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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    Day 1 The trio met up again the next morning for a quick meal. Again JDan was the first to say his goodbyes and leave. He was given orders by Yoshirou to have all the Clansmen assemble in the great hall so that he may address them after their meal. Metabee and Yoshirou kept the conversation casual while finishing a well-balanced breakfast. With goodbyes said Yoshirou met up with JDan in the great hall. Everyone that was a Kyoraku aside from the Advisor was there, which numbered a little over one hundred and fifty. It was time he addressed his brethren and filled them in on what’s all going on. “Ladies and gentlemen I wont sugarcoat it for you. The threat is real and the enemies we face are far deadlier and fiercer than any that have come before them,” states Yoshirou as he explains for the first time the events that transpired just the other day. He speaks of Monk and his ungodly strength as well Sama’el and his malicious realm. Holding nothing back the Noble told his people of what he knew. The clansmen grew a little frightened and scared but rightfully so. Only a lying nervous fool would say otherwise. But Yoshirou wouldn’t leave them feeling this way or without a plan. “Fear not for there are ways even through the shadows of the valley of death. (Metaphor for hopelessness/insurmountable odds.) Even now Metabee, JDan and I are developing new ways to not only strengthen ourselves but to counter our foes. We are the Kyoraku don’t forget! Even the Gotei marvels at our swordsmanship and soon the enemy will come to fear it as well,” Yoshirou says reassuring his people and bolstering their moral. The Noble proceeds to explain the hybrid Kido technique that they are developing; comparing it to Shunko though it will be a mixture of Kido and Zanjutsu instead of Kido and Hakuda. Yoshi realizes that he has yet to name the technique but would give it more thought later. As he continued Yoshirou informed them that their daily training time would increase. He also stated that Kido training would be mandatory instead of optional, but no one complained as they fully understood. As this was all in hopes that once the hybrid skill was created they would able to learn and teach it easier. As his speech was coming to an end Yoshirou wanted to end on a positive note instead of one of despair. “Look around you. When you are first born you are given a family. But each one of you chose to be here. You choose to be a Kyoraku and you chose to be apart of this great and noble family. What one of us cannot do alone we can do together, united with Metabee and our Shinigami brethren we will annihilate any evil that stands against us…” With passion burning like fire the men and women roared with excitement even knowing that their future wasn’t very certain. They were all weary of the events to come but were more than motivated to meet and beat any challenge that may befall them. Training that day was probably the best they’ve ever had. With everyone so eager and driven to succeed they gave it their all and then some. JDan was able to envelop his whole body with the element that resonated with him without expending all his energy. He could now do it just as easy as he was creating the earth element in his hands. His growth rate and progress was astounding but it still failed in comparison to Yoshirou or Metabee. The Head Noble was able to accomplish both in a day to catch up with JDan’s progress. Not only that but Yoshirou already found some use for it was well. He could snap or clap his hands together and create the same effect as a flash bang grenade; momentarily blinding, confusing and disorienting any within the vicinity. The effects only lasted a few seconds but in high-speed combat it could make the world of difference. Day 2 There was no big speech to give today but Yoshirou still visited each training session before he started his own. Although there was very little progress made by the other Clansmen, in a single day, Yoshi was more then pleased by everyone’s dedication and determination. With there work ethic even those with the slowest growth rate would develop faster than usual. After his rounds Yoshirou met up with JDan who was already doing some solo training. They discussed for a moment how to proceed and ultimately went with Yoshi’s idea. Since they could both cover their bodies with their favored element they should spar while doing so. The goal was to familiarize better with the process and become more comfortable with it. Right now it was taxing on the body and rapidly drained their stamina so it was ill suited for live combat. By the end of the day they noticed some subtle changes. The results were minor but present. JDan got mixed results; his body became slightly more durable and his attacks slightly heavier but at a loss of speed. While it wasn’t a drastic decrease he wasn’t the fastest to being with so any loss of speed was noticeable. Yoshirou on the other hand had more favorable results. His speed and attack was faster though is strength did not change. This