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  1. Shin Masanori Total Fate Point Balance [3] - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] - Achivements [(soon to be)1] ~Ongoing Achivements~ ~Completed Achivements~ #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post) ~Fate Point Purchases~ Duality for 4 points Current Remaining Balance [0]
  2. The question on the necessity of whether or not it were necessary for Shin to kill the man would come back to pierce itself into his heart, the organ skipping a beat as he released a shallow breath. Was it necessary? He already performed the deed and yet it still stuck to him like glue, wanting to remain a piece of his guilt, to be the same words echoed into anything else he would do. He remained quiet at first, biting his lower lip as he kept his gaze to one of the smaller splatters of blood over where the larger man had laid, the freshly-made marking beginning to dry out, the glistening crimson spotted with dull, dead brown. Soon enough it'll be dirt once more, with no signs of a struggle ever being there. "I can't afford to hesitate anymore. Killing him leaves the other two without a leader, and their employer will have to find someone else. Tch." Frustrated, his eyes moved over to the torn tickets, the small shards littering the scene. They definitely were fakes, since Shin could clearly recall a destroyed ticket dissipating into tatters of spiritual energy, returning to the world. These were just paper and ink, intended to fool others and to give one status as long as it wasn't destroyed. If it were, then it was on the buyer, not the counterfeiter. Even looking at fakes Shin expected himself to be disgusted that someone would even manipulate others into getting them for the sake of profit, but in a way he couldn't help but blame those souls that believe that actually needed to buy into it in the first place. Those individuals that can't live without a concrete home to huddle up in, to not claim the afterlife as something where they can enjoy in their own ways. Everything about this world was wrong to Shin, and the other world was one he couldn't even remember. He zoned out, his body still attempted to resist his mentally pushing the murder away. Maybe he was the one that should've been killed in the alley by that man, and not the other way around. Maybe the interference of this dog was something which had thrown things off-balance, and the guilt Shin feels now is a panicked attempt to try to force him to correct things. Maybe he should just pull the sword he used to kill others out and cut his own throat with it, bring restitution for the life he had taken. Instead, he would be snapped out of his daze again, returning to reality by a furred hand laying heavily on his shoulder, shocking him enough to look at the larger spirit. He heard the offer of companionship, for the spirit offering to stick together with Shin in just in case the two return again. He hesitated to accept an ally at this moment. Akio was all that mattered, not some lonely beast-man that wished to find some sort of friend in the afterlife. Shin should've swatted the hand away, he would've if he had his brother with him, but he guessed the child that he arrived in this un-world as had to show itself once more during a time of vulnerability. He nodded his head. "Alright, deal. I was heading to the Shinigami Academy. We should probably clear out before people start getting curious." With that, he would begin to make his way out of the alley, unsure of how to feel about this new path on a road once traveled alone. wc 591 twc 3826
  3. Shin would be broken out of his daze by the bellowing of his temporary comrade, a blade whizzing through the air, a shimmering bird looking to nest itself into the attacking leader of the trio. The sharpened swan diving directly into the torso of the man, breaking his momentum and making Shin step out of the way as he landed on his back, skirting to a stop next to the younger spirit. From there the over-sized fur-ball pounced upon him, holding him down via his greater size and weight, a burly mass of fluff atop the bleeding asshole. Shin stared at the two, watching the leader struggling under the weight of the were-dog. A cold sweat dripped down the back of his covered neck, causing him to reach behind his overgrown hair and under his poncho, wiping it away before, saying nothing, he would move, stopping only when the head of the leader was before his feet. He looked down at the enraged, desperate face of the man beneath him. He waited until his enemy opened his mouth, where the tip of a bloodied blade inserted itself directly into the throat of him, carving itself out, slitting it and forcing blood to gush out onto the dirt next to the man. After that, Shin looked to already see the skinny thug grabbing his larger friend, waking him. "You two... You're gonna fucking die for this! You fucks! You fucked with us and you're gonna get fucked!" He said with a trembling tone as the larger man struggled to stand, dazed. The two stumbled out as Shin watched, looking past them to the saddened face of his younger self once more, watching the apparition turning around, fading away. Did he make the right decision? There was no reversing it now. Shin looked at the dead thug, his second kill, his neutral expression un-flinching. He heard of the idea that when a spirit is killed, they return to the World of the Living in order to continue the cycle of life and death all over again. He wondered if those that are evil and corrupt deserved the same fate, if they will even receive it and not just be sent straight to Hell. Though that is what many believe, the thought in the moment did not comfort him from the sin he committed. He never believed in that junk in the first place, instead opting to believe there is no starting over. There's just nothing, black, blank, the lights out and space emptied for another to take your place. He still hoped he was wrong when he looked at what he had done. Immediately, he would take a step back, heaving heavily as the weight of his actions struck him. The murder was surprisingly easy, easier than The Speaker despite the former being an evil man. Was this the feeling of desensitization attempting to bury its claws into his emotions? Was the weight of life really so fleeting that he could throw it away just because his brother had gone missing? Was this truly what it was like to be a Shinigami, a Soul Reaper? He slammed his back against the wooden fence that made up one half of the alleyway, his eyes widening as he stared at the un-dead dead man before him and his cohort, panicking. He would be swarmed with guilt for what he had done, for what he felt was right to do in order to become further accustomed to the life he was going to try to have. In that same moment, however, he regained his composure, remembering Akio was out there, needing him to not lose his balls over something like this. The swarming thoughts about what he has done so far, that guilty conscious, can be tucked away to the back of his head for now. He can focus on healing himself when he had found his missing brother. "Thanks for saving me. I'm sorry for causing you this trouble, guy." He said as with shaky hands he used a cloth to wipe the blood off of his weapon, sheathing it. "My name is Shin, I didn't mean to use you as a distraction in the fight... or before when you tried to get me to follow along... yeah.." He had to advert his gaze from the beast-man, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. wc 731 twc 3235
