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    Urp i guess
  2. cragner2


    Um Hello squad 7...a friend of mine who is getting me into this site told me to choose a squad...so i chose 7 because its like an upside down L (That's literally my reason) So...Yea Hi I havent made a character yet because im not 100% sure how to do that lol...Help me plea
  3. cragner2


    Hi Super newb here...a friend of mine suggested i join (even tho ive only read and watched limited amount of Bleach) I havent even made a character for rp yet (not really sure how to go about it) Er-Erm...I'm 19 Male and honestly more into pokemon than anything lol. I hope to quickly learn and get close to people i guess >////< I'm horrible with introducing myself. (P.S. i always forget that usernames upon signup are what will show as my username on forums so sorry for it being lame lol)
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