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    I've seen it. It's interesting to say the least.
  2. Deep within a top secret facility, a plot is rising. A man, part machine will make his footprint on the world. His ledger will be anything but white, for it shall be drenched with red marks. His task: Kill and then Kill some more. A General stands by as the Doctor proposes this idea. His reply, “A little cliché don’t you think?†Yet the project still goes forward. “It shall be named Project: B.I.G. B.O.S.S.†says the Doctor as he flips the switch starting the project. The grinding of gears and sounds of lightning fill the room. The two move towards the railing, looking upon the project to see if it’s successful. Laying on a surgical bed is an older man unconscious and strapped in. Attached to the back of his neck is a wire that ascends up to the celling then across before disappearing from sight. The body begins to shake vigorously testing the strength of the straps. The leather is stretching to its’ maximum capability while the body flails attempting to break free. “Is it working?!?†Shouts the General. Quickly the Doctor runs over to the computer and replies, “So far, but he might not make it!†Filled with impatience the General rushes over to the computer and starts turning some dials, giving a wide variety of reactions from both the computer and the body. The Doctor slaps the General’s hands screaming, “No you can’t do that!†Almost instantaneously, the lights flicker and then everything goes black. The Doctor slowly finds the power switch through the darkness and turns off. The lights then begin emitting light and the body has stopped moving. The General makes haste over to the railing to look over the body. Fueled with rage the General gives a hand sign, then two soldiers appear down below to take the body into the other room. In slight fear of the body lying on the surgical bed, cautiously make their way over to it. At the same time, the General turns around and begins yelling at the Doctor. As the men touch the surgical bed the body comes to life, ripping the straps off the bed and jamming one of its fists into one of the soldier’s face. A loud “oof†comes out of the soldier before a screech from the other one. Struggling to grab his pistol the now alive body is pummeling his friend to death. He closes his eyes trying to calm himself to unhitch the pistol on his hip. “Crunch†goes the soldier’s skull, as the final punch breaks through his skull. The newly calm soldier pulls out his pistol and then open’s his eyes. Staring right back into his eyes, is the reanimated corpse. It gives a small smile before thrusting its left hand into the soldier’s gut. As the soldier bends over from the punch, the corpse grabs the soldier’s throat and begins squeezing. The soldier grasping for air, let’s go of his pistol. A few small clanks come from the gun bouncing on the ground. The soldier’s dead body is thrown aside so the General can look the reanimated corpse in the eyes. Boastfully the General says while giving a hand gesture, “It’s worked! It’s worked! Men take him into custody!†Out of the darkness four soldiers appear on the catwalk with two on each side looking down on the reanimated corpse. Four more soldiers walk towards the reanimated corpse with their guns raised. “Come with us,†One says calmly. “You don’t want to get hurt,†Another one quickly adds. The reanimated corpse chuckles softly then kicks the pistol that was dropped at the ground. It bounces off one of the soldier’s head and into the corpse’s hand. Quickly it pulls the trigger killing all of the soldiers on the ground level. Shocked, the soldiers on the catwalk attempt to ready their guns. The reanimated corpse leaps up on one side of the catwalk and pulls the trigger twice killing both soldiers, before turning and killing the other two soldiers. The General rejoicing at the weapon his funding has created is laughing maniacally. The reanimated corpse makes its way to the General, pulled the trigger and now he’s dead. The Doctor in awe, leans back against the command module. The reanimated corpse speaks softly, “Where is the exit?†The Doctor raises his right hand nervously and utters, “That way.†The reanimated corpse walks in the direction that was given to him, “Kept you waiting, huh?†The Doctor makes a small smile and follows the corpse towards the exit. The two come to helicopter pad where a helicopter comes in for a landing. “Come on Boss!†Shouts one of the men in the helicopter. The two of them run and leap into the helicopter as it hovers just over the ground. Both taking a seat a soldier looks at the reanimated corpse and asks, “Boss I thought you were dead?†“I was for a short while, it’s a thanks to Dr. Smith for bringing me back,†Boss replies, “Is the hideout ready for my return?†The soldier gives a small nod in return.
  3. Don't Return. #CruelAsARose

    1. Deadpool


      I still haven't decided yet. #FuckIt

    2. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      lol. It would make things interesting if we had people return or new people.

    3. Deadpool


      Aye, indeed it would.

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    Bills comes before games bruhh
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  6. Deadpool

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    Ialmost threw up a little
  7. Miricle of sound - Call of Duty Circus
  8. Hail to the king - Avenged Sevenfold
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