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  1. Yoshirou’s attack had speed, precision and a surprise but it was far from enough. Trapping the enemy’s sword Yoshi immediately attacks the opening he skillfully created. Unfortunately it got him nowhere as he watched on in disbelief at how easily the Espada level Arrancar countered his attack; as though the Noble was moving in slow motion. First readjusting his grip, on the Kido Commanders Zanpakuto, Monk began to lift the weighted swords. With little effort he managed to instantly pull free from the immense weight that Yoshirou modified after having already experiencing the strength of the monster before him. He wasn't underestimating his opponent but he was far stronger, faster, and skilled than Yoshi thought possible. “Impossible,” Yoshirou shouts questioning the sight before him but it does little to slow Monk down. With his hand some how grabbing the blade as it barely pierces him the attack comes to a complete stop. Having a sense of foreboding Yoshi immediately lets go of the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto, momentarily retreating. In the next instant fire shoots out both ends of the sword, soaking the demon in energy as he unleashed his Resurreccion. Yoshi’s left hand was damaged but thankfully he let go in time to avoid receiving a serious burn. A pristine white hierro covered Monk's entire body as he takes on his new form. Leaning in with an uppercut the Hollow finishes his counter attack. Having already but a little distance between them Yoshirou was able to avoid the attack, one that could have easily devastated him. Suddenly the newly reformed Arrancar turns his attention to something brewing in the sky. Like Yoshirou he was able to sense the build up and fusion of different energies. Taking this moment of reprieve Yoshirou quickly releases his Shikai. The release was expertly controlled, using the energy to help heal his wounds, instead of as an attack. A silhouette of shadowy fire replaced the Zanpakuto Yoshi held in his right hand. Like Monk the superficial wounds he’s received vanish without a trace, as if hitting the reset button. Not only has the strength and ability of his Zanpakutos changed but also his power over gravitons, enhancing his current skill set as well as giving him new ones. Not only could he increase and decrease weight but gravitons also allowed him to push, pull, repel, levitate objects, fly, create barriers, and a few other gravity-defying acts. By far the deadliest and most used was Kosumosu’s passive ability to absorb/devour. Leaping with far more power than before Monk evades the compact ball of energy. Seeing an opportunity present arise, Yoshirou prepares himself. The highly volatile arrow strikes the ground exploding with the force of a large bomb. Immediately dust and debris is kicked up and is expanding with the explosion, sending out an omni directional shockwave. As the blast wave continues to spread, just before reaching Yoshirou he takes a step and thrust his Zanpakuto forward. With a speed neigh impossible to match Yoshi’s sword devours without prejudice. Fire, smoke, dust, and other debris are all absorbed while not only shielding him from harm but also increasing his power and reserves. With his sight now unobstructed Yoshirou can see the other two still in heated battle. It was imperative that he returned to the fray as soon as possible. With Monk in his Resurreccion form and Metabee without his Zanpakuto he was at a severe disadvantage against the mad titian. With a surplus of energy Yoshi flies towards the two combatants at speeds unreachable in his sealed state. Kosumosu carved up the terrain as he drugged it behind him the entire way; absorbing everything in its path. With each passing yard Yoshirou could feel the power swelling up in side him, even still Yoshirou knew he wouldn’t make it time to help out with the scuffle unless he attacked now. Placing his left hand on the hilt of his sheathed Zanpakuto, Yoshirou unleashes two slashes before returning it to its sheath. The skill and speed of the slash made it appear as if he only removed it half way from the scabbard before changing his mind and sheathing it. The laijutsu type attack created two wind like blades that he aimed at the back of Monk’s knee. Seeing his comrade in a rough spot he tried to help out. While the attack wouldn’t do much to an opponent of Monk’s level of durability it could achieve some effect. The idea was to force the Arrancar’s stance to falter, lessening the strength behind his primitive yet powerful kendo strike.
