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      Exactly! I'm calling it, 2020, anime studios end up out of desperation trying to look at older anime for a revamp, Bleach gets picked and it gets rebooted. This time it won't be Shinigami, but magical schoolgirls.

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      The Karakura Rizer show will explode shortly after the release of the new power rangers movie..

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    Heya, welcome back.
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  4. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden listened as his fellow Captain, whom of which stood in front of him, watching the Demon, would speak to him, criticizing how Aiden could admit to betrayal, espionage, and assassination so calmly and still have the audacity to claim himself to not be a criminal because other Shinigami dirty their hands as well. He would call it foolish to follow suit with others and explain away his deeds as acceptable before continuing to claim Aiden to no longer be worthy of being a Captain. He ended with what Aiden could only assume was disappointment on Yoshirou's part, as the man would express how he would have supported him if he did things differently. "Following suit? Ha! This is coming from the slave to vain concepts of honor. Honorable people like you and Emmell are what made necessary evils like myself to not only do what had to be done, but take the fall for it. Keep telling yourself that I'm not worthy to be a Captain, Yoshirou, but the next time you look at a symbol on the back of Captain's Haori think about what created it, and learn about how similar we are to those murderers and thugs that birthed the Gotei. The only difference between you, myself, and Emmell is that you both hide your inner monsters behind vain concepts such as honor, but when the time came for it to be needed, I embraced it." He would ignore what his fellow Captain said next as his blade fell out of his mouth while he spoke, only catching the last of the dialogue. He truly once more seemed to not notice the enemy before them, instead placing his focus on Yoshirou himself. He scoffed at what his fellow Captain had said, thinking it completely foolish. "If I were to ever be executed, it would have been already don-" though before he can continue speaking, he would be struck in the stomach, forcing the Captain backwards, away from the enraged monster and Yoshirou himself, where he could hear the Captain continue with his telling him that if they met under different circumstances he would gladly kill him now himself. Getting up from having been kicked, the armless Captain would ignore the throbbing pain in his stomach, instead glaring at Yoshirou now. "I would love nothing more. The next time we meet, I'll tear out your throat with my teeth." He would respond with animosity, quickly getting sick of him. Normally, Aiden wouldn't let him have his way, but considering how he is now, the Captain hadn't a choice but to leave, as if he stayed, he wouldn't be able to do much. Moving to the opposite side of the building, Aiden would look back for just a second. "Remember Yoshirou, people like you and Emmell made me into what I am. It doesn't matter when or how I die, because there will always be a new, naive mutt that people like you will force to become like me." And with that, the Seventh Division Captain would jump down from the building, where he would use High Speed Movement to quickly make his way away from the scene, and away from the chaos itself. Eventually, he would stumble out of movement before falling to the ground, where two Shinigami would encounter him. "Captain! Are you all right?" They would ask as they helped him up from the ground. Not looking at either one of them, Aiden can finally feel the full brunt of the pain he suffered from his wounds, causing him to growl out "Just get me medical attention." Before falling out of conscious. The two Shinigami would look at one another for a moment, before dragging the Captain down the street, though away from the Sereitei. ooc Attempting to leave thread
  5. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden threw a "ha" at Yoshirou's naïveté. It seems he was the only Captain that knows about the recent return of a certain Captain Commander, as he would still be labeled a criminal and Yoshirou himself the savior to one, albeit unwilling. ""Mere coincidences" are what people use to explain off their true feelings." He would tease some more. "I'm no criminal. I do what's necessary, whether it is betraying the Soul Society and becoming a spy, or a failed assassination on a Captain Commander. I may act without morals, but I'm no less a criminal than any other Shinigami that has to get their hands dirty in more things than just slaying Hollows." He would say as he blatantly ignored the released beast flying straight towards him, showing that he doesn't really care about his life enough to immediately respond to the threat without first seeing what his ally would do instead. It's a game of fate, really. Letting someone that blatantly feels disdain for him decide whether or not he lives seems completely entertaining, especially since it shows the good morals that his ally has. Unlike he himself, he knew Yoshirou enough to know he wouldn't just throw away someone's life, so Aiden wondered if those morals will save his life again as he worked to better quell the pain that would come from his right arm. Immediately the beast, whom of which would have black and white horns, large bat-like wings and long, black hair, would fly at breakneck speeds towards Aiden, whom of which only continued looking at Yoshirou, hoping to see whether he would actually let him die or save him again. He would watch as the other Captain brought both Zanpakutos down by his right hip, lunging to his left. He would hear the fellow Captain mutter a Bakudo spell, along with the name of a Hado, slashing his blades diagonally upwards, launching an extremely fast energy attack, one with black appearance and a dark blue outline, straight towards the creature, timed for it to hit right when he creature connects with the Bakudo spell. Now, Yoshirou would be right in front of Aiden, telling him to leave now while he has the opportunity, as he isn't certain he will be able to save him a third time. Scowling, Aiden scoffed in response as he worked back up to his feet. "You're telling me to flee when my job is to eliminate targets like this? You were entertaining at first but now you're mistaking me for someone that feels like they don't deserve death. If you don't want to keep saving me then that's fine with me, but don't act like I'm no longer useful." He would say as he kept a foot over his severed arm. Biting down on the sides of his blade Aiden would, with great strength, rip his Zapakuto out of his hand, spraying a small amount of blood. Afterwards he dropped the blade, where he would quickly bend over a bite into the handle of it, having his Zanpakuto stick out of the left side of his mouth. It was uncomfortable, and honestly it's not the best way to wield a blade, but his adrenaline was pumping and overall biting on the handle helped him keep the pain at bay. Should the hell spawn avoid his ally's Enso Aiden would perform the same actions, though instead of speaking in response to Yoshirou, he would stand ready right away, waiting for the Bakudo to cease. ooc I'll color the text when I get home from my trip.
