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  1. "You keep blabbing on about killing me over and over." The boy muttered coldly and stomped on Quadhorn's bottom right horn. "Get away from me, you maggot!" the Hollow bellowed, as he thrashed his one good leg and arm behind him, attempting to reach for the boy at an impossible angle, but even with all his struggle he could not seem to shake the boy off of him. "How dare you place your foot on me, I am the great Baron Quadhorn!" The Baron was cut off as the boy spoke to him directly again. "It's really pissing me off. So, why don't you try it." The Baron watched as the boy raised his bat high above him and suddenly flared his Spiritual Pressure again. "W-Wait, hold on!" The Hollow started to beg, but them remembered his place as a being much greater than the pathetic human, there was no way his pride would allow him to beg for mercy. Impossible! "Listen to me you miserable-!" "DIE!" The Baron managed only a shrill gasp as the strike crashed down on his horn with an exploding boom and crunch as the asphalt under him crumbled to bits. The Hollow felt as if his face had suddenly been crushed under the weigh of a hundred tons of force. His eyes bulged outwards with each strike; both of them popping clear out of their sockets felt more like an inevitability than an actual paranoia. There was nothing irrational about the Baron's fear at that moment. Enraged, the Hollow began to shout, but managed only to slur his words, "Y-you... fuwa-kin' homan-!" "DIE!" The boy struck again, and the Baron felt his brain bash against the inside of his skull as blood shot out of his ears. "I...k-k-k-kil KILL YO-" The third strike landed and The Hollow completely lost consciousness. It was the impact of the fourth strike that stirred him back awake. As the Baron blinked his eyes open slowly, he seemed to have momentarily forgotten where he was entirely. Aside from the unbearable throbbing pain that rumbled on in his head like an earthquake of agony, the Baron had lost all control of his body from the waist down. He was deaf in both ears, but only blind in his left eye. With the other, he could see double of the human boy standing over him. Just standing over him, visibly terrified and seemingly unable to move. "Heh-" The Hollow snickered as he shakily leaned forwards, the boy naturally began to fall over backwards and he had only just begun to fall when the great Baron built his energy in the palm of his right hand and smacked the boy through the air with all his might. He groaned at the satisfaction of feeling and hearing several of the boy's bones snap and break against his palm right before the puny human careened through the air and landed sickeningly on the pavement 20 meters away. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" The Hollow cackled, pleased that his strike had without doubt critically injured the boy, who would most likely die within minutes if he hadn't died already. Still, the Hollow grunted afterwards, in his blind rage, he'd knocked his prey too far away, now he'd have to crawl other to the human in order to devour it. The Baron wasted no time, rolled over on his belly and began to drag his body across the tarmac, it was an extremely slow and extremely excruciating endeavor but one the Hollow took nonetheless; all while salivating at the mouth with anticipation. Oh, how he would enjoy devouring the flesh and soul of this human boy. It was true the best feast was a feast hard earned and surely he'd earned this one. There was no doubt, that immense Reiastu the human boy had displayed, that he had locked within his fragile body, that was the final component. The prime ingredient to trigger the Baron's next evolution. "Fucking human... you're mine! All that Spiritual Power... It's mine! HA HA HA!" The Hollow muttered and grunted proudly as he crawled to the boy at a snail's pace, but with the eagerness of a tiger running down it's prey. "Hehahha, boy, I'm gonna eat you!" The Baron teased, drool pouring from the sinister grin of his jaws. Then, the Hollow's grin suddenly twisted into a frown. "NO!" He roared as he sensed the other Reiatsu signatures lurking in the direction of the boy. It was those annoying masked humans again! They'd finally shown themselves, or had they been there all along. "NO!" The Baron suddenly began to claw at the pavement much more aggressively, trying to hasten his pace to his rightful prize. