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  1. Death was always on the horizon and this was even more so for Hueco Mundo, especially for a particular forest right now. Blood and guts spilled everywhere as if a monsoon of death rained down on the forests inhabitants; and from the perspective of those that were dying it indeed had. Death had struck them like an unstoppable force in which they could only cower in front of, similar to shark at a buffet. Though they met their demise the insignificant Hollows should have been thankful for being slain by the strong in such away. Had Monk wanted to he could have snuffed them out by simply raising his spiritual pressure yet he graced them with the presence of his powerful, vice like, hands. Yes thankful was how they should have felt though it was the furthest thought from any of their minds… Sama’el continued to fall prey to his sin of Acadia but even he couldn’t resist such ceremonious presentation. From far beyond the shadows he watched as the Arrancar danced to a rhythm that was his own, like a tribe preforming a sacrificial ritual. Many would consider him on the fast track to becoming a mad man but the “Grim Reaper” saw something else. He saw an artist preparing for a masterpiece that he had yet to but on canvas; oh and what a sight it would be to behold. Remaining hidden from the living only those that were dying could see the ominous spectator. Whether it was an inherent weakness or done on purpose no one knew but what was certain was that the image of a living “Death” would never leave their broken minds. “Glorious,” he says to himself though not a soul could hear nor see the wicked smile upon his face. As the blood begins to settle “Death” leaves without a shred of living proof as if he was never there in the first place…
  2. The first round of drinks were served and all three men down them like they were drinking apple juice not alcohol. Again Yoshirou told JDan that being so formal especially while drink wasn’t necessary. JDan hated having to be told something more than once but he wasn’t sure if he would every feel comfortable being so casual, and expect to be told a few more times. Although there were many, many new members who felt differently, the two of them grew up with formalities drilled into them since birth. Amongst nobles it was a very serious topic and could lead one to death but like many other things Yoshirou took an unorthodox approach and easily dismissed them. “It’ll certainly take me a few more drinks before I even have the thought of getting use to that,” the big man says smiling. After laughing a second or two Yoshirou and Metabee shortly converse revealing that they both were thinking of themselves during their first meeting. The pair also agreed that they were happy that things turned out like this proving that good things can come from selfish motivations… sometimes. Yoshi poured everyone another round of drinks, as spirits were high, no pun intended. He then proceeded to walk to the balcony’s edge in which Metabee quickly teased JDan that he’d jump. “Come on Meta I though we were friends? Your not suppose to tell on me,” he says laughing and much to his surprise so too did JDan. It seemed that he was picking up on which marks were meant to be humorous and which are serious, even if it was at a slooow pace. “All jokes aside though I’m relieved that I was able to get that off my chest and the fact it went so well. When I say I’ll do neigh anything for my clan their not just hollow words.” As he spoke these words he gazed upon the compound and when finished speaking took a few sips from his glass finishing it once again and then turned at an angle, which he faced both Metabee and JDan. While Yoshirou spoke JDan quickly downed his drink and poured another. “Perhaps you should have brought more bottles at this rate,” he says pouring Yoshi another as well as Meta if he needed. JDan then made an attempt to tease the Commander. “Maybe we should get one of Metabee’s groupies from the VTS facility to bring another bottle.” Unable to hold in both his surprise and shock Yoshirou bursts out in laughter along with JDan. “That’s my top priority plan from now on to entice you with a Kyoraku beauty. Imagine it now, the look on the Metabee’s face when she says ‘You are the father!’ you’d be stuck in a hot spot for sure,” says Yoshirou with a drunken laugh. It was quite obvious that the drinks were starting to have an effect on them but one would have never imaged for JDan to be such a lightweight with his Saki.
  3. JDan listen to the Advisor respond though he said nothing that needed a direct response at first so he simply grinned and nodded as Metabee spoke. It was true that being too nice might make people take him less serious and as an advisor that wouldn’t be good. But for all that witnessed his fight with Yoshirou they would never make that mistake. In fact for someone so capable being so laid back only made it easier to approach and talk to, which as an advisor he needed. After asking Metabee ‘the’ question he quickly gave a response and much to JDan’s surprise it was much deeper and thought out than he had assumed it would be. He was learning quickly that assuming anything around the Advisor could lead to a mistake or misunderstanding. “I have to admit that answer slightly caught me off guard. To be honest I’m not sure what I was supposed to expect but it was not a reply like that. Friends huh, I hope one day I can call you that,” says JDan donning a huge smile on his even larger face. Just a moment later the bedroom door opens once again. “I’m back. I hope you guys aren’t napping,” shouts Yoshirou jokingly, closing the door and quickly making his way to the balcony. He sets down a large, unopened bottle of Saki along with three small cups on the table. “Luckily Jessica ran into Harold on her way back and gave him a heads up that I would be looking for a bottle of Saki so it didn’t take me long at all. I take it I didn’t miss much?” he said pouring everyone their first drink. “No Lord Yoshirou. Metabee was just mentioning how you guys met and you helped him out,” says JDan. “Is that so. First of all JDan, if we are ever drinking together, there’s no need for any type of formalities. And second Metabee you really shouldn’t worry about it. I feel a little bad for saying this but we are friends now so you’ll understand I think... At the time I didn’t do it for you,” Yoshirou says handing out the drinks. He then takes his and knocks it back like it was fresh water. “I did it for my Clan. As the Kido Corps and the gatekeepers of the Senkaimon your well being is paramount to the safety of the Soul Society as a whole. I know it was selfish but that’s the truth, it was after I met you and realize how remarkable you were that I decided to offer you the position as Advisor too. Becoming friends was the result of how well we bonded and isn’t a thing I regret at all.” Once Yoshirou finished speaking he poured himself another glass, as well as anyone else that wanted, and walked towards the edge of the balcony. The moon lit view was just as gorgeous as it was during the day and reminded him all he had to be thankful for. If one thing was true he believe that it was better to count your blessings than counting your losses.
