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  1. Followed the captain to the designated area and nods with the commands. "Kill a bear you trained and cook it" He replied making sure that was it. Eyeing the terrain as he walked towards the cave he could only assume the odds but what was itching at the back of his mind was a bear that she trained. "perhaps modified' he thought to himself as began working a battle plan. He currently only knew a few low level kido spells Hadou 4, a quick white lightning spell. And Bakudo 8 a small sheild that breifly repels and stuns whatever it hits. If He assumed this was a normal bear he could spam these two spells to slow it down. At this time he reached the cave it held an eerie silence and an odd presence. He walked carefully in pulling up his sleeves ready to cast looking down the cave ready to cast at anything near. But it happened to fast a roar was heard to Calenhand's right and a pair of bright red eyes could be seen. "Hadou number 4 Byakurai!!" He yelled out as a pale lighting attack erupted form his palm. The whole cave lit up and showed the beast for what it was a large bear with a hulking feature. He roared once more and began chasing down the new recruit. Frantic Calenhand prepared his Bakudo spell and ran to the end of the cave hoping the bear would follow. He knew he would not win in a closed space nor was he proficient enough to heal himself while on the move. Upon reaching the end of the cave he turned around to aim once more but was met head on instantly as Calenhand had barely enough time to pull out his Zanpoktou to protect himself. The force of the shove of the bear sent him back a considerable distance. Gritting his teeth he sheethed his weapon and began using his kido spells hoping he would not have to draw upon his Zanpoktou if ever. The bear at this time looked as though is was becoming enraged and began charging once more. Calenahand kept his distance and short flash steps to keep the pace to keep hitting the bear with his kido. But the more he attacked the more he realized something. No normal bear was this strong if anything this bear has spiritual pressure stronger than that of seat member. He was just to stricken in an adrenaline rush to realize it. He knew he could end this quickly but he hated his zanpoktou it made him feel wrong as if everything he stood for wrong. Sighing he reaches behind his back to pull out his weapon. "Siphon Shar'Matar!" He yelled as he licks the blade. Instantly a white light erupted along the weapon as it turned into a silvery scythe. He hated using his shikia it was great for sapping small amount of spiritual pressure over time but as the fight went on he can almost feel himself slip into madness. Shrugging it off he went after the bear with renewed determination. It was a good ten minute thrash before the bear laid down exhausted and defeated. Calenhand looked renewed and revitalized almost with a crazed look on his face. Looking back to the captian he nodded and back down to the bear. "Her other orders were to cook him, but why a being she made just to die?" He decided not to kill it but found his body unmoved. without realizing it his scythe had already sliced off the bears head. "Damn' he thought to himself i have to get this under control. As he walked back to the captain sheathing his weapon it took some time but he completed the task. He then stood in front of her with a bloody attire and facial expression. An odd smile that seemed to enjoy the blood bath. If not relish it.... :ooc- all done not sure if this is what u wanted xD
  2. Listens carefully and watches carefully ' she wants me to spar with her?" he thought to himself. He was hoping he would not have to use his zanpoktou it makes him feel wrong. He was hoping hed demonstrate some healing abilities. "AS you wish" He said as he stands up to exit the door outside the hall. He exits and awaits outside the door curious of the upcoming events.
  3. Nods to the captain and eyes a nearby chair. " I am one of first impressions i persume" he said as he took a seat pulling his zanpoktou out form behind his back and across his lap. "Out if curiosity what are my duties not much was noted to me after graduating" He asked looking around the room trying to act normal and relaxed.
