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    Lazying around and chilling back watching the day go by when nothing else catches my eye, engaging at competitive challenges when they arise and bringing the justice to the do'ers of wrong.
  1. General information: Name: Ryujin Akuza (Yuro 2.0) Race: Shinigami Gender: Male Position: Sqaud 4 member (Aliza’s & Althalos’ Army) Appearance: Theme song: https://www.youtube....h?v=_E3CZeByGe0 (Excuse the fact that it's live) Weapon : Katana - HammerZanpakuto Name : Reito-en Zanpakuto Element : Lava Zanpakuto Spirit : An elderly monk with very wise words in both normal state and Shikai and when in Bankai he turns into a gigantic Lava beast where there is no reason to be found. Shikai Information: Sword becomes infused with lava and starts dripping lava onto the ground, once fully dissolves a giant spike of hardened lava comes out and shatters turning into a obsidian hammer. Clothes change slightly becoming more red in tone. Bankai Call : Create desolation in blazing rage Bankai Information: Hammer completely dissolves into lava and forms around the body and hardens creating obsidian armor while burning hot lava flows through the cracks repairing and damage caused to it, lava can be molded into any obsidian weapons. Hollow Powers :Inner Hollow's Appearance: Mask No difference between stage 1 and 2 with looks: Kido Skills: 1-30 Extra skills:Berserker: Temporary boost to strength and agility by 25% negative: 5 posts only, 10 post regen, Become tired. Great tactician: Great planner on the spot5. Can fly with magical Pixie dust. (Aliza told me too) Extra Random information: none yet Template by: Aliza PhoenixCreated by Ryujin Akuza & Aliza Phoenix Edited by manly Ryujin Akuza Will edit to add pictures soon. Picture are also in my profile's About me area.
  2. Mind if i join, Want to be trained under the headmistriss. If possible.
  3. Name: Ryujin Akuza Race: Shinigami Gender: Male Appearance: {a picture is preferred} Personality: {it's best if you give a decently sized paragraph to give everyone a good idea about your character} Zanpakutou: Abilities: {Kido? Hakuda? Other techniques?} Background: Inner World: {a picture would be great, but a detailed description is good too} Ooc: More soon but i'm currently at school.
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