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  1. Out Of Service

    The Gauntlet

    All of hueco mundo was silent as a small party of four arrancars traveled seemingly in no rush , the privaron espada had gone back to the hellish desert to do three things. Sate his curiosity which had been nibbling away at his physique , arrancars had been disappearing arrancars meant to scout out threats and possible talent. As the current lowest ranking arrancar of importance this duty fell upon him and those under him , with his scouts dissapering and a an S.O.S signal recieved from the tech department of las noches it was time for him to get to the root of all this misfortune. he and the other three arrancar all wore nice and elegant white cloaks camouflage among the dunes of hueco mundo. the second would be reprimanding any of his subordinates that had been captured and finally make those who attacked his troops feel the pain of their actions and repent. for he was not a good person but meerly new no evil could go unpunished including his own. his freindly disposition twoard others is simply a tool to atone for his years of eating other souls , unjust killings would lead him commit self harm. "those without good reason will perish under Las Noche's heel" he would say as they grew nearer to the coordinates.
  2. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachurui would take a seat next to lurker giving a low huff the boo's now seeming to wear off just by the slightest bit , he would remove his gloves revealing his dry scale and clawed hands. "a disease , well that would make it more infectious but nothing air born...this isn't you to be more exact she would assimilate without end till she is one and all" he would state rather ominously, as he whistled quickly which was then followed the sound of rapid clicking and thin a puppy like gurgling squeal as a thin winged lizard that could only be called a dragon perched itself atop Hachurui's head it's taloned feet firmly grasping his scalp as it stair at the screen with them. "what do you think pike?" he would say scratching the reptile under the chin with an index receiving coo's of approval. he would then plan his hand over his chin in thought in the thinker position. Hachurui would begin to think out loud unbeknownst to himself "well id say HIV be the basis for the transmission seeing as bodily fluids are commonly spewed onto one another in this world , but we should also ensure it cant travel far or to quickly should it escape or we decide to study it in the field , so we should give it a life span of 96 hours while in a host that way if it doesn't want to die it will find a host with enough spirit energy to sustain it" he would say as he pushed one button on his side of the computer where it would begin listing the lab equipment that was currently active and working. "but the major base she be a mysterious disease a long dead captain once had , i sadly deemed them useless and kept the skeleton or bare minimum of information on the diseases , its a slow killer that drains ones stamina to do the simplest task's , hot flashes , fevers and loss of appetite and destruction of the immune system" Hachurui would list off rather robotically not sounding to impressed with the sickness. "well lurker lets see those skills put to work these computers have a hard copy of the basic information you'll need" he would say as if inviting a challenge before he seemed to have a look of realization , "and i know you may wana go looking in the archives of soul society one day but let me know first i have several worms in their system and installed 6 false motherboards in their master computer during my time there and id hate for you to destroy all i worked for by inputting the wrong pass codes you'd trigger a mass deletion of all my files and then my computer would commit purge of its actual systems melting it's internal components so we are not tracked"
  3. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachurui would clap his hands and door space would open up on the glass wall leading into the chemistry lab , the steril white marble floors of the lab where a complete contrast to the workshop the two sat in. the tables that lined the walls where fillied with many whirring machines each funneling or filtering some unknown substance , Hachurui would stand from the table and walk next to the entrance way gestruring for his new friend to enter. "well first we made the formula" he would say waiting for him to enter , " so now that we have proof that well we can make others like you as men of science it's time to see what would happen if we made this artificial life being contrary to your natural one" he would state matter o factly. now any numskull would miss it but he had just taken back a previus statement made to lurker in that sentence , hachurui had said lurker had been made not born. now that he called lurker natural he was aknowledging his existance as not only an individual but one of its own frution and fate.