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" Much to his rage and frustration, there was no point, he'd barely moved any faster and, as if to spit in the face of his greatest dream and ambition, four shadows formed around the boy. "YOU FUCKING MASKED BASTARDS!" The Hollow roared, slamming his fist on the pavement causing it to quake. The four shadows visibly shuddered, just as they always did in his presence. Normally, they dared not approach him, in fact at his best he could easily take them all on. However, in his current state, he'd be lucky to get one of them. It enraged the Baron to no end. After all his hard effort, all he endured, and while his ultimate prize was right there in front of him, not even 10 meters away, he had no choice but to retreat. "YOU-" The Hollow spat, frothing at the serrated jaws of his mask, "YOU COWARD COCKROACHES! HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU DENY ME MY HUNT!" The Baron slammed his fist again. "GIVE HIM TO ME! GIVE HIM TO ME, DAMN YOU!" The Baron begged, though he knew the masked ones would not listen. He watched as the two "strongest" masked humans stepped forwards, out of the darkness, and into the light of one of the street lamps. They were the Kappa and the Byakko. They spoke no words, but advanced with caution as the other two followed closely behind them, the Houou and the Kitsune. "COCKROACHES!" The Baron cried again, a pool of black energy formed on the ground beneath him, a portal back to the Hollow home realm of Hueco Mundo. The agony of being forced to retreat pained the great Baron more than any of the wounds the boy had inflicted, but Quadhorn knew his current position. Roaches that they were, he could not now see them as such now. They were a pack of cackling hyenas -and he was a wounded lion. "I WILL BE BACK, I WILL TAKE WHAT'S RIGHTFULLY MINE AND THEN I WILL MASSACRE ALL OF YOU RODENTS!" He roared his promise as his form lowered into the portal as if being swallowing beneath the surface of a black sea. The Kappa and Byakko began to chase, but they were too late. As the Great Baron retreated safely he bid them a final harrowing threat. "MARK MY WORDS, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF THE GREAT BARON QUADHORN!" ------ - Directly Hit with Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attack #1. Minus 226 ND. - Directly Hit with Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attack #2. Minus 226 ND. - Directly Hit with Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attack #3. Minus 226 ND. - Directly Hit with Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attack #4. Minus 200 ND. NEW ND: 2,470 - Hollow Ability- Fuerte Temblor #2( Mighty Tremor #2): Baron Quadhorn fills his hand or foot with Reiatsu and slams it directly against the target. Channeling all his tremor quakes through their body in the form of a single tremor. (Tremor gains bonus 15 Reiryoku for each additional Attack fed into it.) Tremor Attack 4/4 Attacks With 125 Reiryoku [Left Thread] ------ WC: 1,190
  2. The volleys of small metal projectiles took the Baron by complete surprise. He left arm was utterly defenseless as the 12 bits of heated metal shot through the already brutalized flesh of his tentacle, penetrating it like bullets; but at least his face was protected. The Hollow shouted out in pain as the coins burnt his arm from the inside. However, the boy did not relent and attacked once again; emboldened by the fact that his projectile attack had distracted Hollow. Quadhorn had barely recovered from the coin attack when he felt a sharp pain in the side of his left knee. Simultaneously, there was a sickening crack sound as the Hollow's felt its knee snap and bend in a direction it should never bend in naturally. As the Baron collapsed on it's left side, the Hollow instantly realized that the boy was now behind him, and although he was too far into his fall to catch himself, that did not mean that he could not defend himself or even attack. The Baron twisted his body clockwise as he fell, swinging his muscular right arm backwards and bringing his fist in an earth-bound slam over the boy's head, attempting to flatten him. "JUST DIE, YOU INSECT!" The hollow bellowed in rage. As he landed on his back, the Hollow would turn his head to face the boy. In that moment the Hollow built up an orb of dark green energy at the tip of each of his horns. The great Baron then fired each of the 4 orbs at the human. "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" He roared as each blast blistered towards the boy with an explosive boom. The kickback of each blast caused the Hollow to slide back slightly. The attacks would be weaker than his true Cero, but they were strong enough to distract the boy while the Baron mended the wound on his knee. The boy probably had no idea that the Hollow could twist and harden the fur on his legs and torso in order to form a sort of cast or bandage. In addition to his natural, although limited, regenerative powers as a Hollow, the Baron would be back on the move again soon. ------ - Partially Blocked both Token Bullet Volleys. Partial Block Damage Equals = [Flat 150 ND + (Attack Difference: 113-80 = 33 x2 = 66) = 216] 216 ND for both. Total -432 ND. - Directly Hit with Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attack. Minus 200 ND. NEW ND: 3,348 - First Attack. 