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  1. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Determination… that was the driving force fueling JDan as he relentlessly practiced. He pushed himself to the limit and beyond repeatedly as he fought tooth and nail to catch up to his peers. Low and behold it was drastically paying off. At first he was only able to sustain Kijin for roughly thirty seconds but now he could do so for well over five minutes at a time. An important thing he learned throughout the day was that his maximum time in Kijin would be shorten the more he used Kido in this state. Unfortunately it was a significant decrease in time too; on average it was about minute less per kido but even this beat yesterday’s progress were he wasn’t able to do it at all. It wasn’t as late in the day as it has usually been when JDan found himself unable to continue training due to exhaustion. He laid on the floor in a buddle of sweat with a smile on his face. It might not have been comparable to the others but he was happy with his achievements. In fact if it weren’t for pair that he trained with, JDan would have been considered a monster due to his impressive progression in the new Arts. Recuperated enough JDan sits up turning his attention to the others. Like the monsters they were, they were still going at it so he decided to meditate for while. Yoshirou had met with an astonishing amount of success today. To not only be able to launch a kido through your Zanpakuto but also without an incantation was miraculous accomplishment. There was one thought that played on his mind like a broken record, “I must get stronger in order to protect those important!” As cliché as it sounds it was a powerful driving force that pushed one to get better in times of uncertainty. There was no doubt that they were all getting stronger. Yoshirou could effortlessly destroy the self-healing training bots using low-level kido in his Kijin state. But even still, Yoshi was seeking to push the envelope even further… “Its time to give it a try,” the Noble thought to himself as once again he began to clear his mind, while taking a simple stance with his swords. His train of thought was now fixed on one goal and one goal only. The hairs on the back of JDan’s neck stood up as the atmosphere around him suddenly changed, causing him to look in a particular direction. “Kijin," stated Yoshirou as if manifesting his willpower into words. Instantly the purest of light erupts all around him, engulfing his entire body. A light so bright so intense that if this was another story it would be capable of turning the undead. The warmth giving off was comforting to his allies but an enemy wouldn't be so lucky as the overbearing heat seemed to reach the depths of there souls. Seconds later the light subsides revealing Yoshirou, whose long hair effortlessly floated behind him. From head to toe he was surrounded by an aura of brilliant white light. “It feels like lightning is flowing through my veins,” he thinks being a little 'high' off the power since it was his first time. As he assessed himself he noticed the aura surrounding his body dancing and flickering around him much like solar flares do around stars. It was a thing of beauty or a thing of death depending one's point of view but both were true. After a few moments Yoshirou cancels Kijin, feeling it to be to unsafe to actually test in indoors at the moment. He immediately notices the other two gazing at him so he approaches them. “Metabee, JDan it worked, it really worked!” he says with a smile on his face that clearly stated his satisfaction. “Not only by stating its name does it require less energy and time to activate but the results were magnified as well. Its been a long long time since I felt a new powerful energy flow through my body. It felt no different than achieving a new state in Zanpakuto for the first time.” “It certainly looked impressive and overpowering,” JDan comments. “How long do you think you could maintain that state?” “That’s hard to say. The initial power ‘high’ was intoxicating, for a split second it felt like I could stay that way forever. But realistically… maybe a third of the time I can maintain Shikai give or take a little,” he says purely guessing. “Wow that much already!?! I’m jealous,” teases JDan. “I am honestly not sure. It will take some more time and practice before I know the extent of it,” Yoshi replied. Next was Metabee’s turn to respond and after which he suggested they take a break for the day. Yoshirou and JDan agreed so the trio began to take their leave.
  2. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Both Yoshirou and JDan were rigorously training. The Head Noble swung his sword releasing a kido for the umpteenth time; sometimes through a single Zanpakuto, others through both of them. Each time he did he called out the Kido’s name and an instant later a training bot or two was seen having to reconstitute itself yet again. After keeping to this same routine for about half the day Yoshirou was ready and now confident in pressing forward, his next goal – to silently cast Kido while using Kijin. Yoshirou sheathes one of his weapons putting all his concentration into a single Zanpakuto instead of splitting it between the two. He then widens his feet, though he keeps an offensive stance, while bringing his sword high above his head. His concentration becomes fuel and his focus a fire that cannot be extinguished. The atmosphere around him condenses and crackles as his ‘will’ began to put off a formidable pressure of its own. Yoshirou exhales releasing all the built up pressure, while simultaneously his sword descends to the earth. Without a word an altered Sokatsui rocketed forth from the blade of Yoshi’s Zanpakuto. The enormous arch of energy screeched forward as it scarred the ground as it traveled. The Sokatsui exploded upon contact with the training bot completely destroying it as well as damaging the bots on either side of it. “Success,” mutters Yoshirou before collapsing out of exhaustion. Like multiple times already this morning he had depleted all his energy and needed a break to recoup some, but it was worth if as he progressed by leaps and bounds.