combined with his new Flash Bang skill gave JDan a hell of a hard time while sparing. The only negative was the rapid drain of energy but it wasn’t any greater than JDan’s, which simply came with the technique. Of course with time they hoped to minimize the stamina drainage but for now he was more than pleased. Day 3 Day three went just as the previous one. Yoshirou made his morning rounds and then met up with JDan and went through the same training routine. The only results today for them were that they were able to train for longer periods of time before having to stop and replenish their energy. They decided to train for only half the day. Fighting for a day and a half straight in a new, unfamiliar and incomplete form was exhausting. Even if they wanted to train further, they didn’t have the necessary energy to maintain the flow of elemental energy. Instead they rested and caught up on their duties. Yoshirou even received word that the destroyed village in the outer Rukon was completely cleaned up. Now it simply looked like a new plot of land ready for development. Yoshi’s initial idea was to make it a memorial but that was too sad and depressing not to mention inefficient. Instead he authorized something different. They would build an outreach post there that could serve to help the surround communities. They would offer not only food and aid but also different classes that taught those that wanted to learn how to survive off the land and available resources. It would be ran completely by volunteers and overseen by the Clan. Yes this is a much better idea Yoshi thought as he signed the papers that would but it into action. Later that evening Yoshirou receive a Hell Butterfly. It was a report from Jessica stating their progress. So far they have not made contact with the group but they have been closing in thanks to a few good tips and leads they've come across. If rumors are true there is only a hand full of them left. Most retired or simply left and went their separate ways but they still maintained their high reputation. Day 4 Feeling invigorated and rejuvenated Yoshirou and JDan returned to training. Once again they changed there approached employing a different method today. Instead of simply sparing they would use kido while having their natural energy flow through them. Using Hado on each other could prove dangerous so the kept it to just Bakudo. They would simply start from the beginning and work their way up the list as high as they could. At the end of the training session the results were pretty good. Every Bakudo JDan fired was far more durable than normal. Even Sai took nearly fifty percent more strength for Yoshi to break free of. JDan was able to make it to Bakudo #62 before running out of energy, although he did not actually perform every kido prior to it. Yoshirou was able to push a little further than JDan and made it to Danku before exhaustion set in. However, although it did alter the appearance of most of the kido’s only a few of them saw an actually improvement that wasn’t just visual. The ones that did improved did so exactly how you would expect from the results Yoshi has already seen; they were launched and took effect far quicker than there unenhanced counter parts. Otherwise there strength and durability remained the same. Day 5 Before training Yoshirou received word that a few of the Squad 13 members wished for an audience with him. He immediately obliged and heard them out. They told him how Metabee visited them the day before and explained everything. While most were apprehensive the Kido Commander was able to recruit a few using his authority as his their superior. But that’s not why they have sought the Noble out. After time to thinking it over and discuss it amongst themselves they wish too willing join the cause and even the Kyoraku Clan if Yoshi would allow it. Without a second thought Yoshirou accepted his former comrades with open arms. In all their where nineteen that joined that day but they were all willing and capable, former squad mates and friends. During Yoshirou morning rounds he started to notice significant improvement from his Clansmen. Most had already been able to improve and strengthen their swordsmanship and kido while some have even learned new skills and techniques. The Kyoraku Clan’s spirit was high and showed no sign of diminishing. Neither Yoshirou nor JDan could successfully integrate the flow of natural energy into their Zanpakuto yet, though they were still gaining ground. Hopefully Metabee would return with some insight, as it wouldn't be much longer now. Today’s training for the pair would involve Hado but since it was too dangerous to test the effects on each other they used training dummies as targets. This low-tech method was useful as a stationary target would be best. Besides these dummies could absorb a small amount of damage and provide minor calculations giving feed back on subtle differences. Unlike yesterday it was Yoshirou who found the most success today. Not only did the speed of most of his Hados increase but also so their piercing or destructive capabilities. Byakurai looked more like a