  4. JDan listen to Metabee’s response as they made their way up the stairs. By the sound of it, it seems that Meta was still bummed about the mix up earlier. Other than that the Commander stated that it felt normal, as his “advising services” has not yet been needed. “With Yoshirou’s new approach we are no longer an ‘on the fence’ type of clan with a wait and see policy like most. No, we like to get up close and nitty-gritty and take action. While Yoshi was younger I overheard him speaking with some friends about why he always got into trouble, kinda like he choose to. His response went something like, ‘It’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission.’ I think as he began to settle into his position he started applying a little of that philosophy into the clan. I can’t say that I fully agree with that saying but I have complete faith in Lord Kyoraku as Head,” says JDan as they made there way up another flight of stairs. Without missing a beat JDan continues, “The size of the Clan’s grounds can be a little overwhelming but as requested you will receive a map, which will make it a lot easier. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has already been delivered to your room. And the clansmen, they seem to really be taking a liking to you; with your friendly demeanor its neigh impossible for everyone not to.” The pair finally reach the floor Metabee’s room was on. JDan opens the door showing complete respect to his senior, even though the same could be said about him, just in a different context. Right in front of the door on the floor was a map. “I was right after all. You have to love it when that happens… right?” he says joking, not expecting a response. Someone must have brought one by and not getting a response when knocking they just slid it under the door. Entering the room and bending over JDan quickly picks it up and hands it to the Advisor. “If you give that a look later you will see that the Clan grounds is really just a huge circle that sits on an even bigger plot of land. Of course if you need any help you can gladly ask anyone here,” he states, closing the door behind them and heading for the presumed destination, the balcony. “Well I’ll be honest with you as chief of security and Lord Kyoraku’s personal bodyguard I had a particular question that I wanted to ask. Why did you choose to accept the role of advisor to Lord Yoshirou and the Kyoraku? I’m not sure if Lord Yoshirou as mentioned it or even had a chance to mention it but him and I are cousins. And to be honest I didn’t care much for him in the beginning. Call it family rivalry or immature jealousy but I despised him for being selected as a candidate for the next Head Kyoraku while I was deemed less important; whether it was intentional or not that’s how I felt at the time. Needless to say I gave him hell every chance I got whether it was through chores or training. I pushed him far harder than I should have while we were growing up,” JDan says in a shameful tone though that began to shift to admiration. “It didn’t matter what I threw at him. Not only would he never rat me out but also he would always comeback for more better, than he was prior… I’m not sure when it happen but somewhere along the line that hate began to change. I went from despising to recognizing his abilities and potential to finally accepting him as family as he already had done with me years prior. Believe me or not that was the short version as to why I choose to serve Lord Kyoraku,” he says with a chuckle. “So again I ask, why did you choose to serve as Advisor?” JDan was very curious as Yoshirou and Metabee’s relationship was not as extensive yet so his answer wouldn't be nearly as "deep;" why would the Commander of the Kido Corps take up a position in the Kyoraku Clan?
  5. JDan wasn’t quite use to Metabee’s since of humor yet so is initial response threw him for a loop. “I, I…” says JDan quickly thinking of what to say next but before he could get another word out the Commander spoke first. Relieved that his words weren’t taken the wrong way JDan sighs. “Seems like I need to brush up on my sarcasm, hehe.” After everyone bided Jessica a goodnight a suggestion of Saki and a place to drink was mentioned. The Commander first stated that beer would have been fine but gave his consent stating, “I don’t have to far to go if I get drunk.” “Oh no, after a day like today only the strong stuff will do. Besides if you get too drunk I’ll hold your hand and make sure you get to bed,” Yoshirou says teasing. Before Metabee could respond JDan spoke backing up Yoshi’s idea for Saki. For a behemoth like him it would take far to many beers to get drunk and the night was already getting late. With everyone in agreement the trio leave the VTS facility and head towards the main building. The trip took a little longer than normal as they were periodically stopped and congratulated on an amazing battle. Luckily it was late so none of the fans went into deeper conversation, thus it only took about six or seven extra minutes to get back. They entered the mansion and just before splitting off from the group to go and get the Saki Yoshi commented on the subject. “I didn’t think a spar this late in the evening would cause such ruckus. Oh well, at least it was caused by excitement and not despair this time. Alright well you two go on ahead I will try and find the good stuff.” Yoshirou then broke off and proceeded to get the Saki. It had been a while since he had drink so the exact placement of the beverage was unknown to him. Once he made it to the kitchen he would just ask one of the maids on night duty. JDan and the Commander were now alone and begin making their way to his room. It was the first time since meeting the new Advisor that they had been alone together. The chief wanted to get to know Metabee better and also had a few question that he wanted to ask him but first he would break the ice before asking anything personal. He might have been a giant among Shinigami but he was not a heathen. "So how are you taking to the Clan and your new position? I hope we're not running you off already as you seem like a great guy."
  6. Metabee took the cup of water and thanked Jessica for both it and saving him. “Don’t mention it, they were acting like dogs drawn to one in heat. Not something we condone here at all,” replied Jessica with a disgusted tone when she spoke about the one’s she ran off. After downing his water the Commander then replied how he could fight with Yoshirou but crowds were a different story altogether. “I wouldn’t sweat it. It’s relieving to know that you aren’t perfect. It would be far more intimidating if you were some great god instead of a flawed Shinigami like the rest of us,” she said winking at Metabee. After their short conversation they both reapproached Yoshirou, though it was Metabee that spoke. Yoshirou laughed at his humorous comment, “I see I am going to have to put you on the watch list,” Yoshi said jokingly. Off course Metabee’s acceptance and growing popularity was a direct reflection of Yoshirou’s decision to give him the job. The better it went the more it could be said that he made the right choice. See an opening JDan speaks out, “Advisor Metabee let me congratulate you on a spectacular fight. I had no idea that a Kido Commander could be so skilled with a blade. I apologize for ever doubting your skills, you’d certainly fit right in around here.” JDan was sure that there were many things he and his fellow clansmen could learn from the Commander. “Impressive isn’t he and that was with him holding back,” adds Yoshirou though Metabee would deny this fact. As the excitement was still heavily in the air a proposal to get drinks was mentioned. The first to speak out was Jessica, “As fun as that sounds I’m going to pass. I’ve never been a drinker and there are a few things I still need to do before calling it a night,” she says, very excited that she was at least included into the group. She then takes the empty cups, bows and bids everyone a good night. “Well, I could certainly use a drink, it’ll help me clam down after all that excitement,” replies JDan. “I’ll join you two though I think I will keep it short; it’s been along day and tomorrow is a new one,” states Yoshirou. “Since it’s the three of us why don’t we just grab a bottle of saki and take it to your room Metabee. We can drink on the balcony under the starlights.” Yoshi suggested this location not only because it would be a lot quieter but also because of its convenient location for the trio as it was the middle room.
  7. Listening to Metabee respond Yoshirou felt happy that the Commander enjoyed the fight as much as he did. What the Advisor said was true and it wasn't often that either one of them were able to cut loose to this degree; Yoshirou couldn’t help but feel satisfied after such a fight. “Your praises are truly grateful, but I assure you that you certainly didn’t make it easy on me. If the battle continued to progress it could have gone either way,” he replies. “One of the top priorities when developing this machine was to minimize the ability to tell the difference from simulation and reality. As such the only time you can really tell the difference is if the pain setting is turned off or you attempt to do a restricted move. Like in our case attempting to use Bankai. Other than that the experience should be seamless and neigh indistinguishable from the real thing.” The Commander then inquires about what’s next. “I too fell that one battle tonight is sufficient. It’s getting late and we should probably call it a night but we can discuss that once we’re out of here,” says Yoshirou who then brings up a control panel with a simple thought. “Ah, I didn’t get a chance to mention it yet but you can bring up a control panel at anytime by just thinking it. Try it yourself and once its up tap on logoff.” Yoshirou waits for Metabee to logoff. Although the control panel could do more than just log you off it was all they needed for now. Once the Commander signed out Yoshi would follow suit. Before Yoshirou could open his eyes his ears informed him that the facility was much more crowded than when they first started. “Its to be expected,” he thinks to himself as he opens his eyes and stands up. The first people waiting to greet him were JDan and Jessica. They both quickly congratulate him on his victory. Jessica had two cups of water, which she gave one to Yoshirou and then went and gave the Commander the other one. “Impressive fails to describe the two of you, Lord Yoshirou. I see that the Advisor is not only smart but extremely capable and dangerous. It makes complete since why you sought him out,” states JDan. Yoshirou quickly downs the cup water while listening to JDan. “Thanks, I’m glad you are finding it easy to accept him, this greatly pleases me.” As the Advisor got up from the chair he would immediately notice a few fans courageous enough to approach him. The males congratulated him on a tough fought battle and expressed their respect for his strength. The women bickered among each other as each one of them wanted the honor of being the first to profess their undying love. His extreme new fans would smother Metabee for a few seconds before being saved by Jessica. “Scram the lot of you. That’s the Advisor and you are wasting Lord Kyoraku’s time by making him wait,” she says forcefully with a slightly annoyed tone. They instantly retreat and disappear into the other crowds that were still lively and energetically cheering or discussing the fight. “Forgive their forwardness. Its not often you see a battle like that or such a capable individual as yourself thats not Lord Kyoraku,” she said while handing over a fresh cup of water.