  3. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    With breakfast out the way the majority of the clan headed off to training but this wasn’t the case for a particular pair. They were both up well before the crack of dawn preparing for their departure. Although most of their preparations were done the night before there was still couple of things to go over. It didn’t take long though and with their checklist completed Teschma and Nero set off on their first official mission for the Head of the Kyoraku Clan… As usual once the trio made it to the training grounds, they went to their designated area, and resumed where they previously left off. Compared to the others JDan was behind but he didn’t let this discourage him. He had heart and wouldn’t give up so easily. Even if the others master Kijin before him he will continue until he had accomplish what he set out to do. For now it was his control and consumption of energy that held him back so that’s exactly where he started. Yoshirou had a set training plan today but once he made it to the training area he found himself almost skipping to the end. After their discussion last night he couldn’t help it and he wanted to know what would happen, if anything, when he called out Kijin. “Ki…” he started but stopped himself as he regained control on his enthusiasm. No, so far things were going smoothly without a hitch and to throw a curb ball now could be detrimental. Reining in his emotions Yoshirou stuck to his plan. First he would pick up where he left off the day before, which was launching kidos through his Zanpakuto. After a little warm up if things were still going smoothly he would attempt to do so without stating the kido’s name. Only at the end of the day if things were still progressing well would he attempt to use Kijin by stating his name.
  4. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    With dinner over Metabee was the first to leave. Yoshirou had wanted to invite him to this meeting but missed his chance to do so. Perhaps this was the way it was meant to play out. Meta looked tired and could use some rest and there wasn’t much advising to be done so it was best not to needlessly burden him right now. Yoshirou turned his attention to JDan, stopping him before he could get too far away. “JDan have Harold escort Teschma and Nero to my office once there done with dinner.” “I will do so,” stated JDan as he nodded and took his leave. Yoshirou immediately headed to his office; doing some paper work while waiting on his guests. Only fifteen to twenty minutes, or so, passed before the Noble was rescued by a knock at the door followed by Harold’s voice. “Lord Kyoraku, Teschma and Nero are here to see you.” Yoshi set the paperwork, which he had been tediously working on, down and stood inviting them all in. Given the go ahead Harold opens the door and gestures for the others to enter. Yoshi greets his guests before dismissing the head butler. “Thanks Harold. Now if you would be so kind and stay close I wish to speak with you next. I’ll have a task for you to carry out.” “Of course my lord,” replied Harold bowing then closing the door. It had been a while since lord Kyoraku asked him to do something personally so he was very curious as to what it could be. For the first few minutes Yoshirou and the others carried on with small talk, discussing things like – how was your stay so far and what do you think of the food, as well as a few other things. But after addressing all the pleasantries they got down to the main topic at hand. “I’m glad to hear that your stay so far has been a delightful one. It’s been an honor to have not just the last of your group here but its very finest at that. I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t eager to hear the outcome you two decided on,” states Yoshirou. Previously Yoshi offered them both a place in his clan as well as a ranking position in the Gotei 13 in exchange for a series of missions he wished them to undertake. Nero turned and nodded his head at Teschma confirming that he was still ok with the answer they have come to. “Ok then,” says Tesch redirecting his gaze back and the esteemed Noble. “What you ask is no easy task and this grand plan of yours seems out right ludicrous. My initial assessment of you is that you were a madman with more than a few screws loose. Honestly, the plan was to enjoy your fancy hospitality and split once it came down to it; I mean how could we agree with the nonsense that we were hearing. And if any of the things you were saying about this new threat from Hell were true, why wouldn’t we want to enjoy our ‘retirement’ better elsewhere?” Tesch paused long enough to take a deep breath then continued. “But then we walked amongst your streets and spent time with your people. It quickly became abundantly clear why you would go to such great lengths to protect them. What you have here is special and anyone would do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. But… I’m not convinced that you have the strength to pull off what you’re trying to accomplish. That is until the other day when we ventured near the training grounds you three were occupying. The abundant amount of energy emanating from there was too captivating to ignore, so we got as close as we could without disturbing anyone. It was at that moment we knew running and hiding was pointless. If you and your comrades prove unsuccessful then there truly will be no place left to hide.” “What my comrade is trying to say is that we’ve decided to help with what we can,” says Nero, as he gets straight to the point. Yoshirou exhales a sigh of relief. If they had turned him down then it would have