1/4 Attacks With 80 Strength - Hollow Ability- Salvaje Cero (Savage Cero): Baron Quadhorn charges a Cero on the tips of each of his horns and fires them at his target. These Cero will do reduced damage (50% Reiryoku) but they can all be fired in rapid succession. (One Attack makes 2 Cero attacks, limited to 2 per turn and 6 uses per battle. Can exceed post attack limit by 2). Savage Cero have a burning effect on the target. - Second Attack- Savage Cero 1. 2/4 Attacks With 40 Reiryoku - Third Attack- Savage Cero 2. 3/4 Attacks With 40 Reiryoku - Fourth Attack- Savage Cero 3. 4/4 Attacks With 40 Reiryoku - Fifth Attack- Savage Cero 4. 5/4 Attacks With 40 Reiryoku - Hollow Ability- Fortificar (Fortify): Baron Quadhorn Tightens and twists his fur around wounds on the fur covered areas of his body in order to for a cast of sorts. Minor wounds and broken bones will heal after 3 posts. Most be focused on a single wound at a time. Strength of protection is equal to Stamina Stat. ------ WC: 370
  3. The great Baron Quadhorn growled as the human blocked his horns. It was not an outcome he'd expected at all, in fact, it had never been done before. To see one of his strongest attacks repelled so easily furthered his anger and frustration. "This should not be possible!" The Hollow thought as he swung his punches down at the human boy who blocked each one with his metal bat. "How is this puny human so powerful?!!" he pondered, growing ever more infuriated. "JUST DIE!!!!" The Baron roared as he raised his arm to strike down with a fourth punch. As his fist beamed down over the human, the boy pointed his bat at the Baron's face and lunged it towards him. The blunt end of the bat bashed dead center in the middle of Quadhorn's mask, at the same moment his fist would have hit the boy's left temple. The Baron reeled back and cried in pain, his tentacle immediately coiled around the spaces between his horns and covered his mask. It was his most effective defensive measure, reserved for only the most dire of situations when the Baron was truly fearful for his life. It ensured no further attacks could reach his mask directly, while also providing a visor-like gap between the defense from which the Hollow could see his surroundings. The enemy would still be in danger from the Hollow's fist and his four horns. Although that fact seemed not to deter the human boy in the slightest. He'd launched himself towards the Hollow and attacked again, landing another three hits on the Baron's tentacle. Quadhorn could see the blood from his horribly battered whip-like limb pouring down over his red eyes and splashing from the boy's bat with every strike. Still, the Baron did not lower his defense. He used to moment that the boy's third swing was closing in to retaliate and swung his fist, trying to hit the boy's left side. He was aware of the possibility that the boy might block but dodging was much less likely. He possibly had the boy cornered. The Baron raised his foot and charged it with his energy before slamming it on the ground, producing a tremor that violently shook the ground once more. This tremor was much stronger than the last and would likely still take effect if the boy was caught in it. However, the Baron would not spare a second to confirm whether or not the tremor worked as planned, instead he would ram his horns forwards again, hoping to viciously drive them through the human's body. ------ - Critically Hit Ryūnosuke's Bat Jab. Critical Strike ND Damage = x4 Attack Value. So total of 440 ND loss ND COST: The Power Of The Incoming Attack x4 multiplier. Minimum Critical Hit Damage is 400 ND. NEW ND: 4,760 - First Attack. 1/4 Attacks With 80 Strength - Directly Hit With all three of Ryūnosuke's Bat Swing Attacks. Minus 200 ND each. So total of 600 ND loss ND COST: 200 ND - OR - The Power Of The Incoming Attack x2 multiplier. Whichever is greater. NEW ND: 4,160 - Hollow Ability- Fuerte Temblor ( Mighty Tremor): Baron Quadhorn fills his fist or foot with Reiatsu and slams it against the ground. When Quadhorn's fist slams lands it the built up Reiatsu is channeled as violent tremor through the ground ever stronger than his normal Temblor. These tremors count as an attack and will do secondary damage if the target is caught in the immediate path of Quardhorn's fist or foot. If the enemy is on the ground when tremor hits they become unable to FULLY DODGE Quadhorn's next attack. (Tremor Travels At Reiryoku-Speed) (Tremor Damage = Reiryoku) 2/4 Attacks With 80 Reiryoku (Tremor can be resisted by Clashing it. IE, stomping one's foot hard enough to counteract the tremor or counter-channeling energy through the ground etc.) - Second Attack. 3/4 Attacks With 90 Strength ------ WC: 430