  4. Shin faced off against the towering thug, having avoided the devastation his mallet would have caused upon the initial swing. This would be the first time he had faced off against someone of a larger size than him during his short life of combat, though thankfully he did have experience dealing with them when it came to thievery. There was a certain way to deal with larger weight types, those that chose to glutton themselves beyond what is considered healthy. Such a way tended to factor this shift of balance caused by their weight against them, whether through tripping them and then going for the steal or waiting for them to be distracted and hit them quickly, knowing full well they cannot catch up with you. Shin himself still preferred to not do either method no matter how much his sibling had complained and tried to convince him otherwise. Just because someone eats more doesn’t mean the kan they possess would always make the trouble worth it. He ignored the snide comment made by the dog-man about his intelligence. Maybe he would throw him a bone if they weren’t getting into a two on three fight in an alleyway, maybe even a little tummy rub too if he just didn’t try to act like he was the smoothest person in the afterlife. Instead, Shin would proceed to sway his body, curving it again to avoid another strike of the mallet. He would not become a platform for this gavel to strike, especially not with the meaty power of cholesterol wielding the hammer. He attempted to reciprocate the attack with his own, hoping to injure the thug enough to scare him off only for Shin’s attempted slash to he parried away by the hammer, leaving him to attempt to block the next attack. To his surprise he would find himself already around a meter away from the larger man, hands shaking from the impact of the blow he had just blocked away. The pink-haired spirit himself had to take a moment to get over his shock and realize what had occurred, the strike being one powerful enough to have sent him away in such a manner was definitely one he silently vowed to not get hit by again. Thankfully he wouldn’t, as just before Shin could jump right back into the fight, the stranger had made his way towards the two, even catching the attention of the larger man. “Perfect. Thanks!” He exclaimed for the dog before turning to face the leader, only to respond just quickly enough to prevent a katana’s edge from digging into his skull via clashing the two weapons together. “God fucking motherfucking fucks!” The angered bleeding leader of the three exclaimed with fury seeping like venom from his tone. His eyes burned with hate as they widened to the point Shin could’ve sworn they were nearly popping out of the skull that held them before he and the leader had ended the clash by Shin himself retreating, gaining some distance between him and his newest opponent. He saw an opening before the leader had begun to move, an opportunity to end it quickly, only before he could act he would once more see the figure that was once him stand between him and his attack, a boy with saddened eyes gazing upon him as if he were some dog that was slowly dying. He stared at the apparition of himself, hesitating just like he had done with The Speaker, flinching, and finding himself a victim in what would be a lunging thug leaping upon him, aiming to hack a head of peach hair to pieces. Wc 609 Twc 2504
  5. Shin would watch on, waiting for an opportunity to open for him to either strike, flee, or both. Thankfully however it seemed the dog appeared, pointing a fuzzy finger directly towards Shin, telling the trios de assholes that he needed to correct him on something he had said. Being demanded that Shin be handed over. The tall furry beast of a spirit would then approach them, closing distance between him and the three while, almost as if he had just stepped on their turf, the skinniest of the bunch with the bird face stepped forward, standing as a barricade to the spirit, followed by his physical opposite. At this point even their leader, whom of which had his eyes on Shin, looked back at the lion-man, half-lidded placing themselves directly on the newest arrival while a hand rested on the blade hoisted at his side, latched to him via a strand attached to a belt. The yelled at the dog-man, the anorexic growling for him to step the fuck off. Seeing an opportunity while this stranger began digging his own grave, Shin slowly stepped forward, drawing his blade right as the lion man told the skinny man that his mom is a whore, an impressive skill for a dead person. As soon as he got close enough to the leader, Shin would be asked by the lion-man that he must know how much of one she is, the tone of his voice weirdly shifting, but whatever. Instead, he would immediately draw his blade, slashing upwards at the strip of leather that combined the leader's weapon with his waist, cutting it and even cutting somewhat into his arm, forcing the spirit to drop his weapon. "Sorry, I don't go for that gender." He said plainly as he immediately jumped up, clamoring over the side and down into a small space between the wall and a home. From there he circled around, making it onto the street. From there, he then went back to the side of the lion, feet slamming into the dirt as he sprinted back to his aid. The leader would be holding his arm, yelping as he would be taken off guard, while the larger thug immediately went to check on him. "You fucking idiots need to fucking kill them already!" He exclaimed, moving to pick the weapon up from the ground, pulling the short-sword out of the scabbard while the larger one went and withdrew a mallet, the skinny one immediately going to stab the lion with his own blade. "You got this, woof!" Shin said as he went past the lion-man and the anorexic, focusing entirely on the larger man, avoiding a mighty swing from his mallet. wc 451 twc 1895
  6. Another moment within a world of dreams, another fragmented piece of Shin's self would come-to. It all started the same since he had first came into contact with Ukon and stole his weapon, where the first moment Shin went to sleep he would either end up in yet another scenario filled with living world trinkets or an endless water-world. Faceless beings and shadowy silhouettes kept the pink-haired spirit through each occurrence as well, always either attacking him, beckoning to him, or catering to him. They were an army of unknown figures that had infested his being, creatures which found a spirit that had been without dreams before then, moving in without paying rent. After the ordeal in the 52nd District, he would take to sleeping in just a little later than normal. It cut out some of the time allocated to traveling, but in-exchange it also had let him visit these dreams longer, to explore and experience them fully. His feet were lightly draped over with water, an endless abyss beneath him as he stood once more on the surface. Once again he would gaze upon those trees which would stand tall against the revealing aquatic expanse Shin inhabited. He would watch the enshrouded figure from before still emerge, reaching the edge of land where it would once again hold a hand out towards him. Shin of course these past few times would try to struggle to free himself, to run away. Even now everything in him wanted him to struggle but he would test himself a bit. He wouldn't avert his gaze from the other him, instead wanting his body to learn to not struggle against this mysterious creature. He didn't feel malice coming from it, instead he would always wish to just flee, almost as if he had somewhere else to be. This time, he wanted to meet it. Alas he would be without the chance to, as his body would immediately begin digging itself through the calm surface, disrupting it and falling in, where once more Shin would wake up. He would look around, trying to gather together his bearings before disappointment set in. 