been a serious snag in his plan. Currently he didn’t have a back up plan so a lot was riding on there answer. “Thank you. I know it is unorthodox but I would do anything for my clan and I believe this to be the best option ,” he says sincerely as he wholeheartedly believed it. “The two of you will make an excellent addition to our family and the Gotei…” “About that,” says Tesch before the Noble could finish. “Although Nero here will accept both of your offers, I will only will not. Being a Captain in the Gotei will be enough of a reward for me. Of course I would like to have you as an ally but I do not think the noble life is for me. I hope you do not take offense to this.” “Oh… No offense taken. You would have been another great addition into the family but I respect your decision,” answers Yoshiro as he stood and leaned across the table with his right hand out. “It’s an open ended offer, if you ever change your mind don’t hesitate to join us.” Teschma stood and shook Yoshirou’s hand followed by Nero. He was glad that the noble didn’t get upset about being turned down. “You have been different than any other ‘noble’ I’ve met," were the thoughts that currently floated through his head. With all that sorted out it was now time to go over the details of the first mission once again. “As you know the first mission is strictly a recon assignment. Infiltrate Hueco Mundo, more specifically Las Noches, a find out Everything you can – their numbers, current leader, motives/goals, their stance on Hell if one… Anything that stands out or seems useful I want to know about. We’ll need all the information we can get if we are to enact the second part of the plan. Any surprise there could lead to a quick death,” declares Yoshirou. “Understood,” said the pair in unison. “We will leave before dawn tomorrow,” says Teschma. “Preliminary reports show that there are at least a few Espada ranked Arrancar there although how many is left for you to confirm but please, please be careful. I don’t wish for this to be a suicide mission,” states Yoshi. “Neither do we,” said Nero as they took their leave. They had an early morning and still needed to prep before they could get some rest. A few minutes went by but just as asked Harold returned to see what the Head Noble needed of him. “How may I be of service my lord?” “Harold tomorrow morning I need you to go to Central 46 and inform them I will be paying them a visit,” replies Yoshi… With the night winding down Yoshirou retired to his bedroom. A lot has happened in less than two weeks but there was still much more to come.
  5. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    A sour look donned on Yoshirou’s face at the mention of Emmell. It was a name he cared not to ever hear again but his luck wasn’t as such. Even still he continued to listen to Metabee explain himself and his stance on his proposal. “I see so that’s what you were getting at,” Yoshi comments. He scratched his chin as he briefly gathered his thoughts. “Leave it to; it’s my idea so the key is my burden. I was already planning on visiting the remnants of Central 46 regarding other matters so I will just plead how dire our circumstances are while I’m there. If we run out of options and fail then they face certain demise as well.” The Noble knew that, even that might not be enough to convince them, but quitters never start and loser only complain. With his mind made up on the matter he gave his Advisor his full attention as he continued to explain the drawbacks to his plan. “I cannot say that you’re wrong… but I don’t think you’re completely right either. Yes, Hell Chains are suppose to be unbreakable otherwise a Sinner's sentence would be pointless. Even still there has been a case or two where this principal fundamental has been… shattered. But over the countless centuries there has never been a known incident of a being escaping the eighth level of the Underground Prison. It was purposefully made for ‘immortals’ or those deemed unkillable/unstoppable. But think about this for a moment or two; if we are successful, you don’t truly believe that we are the first ones to have done so? I can’t prove either way but I honestly believe that it was initially created for beings that not even Hell could contain.” His thoughts were that with Hell being such a taboo subject it was officially changed to a prison of “immortals” though it still served the same purpose. Metabee agreed that they didn’t have to decide just yet and finished up with one last remark, which got Yoshirou thinking. “If anything were the ones that will be facing those 2 to 1 odds.” He kept this thought to himself as he had just mentioned something about not being pessimistic. “I have this feeling that if we fail it will be more than just the Soul Society that falls,” he responses. “Agreed but its like the two of you say, we need as many choices available to us, so that even if just a little, we may stack the odds in our favor,” says JDan chiming in at the last minute. “Then it’s settled. Together we will continue to perfect and teach Kijin. In the mean time we all have our own tasks. I will go before Central 46 and see what help if any they might be, and you should continue what you’ve been doing in your spare time; uniting the rest of the Gotei. JDan you continue to help oversee the clan and keep moral high, you’ve been doing a great job, and we desperately need everyone in high spirits,” finished Yoshirou as he then took a sip from his glass. If there were no complaints or anything else to add then diner for the trio would be warping up. Yoshirou still had a meeting with Nero and Teschma and didn’t want to keep them waiting to long.