  4. OOC: Sorry for the delay (T~T) It all happened in a flash for the great hunter Hollow. The Baron could do nothing be stand frozen with awe as the human appeared burst into a vibrant dark-orange flame as an immense amount of Spiritual Pressure suddenly flooded from his form. The Baron had previously chosen this human to be his prey due to having sense a portion of this great Reiatsu that was leaking ever-so-steadily from the boy. However, this was different, the amount of Reiatsu gushing forth from the human now resembled something more akin to a ruptured dam. The sheer intensity and volume of spiritual essence out-pouring from the boy was of a level the great Baron Quadhorn had never witnessed from a human in all the hundreds of years of his existence. In fact, he'd rarely witnessed this level of spiritual power even among the strongest of his own kind. Of course, his Tremor ability was completely negated by the boy's Reiatsu, the ability would have no effect on an entity with such a massive Spiritual Pressure. What the Baron could not fathom was that such a power was possessed by a simple human who couldn't even fully realize the presence of the Hollow merely seconds ago. Quadhorn's jaw formed a grin that stretched the full length of his mask. This boy had proven himself to be the Hollow's greatest prey yet. He thought this as his pointed tentacle, still pierced through the air towards the human at blistering speed. The Baron knew he'd been feasting on the boy's Reiatsu-rich corpse very soon. "What splendid Spiritual Power, I will gobble it all up!" The Baron roared as his tentacle arm reached its target. Suddenly, the boy appeared to blur to the left and the Baron's attack seemed to pass through him. The two attacks on his tentacle landed before the Baron could even comprehend that the human moved. Quadhorn saw and heard nothing of it, it happened too fast, but he could feel it. A severe jolt of excruciating pain that scorched his senses. The Hollow retracted his tentacle and bellowed in agony. His cry was so deafeningly loud it rumbled the air around him. The Hollow's body seemed to move on its own and the Baron jumped a great distance backwards. Once he landed the Baron was overcome with anger at the fact. Why had he retreated? Was it an instinctual? Has his body moved as the result of a subconscious desire to distance himself from a legitimate threat? This puny human, NO, impossible! There was no way this human had frightened him, not even for a second! The Baron observed his tentacle, it was severely bruised and battered in the place it had been struck by the boy's bat. The rough pale green flesh was busted open and swelled, the tear in the flesh resembled the tear in a ripped piece of cardboard. It had cracked terribly under the sheer blunt impact that crushed even the pavement, despite not having touched it. It didn't matter, although seething with pain, the Baron could still use his tentacle. "I will... DESTROY YOU!!" The Baron declared with a loud guttural tone. Enraged, he charged towards the human, lowered his head, and pointed his four horns directly at his target with the intention to impaling him. After that, the Hollow would try to crush the human's body with three massive punches with its right fist aimed for the human's head. ------ - Directly Hit With Both Ryūnosuke's Bat Attacks. Minus 200 ND each. So total of 400 ND loss ND COST: 200 ND - OR - The Power Of The Incoming Attack x2 multiplier. Whichever is greater. NEW ND: 5,200 - Hollow Ability- CHARGE: Baron Quadhorn points his horns at the enemy and charges forward. His movement and Strength of his is increased for all attacks following the charge in the same turn. Speed Increased by 15. Strength Increased by 10 -Charge Attack 1/4 Attacks With 90 Strength - Second Attack. 2/4 Attacks With 90 Strength - Second Attack. 3/4 Attacks With 90 Strength - Second Attack. 4/4 Attacks With 90 Strength ------ WC: 575