'Yet another failure.' He'd say to himself like a teacher that is about ready to give up on the efforts. As his back laid against the forest floor he looked up, only to be blinded by the intensity of the noon sun above him. Still, he closed his eyes, attempting to tough it out until he ended up feeling the world around his tired body shift and turn. It felt like a wall facing the sky with him being an object that had yet to fall, adding nausea on top of his exhaustion. To combat it, he rose up, struggling to his feet before he would dress himself. District 50 was the cutoff point between where things get better and things get worse. In some ways it would slightly better than the 52nd, and in others it was far betters. Insane cult leaders were always a downside to the latter community, which was one of the things Shin believed to be grateful to the likelihood of the 50th being left without one. With the last few Districts he had come across it had always been either a mixture of really bad things happening or nothing happening at all, and in both he had felt not only all the more worn down by them, but also all the more lonely without Akio. It was as if he was without his other half, the weakened alone Shin slowly changing with each new encounter into someone that is definitely not finding enjoyment in the afterlife. He had learned to be more open to violence, to wielding this blade of his against human opponents more often. It may have been days since he had left the 52nd District, but during those days he either practiced on his own or, during rare occasions, had the misfortune of practicing against bandits and muggers. They weren't trained opponents like The Speaker, but with each experience he would slowly but surely grow more comfortable with using the weapon, and as a result become more experience with defending himself against others in battle. He wondered how Akio would react, seeing his elder brother hurting others outright. One of the rules between them always had been to not harm others, and now out of necessity Shin not only abandoned that rule, but had cut it apart outright, trashing it for the sake of finding him. Could he be forgiven? Before he knew it, the absent-minded spirit would have already reached the 50th District entirely, already walking along the dirt path with the only indication of his senses even giving it the time of day being the change in ground texture between it and the less-managed dirt roads traveling out of it. There were always a difference between the dirt, even if they came from the same place. The many sets of feet tromping through them would always flatten the ground in districts more easily, keeping them more barren than that of outside where grass, roots, wildflowers, and the like tend to attempt to retake the paths. Since he is in town, he may as well find someone that may actually know about the possibility of seeing Akio traveling through. Just because the districts before this one hadn't seen him doesn't mean none had. After all, he could just have easily bypassed those in his escape through the wilds, attempting to find Shin in the outskirts of those towns before avoiding them outright. It wasn't uncommon for nomads to skip entire districts altogether, so Shin couldn't forgive himself if he were to cool it on asking someone. Who he should ask, however, is more tricky. By asking every last passerby he comes across he will come across as too crazy to be helped. It could scare away anyone that may possibly have seen where the younger spirit had ran off to, but by asking too little people, or someone that doesn't seem to be in the position to stand out enough to actually be able to spot out Akio, he could also waste his time on those that wouldn't have been of help in the first place. That would be when he would accidentally bump into someone ahead of him, someone bigger. The accidental collision would make Shin stop mid-thought, annoying him considerably as he would immediately lose where he was at and the conclusion he could have been reaching. He looked up at the towering back ahead of him, glaring at the furred body of whatever animal-man had stopped him in his quest. "Hey, dog, watch it." He would say before feeling yet another figure behind him place their hand on his left shoulder, spinning the confused and exhausted spirit around to come face-to-face with some thugs. "Hello, pickpocket." The head of the trio had greeted Shin, whom of which already was scanning them, observing the clothing they were wearing to be refined, too refined even for the 50th District. Their faces were shaven and hair freshly styled. Immediately Shin had to conclude they were thugs from a higher-up district, though the addressing of him as a pickpocket meant they had come from the lower districts, from someone that had a grudge against him for a while ago. Before he could even respond, he would already be grabbed by his arms and whisked away to the alley 10 feet away from the beast man, where Shin would be shoved to the ground by the three. "We're here because our boss got robbed by some loser that fits your description. You stole his kan and soul tickets and if you know what's good for you, you'll return it now before we end you." Soul tickets? Shin definitely didn't remember taking anything like that from the large man he had robbed before in the 54th. Scrambling back to his feet, he would check under his poncho for the pouch he stored the remaining kan from before within. Opening it he would open the scraps, revealing the small collection of freshly-forged soul tickets, valuable to many in the lower districts, useless for nomads like him. Looking from the inked parchments to the ones ahead of him, he would glare of them and, not thinking very intelligently in his currently-tired state, would tear up both the money and the tickets in front of the trio, chucking the shreds towards them. He could've sworn he had seen a vein pop in the thug's head from witnessing the destruction of stolen property and not being able to stop it. "You chose wrong, kid." wc 1,444
  7. "Anything to say for yourself?" Shin asked the fallen district leader. A part of him still wanted him to spare the man, even after what had happened. It didn't want him to lose the innocence he would lose from his very first murder with his own hands. He could see it still, the him he was inside that flashback, that beaten child. He could see him cling to The Speaker as he glared up at his executioner. He stared into his own eyes, seeing the terrified gaze of his younger self meet him. The one next to him, The Speaker, breathed in and our slowly. "You'd make a fine Shinigami." With that, Shin blocked up the portion of him that wanted to spare The Speaker. He flinched for but a moment as his younger self stepped in front of the fallen spirit, as if you use himself as a shield. Shin slashed upwards, cutting through his innocence, dragging his blade through the bloodied yellow robes of his enemy, ending his existence in Rukongai and freeing the 52nd District from his cult. The body of the cult leader fell into the pit, falling deeper into the abyss as Shin watched on, only to hear the yelping of what sounded like some sort of animal from below. "Yotami!" He yelled, snapping out of his trance, immediately panicking as he hurried his way down below. He had to go and rescue his friend right away, to let him know they had won and that they can all leave this place together. They can go find somewhere better to live than this district. Shin as his eagerly navigated his way down the rocks thought about living with Yotami and his brother after his brother recovers fully. They all four can live far away in peace, where they cannot be hurt anymore. They won't have to be chained to anything anymore, or suffer from anyone else. Shin could finally get his friend and actually have a shot at a happy ending! His hopes were dashed when