  4. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    The young scientist would reach up to his face and remove his half moon cut glasses from his face , he would fold them neatly placing them on the table. A smile small grace his usally stoice face as warm memories flooded his mind , how we all take our childhood for granted. "Look at me in that picture i look like an idiot" he would say still smiling as he looked at the picture. Despite what others may say every man of science holds a small child on the inside. "It's sad to think im still the same greiving child" he would stand from the table walking over to the small potrait. "These where my closest friends in the entire world , we where stupid even made a stupid vow" he'd say a small laugh mixed with a trembling voice riddled with saddness. Hachurui would take a moment to compose himself trying to regain his composure still with a shakey smile and laugh "we where all born the same day , so we agreed to have a picnic every year" a tear seemed to find it's way to his cheek as he spoke "but they all died thanks to a hollow attack , they new what they signed up for ......but it hurts to drink away the world because you have no one" he would say stumbling back to the table where the keyboard lay. He was silent for the most part but tears still fell , old wounds now opened. "Forgive me , im being unprofessional" he stated sniffing not letting his nose begin to run , he had already shown to much of a softer side already. "I just get lonely here with lizzy and my pet dragon" he would state as the glass wall behind them filling in for a computer screen began piecing together a new cell construct. The name under it was CODE NAME: ANGEL "well the computer will focus on building her , is there anymore youd like to ask or say"
  5. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachurui would fix his glasses as he would go back to typeing , seeing as lurker wasnt pleased with his results. Weather lurker knew it or not his emotions now would show on his new bodys face quite plainly. And the tone of the first stement upon that statemt he would stop typing and press enter as thousands of languages and numbers flooded the screen ; the word 'caculting' would begin flashing on screen with the word formula 'flashing' after it. It was obvious what Hachurui had his computer doing he was going to attempt to relicate lurker. Hachurui would huff and then turn his attention twoard lurker and the a cooler next to his hand on the table he sat upon. He would look back at lurker the screen then the ice cooler. "Before we continue..." He would trail off opening the cooler just a bit pull out two beer's but they weren't normal the glass bottles where shaped like skull and on the back there was the lable of a tavern he would toss lurker one "...i know its knot much but that body shows your emotions quite plainly , and i see i offended you so lets start over ehh" he'd say after biting the cork out his ans spitting it to the floor revealing his mounth of sharp fangs while getting the cork out. He would be holding his drink out waiting for lurker to clink them together as a sigh of freindship. If lurker accepted before he would drink , Hachūrui would pipe up. "Becarful now this stuff'll throw hairs on your chest" he would say with a quick laugh as he took a big swigg himself the taste of lime washed down his mouth ; followed by a quick wave of dizziness that passed. Hachurui would cof three times then down the whole thing and give out a loud sigh of joy. He had a light blush going across his nose and cheeks ; you know the steryo typical anime im drunk blush. Hachurui seemed to stare at his glass for a good while "im sorry about my past statement but as a scientist your existance baffles me to no end , it just seems impossible for you to be a hollow. Im sure you know by now to be a hollow you once had to be human" Hachurui would state giving a small hiccup apparently even while drunk he was still extremly coherent. "But in the matter of your cells , depending on the level of kido you could create a network of sorts , like kniting the outer most layers cells together now upon impact you would need to actively absorb said ability weak attacks would assimlated but against a powerful enemy i can only give a genorous offer of 30% damage reduction" there was no condescending attitude drunk Hachurui seemed to actually care for lurkers saftey. He would also be looking just over lurks shoulder at a tiny photo stand with two other shinigami all four other shinigami in the picture where smiling you wouldnt notice at first but Hachurui had the biggest smile in that picture.
  6. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachurui would stare at him with a very simple look before , speaking. "Why would i have a living being in my workshop? No one is hardly worth my time you should be gracious i didnt just throw you in the diffusion chamer and seperate your molecules" he would say pulling out a swivel chair and rolling it lurkers way , it was clear this scientist didnt like his work questioned less death be set upon them. "Take a seat" he would commamd as he rumbled through a box pulling out a key board as the glass wall that seperated them from his chemistry lab was now a giant computer screen. Lizzys voice would ring out once more "Hello master how may i help you today~" she would chime as the screen was still black. Hachūrui would begin typing in command his hands moving at the speeds of shunpo as he conatructed the picture lurker provided "this is your cell as it is now i could replicate you in a heart beat , based on this your an adaptive well i would say symbyote but your hostes reap no benifts your closer to a parasitic entitie" he would begin typing again three differnt slimes where on the screen one white , one blue the other purple. The gene make up would be different for each one but hidden. Each had an image of a soul reaper bonded to the slimes The white one seemed to give the host great power in exchange for his life force meaning it was partly beneficial , the purple one acted on its host's will and sustained itself by eating half of what the host ate while the blue one simply consumed the host and spread. With the computer simulation done he would look at lurker once more , "its obvious you where created not born if i can do that with a computer , so ill ask again what would you like to improve?" He would ask he would be looking directly at lurkers new eyes , somthing Hachurui did have was animal instincts most people could tell once they noticed his reptilian eyes and the scales arond them.