  8. The spar was over and although it did not last long after the release of their Shikai, it was still an intense and well fought battle. From start to finish the pace was kept high leaving no chances for a dull moment. Being able to spar to the death was training experience like no other, which provided many benefits; some of which were accelerated growth and unprecedented safety. As the fight was concluding not a single spectator remained seated. The entire room stood and cheered and the noise became deafening. The roar of the cheers could put even the loudest concerts to shame given the ratio of people to noise comparison. Some shouted Yo-shi-rou while others screamed Me-ta-bee and some cheered for both, unable to decide on just one of them. Once the fight concluded, the noise also started to subside though it was far from quite. Those that were not chanting the participants’ names any longer began discussing and recapping the fight. “Those two are scary on a battlefield,” says JDan awed by the spar. “Scary is only the tip of the iceberg and does not properly describe them. No not at all! If I had to sum it all up in one word it would be Monsters. They are Monsters,” replies Jessica excited and slightly frighten at the same time. “Haha, lighten up a little bit. That’s the Head and new Advisor your talking about after all. They are near the pinnacle of our race and with a lot of discipline, rigorous training and a little luck perhaps even you will touch their realm of power one day,” JDan says encouraging as always though he may have down played the luck part a little. “Perhaps. Though belong to the same clan as them is more than enough for me. Not many can say they serve with Shinigami, better yet, beings of that magnitude,” Jessica response with admiration in her voice. “Now that's something we can agree on,” says JDan folding his big burly arms… Yoshirou’s last combination of attacks seemed to have worked out better that he had hoped and while it looked a bit excessive in force it was done out of mercy. Dying whether in a simulation or real life should not be prolonged… especially when the pain level is set at its real world rating. Yoshi then proceeds to deactivate his Shikai before sheathing both of them. “The battle was won but it was tough fought. Victories like that are the most rewarding,” he thinks, as he’s teleported to a room so white it appeared to be giving off its own light. Once his eyes adjusted to the brightness Yoshi quickly spots the Commander. Wasting no time he makes his way over to discuss what’s next. “What an amazing fight Metabee. I wasn’t sure if I actually had you there at the end but I see luck was on my side right then. Honestly, if I didn’t have the reach advantage we would probably still be duking it out.” Yoshirou then slightly bends over and rubs his legs. “The pain felt so real, it is hard to believe that was all a simulation, right?” Yoshirou had hoped the machine astonished the Commander. Not only did he want to impress his friend but also having such a high level individual praise the device could only help.
  9. Yoshirou understood gravity and its effects better than any other Shinigami or perhaps any other being currently alive. As such he waited for Metabee to fall, with his speed further increasing by the second. His timing was perfect as he fired an Enso after his opponent was past seventy five percent of the way down. This gave Meta little to no time to react under the given circumstances. With no other choice Metabee once again teleports back to the island and to safety. The Enso and enhanced Rirsu sails into the air harmlessly exploding high above in the sky, like a forth of July fireworks party. Momentarily disappointed that neither of his attacks land, Yoshi maintains his composure, focusing on Metabee and his current whereabouts. Once again the pair were forced into close range so at the very least his attacks managed to accomplish something. “Well at least I used half of the energy to heal so it wasn’t a complete waste,” he thinks to himself as he prepares to receive his friends counter. With a swing of his sword Metabee releases his Shikai silently much like Yoshirou had. This however, is not a surprise but would have been if the Commander had actually needed to recite his release command in order to do so. Both combatants were now in their Shikai state as their power continues to rise and the lethality of the battle soars. Taking the offensive and making the first move Meta uses sonido to take the Nobles back though he reappeared some distance behind him. Yoshirou turns as he could easily sense his opponent whereabouts and could not sense an attack coming. For any Captain class and even some Lieutenant ranked fighters sensing an opponent’s movements is child’s play and a necessity for high-speed combat; or one would only be mere sheep in a lion’s world. Without missing a beat, Metabee continues his high-speed movement to the right. His plan was to force Yoshi to turn in circles chasing his incredible speeds but he was sorely underestimating Yoshirou, making his first mistake of the night. Yoshi focuses on his ability of sensing spiritual pressure relying on this fundamental sense for all spiritual beings that fought. Perceiving an attack coming from his back Yoshirou uses shunpo to completely avoid the attack. The speed of both combatants had only increased after releasing their Shikai and would most like continue to rise the remainder of the battle. Not wanting the distance to grow between them, Yoshi faces his opponent having only moved a few feet further away. Wasting no time the Commander follows up with a Zanjutsu technique that even Yoshirou found troublesome and if landed would cut him in two. There were a few different ways to block this attack but given the timing and speed of the attack, there was only one that made the most since. Instead of wasting energy manipulating gravitons to block the attack, Yoshi chooses the path of least resistance. Having already been in a defensive position Yoshirou arches his left blade and shifts laterally to the right as fast as he could, via flight. His Zanpakuto was longer than Metabee’s and he would use this to his advantage. Instead of attempting to block the full force of the slash, which would have resulted in him being cut anyways, Yoshi simply redirects the attack further to the left while shifting to the right, missing him completely and impacting the ground. The attack collided into the beach with such force that another scar had been carved into the island. The pair had literally left their marks upon the battlefield even if it was only a simulation. Although Yoshirou had avoided two attacks already he wasn’t out of harms way yet. Quickly recovering from the powerful technique Meta turned his blade around stepping in to attack with its sharp jagged edge. The stabbing attack was aimed for his right side chest area and being a smaller blade Yoshi knew it would be much harder to block. Even so Yoshirou remain firm and did not weaver, as he had no intentions of fully blocking the attack. While still hovering Yoshirou steps back with his right leg repositioning himself and opening his stance to better receive the Commander’s attack. Once Meta’s Zanpakuto was within reach of Yoshirou’s spiritual pressure the gravity upon it would significantly increase forcing it downwards, off target. However, Yoshirou would not be able to completely avoid the attack but thought the payoff well worth it. Just as the attack would penetrate Yoshi’s right thigh, he swiftly slashes diagonally downward with his left Zanpakuto, cutting diagonally at Metabee’s waist. No, Yoshirou’s weapons do not cut but devours upon contact, slicing right through Meta taking flesh, bone and clothing indiscriminately. Yoshi then spins his right Zanpakuto around and plunges into the Commander’s center mass. Blood rushed down Yoshirou’s right thigh because of how deeply Metabee's blade penetrated with the influx of gravity. Playing with gravitons, at such close range, was always a double edge sword but to land a decisive blow Yoshi took the risk. Although he was deeply stabbed in the leg, he faired far better than his opponent who lay bisected in two on the ground with a gaping whole in his chest. With such an extraordinary Shikai it was hard to take an attack from them and continue fighting, thus the epic battle concludes. If Metabee was able to perceive the incoming attack, in time and warped, abandoning his last stab then Yoshi’s blade would harmlessly hit the ground scaring it upon contact. This would most likely the case as Metabee was an extremely capable warrior and had to have know that Yoshirou had the reach advantage. Yoshirou takes a deep breath and grins, “Man that was so close I can practically feel the blade in my thigh.” He spoke not to start up small talk but as a little distraction. In the next instant Yoshirou used shunpo and approached Metabee’s created blade that he did not warp to. There were only two blades and they both were close by. If Yoshi wanted to hinder Meta’s movements then he needed to do something about the blades he manifested. With a simple slash that was calm yet assertive the created blade is quickly devoured. Yoshi knew his efforts could be for not as the Commander could create new ones at will, but for some reason hasn't done so recently. This maneuver would put a little more distance between them but Yoshirou already had a plan for that. Staring down Metabee, Yoshirou swiftly raises his right Zanpakuto to draw his opponent's attention. “Kaju no Sekai,” he shouts though he doesn’t move his sword. No this was a ruse as the attack did not come from the Zanpakuto itself but was instead an AoE attack that affected the gravity inside for two seconds unless extended with further energy consumption. Neigh instantly the circumference of twenty yards surrounding Metabee was hit with an enormous increase of gravity. The change was so sudden and immense that the sandy beach below caved in, unable to withstand the pressure. The technique was not a guaranteed hit and if Meta used high-speed movement he could still escape the area of effect. Immediately, Yoshirou shunpo slightly above his target, using the increase of gravity, which would also affect him to boost the blades speed. Attacking, downward, with the blade he used as a ruse before Yoshirou had hoped to deal significant damage to his target but was well aware that nothing was guaranteed and anything should be expected. The battle pushed forward an with Shikai now activated the toll on Yoshirou's stamina would increase. The longer the battle was drawn out the more the taxing Yoshi's Shikai would be on his body.