  2. Much to Yoshirou’s surprise Metabee relinquishes his Zanpakuto instead of using the demon arts. He was a little disappointed but if any Shinigami could go without their Zanpakuto it was the Commander of Kido. Not only was his knowledge and skills in the arts vast but he could also create weapons making it impossible to truly disarm him. Even still Yoshirou didn’t hesitate in the slightest showing pose and confidence as he relied on Hoho to close the small gap between them. Raining down both Zanpakutos, Yoshi attacks right along side his comrade. It was there first fight as a team but it would further help strengthen there new friendship and build and enduring bond. With a move that would be tough even for a zanjutsu master, Monk adjusts his swing mid air, ducking down and blocks all the incoming attacks. With a strength that classified him as a true monster, Monk unleashes the potential energy built up in his legs propelling him high into the sky; forcing all the swords away from him. “Espada!?” says Yoshi unintentionally. Wasting no time Yoshirou dashes for the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto. If he was right and he was an Espada it was all the more reason to keep him from it. No, even if he wasn’t part of that group he was surely an Espadas equal. Such thoughts only brought more questions like- were they back together? how many are there? whose leading them, ect. That was only the tip of the iceberg but now was not the time for distractions. Sheathing his left sword Yoshirou picks up the enemies Zanpakuto while Monk hovers over the battlefield charging a cero. Also known as doom blast, it was a deadly attack but as long as neither of them was caught off guard it was something they could manage. Monk launches the cero at Metabee most likely because of his close proximity and or lack of Zanpakuto. However unfortunate, the Shinigami’s were blessed that they didn’t have to worry about civilians caught in the attack nor the damage to the buildings as they were all dead and mostly destroyed now. Using his spiritual energy as a launching pad Monk hurls himself towards Yoshirou before his cero had even exploded. The Hollow hits the ground charging like a bull seeing only red. Yoshi steadied his stance as he prepares to receive the madman’s charge. With his spiritual pressure flowing out of him Yoshi remained composed when facing the brutish strength of his opponent. In the hands of the enemy, his Advisor’s Zanpakuto comes bearing down upon him. Shuffling both feet to the left, Monk’s right, Yoshirou swings his Zanpakuto, in an arcing motion, intercepting the attack. Unlike before, Yoshirou's spiritual energy is flowing through him allowing him to manipulate gravitons within a certain distance. In his current form that distance was only extend to things he touches or is in contact with. Upon clashing swords Yoshirou would force his opponents sword to the ground making it almost impossible to move via gravitons, while thrusting the Zanpakuto in his left hand, at Monk’s right side, with enough power to pierce even an Espada. Once again Yoshirou caused Monk’s attack to go across his body, hopefully causing him to release Metabee's Zapakuto, which was his initial goal. Then Monk would have to twist to try and reposition himself before he could attempt his uppercut; which he wasn’t planning on dodging but instead relying on his offense as defense. This would hopefully give Yoshi plenty of time to penetrate the Hollow with his own weapon in either his side or chest. After the thrust reached its peak he would significantly increasing its gravity immediately ripping the sword downward, tearing apart everything it touched. If Monk still managed the uppercut despite the damage it would connect with Yoshi’s chin as he chose to deal damage over avoiding the punch; though with tremendously less force than Monk intended. The uppercut would have to fight through gravity and Yoshi's sword attacks to reach its target. Even still it would have caused Yoshirou to take a few steps back had he not been increasing gravity at that point. He immediately spits out blood, which now ran from his mouth and the gash on his chin. Going on the defensive Yoshi used shunpo to momentarily create some breathing room. Each target had just struck at each other and now standing roughly ten yards away Yoshi was assessing the outcome. Yoshirou’s jaw was not broken but had a deep laceration on it which blood freely flowed from. There were also minor cuts on both his upper and lower lips but with some focus he was able to stop all the bleeding. By no means were the cuts gone but he at least didn’t have to worry about losing too much blood. “Release me and finish this nonsense,” says Kosumosu. As Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto spirits they hated seeing him injured. “I was hoping that Metabee and I could land a crippling blow so that we could capture him and get answers before killing him but he’s too strong for that. I sense that like a wild animal even if seriously injured he would fight to the death,” Yoshirou thinks replying to his Zanpakuto…
  3. The fight was intense from the get go. With the Arrancar taking on two senior level Captains it was not going to be easy. That was evident from all the minor wounds Monk was receiving as he was now stuck from behind. Yoshirou’s kick was successful sending his him a few yards off. Although the damage was small the attack separated the Hollow from his sword. Even for a master at hakuda losing one’s Zanpakuto was a significant blow preventing you from unleashing your true power. No matter how formidable you were, you were always stronger with it. Metabee launched a kido while Yoshi charged in right behind it ready to follow up with his attack. Just before the lightning would hit his mark, Monk vanished from site. The pair had finally forced him to rely on a high-speed movement technique, further showing that they had the upper hand... for now. What was more astonishing was the fact that Monk was doing so well despite the odds stacked against him. Apparently he did come here with what it takes to back his words. As Yoshirou initiated his downward slash Monk reappears to his right looking for an opening to take advantage of. The Zanpakuto strikes the ground with thunderous force easily splitting the ground in two, shaking the earth around them. It was at that moment Monk swung aiming for Yoshirou’s elbow. Shunpo was the best and only way to avoid the attack without taking damage but that would have put needless distance between them. Instead of creating distance Yoshi releases his, blackish bluish, spiritual pressure in a rapid burst. The idea was to use the influx in gravity, as well as the unstable terrain to throw off the trajectory of Monk’s fist. While the quick thinking tactic diverted Monk’s hand enough to miss its target, Yoshirou didn’t come out unscathed. The attacked hit and brushed off the back of his right hamstring. Immediately a sharp tingly sensation shot through his leg. If Yoshirou didn’t witness it himself he would have sworn he was hit with a blunt object like a bat instead of barehanded attack. Yoshirou takes a