  6. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden's smile would slightly dissolve as he wouldn't feel his blade meet resistance with flesh and bone. His short laugh would cease as the ashes became a haze before him. He knew the haze will soon enough overcome him as well, though as he was right outside of it, he also knew he had a short amount of time before it would. Aiden could no longer sense the one he would be fighting anymore, which would prove to be quite odd, as he felt nothing make contact with his blade at all. Considering that was the entirety of his attack on his opponent the Captain could only assume that his enemy had cloaked himself, most likely to get away or to perform some kind of sneak attack on him. Unlike others, whom of which would most likely be preparing themselves to react to this attack, the Captain would actually welcome it, knowing that when his adversary does attack, he himself would be able to pick up on his opponent's location, and then he will have his own attack ready in response. The range of his Spiritual Pressure continued to shorten, the focus of it being upon his blade for his next move. His opponent would most definitely not be caught off guard by the same attack, though this one would be more powerful than the previous. His blade would be held before him, the ever so increasing amount of pain in his right hand and arm proving to soon enough reach a level in which he will not be able to block it out anymore, meaning that soon enough he will have to forcibly rid himself of this annoyance and accept his new role as an arm-less Shinigami. Continuing to hold his blade before him, the edge facing the haze itself, Aiden could suddenly see the cloud disperse due to a gust of air rocketing forwards. Looking towards the source of it he could see none other than Yoshirou, a fellow Captain that, as far as Aiden himself could remember, had cut off all social ties with him ever since he pulled that little coup and overthrew Emmell. He would chuckle a little at the fact that now he's here to aid him, though as soon as he would say something he could feel a surge of energy being placed in a nearby alley that would be located to the right of Aiden's back, and as the Captain would turn to see why his temporary ally had focused on this one spot, he would soon enough see the beam that would have most likely taken out or incapacitated the Captain pierce the ground. "Aw, you do love me still after all, Yoshirou." Aiden would tease as he raised his monstrous looking left hand, quickly pointing his middle and index fingers at the head of his opponent. Whether they were caught in the attack or not, the Captain would not allow Yoshirou's attack to go to waste. "Hado #4, Byakurai." He would announce as the two seconds were nearly over, a beam of bright blue light bursting its way towards the skull of his enemy, aiming to pierce it and cause serious, fatal damage to his brain. "I'm surprised you actually wanted to save me. I'd kill me if I had an open window to." He would say out loud to his ally. After he would say it he would retreat from where he stood, moving to a nearby rooftop, one that stood just a building apart from Yoshirou's own, making him to the left side of the Captain. "I trust you can handle him. I would continue fighting him but.." A scream of pain would suddenly make itself known, interrupting Aiden's dialogue as his left arm would tear off his right, a mess of blood and torn skin being left behind as the pain forced him to one knee, where he would breathe heavily. His right arm would fall to the ground next to him as his Shikai deactivated itself, making his left arm dissolve into nothingness, leaving him completely arm-less. "...I'm missing my arms at the moment." He would finish, wincing through the pain as he stayed on his knee, doing both a mixture of moaning and chuckling at the same time.
  7. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    It'll have to be Jazmin Yoshirou Aiden so that way Yoshi isn't skipped this time around.