  6. Avengers: Endgame was epic, I loved it 3000!!!

  7. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee mulled over Yoshirou’s idea but ultimately thought it flawed and too high risk. However, he didn’t just leave it at that but told his thoughts on the matter. Meanwhile, JDan and Yoshi finished eating while hearing the Advisor out. JDan furrowed his brow while listing to Meta but it was Yoshirou that spoke up first. “I admit my plan is not without its flaws but I don’t think those concerns you mentioned are fully valid. Your correct, there isn’t a Captain Commander or even a properly functioning Central 46 but as Kido Commander you have the highest military authority in the Soul Society. Not to mention the Clan that you advise for is currently the most powerful, prominent and influential of the Great Noble Clans,” he says with a grin. “If we cannot gain access to the Muken facing our current situation then there isn’t a soul alive that could nor a circumstance that would warrant it; if not for now.” JDan remained silent. At first he agreed with Metabee that the only way in was to break in. But when he heard Yoshi’s argument he didn’t know what to make of it, as he never thought of it that way. They were both right… or were one of them wrong, JDan wasn’t sure so he remained quiet and continued to listen to both sides. “We will still have to confront them, fight them, and weaken them enough to actually be able to bind them but once fully restrained even the Soul King himself would be hard pressed to break out of these constraints,” Yoshirou spoke confidently, it was a bit exaggerated perhaps but it should get the point across. “At that point transportation will be nerve-racking but doable and once inside the Muken we both know its neigh impossible to escape.” It was well known that the Muken is a completely isolated and separated space, sealed off from outside influences. As such no portal conceived, even the Gates of Hell, could gain access. “I personally believe that the Muken’s sole purpose is for evil such as them. We don’t have to decide now but having options is always beneficial. While I too think striking at the heart of the enemy is best I feel the rest of your plan is overly optimistic. I cannot personally speak for their forces but I do think that we are vastly out match in both numbers and power. Though that is just my assumption.” Hearing them both out JDan came to his own conclusion. “I agree with not having to decide just yet. If anything to me, we should just combine both of you all’s idea into a singular plan: Kill as many of the soldiers as possible, efficiently as possible, sending them back to Hell. And have an elite squad attack the leaders with the intention of sealing and imprisoning them.” “Haha, at least no one here is a pessimist,” Yoshi replied with a smile. “That would only make things harder.”