  5. The serrated jaws of Baron's Hollow mask split open with a bellowing roar of laughter as the boy charged towards from behind the hedges. "Yes! Show me your fighting spirit!" He cackled as his soon-to-be meal leaped over the bushes and onto the pavement. "Yes, set your soul ablaze with the will to survive!" The Hollow waved his tentacle arm behind him before suddenly whipping it forwards as the human closed in on him. The human wouldn't be hit with split tip of the tentacle but rather the middle of it's length. The boy seemed to be trying to avoid the Baron's right side, but by sticking to the left, he was inadvertently placing himself in the path of Quadhorn's attack. Should the human find a way to by-pass the Hollow's attack he would swing his bat directly at his left shoulder. The Hollow would answer this by thrusting his shoulder leftwards into the human's metal bat. At the same time he began his counter attack. "Fight! Fight and have hope!" He roared; as his tentacle arm finished its previous swing the hollow would adeptly allow it to loop around his front, under his right arm, and around his back. Then, the split ends of his whip-arm would reach for the boy, at precisely the same moment that the Baron shoved his shoulder against the boy's bat. If his tentacle managed to capture its target, the Baron would instantly reverse the rotation of his tentacle, rapidly uncurl it from around the trunk of his form and sling the boy through the air to his left. This time the boy would collide with the hard asphalt. "I will enjoy watching that hope fade drain from your eyes as you beg for your life before I tear you apart and feast on your mangled remains!" The Hollow taunted as the boy soared through the air for a second time. The Baron launched himself through the air just as the boy would land. "HA HA HA!" Quadhorn cackled from above. The Hollow appeared just ten feet above the ground with his right fist raised above his head. The child might have had ample time to dodge the Baron's next move, but it would be impossible for the boy to know that the Baron's next attack wasn't even meant for him. However, if by some stroke of terrible luck the boy did not manage to react in time, he would surely be smashed into a gory paste as the Baron's right fist crashed down onto the street like a meteor. The force of the strike would cause a small crater as well as send a violent tremor through the ground that would surely throw the boy off balance if he was on his feet. That was the opportunity the Hollow sought to finish off his prey. In a dexterous display of control over his tentacle limb, Baron Quadhorn directed his whip-like tentacle to reach out for the boy, wherever he was. Should that be within its seven foot reach. One of its pointed tips would harden, with the intent of skewering the boy through the center of his chest. ------ - First Attack. 1/4 Attacks With 60 Strength - Clashed Ryūnosuke's bat. 2/4 Attacks With 80 Strength So, you would lose the Clash and that would cost you 180 ND. Clash ND COST: 100 ND + The Power Of The Incoming Attack . This ND cost is incurred on whichever party loses the Clash. - Attempted to Throw Ryūnosuke. So he would go through the air at 90 Speed. 3/4 Attacks With 80 Strength - Hollow Ability- Temblor (Tremor): Baron Quadhorn fills his fist with Reiatsu and slams it against the ground. This isn't counted as an attack, however it will surely injure the opponent if they are caught in the immediate path of Quardhorn's fist. When Quadhorn's fist slams lands it the built up Reiatsu is channeled as violent tremor through the ground. If the enemy is on the ground when tremor hits they become unable to FULLY DODGE Quadhorn's next attack. (Tremor Travels At Reiryoku-Speed) (Tremor can be resisted by Clashing it. IE, stomping one's foot hard enough to counteract the tremor or counter-channeling energy through the ground etc.) - Attempted to stab Ryūnosuke. 4/4 Attacks With 80 Strength ------ Wc: 525
  6. The Hollow let out a booming cackle as the unsuspecting human ran by without any sign of acknowledging that he existed. A peculiar case indeed, it was uncommon for someone with this much Reiatsu to be unable to see Hollows and other spiritual entities. Uncommon, but not impossible. The Baron leaped from the roof top and into the middle of the street, he maintained a large distance between himself and the human still, and simply watched as the boy looked over his shoulders alertly. It seemed that he could sense Quadhorn's presence to a degree, but he couldn't visually detect him. The Baron grinned as he the human threw up his fists defensively, "This could be fun.", he thought. The baron bent his knees slightly in preparation for a charge, at the