  7. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachūrui would glare at lurkers previous standing spot , that creature took longer than he should have to move considering he absorbed the contents of the tank. 'just witnessing that he wasnt effected by the the toxins or tranquilizers , meaning that excuse is out the way' he would think to himself as he leaned on a desk behind him. This creature had infected five humans and seemingly left no physical alteration ; could change his spiritual signature. Containment was Hachūrui's biggest concern because just like the containment unit the body was built with sekkiseki , meaning he wouldn't slip out once sealed up. "Hopefully you enjoy the body , it was my fathers after all" he would say gesturing for Lurker to follow him down a long hall that was lined with cameras that where obviously guns as well. Once they got past 3 security doors he would speak once more, "lizzy do me a favor clean the containment area with my Stage 3 alpha-z poison , i dont want any of our guest bio-matter left behind and then perform a riatsu scan of the lab" he would pause and hault as he waited for another security door to open for him and lurker both his hands behind his back. "master Hachurui! Oh also we are 96% done with hacking the gotie 13's recent updated files!" a female voice chimed from seemingly nowhere. They would keep walking till they came to Hachūrui's workshop the mechanic area in the open while the chemistry area was behind a glass wall and door. "Now lets begin. What would you like to know about yourself or fix" he would say walking over the the glass door preparing to put his eyes on the retnal scanner needing to hear his answer first.
  8. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    Hachūrui would watch in aww as this hollow pretty much assimilated everything in the tank ; 'outstanding but if he becomes one with what he comsumes ill need to make a new more powerful and fast acting formula' he would think to himself' as lurker began standing inside the containment unit. "I must commend your powers now that i think i fully understand them , though you still require more study" he would say before stepping back with operation table holding the empty vessel he wanted lurker to posses ad he pressed a few buttons on the side of the table causing lurks pod to slowly open until he could walk out with ease. Hachūrui would do the come here motion with his whole hand meaning lurker needed to hurry his butt up then again not like he had options. "During the short while that you where knocked out i prepared you a vessel to inhabit that wont succumb to your assimilation technique" he would say as the the cybernetic old but hardcore looking man was lowered to lurkers feet his chest cavity empty exposeing his body to be empty for the most part. Should lurker enter he'd have the perfect union of flesh and machine. Lurker would have full control of the body and be able to feel sesantions like that of a soul reaper or human. In a way he'd be one step closer to humanity instead of hollow while retaining his own will and desire.
  9. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    A light clicking echoed throughout the halls of the lab, a lone single inhabitant lived in this facility in solitude. Hachūrui hair would bounce slightly with each step he took traversing the halls 'what a nuisance' he would think as he took his right hand and moved a strand of loose hair that had fallen infront of his face , he would quickly re-adjust his hair as he walk. The young shinigami would hault as reached a large door , he'd look up at the sensor above the door awaiting the facial recognition to kick in , "Facial analysis completed welcome master Hachūrui~" a feminine voice chimed from an unknown location as the door would give a loud resounding click and then slowly open. Hachūrui would smile lightly as he gazed at the scene before him , as he walked into the containment center he was rather pleased having actually just finished this part of the lab weeks ago but now he would have a brand new specimen. Hachūrui would put his hands behind his back walking through the extremly long hall of specimen bubbles to finally come to a incapacitated lurker. Hachurui took notice the hollow was in the fetal position , he didnt want the hollow to move around his lab leaving his remants everywhere and possibly destroying his lab. He would place a single finger on his chin as if thinking "lizzy my dear fetch me my teachers empty cybernetic corpse ive been working on.." He would pause as he looked at lurker floating there "and give him the anti-toxins and anti-tranquilizers but keep his containment unit full i dont need him attacking out of fear" he would say calmly still eyeing lurker waiting for sighns of movement. "Right away sir~" a female voice chimed from seemingly nowhere. Hachūrui truly loved his AI but somtimes it was late with its responses. He would keep watch of lurker till the body arrived on a floating operating table about 3 feet off the floor.
  10. Out Of Service