step forward continuing with the forward momentum from his initial attack putting him more to Monks side. The second he puts weight on his right leg he limps and unintentionally takes a second step forward. “Son of a…” he thinks to himself. Luckily he knew his leg wasn’t broken. The pain was sharpest when weight was applied to it similar to being dead legged. Where someone either knees or elbows you really hard in the upper leg, in the front or the back, penetrating deep into the muscle. You’d easily feel the pain for the rest of the day but especially when walking making it feel as if one of your legs were dead weight. If you’ve never experience this then count yourself lucky though you can give yourself or someone a small taste of it by simply leaning on their quad with your elbow. I promise you even a small amount of pressure is good enough to make the other person scream out in pain, surprised by it. Although Yoshirou did not scream out he knew for certain that he was hit. “Even two on one he’s good enough to constantly keep us on guard,” he thinks never taking his eyes off Monk who was now reengaged with Metabee. “If circumstances where different you would have been an amazing sparring partner.” Or so were his thoughts as he unsheathed his second Zanpakuto switching his style to Nihado, also known as ‘The Way of Two Blades’. With his spiritual pressure currently flowing at its peak Yoshirou was able to take some of the pressure off his right leg though he wouldn’t be attacking with in anytime soon. The time for assessing the others abilities were over; the real fight starts now. Monk blocks the Commanders first swing and reaches out grabbing hold of Metabee’s Zanpakuto. Yoshirou chose this moment to attack, not because he was concerned for his comrade’s safety but he was predicting an opening that would soon be there. Yoshi considered what he would do if a physically stronger opponent attempted to grab his weapon and acted accordingly. It was actually a kido Metabee already used once so you could say it as Monk’s first mistake; Hado # 11. Whether it’s what Metabee does or not Yoshirou commits to the attack taking advantage of the struggle for the sword. Using shunpo Yoshirou appears to Monk’s right side with speeds faster than before. Although his leg was injured he was still faster using shunpo than without and the fact that his leg wasn’t actually broken helps. Appearing with both swords raised to opposite sides Yoshirou strikes, downward and diagonally; with a move he calls Basami. The skill uses two simultaneous slashes coming from opposite directions making it difficult to defend against both attacks. What makes it special is that each attack comes in at varying angles that could be changed. The one incoming from the front was at a sixty-degree angle while the one racing towards his backside was at a forty-five degree angle. Not only did it make a perfect defense harder it insured that the blades wouldn’t collide together but instead make an imperfect (X). Even if Monk manages to get Metabee’s Zanpakuto away from him and attempts to behead Yoshi, the attack would be blocked by the frontal slash while the other rear one find its mark. If either attack hits flesh they should pack enough force to bisect its target; or at the very least cause serious injury. If Monk avoids the attack by retreating Yoshirou would allow it this time. Instead of perusing him Yoshi would shunpo and retrieve Monk’s Zanpakuto while he would sheath his left one in order to do so. The sword was behind both of the Shinigamis so there was little hope Monk would be successful just rushing in for it. If Yoshirou couldn’t do any physical damage then he would take the source of his power reserves, equally crippling him. If the Basami was merely avoided by stepping to either side Yoshirou would readjust his positioning and strike again. He would quickly bring both Zanpakutos together, to his right, then swing them diagonally upwards. Since both swords were already at a lowered position Yoshi was able to instantly and gracefully execute the attack like a true Zanjutsu Master. After the attack Yoshirou would return both Zanpakutos to the ready as he prepared for his next attack.
  4. New Eyes in Hueco Mundo

    From Birth to First Kill Darkness, absolute darkness; a space so void of light that it achieves absolute black, an impossibility on Earth. But in Hueco Mundo it was a feat commonly reached in the voids of the Forest of Menos. The only signs of light was the unimaginable darkness bouncing of eight small reflective surfaces… I open my eyes for the first time but immediately I’m confused. Some how I know it’s completely dark but I can see as if it’s the peek of day. Even more I can see in a three hundred and sixty degree radius with high depth and extremely vivid details. Its obvious some things different but the harder I try to think about events prior to now the more my head hurts. “What and where am I?” It seems those thoughts don’t cause any pain. In fact some how I know the answers making the questions irrelevant. I’m a newborn spider type Hollow in a place called Hueco Mundo, more specifically the Forest of Menos. That and my every instinct right now is telling me to feed. I am hungry but my urge to hunt feels more powerful. Perhaps that’s my instincts telling me to fight and grow stronger. Well no point in over thinking it, food sounds good anyways. Stepping out of the pit of darkness I find it quite unnatural how natural I could walk with eight legs. But that in it self was strange. I had just been born and had always been a spider so why did it all seem like it was only partially true. Again an intense pain shoots through my head. “Ok, ok I wont think about the past," I tell myself while moving along the forest floor. I made sure to move as quietly and stealthily as possible. And with eight eyes and legs the speed at which I could do so was incredible for being a new born. It only took a few minutes before I came across a fellow Hollow. It looked like some sort of rodent, like a raccoon, chipmunk, fox hybrid or something. For now it doesn’t notice me as its busy feasting on a carcass that looks like it had been dead for days; with its head so far in its stomach it wasn’t surprising. Without hesitation I climb the tree in front of me. Again the eight legs make it particularly easy to move even on vertical surfaces so I easily made it to the top without being noticed. Making my way to a branch that overhung where the rodent dined my preparations were complete. Attaching a piece of web to the branch, like it was second nature, I slow start descending. The further down I go the faster my heart races. Although I have all the instincts for the hunt this was still my first kill. I was both excited and nervous but most of all I was hungry. That hunger allowed me to suppress those feelings and hone in on nothing but the target. My heart stop racing as I dropped on top of my unsuspecting victim, dinner would be mine… Everything after that point moved on autopilot as my instincts took over my entire body. My fangs easily sank into the back of his neck as the rodent feasted without the slightest suspicion. Immediately the venom from my fangs seeped into his body quickly paralyzing him and causing the area around the bite to start breaking down. Finishing up the hunt that was more like an assassination six of my legs quickly spin its body wrapping it in webbing. Just like that his life was gone and his body now encased in a coffin of webbing. Furrowing my non existing brow I drop to the ground and inspected the web treads which looked like tiny metal fibers. Despite being so tiny they were very sticky and durable, like threads of kevlar or chainmail dipped in bacterial glue. Luckily my spider legs are able to cut right through them otherwise I would have acquired food with no way to eat it. Taking its body back up into the tree I fest for the first time enjoying the spoils of my first kill. OOC> wanted to try first person. i've been reading a lot of JP light novels and web novels