ray of sun light than lightning and easily pierced the metal targets. While Shakkaho and Sokatsui both reduced the dummies to a pile of smoldering hot metal. However the energy consumption was far grater than using Bakudo. JDan didn’t notice any changes until he used Hado #57 were he was able to create large boulders to use for the kido instead of nearby debris. After witnessing it though he immediately cancelled the Hado as it might cause significant damage to the building. All in all they were happy with the results and decided to call it an early day. Later that evening Jessica and Nolan returned having successfully completed their mission. Accompanying them were the only active members left of Odds N’ Ends, Teschma- its leader and Nero- his right hand man and trusted friend. They spoke privately at first but agree to discuss business the following morning. The pair were treated as honored guest and indulged in a nice dinner with Yoshirou and the Clansmen. After which JDan gave them a tour of the Manson and showed them rooms they would be occupying. Day 6 Today was the day that Metabee would be returning and with any luck he would have some information that will help them progress further. But before all that Yoshirou had breakfast with his guest before heading to his office to discuss on why he sought them out. Before anything was revealed Yoshirou had them swear a vow of secrecy as wished for his words to remain confidential. Teschma assured him that even if they declined the mission not a word of information would be spilled from their lips. As such was there way; even if they were Vizard mercenaries they were still Shinigamis too. Their since of pride and honor meant just as much to them as it did to Yoshirou. Convinced Yoshi tells them everything. From the first time he encountered Sama’el in the graveyard to the last, just the other day after Monks death. He even reveals the fact that the Kido Commander and him were creating a new specialized technique. But he wasn’t done there. What he said next was why they were there and something Yoshirou has never said aloud; only his Zanpakuto spirits knew. The words that Vizards heard were so outrageous and even suicidal that Tesch got up an almost walked out. Nero quickly reminded him though that they have yet to not hear a customer out. Starting now would be a meaningless blemish on their perfect record. Regaining his cool Tesch stayed and let Yoshirou finished. “Ok we’ve heard your ludicrous ideas. Even if we were to accept, how would you be able to compensate us enough to make the risk worth it?” Teschma asked knowing a reward for such missions should be just as insane. “You know money would have no meaning for something this unreasonable.” “No, I know you two have built up a substantial amount of savings back in the World of the Living. I even heard that you two are looking into retirement since you are all that remain of your group,” replies Yoshirou who then diverts to a story. “If you are to believe the legends of old, they tell of a murderous group of bandits so dreadful that fear of them alone was enough to protect the Soul Society.” “Yes, yes, they went on to become the early day Gotei 13… if the myths are true. But what’s this story have to do with anything?” asked Teschma. “Perhaps we need to take a step back in that direction and a balance of warriors like you might take the Seireitei in the right direction. What I offer is a home and a place to belong. Both of you become apart of the Kyoraku and take up our noble cause. As it sits now there are no Captains in the Gotei 13 so I will even pull some strings and have you instated as a Captain Teschma. You Nero of course will be appointed as Vice Captain,” declares Yoshirou. The Vizards looked at each other dumfounded. While they expected an offer that out weighted money or gold, they did not expect something to this degree. It was a far better reward than they could ever have imagined but they couldn’t rush their answer. The missions were dangerous enough that they might not even live long enough to collect. Coming to the same conclusion they state that they must think it over and would like some time to do so. Of course Yoshirou understood and agreed. In the mean time he suggested that they explored the Manor’s grounds a little bit and come to know the people. They were even given permission to join in the Clansmen’s daily training if they wanted to. Tesch and Nero both heard about the legendary Zanjutsu training the Kyoraku go through and took up the offer to join in. After Yoshirou got them started with another group he met up once again with JDan. With Metabee returning any moment now and less than half day to train they decided to spend the day just going over the fundamentals and what they have already learned. As evening came training ended. Yoshirou sought out his guest but was told they went exploring the Clan’s grounds as he suggested. It was no matter as he also was informed that Metabee had recently returned. Yoshi headed to Meta’s room where he suspected he would be after just arriving. Reaching the door Yoshirou knocks awaiting a response.
