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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great life wherever you are! :3

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    Same question
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    Launch Thread: Perdido Beach School.

    There is no way for Mary to be in a classroom when she is hungry. And today, she had the feeling that Mrs Redfort would be as boring as possible. So she decided to pick something to eat at the refectory. It was a crappy expedition : she fell in the stairs, had an adrenaline rush when she saw the super cute supervisor and his blue eyes walking calmly in a corridor, and now she tries to calm herself as she musts cross the huge room to reach the giant fridge. Fortunately, there is no one in here yet. "Allez," she thinks, "juste un bout de pain. Ou une pomme.* " It is useless to hope to have some decent cheese in the US. Mary have tried to eat some american cheese once, and it was her worst experience ever. "Plus jamais ! ** ", she grumbled this day. She takes a deep breath and run fastly as she can. The fridge is just ahead. One more step. One more step and she could calm the horrible grunts of her stomach. She catches the fridge handle when an unpleasant breaking voice interrupts her. - What are you doin' here ? She sighed. David Crampton is the archetypal american boy : fat, ugly, fat, blond and short hair, fat, temperamental, fat, jealous of everybody but still with a giant ego. And fat. She simply takes a green Granny Smith in the fridge, her favorite apples, and closes the fridge. - And you, Dave, she says, what are you doing here ? - It's my apple. Gimme that. - Your apple ? Is there your name on it ? She looks for a name on the green fruit with a smile. - Sorry, she says, there is no name on it. - Gimme that, you frog ! She sighed again. Yes, she is French. And yes, she has long legs. But she is not a damn frog. - Come and try to take it, then, she says running towards the exit of the refectory. The little fat boy runs after her, but gives up after twenty meters, insulting her in the corridor. Mary laughs and continues running until a safe spot. The Granny Smith is delicious, it has the taste of the victory, and she closes her eyes with satisfaction when eating. ---------- * "Come on, just a piece of bread. Or an apple." ** "Never again !"
  4. Wrong thread... ---------- * "Come on, just a piece of bread. Or an apple." ** "Never again !"
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    Gone Unofficial Rp Sign Up

    Name: Mary Dotter Age: 15 Birthday: August 19 Gender: Female Race: French Appearance: She's tall and thin, has long brown hair and green eyes. She always wears blue jeans and black flat boots, and a grey singlet under a tartan undershirt. Height: 1.75m Notable physical features: Because of her height, she often bows to talk to other people, so she walk with her back hunched. Personality: She is a bit lonely and selfish, considering other people like the NPC of the video games she loves, and sometimes analyzing them in an anthropologic way. But when she finds a friend, it is rare enough for her to become extremely loyal. She is french, so her english is not perfect, and she often hesitates when she's speaking, and sometimes swears in french when she's upset. She loves to read, play video games, sleep, cats, and chocolate. Power: She can create mini-earthquakes, more like tremors. She can't control this power very well, but she finds it very funny. Bars: 2 History: Only daughter of a french couple, she has studied in France until last year. When the family moved to California, she was excited : she thought she would see all the famous actors of her favorites movies the first day, and eat fast food everyday ! But she was disappointed, and finally, she finds her new life quite boring. Relationships: None. Starting area : Refectory of Perdido Beach High School, 3rd year.