    Hachūrui's Lab

    The tapping of Hachūrui's fingers upon the computer keys would echo throughout the empty facility completely in pitch darkness the only light being the dim illumination of his computers Holo V Graphics screen, he had been out to the bars all week and now returned to his desk to study a very peculiar anomaly that was driving him mad. He had placed several bugs and slipped several small computer chips containing worm viruses into the computers in research and development back in seireite meaning he got all reports on hollow apperances and shinigami missions ,affairs and dissapearances. But what had the young upcoming scientific prodigy stuck , where the readings on his screen such utter nonsense. From the report he was reading a hollow presence was sensed entering the world of the living spilling into it practically and it seemed to have broken off into smaller creatures before it vanished , all soul reapers sent disappeared upon them investigating the creature. Hachūrui would sit back in his chair a few strands of his long silver hair draped themselves over his face as he brought his right thumb up to his mouth and began to chew at the tip of his the leather of his glove which hid the mutation he had caused himself. "What could this new anomaly be...a pack of hollows a self replication technique it's ludacris to think this could be a hollow..." He would say as he picked up one of his rocks and began stroking it like it was alive as he spoke Hachūrui would push himself away from his desk and stand fluidly in one motion , he would quickly grab his comb from his side drawr and begin walking twoard the exit of his lab into the long security hall while coming his hair. A devilish smile would spread over his face at the idea of what he had planned. Hachūrui was never the hero type but the idea of having new specimens and one so strange as well new roads of experimentation , new therios only time would tell but for now he'd come out his hair one must look impeccable for those he plans to give a good caneing to.
  11. Out Of Service

    Home of Jasmine L. Duman

    Jasmin L. Duman was and is still not a quincy of great wealth this cabin in russia is where she grew up , the place is hidden by a dense forest covered in dense snow wild bears wander the area though freindly they scare away locals ,naturally all her close family so its soley her home alone. She chose to live a simple life after the reich had been disbanded. The trees give ample firewood amd the deers and stags are abundant so pleanty of food as well. She can also grow beats as well.
  12. Out Of Service

    The Past of Numa

    Numa was know locked in the cycle of endless feeding for he had become an adhujas although he lost many of his animalistic type traits he was know around ten feet tall with a small musculare build. Numa felt prideful of his power but as it was it wasn't enough to even compare with those who scarred the very land of hueco mundo it was terrifying to think of the espada and the power they weilded. Numa's eyes would scan over the horizon until he spotted another creature off in the distance not that long of a run but if its one thing numa has learned its that dead food cant run numa would raise his right hand aiming it twoard the creature in the distance he would then quickly make a fist flexing every muscle within his arm causing a long bone like projectile to fly out at blinding speeds as a spurt of blood came running from his hand onto the desert floor. "Hmph" numa would examine his lower palm were th projectile flew from , numa had been able to use these for hunting and killing hollow from a distance eliminating uneeded conflict. Numa would focus his spiritual energy twoard his wound upon his hand watching as it closed , "soon" he would trail off as he went to collect his meal soon indeed although one does grow weary of hollow meat numa was starting to wonder if he could make a hamburger ot somthing. It wouldn't take long before he ascended to the highest level of menos becoming a vasto lorde.
  13. Out Of Service