  2. Death Among Us

    After being astonished by the sheer size and beauty of Las Noches, Kotaro asked a question that has been on his mind. It was clear to Absolon that they were both curious, studious Hollows that yearned for more. More knowledge, more power, more prestige, they were all desires that could be fulfilled here in this fortress. “It is called Sonido and most learn it by the time they become an Arrancars. That is ‘if’ they are capable of such a feat. But don’t worry you two can learn this and so much more if you find that this is were you belong,” Absolon answered as he comes to a stop. They were obviously eager to learn, train and help out so they could finish the tour later. Besides they weren't quite members yet so there was no need to rush. Vatto started the explanation that the Cero inquired about, complimenting the Adjuchas as he did, then allowing Lurker to elaborate with a short speech and a few demonstrations. “Wow, that’s something special indeed,” Absolon commented but Lurker continued. He briefly explained how it all worked followed by another impressive demonstration. Besides the difference in spiritual energy, someone would be hard press to tell that the copies Lurker created were imposters. “It seems so,” he said with a smile, replying to Lurker’s sincerity. The Adjuchas certainly had some tricks up his sleeves and he wasn’t done yet. Targeting the Vasto Lorde for his next demonstration Lurker reveals his knowledge of Sonido. The Adjuchas would attempt to whisper in Kota's ear. Lurker’s Sonido was poised and refined. Honestly for an Adjuchas it was quite remarkable but he still lacked the speed and acceleration of the Hollows that has transcended him. After Lurkers thorough explanation and performance Draiden was the first to chime in. Vatto simply nodded agreeing with the Privaron while Absolon chuckled. “Yes try not to create more work for those two or you will certainly end up on their bad side. I will also have to insist that you do not eat Any Hollow that belongs to Las Noches without my consent, or good reason...” There was no point in delaying it any further. They were certainly good candidates for the Espadas but first they must complete their initiation mission. “Before you are fully welcomed into this family of misfits you must prove yourself capable in the field,” says Absolon taking a step closer to them. “If you two are ready to join I have just the mission for you.” He paused long enough to hear their answer. If they agreed he would divulge the details. “Your objective is simple. Find the current dealings and whereabouts of the masked Arrancar known as Monk. And if you happen to come across him invite him back here. Tell him we await his return.” Absolon went on to explain in better detail Monk’s appearance and characteristics so that they could identify him. Typically they would both be given separate missions to complete but that was for Arrancars. As both Kotaro and Lurker are still lesser Hollows Absolon would allow them both to work together. His hope is that this would thicken whatever bond they had between them. If they learned to work together early on perhaps they could be different than the Espadas that came before them, perhaps.
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee finished his dinner and agreed that they should get some rest. He further stated his concerns for Sayuri which Yoshi simply nodded to. It was understandable to worry about those dear to you. Like JDan, Yoshirou grabbed his plate and threw away his trash. He then placed the dirty dishes in the designated bin, pointing out to Meta where everything went. “Well I’m going to stop by my office, for just a moment, before calling it a night,” he says extending his hand towards Metabee. “I’m sure I will see you in the morning but on the off chance that I don’t, safe travels and hurry back. The idea of you not being here is already making me lonely,” Yoshi says with a smile, teasing Metabee just one more time. After the good byes were said and the conversation closed Yoshirou would head out separately. He headed up to his office to sign a few documents that he didn’t get to that morning. Luckily there weren’t that many as he handled most of this morning. Only a little more than thirty minutes past before he was in his room taking a hot shower. Feeling clean and worn out from the past couple of days Yoshirou finally hits the sack, quickly falling asleep.
  4. Death Among Us

    They all entered the great fortress known as Las Noches and instantly the two newcomers were astonished. They immediately stepped out of darkness into light, which was an impressive feat all by itself yet there was far more. Its size alone was perplexing as its endless skies and seas of sand made it appear bigger than outside. “Kotaro it is still hard to believe after laying your own eyes on it, isn’t it?” Absolon asks. The Vasto Lorde was slightly speechless and rightfully so. “There are over ten palaces within these great walls and it is roughly a six day stroll from end to end. If you two become its newest residents you will come to know its layout much better.” Lurker’s next words took Absolon by surprise. “What do you mean better than before? Is this not your first time seeing the inside?” asked Absolon but Vatto was the first to speak up. “That one has a way of… consuming things. It’s quite fascinating,” states Vatto. He then nods at Lurker confirming that its ok to speak freely with Absolon right now. In fact the more capable he proved to be the more useful he was to the Cero and Las Noches. Vatto didn't know much about these two yet either but he felt they would be very important to the future of all Hollows.