same time he gradually raised his own spiritual presence, hoping to see in what matter it would trigger his prey, if in any matter at all. He hoped to get a thrilling reaction from the boy and would be surely disappointed if the human remained utterly obvious of the mighty predator that hunted it up to the moment of his death. Then, without warning the Baron sprinted forward at blistering speed, he would reach the boy in just seconds. As soon as the soul was within the range of the Baron's whip left arm, the span of exactly 10 feet, the Hollow would swipe it directly at the right side of the boy's head; regardless of whether the human noticed him or not. The force of his whip arm would be heavy and backed with enough force to obliterate the boy's entire head. ------ 1/4 Attacks With 80 Strength ------------ Wc: 275
  7. The Baron was on the prowl once again. It had been an unbearably long time since his last hunt, but thanks to the ingenuity of his tactics, he'd managed to elude the watchful eyes of Shinigami and that pesky group of masked humans alike. The key was to have multiple hunting grounds and to make periodic appearances in each, but only truly hunting in the zones that had the least "heat" when the time actually came to feed. Granted, for Baron Quadhorn the time to feed came often. Also a by-product of his preferred hunting habits. Baron Quadhorn was unique, in that he hunted humans with high Spiritual Pressure exclusively. In his eyes, they were the ultimate source of the spiritual sustenance that he needed in order to achieve his highest form of evolution. The assumption was only logical, only the purest of spiritual essence would assure he attained the purest form of his evolution; and if his past exploits were anything to go by, the Baron was right in his assumptions so far. He'd steadily grown stronger with every kill and neared a stage in which none of the humans or Shinigami he'd encountered stood a fleeting chance against him. Even the masked humans who stalked his hunting grounds could do nothing but record his activity and flee once he'd noticed them. Like scurrying rodents, they were no match for the great Baron Quadhorn. The night breeze wafted against his tough green fur as he glided through the air and keenly surveyed the city below, sensing out his next potential victim. The thick, whip-like tentacle that the Baron had in place of a left arm, dangled freely by his side. It was split at the tip, like a serpentine tongue, and although the tentacle had a reach of only seven feet (the Baron's own height) the arm was strong and heavy enough to completely splatter a soul with just a single swoop. His right arm more resembled a humanoid one but his forearm was completely covered in fur and ended with a palm bearing three thick appendages that served as fingers, strong enough to crush anything he captured in his grasp. True to his namesake, surrounding the Baron's Hollow mask were two pairs of horns. The lower-most pair extended from beside his mask, were edged like swords, and curved skywards. The upper pair of horns were cone-shaped and protruded from the green fur above his head. The Baron's bottom half was hidden behind green fur from the waist down to his thick ankles, where his legs finally ended with webbed feet that resembled those of a frog. As he passed over the train station building, the Baron stopped, having sensed a substantial spiritual pressure. He looked down to his right and focused his eyes in the direction from which he sensed the spiritual essence. His vision focused in on a lone soul running straight towards the station. "Perfect", the hollow sneered as he allowed his hulking form to free fall above the station building. He watched to human; a young man wearing a black tracksuit and baseball cap, who also appeared to also have a baseball bat fastened onto his backpack. None of that impressed the Baron, what allured the Hollow was the Reiatsu gushing steadily from the boy's form. It had an intense orange hue and appeared to not be suppressed by the human at all. "Such a waste, but not for long." Declared Quadhorn as he landed atop the station facility, the impact of his landing lightly shook the building, but his target still seemed completely unaware. The Baron stood to his full height at the edge of the rooftop, he'd be impossible for the boy to miss, if the human could indeed see him. Which was the point he wished to confirm. Baron Quadhorn's Appearance. (Thanks Rash) ------ Wc: 635
  8. This shit is hilarious just because how terrible they are and how much the crowd is loving it.
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