he reached the bottom of the pit. There he would find Yotami, buried under the un-moving body of his mutilated brother, the impaled and broken body of The Speaker on top of him. Shin immediately felt the strength drain from his body as pain and fatigue took its place, tears beginning to stream down from his eyes as he gazed the grizzly sight. "No.. I wasn't fast enough." He said, collapsing to his knees. He had lost yet another person he had grown to care for, yet another Akio from evil he can't protect him from. He was a failure. "Boy.." He heard a weak voice call for him, seeing Yotami had moved his head slightly, his teeth closed and his eyes tired. Immediately Shin tried scrambling to his feet, running over to his heavily injured friend, only to fall down to all fours. He would still crawl, dragging himself foot by foot to the pile, where he would immediately begin to try to lift the two bodies off of him. To his surprise, however, Yotami's incapacitated brother immediately tried to bite as Shin, making the younger spirit fall back and scramble for his blade. "Don't worry Yotami, I'll save you!" He exclaimed, grabbing his blade and turning towards his friend. "No, I don't want to be saved. I just want to rest, to be at peace with my brother." As he spoke, three small silhouettes appeared, approaching the two dying spirits. Now Shin wasn't the only one to see them, those alley kids from across the street, with painted masks and chest plates made from stolen wooden signs. Shin could hear his friend give a gurgled chortle. "It's real, the folklore. When you see death after death, you can see three small spirits, ready to guide you into the next life. My time comes, boy. Please.. give my brother some peace." "Yotami? Yotami?!" Shin called out for his friend to no avail. There would be no response as the corpse of his friend further slumped over the still-living brother. The 3 spirits stepped closer, almost in touching distance of Yotami's brother. Shin, silently watching the 3, immediately understood. It was his turn. With considerable effort, the young spirit would get to the injured spirit, holding the whining remains of what was once a person on his lap. There would be no biting, no lashing out. It was calm and all Shin could take from that was that it understood what was coming. when he raised his blade, the beast tried lashing out, though Shin repeated the same thing Yotami did, shushing him calmly, brushing a hand along the top of his head. When he quieted down, Shin pierced his blade into the back of the creature's neck, severing his spin completely. Yotami's brother rested, un-moving, while Shin himself watched the 3 spirits return to the darkness, leaving him completely alone in a pit of dead friends and enemies. It would be a few weeks after the fight occurred. Shin had managed to climb his way out of the pit, leaving the others behind, where he was able to receive medical care back in town. Thankfully the two guards refused to speak about what had happened, instead claiming they were attacked by bandits. Shin didn't know why they would do that for him, but was thankful nonetheless. The only thing he had to do in exchange was leave the first second he was better. He held up his own end of the bargain a day after being discharged, immediately making his way out of the 52nd District. He would take one look back and silently vow to never come back to this place before making his way onward, continuing his search for his brother, and his journey to the Gotei 13. wc 972 twc 11,381 [end thread]
  8. Shin could see The Speaker's face twist with anger as he drew his own blade. The two once again began to circle each other, though now on more equal footing than before. It was obvious Shin had the stronger spiritual presence of the two, and yet was far less experienced with the blade. The blows that were meant to be lethal on the two guards only left them wounded and incapacitated, for example. The Speaker had the weaker presence, and yet was far more experienced. "You know, boy, you shouldn't get confident. Before I took over this dump and made it start to get better I was an unseated officer of the Gotei 13. That's right, I was trained to know how to fight with a sword. You don't have a chance, even if you learned how a blade works recently." "Shut up!" Shin immediately demanded, charging in and locking blades with the elder spirit. He was sick of the talk, the cruelty, the admission to desertion because he was power hungry. Shin was sick of seeing this trash further make himself irredeemable. The lock immediately went against his favor, however, as The Speaker immediately placed his weight towards Shin, using his height to his advantage, leaving the physically weaker spirit having to press up towards the leader. Shin tried narrowing the lock, attempting to lean his blade more towards his enemy. If he can even just nick the shoulder of The Speaker, the small tinge of pain should hopefully knock him off guard. Unfortunately, as Shin rotated his blade, his enemy immediately slid it along the edge, attempting to cut Shin right as his hands and fingers. Thankfully it was stopped by the guard just long enough for the younger spirit to retreat back. "When you came up by yourself, does that mean the smith died? I sure hope so." Again the two closed in, swinging and parrying the attacks of the other, only for The Speaker to lightly cut Shin on his thigh before Shin could use his greater agility to back away again. He could feel the anger within him grow from the taunt, though he was able to steel himself again. "Did he recognize his precious brother? Y'know, I went after him first because he was so ugly." The enemy taunted once more, prompting Shin to charge in again, swinging his blade sloppily overhead to attempt to strike The Speaker in the skull. Thankfully, however, at the last moment Shin stepped just before it happened, seemingly flickering in front of The Speaker, where he returned to place after his blade didn't connect, allowing Shin to land a direct blow directly on the robed torso of the con, his large belt cut away and a larger tear on the yellow robe exposing the wound underneath. "How dare you!" The enemy was driven into a frenzy, immediately responding with heavy yet fast swings from different directions, furiously striking Shin's blade with another force to cause the handle to rub against the inside of his hands. "You dare strike me! Me?! You should be jumping into that fucking pit when I tell you to. You should-" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "-be thanking God you're even allowed to breathe around me. You fucking little shit! I'm going to beat you with that fucking stick until you bleed!" A large faceless person in casual short-sleeved shirt and jeans would slowly approach the young boy, his faceless head peering down at Shin with fury untold. The young boy only had his stick to fend off the monster with, and as a result tried his best to, swinging it wildly at the beast of a man with fear in his eyes as he would slowly back away. Unfortunately for Shin, the game's over. Immediately the large hand would wrap around his thin neck, carrying him high up into the air and then slamming him down with full force. The child laid there, the feeling of blood in the back of his throat as he looked helplessly up towards the stranger, the stolen branch lifted over his head. He swung it down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immediately the pink-haired spirit rolled away from the blade driving itself into the dirt where he once was, where he immediately got to his feet, sword in hand. He was dazed, though he still kept his guard up. The Speaker once again went for a swing, only for Shin to meet his blow, locking blades once more. "I hope your brother is alive. After you're gone, when he comes looking for you, I'm going to feed him to my Hollow. I'll make sure to tell him it was you that did this to him too." With that, Shin's senses returned to normal, a roar released as he broke the lock between him and The Speaker, where he began aggressively swinging at the older spirit, closing in distance while The Speak attempted to fend off the frenzy. "No more!" He declared as after a specific block he immediately went and cut the left arm of his enemy, causing him to yelp in pain as he fought with only one hand. "No more threats! No more taunts!" He further continued his swinging, his arms burning as his lungs began begging him to breathe. Still though, he persisted, even delivering a swift kick to The Speaker's knee just like how he struck Shin's back at the home, sending his enemy to the ground before the pit. "No more tormenting Yotami!" With that, he disarmed the villain, leaving him at the mercy of a the blade belonging to Shin, that same blade that rolled from trees refused to roll from defying this monster. The Speaker has been defeated, they had won. wc 951 twc 10,409
