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  1. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    the red haired male took the food in a swift jab motion and shoved it in his mouth, remembering the sweet sensation of eating. He looked up from the food as his stomach was pleased. It wasn't an unusual taste, but it wasn't ordinary either. He couldn't quite put the name on the flavor, it kept eluding him. He finally snapped his finger's as it came to him, it was sweet. Suddenly he started to become hyper, like, really hyper. His heart started racing and his hands started to shake, his legs began to move in place. This wasn't an ordinary sugar high, he remembered what those felt like. This was more of an adrenaline based surge. Something's not right... The male's head snapped upwards as he heard screams of panic coming from the street. He grabbed Aiden by the arm and dashed to the commotion. In the middle of the street was a pile-up of overturned cars, which seemed to have been just a really bad car accident, but this was no accident. His sword appeared on his back, a threat was here. Ryu finally understood why this sword kept re-appearing, it appeared if there was danger. He looked up and saw several of those masked creatures crawling over dead bodies. Rage engulfed him, he pulled out his sword and dived in. There is no way in Hell you are going to hurt those souls! He screamed. The Hollows looked up and fear filled their eyes. They had forgotten about Shinigami showing up to this incident, and they were unprepared. Ryu took the first one by surprise by cutting its head clean off. Now that he finally got a good look at it, he realized his sword was quite large. The blade was about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, and the hilt was quite decorative, white spots with a black cloth. The rest of the Hollows hissed and jumped at Ryu. He blinked as he came back to the situation at hand. He crushed one Hollows skull in with the flat of his sword, killing it. A Hollow had taken advantage of their fallen comrade and sprang out from behind the blade. It came down upon Ryu and slashed his chest open. Ryu fell to his knees, the pain was intense and he hadn't had much rest since the fight with Slade. He looked back at Aiden. Gonna need some back up!
  2. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The male blinked his eyes several times before he scratched his head. Shinigami, he had heard that somewhere before but he couldn't put his finger on it. He squeezed his eyes shut as he massaged his temples, trying his best to remember. When the answer could not come to him he sighed and looked at Aiden in confusion. What's a Shinigami? The male held his stomach as it roared in hunger once more, he needed answers to his questions not food. He could always eat later. He looked around the street and noticed that the passerby's were all giving Aiden weird looks. He then realized that Aiden must be visible to them somehow and nodded to himself. He would remember that. Also I don't know why I am hungry. I guess I haven't really been thinking of food for a while.
  3. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    Ryu saw the young child and ran over to him, waving back. He looked around looking to see if anyone could see him, and seeing that no one could he slowed down before he arrived just before the young child. If this really was Aiden, which he really hoped it was, then this child would have to be incredibly strong. He shrugged and scrathed his head looking at the small being. I really hope you're Aiden, cus if you're not then that would be really awkward. My name's Ryu Hideaki by the way. The male smiled as he held out his hand to the to the child. His Hair was matted against his head due to the rain that had just appeared, and the male had begun to shiver. His stomach groweled, and the male's face contorted into one of hunger. Ok...I've never been hungry until now, that's weird.
  4. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The male stood there for a bit in shock, watching the rocks come closer and closer to him. His senses caught up to him and he began to panic. His adrenaline started to rush as he looked around for any sense of where Slade went. His black cloak with white trim fluttered in the wind as he began to see a trail of blue light lead off in one direction. His memories flashed before him, the blue beam, the blue disc, this must've been the way that Slade went. But it was too late, the rock was too close to escape it now. Ryu looked up at it as the fear of death became real again. He began to flash back to the moment with those monsters, and how he would die again. No, Not again. Not like this! He thought. He felt a giant surge of energy flow through him, and a tiny voice whispered words to him as he looked at the rocks. Hado 1: Thrust! A giant blast of kinetic force hit the rock. It gave the rock enough air time for Ryu to quickly run underneath it, following the Blue trail into the mist. He kept running and running and running. He escaped the fog and fell to the ground, giving into a coughing fit. He looked up and saw some lights in the distance, he hadn't realized it but it was now night time, the sun had gone down and he had lost the blue trail. Da-Damn it! I tried my hardest but it wasn't enough... Who was that guy I was supposed to find again? Adan? No wait... I think it was Aiden. Well looks like that's my first step. The cool night wind blew across his face as he looked up to the stars. He hoped his family was looking down on him from up there. Ryu got to his feet as the wind picked up, blowing his crimson hair and Shinigami cloak in the wind. He looked forward and saw a town in the distance. His hands turned into fists as he started to run. I'M COMING FOR YOU SLADE! THAT'S A PROMISE!
  5. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The male's face became puzzled as his opponent threw his weapon away and declared surrender. His eyes did perk up when he did hear that this man can take him to someone who can explain to him what's happening. Really? Oh thank you thank you so much! Oh, and my name is Ryu, Ryu Hideaki. The male's face turned into that of an innocent grin. Ryu began to walk towards Slade as he swung his sword back and forth. Could this guy really train me to be better?
  6. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The male's eyes widened as he saw the giant razor sharp spinning blade fly towards him. The male's hand gripped on his sword, and before he knew what happened, he was flying towards the giant disc. The male's arms began to rise above him as he came closer and closer to the blade. When the blade was just about to cut him in half, he felt his arms swing downward and send the disc hurtling towards the ground. What is your deal man? I just want answers! That's all! But if you want a fight, then I'd be happy to oblige. The male spread his legs and set his sword onto his shoulder. His instincts began to kick in, his adrenaline rushing. He looked to the mysterious man on the cliff. C'mon then! Let's go!
  7. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The young man saw the beam of energy coming for his heart, and he felt something build up iside of him as he began to move. Suddendly he was a few feet away from where he originally was. He looked at the distance from where he started and where he is now. That has to be a good 20 feet at least! How did I do that and why are you trying to kill yourself! The male felt an energy envelop from his back, and he knew it was coming from that damned sword that always seemed to be following him around. The male pulled it from off of his back and showed it to the stranger. And can you tell me what this is about? This thing has been following me ever since I died. I've tried throwing it away but it always comes back to me.
  8. RyuHideaki

    Deadly Nightshade

    The male was casually walking around some bluffs, when he saw some pebbles fall off of the rocks. He looked up and saw a shadow in the sky. His whole body tensed up and began to shake, remembering that dreadful day years ago. He narrowed his eyes and saw that it was not a monster, but instead a person. He gasped and began to run around in circles to catch the stranger. I got you! I got you! He said as he followed the stranger's plummeting form.