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  1. Lol. You have befriended me. I've been into Pathfinder for a year before I decided to end my 4E campaign. And I'm liking how things turned out so far. Some of my players find this system a little confusing, but they're having fun just the same. I tend to be ad-hoc with rules too. Unless someone knows a rule right off, if I don't know a ruling, I use the DM's best friend to keep things from shutting down for the sake of a ruling. It isn't a video game, but it isn't homework club, either. I never got to play a mind flayer until I converted one from 3.5E to Pathfinder. It's kind of fun. I have one player character grappled with one tentacle. I'm thinking of asking him, when I Improved Grab him with the other three, "Now Graymon, why would you make a good thrall?" I'm into playing D&D on online game tables. Since I'm using the Pathfinder system, you wouldn't happen to know of a player friendly online table, would you? The RPG Table Online I'm using now is far too simple and limits both the DM and players too much. You can't even create tokens for it. I'm looking for one that's more customizable but still easy to use. Right now I'm thinking about Roll20. Do you have a suggestion? Garod
  2. The first session in Pathfinder left us all impressed. None of the players was left out in the coolness factor, and on top of that, the morlocks, the froghemoth, and the mind flayer I used all kept the players on their toes. No longer have I felt locked into a one-sided adventure. We all got to shine and I've come wonderfully close to killing one of the party. The strongest one! I can hardly wait until the creature I lifted from Call of Cthulhu d20 makes its appearance in this battle. The funny part is, Pathfinder actually plays better on a game table than 4e ever did. It's a little more complicated, but not in a way that makes it too difficult to run.
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    What Is Your Weapon's Name?

    Aldones Base Power: 122686 He's based on a Vorpal bastard sword from D&D. I was thinking of hollowfying for a while, but since I'm in the Kido Corps now, I'll hold off on that and get to know my team.
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    Ditto. It's easy to be a sourpuss about what a game doesn't have, personally, I like social games and text-based RPGs were a hobby of mine as a kid. The fact that this is Bleach only makes it more fun. Anyway, the advice that has been given in other newbie post responses here is pretty solid. Read some of the introductions and responses and you'll get what I mean. Have fun!
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    One thing every new player should know is to take advantage of the training option when it's available. You not only get lots of XP but your stats grow until you hit about 100,000 XP. If you want higher stats while you're leveling, that's the best way to go about it.
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    Monster Panda :3

    Welcome to the game. Enjoy yourself. :3
  7. The interesting thing is that Pathfinder is basically an OGL update to the D&D 3.5 ruleset. It's sometimes nicknamed D&D 3.75, but I like to think of it as simply Pathfinder D&D. You can find out more about it at (http://paizo.com, and http://d20pfsrd.com).
  8. Well, I was determined to end my 4E run on a good note, and last week it did. Our heroes bested the dragon and were transported through a dimensional anomaly to the Lands of Porphyra, where they can retire in relative peace. (Or get a ship and go pirating. They talked about that a while ago as their plan for their characters' fate.) Next up is a test run using the Porphyra setting and the module, Expedition to Barrier Peaks. This has no continuity effect whatever, so it's pretty much no holds barred on my end. There's some pretty odd encounters and monsters waiting there. Once they get a chance to get a handle on the new mechanics, it'll be time for the Return to the Tomb of Horrors, which is a mini-campaign in itself.
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    Fireproof, by Pillar
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    Welcome to BSE. Have a good time.
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    New Player :)

  12. I'll be done with 4E at the end of this campaign. There are too many situational mechanics in it for me, they don't offer enough adventures, and I'm getting pretty tired of the bad press it gets anyway. While realism has an important place in RPGs, my problem with it has become more of the system treating my players like computers rather than people. I can forgive unrealistic mechanics, but I don't want to stay with a system hampered with unplayable mechanics and a lack of decent adventure support. I like playing D&D more than creating everything for it. Pathfinder at least provides a system that is both workable and accessible, there's tons of adventure support, and even feels more backward-compatible with older editions than 4e ever did. Anybody who seriously wants to keep 4e on their table my advice is this -- don't. I don't believe it's worth the hassle, and you have to pay for convenient access to any real resources anyway. Pathfinder takes a little longer to learn, but it's a skill that rewards players and DMs with a rich and stable play experience and a ton of adventure resources to draw from.
  13. I've been talking about my ideas, trying to flesh my character out a bit, when I realized that I have posts scattered in a few places where they don't really fit. I'll revise some of those ideas here once I collect them, but for now I want to offer this topic as an opportunity for players to discuss the in-world origins of their characters. I'll start with mine. The full details of Garod's origin would be very hard to pin down because I deliberately created it to have parts that are open to interpretation, in keeping with the fact that he's inspired by Chambers' stories. I'll go over the possibilities, as I see them, but there are a few facts. He is a reincarnation of a soldier from Alexander the Great's army. He mastered Pankration under general orders from Alexander himself. He is a reincarnation of a Hollow from Hueco Mundo that was slain/purified by a Shinigami who is now deceased. Garod himself only has a vague recollection of this past -- Aldones remembers more but he is the quintessential unreliable narrator whose words are always open to question. Aldones' spirit appearance is similar to H.P. Lovecraft's Byakhee monster. Aldones is more humanoid and somewhat moth-like, but otherwise very similar to the picture I linked there. (Part of the reason that Garod's hollow incarnation was purified was because he resented the way other hollows treated him. He was an outsider even among monsters. As it stands, Garod is the closest thing Aldones has to a friend.) Aldones believes that prior to their evolution from a Hollow, they were a member of an otherworldly pantheon of spirits from the Aldebaraan star cluster known as the "Royal Family of Hastur". If this is true, Garod has a distant relationship to the chief deity there, an evil god of death and madness called The King in Yellow. Aldones also postulates the idea that they might be a reincarnation of Richard Darrel, an adventurer from the early 20th century. This would not necessarily preclude the origin above, and is even plausible. If so, Garod is unaware of this incarnation. (Richard Darrel is one of the main characters from The Mystery of Choice.) Aldones also cites a previous incarnation as Randolph Carter. This begs the question, as Darrel and Carter are contemporaries. Which is it, Aldones? (Randolph Carter was H.P. Lovecraft's creation, who became an alien horror himself while retaining a human mind. This would imply the possibility of several inhuman spirit ancestors, and also that the Western world has surprises that are bizarre, even to a Shinigami. That said, the origins I've just mentioned now, except the reference to Alexander the Great, Hueco Mundo, and Aldones' appearance, are simply theoretical. They could just as easily be the delusions of Aldones' mind.)