  9. Shin looked from the creature to Yotami, confused. How can a Hollow look just like him?! It had to be a Hollow, right? Why would there be white spikes sticking out all over his body like that? Why was he feasting on other spirits? Looking back at the creature, Shin couldn't stand it any longer. With a shaky hand, he picked up the blade again, waving it in front of him towards this abomination. The creature responded with a scream; one loud enough to make Shin immediately drop his blade again, holding his hands to his ears just so he can keep some semblance of the noise out. His eyes closed and then he felt himself get pulled away before something crashed against the rocky wall behind them. Opening his eyes as the scream ended, Shin could see the spiked monster was on top of Yotami, biting into the arm of the blacksmith as he held the creature by the neck and head, looking at the younger spirit with empty eyes. "He was my brother. I would do anything for the little bald bastard just like you would for yours." He would tighten his hold on the false Hollow. "That monster came into town one day, and my brother disappeared. I learned about the Hollow a year later, was told he was forming some kind of militia to fight the Hollow, so I gave them all the weapons and scrap metal I could. I thought that thing ate him, ate the last thing I loved in this world. Instead.." His voice trailed off as his mutilated brother struggled against him, some of the painted metal poking Yotami, stabbing him and causing him to groan deeply, refusing to let go. "He showed me "The Hollow," said I would find out eventually anyway, and if I ever shared the truth, I'll be the next "Hollow."" The creature started a low growl that mixed itself with a whine, almost as if it were trying to both call for help and threaten the one that held it. Yotami brushed one hand over the top of his head, silently shushing him. "Please, boy. Kill that monster, before he does anything else. Send him to Hell." The pink-haired spirit looked solemnly at the two, his gaze un-breaking as he nodded. He could no longer spare humanity for the one that did this, that had the capacity to torture others so deeply and yet be inside the Soul Society. Shin had to move past the conflict he held inside before and be the first thief to bring justice. He had to kill The Speaker. The Speaker and his two guards waited silently around the pit, waiting for a victory call. If it was the smith and the boy, they would seal the hole, leaving them to starve or to eat one another. The survivor can always become the next Hollow after spending some time in the dark with nothing to eat but their friend. The cycle continues over again, and life goes on. The broken home can just be attributed to those weird masked kids that hang out in the alleys. They can just hunt them down and punish them for once, and The Speaker can return as if nothing even happened. Should the monster win, then the same result, same difference. A bloodcurdling scream can be heard from the pit, the same one which claim all the others sent down into that hellhole. That would be confirmation. Time to drop some spare food scraps down there and seal up the hole again. The Speaker motioned for the two guards to grab the large wooden platform that would be placed over the hole. As the two did, however, The Speaker had to do a double-take as someone was launched out of the pit, landing on the platform. The two guards immediately began pulling their weapons, only for the boy to pierce one of them in the leg, delivering a second slash directly to the chest and leaving the militia-man scrambling along the ground for a few moments before passing out from shock. The next locked blades with the boy, even traded blows, only for the blade to bury itself into the armpit of him, where the boy withdrew the blade, cutting the armpit and leaving the guard attempting to stop the bleeding before it got out of control. With that, the scarred face of the pink-haired figure pointed his blade towards The Speaker, having the audacity to raise a weapon towards him once again. "No one else is going to be killed by you. Not ever again." wc 770 twc 9458
  10. Shin faded in and out of consciousness. He would see 2 silhouettes standing over him, the net above them both as he helplessly laid there, he felt himself dragged along the dirt path of the district, carried by a pair of hands, then he saw grain after grain run into him, bending under his dragging body. He took notice of the open circular wasteland under the moonlit sky, torches lit and drawing his eyes until he fell back out of consciousness once more. Then finally, he came to, sight blurred and arms feeling bound by something behind him. His eyes adjusted to his new environment, a deep abyss before him. If he were able to he would scurry away from the ledge, but hiss captor behind him refused to let him budge even a little. Looking to his left, he would rest his eyes on the captured smith, bruised and battered, also bound and right up against the ledge. "You're both awake. I guess we moved too slowly in getting you both all the way out here." The Speaker said from across the pit, gazing upon the two spirits from a fair distance. Slowly, he would walk his way over to where Shin and the smith were bound, staying so close to the edge of the pit Shin could've sworn he saw a foot go slightly into the abyss before rising back up and planting itself onto the grass. "You don't have to do this, Speaker. Please!" Shin spoke up, pleading with the leader before being struck in the side of the head by the guard holding him down. "Shut the fuck up, heretic!" The Speaker knelt next to the smith, staring at the defeated and injured large man. "All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. Keep the outsiders from getting too curious and let me work my magic." Before Shin knew it, the large spirit would be kicked into the pit, quickly disappearing into the darkness below. "But you didn't! You just HAD to try to ruin this for me! For us! You traitor freak!" The Speaker lost his composure, screaming down into the pit, leaning towards it as if he were trying to talk down a disobedient child. Shin would immediately be horrified by what had happened, throat dry, causing his scream to come out hoarse and near-silent. Tears dripped from his eyes as he watched his friend possibly fall to his death and he would be powerless to do anything about it, just like with Akio, just like with his brother. He leaned against the hold the guard had on the back of his neck, curling his head up against the tightening hand as he tried screaming once again, only for the hand to press down as