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    The Kido Commander thanked Yoshirou for his offer but told him it was most likely unneeded. He figured this would be the Advisor’s response but offered anyways. Metabee assured Yoshi that he would relay his message to Sayuri and informed him that she would be held back just incase the worst happened. With Meta’s death a possibility it was an understandable precaution. “I thought we weren’t allowed to have that mindset,” Yoshirou’s says but he fully understood. It was only earlier today that the Kido Commander scolded him for mentioning a ‘will;’ so he had to give him a hard time as well. Their bellies were getting full and their thirst quenched. But as long as there was such delicious food on their plate they would eat. Metabee confirmed that he would be leaving in the morning, and then asked if there were any last comments about the Kido/Zanjutsu technique. With him leaving this would be the best chance until his return at the end of the week. JDan simply shook his head as he tossed the last bite into his mouth. Yoshirou took a sip of water to wash down the evening’s dinner. “No you two have already started a path, now I just need to catch up.” “No worries my lord you’ll get there in no time,” says JDan. With his meal finished he stood up and grabbed his plate. “If you two would please excuse me I should check in with the guards and make a few rounds.” “Of course go ahead. I wont be much longer either,” Yoshirou says smiling. Once the good byes were done JDan took his leave. He placed his trash in the trashcan and his plate in the bin on top, which was different from the formal dinning area. In the main eating hall it was more akin to a food court at a mall than a full service restaurant, though the food served was the same. Yoshirou was finished with his dinner but would stay until Metabee was done as well. After he would suggest they call it a night and get some rest as it was getting late.
  6. Death Among Us

    Kota grew bold stating that they weren’t leaving. He continued by expressing his feelings and why he was there. Absolon shifted his gaze to Lurker as he was praised once again. “A Hollow that can collect viable intelligence would prove to be more than useful,” he thinks as he returns his focus to Anubis. Every Hollow wants greater power; it was even true for the Cero Espada, but Kota’s next statement resonated with Absolon. A place to belong was very important but not to all. You either felt the urge, the call to be apart of something or not. It was plain and simple; it was a hit or miss type thing with very little grey area. Absolon extended his right hand to the kneeling Vasto Lorde. “Arise,” he said offering a helping hand. He could understand why Vatto and Draiden brought these two to him, as they possessed some qualities that the others lacked. “So do you have a name?” It seems that all the excitement caused him to skip right over it. After helping Kota to his feet, and hearing him out, Absolon looked to Draiden. He had intended to respond to his comments but he had already walked off. As for them being fired it was the first he’s heard of it, as the order didn’t come from him. Though knowing Draiden he was most likely covering for his lazy tendencies. But Absolon has known the Privaron for a long time now and he has come to accept his lethargic ways and it rarely bothered him anymore. What he wouldn’t accept was his absents during the Quincy Invasion without an explanation. He knew he was there prior to its start and is here now so that was more than suspicious. His high and might attitude was ill placed and unwarranted under such actions. Was he a conspirator? Most likely not and there was an alternate reason. “Vatto I will address you and Draiden later,” says Absolon. He was a little disappointed in them but he could never stay mad at his brethren for long. The depths of his forgiveness ran deep as it was in Absolon’s nature to care for all Hollows, more so than others did. It was the Espada’s duty to protect their kind though it was often overshadowed by personal goals. With power comes ego. With ego comes an agenda; a primordial and irrefutable fact. Assuming the Vasto Lorde told him is name the Cero would address both of them. “Lurker, Kotaro Anubis, be proud. For on this grand night you may accompany us into Las Noches." Absolon would take the led while Vatto would bring up the rear. They set forth to the gates where Draiden was. “Come join us. Let’s not let any transgressions ruin the newcomers day,” he said to the Privaron as he passed him. He hoped Draiden would join as things would certainly become more lively now.
  7. Death Among Us

    The Vasto Lorde for a moment tried to speak up but was quickly drowned out by the ongoing events. He seemed able enough but it was obvious that Kota was very soft spoken. Given sometime in the care of the Espada’s, they will be able to remedy that in no time. Absolon’s was like a water droplet from the sky. Sure it was possible to see it move but you would never be able to keep track of it. He appeared before them and prompted the caller to go home if it was a fight he yearned for. But he would stood corrected. The Hollow introduced himself as Lurker, which surprised Absolon. It wasn’t his name that surprised him but the fact that it was rare to meet a Hollow with manners furthermore just a mere Adjuchas at that. The Cero could easily sense that Lurker was not an Arrancar even though masquerading as one. With that said he undoubtedly knew there was something more to this glowing Hollow but what only time will tell. Without missing a beat Lurker continues, this time with a proposition. Absolon entertained him, listening to what he had to say; for who was he to stop someone brave enough to lay his life on the line. “You speak plainly and I like that. Furthermore you seek not only to take but to give as well. Are you sure you are a Hollow?” the Cero asks rhetorically. Time and time again, Arrancar after Arrancar, they wanted to take, take, take, but he came off differently. “My name is Absolon and I once had a dream but that was a long time ago. Now I am merely a humble caretaker of this great marvel behind me.” Absolon says introducing himself to the brave but well-mannered Adjuchas. “This is all very interesting…” Vatto saw an opportunity to interject into the conversation and took it. “I can elaborate a little Lord Absolon,” Vatto says with a subtle bow. “I found…” Forsyth paused and thought about Draiden. It was frustrating that even now his first move was to lie down but they did just agree on a reset. “WE found these two Hollows that while still fresh around the edges they seem full of surprises and packed with potential. At least enough to get an audience with you.” Absolon glared at Vatto but then shot that same look to the Privation while stepping around Lurker. “Is that so, Draiden? Care to add to that.” The Cero wasn’t happy with either one of their disappearances but his focus would remain on the newcomers for now. “And who is this?” he says looking at the Vasto Lorde waiting for him to introduce himself. “What is it that you seek or are you just along for the ride?”
