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  1. Evani

    For Honor

    It had been a case of carrots rather than sticks to make Edin switch his allegiance. The promise of the full resources of the Wandenreich and the fact that he had been allowed to stay in the human world had done the trick. “So far I’m optimistic about the result and I believe we are on the right track.” Edin said as he concluded his report about the state of their new living weapons test. Evani tapped her fingers gently against the table as she considered what the good doctor had said. It was brilliant and efficient she’d give him that, and she could see the obvious appeal. Yet parts of it still left her uneasy. Clearly it was a net positive, using the very worst humanity had to offer to champion their righteous cause. Then why was she still hesitant? As she watched the human-hollow hybride on the monitor being herded back into its cage, its collar around its neck making it obey it’s human handlers she felt unease. It was too much of a caged beast for her liking, it would snap and turn on them if it got a chance. “It’s the first in a line of super soldiers, and will serve the cause greatly.” Edin said, clearly noting her hesitation and feeling the need to champion his idea. The thing wasn’t a soldier in her mind, it was a tool and one she considered unreliable. Delicate military actions and operations would live or die by the soldiers discipline and willingness to sacrifice. The beast had neither, it would turn on them or otherwise mess up if given the chance. “That thing is no soldier, it’s a beast, worse it’s a mad beast. It’ll turn on its handler if given the chance.” “This is just the first step.” The doctor responded sounding a bit miffed. “We do of course still need to look into proper ways to control them, there are various alternatives. Drugs, machines or hypnosis are just some options to consider. With time they’ll be more loyal than even you.” If the doctor had meant it as a compliment or a challenge mattered little as Evani with lightning speed pulled him across the table, one hand at his coat, another around his throat. “Do not.” She said, her voice low, cold almost a growl. “Compare me to your lab rats and never mock my loyalty. Do you understand me?” Releasing the good doctor again she chastied herself for losing her temper, it was unprofessional but the thought of some lab experiment being equal in loyalty as her. That, that was a grave insult. One almost too large to stomach, but she pushed the anger down. “I assure you Miss. Hartmar. I meant no insult, I just want to assure you that they’ll be…” Luckily for both the good doctor and Evani’s professional reputation Thomas’s voice over the communication device took top priority and she held up a hand to stop the man from digging his grave even deeper. His insult already forgotten, if not forgiven as she focused on the voice on the other end. “Evani, we got an urgent task for you. We need you to track down two new targets that has momentary escaped our clutches. One Mr. Kento Karasu, and one Akihiko "Aiden" Kaine." “How strong are the targets?” Evani asked as she exited the lab, moving swiftly out into the cold and crisp evening air. Clearly they would not be easy to take down if they’d beaten whoever was sent to bring them in. The Wandenreich seldom left room for error when they made their move, either they were strong or somebody higher up had made a mistake. “They’re both ranked as mid tier you should be able to handle either one, one on one.” As if already sensing her next question Thomas continued on. “The job was entrusted to an affiliated qunicy clan going by the name of Karasu. They seemed particularly interested in bringing Kento in. Clearly some bad blood, but the head of the family gave assurances that they were professionals.” “However, it seems like they allowed some personal business to interfere with the job, exactly what went wrong is unclear. The once sent after Kento has yet to report back. The once sent after Akihiko tried to corner him in a bathroom in a local bar and it turned badly for them. They’ve reported in, badly beaten and bruised. Seemingly the Karasu clan figured normal none spiritual aware thugs would do the trick.” “I see.” This was why you didn’t trust people outside the organization Evani thought. They allowed personal feelings or weakness to interfere with the mission. She hoped the once sent after Kento was alive as well, so she could make them wish they were dead. “What do we know of their current whereabouts.” “Preciously little, from what we have gathered an unknown third party is also involved. Their motives and means remain unknown.” She could hear her own raising frustration mirrored in Thomas’s voice, he didn’t like being in the dark anymore than she did. “Give me the name of the club where Aiden was last seen and I’ll do it the old fashion way.” She'd get the boy first, then the old man would follow as well. WC: 884
  2. Evani