  8. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee stated his thoughts on the Noble’s concerns, helping to put his worries at ease. Both him and JDan were confident that they were doing things the way it was meant to be. Besides Metabee had a good point. Just because it works a certain way for completed Kido techniques didn’t mean that it worked the same for creating them. The Advisor’s points were valid and most likely true; besides creating an experimental technique empowered by its name was hazardous. “You have valid points,” responses Yoshirou. “I guess my concerns were more hypothetical than concrete but it was reassuring to get you guys’ opinion.” Besides speculating there was nothing more they could do so the conversation progressed. “You mean after the Trials?... Well, I can’t speak for JDan but you missed out on a hell of a good time with me! I had a mountain of paper work that I went a few rounds with. Unfortunately I conceded the battle after a few hours though; it wasn’t pretty,” Yoshi answered with a dash of Meta’s humor. “After that I gave our other guests a small tour but nothing too exciting as it was already very late.” JDan couldn’t help but chuckle a little at Yoshi’s revelation. “A few hours huh, you sure?” he says teasingly. “I don’t remember staring at a clock so who knows,” Yoshirou replies with a smirk. JDan had nothing eventful to report so Meta filled in the silence. “Impressive,” blurts out JDan. “My thoughts exactly,” adds Yoshi. “You’re never one to disappoint that’s for sure.” At this rate and with a little luck, although Commander-less and Captain-less, the entire Gotei might stand on a united front before any serious events with Hell could occur. “Guess now is a great time to mention one of the research reports that came across my desk concerning Sekkiseki stone. Their goal is, to not only to improve upon its already incredible effects and durability, but to make it more versatile as well. Ideally it would make for great restraints against enemies that can’t permanently die.” “You mean Sinners,” says JDan. “Precisely,” states Yoshirou. “I’ve been thinking for a while now about an offensive that could have lasting effects against an immortal foe. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with very many ideas. In fact there was only one that seemed viable and that is to bind and seal them away in the Muken. I don’t mean all of them but definitely Sama’el and whoever else will lead the charge against us. Now, I know its still not a permanent fix for Hell but it’s a solution to our current woes with them.” JDan listened with surprise, as it was the first he was hearing about any of this as well. “Is such a thing even possible?” “Possible…” Yoshirou shrugs his shoulders. “Possible, yes I believe so. Probable, now that’s the million dollar question.” They both looked to Metabee to get his input or ideas if any on the matter.
  9. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    With the matter of Metabee’s name settled they moved on to the hybrid technique they have been so diligently working on. “Kido, Zanjutsu, Kijin… Wow it sounds so natural,” JDan says. When he said it, it sort of felt like it was always called Kijin and they developed a technique around the name instead of the other way around; that’s how well it seemed to fit. Yoshirou smiled. Naming something can be difficult so he was relieved that his first choice was well accepted. Metabee then brought up something that had not even crossed the other’s minds yet. Much like Shunko, the activation of Kijin was heavily based off kido so an increase in power after stating its name was possible, even though its counterpart didn’t. “You might be on to something Meta. At the very least stating its name might even make the ability easier to activate…. The more I think about it now the more I think we might have been developing this skill with one arm tied behind our backs,” replied Yoshirou, leaning back in his seat at this realization. “When learning or using a Kido the starting point is always its name and incantation first. It’s only after improving from there that you move to a more advance level,” he said just stating aloud more than addressing anyone. “But it is a hybrid technique so no telling what does and doesn’t apply. This is uncharted territory so when we practice everything, its simply trial and error,” JDan states, wanting to reassure Lord Kyoraku. “But with you two spearheading this whole thing we’ll have all the kinks worked out and ready to teach in no time, I mean just look at how far we've come already. I doubt anyone else could accomplish what we have in such a short time.” “You’re right,” admits Yoshi. He was glad that he was surround by such wonderful and talented people. They say with the right people around you it can turn an average leader into a good one, and a good leader into a great one and how true they were. They both resumed eating their food giving Metabee time to add more to this topic or choose another if there was something else on his mind.
  10. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    The Noble could tell his words didn’t have the effect he was going for. If anything his words were a double edge sword so it was best to tread lightly, else risk making things worse. The conversation continued but Yoshirou couldn't help but think about what he would have done in Meta’s situation. He’d like to think that he would have an easier time making the same decision but he has never felt the same kind of passion they shared for another person. Sure, Yoshirou has had his fair share of crushes, and have even been attracted to a few people in the past but those feelings couldn’t compare to what they shared. The closest thing Yoshi could think of that could compare was the way he felt for his Clan. It was a parental, fatherly love, but his feelings for them were genuine. And that’s when it donned on him. How meaningless and perhaps even a little ignorant his words were. No amount of fancy wordplay could soothe his heart when he found out his Clan was all but completely destroyed. So it was arrogant to think he could so effortless ease the woes of Metabee’s heart with a simple speech… JDan arrived, snapping Yoshirou back to the now. They were all good friends at this point so a greeting was unnecessary after such a short time away; as such JDan dove right into the conversation as he took his seat at the table. “Well unless you state otherwise you will always be Metabee Ainsworth to me,” replies Yoshi with JDan nodding in agreement. “It certainly would keep things simpler,” JDan comments just before digging into his dinner. He had a few question about the matter but before he could swallow and continue, Yoshirou spoke up. “Aw, speaking of names it brings me to something I wanted to discuss with you both first before making it official. I’ve been thinking of a name for the technique you both helped me pioneer. I mean, we can’t just call it the “Hybrid Technique” forever,” the Noble states with a slight chuckle. JDan who had just begun enjoying his food suddenly found himself to interested to continue stuffing his face. “And!!” “Kido is synonymous with the 'Demon Arts’ while Zanjutsu is the 'Art of the Sword.’ For a technique combining the two, to me, the obvious name is Kijin… meaning ‘Demon Blade Arts.’ Its short and simple but it flows smoothly right of the tongue and I think it fits nicely,” Yoshirou said finishing his thoughts and now awaiting their reactions.