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee being the man he is humbly accepts their praises and politely responds. Yoshirou and JDan nod their heads in agreement as they two were excited with anticipation, curious to see the possibilities the future may hold; a wise man once said they were infinite. The Kido Commander then commented on JDan’s progress stating his curiosity. “I will keep at it and let you know of any new developments of course. We’re all in this together,” replies JDan. Dinner continued as well as the conversation and it was now that Metabee announced his plans to return to the Kido Corps. His words were both true and sound, as they would undoubtedly be needed at their best. “Ok, but if you need anything to help your Corps prepare just send word,” states Yoshirou though he knew Meta knows this already. “And give Sayuri my regards. I wish her the best through the hardship to come.” “Your not planning on leaving to night are you? It is already late,” said JDan speaking up letting the guard in him speak out. Mean while Yoshi continued to eat savoring the last few bites of his dinner. After Metabee answered, he continued, reassuring his Advisor. “Don’t worry we will train hard to make our one and two week goals. Our future may very well depend on it.”
  9. Death Among Us

    When Monk and Vatto sparred Absolon and Draiden were their as witness so he wasn’t sure why the Privaron acted like he didn’t know him; perhaps forgetfulness was a side effect of his laziness. Not pressing the matter any further, Vatto moved aside as he half listened to Draiden’s unconvincing apology. It kind of defeats the purpose when you admit your going to continue to do it anyways. Kota followed suit but Lurker seemed to have had enough. His impatience got the better of him and if this little squabble bothered him so, then the road ahead would be arduous to say the least. Vatto listened to what he had to say as killing him would be pointless. “Lurker get used to it. This part of the Espada’s aspect and has plague Absolon for years,” he replied to Lurker’s outburst as he was storming off. It was unfortunate even as the apex of their species Espadas were still Hollows. Essentially tormented souls that weren’t guided to the Soul Society in time thus becoming the worse part of their former selves. Bickering and rivalry was something that they would never be able to escape, as if it was part of their unjust punishment for being left by the way side. Just thinking about the Shinigami started to irritate him so he returned his focus to Draiden. “Perhaps a reset is warranted. But do try and be more upbeat… please,” says Vatto though the sound of 'please' rolling of his lips makes him want to rip his own tongue out. They had all started to follow Lurker as Draiden suggested but then it happened. The gigantic doors to Las Noches creped open like a haunted house unveiling its main attraction. Whether intentional or not someone made a call and it was only polite to answer. The eternity it felt that it took the doors to open was only a few seconds, revealing the recipient. A lone blue haired Arrancar stood at the gates of the Hollow Night Palace. The Hollow cupped his forehead and rubbed his temples. “All this racket on my doorstep. I wish they would either come or go,” he thinks to himself not knowing what all the fuse was about. Two of them he knew but the other two are strangers, one of them being the caller. Taking a step forward, into the moonlight, it was unmistakably Absolon. As he strolls forward the colossal doors behind him closed with a thud. Those who shifted focus, from the Arrancar to the gates, would have lost sight of Absolon until he reappeared in front of Lurker as if emerging out of thin air. "Who dares approaches in such an uncivilized manner?" asks Absolon. "If its a fight you seek I must ask that you go home!!!" He knew there was probably more to this seeing how Driaden and Vatto accompanied them but one could always hope it was that easy.