    For Honor

    The rain was pleasantly cool on her cheek, that however was the only thing she found pleasantly about the evening as she waited for the man to arrive. Of course said man had no idea a meeting was planned, so it was unfair to blame him for being late. Though a part of her still did, she had observed him for almost four days now. Looking for her moment, for a moment when he was isolated, while at the same time in a place he felt secure enough. It was a more tricky situation then she had believed, the target, one Peter Edin was a man rarely alone. Either he spent his time in his lab surrounded by coworkers and staff, or he was out and about with friends or family. In the end she had narrowed down her window of opportunity to early evening. Peter liked to eat a late dinner at his home at seven, go for a walk in the park before either meeting with friends or go back to the office. It seemed to help him clear his mind, and he sure did seem like he had a lot on it. Always working and barging forward to experience and gain understanding, she could see how he’d be a valuable contribution to the cause. If he could be convinced to leave behind his family legacy and join the new powers. While now fallen from grace the Edin clan had at its hight been one of the most influential voice in the old Qunicy council and the spiritual community at large. Now it was but a broken shadow, just like the qunicy’s who still cling to the old ways. “Are you done stalking the new guy yet.” an annoying voice asked over the intercom, normally such a tone would be followed by immediate disciplinary actions but all she allowed herself was a small sigh. Any other subordinate would never have dared to take such a flipping tone with her. However she knew Thomas only got chatty when he was bored, yet she wished that their over four decades of working together would have rid him of the notion that he was in any shape or form funny. She was thankful that he had at least had the sense to use their private channel, if he had said it in front of the two squad members also assigned the mission she’d have had to discipline him regardless. Luckily both of the two other soldiers were stationed one by each park entrance. Far enough away that they couldn’t be sensed, yet close enough to aid her if needed. “It’s called doing recognizance and assessing risks, do not make it into something strange.” If only he hadn’t been so very efficient and good at his job she could at least have taken some measure off revenge that way. “You gotta admit though, it’s not too far off from a romantic stroll in the park.” She didn’t even dignify that remark with a response. Evani could feel his smug smile through the communication device. “You’re even dressed for the occasion.” That stung a bit more, she frowned. Sure the dress was a bit nicer than what the current fashion in the human world might dictate yet it wasn’t that glamorous. She liked it, there was nothing wrong with looking presentable when you were on a mission to get new recruits. It was about first impressions and setting the tone. Not like she had gone for anything unpractical, the dress would allow her to move freely and her shoes were comfortable and well used. As well suited for looking sexy and powerful as well as kick somebody's brain in to prove said power. “We don’t want to alarm him, and full battle armour might give the wrong first impression. You do know this.” The snicker from the other end of the line was the only response. How she wished the man would arrive, she had been lurking below the light of the lamppost in the park for over and hour now, he was usually more precise than this. While the light manipulation from her epitate was as easy and normal to her as breathing, she had been cloaking herself in it for a long time now. She chastised herself, patience, she wasn’t some amateur that would make a noise or reveal herself before the right moment. Luckily for her sanity her target arrived just a few minutes later and she was spared any more of Thomas’ silly remarks. He walked right pass her, so close that she could finally get a good look at him. He was above average height, short and neat trimmed blond hair with a build the spoke of somebody used to hard work but that those years were behind him. He was dressed unremarkable and his only trademark was the round glasses. She waited for him to get a few meters away, before she dropped the light cloak. Appearing out of seemingly thine air as she spoke. “Mr. Edin, a moment of your time please.” A bit theatrical sure, but there was worse sin’s one could commit than having a flair for the dramatic. It would also do bit of good to keep Edin ever so slightly off balance and to see how he reacted. However to her disappointment he didn’t seem shaken, merely very, a slight cress of his eyebrows, seeming a bit intrigued as well then. Good, that made it easier. “Who are you and what do you want.” He said his eyes sweeping across her, measuring her, assessing what he was seeing and how to respond. She could feel his gaze linger ever so slightly on her waist and chest area, perhaps Thomas hadn’t been completely of mark about the dress the qunicy admitted to herself. Not that she’d ever tell him of course. She had no way of knowing what conclusions Edin had come to, but she had a job to do regardless. “I’m here on behalf of his Majesty.” She allowed the silence to stretch out afterwards, observing Edin and his reactions. At the words all trace of curiosity slid of his face, while not openly hostile it was clear he was re-assessing her and the situation he found himself in. That meant he was informed about just who she represented and that he understood that it was a serious matter. Good. “What could the Wandenreich possibly want? The council is disbanded and even before then there was no hostilities to speak of.” While he didn’t seem armed she assumed he was carrying his quincy cross, even older qunicy who professed to have left the life behind never truly did. Not that it would do him any good of course, but you never knew what somebody could do if they felt cornered. As such she made sure to keep her hands visible and to stay still, no sudden movements or rash actions. “You are trained in the qunicy arts and a respected scientist. Both of this, areas his Majesty sees the value of and I’ve been sent to offer you a position in our organization.” Again allowing the silence to settle between them, she allowed him to take in her words and let them sink in. “We do not require an answer right away. This is a decision not to be taken lightly. Take some time, evaluate your life and your goals, and see if perhaps they’re not so far from aligning with the Reich. Imagine the possibilities and all you could do with the right sponsor.” With her recruitment speech finished she took a step to the side (not that she needed to, but it looked cool) and disappeared into the shadows leaving behind a man who’d just experienced that his calming walk to clear his mind had been anything but. WC: 1,310
  3. Evani

