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    Genetic experiment mix Shinigami,Arrancar and Bound power

    Bakud�:#81. Dankū,#79. Kuy� Shibari
    Had�:#33. S�katsui ,#96. Itt� Kas�,#90. Kurohitsugi,Jūgeki Byakurai (Kaiz� Kid�)
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    Name: Izanami
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  1. well..hey Zoro idonr know you and you dont know me but hi xD
  2. Izanami

    Captaincy Battle

    ooc-boooring battle xD here dear x3
  3. Izanami

    Captaincy Battle

    ooc-yup wanna popcorne ?
  4. Izanami

    Captaincy Battle

    what iam doing here -look all-well i dont cere
  5. Izanami

    Captaincy Battle

    srry i com here but Akira for captain you must doing captain test now Gotei 13 chenge captain options idk whu is it but sombody doing so now oyu must doing captain test and it you past you can be captain
  6. sight....nothing new here
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