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  1. bdolton

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    also no rebirth so take off the blood revive ability
  2. bdolton

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    Got ya i'll keep the healing and take off the scratch can melt you. Also the world turn to ash thing sense it's based off spiritual power, so can survive an attack from my zanpakuto.
  3. bdolton

    Squad 2 Zanpakuto Information

    Zanpakuto Name: Tians Cang FeanHuag ( Heavens Blue Phoenix ). Sealed stat Shikai stat release name choaxinxing tians cang fenghuag ( supernova heavens blue phoenix ) this shikai heals the user or anyone for that matter with its tears and revives anyone with its blood as long as theres something left of them no matter if its tiny or just the essence of the character creating a divine healing. even a scratch from this zanpakuto can lead to your body overheating until it melts form the inside out. the attack from this shikai is inescapable by saying kushu ni de gongji tians cang fenghuag all the heat around the enemy or enemies grow intense to that of a super giant star if willed and a scorching blue phoenix wipes through the enemy or enemies, the distance it reaches is unlimited, also can focus on one or more individuals lessening casualties. and last ability is that fire has no effect on the owner of the shikai or zanpakuto. bankai stat release command is bankai fenghuag huo shen ( phoenix fire god ) nothing really much change except you get fused with your blue phoenix become somewhat like an angel with fires so great to even turn the worlds to ash surrounding it no one can get close to it (you). Can even some-min dark and light flame soldiers to do your bidding everly obeying your orders. any attack even status attacks are instantaneously healed through the Phoenix mighty great powers coursing through your veins. You can also control fire and heal people through your tears and revive people with your blood you can do this through the phoenix that gives you its wisdom.( the phoenix is my zanpakuto ).
  4. similar to my zanpakuto in the rpg game bleach soul evolution Chaoxinxing Tians Cang Fenghuag (SuperNova Heavens Blue Phoenix) Shikai abilities includes Fires able to reach blue super giants biggest and hottest stars. Also if defeated or killed gets 10 times as strong as before ( if defeated it heals you with it tears and you get 5 time stronger only near death, and if killed it revives you with it supernatural blood and you get 10 times as strong). Fire surrounds you and the zanpakuto as a star and phoenix, the fire element doesn't hurt or harm you in this stat (release stat). You are considered an immortal in released stat. Have yet to achieve bankai. will notify when i do
  5. You have Kaen Torieitai(Flame Bird of Eternity)!!!Spirit is on the top right. Your blade is called with, "Die and be Reborn". In shikai, the blade doesn't change much but it has a very HOT aura around it, making any cut on your enemy searing hot with pain. As for your bankai, you gain flaming wings which won't burn you but will scorch any enemy that touches them. Its bankai name is "Antacchaburu Kaen Torieitai"(Untouchable Flame Bird of Eternity).