    For Honor

    “What do we do with the prisoners?” A tall white clad man asked as he glanced at the kneeling forms of roughly two dozen men, woman and children. “They’re collaborators and traitors to humanity.” Evani replied without bothering to acknowledging the shaking and crying forms of the fullbringers on the other side of the one way mirror. Even if she had, there would be no mercy to spare for their kind. They had chosen to align themselves with Las Noches, giving in to the corruption of the hollow within. She could see that they had been dealt a rotten hand from the start, yet they had chosen to give away their humanity for the promise of power and influence. She felt nothing but contempt and disgust for them, those that would turn the back on their humanity deserved nothing. Their only salvation was to be disposed off by the light of the emperor, a quick end the best they could hope for. “The children?” The soldat asked, his voice shaking ever so slightly, clearly disposing of children wasn’t how he had imagined serving the Wandenrich. There was little glory to be had from the task. She knew the feeling, once, before her ascension she might even have shared it. Now though she knew better. “If we show weakness now it’ll only come back to bit us later. They’ve tasted the foul taste of corruption and will follow in their parents footsteps.” They’d already seen the powers their parents had wanted, their minds tainted by it and silly notions of freedom and power. Even if they could be re-educated to serve the Reich she didn’t believe it to be worth the time or effort, better to just get it over with than taking risks for a minimal reward. The soldat slowly nodded and went of to follow his orders. Good she though, she didn’t mind her soldiers questions and encouraged them to voice their opinion as long as they knew and respected the chain of command. She smiled ever so slightly Alexander was a good second in command even if he still was a bit soft. Time would see to that, it would harden his core and wash away the rest. Just like it had done to all of them. Turning away as the soldat and four more entered the chamber she focused on the large amount of equipment and information they had gathered from the raid on the fullbringer base. It would all have to be sorted and organized before bringing it back, in the distance she was vaguely aware of the background noise, screams picking up then coming to a sudden brutal halt. The work was far from over, but she didn’t mind it, today had been a victory by any account. She was quite pleased, the raid had gone as she planned. They had attacked under the cover of night, killed the guards and captured the compound before the fullbringers really knew they were under attack. She had even been allowed to lead it personally. The feeling of sneaking up behind traitors and opening their throat was a pleasure she’d never tire of. Not as strong as the glory on the battlefield but she’d take it over the endless amount of paperwork that awaited her back in the Wandenreich. They had a few dozen wounded and two dead, compared to a whole fullbringer compound secured and the collaborators dealt with. It would be quite the nice feather in hair cap. “Progress report” A voice spoke into her ear over the communication device. A voice she knew. “All clear, we have dealt with the hostiles, captured their information network and equipment. Rolling up the rest of the cells will be more a matter of time than any true work Grandmaster” “Good, in that case you’re needed elsewhere. Leave the clean up to your subordinate, we got a possible new recruit that needs bringing in. He’s considered a possible war asset and needs a delicat, if firm hand to secure his allegiance. You’ll be sent more information and location on your pad.” “Understood Grandmaster” She responded before her superior broke of the connection. A new recruit huh, well that was interesting. Whoever it was had clearly gained the attention of some higher ups if she was sent to butter them up and bring them back. Hopefully they’d prove willing and able, it’d be sad to miss the rest of fullbringer operation without anything to show for it. Yet it was not her place to question the orders, whatever they might be and she quickly started making preparations for her departure. “Alexander” She spoke into the small microphone, “You’ll be taking lead for the operation, keep moving according to plan and keep the grandmaster updated.” Alexander confirmed the order as she moved towards the exit, calling up two more of her squad. The biggest and most brute out of all the squad, even if she was supposed to try to bring her target in peacefully and was more than capable a show of force could be needed, and nothing said flashy and force more than the two squad members that met her by the exit. WC: 862
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    Oh I'll make a christmas comeback, just been super busy with exams. Then I shall do something about the nether hub thing, that's been a mess for a long time. (it's ugly)
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    Welcome to the Empire, pleased to have you with us
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