hard as possible on the sides of his neck, causing him to tense up and quiet down. Once more, The Speaker approached Shin slowly yet surely, stopping only when he was less than a foot from him. He knelt down, and met the young spirit at face-level. "Your brother never came through here from what I know of, not from that direction. Between us, I hope his last thoughts were of his brother leaving him to be Hollow food. For some reason, that actually makes me feel good to imagine." With that, Shin would be forced to fall into the pit as well, a rising feeling growing inside him as he could no longer see, hear, or feel anything other than the rushing wind hitting him. A hard thud would snap him out of his stupor, and now Shin found himself at the floor of the cave, a cushioned floor to stop sacrifices from dying upon landing. He groaned, the pain in his side throbbing from the landing along with the rest of his body. Before he could even get his senses together, something landed next to him. Looking, he would see his blade, fully unsheathed, laying ready to be used. Looking up would be the large spirit with free hands, already grabbing the blade and moving behind Shin, freeing him and allowing him to rub his wrists. Quickly after checking his wrists, the pink-haired spirit would get up, hugging the smith's round stomach. "I'm glad you're okay, mr.." "Yotami. It's Yotami." With that, the two broken, with Yotami giving Shin the blade. The color drained from the large man as he gazed into the darkness. Shin's blood would also freeze from the low-pitched growl coming from deep within. The two couldn't move from their spot as a heavy thumping noise can be heard, followed by another, and then another. The creature was slowly getting closer and closer, examining the new feast it was gifted with. Shin would immediately step in front of Yotami, bled held before him with his right hand while his left held the cauterized stab wound. Whatever Hollow was going to appear from that shadows would have to go through him before it can even get a taste of the blacksmith, he was going to make sure of that. He already nearly lost someone twice, but he would be damned if a third time were to happen! As one hand reached out from the darkness, followed by another, the appearance of the approaching Hollow would leave Shin immediately no longer thinking about combat, instead covering his mouth with his sword-wielding hand as he looked on in sheer horror. It wasn't a Hollow that hunted below the surface, but a spirit, one that looked exactly like Yotami. wc 923 twc 8688
  11. "W-Wait!" Shin coughed up as he reacted before he fully awoke, already struggling to stand up on his feet once more. Once he stood up straight, however, a sharp pain erupted from his side. Looking through the hole made through his clothes, he would see the stab wound from before had been burned shut, almost as though for some reason his enemy had refused to allow him to bleed out all over his nice wood floors. Shin wouldn't place too much thought into it, however, instead shambling to the door of the destroyed home, where he emerged back outside, immediately falling to his knees and left hand while his right lightly held onto the stab wound. He had no time to stop and cater to his wounds though. He heard what The Speaker said about sending men to the blacksmith, how eager all 3 looked when they ran off to him. Shin had to get back and try to protect the man right away before he had something terrible happen to him. Every step he took would be one of pure agony for his left side as he stammered and stumbled along the street. He tried his best to look up, to only look forward, trying his best to ignore the pain through gritted teeth. Deep, loud, hastened breathing would accompany him along his small journey back. His thoughts were split between how much pain he was feeling and the idea of him failing to save the smith as well. The man, while they knew one another for less than a day, already felt like a closer friend to the younger spirit than most that have spent far longer with him. He couldn't stand the idea of him getting hurt or taken like Akio did! No, no, no, he had to deny the possibility of that happening. The smith is a large, hardy man. There's no way those 3 could take him so easily like that. He could see the flickering soft light under the net nearby, slowly nearing the boy. He could imagine seeing it now; the smith still there, waiting for Shin to report a mission success or to even just come back alive, for that matter. He would. He was slowly making it back to safety, back to the man that had begged him to leave so much. He would come back to him and then they will make it to dawn together, alive, and leave this hellhole afterwards. The bravery and determination from Shin drained from him the more he approached the forge, tears welling up in his eyes. To think someone that has lived over a hundred years, someone with the body of a recently-made young adult, could now be driven to having tears swell in his eyes from an injury like this, to be sent back cowering like a beaten stray searching for shelter. Under any other circumstance, it would be humiliating, but for this one Shin already made it to the forge, and he was about to see the familiar face right as he turned the corner. And yet there would be no one. No large grinning soot-covered teeth that would even be able to comfort him after the hell he went through, no useless set of gills that could district Shin from his current pain, no wide-open set of eyes that can examine the treated wound. There was nothing but silence, silence and a sudden force hitting him in the back of his head, once again disabling the young spirit before he can even fight back. wc 594 twc 7765
  12. The home of The Speaker would remain quiet, almost empty from the outside, though Shin would already knew that not to be the case. He hid among the little alley-rats from before, just out of sight. He could see faint movement within the shadows of that home, he saw the occasional small flicker of candlelight within. He could feel the sinister presence of that man inside, wandering about, probably glad he sent yet another to die. He could spot that odd group of strangers talking to one another outside conveniently close to the entrance into the home. It would be more than clear that if he approached the home now, Shin would be stopped before he could even make it to the front door, let alone around to find a more convenient spot. He considered waiting until another night, one that could have less security detail. 1 enemy could be enough for him to overpower and capture, but 3? 