 Weight:110 lb "For a tree to reach heaven it must first be rooted in hell" Apperance: Hachūrui is the average male height , his skin is an unnatural pale that gives off a radiant glow in the moonlight he has the strange oddity of metalic blue and a few red scales around his eyes the back of his neck and the rest of his body below his neck are coated in scales. His hands and feet posses claw like nails which he wears custom made boots and gloves to hide them. The most noticeable trait being his bright orange snake like eyes other than that he is always seen wearing fitting black vest and black slack like panse with a white under shirt. Personlity: Hachūrui being a man of science naturally is very curious about a variety of things, he is usually very serious about most things. Powers & Abilities: Hikari: This technique is when he radiates his spiritual pressure for a short moment in the form of a bright blinding light those who are unfortunate enough to gaze upon it experience temporary blindness (5 posts) Kikoku-te: by imprinting his spiritual energy on an object or idavidual he can summon it or switch places with said item or person or switch the place of two item ,this is achieved by infecting the whole battle feild with his spiritual pressure ; he can imprint his spiritual power on things via projecting it twoards and onto said being's or making physical contact allowing him to do the switch from afar. strenth: Hachūrui posses a basic amount of strenth but its nothing monstrous but that can easily be remedied by focusing his reyoka into his muscles Durability & Stamina: despite the looks of him his body is pretty sturdy capable of taking some serious punishment his stamina is also pretty good. Inventor: in his spare time he creates nifty little gadgets some to aid in combat others to further his research goals INVENTIONS Speed lvl: his shunpo isnt the fastes but its far from slow Zanpakto: His Zanpakto is usually not at his side as he doesn't rush to violence the fact that he can call upon it on the drop of a hat put a slight ease to his mind. His Zanpakto is a pure dark blue within the sheath he houses a custom made poision bio engendered to be able to completely paralyze someone several times the size of soul society's gate gurdian. Shikia: Name: Ōkina hebi kōtei Release command: intoxicate Side note: he is immune to his zanpakto's Abilities Hebi kōtei no iki: upon the release of his blade a great outpouring of poisonous gas that gets in through poors and inhilation is expelled in a great vastness it causes plant life to wither and die while other beings experience full body paralysis , and orgen failure Hebi kōtei kiba: this attack can be fired many ways most commonly like a getsuga like attack that appears to be spiritual energy but upon impact it splashes upon the target in the form of a vast amount of thick dark purple highly aacidic liquid that eats away at ones flesh causing excruciating pain and possible death from the body going into shock. Haki dokuhebi: rapidly sheathing his released blade condensing poision in the guard and then unsheathing his blade , this action allows a thin beam of liqid poison to be fired from the sheath with enough force to pierce through said target. Bankai: YTA