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  1. As sentei sat down to rest he heard a voice from nowhere ask "are you all right, mister?" thinking this was a continuation of his further insanity he replied in the most sarcastic way he could think of. "do you think i'm ok?!?!? im going insane!!" sentei looked around him to try and find the source of the voice and confirm his insanity. He immediately spotted the young shinigami standing close behind him. In his surprise all he could utter was a quick "oh, sorry." standing up he took a closer look at the young shinigami. Recognising the shinigamis' school uniform he asked "should'nt you be at the academy youngster?" then he quickly realized the shinigami probably saw his apparent breakdown in sanity and curtly added "I"ve been out here for too long... my name is sentei koken'nin, great day for a walk right?" sentei shifted nervously as he waited for the shinigami to run away while yelling that he was a mad man.
  2. Sentei had been wandering outside the walls of the sereitei for what felt like months in his boredom. It had actually only been a day or two since anything exciting happend to sentei but it already was wearing away at his sanity. Eventually he came to a huge grass field with large boulders strewn about like a gigantic baby threw a tantrum tossing them around the acres of grassland. Up ahead he could also see several bluffs (OOC: google it) where the grassland suddenly rose, exclaiming its rise towards the cloudless sky like angry scars. Walking towards the bluffs sentei could hear the wind whispering to him. Closing his eyes he tried to focus on the wind, he could barely make out the wind rustling the grass. Even then he could clearly make out "cunt". Yep definitely losing his mind. Sentei shouts back "well right back at you nature!" as he gives the grasslands the two finger salute while turning in circles. Soon he calms down and sits on top of one of the boulders to rest a moment. OOC: Its kinda short, sorry about that
  3. "So you really can't remember much of anything huh? No wonder you're lost. And don't worry about it I have plenty of free time for the time being." Sentei says with a slight smile. "There's nothing to be sorry for either, we'll figure this out." Sentei says with a confident expression. "I'll just call you Alex until you remember your name again. Is that ok with you?" Sentei says with a smile. "Also do you remember if the captain that found you was wearing a white cloak with a number on the back?" ooc: yeah I've been working 12 hr days lately so it took me a while to write this.
  4. playing a new videogame like:
  5. leaving a thread after burning someone like
  6. Sentei listens quietly as she explains her situation before responding. "You really are in a odd predicament aren't you." Said Sentei with a thoughtful look. He brought his hand to his chin while he tried to think. *AAHAHAHAHAHA.* Kage laughs in Senteis thoughts without explaining himself. *Why the hell are you laughing like a madman?* asked Sentei. *I thought of something hilarious. I'll tell you later.* Replied kage. *I didn't think you were the comedian type. Say, can a zanpakto go insane? Because you are starting to make me wonder.* Thought Sentei with a snide tone. *Shut the hell up you cheeky bastard. Aren't you forgetting a certain damsel in distress?* Said kage teasingly. After that pause Sentei spoke up, "What can you remember furthest back? And I suppose I could come up with a nickname for you until you remember your name." After speaking Sentei moved his hand from his chin. And continued looking at the mystery girl with a thoughtful expression. *I can think of a nickname!* Kage once again barging into Senteis thoughts. *Nobody would want a nickname from you kage.* Thought Sentei with a taunting tone. *Could you two stop measuring rods and shut the hell up?! I'm trying to rest here!* shouted tsukiakari angrily. *Aww come on tsuki it was just getting f....* Before kage could continue Sentei could almost feel tsukiakari punching kage in the back of the head. *SHUT. UP.*
  7. Sentei notices someone approaching and pulls himself out of his thoughts and fights off the fatigue. Soon the stranger is only a few steps away and they begin speaking "um... Hello i'm kinda lost mind helping me?" Before sentei could reply she continued talking becoming red in the face as she went on. "that's if you want that is!" Sentei just smiled and replied "I'd be glad to help, where are you headed?" Kage butts into senteis thoughts with a taunting tone of voice, *You sure you want to trust anyone after what just happened?* Sentei not realizing it lets out a hiss of a whisper in response, "not now kage." Realizing his mistake sentei quickly continues with another question. "where are you from? you dont look to be from around here if im not mistaken." Sentei stands after posing the question, stretching his sore muscles. *At any rate he didn't sense any hostility from this person what so ever.* "Ah! where are my manners, my name is sentei. What's yours?" Sentei asks while adjusting his clothes.