  8. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    The winds of Tenran was an unintentionally perfect setting for Aiden, whom of which took notice of how it caught the surrounding ashes and smoke, creating a thick smokescreen between both he and the Demon. Already, in the midst of the use of his Hado, Aiden's blade would be raised, the sharp, refined steel resting over the Captain's shoulder for a moment. Being a skilled practitioner in Zanjutsu was something the Captain took pride in, and he aimed to use this smokescreen to his advantage and slice the invader in two from where the Captain stands and end it. A Captain's Zanpakuto increases not only in strength, but also in size as the Shinigami progresses, and it is said that when one reaches the status of a Captain, their blades are generally as large as skyscrapers, though condensed down in order for the blades to actually be weldable. This however has created a Zanjutsu technique in itself, one which is useful for wishing to take the opponent off guard via the element of surprise. Quickly lowering his recently grown left arm, Aiden's badly burned right arm would quickly swipe from side to side, his blade's length extending at a near-blinding speed, quickly reaching the other side of the street as it swiped through the ash and smoke in an attempt to slice his opponent in two. As this occurred, however, he would see a blanket of hellish flames scatter apart as the spear the was apparently launched towards him at around the same time connected with his blade, though as physical objects would always push through objects of energy in terms of force, his blade wouldn't have much of an issue winning over the contact with the launched projectile, his blade continuing its course. Should his opponent be struck by the attack, they would most certainly either be sliced in two or lose a limb and have their stomach area cut into at least half of the way. As the Captain's blade quickly reverted to the previous length, he would laugh lightly, his Spiritual pressure remaining completely released, though oddly enough retaining itself at a shorter range around the Captain. Abilities Used: Agitowari- WikiDefinition- The practitioner bisects an opponent from the jaw down the length of the body with a single sword strike. (In the anime, Shiba Isshin shows how it is done against an Imperfect Arrancar.
  9. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden would be taken off guard after he witnessed his opponent's right arm being thrown back. He hadn't noticed in time the enemy's left hand, which had reached outwards, grabbing the air, seemingly. What was a confusing and odd gesture to make however would make far more sense soon enough, as chains that were seemingly invisible would be visible once more, causing the Captain's blade to graind against the metallic links, creating a sickening sound of metal clashing with metal, the sickening sounds only being furthered amplified from the links also hitting and rubbing against one another from the impact, rattling. Along with this happening Aiden would turn his head away to the left, the right side of his face and head getting immediately burned from the flying hot coals and embers, resulting in first degree burns, which would make the Captain in turn reel backwards, snarling. Fire would already be spewing from his enemy's mouth as Aiden was reeling back, attempting to retreat a short distance so he can quickly recover, though he wouldn't get far enough in a fast enough amount of time to complete avoid the Hellfire spewing from his enemy's mouth, as he can already feel the sharp, burning, lingering pain overcoming his right him, his very skin feeling as though it is cracking and charring from the intense heat, his right hand and the lower portion of his forearm receiving the most damage with the skin of his hand nearly melting to the handle of his blade, making his hand refuse to release its grip. Aiden would be already in motion, however, as he would end up retreating backwards at around fifteen feet before quickly dashing to the right at around ten feet, avoiding the flames which would go ram itself into a home behind him, damaging it further and setting it aflame. Glaring at his enemy, he would see the male's left arm in worse shape than his own, with but bone being left from the flames that took place. Aiden's smile would widen, though it would be misplaced and pained, almost looking as though he both hated it and enjoyed it at the same time. The ordeal of this battle already, the tricks this male of an unknown race had, judging from his shaking, burned right arm, Aiden could almost taste his end arriving, which in turn only made him wish to fight harder. "Starve, Ekirei." The Captain would proclaim, his blade wouldn't become a double-ended naginata like it used to, as in the past it had been broken, forcing it to change once more. His blade would instead remain a blade, though the handle would be extended some more, allowing for more than two hands to hold it at once if need be, while the blade itself increased by a foot and a half, making if four and a half feet in total length, with the handle included it would become five and a half feet in total, making it a long Odachi. "Dete kimasu." The Captain would proclaim, making his left shoulder begin to grow, the skin looking as though it it trying to escape the Captain. It would continue growing, bones forcing themselves in place, quickly forming a grotesque arm, one that barely even looked human, and seemingly had the bones of it protruding enough from the lack of muscle that it almost looked starved. The clawed hand would close into a tightened fist before quickly reopening, flexing itself a few times. Aiden himself would keep his blade in his badly injured right hand, though not by choice. His hand refused to open, as every time he tried his fingers wouldn't react. It seems the nerves have been fried, and the hand itself was locked to the handle of the blade tightly. "I hate using this, but I don't know what other tricks you have up your sleeve, let alone whatever the hell you are." He would proclaim, snarling at the opponent of his as his newly formed left arm pointed itself towards his enemy, the palm facing towards him. "Hado Number Fifty Eight, Tenran." As spoken, a large cone of wind would emerge like a tornado, the blast flying towards the stranger, growing larger and large as it did. It would stretch to fifty feet in length and twenty in width at full blast, damaging the homes behind Abaddon badly from the force. Abilities Used: Shikai: Ekirei(Pestilence) Aiden activates his Shikai, which would change his Zanpakuto into that of an elongated Odachi. His Shikai, which represents Pestilence, is able to conjure part of his Zanpakuto Spirit's body out of his own, along with using the gases it uses in order to slowly weaken or "sicken" the opponent. Emerge(Dete kimasu (出てきます)): An arm emerges from Aiden's body, allowing him up to three arms at once when added to the normal two, which in turn helps him with overwhelming his opponent. Hado #58, Tenran
  10. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Please refrain from posting OOCs, I am available on PMs and the IMs.