  5. Monk took a second to answer Yoshirou’s questions once again. It was most likely done to reassess the situation than a courtesy to the Noble. He stated how it was foolish to let a potential enemy live or energy go to waste. Yes Monk was a demon but more than that he was a madman. Such a life style had to be harsh and lonely forcing Monk to live in solitude and slowly lose his mind. During the conversation there were a few times Monk swung his sword displaying the strength behind it. It was likely done involuntarily, similar to an animal with rabies or a human with the tourette syndrome. What most caught Yoshirou’s ear was the repeated mention of a phantom. “This phantom… is it an actually being, or is it just a figment of your imagination?” he asks though before Monk could answer this time, Metabee charged in attacking. It didn’t make a difference because it was obviously a question you couldn’t ask the person in suspicion. Of course most wouldn’t admit to seeing things and wouldn’t really know if they were or not. The exchange of blows lasted only a moment and for a second it appeared that Metabee had the upper hand. Monk being extremely athletic and resourceful managed to maneuver in away that avoided much damage and even responds with a counter. It was at that moment Yoshi made his move. With plenty of time and his opponents back Yoshirou attacks. With Metabee engaged Yoshi couldn’t risk using a powerful kido or a deadly zanjutsu skill. The battle was too early to be desperate and risk injuring a comrade. Of course all that could change in an instant so the sooner they could end the fight the better. Closing the distance in what appeared to be a single step Yoshirou materialized behind the Arrancar. An attack now was almost a guarantee but noting in life was ever certain. With a right round house kick his target was Monks left side ribcage, going for the same area that was exposed before. If the kick hit its mark it would have enough force to send Monk tumbling off further separating him from his Zanpakuto; but with his strength and hierro it was probably just a few yards. It was all that was need, Yoshirou immediately charged in, with his left hand raised above his head. Quickly closing the gap Yoshi brings down his sword in a single slice going for quality instead of quantity. The speed and power of the swing was greatly enhanced through his power over gravity. Without his Zanpakuto Monk had little hope of stopping the attack. Even with it he would still be hard press to block the strike but with the depths of Monks strength unknown anything was possible. If the roundhouse kick was avoided Yoshirou would still follow up with the same descending slash, closing whatever distance the Arrancar attempts to make. Like Monk, Yoshirou was fully confident in close range combat. Truth be told Yoshi preferred close to mid range combat over long range battles. It was nothing surprising as that was the sweet spot for most fighters and warriors.
  6. Not only did Monk have strength but also his speed wasn’t bad either. Proving his reflexes Monk avoids the kido at near point blank range. It was a difficult move that could only be pulled off by someone with vast fighting experience. A trait common for all Hollows as their entire life is one fight to the next. At least the majority of other races had the choice to be a warrior or not but for Hollows it was already made for them. Like anticipated the Arrancar closes the gap but is quickly met with a swing from Yoshirou’s sword. His target takes the full force of the blow but besides a slight readjustment he was unflinching. It was confirmed now. From his physique to his fighting style it was all centered around strength. It was a more straight forward approached but in overwhelming quantities it was as deadly as any other ability; and in most cases more versatile. It was then that Metabee made his presence known taking advantage of the clash between the others. The tip of his blade connects with its mark but before it could penetrate his hierro Monk twisted his body avoiding serious injury. The blade ran across his skin tearing his robe making a metal on metal sound proving just how hard his hierro really is. Monk then shoves his blade towards Yoshirou, winning the sword clash and proving to be the stronger one. Yoshi stood his ground but his sword hand had been pushed backwards from the force. Twisting and leaning in the Arrancar reaches for Yoshirou’s left wrist. Since Monk was using his left hand he would have to reach across his body to reach Yoshirou’s left side. This would expose him giving Yoshi an open target to strike at. Balling his right fist up he immediately strikes at Monk’s exposed ribcage moments before being grabbed. “Seki,” Yoshirou says ginning, almost certain his attack would land. Being physically weak he used the kido to enhance his punch fully aware that his opponent was far stronger. The kido was a weak low level Bakudo so it most likely didn’t create much distance nor cause the Arrancar much harm. Witnessing how hard his hierro was it was probably just a nuisance rather than inflicting damage. Even if the punch missed Monk would have had to us sonido to avoid it so for the moment there was a little space between the trio. “Is that all there is to you? Kill, kill, kill,” asks Yoshirou standing beside Metabee. The sneak attack was a good idea but they could have never of guessed that the Arrancar’s hierro was so durable. With Meta revealed they had no choice but to stand side by side against the enemy. “There has to be more than that. Earlier you mentioned something about ‘whispers making us enemies’ and ‘freedom from Shinigami’. What’s that all about? This bondage of yours is only a delusion I tell you. The Gotei hasn’t been to Hueco Mundo in ages so surely your mistaken,” he says confidently. Although he was no longer a Captain his influence and position as a Noble kept him well informed. So unless there was something happening in secrete he didn’t know of any missions or trips to the other realms. It was a given that after such atrocities the Hollow would have to die but his appearance and words are still a mystery. Yoshioru then whispers to Metabee, "Be wary of his blows. They have a strength behind them I've never felt before."