  4. Enteres the room intrigued by the randomness but remains professional. "Captain I am Calenhand newly academy graduate i am here to report in and accept any assiqnments in the process." He finishes as he kneels down on both knees waiting what would be next to come
  5. Knocks at the open door and awaits to be called in. He perks his head and eyes up to make sure he looks enthused for an interveiw? he could only guess. " my Captain i am Calenhand reporting in" He said as he bows low
  6. Calenhand looks at the Buterfly's message and blinks as he lets out a sigh. "Persume i get this over with" He said to himself and he stood up and walked down the hall where he persumed where the office was. Upon reaching it he knocked ad awaited a response
  7. Calenhand walks into the barracks with hands in pockets and with a nonchalant look. After graduating the Academy he know had more time to dedicate to his squad. He hoped it would not entail tedious office duty or wiping snotty noses. His hopes were to be a front line support fighter for other squads in times of combat. His other thoughts were to meeting others within this squad but he assumed he will get with that in due time. Taking his hands out of his pockets he rubbed the back of his head and scanned the area. There were a few running about tending to normal duties and a sleeping receptionist. He knew he was early into work so he took a seat in the waiting room and awaited a higher ranking official to welcome him to the squad and to be given his tasks.
  8. Calenhand keeps playing his flute serenading his mind with its music with his eyes closed. All of a sudden he feels the music stop and in his hand two broken pieces to his flute. Sighing he picks up the rock and then to the area that it was thrown seeing a senkaimon being opened and closed briefly. Looking peculiar at the rock he rubs the paper and reads it... "Looks like i guessed right another soul reaper in the midst." He said as he pulls out a small pouch with a vial which he uses to fix his flute. "I am sure i will be able to recognize her when i return" He said as his odd colored eyes flashed for a moment. "But then again i am not fully interested at the moment" He thought to himself as he leaned back enjoying the last hour before he left back to the soul society.
  9. After chasing for what felt like an eternity he comes across a rather large crowd. A marketplace he would assume a lot of people bustling about buying groceries and running basic errands. A faint disappointment crosses his face as he realizes he had lost the woman's trace and her whereabouts. Jumping down into the crowd he got a closer look at the people as they mindlessly walked about doing their own business. Each one easily walking through obviously impervious to any spiritual race he possessed. Quickly jumping onto a nearby house and scans the area looking for a more quite place to meditate before he left for the soul society. He immediately spots a park within the area with a pond and a few large trees. He looks back at the crowd deciding to bother himself more or to move on. Shrugging his shoulders he leapt over to the park and quickly scaled the largest tree he seen. Upon reaching a branch he yawned and set his pack and Zanpoktou up against the tree. Leaning back he pulls out a hand made flute and begins to relax and play a soothing sound. The sound only head by hose with adept spirit pressure could hear it he was not about to make sound that would attract mortal attention. He knew he had only a permitted few hours left so he decides to spend the rest of it there relaxing.
  10. Watches the scene with interest and lightly sighs as he watches the random girl run down the alley. He looked back at the public below and noticed they carried on after a quick interested look . Unsure if he should follow he rolled his eyes and slowly got up. He was only permitted few hours in the world of the living and he was already making friends.....sort of..... Leaping onto each building in a slow pace he pin pointed the girl and began following her. Unsure if he was getting slower of if she was getting faster he began to speed up. Now obviously curious he keeps his pace knowing for sure that she is not a human and was determined to learn who she was
  11. The Dreams of a Psycho As told by the broken mind of Calenhand It is not that I enjoy dreaming but the effect that it gives me during them. In perspective they all begin with a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. The sensation warms your skin to a degree that you feel comfortable but at the same time a breeze would cool you off. A season I am sure is called post spring in the world of the living. If it is possible to sense perfectly in a dream I can attest to it. The trees sway slightly as the grass almost bow in presence and the sky remains perfectly blue with but a few clouds to decorate the land scape. I feel a sharp pain In the back of my head now "I am so sorry" it is a females voice and she sounded sad. The pain grows now as I assume it is a blade pressed at the back of my neck. I do not know why but it is as if I am agreeing to this pain as if I deserve it. "You know I do not want to do this but you need t be stopped before we loose you forever" I feel it now. Sharp cold and welcoming. The blade as it slowly enters the back of neck slowly separating my life in two. Something in me fights back however but I feel my life slipping as a band breaking