  8. Sentei decompressed his spiritual pressure after exiting the forest. He let his thoughts wander as he walked toward the soul society trying to absorb what happened to him what seemed like months ago. It still didn't sit right with him over how much time had passed, was it 6 hours? a week? months ago? Sentei couldn't figure out how much time had passed no matter how hard he thought about it. "How long was i unconscious?" Sentei asked his zanpakto quietly. kage replied, "I was having so much fun beating your lame a** that I lost track of the time." Ending his insult with a chuckle. "Gee thanks for the help, you're a real piece of work kage." Said sentei with a sigh. Losing himself to thought again he wondered who the stranger was that attacked him. Sentei gagged at the sudden memory of his flesh simultaneously melting and regenerating at the same time. *I could live without that ever happening again.*Sentei remembered the symbol that was carved on his back by the stranger, causing him to thoughtlessly touch his back. Rubbing the now raised scars he tried to push the memory out of his thoughts to no avail. *Next time ill be better prepared.* He thought when he noticed there were blood stains on his clothing. Sentei continued walking toward the soul society, which calmed him down somewhat. It was now sometime between noon and early morning. Leaving the nights chill in the air but the sun was warm due to no clouds being in the sky. Judging that he should take a moment to rest he stopped and sat against a tree. While he sat he tried to fight off the fatigue incurred from the battle the night before.
  9. this book describes my entire life.
  10. OOC this is my return post to bse urp. The stranger approached the paralyzed sentei, saying a few words of respect as to his regenerative ability. Sentei couldn't make out what he said because of the lingering damage to his ears. While the stranger carved a symbol into his back Sentei wasn't even able to utter a grunt of pain due to the damage to his lungs. Starting to black out from the lack of oxygen the stranger grabbed sentei by the neck and held him over a large ravine. *Does he really think a fall like this will end me?* As sentei thought this the stranger said, "Do me a favor and die" Sentei let out a raspy "Go to hell *cough* you cocky bastard." As he fell deep into the dark abyss of the ravine. On the way down he fell limply, slamming into a large boulder ricocheting further down into the ravine. He fell for what seemed like forever before finally crashing to a stop on a outcropping of rock. Slowly losing consciousness he looked to the moon with blank eyes. -------- Senteis inner world -------- (example of inner world) Sentei thought "I'm still alive huh? "THAT was pathetic!" Retorted Kage, sentei's zanpakto. "And here I thought you were a badass after cutting that other guy in half, HA! Well done, no really you actually managed to almost get yourself killed." Sentei replied, "Shut the hell up kage, I don't need your crap right now. Where's tsukiakari?" Kage laughed and replied, "She's a little busy patching your sorry a** up. In the mean time I think it's time for a crash course in a** kicking." Giving Sentei a evil grin. Kage quickly materialized a zanpakto and tossed it to Sentei saying "That's the piece of tin you swing around like a child. It's not even close to the real deal. I almost pity your inability to use me properly." He said holding one hand over his face in a gesture of shame. With his free hand he materialized a similar looking zanpakto. Sentei looked at the new version of the zanpakto. "So old dogs can learn new tricks." He said with a teasing smirk. Kage replied, "If you don't take me seriously ill cut your freaking head off." Kage said with a glare. OOC Description: Kages new zanpakto is a slightly thinner version of the first hand and a half sword Sentei wielded. After a momentary pause kage said "prepare yourself sentei, that's the only mercy you'll get from me." With a sick grin Kage charged Sentei. The fighting lasted for what seemed like days. Tsukiakari also returned within a few hours and joined the fight versus Sentei. The fighting ended with Sentei barely able to even lift his zanpakto. Kage remarked on his progress, "Well, you're less of a baby now than before. We will continue this later." Tsukiakari made no comments as they both faded away along with the world around Sentei. Darkness gave way to the stars in the night sky. Still laying down on his back Sentei felt his full strength return. Looking up to the night sky he noticed it was nearly dawn but couldn't help but feel like more than just a few hours had passed. Standing he began building his spiritual pressure. (Sentei building his spiritual pressure.) After building his spiritual pressure he leap upward and began flash stepping out of the deep ravine. Sentei quickly reached the top of the ravine and only paused a moment to gain his bearings before continuing to head toward the soul society. OOC leaving thread OOC edited in example of inner world
  11. Just as sentei dispatched the last bandit the stranger unleashed a counterattack in response to his shadow scythe. Before sentei could react the red cloud of acid enveloped him for a brief moment. Flash stepping out of the cloud of acid he was stunned by the sudden pain of his flesh and lungs being burned by the acid cloud. He attempted to flash step away from the stranger but failed due to the intense pain of the acid burning away at him. Tripping he fell to the ground writhing in pain. Even though he had already started to regenerate the injured parts of his body he laid still for it to heal faster. Hoping the stranger wouldn't take advantage of the momentary paralysis caused by the acid cloud.
