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  1. Name: Kenichi Iida Age: 17 Race: Rukongai Citizen History: The first thing Kenichi remembers was being with a group of people who he knew he could call friends and he would need them, Kenichi lived in the poorest district of Rukongai and life was rough and starvation was always on the horizon. However it wasn't because of the lack of food, it was how to get it, most of the people who sold food wanted money, but it was money that people didn't have, so stealing was the only option. But this was a risk in itself, all of the shop keepers held some sort of weapon and Kenichi had run into a weapon more than a few times and it was not something he enjoyed as facing a weapon meant failure. Today Kenichi was going without food his heist with his friends had gone wrong and they had being caught in the act, they had very little choice other than to flee. Sitting in a dark abandoned house they all sat quietly in a silence as if not to put the blame on anyone of them, just then one of Kenichi's closest friends came in though the open doorway, Remi Shiomi, she was a girl in the same district as Kenichi, she was a little older than him, but they were still very close to each other. Remi came marching in with a stern look upon her face "I heard that none of you got any food" she said in a angered tone. Then in a instance she smiled and pulled a small loaf of bread out of her pocket, she broke it into small pieces and gave a bit to each of them and keeping one for herself. She then sat next to Kenichi, he smiled as she asked Kenichi whether he had gone to see 'them' Kenichi replied "no" he hadn't, 'they' were a group of people in the Rukongai who undoubtedly helped people but that doesn't mean they do it in the right way robbing, murdering and stealing. For some people in the Rukongai it was the last option, Kenichi knew next time he would try much harder to get a meal for himself and his friends. When Kenichi and his friends tried again it was dusk and he and another two of his friends were running behind him with apples in their hands and as they turned a corner to run into an ally another one of their friends was waiting to trip the stall owner up. Suddenly there was a thump and Kenichi turned around to see the stall owner on his chest, swearing at them all. When they all got back to the small abandoned house all of their spirits were high so they shared out the apples and saved some for Remi, then they took in. However as time went by Kenichi noticed that Remi was late it was very dark now and all were asleep but him. But he trusted Remi and so fell to sleep himself and when he woke up the apples were still there, so all of them decided they would have them for breakfast and so the next day began. As per usual they spent most of the day trying to get food, the only difference this time was that before it got too late they went to a small river to have a swim, they hadn't been able to relax for a while and it felt nice to relax with his friends. Everything seemed to be going well, the only thing that would have made it better would be to see Remi as once again she had not turned up and it was the same for the next night and the one after that and then again. Finally when Remi met them at the abandoned house one night she had a biggest loaf of bread any of them had ever seen, how she had got this was not in there interest, all that mattered was that they had food. Then things started to changed for the worse once again. When Kenichi awoke he found that along with Remi there was a lot less of them there. Kenichi wondered where they had gone and for most of the day was looking for them, sadly he never found them and the numbers of his friends only continued to decrease. Soon there was three of them left. Remi had not being seen for at least 2 months and with the lack of people it had become increasingly difficult to obtain food, and Kenichi had not had any for a long time. Loneliness, hunger and abandonment was starting to overcome him, it was the worst to know that his friends had left him. As Kenichi sat there numb and weak from the lack of food, one of his friends collapsed in the corner, however Kenichi was too weak to try to help his friend. Kenichi's desperate eyes were drawn to something shinning as the sunset came though the window, a shard of glass. 'It would be a quicker end' Kenichi thought to himself as his shaking hands picked up the shard of glass he knelt down and held the shard of glass to his stomach, as it edged closer his hands began to shake due to fear, his grip tightened as to stop the shaking, however by tightening his grip blood began to pour out of his hand, he began shaking even more. The fear was overwhelming but he couldn't tell what from, the starvation? The pain? Being on the verge of death? Then in the dying light of the sunset, and a figure stood in the door "R-Remi?" Kenichi silently let out, tears began to swell up in Kenichi's eyes, Remi ran in and slapped him across the face and then he blanked out. When he came to he found that he was surrounded by all his old friends, but Remi was once again missing, this made his heart sink a little. Kenichi noticed he was somewhere he had never seen before, a dark room with no windows and hard, old wooden floors. There was more than just those Kenichi knew within the room, there were people much older than him and his friends, men and women who looked rather rough and ragged, just before Kenichi could ask who they were, Remi gave an answer from behind "I've been using 'them' for a while, Kenichi" she said. Remi explained to Kenichi how she had used this gang of murderer's and thief's to help feed Kenichi and his friends, Kenichi was slightly disappointed in her in some ways but understood why she had done what she had and he was happy never the less that she would do this for him and the others, and so with a lot of persuasion Kenichi hesitantly joined the gang. Their second life began, a well fed life if nothing else, but it was not honest. Kenichi now found himself holding knives to shop owners and taking both money and food, so that he and the others could eat and whenever he took a bite into the food he could just taste guilt. He knew all to well that what he was doing was wrong, but he never wanted to think about the other option ever again. One day when Kenichi was on a job with Remi and things did not go the way they should have, while robbing a shop owner it seemed that he had rallied up a large portion of the village to chase off Kenichi and his friends, this meant that Kenichi and Remi had no other choice but to run. They ended up, inadvertently, leading the mob to the place that the gang lived. As the mob reached the building the gang members flowed out of the house like rats, when all was safe and Kenichi had caught up with everyone, tensions were high because of the mistake that was made, and for the first time in what seemed like forever Kenichi and Remi went without food. That night Kenichi lay in his makeshift bed in the woods and decided that this life wasn't right for him. He walked over to Remi's bed, nudging her to wake her up, he told her that he was leaving to find help and a better life. She nodded in silence as he walked into the deep forest. Appearance: Kenichi is 5' 10 (177 cm) in height and is of small build, he has long, ragged black hair with a fringe that covers most of the right side of his face, he has dark blue eyes that look purple in the dark. Kenichi's face is covered with scrapes, scratches and bruises, gained from his tough living situations in the Runkongai. He wears a ragged white cloth as a makeshift t-shirt, he wears torn blue trousers which only cover just past his knees, on his feet he wears makeshift shoes made of cloth and straw. Kenichi has many scars on his body, obtained from people in the Rukongai who have caught him stealing food, he has a makeshift bandage which covers his forearm, Kenichi doesn't shy away from scars and doesn't tend to hide them, except for the ones hidden by the bandage. Personality: Talkative with friends but shy and quiet when it comes to strangers, warm-hearted, short-tempered, not very educated, good sneaking and stealing ability, doesn't like confrontation, prefers to stay among those he knows.
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