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    Notable Hollow/arrancar Characters

    Name: Solrin Zerkerat Race: Adjuchas hollow / not ever planing to become an arancar Location: wandering the human world Aspect of death: None Appearance: he has the lower body from the waist down that of resembles a rat. upper body close to that of a human with a bone like structure like battle armor with poledren's as part of his chest. the mask depicts a frown at the mouth, no nose and a single eye in the middle. the mask wraps around forming what look's like rat ears. the tail that comes out around the mid spine is 4 feet long and scaled with a hole in the tip of it.also has a working pare of 2 1/2 foot white feathered wings just below the shoulder blades. in all he is 3 feet 2 inch's mostly pale gray all over with some dark gray fur accents and white marks forming a half halo on the mask and a cross on his chest. he stands strait and the rat like leg lengthened to fit. Bio: he dose not remember his past as a human but know's he is not like other hollows. he dose not crave human souls unless they are turning in to a hollow them self's. he also fills an overwhelming sense to protect spirits and humans and consume the hollows that go after them. he wonders the human world looking for spirits to save and or protect them avoiding any soul reaper that comes near except for one. the one soul reaper caught him defending spirit fighting off minos and lesser hollow from consuming the spirit witch drew them in like flies. after the fight the soul reaper was injured and he helped him nursing him till he was fit and the soul reaper left thanking nothing but he was there listening. Powers and ability's: Extreme speed, fast regeneration, suppress his presence. normal cero and a White bala from my tail
  2. As aiden's sword cuts the Rinkais hand blood coated his sword. in the air unable to dodge the coming blow rinkai turned his head as the blade left his and heading for his jaw line> rinkai attempts to bite down on the blade to stop the inevitable. as he bites down his teeth scraps and catches the blood lubricating the swing though. the strength of this captains swing goes through the flesh and bone like butter. decapitating RinKai and the parasitic hollow in is mouth sending the to part of his head flying towards the captain commanders chambers. the falls to the ground limp thick blood very slowly coming out on aidens feet.
  3. as aiden got to the end of talking Rinkai goes limp again shoulders low, knees bent, back hunched, neck down, and arms hanging, never leaving eye contact. as aedin moves towards him and thrust his sword Rinkai lift his left hand and jumps forward to aedin impaling his left hand on aedins sword, Rinkai push's his hand all the way down to the hilt and guard while also avoiding the throat thrust. when Rinkai's hand i to the bottom he grab's the guard of the sword with the impaled hand. grinning with no show of pain still looking aiden in the eye's jumps up while still hold aedins sword guard thrust his spear towards aidens knees. Rinkais mouth opens getting ready for the trip down looking to sink his teeth in aiden's throat. for that brief moment revealing his tongue witch also had a mouth and what looks like a mask in some way.
  4. At the sound of his Name Rinkai stopped and stood oddly straight. Rinkai turned his head to look behind him but it was off it didn't stop where it should at almost 180 degrees it stopped looking the captain right in the eye's with his hollow empty stare. "you know this shell... wait no i should say you know me? yes yes that's it that's it" Rinkai sead sounding like rinkai but if heard close it sounds like a voice is hidden behind it. Rinkai's body snap's around to mach his head and points his spear right at the captian. " why do you draw tour sword when you know 'me' we are how you say friends right" Rinkai voiced towards the captain with a strange attraction to the word me. Then he whispers like to him self not knowing how load e really is. "the name must be in this head yes this head holds names. 'i smell sweet blood.' NO! not now must find name" He grins as if he just found it "Aiden" out load saying as like to finish what he was telling him earlier. Rinkai starts to move toward aiden grin still strong on his face and an odd sense of friend ship with a slight mix of blood-lust hidden behind it. " come on friend, put your sword away and lets. how do you say it, oh talk" he say's as he lower his spear yet still dose not seem unguarded. As rinkai got closer to aiden. aiden would notice that Rinkai's armor was cracked and chipped all over witch is strange for Rinkai as he love's the armor and is know for a near perfect defense. As rinkai gets within 5 feet of aiden he stops. still covered in blood rinkai speaks "my friend yes, i didn't kill these men and eat the soft moist flesh of that one with the sweet blood no no, yes no yes, the man who tasted the dead sweet man ran that way yes yes that way" he then points his finger off in a random direction towards twelfth squad barracks still staring still oddly grinning waiting for whats to come next.
  5. Solrin