  10. The battle rages on as Metabee dons his mask to avoid taking further damage though this was all within Yoshirou’s calculations. Using his right Zanpakuto and a small thin force field created in front of his blade Yoshi was able to avoid damage, only being pushed back a few yards. While it can’t be compare to the release of a Bankai, donning ones Hollow Mask was still something to be weary of. Had he not expected Meta to take this route the outcome would have surely been different. Yoshirou launches Hyapporankan while simultaneous the Commander charges a cero. The cero charges forth colliding with the Bakudo, taking out two, before exploding and taking out dozens more. Even still Yoshirou manages to strike Meta with the kido. The explosion though consumed roughly fifteen percent of the incoming rods dampening the cero's lethality, leaving Yoshirou to only have to deal with the remaining concussive force. With his left had still in front of him, from just launching the kido, he condenses the gravitons creating another thin force field, dealing with the rest of the residual concussive force. Finishing his combination Yoshi strikes with a powerful Kendo technique but Meta warps at the last second avoiding the deadly attack. A gigantic crevasse is etched into the island leading all the way to the beach on the other side. Slowly water begins to flood in though it would take some time to fill it entirely. Just like the two combatants the island too was now taking damage under the force of two great powers… “That’s it,” says JDan. “What do you mean,” asks Jessica confused by the chief’s sudden outburst. “That is where I would have just died. Even if I managed to survive the attack I wouldn’t be able to continue battling, certainly not at this same level of intensity,” JDan answers. “That’s not true. I thought your defenses were supposed to be neigh un-impenetrable which was one of the reasons why you have been the Lords personal guard for so long,” replies Jessica to some the rumors she has heard before. JDan smirks as he responds. “You said it yourself. The keyword is neigh. It’s true that I could have blocked that attack but only with the use of one of my Zanpakuto abilities and I would not have had time to deploy it just then. These two are leagues above anyone here. Perhaps even the strongest in all of the Soul Society right now, but the scary thing is they both are still holding back even more power than what they have displayed thus far…” “Byakurai,” shouts Metabee. Yoshirou strafes to the right to avoid the Hado but is instead is hit with a Bakudo. In fact it was the same Bakudo that he was hit with in there previous spar but this time he had no way of knowing it was coming. It was one thing to call out the name of a Kido and simply use it as a feint but to use a completely different Kido could only be done by someone well verse in the Kido Arts. “I would expect nothing less from you the Kido Commander,” Yoshirou thinks to himself though it doesn’t do him any good in helping him out of the situation he was but in. Having caught him off guard had Meta immediately attack; Yoshirou would have been in a serious jam. Instead Meta retreats to the skies giving Yoshi time to deal with his bindings. “Aaaaaahhhhhh,” Yoshirou screams raising his spiritual energy to its peak in his current state, crushing the Bakudo under the pressure. By the time he was free Meta made it high above him and created a weapon that was very unusual for a Hollow, Shinigami, or Vizard. Bounded for a few seconds Yoshi had to watch as his friend took the high grounds from him, a position that he would have liked to maintain. Having the high grounds was always beneficial giving that person the advantage and even a battle between spiritual type beings this still would hold true though the advantage was reduced. With both Zanpakutos down by his side, with a traditional grip, Yoshirou looks on as Metabee charges up what is most likely the most powerful moved used so far. “I had hoped to fight longer without using my Shikai but it would be a tactical error to let all that energy simply vanish; besides that would be looking down on you which I certainly do not,” he thinks as he prepares to defend against the mighty attack. Of course he could also use Danku to easily block the attack but as stated it would be a sin to let such condensed energy go wasted. With a firm grip on both Zanpakutos, Yoshirou waits until the arrow is shot before releasing his Shikai. Yoshirou and his Zanpakuto spirits had an usually harmony and understanding that many strived for but only few achieved. This allowed him to shorten his Bankai release command down to a single word and his Shikai could be summoned wordlessly. However, releasing Shikai this way forgoes the explosions and dramatics typically associated with this type of release. Even still the slash on his leg would seal and stop bleeding though it still resembled a fresh cut and the pain from the burns would dull. As the charged up shot made its way towards him, Yoshirou pointed out his left Zanpakuto, which looked like a shadowy silhouette of a sword. The weapon as dark as the abyss instantly devoured the energy attack like it had been mistreated and malnourished for years. Yoshirou immediately used half of the high quality energy to further heal his wounds. The fresh burn marks had lost its sting of pain though the skin was still redden showing signs of trauma. The cut, on the right side of his, right quad had further sealed over and instead of looking like a fresh wound it now looked like a scar that was a couple weeks old. Yoshirou’s ability to heal was a far cry from a Vizard or Hollow’s regeneration. He couldn’t grow back limbs or heal fatal wounds but it still helped him out of tight situations plenty of times. After successfully blocking and devouring the attack Yoshirou continues to keep his gaze set up the Commander who proceeds to utilize Kendo. With both hands on his Zanpakuto, Meta begins to fall using the momentum to increase the power behind his slash. Yoshi was a Master of gravity and understood the power incorporated into the attack and although he could easily reverse it Yoshi chooses another route. Once Metabee passed roughly three fourths of the ways down Yoshi sprung into action. “Enso,” says Yoshirou swinging his right Zanpakuto to his left side. A horizontal streak of energy rockets forth headed towards his opponent. With both Zanpakutos down by his left side Yoshirou unleashes a dual slash upwards with both swords. “Rirsu,” he replies again unleashing another blast of energy towards Metabee. Not only was the strength and speed greatly enhanced by being launched with both swords it was further augmented with the remaining energy devoured from the Kido Commanders attack; making it possible a deadly attack even if blocked. His plan was to trick and ensnare Metabee with the first attack Enso. Most would make the mistake and believe the Enso to be an energy attack similar to getsuga tensho but they would be severely mistaken. Instead of exploding on contact it wraps and binds anything it touches, dramatically increasing the pull of gravity on those caught by it. If compared to a Bakudo it would be ranked in the seventies. Since Metabee was using Kendo there was a chance he could cut through the attack altogether if he went with that option instead of blocking for some reason. But even that should make a small enough opening giving Yoshi time for the second and main attack to land. Yoshirou was hopeful that something would come of this attack. With his timing and the speed Metabee fell, dodging would be difficult even for the Commander. If the Rirsu landed the Enso too would explode further increasing the damage dealt while simultaneously Yoshirou would charge in with a final downward diagonal slash with his left sword. This time he would manipulate the gravitons to make his weapon impossibly light emphasizing speed instead of strength this go around. If the attacks missed and Metabee manages to warp or otherwise avoid the attacks Yoshirou would go on the defensive. With the majority of both their wounds being healed due to a release or other ability it was almost like starting the battle anew. Receiving careless damage now could be a much more costly mistake due to the increase of power now being displayed. And for Yoshirou, he could not ascend beyond this point as Bankai was deemed off limits. Reiatsu appearance Shikai