4?! He only has a basic grasp on how to use a blade, let alone actually utilize it in combat. Thankfully fate appeared to be on his side, however, as The Speaker himself would appear from his home, now with significantly lesser jewelry one than before. Angrily he would grab one of the 3 men, turning him around and catching the attention of his cohorts. They were whispering something but unfortunately the young spirit couldn't figure out what. Thankfully it must've been some sort of order though, as their boss would point down the street, shooing them away before returning to his quarters. This would be perfect. All Shin would have to do is wait just a few more seconds, just a few more to make sure his target was deep enough into his home to not escape. He saw it! There, in the front window a candlelight flickered. Shin finally saw his opportunity! Immediately he sprinted across the street, lunging at full speed through the air, curling himself into a ball where he would land back-first against the glass, the shards flying in with the young spirit, a chorus of shattering alerting the seemingly unsuspecting district leader, causing him to turn his head, glaring in surprise at the spirit that had the audacity to invade his home. Shin landed, bare feet dragging against the smooth floorboards to a full stop. "And to think I sent my men to shake down that smith for your location. Here you are, a prodigal son coming to his father." The supposedly surprised man said, hands open and outstretched at his sides. He smiled, the surprise from before draining from him as it would be merely replaced with pleasure at what seemed like a plan succeeded. Shin froze for a few moments from this, taken off-guard by the expecting leader, someone he didn't even know figured out he would come to him. He saw something glimmer in the moonlight of the broken window, something with an edge. Immediately the younger spirit leaned back, falling backwards before he caught his footing and stumbled away. "H-How?!" "How? My friend, your spiritual presence is strong enough for anyone to feel. You know honestly when you first arrived I thought you were a Shinigami. I really honestly thought it was over right away! The way you act though, the way you sneak around so clumsily, acting like you're some sort of ninja? No, no one that stupid could go that long without realizing I could feel every moment they took a step around my district." The Speaker explained as he slowly withdrew his blade, returning it to his side. Shin froze up once more, hearing such a concept for the first time ever in the entire time he had been un-dead. "Why didn't you catch me back at your ceremony?" Shin drew his scabbard with his blade inside, hand gripping it as if he were about to draw it. "Because, you idiot. I wanted to you to see every last detail of what happens once a year. I wanted you to see what is going to happen to little sneaks." With that, the bearded spirit attacked once more, The Speaker swiftly attempting to cut Shin right across the face, though thankfully his downward strike would be stopped by the younger spirit raising his sheathed blade, deflecting the blow off of the plain wood of his scabbard before retreating further away from The Speaker. The two eyed one another, refusing to make the first strike at first. Shin himself would be trying to withdraw his blade, but every time he tried to move his arms so he can draw it he felt even more afraid than before, as if he wasn't ready to kill someone just yet. It seemed he wasn't the only one that took notice of this, however, as once more The Speaker charged, aiming for another overhead strike, which Shin blocked the same way as before, only to be followed up by another strike, aimed to bury itself right into the bottom of the wooden sheath. Before he knew it Shin found his balance before knocked off guard when his arms were forced down to the left, only for his enemy to then follow with his striking Shin's right knee with the blunt side of his katana, taking a few steps back as Shin crumbled to the floor. "Ha! You never even fought anyone with it yet?! Wow, I can't believe you thought you could take me in a fight!" Immediately the tip of The Speaker's blade would target Shin, only for the approaching deathblow to be blocked once more by the damaged wood of the scabbard. Another thrust, another block as the younger spirit began scrambling backwards while on the ground. He had no choice as he felt his back against the wall with an opening to his right. The small hallway the two were in at the moment would be too small for him to turn the tables, though the night was dark within the room, like a blanket of safety open to embrace the young spirit. With one more thrust, Shin this time swung his sheath upwards with both hands, forcing the tip of the katana to go and cut Shin's right shoulder before he immediately lunged at the elder spirit, tackling him. He would bash the leader twice in the head with the butt of the scabbard before getting up, fleeing into the shrouded room. Infuriated, the leader would follow him, only for the two to find themselves unable to see the other, yet feel their presences overflow within that room. One swing was made in the dark, only to hit some kitchenware on a nearby table. Another smashed a hole into a wall. The two began swinging wildly at one another until only one was, breaking everything around him. They slowly inched around the kitchen area until another opening appeared, one which The Speaker stepped into. He made his error which Shin emerged from the shadows next to him, slamming him into the wall with a sickening crack and throwing the aging man to the floor of the dimly-lit room. Seeing The Speaker seemingly defeated after what sounded like something in him breaking, Shin would move towards the man, finally finding it within him to withdraw his blade, ready to behead him with it. He hesitated, however. This was a life he would be prepared to take, someone that once possibly was someone that didn't deserve such a fate, someone that- Before his mind could cease hesitating, Shin felt a burning sensation in his side. Looking down, he saw that he was impaled by the now-grinning enemy. He would fall to his knees as the elder spirit got to his feet and, with one swung, knocked Shin out with the blunt edge of his blade. wc 1303 twc 7171
  13. It seemed like seconds had passed before Shin had came to his senses. He could feel the rushed hands move him around, wipe off his face, blurry figures scurrying about in the background. Everything would slowly return to normal, with Shin sitting against some sort of bench, back resting against the pole from before, the sign missing once again. He blinked madly as he looked around, remaining strings of panic and fear being plucked inside as he checked to make sure he wasn't caught by those monsters from before. No one but him and the smith in-sight. Immediately his shoulders would droop as he leaned forward, hands resting his forehead as he sighed, relief washing over him. "So, you saw it too, then. The thing those monsters do?" He heard the familiar voice ask him, causing the younger spirit to look at the worried expression on the smith's face, fear showing even on a large man like that. "You see why I can't make weapons in this hellhole anymore. You see why you have to leave." "L-Leave?" Shin questioned as he slowly rose to his feet, struggling at first though regaining his balance shortly after he grew accustomed to not barfing every five seconds. "Yeah, kid. Leave. Get the fuck out before they make you into another thing to give to that! You have to before that crazed priest comes back and kidnaps you, makes you like the others!" "No no no, I can't leave. YOU have to fix my swor-" The smith would slam his hand against the table previously knocked over, angrily smashing it, breaking it in half. "Dammit! Forget the fucking sword! This isn't worth your life!" He roared as he came from behind his forge, grabbing Shin by his poncho. "You will die, kid. I can't let another one die, not from what I helped make." Tears welled in the larger man's eyes as he kept his grip on the younger male, holding him there as he began losing his composure, his mouth remaining slightly opened as he began looking down and away from Shin. "There's no reason for you to be another one fed to what I made. There's no reason why you all have to keep reminding me.." Shin was confused by what the smith said. Could it be the weapons he gave to the militia are being used to capture newcomers? Why did he claim he made the Hollow? The more he looked at the now crying spirit, the more determined and angry he felt. With his own hands on the collar of the large man, Shin would close in, coming face-to-face with him, eye-to-eye. "My brother could be that thing, for all I know. I can't turn back from that possibility. I can't let him suffer as one of those things." The two stared at one another, sharing no words for a few moments longer before the smith would reach under the poncho, grabbing Shins blade and taking it. "Fine, I'll help you. My last blade restored forever and my final job in this place. Take a seat, it'll take at least until after midnight." With that, Shin would get himself comfortable, readying himself mentally for confronting The Speaker about this and finally getting the answers the leader promised him from before and then some. wc 553 twc 5868