  11. Otter Aiden

    West Festung

    Simon could listen as his opponent tells him that even an immortal would make it nowhere should he fall for underestimation of his opponents, as such is the way of their universe. He did inform Simon however that he looks down on those that pretend to know what they fail to comprehend, though he still underestimates no one. If there's one thing this odd entity has learned over the millennia it is that a fool can be more dangerous than an intelligent man. The creature would go on to introduce itself as "Sama'el", repeating it for seemingly no reason as he would go on to claim that he wasn't the one that claimed the title, instead it being bestowed upon him by Simon's Human brethren due to desperation and a lack of understanding. 'An arrogant thing, this creature is..' Simon would think to himself as he kept himself ready. Seeing his opponent falling from the sky while he himself had been on the ground the entire time, the Grandmaster would quickly, with the use of Hirenkyaku, move underneath the falling enemy, where he would hold his blade upwards, the tip pointing directly up at the bottom of Sama'el. Should the enemy continue his descent straight downwards, he would surely be impaled. If Sama'el were to, however, move away from Simon's attempt to impale him, and then wished to continue his attempted attack, Simon would take notice of the faint, odd looking energy of manifesting chains attempting to trap his right leg, causing the Grandmaster to leap to the left away from them, his blade striking the chains, moving them away should they continue to try to wrap around his leg. Both cards would now be floating at this moment, one of the two ripping in half, forming itself into the appearance of the Grandmaster himself, where both the Grandmaster and the clone would stand side-by-side. The other would also rip in half, though it would combine itself with both Simon's and his illusion-created clone's blades, making them both seemingly appear to have four arms each, with two blades in total. This in itself would be the opening act in Simon's ability, to overwhelm the opponent with false tricks and illusions in order to create an opening, and with this opening act prepare, the two Grandmasters would sprint towards Sama'el, both moving in an unorthodox formation that would consist of them both switching places, their longswords twirling as their arms would move the twirling blades from the left and right sides to their opposite sides. Naturally, such a formation would make for a confusing mix, as during some moments of their mixing together, they would instead return to their previous sides, making it appear as though they still had switched places.
  12. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden hoped this yellow-eyed villain will prove to be less of a waste of his time. Readying his sword, the Captain watched as his opponent would raise his left fist, firing a beam of some sort, one which resembled the Fourth Hado, Byakurai, at his stomach. Quickly the Captain would move at full speed towards the beam, though he wouldn't take it head-on, but instead weaving to his left, moving straight towards the right side of his opponent. "Hado Number One, Sho." The Captain would exclaim quickly and silently, his lips barely moving as his pointer finger, which was raised from the handle of his blade, would fire a condensed blast of energy towards the blade of his opponent from but a ten foot distance away, the Captain himself flying in just behind it. Should the blast collide with the opponent's blade, Aiden's own blade would force an attempt upon slicing the enemy's stomach open via a horizontal slash. The objective was to eliminate this person as quickly as possible, and the Captain wished to do just that.
  13. Otter Aiden

    Hell on earth the Exodus of Wrath

    Aiden, emerging from the deserted streets nearby via an alleyway into the destroyed street itself, would take notice of yet another portal emerging from above, where another male wearing black robes would appear, his Spiritual pressure being far more dark an oppressive than that of a normal Shinigami's. This male would land upon the ground around fifty feet or so away from the Captain, the surviving wolves fleeing back to Hell all the while. 'So.. This one is the one in charge..' The Captain would think as he slowly withdrew his blade, holding it within his right hand. His opponent had already held his within his own right hand, the two being similar in this, though the difference in the similarity being that the Captain, a man without a left arm, could no longer be ambidextrous. He could hear the male tell him that he will dispatch him quickly as a courtesy of Hell, readying his blade all the while. Smiling, Aiden could only glare into the opponent's yellow eyes. The Captain's grey eyes, eyes which would glare at the enemy as they locked onto his own yellow eyes, would not both assessing anything more than where the male's blade is visibly held. Keeping his guard up, Aiden would exclaim. "I needed a new Vice Captain. My old one has already reached the more disgusting stages of decaying." He was growing to the idea of not having a left arm, as it proved to be good bait for those wishing to find a weak point that can be exploited, though any good fighter would know that they should either cover or exploit their own weaknesses for their own advantages, and choosing not to obtain a prosthetic limb would leave the Captain with only one choice, the latter.