    The Past of Numa

    The taste of blood danced upon the pallet of numa's tounge. The canine like hollow had recently killed his latest meal. A humanoid bear like carcus layed atop the sand infront of numa its legs gone as numa made sure to imobilize his prey , numa would circle the presumed corpse eyeing it most would see this as meaningless but he was in search of the beast's hollow hole. Similar to a soul sleep and or soul chain a hollow's hole was the highest spiritual power concentration point on ones body ; numa would have circled the dead hollow three time already and had no such luck in finding a hole "this is rather curious" numa would grunt out as he loward his head and began to attempt to flip the giant ball of fur over , numa would slowly crane his neck upward after he place his snout under the mass using his face like a shovel. Numa would let out a relieved sigh as he fully raisef his neck flipping the carcus over were a large black hole shrouded in fur glared at his face , numa would sigh hanging his head as he turnt and walked away from his recently dis-owned kill. Numa was a very picky eater and he didn't have any plans for coughing up hair balls later that day. Numa would casually walk through the great gathering of quartz trees his intention was to find a clearing , from what numa had deduced one could not become a gillian class menos by simply eating he needed to merge into one being with a multitude of other hollows but at the same time he couldn't allow himself to be overtaken by the other hollows becoming lost in a tempest of souls meaning he needed to find a vast multitude of hollows that were in a frenzy and low in intelligence or a vast amount of hollows with little to no power. Low intelligence would gurantee numa his spot as the dominant personality but it wouldn't ensure his survival while dumb doesn't equal weak ; the weak grouping would provide him more security but could lower his chances in terms of becoming the dominant personality as weaker hollows seemed to have an almost primal instinct to survive. At this point numa had reached his decision he wouldn't risk being lost to a tempest meaning he would take his chances with stronger hollows Numa would quickly begin to weave around the many quartz trees that inhabited the forest , his ears open for the crys of hollows and for the crys of any menos grande not wanting to die before he can even achieve the first step in his evolution ; numa would leap into the air flexing his paws exposing his claws taking grip onto one of the quartz trees he would continue to travel in this fadhion at rapid speed only stopping upon reaching his destination which was perched atop a high tree branch overlooking a great expanse of what one would call "clear space" had it not been for the high volume and density of the hollows on the ground below. The sounds of mindless savagery filled the air the shattering of skulls and breaking of bones combined with the pungent smell of the already fallen numas gaze would eye these primal creatures with ambition his paws ached with anticipation repeatedly sheathing then unsheathing his claws. Numa would take off leaping from the branch diving into the croud were he landed upon a frog like hollow to numa's dismay a lion like hollow lunged at him to which he lunged foward but not with the same intent numas paws would be positioned at the felines abdominal area causing him to throw it off ballance and push it onto its back. Numa refused to waste his time with combative situations if he could help it all he needed to do was wait out the fight till the reaction happened so he could become a menos. Numa would focus spiritual power into his claws as he lept off the other hollow causing crimson construct extensions to grow around his claws impaleing the hollow beneath him, numa would slash at the back of several unknown hollows keeping other hollows at bay by throwing other hollows off cheating them of victory ,a pile up effect around numa those who stopped to feed were fed on it wasn't long before a bright green glow began to overtake the vast space a burning sensation flooded numas body all had gone black when his sight came back he waa at a point of elevation and surrounded by menos grande. Numa questioned nothing he would quickly lunge foward taking a chunk out of another menos he would repeat this process till he achieved the next evolutionary step. (Part 2/5)
  14. Out Of Service

    The Past of Numa

    The sands of hueco mundo a timeless site in the eyes of numa how long had it been now? years , a century no a millennia? these questions ran through the mind of the simple hollow everywaking moment of his existance. numa would look up the eternal night sky that was hueco mundo his sharp eyes spying a large eagle like hollow flying high in the domain of the sky , numa's gaze would follow as it swooped down only to swoop down upon a large insectiod hollow it was almost fitting in witch the course of events had transpired. numa himself was of the lowest teir of hollow he had remained a "new born" for som time now he couldn't become a gillian and not for lack of trying but he had a theory. "hmp" was all that would escape the maw of numa as he began moving once more through this jiant waste land he had been driven out of the menos forest for the fear of his life as many unkown massive powers had been clashing above the canopy but now he needed to return , the need to eveolve was stronger than ever in numa. With all of Las Noches's activities disrupting the natural flow of things outside its walls it was in every hollow's best interest to get strong while one could , numa new what it was to be prey and today was the day he took his first step up the ladder to becoming the hunter. the air would wistle as numa darted and manevered the dunes of hueco mundo his senses wide open keeping himself aware so he didn't miss the menos forest as it was a jiant hidden cavity in the earth below the dunes ; although he didn't need it a black dot on the horizon seemed to grow beigger and bigger numa would think nothing of it at first until he grew closer and closer numa's quick bolt like run would slow to a complete hault as his eyes would widen in fear and shock "w-what the hell happened!?" the lone hollow exclaimed with fear lining his voice , what was before him was a large gaping hole in the canopy of the menos forest , "such power i couldn't even fathom......were does this destruction end and were did it begin?" numa would trail off as his gaze landed upon las noches in the far off distance. "is this what evolution promises?" numa would question lunging foward down into the hole decending into the darkness of the menos forest . (part 1/5)
  15. Out Of Service

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Ooc : due to inactivity i think itd be best to say we both left this scene pretty battered