  14. He trampled crops under his feet and came flying out of the edges of the field with loose wheat fluttering off of his body, a few pieces stuck in his flowing hair as he continued his flee from that scene. It seemed no matter how far he got away, he would still hear that godawful scream inside his head. He tripped over his own feet just after he entered the district once more, crashing into some crates set aside, holding his head as his body froze up, shaking. His teeth gritted as he tried his best to not scream from what he had just witnessed. Never before would he expect people to feed one another to a fucking Hollow like that. It was worse than murder, it was worse than torture, it was just downright sacrifice. He blubbered some noises as he would turn over off the small wreckage he caused, ending up on hands and knees as his stomach began turning inside. Before he knew it, he spewed all over the grass and dirt underneath him. Wave after wave came out as his stomach emptied itself right onto the entrance into an alley. Just being there made him feel absolutely sick, as if his entire existence were an illness that needed to be cured. He felt as though he was the one that pushed the guy in, that stood at the edge and heard his final moments. He wondered how anyone could savor and cheer on such a monster as it more than likely ripped that poor spirit apart. He felt hatred replace the emptiness within him as he weakly stood up, wiping some remnants off on his sleeve before continuing on to the smiths. He went and stumbled and scrambled onwards down the street, onwards to the blacksmith and to the safety of another that isn't so cruel and heartless. His head became light and the world twisted and turned around him as he heard the lighter tone of his younger brother in his head. "Shinny, don't go there! We have to go and sell our stuff!" He saw a short figure run before him as he stumbled, leaning to his left on whatever he can find. Another figure, this one with some sort of wooden sign, would also appear, stopping in front of Shin every few moments, only running a short distance ahead every time he caught up with it. "We can't live here. People are so mean here. Let's walk around together. Forever." A third silently pushed the young spirit from behind after he would stop to puke once more, one more wiping the fragments from his mouth before he finally saw the soft light underneath a netted area, illuminating it and some of the street outside. Giving himself one final bit of strength, Shin would force himself into the forge, immediately catching the attention of the blacksmith by falling against a table holding various tools, knocking it over and falling to the ground, fatigued and tired. The sounds around him would blur just like the surrounding forge, a pair of near-unrecognizable meaty hands reaching towards him. wc 521 twc 5315
  15. First, having been in similar situations just before, Shin would take advantage of this one and look through the more easily accessible window to the far side. He would see no one but an empty alley, giving him in immediate way to escape. The blacksmith wouldn't like it if he had just decided to stay inside a home the entire time waiting until after the ceremony to speak to the leader, not to mention The Speaker himself gave the young spirit vibes somewhat similar to the kind the likes of Ukon had. They were that of a liar, an individual that had far more sinister goals in-mind than he had previously displayed. He shouldn't assume the nature of someone based off of a single impression, though the fact he was heading in the direction of the Night of Devouring further peaked his interest. At least, it peaked it enough for the window to open slightly, and for a young Shin to jump out, continuing his fast-paced sprint towards the supposed field where it would take place. "When you reach just outside of the southern exit of home, go left and run. Keep running until the Great Pit is in sight.." Shin would be further confused, though would obey. Immediately he would run as fast as possible once more, feeling some light fatigue already a few minutes into the sprint. At first all he saw would be a field messily set up between the weak makeshift walls of the district and the forest ahead, though soon enough the forest began to clear, and the homes began to cease appearing. All around him would be an sea of crops as harvesting season neared, the height of some of them even reaching above Shin's. He would keep running straight, just as the pamphlet demanded, and had done so for what felt like a while. But then the crops would break, revealing a large emptied wasteland of nothing in the middle, shaped in a circle. In the far distance, right in the center, would be a large collection of torches stretched outwards along the opening. What seemed to be some sort of sinkhole would be dead in the middle, a makeshift stage crafted just before it, close enough that should one fall while on-stage they may even fall into the hole accidentally. Using his poncho to disguise his face, the young spirit would begin inching closer, spotting The Speaker standing atop the stage with two guards standing to the sides. Beneath him and around it and the hole would be a large number of spirits, all painted and covered in ceremonial decorations. He had to inch closer, even lowering himself to his knees in order to do so without being spotted. From there he could overhear the leader. "..every year we all come gathered here on this holy ground to perform our sacred ritual. We have us a chosen one, a champion to defeat the monster in the Great Below, or to be devoured and give us a years' worth of fertility and growth once more. We stand here to celebrate and honor the brave soul, a spirit that wished to become one of us fully. We have prepared him throughout the year, even making him second only to the district leader in status in power. It is time to repay the debt! To free us from the evil Hollow! Deliver us, honored one!" Shin couldn't see the chosen one from where he was, enticing him to move closer, even getting up to his feet again just to get a peak. It wouldn't be until just before the torchlight touched him would he finally be able to see it; a male like him dressed head to toe in poorly painted wooden planks, given a crude staff. There he was pushed towards the edge of the hole and, when it seemed as though he would back out, he would be pushed in, screaming a blood-curdling scream until everything suddenly went silent. Then a second, near-inhuman scream occurred. It would be one that, like the one during the attack on him and his brother, would shake Shin to his very core. He froze up, terrified as the disembodied voice continued drowning out screams of pain and terror coming from that hole, matching it and more with its own roars and shrieks. Everything would go silent, and then, after what seemed like an eternity, the disembodied voice cried its own version of victory. He couldn't take it anymore as he heard the cheers of the onlookers. Rushing to his feet so quickly everything went dizzy, the young spirit would turn and run back into the field, where he kept running and running, rushing his way back to the only safe haven in this whole insane world. wc 799 twc 4794
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