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  1. Seeing no one around, Sayuri grabbed a bokken and began practicing her kendo. It had never been her strong point. So, perhaps now was the best time for her to try and improve her skills. She shifted a few times but no matter what it just felt awkward in her hands. Her stance was probably off as well. But since, she didn't see anyone around, she figured she would hopefully be saved the embarrasment of being laughed at for inadequate swordsmenship. Before long, she had lost track of her surroundings as all of her attention was being poured into the wooden stick in her hands as she tried to make each movement right and not feel awkward. Unfortunately, this would probably take some time, but right now she had all the time she needed. And from the looks of it, there was no doubt why she was a member of the Kido Corps. Kendo was no where near up to par with her kido skills.
  2. Sayuri took Yoshirou's haori and held on to it quietly watching the spar, thinking over his statement, but she was pretty sure she already knew her answer. After they were done sparing, she handed back the haori and then quietly followed after them. OOC: Leaving thread OOC: Sorry for the WAY late and way short post. RL got crazy.
  3. Hearing they were going to spar, Sayuri smiled and shook her head. She moved off to the side, far enough they could spar but she could still see. She figured she would be far enough to avoid getting caught in the battle but close enough that if anyone ended up needing healing kido she could help out. In a way she figured this might be nice, her strength had neven been in Zanjutsu but always in her kido. So perhaps in watching the two battle, she might just learn something.
  4. Sayuri shook her head and smiled at Meta's and Yoshirou's comments. She listened carefully to what was being presented.
  5. At Meta's comment, Sayuri headed towards him. With a smile she replied to him. Who do you think? She then responded to Yoshirou. Of course and it is nice to see you again as well.
  6. Next thing Sayuri knew, there was a unique looking man sitting on the counter. By the way he and Meta reacted to each other ,she had a good guess at who he was, Acnologia, Meta's zanpakuto. His spirital pressure was also practically identical to Meta's. It had been the first time she had seen his zanpakuto materialize and she was a bit surprised. Then again with as powerful as she knew he was and the fact that he was the captain, it should have not surprised her. After all most captains had bankai and to have such a thing, your zapakuto needed to be able to materialize. Before she knew it the man had eaten a doughnut hole and disappeared. It was then she was completely sure that that had been Acnologia. Meta then asked of her shirt. I'd really appreciate it. She handed him the shirt and then quickly ran to her room to get a new shirt.
  7. Sayuri had known Meta had headed out to the training grounds a while ago and now she had felt a familiar spiritual pressure headed that was as well. Her curiosity got the better of her as she headed over to the training grounds. She quietly slipped in towards the back. Seeing the visitor was Yoshirou, her curiosity was sated. She decided to stay and watch was else was going on, so she kept to the back to watched.
  8. As soon as he hugged her, she had a feeling what he was up to and attempted to get away but with no luck. Before she knew it, her face was covered in whipped cream as well. Oh, yes, just lovely. All warm and cozy. She stuck her tongue out at him only to get another surprise. The whipped cream was sprayed down the front of her shirt. Luckily, it had stayed between her shirt and her half camisole top. She shook her head at him, to think she had just changed clothes. Pausing a moment, she thought about what to do about her predicament. She really didn't want to keep on the shirt now sticky with the whipped cream. Should she go change or should she take off the outer shirt and go down to the half camisole? The half cami did cover quite a bit more than her swim suit and it wasn't like she hadn't worn sweats and a half camisole around the barracks and the likes before, but normally she had a shawl hung around her shoulders. After all who wasn't lazy when they woke up in the middle of the night for a snack or two. To be quite honest, she had seen it happen quite a few time in the dorms back when she had been at school too. With a sigh, she pulled off the outer shirt leaving her in the half camisole as she walked over to the sink. She would have to probably get a different shirt soon but for now it was better to be in this than keep the shirt now sticky with whipped cream on. Setting her shirt aside, she decided to clean up the mess. Grabbing out two wash clothes, she used one and some water from the sink to clean up what mess of the whipped cream that was still on her. She then took the other towel and soaked it under the faucet. Here, to help clean up the whipped cream mess. She then pretended to ring it out, before throwing the washcloth, heavy with water, at Meta. OOC: I based the dorms as what I've seen on college campus as some people even wear half cami's to class.
  9. When he asked about learning, she shrugged. I dunno, but I'm sure there will be something, probably more fighting related to be honest. You are a lot better fighter than me. She shook her head with a smile as he called her a crazy cook. She responded in attempt to keep a straight face, but could not help but smile. Crazy cook am I? She giggled softly. I shall never reveal my secrets! And then came his comment about the higher cupboards, her eyes narrowed. Oh, he went there. With a smirk she grabbed a doughnut hole and shoved it into his mouth, before heading over to the refrigerator and pulling out a can of whipped cream and spraying a bit on her finger before sticking the finger in her mouth like she used to do when she was younger. Well it used to be her whole hand covered with the stuff that she ended up licking clean in her childhood then but you get the picture. Then in a split second she hand an idea, the mischievous plot gleaned in her eyes with a smile to match. She decided to spray her entire hand with whipped cream. She wasn't sure what it was about today, but she was definitely out to cause trouble. Then again he was teasing her just was well. She walked over to Meta acting as though she was going to eat the palm full of spray whipped cream only to reach up and wipe the entire handful on his face.
