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  1. Avacyn Shikai - Blade of Hope - The blade glows burning white. Any enemies that are cut by the blade cannot heal the wounds while anyone the user sees as an ally or friend is healed. Bankai - Blade of the Purifier - The blade takes on a much more angelic appearance while the user grows wings and a halo that greatly increase the speed, strength, and intelligence. Also allows the user to fly at speed of light. Kyuukyokukai - Unknown for now
  2. Does squad 4 get any special healing like power or something? I'd die before I leave squad 11 but I am really curious about that.
  3. People just ask for money? I wonder if anyone would be willing to donate some in game money to me?
  4. So I am trying to save up to add an element to my weapon and I was wondering what the best way to make money is? Sure I can kill a ton of hollows but that's not much money. Any tips for a new player?
  5. I know this is probably a dumb question but how do you name your weapon?
  6. Ok.I will be patient. It's been more than 24 hour s now but I will wait a bit more since I like the game a lot.
  7. Got a quick questions about credits. I bought some last night and was hoping to get vip status today but the credits haven't been put on my account yet. If needed I have a receipt.
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