  11. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    “Nothing,” replied Metabee causing Yoshirou to have a perplexed look on his face. Thankfully the Commander further elaborated clearing up the confusion, though it didn’t make things much better. Yoshi turned from dumfounded, to angry, to sad then furious though; he did better to hide it from Meta than he did initially. What a horrible trail to have to go through, was his Zanpakotu Spirit evil? To place that type of burden on his friend’s shoulders, now of all times, put a bad taste in his mouth. His answer was obvious though, as he was sitting here before him, which brought a smile to his heart. Meta finished by informing him that his real name was Vincent. Finally it made since. Only an emotionless bastard wouldn’t be effected by that trial, and a lesser man would have failed completely. There was no way to be certain that you could trust the Zan Spirit to pull off such a feat. There’s a serious chance that the other option would have lead to a comma of sorts. Anyways Yoshi couldn’t go on without giving some sort of “words of encouragement,” and thankfully he knew exactly what to say. “If you give life to the possibility that, that reality is real or could some how exist, somewhere no matter how small the chance. Then you must believe that an infinite amount of possibilities exists where any conceivable scenario is true. What I mean is that there is perhaps a world where she becomes a Shinigami instead, to protect you. Or even one where both of you become a Shinigami, sharing the same surname and Division. And I could go on and on, but ultimately what I’m getting at is that for every… unfortunate reality there is also a more fortunate one to balance it out,” Yoshirou states. Of course that was if other realities existed but the main point was to relieve some of the tension from Metabee’s heart. If he thought about it from a bigger perspective then he might even return to his normal self soon. Yoshirou took a sip from his glass giving Meta time to respond, if he wanted to. If not then Yoshi would continue. “So do I call you Vincent now?” “Why would you call him Vincent?” asked JDan as he took a seat. Yoshirou was so caught up in the moment that he didn’t notice JDan till he was right there. “Ah, long story short it’s possible that it could be Metabee’s real name.”
  12. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Nero and Teschma split off from Yoshirou, meeting up with their newly acquainted friends, after grabbing a hot plate of course. It was a little cliché but 2 of the 3 people they met up with were Vizards, Nolan being one of them. He along with Jessica hand managed to track them down at Lord Kyoraku’s command. Dinner for them progressed cheerfully but even so Teschma remained distracted throughout most of the course. He couldn't help but think about their meeting later with Yoshirou and how everything, once again, was about to change for them. But perhaps that’s why he had made the choices he has so far- nothing remaining the same, the scenery and situation always changing, but maybe this time would be the last. ­­­ ----- “When a man deems something important he can be a little clingy, haha,” says Yoshirou in-between taking bites of food. From the start of the conversation Metabee seems to be returning to his normal self. Maybe they were worried for nothing but then Yoshirou remembered back to the look in Meta’s eyes. It was like peering into a bottomless pit of sorrow, pain, loss and a bit of regret all mixed into an awful concoction. No, they weren’t over reacting, Yoshi made up his mind to inquire about the situation. Without JDan around maybe Meta would reveal a little more than he would have otherwise. Yoshirou took a sip of water, clearing his throat, and took a shot. “If any thing you’re the one putting up with all this, on top of all my shenanigans. But I’m glad you are doing better. You were really out of it the after your trial, you gave us a little scare. I can only assume that your trial was far different than ours but I’m still at a loss as to what happened. What exactly did your Zanpakuto make you do?” he asked. Of course if he refused to answer and preferred not to talk about it Yoshirou would drop the subject but as a friend he would always lend an open ear.