  10. Death Among Us

    “Hahaha, your nothing like he described. I imagined something different the way he spoke of the fight you guys had. If I recall correctly he used the words fierce and invigorating. I even know for a fact he held you in high regards,” Vatto said stepping forward until he was in front of those he guided. He was reminded of day Absolon came to him. It was the day his small world was crushed and his eyes truly opened. “Like Draiden, the Cero’s power truly overwhelmed me. I pressed him with all my might yet I could not fathom the depths of his power,” he thinks to himself while glancing at those behind him. “Yea they will be ok.” For a moment he had second thoughts but they were as ready as they would ever be, more time would only be a waste. Vatto once again faced Draiden as he continued to throw insults at both him and Absolon. “Enlighten me Draiden. Was it your lazy ways or that crude tongue of yours that lost you the title of Segundo?” Vatto asks rhetorically. He wouldn’t allow him to get under his skin any further as he had more important things to do. “This Arrancar’s name is Vatto Forsyth. And it bodes well to remember it. Unlike you I did not relinquish my title but instead seized it for myself.” Although the Privaron didn’t answer his question, it was a peeve of Forsyth’s to answer a question with a question, so he did Draiden the courtesy of answering. “Yes, but I would not do something so barbaric. We are going to see Absolon as guests. But what you suggest is what an enemy would do.” Vatto then steps aside and advices the Lurker and Kota to do the same. “But since you’re here have at it. I cannot lie that your way is far quicker.”
  11. Death Among Us

    He heard their answers and for better or worse they made their decision. Vatto nodded at Kota, “I find your humility refreshing but disturbing. You’d do well to watch yourself and those around you even closer.” As they say nice guys always finish last. Vatto then turned his attention to Lurker even though he could sense another coming this way. Now there’s a creature that remains a mystery even with Forsyth’s eyes. “Yes, there is…” he says pausing. “No matter what happens don’t flee, for some instincts are never lost.” The wind rushes through Vatto’s hair signaling the arrival of another though the other two probably didn't notice. It was the very same Privaron that he was spying on earlier. Forsyth tucks the loose strains of hair behind his ear revealing fragments of his former mask. “Draiden, you will do well to hold your tongue or I will rip it out and feed it to this one here,” he says pointing at Lurker. “Now what brings you here? If it’s to hinder us I would reconsider.” Vatto knew of the Privaron’s slothful ways and despised it so. How can one man sleep so much was beyond him. He could never understand what Absolon saw in him but it wasn’t his place to question. Some how he had gained favor with the Cero Espada so the Tres had no choice but to accept it… unless provoked. What did Draiden want and what was his motives? Vatto wasn't sure but if he had to guess it was to "woo" the two he let escape earlier.
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    As to be expected of the Kido Commander; out of the three of them he made the most progress. “Wow, I’m glad you are on our side,” says JDan impressed. “In a single day no less. And you doubted yourself; I knew you were the right person for the job,” states Yoshirou. “Don’t worry about the imperfections. I’m sure we will iron out all the kinks with time.” Both Yoshirou and JDan praised Metabee for his accomplishment. While it wasn't major it was a huge step in the right direction and as long as they continued forward they would achieve their goal. After they all took a few bites JDan gave a report on his progress. “My day started in failure. I could manifest earth in my hand but every time I tried to extended it through my Zanpakuto it failed. I had to have tried at least a hundred times,” he says taking a sip of water. There were other beverages to drink but nothing quenched a hard day’s thirst like cold water. “It became so easy to manifest in my hands that there was almost no difference than using a Kido. And it was about then that I decided to do something different. Instead of forcing the element to flow through my Zanpakuto, I simply channeled it through the rest of my body,” He wore a smile as he finished with his report “And it worked. Sure it exhausted a lot of energy but it worked.” “Hell you both out did me today. I swear I was slacking off,” Yoshirou said jokingly. “But that’s great JDan. You two make an old soul proud giving life to my crazy ideas. With the success you’ve both had today it proves that it is possible and not just a fruitless endeavor. ” Metabee then spoke up breaking their final goal up into stages, which would make it much easier to complete. “That’s a tall task but we will manage. What will you do in the mean time?” Yoshi asks as it sounds like he would be leaving for a while.