  10. She nodded to his comment. Sure, I'd love to learn anything you want to teach me. She then popped a doughnut hole in her mouth and quickly responding to his question in a playful tone. Me? Hide snacks? Now, where would you come up with an idea like that? She smiled happily at him. Now if there was a specific thing you were thinking of, I'm sure I might be able to find something round here.
  11. With the donut holes ready, Sayuri pulled them out of the fryer and carefully dried the extra oil off of them. Taking a bit of sugar, she sprinkled it over then and then nodded as they were to how she wanted them. Mhm. Today was great! Sure, she would have to do the work she put off today, tomorrow, but it had been worth it. It was nice to have a time to just relax and have fun. But now, it was time for a nice relaxing snack to go with the day. She walked over to the kettle was a bit of a bounce in her step. Seeing enough for a cup, she pulled out a mug for herself, measured the right amount of hot chocolate powder into it and then added in the hot water from the kettle, finally stirring it until smooth. It was then she notice, she had forgotten all about the marshmallows. She pouted at the cup before digging around the kitchen until she found the mini marshmallows and threw a few into her cup. Happy with her drink, she carried over her drink and moved the plate of sugar coated donut holes were she and Meta could reach them. Taking one in her hand, she held it up to him. Here try one! OOC: I've never had/really heard of hot chocolate from anything but hot water so that post threw me off for a bit for a minute or two.
  12. After returning, Sayuri had slipped into a pair of sweat pants and a tee-shirt. After all, she was done with work for the day and would just be spending what was left of the day around the barracks. She then began to dry her hair as to make sure she wouldn't get sick from it being wet and cold for so long. With it finally dry, she quickly tied it up in an loose bun and out to the kitchen in hope of some hot chocolate. Upon entering the kitchen, she smiled at Meta, before she started to hunt around the kitchen for the hot chocolate mix. Upon finding it, her mind went to hot chocolate and donuts. Why did she have to have such a sweet tooth? Upon placing the hot chocolate mix on the counter, she began digging in the fridge for the roll of ready cook biscuits she had bought earlier that week. She placed then on the counter before pulling out the fried. I'm making donut holes to go with hot chocolate, do you want any? She slowly began ripping up the pre-made biscuit batter and dropping the chunks in the fryer, adding more if he wanted some as well. She then wrapped up the rest of the batter and placed it back in the fridge for later use, after returning to the fryer to flip and then take out the donut holes when they were ready.
  13. Her eyes went wide as she watched Meta attempt to stop and get off only to land in the snow. She quickly covered her mouth trying not to laugh at him. But seeing his grin and his comment she broke into laughter and decided to applaud him. A for effort. Though she definitely had not expect what had come next. Before she had figured out what had happened, she could feel the cold wet snow beneath her soaking into her clothes as it started to melt on her warm skin. COLD!!! She scrambled to her feet and a way from Meta before trying to brush off all the snow she could. She playful turned away from him crossing her arms with a pout. That wasn't very nice. It was then she noticed the over hanging branch weighing heavy with snow just above Meta's head. She had an idea. It was devious, yes, and probably a terrible use of Kido, but if it worked it would so be worth it. All she had to do with hit the branch with enough force that it would shake and drop all the snow on Meta. It would be fair enough pay back it and would probably warrant some sort of counter measure on his part. She pointed her finger at the base of the branch still facing away from him, attempting to not show him what she was doing, and muttered the words she needed to. Hado number 1 Sho. As soon as the kido spell hit her target, she started running back towards the barracks. Only peaking over her shoulder once out of curiosity to see if her trick had work, she continued to sprint back to the barracks hoping for a warn and dry change of clothes and that there was still some of the hot chocolate mix left some where in the kitchen cupboards.
  14. She though a moment as she watched him skating. It took me a few years to really be good at skating and I still am not very good, but then again I guess it all depends on your definition of good, right? She giggled before continuing. I used to come home crying so much, Nana began telling me it was my fault for playing on the pond so much in the first place. Nana taught me the basics, but after awhile she just let me go on my own and I began to teach myself quite a bit from trial and error, heavy on the error. I'd run out to skate on the pond any chance I could. It's one of my favorite things about winter and has been since I have been able to skate. I don't think there is too much else for now. You need to get the basic down before trying too much more. Actually, I haven't skated in so long, my ankles are feeling it. I think I'm done for a bit. Sayuri slowed herself down and then stopped before carefully heading off the ice to where her boots were at. Sitting down on the stump, she unlaced her skates and put her boots back on. After how long she had been skating, she figured she would feel a bit off balance being back to real shoes. Realizing she hadn't actually told Meta how to stop she froze for a second. Uh oh.... Yuppers! Big Uh Oh! Hehe! She could hear her zanpakuto giggling away at her forgetfulness. With a sigh, she ignored the childish laughter filling her inner world and most of her thoughts before sitting back up, with her boots on snugly and smiled at Meta. You don't need me to help you figure out how to stop, right? She closed her eyes, tilting her head to the side slightly and gave him a big innocent smile accompanied with a soft, light-hearted giggle.
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