under the force of a great sword. It goes black now. I open my eyes there is no pain now only.....a sensation of bloodlust. I look into my hands and see a half eaten heart..... and the taste of blood in my mouth... I begin to gag but I stop suddenly as I see a woman's face that I do not recognize. She is pointing at me with a death stare with her ribcage opened. I cry now but no sounds comes out . I look to were she is pointing and see the ground swallow me up. I am awake from the dream now and recall waking up in that same forest a year ago before I joined the soul reaper academy. Something made me kill her and something froze me in time to were no on would remember me or any murders of that sort. But a murderer is not me I help people now and I will only use my Zanpoktou for good. On more than one occasion I find myself visiting the same spot I awoke from. Not much has changed nor has there been any traces of visitors. The landscape has not change either.. A simple small clearing set inside a forest out of reach from civilization. few large boulders protrude from the ground here the third largest one was here he was laying in front of when he awoke one year ago. I close my eyes now.... and try to remember waking up. It was cold and frigid leaving you numb. It was slow at first but as I slowly gained conscience as it felt more real than ever. I let out a groan and open my eyes I am floating in a whirlwind of bright but somehow colorless gas. I feel myself get pulled up in a fashion as my vision black out and a woman's scream can be heard along with an unnatural cackle. I open my eyes and find myself lying flat on my back. And it was there that I arose and began walking. no purpose no memory at the moment only a name.... my name Calenhand. As the scholars say... the rest is history.. I started to slowly regain memories through dreams and by that joined the 13 court guard squads in order to help all those around me hopefully that will set me on the right path.... that woman I think I killed would have been pleased....... I only hope it was just a dream..... I can only hope I am not that....psycho..... * more will come in time I figure add my two cents here
  12. Calenhand


    Calenhand had heard rumors of a tavern in the squad 4 area but was unsure. He was ever a big drinker but figuring that it was time to get out and learn his surroundings after graduating the academy. Taking a deep breath he forces his unsociable body through the doors to investigate the place. It seemed rather quite and the few inhabitants kept to themselves in a dreary way. An older man was bartending behind a dusty table as he looked up at he new comer and continued to clean his wears. walking up to the table Calenhand puts handful of coins down ad wordlessly pointed to a familiar bottle that continued a lower alcohol level Taking a seat he poured himself a glass of the sweet substance ad meagerly drank it. Looking around after a refashion 'ahhhhh' he looked to the few inhabitants and noticed a few around a table with some dice obviously gambling. "This truly is a nook in the cranny" Calenhand said to himself quietly but quietly shushed himself as he noticed a few at a nearby table eye him awkwardly. Pulling his hood over his face to conceal his odd colored eyes he kept to himself almost eager to do the whole bottle at once. sighing to himself he held the glass in one hand and thought on how a guy like him will make a few friends being new and all
  13. Keeping his eyes closed and concentrating for any spiritual presence he slowly began to hum an unfamiliar tune to himself. But was suddenly startled as he heard a girls voice behind him. Quickly standing up almost tripping on himself he examined a young human girl. or so he would have to guess. Relaxing slightly he looked back with a cocked head and odd smile "there is no way she can see me " he said to himself as he looked back at her re-thanking her question. ' are you a monster to?'......... Calenhand had heard rumors of humans being able to sense soul reapers in the past but he has never met one especially one with no spiritual presence. Which lead him to two theories she was hiding her spiritual pressure *somehow* or perhaps not a human at all. " No I am not a monster" Calenhand said as he took a seatback down half expecting her to join him. "but then again I guess we are all monsters in theory" He finished as he looked back at her with a reassuring smile but no letting his guard down. At least no yet..
  14. Steps his feet into the world of the living unsure what to expect. From his training he was prepared for anything that could arise but felt a sense of ease in the moment. Putting his hands in his pockets he hops onto a nearby rooftop and scans the area. Unsure why he even came to the world of the living he knew something had drawn him here at least spiritually. Sitting back and closing his eyes he breathes in the air and takes in the scenery. keeping his eyes closed he began to work on sensing spirit pressure in the area curious if there are others here as well. Perhaps visiting this world he could open his mind and fix his broken memories or perhaps not. Perhaps opportunities arise themselves without his knowing or so he would guess.
  15. cool ty for welcomes no offense that cat thing from magic ( i think thats the anime)) is freaking me the fck out o.O hahah jk jk....but seriosuly my mind is scared
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