  7. Monk gives a final answer but like expected the Arrancar avoids the kido. He proved his resourcefulness by hurling a nearby dead effortlessly with one hand. While it was unexpected it wasn’t surprising in the slightest. Monk showed his distaste for the dead already. Perhaps he hates it causing him to act as so. The Arrancar is quick to close the gap as if he fears a ranged battle. Like most Hollows he seems to prefer close quarter combat. It was a weakness Yoshi was able to ascertain from the get go. His judgment to follow up with kido may prove fruitful. Like any over head strike it was better to parry it to one side or the other than take it on full force. It was something he was well aware of, as it was one of his favorite strikes to use because it paired well with is ability to manipulate gravitons. Methodically, Yoshirou swings his sword parrying it to the left while side stepping to the right. In the next instant he pointed his right hand firing off that second kido. Years upon years of practice and experience made each move count for something leaving little room for wasted movement. The kido of choice that flew at, him far faster than last time was a simple yet effective, Hado called Byakurai. Going for speed and piercing abilities over impact and power the low level kido could penetrate most things it came in contact with. Whether his attack landed or miss Yoshirou would leap backwards putting just a little distance between them to assess what just happened. Although he successfully parried the sword strike it was far more powerful than it should have been. “Wow he’s no joke, what raw power,” says Kosumosu. “Yea that’s evident by the slash he left in the ground. And my wrist feels like it took ten blows just now not one,” Yoshirou quickly replies to his Zanpakutos as this was no time to have an internal conversation. Whether Monk was hit with the Hado or not if he immediately tried to close the distance and reengage with Yoshi, he would strike with a horizontal slash of his own. Upon contact he would momentarily increase the weight of his weapon increasing the power of its impact. So if he blocked it he would receive a strike equal to the one he so kindly dished out. If it hit flesh it would further increase the swords cutting capacity making it even deadlier. Although Yoshirou couldn’t match Monk in strength he had other ways he could try to bridge that gap. If Monk chose not to immediately go back to close quarters combat then Yoshirou would increase the distance between them going back to the cat and mouse game of ranged attacks and further gather information on his opponents fighting prowess. For now he knew Monk preferred to be up close and that was most likely due to his physical strength, which was clearly no joke. “Bakudo #61,” he says again pointing at Monk. But this time he switched from Hado to Bakudo in an attempt to confuse and restrain him. A spark of light would be shot out head on though Monk would be completely surrounded by five other rods heading at him. This time he would be unable to rely on debris and would be either hit by it or force to dodge. If struck Yoshirou would instantly follow up with a surprise, the incantation; attempting to give Metabee an opening to launch a surprise attack that could prove fatal. “Carriage of thunder, bridge of a spinning wheel. With light divide this into six.” It would be the last Kido Yoshi would use for now less he risked exhausting himself before the battle really started. Of course that was only if he had to use the Bakudo. While it was good to be diverse Yoshirou knew he wouldn't win a battle against such a powerful opponent without relying on his own strengths and and strong points.