  11. Footsteps rapidly taping the ground echoes off the walls of the Kyoraku Mansion. At this time in the evening it was a rare occurrence and usually meant something was wrong or something unusual was happening. A lone guard raced up the stairs, making haste to the chief of security’s room. Bursting through JDan’s bedroom was none other than Jessica. “Come quickly, there battling in the VTS,” she says frantically. Someone else might have asked who but JDan already knew. There was only one pair that would cause Jessica to come report something like that to him. Training was a common thing amongst Shinigami and the Virtual Training Simulator would soon be the new way of doing so. The culprits had to be none other than the Advisor and Lord Kyoraku or else there would be no need to come to him with this information. Not saying a word JDan disappears shortly followed by Jessica. “How long have they been fight, how much have I missed?” These were both thoughts that coursed through his brain but anytime spent asking questions would only increase that number. Although JDan and Jessica made excellent time by the time they got there the small crowd of thirty swelled to more than a hundred. Pretty much everyone that was off duty and still awake had heard what was happening and made their way there. Even some who couldn’t resist sneaking off duty and those being woken up with the news started flocking to the facility. Everyone congregated in multiple groups around the numerous different screens and some were even starting to order snacks and beverages as the lively room became more and more festive. Jessica and JDan made there way through to the biggest screen though it also had the larges crowd. But there was still plenty of space showing off just how big the facility actually is… Seeing the two blades speed by him, Yoshirou is only able to strike one down while the other one eludes him as he was surprised by this maneuver. If he would have attempted to swat both of them down then he would not have had the time to follow through with is thrusting attack. The blade that was struck would land, in the ground, a little ways behind Metabee. Metabee was proving just how quick he could be by not only creating two short swords to throw at Yoshirou, but also two more to intercept the remainder of the Zangerin, and Yoshi’s Zanpakuto before the blade could find its mark. The attack went from a serious wound to a glancing blow showing the Commanders skills and experience. Fully aware of the dangers of having his back to one of Metabee’s blades, Yoshirou quickly shuffles diagonally to, his left, via flight manipulation. This would put the sword that was in his blind spot, now on his right side and the one stuck in the dirt to his left in front of him. As Yoshirou drew back his sword Metabee began a counter of his own. Swing at Yoshi’s stomach Meta unleashes a slashing attack. Having no choice Yoshirou partially draws his other Zanpakuto, with his left hand, quickly guarding his stomach. After intercepting Meta’s blade Yoshirou sheathes the left blade once more as he continues to defend against the Commander’s attacks. With his right Zanpakuto, now, back at his guard Yoshi tilts his sword, repositioning it, once again parrying the attack. Meta was right where Yoshirou wanted him and that was in close quarter combat. With his Zanjutsu skills and his Zanpakuto abilities Yoshi’s skill up close was contested by very few people. Yoshirou could see the previously created blade returning, aiming for his side but didn’t care, as he would not let it force distance between them once again. Raising his right hand above his head Yoshirou swings down vertically clashing to a deadlock with Metabee’s cross slash attack he made with both swords. Once again the attack was not fueled by raw physical power but the manipulation of gravitons increasing the power and speed behind it, which would transfer into Metabee. Immediately as the three blades collided Yoshirou instantly used the connection between them to increase Meta’s weight exponentially making it neigh impossible for him to move. Simultaneously the blade that Meta through now returned colliding with Yoshirou’s spiritual pressure. Instead of striking Yoshi in the ribs and possible being fatal the blade falls due to the increased gravity from his spiritual pressure. Although the blade misses its mark it still hits Yoshirou, cutting the side part of his right quad before landing at their feet. Blood rapidly ran down his leg but this was all with in his expectations. Again with Meta so close Yoshirou willing took the hit in order for the opportunity to deal significant damage. Yoshirou lets out a grunt after receiving the damage but does not waste this moment that presented itself before him. With a reverse grip Yoshirou fully unsheathes his second Zanpakuto and plunges it into Meta’s right foot attempting to further cripple his movements. If he couldn’t land a fatal shot he had planned to go for Meta’s legs, as that would have a bigger impact than aiming for his arms. Someone that could freely create and manipulate blades within a certain range could still fight even if both arms were severed; thus the conclusion he came to was the most logical. If the surprise attack landed then Meta’s mobility would be further hindered as the gravity increases even more. The scene wouldn’t look good for Metabee. Not only would he be pierced to the grown but also have the three blades pinned up against his chest, which was Yoshirou’s initial anchoring point. Continuing on the offensive Yoshi forces his sword straight down the left side of Meta’s chest and stomach, overpowering the Commander with gravity; though the created long swords provided a little resistance so that it was not a fatal wound but still a serious one. Yoshirou draws back his right Zanpakuto and though the first anchor point was released the second one still pinned Metabee to the ground maintaining the connection needed to manipulate his opponents gravity. Currently with a significant speed and mobility advantage Yoshi brings his sword back upwards, vertically slashing at Metabee’s right side. This attack had a great chance of landing and causing more serious damage to his opponent backing him into a corner. Returning to his guard Yoshirou would prepare to finish the fight in his next attack if Meta remained unable to escape. Yoshirou planned his attack carefully but never underestimated his opponent. He knew that there were at least three ways in which the Commander could escape. First he could warp to the sword that Yoshi struck down initially which was behind Metabee to the right. If he warped to the one at their feet then the outcome would be the same and Yoshi’s attack would surely land. Metabee’s second option would be to momentarily overpower Yoshirou in a burst of power with the release of his Shikai or Vizard mask. And finally by using Tsuzuri Raiden but this would also shock Metabee; as the three blades were pinned to his chest so it was the least likely option, cause it wouldn’t really yield favorable results. The first two were both sure fire ways to escape the onslaught and avoid taking major damage or perhaps any damage at all. But they were both within Yoshi’s calculations. No matter which choice Meta chose he would remain in close range, which is where Yoshi fights best. If Meta warped to the nearby sword, before being stabbed in the foot or receiving any damage, Yoshirou would immediately launch a Bakudo with his left hand. “Hyapporankan,” he shouts launching one of is favorite kidos at close range. The single rod would split into a hundred others making it extremely difficult to avoid from here. If hit Metabee would be pinned down and Yoshirou would close the distance with shunpo and appear behind him unleashing a horizontal strike at about waist level. If the kido missed Yoshirou would move in once the last rod passed him reengaging in close range combat using Kendo. Yoshi’s plan was to keep the pressure on Meta hoping that he would be forced into making a mistake. Once in range Yoshirou swings upwards, diagonally to his left, though this time he relied on pure Kendo skill rather than gravity as it took less of a toll on his stamina. The fight had not been going on very long but the intensity of it was through the roof. Yoshirou would begin to show small signs of fatigue, like taking deeper breaths, though he was far from panting. If the attack landed it would cleave clean through Metabee’s flesh dealing serious and