  12. sentei soon found what he was looking for, sloppily covered tracks that lead out of the camp. "these look fresh. not more than a day and a half old." he said to himself. he began running the path the tracks followed and soon came upon the new camp where bandits were currently in. "I think we should hit the village to the west from here next. i heard its ripe for picking." one of the bandits said to another while cracking open a bottle of sake. He looked up from his company of thieves and toward sentei as he realized they'd been found. "s@#t guys, he found us!." was all the bandit managed to say before sentei had already entered the camp with zanpakto drawn. all the bandits jumped up drawing crude weapons most if not all were rusted and falling apart. before they had even noticed him sentei had sized up the 8 bandits and already came up with a plan of attack. using his special flash step he carved through the first 4 bandits landing lethal blows before they could even realize they had been killed. sentei then charged a shadow scythe and sent the dark cresent projectile towards the remaining 4. that had yet to even notice his first flashstep. that was when sentei noticed a bystander to his attack. he looked different than the thugs. well dressed and clean even. sentei hoped his inadvertently wide attack would be dodged by the bystander as he wasnt the target. he merely was standing a ways behind the bandits, cloaked in darkness.
  13. Sentei entered the forest the same as usual. the flat grasslands between the soul society and the forest quickly turned into a deep forest. it was already getting dark as he ventured further into the forest. he kept going until he no longer knew where he was before stopping to lean against a tree. he took in the clear night skies, admiring the full moon and stars. "peaceful as always." He said to himself. he waited there until the moon was high in the sky before continuing his walk through the forest. the reason why he was there was because of a rumor that bandits had showed up. he kept alert but succumbed slightly to the calm of the forest causing him to drop his guard a little. he walked further into the forest until he found evidence of recent travel through the area. it was hard to see in just the moonlight but the campsite was still there. although someone tried to hide the evidence of their stay. "found you.." he once again to himself. he rose his guard a little more as he knew the bandits could be close. Sentei stayed in the area and looked more closely for clues as to where they went.
  14. Sentei listened to sayuris and adds questions but before he could speak up garuda arrived. "ah you're here. Good, let me take role one more time to be sure and we'll get started. Garuda you will be sparring with metabee. No fatal blows and you fight until one of you surrenders or is unable to continue. Also you'll need one of these." sentei offers him a pill. "All of us sparring will take the pill at the begining of our spars."while he was talking he pulled a roster from virtually no where and started checking names off. "wait a second where's aiden?"he pulls on a leash that trails outside the room. Reeling aiden in like a fish. While he did this he answered adds question. "it's going to be hard to have a nonfatal fight but that's the purpose. Sometimes going all out will only reveal your skills and get you killed. Don't aim for places like the neck or torso. Disable their arms and legs if possible or wear your opponent down until they can't continue. I hope my answer helps." sentei said hopefully Ooc sorry if this is kinda a crappy post.
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