  8. Much to Yoshi’s surprise he would get a response instead of being attacked. Though noting could prepare him for what he heard next. To hear his name fall out of the lips of an Arrancar was unexpected to say the least. Expecting to only get answers, Monk cause more questions to arise. Wide eyed and stunned, Yoshirou could do noting but listen in disbelief. Monk briefly described how he got here, willingly telling his story. He was either a fool or extremely confident in his strength to do so. And being that if you were to believe his story that he forcefully made a Shinigami bring him here then it was most definitely the later. The pile of dead bodies behind him only backed up his ruthlessness. “He’s only trying to anger you,” states Kosumosu. “I’ve known that since we’ve got here; and he’s doing a damn good job. You still know me better than anyone,” Yoshi says, though again it’s a conversation that only his Zanpakuto spirit can hear. Normally it is easy for Yoshirou to remain level headed but as of late he’s found himself a little rattled and not his usual. “That’ll never change,” states his Zanpakutos as if it was a given. “Thanks for the little nudge. I’ll be ok from here on,” Yoshi says like he was making a promise. The conversation that seemed to last a few seconds was actually over in an instant. Unfortunately for Yoshirou he had to listen to the laughter of a madman. The look on his face was serious enough to break the weak yet Monk paid it no care. “So you killed her too?" Yoshi says both confirming and asking at the same time. This time the Arrancar simply continues, answering this question by not answering at all. It was obvious by listening to the Hollow that his cruelty knew no bounds. Only the truly wicked could laugh and speak about death with glee. As if teaching a class, Monk gives a demonstration distorting and mocking the dead. “Unforgiveable!” Yoshi shouts though he remains calm. It there was any doubt before it was gone now. Death was to good a fate for the likes but it was one that Yoshi would exact all the same. “I have no idea how you know my name… Monk,” he says stating his name more like he was a thing than a living creature. “But I was a Captain for a long time so it’s not an impossibility. Perhaps you were some Hollow that got away and was unworthy enough to go after and now you want revenge. An Arrancar with such feelings I find a rare oddity.” With Monk’s initial plan a failure it was Yoshirou’s turn to try and provoke him in return. “In the end it matters not for I will grant you a deserving death. You should be more respectful to the dead seeing that you are so close to being united with them. But first, humor me with one more question. Are you really here just to seek me out or is there something else?” He was most curious as none of this was adding up. There was no guarantee that Monk would continue to indulge him but either way Yoshirou with drew one of his Zanpakutos and wielded it with his left hand. If Monk replies then Yoshi would wait to hear his answer otherwise he would attack right away. There were no other replies or words that needed to be said. “Hado #54 Haien,” shouts Yoshirou pointing his right hand at his target. It was unnecessary to state its name but he wanted to give Metabee a warning that the fight was starting, even if it was only a split second. The, mostly black and outlined in blue, kido known as the abolishing flame flew at Monk. It wasn’t terrible fast nor was it slow but it did pack quite the punch however. That and the fact that it was a ranged attacked was why he chose it. Even though he was nearing grandmastery in zanjutsu it was still wise to gauge your opponents abilities and reflexes first; that fact was true the stronger the adversary. So he would attempt to keep his distance for now while firing off a few kids. Although it was first and foremost a tragedy it helped knowing that he could fight without worrying about the surrounding buildings or people.
  9. Thinking likewise Metabee agrees to the plan, separating from Yoshirou and preparing himself. Yoshi presses onward knowing that every second counted. With a Hollow in Seireitei in was only a matter of time before innocent blood was spilt if it hadn’t already. Arriving at the edge of town in was obvious that he didn’t make it in time. Fresh blood stained the surroundings, saturating even the air with his pungent odor. A look of disgust is plastered all over Yoshirou’s face as his anger rises. “It’s not your fault,” says a voice that he hasn’t heard in a long while. The dual voice of his Zanpakuto twisted together sounding like a Vizard’s just not as dark. Its not that they don’t speak but in fact it is quite the opposite. The bond they share is so strong and unified that they can communicate without words. “I not so much as a fool to believe that I can prevent every death or take the blame for that matter. But it doesn’t mean it makes it easier to accept. By the feeling of it the whole village has been massacred, and for what??” Yoshi thinks so that only Kosumosu could hear. Pressing forward Yoshi enters knowing the enemy, a ruthless murder, was up ahead. Surveying the field he could see nothing but death and destruction. It reminded him of the day he returned to the Mansion and found it in shambles. Taking a deep breath Yoshi calms himself relieving some of the pressure and anger that was quickly building up. He needed to remain level headed less he risked giving the Arrancar the advantage from the start. In fact as he thought about it that was the most likely goal the enemy was attempting to accomplish on his arrival. Exiting just out of an ally way Yoshirou finally sees his target and a pile of bodies just beside him. Of course they had to be the citizens that were needlessly slaughter by the Hollow before him. Remembering to remain calm and distract the assailant Yoshi begins speaking to the Arrancar attempting to gain any information that he was willing to share. He had to stay extremely vigilant has the Hollow already had his weapon drawn. “Who are you and how did you manage to get here?” he asks looking around making sure the Hollow was alone. It was important to find out how he got there if he could so that they could address the problem before it escalated. “You had no right to kill all those people!”
  10. Yoshirou’s thoughts ran rapidly as he made his way towards the beacon of darkness. Who could it be… here of all places? What did they want and why were they calling. It’s the most accurate way to describe the situation. Some unknown presence was calling any and all who were unfortunate to hear and foolish enough to come. The last time he’s felt such evil was when a creature that went by Sama’el attacked him. The signature was clearly different and less ominous but felt just as troublesome. Appearing beside him in no time was Metabee. “There’s no doubt about it. It’s an Arrancar. But why now of all times?” Yoshirou asks rhetorically as he knew Metabee did not have the answer. With his experience and knowledge he could accurate discern spiritual pressures, so he was confident in his accusation. “I know there’s no talking our way out of this one. As a Hollow it is our duty to cleanse them. But we need a plan. It would be unwise to recklessly charge in,” he states knowing that most likely his Advisor would agree. Taking the lead Yoshi states his idea; while not perfect he felt it good enough to share. “Use Kyokko and let me confront this individual first. I will attempt to flush out as much information as possible. The moment you see an opening take it and attack.” He spoke knowing there was no honor in this fight, just one’s duty and lives to protect. The Bakudo sounds like a cheap trick but you were a fool to think a Hollow to fight fair. They continue without delay but Yoshirou remains silent so that Metabee can respond to his idea and perhaps state a plan he believes to be better. Either way they would soon arrive at the outskirts, of the town, the energy signature was coming from and needed some sort of plan or they risk “winging it.”
