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    Biggest Fear: haveing a Quincy steal my Bankai :c
    Dream: Become the Strongest
    Status: Lonely
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    ID: 123237
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Who needs Rank
    Division: 7
    Rp profile: Stern Ritter S "The Snow"
    If anybody likes anime like me, PM me :D
  1. ShiroYuki

    Squad 7 Chat

    Hey does anybody here like to play Yu-gi-oh and Play it on Dueling network, if anybody does, would you like to join a clan i'm creating, its called the Gotei 13 Clan, heres the Website for it Free forum : Gotei 13 still isn't complete :c
  2. Isn't this a school, then why are people talking about marrage O_O
  3. ShiroYuki

    Squad 7 Chat

    So, lance and aless are getting married? O_O
  4. "Don't Blame me, i was trying to help, now wheres my Zanpaktou?"
  5. If lance is the principal, where dead, btw, how did i end up here, last thing i know was that i was in a very dark place talking to a bird, and touching a fat statue
  6. I can see!!!, I'm free!!.......wheres the statue? *sees lance in a Cell, draws out his zanpaktou and cuts the cell*, now your free too!
  7. OMG I CAN SPEAK WITH BIRDS!!!!, too much cheetos! *While he was yelling he lost sight of the bird* , "oh well, back to plan A, Blowing everything up"
  8. Well, Aless will probably kill me but i feel it's necasary to blow up this statue, i'll make it up to here with a better statue, one a lttle less fat
  9. ....Ok enough Dr. pepper for me ("I think i'm going crazy")....
  10. *touchs what he bumped into*, i think its a statue, who ever disigned it made it a little to fat.....
  11. *bumps into something*, mortal is that you?
  12. Somebody turn on the lights!!, i'v been lost in here for 3 days! :c
  13. We have a chat room o.O
  14. ShiroYuki

    Squad 7 Chat

    I have no words for what i just saw and heard
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