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  1. Aizen009

    Bleach 594 Discussion *spoilers It's Out*

    Me, i just wana see what bachs got up his sleeve.
  2. Aizen009

    To Which Character You Hate Most?

    Kisuke. Cause hes always coincidently prepared.
  3. Aizen009

    To Which Character You Hate Most?

    I don't like it when they add the lame humor in the series.
  4. Aizen009

    What Race Should I Be?

    This question might seem mundane, i have had a few people make a suggestion, but how can i find out what race i should be, i try to put myself in each races shoes to determine the one. (Basically which one i could picture myself being apart of.) any suggestions?
  5. Aizen009

    Star Signs?

    Cancer, July 12
  6. Aizen009

    Bleach Faq

    Thanks for replying guys!
  7. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Bio's

    Oh and sorry i didnt mention in my previous post but everyone tell my character that he would shoot better if he tried but of course he is reluctant to belive them.
  8. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Bio's

    My characters appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, he haswhite button down shirt (like a white dress shirt for church) and white trench coat (opened) and cackys. History: was with the old Quincy's, thought highly of himself because he was full blooded and was bitten by a hollow , lost hid pride and was kicked out due to no being full blooded, was found by kisuke an healed , my character didnt like the ideal of blasting someone to oblivion so he asked kisuke to engineer his weapons to not kill someone for good, its appearance of proof that his quincy weapons use to be traditional blue but is now green as proof. So went off to find a life. Personality: starrk like. For both me in real life and my character (whats cool is thats how im like in life. Like no joke, like im not being a fanboy, literally me and have some similarities in personality!) Speciality: Specialize in swords despite being a quincy, and still more to be discovered! Likes: science and philosophical approaches to things, hot girls, hanging with friends. Dislikes: fighting (unless provoked), people that hurt somone for no reason and when done for spite as well. And cocky people. Name: Izwald Ríkard Shflam. Age: 19 (I'm not much older in real life) Hobbies: video games Passion: thinking Weapons appearance: light green Odd about him: dude ima a quincy! (a human with powers) I think thats it for now
  9. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Senjumaru? Whose that?
  10. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Matsumoto: the face Adult Nell shes a chick with a sweet voice that can kick your a** im mean come on. So bird jesus, which ones your fav? Oh and bambietta hot to.
  11. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Yourichi, rukia, riruka, and hallibel, and adult nell, and Matsumoto, and im gonna be pissed if Gisselle is a guy!
  12. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Wait are we talking about the quincy zombie girl? Cause i think that one is hot but not the hottest.
  13. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Oh i do mean rpg race. Lol
  14. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Well heres the deal i could delete my account cause i already have a story for my quincy, and i could be a quincy again, but i think the arrancars are cool and im close to being one, so which one to choose. Ps. Gisselle is hot
  15. Aizen009

    Squad 5 Tavern

    Lol, this is gonna take a bit you know i have all this info for a quincy but not an arrancar, also off topic but i have a hard time sticking to a RA, i dont like soul reapers, im stuck between arrancar and quincy? Can any one convince on wich one to be or.......