  13. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    "At this rate we could finish ahead of schedule," replies Yoshirou before they all headed back to freshen up. After cleaning up and changing into a set of clothes that was not drenched in sweat, Yoshirou headed for the dinning hall. He moved with a little pep in his step knowing that Metabee would be joining him again. It was obvious something was different with him but at least he seems to be doing better tonight. Before entering the cafeteria Yoshi was approached by Teschma and Nero. The atmosphere around them was much more formal and serious, like it was when they first arrived. “Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku, we have come to a decision on your proposal,” says Tesch. “Excellent, lets speak in my office after tonight’s dinner. I look forward to hearing what your answers are,” replies Yoshi, smiling. He had planned on asking them if they came to a decision yet but they beat him to the punch. “Shall you two be joining us supper?” The two Vizards nervously looked at one another before replying. “Well, yes and no. We’ll be eating here but we made some friends during training who asked us to eat with them tonight,” Nero answers. Now understanding their hesitation the Noble laughs aloud. “Haha, that’s completely fine,” he says thinking it was actually really awesome that they were able to do so. “You two enjoy yourselves. When your done just hang around the Manor and I will send Harold for you when I’m ready.” They agreed and all entered the dinning hall together though went there separate ways right after. The room was lively but Yoshirou didn’t spot JDan or Metabee yet, though shortly after grabbing his food he noticed Meta enter. For now he simply waved so that he could go claim a table before there were none. It was the first time they caught the main dinner rush since their training started and it was far more crowded to say the least. After securing a table Yoshirou started eating, he was starving after the long training sessions and knew the others would understand as they’d to the same. It wasn’t long though before Metabee arrived. “It’s definitely a different scene in here when we’re on time isn’t it,” he said greeting his friend. Yoshi wanted to jump right in to the matter of “what’s wrong with Metabee,” but decided it was best to ease into the topic. “I bet seeing it so lively only makes you miss your Division more; again thanks for being here and helping out so much.”
  14. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    JDan was diligently training like the others but advancing at a slower rate. The energy consumption was just too much for him to maintain it longer than a few seconds at a time, so firing of a kido or energy blast was out of the question. For now at least, with his work ethic and determination it was only a matter of time. On the flip side of things Yoshirou was doing rather well. He’d practiced more on releasing the kido through his Zanpakutos. While it still felt strange to do so, it was much more convenient while wielding a weapon, especially if you duel wielded. Once mastered the benefits would be unbelievable. The Noble couldn’t help but smile at such a fact and be happy that one of his goals would soon be fully fulfilled. By the time they were ready to call it quits, it was already dinnertime. JDan and Yoshi meet up first but Metabee was lying on the ground. He had been that way for sometime now but the others assumed he was meditating, though now they weren’t so sure. “I think he fell asleep,” says JDan. “No, I’m telling you he’s meditating,” replies Yoshirou with is fingers secretly crossed as he hoped he was right. But before they could debate it any longer the Kido Commander opened his eyes, as if on cue. “So how did things go today?” asked Yoshirou as they approached him. He hoped it was much better than the day before as he immediately secluded himself after training. If things went well they would proceed with their usual routine, which was to clean up and have supper.
  15. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Mean while… The new regiment of training the Clan instated was really paying off. The members were not only fine-tuning their swordsmanship and kido but learning how to adapt them together into combat. While they were far from fusing them together they were interchanging, from one to the other, much more efficiently. More importantly they grew more comfortable doing so even though as a Clan they relied heavily on Zanjutsu. Teschma and Nero were apart of these sessions and can even say they saw improvement as well. Being mercenaries their fighting style was different from the norm. If the proper style of Zanjutsu was martial arts then what they knew was professional street fighting. As such they gained a lot of knowledge in these past few days that help them further their prowess. During their breaks they discussed over what there decision might be. They knew that they couldn’t take advantage of Yoshirou’s generosity forever and needed to give him an answer soon; so far it was a split decision. They both wanted placement in the Gotei 13 but didn’t agree on what to due about his offer to join the clan. Nero found the idea quite nice. He knew that he could easily get comfortable with a lifestyle of luxury and nobility. But on the other hand Tesch was still unsure. For him he’d rather not but knowing that Nero was planning on accepting the offer it made his choice that much harder.