  13. Death Among Us

    It had been quite sometime since Vatto had returned to Las Noches. When he left, the fortress was almost completely reconstructed so it would be surprising if it weren’t finished. The important question was if Absolon was their but surely he was, for where else would he go? He had struggle so hard to revive the Espada but the fools of old wanted nothing to due with it as they rather fight amongst themselves. With any luck they would find him there still clinging on to a possible future. While off in his own head, Vatto became distracted with his last thought. "Future? Huh I wonder where Monk is?” He was the only Arrancar that Vatto brought back to Las Noches, as well as the only one to best him besides the Cero Espada. For Vatto, Monk was an anomaly. He was the only Hollow that he had felt some sort of friendship but that wasn’t the right word. Vatto had recognized him as a worth rival and out of that sparked a bond. But where was he?? Vatto stopped abruptly stopped. Although he could see it for a while now it should be visible to the others now. “The Palace of the Eternal Night,” he mutters turning to face them. “This is your last chance to turn back and run. While I will vouch for you I will kill you myself if you embarrass me. I’ve never been one to take things slow so it will be a quick death. But if some part of you longs for more than what you are now, no matter what it may be,-“ he then points behind him. “- that is your best chance.” Forsyth waited for them to respond; he knew their answer but they needed to say it. They had traveled fast and far and were now on the last leg of the journey. Sure the lesser Hollows might have been tired but if this was too much for them then they were heading in the wrong direction.
  14. Death Among Us

    The first to speak up was Kotaro and he was right. While few in numbers an Espada was an Espada for a reason. It is not just a title that Arrancars’ can causally throw around no matter ones own disposition. To become an Espada while glorious in its own right was no different than painting a target on your own back. While Hollows respected, feared, and obeyed you, every other race sought your death and even view you as a notch on their belt, a worth trophy if you will. “Kotaro Anubis you may count your blessings as your hopes have come true,” exclaimed Vatto with a smile. “I know for sure there will be no fighting for your death is guaranteed. However if you are accepted and you live into your potential, then you may fight anyone you like.” It was a cold hard fact that the Vasto Lorde would be annihilated with minimal effort in his current form but if he were to grow stronger then anything is possible; even Espada fight amongst themselves from time to time. Vatto then looked to Lurker for his answer and he quickly obliged. He stated that he understood the Espada’s words and asked for a moment to collect himself, which surprising he meant quite literal. The ground shook just as Vatto sensed something beneath. As the earth split he jumped back roughly five feet, watching the gooey substance cling to its master. It was very odd and peculiar, beyond unique to say the least, but there was no killing intent coming from him, a good sign. In fact he not only agreed but also revealed more of himself, certainly a sign of good faith. With an understanding met they were ready to set forth though the Espada had one more word of advice. “I could careless what form a shifter of faces take but never claim something your not. You will only find unwanted trouble.” He then turned his back to them facing the direction of Las Noches. "Well then shall we?" Vatto then led them towards the next chapter in their lives; his pace was fast enough to lead but slow enough to follow.
  15. Death Among Us

    The Espada was pleased that creature finally humored him and answered his questions more thoroughly. He had grown tired of the back and forth and started to wonder if he was just wasting more time. As Lurker talked from what Vatto could tell he wasn’t lying. For his sake these two seem to actually speak the truth though that didn’t mean they told him everything. If Vatto had to guess there was more to the story but only an idiot would divulge everything. Knowledge is power a lesson he learned from Absolon though he’s only now coming to understand. “NO… you may not observe. With Las Noches there is no gray area. You are either in or out; with us or against us. But participate… now that might be an option though not one that I can make,” explains Vatto. With so few members no one joined the Espada with out the Cero’s consent. “But I will not take a puppet. As I said it’s all or nothing how else is trust built,” Forsyth stated. “And just to prove it I will answer your question. All I did was suppress my spiritual pressure. What you sensed was just the residuals and I commend you on that. Agree to my terms and come with me to Las Noches and much more will be disclosed to you. You seem interested in that sort of thing. One thing for certain you two will gain much more there than you ever would here. Food, power, knowledge, training... and so much more” He spoke in a way that he thought would convince them. Even if they numbered few not many would dare make enemies of the Espada. That was even more so amongst the realms own residents. But refuse as they might Vatto would leave them unharmed, this time…