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    After Yoshirou’s comment about marriage the Commander responded encouraging him. There seem to be a slight miss understanding as Yoshi was not afraid to ask someone but afraid of failing to protect them when they would most need it. But before he could clear it up Meta continued with a tease following it up with the ultimate accessory. Yoshi turned bright red in the face not knowing how to respond at first. In Metabee’s hands was the holy grail of Yoshi’s weakness no any anime/manga fan, which he most definitely was. Although he’s never disclosed that secret to anyone the Commander picked up on it immediately, before they even left. Once Metabee dematerialized the cat ears hairband Yoshirou was able to regain his composure. “I’ll take a rain check for now but be prepared to fulfill that promise,” he says with excitement. The previous excitement calms down and they were about to make there way back. It was then that Metabee said a name that Yoshirou could have went an eternity without hearing again. No even that was to short of a span to describe how much he disliked that name. Yoshi quickly turns to Metabee. “That’s different. To compare Aiden to mere bandits is severely down playing his atrocities… but I get the point your trying to get across,” he says as they were beginning to make there way back. It certainly didn’t take them long to travel the majority of the distance back. Breaking the brief silence Yoshirou sparks up conversation starting with a joke. Metabee then informs him that his Zanpakuto spirit is a Dragon to be precise and hates being called a lizard. Other than that the joke went completely over his head but it wasn’t his fought. The joke was from some stupid TV commercial that played regularly in the Word of the Living. Or at least it used to. It had been some time since he’s been back so he wasn’t sure if it was still being advertized. “As helpful as that might be I will have to pass on that offer. Not really in to possession nowadays,” he replies with a wry grin. It was later in the evening when they returned to the convoy. The atmosphere wasn’t as lively now as it was when they departed. This is because the spectacle they started earlier has winding down and concluding. There was only one line still open and with only a handful of people in it. They were most likely the stragglers and the people who did not believe at first now trying to rush to get one before it was to late. It was to be expected so as long as they still had Hand up bags left they would hand them out. Kenlaw rounds the corner coming from where the food was served earlier. He had left a few minutes ago to make sure they were packing up and now returned once again. While not the first to notice Metabee and Yoshirou return he was the first to approach them. “Again with the timing of you two. The chefs are almost packed up and read to go. And once those few people have gone through we will be able to finish packing up here too,” he says pointing in the direction of the last line. “Great. Sounds like everything went well while we were away,” says Yoshirou smiling. “It went without a hiccup. Now its up to them to decide what to do with the supplies and knowledge we gave them,” answers Kenlaw. “With time and a little bit of guiding anything is possible. Even the dreams of a crazy fool like me can come true,” Yoshi, responds happy all is well. Without warning the surrounding air immediately thickens. A few people let out loud gasps of air in fear from the sudden change. Even the temperature felt as if dropped a few degrees. The last couple of people in line flee in terror as they run to there homes attempting to reach safety. Immediately Yoshirou turns to Metabee with a hint of worry. “That’s no mere bandit.” Although the output of energy wasn’t awfully high the concentration of evil was. It was a feeling that Yoshirou hadn’t felt in quite a while causing the hairs on his neck to stand on end. Returning to Kenlaw, Yoshi spoke. “Finish packing on the double. Have those that can, start setting up a perimeter and the rest join after packing. Be careful not to spread yourself thin. We can’t abandon these people but we are no use to them dead either. Metabee and I will head towards this presence and investigate. Now go,” he shouts snapping Kenlaw out of it. This was no longer a charity but a battlefield where a moments hesitation could be your last. With haste Kenlaw runs and does as commanded. “Meta, I know now is not the time but I must apologize for continuing to volunteer you like this. Once again I’m in need of your assistance,” Yoshirou says vanishing. He was headed in the direction of the mysterious presence knowing that every second counted; luckily it was a little ways off so the people here should be safe. >left thread
  12. Sama’el laughs at Monks accusations. “I stalk death; It is you that called I,” he says setting the record straight. “Or do you still not believe me to be one and the same?” his brow was furrowed but like Monk he wore a mask. Tilting his head and scratching his chin, Sama’el sighs as he is accused of not only following him but mocking him also. “I have no reason to mock you. I simply desired to show you the strings behind your actions. The one you believe to be sooo Free. I don’t blame you for not entirely trusting me; you’d be a fool to do so.” Monk then states that Sama’el’s death was his owe fault and that if they were in a different setting he would be his target once again. “Thata boy. Direct all that rage and anger on whom you seek. As you’ve witnessed it will be wasted effort if pointed at me.” states Sama’el momentarily pausing. Monk thanks Sama’el for informing him on his quarry. With a hidden but confused look Sama’el responds. “You have an odd way of thanking me. You should look into that… remember death is death. To me it is all the same even if its you whom I’ve come to collect. Oh the fun we would have down under.” Without another word Sama’el slips back into the darkness, which he came while Monk raised his energy high enough to act as a beacon. All though vanished Sama’el was long from gone.