    New Features

    will there ever be raids for humans
  6. After years RinKai appears from his long journey he has been on. Shoulders slumped eyes glazed and the look and Aura of madness and insanity about him. He starts to chuckle as he raises his spear and impales a squad member on guard duty. Rinkai didnt care as he smiles and grabs the guard as he fall's. he then sunk his teeth in to the dead mans neck. he ripps the dead man away taking the chuck that Rinkai has in is mouth and starts to chew. After a moment Rinkai swallows "the flesh taste so good the blood so sweet the smell of death compels me." sead Rinkai as he smiled and chuckled even louder. Rinkai starts walk exuding large amounts of spirit and insanity looking for a sweeter source of flesh and blood. as he passed others he would keep going not caring the he was coverd in blood and if some one tryed to stop him he would attack them leaving blood and body parts scattered. on the walls and ground. "i must find the tastyist the juciyist the sweetist of blood and flesh." rinkai sead softly as the last man's head roles past his feet. Out of no where he yells "the blood so sweet so fresh so good must have more of the best the blood so good so sweet" and he laugh's loud as it ehco's far and starts to move again.
  7. After some time Rinkai stood "there we go" he sead as a loud clank came from the door. a pillow of dust blasted in to the room as the heavy steel door was opened. on the other side a light flared up revealing a long stairwell leading down further than ether one of them could see. RinKai resisted being sick as the feeling of death and a strong smell of decay came out the now open door "grab that corpse we will need him" Rinkai sead putting a cloth over his nose and mouth heading down the dimly lit stairwell "oh and watch for traps i dont know how many still work"he sead before covering almost getting sick again.
  8. Solrin

    Colosseum Tournament Sign Up

    if its not to late ill join in
  9. Rinkai looked up as the man that just came in fell dead with a whole in his chest from Aidens attack "its already starting but how did he find me so fast" Rinkai sead as he walked over to the corpse. Rinkai nelt next to the man and look at his face 'alvito? no it couldn't' Rinkai grabbed the mans face and pull 'a mask' Rinkai stood up "no wonder he was my captors servant if he knew then there will be more. lets just hope the others get here before they find the place" OOc you can post a reply but after im going to wait for the other invited if they dont show ill keep going OOC-2 just a lil longer its taking more time then i thought
  10. "yes and no" Rinkai slammed his fist in to the door and the manor shook "this is a replica of my home in the human world but here it was my prison beyond this door my cell my captor built this place to torture me to make me remember the slaughter of my mother my father my brother even the dog right in front of my eyes" Rinkai slammed his fist again and the manor shook harder this time blood ran down his hand "Did you know i was five when that happened but i remember it like it happened five min ago and now i know why he kept me" he smiled a sad smile tears runing down his face "for the next two days if im killed my power can be extracted and adsorbed by the one who kills me and i dont know how many know this. in turn if i find and rend my captor's soul i can take some of his in turn that bastard" Rinkai crouched and began to examine the door again NPC: a man who looked like Alvito walks thru the front door hand on the hilt of his sheath sword eyes right at rinkai "iv come to collect something you have for me" the man started walking dangerously towards RinKai Smiling.
  11. RinKai let aiden go and removed his spear "sorry had to make sure its you. any way follow me" he started walling to the steel door out of place as it is in this place. Rinkai tapped on it three times before turning to aiden "do you know what this is and who's home this used to be" RinKai turned back to the door looking for a way to unlock it and open it since its impossible to destroy it. "oh and keep an eye out theres others coming treat them as i did you if they enter make sure they carry my note if not kill them on the spot"
  12. Rinkai caught Aiden as hes was coming in. he spun Aiden around pinning him to the wall with his 3 foot spear blade tip at his neck "show me the note i need proof that you are who you look like" Rinkai held him there waiting with fury and fear plainly on his face as he thought 'please let this be aiden and not an impostor'
  13. OOC invite only pm me if you want in Abandoned manor RinKai walks in to what once used to be a bedroom.the was a dusty child's bed in the corner missing one of ts legs. other then that there was nothing else you could make out except rubble. dust was thick in the air as RinKai walk over to the bed picking up bords and any thing flat 'This will do' he thought as he put what he grabbed under the beds broken leg. he sat down then pulled out to sheets of parchment from his satchel and began to write[ come to the abandoned manor 15 miles in the south forest of district 15 singed RinKai] he rolled up the 2 notes and sealed the off with ribbon. Rinkai took the two rolled up notes and put them to the ground and pushed melding the notes to where laaniie and aiden where at. Rinkai stands up pulling out his spear "i wonder if my cell is still in the basement" he begins to move in to the hall then down the stairs to the first floor stopping in front of a door made of spirit infused steel. he run's his hands across the door. memory's flooded in from when i was kidnapped and locked away here beyond the door. rinkai remembers having to fight for his life every day just to have food to eat for his captor would send live beast in to the cell and tell us it was food. Rinkai slam's his fist in to the door. he walks away from the steel door to stand by the front door standing waiting for his guest to show even tho they would have a spear to there neck until the letter was shown back to him.
  14. Solrin

    Captain's Office

    "fine but ill pick the location and ill send you word later of where it is"RinKai leaves poping his head back in to the desk.
  15. Solrin

    Captain's Office

    RinKai poked his head from inside laaniies desk "oh aiden i didnt know you were here" RinKai lied. he was there the whole time waiting for him or another captain to come in. "well any way i have somthing important to discuses, somthing if the wrong person found out i would be hanged on the spot" Rinkai barley kept his voice strait but his face was showing fear.