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  1. Kasai Barai -swings my blades and a fire circle appears around us about 17 around-
  2. Burn, Tengetsu -relases my Bankai, which is two Shakai linked my a pure chain of fire-
  3. Come forth, Tengetsu -points Shikai at Mortal-
  4. Unless you can offer some advice on how to train to unlock my Bankai, I have no more questions. -resumes training-
  5. What is the point of these experiments?
  6. Are you telling me you experiment with your own kind? Turning them into some kind of test subjects? What kind of person would do that? Still, you seem to have some remorse so you can't be all that cold hearted. Whats the point of all this?
  7. Experiments? What do you mean "Experiments"? -has become greatly interested in what Mortal means by this-
  8. -is slightly amused by this remark- Cloud. My names Cloud -seals Tengetsu and leans on it- I have no memory of you ever being apart of the Kido Corps though
  9. -releases my Shikai- Come forth, Tengetsu -starts slaying training hollows in rapid succession, building up more and more power before noticing someone on a bench. Stops to investigate as he thought he was alone- Who are you?
  10. Clouder Maximus Appearance Bankai: Maxima Tengetsu. It can form on blade by combining the blades, it forms a single sword and can be split again into two as its user sees fit.(think bladed staff, but swords with a single handle)
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