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee continued to speak transparently. It was the most open he has ever been around Yoshirou. Perhaps anyone as Yoshi is the only one he’s told so much about his past too. It was understandable wanting to hear those fabled words nearly every man longs for. Love loss through death sure was one of the most horrible things you could experience. The feeling was far different than that of a one sided break up. The person didn’t just leave voluntarily but was forcefully taken. Turning and churning your insides into knots until you’re so pale on the outside you’re unrecognizable… “Would I be a coward if I told that fact scares me some times,” Yoshirou says. Love is a double edge sword, which they’ve both learned from experience already. Such a cold hard fact couldn’t just easily be forgotten nor ignored. Brining the conversation back to a lighter side Meta states that he will visit Elena more often. This was because he would be helping out with more of these types of trips in the future. “You’ll always be welcomed to help out. The more hands the better.” All though now they were over staffed for this trip it was better to turn down willing help than need it and its no where to be found. --- They both say their good byes to Elena as they head back to the convoy. It was good to see Metabee still capable of being humorous despite the circumstances. It proves that no matter how hard or difficult Metabee was still able to heal even if it’s only a little bit at a time. The trek through the woods didn’t take nearly as long as it did on the way here. This was because there was no need to collect any of the wild flowers that grew randomly here. Although they left the grave the atmosphere still reeked of depression and sadness. “So your Zanpakuto Spirit is a lizard?” Yoshi asks making conversation. “Can he save me fifteen percent or more on my insurance?” Yoshi giggles. He hoped to mimic Metabee and tell a joke to light the mood; he owed him that. Though he was unsure if Meta would get it as it was something that he heard in the Human World.
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee then answered Yoshi’s first question blaming it on tradition and the fact that they didn’t get married. Ultimately though the name Metabee Ainsworth resonated with him well enough that he took it. “A love like yours out weighs tradition. Trust me no one would dare question the reason you took that name,” Yoshirou says shaking his right fist hinting that he would deal with any who did. Yoshi chuckled at himself realizing what he’s done. He lowers his fist and lets Meta answer his final two questions. Like with all lovers that lose their soul mate Metabee had a void that could never be filled. Even so it was for her sake that he regain the strength to carry on. Even in death she was still helping Meta continue forward, such was the power of their love and bond. There was still a felling of regret Meta felt being unable to protect those he sworn to. Yoshirou knew very well where he was coming from after losing so many close to him while not being around to defend them. Yoshi sighs deeply before responding, “I don’t have much room to talk as I too have failed miserably but I’ll tell you what helps me. I’ve sworn since then to give it my all and find a way to improve as often as I can. I saw that being the Noble that I was would only lead to stagnation or failure. So I changed and became the noble I am to day.” Meta confirmed Yoshirou’s theory that he became a Vizard after the Maggots Nest. Its not like going in there will turn you into one but it would surely bring out any darkness that’s already inside you. Finished with the answers Metabee smiles asking him to visit as Elena hate being alone. Placing his hand on Meta’s shoulder Yoshi gave the only answer that was acceptable. “Of course my friend it would be my privilege.” The Kido Commander then becomes usually serious as he speaks about the darkness contained inside of him. At first Yoshirou thought him to be joking but as he continued it was obvious it was the opposite. Metabee loved to tell jokes and play pranks but this was not that; nor would he do something like that here of all places. Yoshi had no choice but to believe every word he said no matter how difficult it was. By the time he was done explaining everything Yoshi’s mouth was left agape. It was obvious that Metabee was waiting on a promise but what was he suppose to do? Immediately reply that he would, giving it no thought without any care in the world. No it was something that had to processed and understood before he could come to a conclusion. He had no problem hunting down traitors within the clan and even kill or sentence them to death. But someone that was acting involuntary was a different story. There had to be another way. “I promise… I promise I will do everything to find away to save you if that time comes. But, but if there is no other way I will honor you with a proper death. I’ll even bring you here to rest beside Elena,” Yoshi says though they were not easy words to speak.
  15. Once again being attracted to the scent of death Sama’el couldn’t resist Monks call, even though the culprit himself didn’t know he was making it. Like a busy spider spinning a web of lies he returns. Emerging from the shadows of the dead he greets the one who struck him down, further throwing him in to insanity. “Well, well. You made it here all by yourself, I’m starting to expect more and more from you,” Sama’el says making him self fully known. Even though Monk’s face was covered Sama’el knew the surprised look he would have right about now. They all had it the first time, all those who have never encountered a resident of Hell that is. “Don’t give me that look. I thought you would be happy to see me again,” he says sadistically sarcastic tone. That was bullshit. He knew very well the effect he was having on Monk last time he visited him. Its why he struck him down and found himself here of all places. It was anything but wanting or expecting a reunion. “As I’ve stated before I mean you no harm. I’m merely here to point you in the right direction as I promised and praise you on a job well done getting here.” Pausing a moment Sama’el strides from one side of Monk to the other simply changing his angle. “I thought you would like to know the Kyoraku you see is near by. Simply call out to him with your power and he will come running like the predictable Shinigami he is.”