possibly fatal damage. Even if it was blocked with created swords or a barrier, being Kendo there was a good chance of slicing right through them depending on their durability, but the damage dealt would be less severe. After the attack Yoshirou would return his sword to a defensive position but would maintain close quarter combat, following Metabee if he attempted to put distance between them. If Metabee went the other route and released his Shikai or Vizard mask, Yoshirou would block the outburst of energy with a combination of his Zanpakuto and a thin, weak force field created by the manipulation of gravitons. This would still cause Yoshi to be pushed back a few feet but would prevent him from taking further damage. Unless he started dealing out more damage than his opponent Yoshirou would have no chance in winning. It was clear that his legs were getting damaged and if this kept up they would turn form moderate to severe. With a very small gap again between them Yoshi would still rely on one of his favorite Bakudo. “Hyapporankan,” he shouts unleashing the kido described earlier. Even though it would be hard to dodge the rods at this range, there hold wouldn’t be as strong since the Commander is in his Shikai or Vizard state. But all Yoshirou would need was a mere second of an opening to capitalize on it at this range. If hit or not Yoshirou would close in the distance, attacking down diagonally with Kendo once again. But this time he used a powerful technique that only expert level Zanjutsu users and above knew called Ryodan. With Metabee in Shikai/Vizard, Yoshirou had to rely on more powerful skills and deadlier techniques to try and keep the pressure on; but that was much easier said than done… The crowds in the VTS Hall roared with cheers. As expected they were all routing for Lord Kyoraku but as the fight progressed that started to change. More and more were starting to cheer for Metabee as they were fascinated by his abilities and skills. By now twenty percent of the people were going for Meta, fifty percent for Yoshirou and thirty percent cheered for both. “This is insane, I can hardly keep up!” exclaims Jessica. “Chief how’d you think you’d fair?” JDan wanted to look at her with a dumfounded expression but he couldn’t peel his eyes from the screen; to miss a mere second at this point would be devastating as everything was happening so fast. “I would like to think that I wouldn’t be dead yet but if I went in underestimating them I certainly would be. I can say for sure that I would have already released my Shikai and about to release my Bankai, if I hadn’t already.” “No the only rule they have set into play is that Bankai is off limits,” Jessica says informing JDan. “I see. Who would have thought an Advisor to be this strong or a Kido Commander so skilled with blades? I’m understanding more and more why you chose him, Lord Kyoraku,” JDan replies.
  12. Yoshirou launches an arc of lightning at his opponent, in the form of a kido, expecting it to be dodged by the Commander but certainly not so easily and from this close of range. He thought that Meta would be more pressured by the up close attack and forced to use shunpo, as he did. But the Commander kept his cool in the face of danger, simply rolling to the right avoiding the attack completely. Yoshirou continued to press his opponent launching a quick draw attack from his previously sheathed blade, causing the air to rush forward fast enough that it was able to cut hierro. Taking one of these attacks at this close range could lead to uncertainty but two would certainly leave a mark changing the pace of the fight in his favor. With the high grounds Yoshirou watches the attacks smash into the ocean below. The force created a wave that washed up the island’s shore stopping just a few feet from where Metabee now stood. “You slippery son of a gun. That new ability of yours will give any opponent of yours trouble. It makes me happy that this is just a spar,” he says but the distance is to great between them for anyone other than himself to hear. As an experienced Zanjutsu Master Yoshirou could learn his opponents moves by watching or fighting them. After there last spar Yoshi was sure that he knew, for the most part, what style Metabee preferred and what some of his tendencies were, but… If they learned new skills and abilities that greatly change their fighting style then all that was thrown out the window and you would have to relearn the way the opponent moved. With Metabee’s warp ability and multi blade control for Yoshirou it was almost like fighting a new opponent for the first time. With such great distance between them Yoshirou sheathes his left Zanpakuto. For Yoshirou switching back and forth between sword styles was mere child’s play as it has been a part of his tactics for such along time it has become second nature to him. He did so for two reasons, first, so that he can capitalize on the current situation and not be bound to a single sword style. Second was so that his moves never became to predictable or readable further keeping his opponents off guard and constantly guessing. Metabee recalls both the sword that he warped to as well as the unseen one that found its way into the ocean. Once he had all four, of his created, swords by his side he began to launch the next wave of attacks. Again he charged in at Yoshirou but this time Meta launched all four of the floating swords. Unlike the first time all four had a blue glow to them. Yoshi quickly deduced that they were some how enhanced as this was the most logical conclusion. Normally he would guess that they were augmented using Meta’s spiritual energy but the color was different. Metabee’s energy was a shade of dark purple yet the swords were coated in a blue color. Looking downward at both the incoming swords and Metabee, Yoshirou lifts his left hand with his palm facing outwards. “Shakkaho,” he says, repeating the name of a very common kido, endowing it with more spiritual energy. It was widely taught at the Academy and almost everyone that used kido had this Hado in their arsenal. One reason was because it was a mid level kido that could be fired either as a red orb or a beam, with varying sizes, at minimal energy consumption. He wasn’t sure if he could destroy the blades or not especially if their durability was the stat being enhanced. At the very least he hope to force them back down to the ground below, as well as catch Metabee in the kido, as he notice him following behind it; although not too close. Befitting the name of “Red Flame Cannon” a beam of energy, a few feet larger than Yoshi was, surges forth colliding with the swords and possibly the Commander. Instantly upon contact with the swords they all exploded. Unbeknownst to Yoshirou the swords were imbued with Sokatsui turning them into makeshift bombs that explode on contact. With them all simultaneously exploding the blast was four times more powerful than normal. This caused Yoshirou to be caught up in the blast and although part of the force was redirected in the opposite direction, thanks to the Sokatsui, it still had enough force to repel and damage him. Being an explosion the blast wave was omni-directional so there was a chance Meta too would be caught up in it, the Shakkaho or perhaps both. Using his ability over gravitons to grant flight Yoshirou regained his footing quicker that way and remained vigilant of his target although his ears were still ringing from the unsuspecting blast. The bottom of his outfit was mostly burnt off from the explosion revealing a few reddish burn marks on the front of both shins and his left thigh as well as the bottom of both feet. On the ground these new wounds would surely slow him down a bit but in the air his movements remained unhindered. If the Commander managed to avoid the blast and was still able to continue his initial attack, Yoshirou would have little time to assess his wounds before Meta was upon him with is Zanpakuto cloaked in electric energy. Knowing that blocking that attack with his sword will result in an all to familiar and unpleasant feeling Yoshi once again relies on kido. “Seki,” he shouted in the nick of time thrusting is left hand out. Once again he called out the kido’s name giving it more power than without. With the two attacks colliding Metabee would instantly be repelled, roughly ten yards, due to the kido’s effect, putting him out of range for the final attack to Yoshi’s thigh. The burning tingly sensation was still fresh on the Noble’s mind; even so this was no time lower ones guard to check their wounds. Besides being a veteran Captain class Shinigami this would not be his first time he would have to fight through injuries nor the damage the worse he's ever received. “I’m not going to win this fight with kido alone. I need to press the battle and force Metabee into close range combat using what I’m actually superior at, Zanjutsu” he thinks as he begins to charge in this time. Yoshi continued to use his flight ability as it gave him the mobility advantage in the air. Quickly closing the ten yards that separates them Yoshirou shouts, “Byakurai,” but this was simply a diversion, as he did not cast a kido at all. Instead he swung down diagonally with his Zanpakuto from his right to left pulling his Zanpakuto back to his side at the end of the swing. Immediately Yoshi followed through with a quick thrust, aimed for the midsection that would be harder to block than a slash. The initial slash was meant to draw Meta’s guard creating an opening for the second attack. If Metabee’s body were pierced then Yoshirou would rip his sword out to the right creating a bigger wound, and return it to his guard. Again this was a simulation so there was no need to worry about the after effect to the body, it was a kill or be killed situation. With each attack Yoshi manipulated the gravity, which allowed him to greatly increase the force of the attack without relying on the clumsiness of using brute force. Precision and grace are the more important aspects of Zanjutsu at least to Yoshirou. If Metabee was caught up in the Shakkaho, enlarged Sokatsui explosion, or both then Yoshirou's coarse of actions would be different. As they both are repelled by the explosion the distance between them would once again increase. Like before Yoshi uses the ability of flight via his manipulation of gravitons to regain his composure. The bottom of his clothing is still slightly burnt away revealing a few burn marks that freshly stung. Ignoring the pain, Yoshirou pulls his right Zanpakuto to his left side preparing to launch long-range attack while eyeing Metabee’s new location. His ears had just stopped ringing and the smell of burnt cloths was still fresh in the air but he wouldn’t let this chance pass him by. Meta currently had only his Zanpakuto with no spare swords to warp to making him rely on other means. Yoshirou was without a doubt starting to get frustrated that he has relied so heavily on Kido already despite wanting to be a Zanjutsu Grandmaster. It didn’t change the fact that the distance was currently too great for a mere sword attack. Having to rely yet again on Kido Yoshi chooses to incorporate his Zanpakuto into the attack. “Zangerin,” he says generating a large amount of energy from his sword and blasting it outwards horizontally with a sharp swing of his blade. Yoshirou followed behind the kido which had a since of familiarity about it as this kido had a lot of history with the Kyoraku Clan. Many members favored it as a long range Kido attack specifically because the blade was used in the process. If Metabee was unable to dodge and had to block the attack, Yoshirou would follow immediately behind it with a powerful thrust to the midsection with his Zanpakuto. Like before the initial attack was meant to draw Meta’s guard and create a momentary gap for the second attack. If the attack landed Yoshirou would again rip it out from the right, increasing the damage that was done but by no means did he expect it to end the fight. His adversary was the Kido Commander so he was expecting this to be a long, tough, hard fought battle. But as Yoshirou often says, “There is no strength gained without struggle.” If Metabee were able to dodge the Zangerin then Yoshirou would attempt to launch a surprise attack by leaping out from behind the kido and slicing downward with his Zanpakuto. Again the strike would have its weight manipulated increasing the force behind it. But unlike the previous attacks if it connected, with either Metabee’s body or his Zanpakuto then they too would feel an increase in weight as long as contact was maintained. This would either significantly decrease Meta’s mobility while being slashed or force Meta’s blade into himself, being cut by it and Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto simultaneously. Either way Yoshirou would then retract his sword holding it vertically on guard.
  13. As the friends prepared for battle the atmosphere drastically changed. Although the winds around them were raging out of control the area inside was at first calm. But with tensions rising, a gentle gust of wind stirs up, causing Yoshirou’s long hair to flutter in the wind. After reaching an appropriate distance away Yoshi turns and faces Metabee, a brief sense of déjà vu sweeps across him before brushing it off. Unsheathing one of his Zanpakutos Yoshirou clears his mind, assuming a mobile fighting stance, and focuses on Metabee. With the unsheathing of his sword signaling that he was ready, Meta prepared himself as well; releasing his spiritual pressure, which took the shape of a dragon. “Impressive Metabee,” says Yoshirou though not loud enough for anyone but himself to hear. If you compared them using a power chart then Metabee would be closer to 560 while Yoshirou was somewhere around 540, so even Yoshirou could appreciate Meta's display in power. “But what’s with this feeling your giving off. Are you hiding an internal turmoil or conflict ? If so I’m always here for you. Well I should deal with the battle at hand but perhaps this has something to do with your Inner Hollow.” Following suit Yoshirou too releases his spiritual pressure. An aura casted in the deepest darkest black outlined in blue oozed from Yoshirou’s body. The color did not represent an emotional state but was merely the look of his spiritual energy. Unlike Metabee’s it did not take on the shape of anything but from afar it would resemble a tear in the sky or irregular shaped black hole. The pair’s initial display of power was impressive to say the least and would force even experienced Lieutenant class fighters effortlessly to their knees. Yoshi looks on as Meta draws his sword and creates four more hovering just above him. “I know I said your created swords wouldn’t be enough to defeat me but… perhaps I was wrong,” he thinks to himself smiling with excitement. While Yoshirou did not claim the title Kenpachi he was currently the most prolific swordsman within the Seireitei, a title that practically begged to belong to the Kyoraku Clan. While Meta could said to be not only the Kido Commander but the Grand Kido Chief, a title that represented the most powerful Kido user currently in existence, a title that is not a Kido Commander’s by default. Wasting no further time Metabee begins his charge initiating the first attack. Yoshirou immediately spots the two incoming swords, which didn’t really concern him. With a pair, of powerful yet graceful, swings from his right hand he easily blocks both swords sending them sailing down below, still intact. The launched sword that was delayed was what caught Yoshi’s attention compounded with the fact that its aim was off. It was a mistake that the Commander wouldn’t make this early in the fight. Yoshirou smiles switching his grip to and inverted one and quickly spinning around following the well-placed sword Meta had launched. “Perhaps you should have lost the race in order to win the fight,” he said referencing his first encounter with this technique only hours ago. Had he not seen it prior to going into this battle he would have surely been caught off guard and this first match would be over already. This didn’t mean the skill would be ineffective against Yoshirou, it simply meant he wouldn’t be killed by it right from the start like he would have had he not lost to it once already today. Turning and spinning Yoshirou narrowly blocked Meta’s diagonal slash. The two swords clashed in a stalemate with enough force that sparks danced off into the breeze. Meta quickly followed with a horizontal slash, which had he been a lesser opponent Yoshirou would have simply caught it up in the stalemate of their other swords. This would have only been possible because of Yoshi’s inverted grip and the fact that both of Meta’s attacks originated from the same side. Even if it would have been a move with minimal effort and no wasted movement that a Master swordsmen could be proud of it was too risky to do against a Commander class opponent. Instead Yoshirou disengages by leaping backwards, avoiding the strike altogether. Immediately with his free, left, hand Yoshi points where Metabee’s heart rests. This was a simulation so there was no need to hold back, death and injury lost its meaning while inside here. Speeding up the kido by silently casting it Yoshiro launches byakurai. Lightning erupts from his fingertips bursting forth at incredible speeds. The easiest way besides directly blocking the attack would be for Meta to go to his right or Yoshi’s left, as that was the shortest distance to cross the body and get out the narrow attack’s path. Although Hado #4 was extremely powerful for being such a low level kido it was a piercing attack and had no range from side to side. Yoshirou had no doubt that the Commander was capable of dodging this attack. Instead he attempted to anticipate his next moves. It was ironic though how they each used the others forte to start the match, perhaps they were trying to show that just because they greatly excelled at one that they weren’t to be underestimated in the other. Watching the movement of the floating swords as the kido was being launched Yoshirou remembered about the two swords he parried earlier. They were most likely still under Meta’s control and he could probably even teleport to them. “Tsk,” Yoshi replies disappointed that he didn’t take them more seriously and destroy them. With the battle now underway Yoshirou attempts to grasp the fight from multiple angles/views in his mind. As soon as the kido was done firing Yoshirou did as he did in their last spar and took to the higher grounds using shunpo. He choose to ascend because it was the least likely direction Meta would dodge to as the Hado would cross more of his body increasing the chances of being hit. If Metabee maintained control over the two previous swords launched at him then they moved as he commanded them to, which was most likely the case. But if they were sent plummeting down below he would noticed one at the beach on the island and the other one nowhere in site meaning it was most likely in the ocean. Either way with the higher grounds Yoshi could better see Meta’s movements. Whether Meta had all the swords back at his side or if they were stuck down below Yoshirou would not let him dictate the entirety of this duel. Yoshirou unsheathes his other Zanpakuto with his left hand at speeds that even some Shinigami couldn’t follow, using his mastery in laijutsu. Twice he launched an attack with enough force to bisect an unsuspecting Captain, before keeping both Zanpakutos unsheathe with a normal girb. If Meta was going to use so many swords it was best not to underestimate him so using both available Zanpakutos was the wisest coarse action. While Yoshirou wasn’t to far above Meta, at a diagonal angle, he was to far to be instantly overtaken. With his attacks launched and his focus sharp Yoshi observes the outcome and prepares for Metabee’s counter attack.
  14. Since the pair agreed about the research then there was no point in elaborating on it any further. Instead things progress to the point where Yoshirou was explaining the VTS chair and a general idea of how the whole thing works. Honestly it sounded more like a high-tech video game than a training device, which was partially true as it in a lot of ways was similar to something like that. Metabee then comments that he hopes it doesn’t enter your mind and read your memories or something of the sort. Yoshirou then stokes the bottom of his chin like someone does when then were on to something. “Don’t worry these units aren’t capable of such a feat… but you may have just stumbled upon a more strategic military use for it,” he says half joking half serious. “Mental note. Have the scientist look into using this thing has a mind probe for times of dire needs.” The usefulness of something like that was insane. Imagine no longer having to interrogate captives which more often than not, bore little to no fruit. You could even say that it would be a much more humane way of doing things than torturing victims for information. The Commander then informs Yoshi that the rest he can figure out after fiddling with it but for now a “regular” sparing session would suffice as it would give him a chance to get use to it. Besides that his only other suggestion was that they once again shouldn’t use their Bankai. “How ironic. I was just about to tell you I had no problem using them this time but its fine with me. As you previously granted my request I too will do the same now. Well if your ready just have a seat here,” Yoshirou said gesturing to the VTS chair. “I will use the one next door and set up the rules. You will receive an invitation to link and join me in a session. Simple accept and you will be scanned and uplinked.” If Metabee had no further questions Yoshirou would quickly proceeded to the room right next door. He sat in the oddly comfortable chair and began fidgeting with the overhead monitor. Besides turning off Bankais the only other thing he needed to do was select a stage to battle at. “This is where I can show off part of what this bad boy can do,” he thinks to himself as he creates the stage and hits confirm. Immediately a tiny scanner extends out from overhead and scans Yoshirou. The arm that the scanner is attached can pivot, in multiple directions, allowing one scanner to cover the whole body. First the scanner emits a red light, which is quickly followed up by a yellow, green and blue light. Four times the body is scanned getting a more precise reading each time creating a perfect reading of ones looks and appearance as well as spiritual pressure and Zanpakutos. This whole process took about five seconds and once completed he was prompted by an on screen notification to close his eyes and enjoy. Following the instructions Yoshirou closed his eyes preparing for a sparring session like none other. Seamlessly and harmlessly Yoshirou opens his eyes finding himself, floating in the air, at the stage he created. For about ten square miles the scenery was beautiful and very serene. Below him was a vast body of water and part of a small island though only part of it was revealed. Covering the entire arena was a barrier created by powerful torrents of winds, clouds, and random bursts of lightning. The dirty grey clouds spun so fiercely that they were capable of ripping flesh from bone, even from the likes of Metabee and Yoshirou. The stage was set and Yoshirou had chosen the eye of a hurricane to spar in. If Metabee wasn’t impressed with this then his standards were far to high. Once Yoshirou spotted Metabee he would close the gap getting within talking distance. “So what do you think? I went a little overboard with the stage selection just to show it off a little bit.” He then gave Meta time to respond before continuing on. “So the rules are simple. Our Bankai has been turned off and the stage is this eye of the hurricane. While the boundaries aren’t off limits if you touch them you will be severely injured if not instantly killed. Other than that is a normal fight to the death, which reminds me. Once someone dies we will both be transferred to an all white intermission/loading area, which we can decide on what to do next from there. Any questions?” If not Yoshirou would retreat a little ways away, preparing himself for battle. As this was a spar they would start at a distance and not in close quarters.
  15. It was almost 8:30 and the sun had all but disappeared. Even so the grounds were sufficiently lit by lamppost or other light fixtures that were attached to various buildings. On top of that the moon was out in full force; so much so it felt a little creepy, like werewolves would be out on the prowl tonight. Well no matter but one thing was for sure, the two conversing would have no problems with visibility, which Yoshirou was thankful for, as it would help Metabee familiarize himself with the area. Metabee gave his initial thoughts on some of the research the Kyoraku have been conducting. “Some times what something will achieved is revealed as its being invented. Other times research is done simply to beat another clan or group to it or so that the knowledge isn't only possessed by the other side, whomever that be. I agree with most of the rest of what you said. My first thoughts were that’s cheating. Lmao. So I’m certainly not the one who authorized it but neither have I stopped it. Its beginnings go back many, many Heads so they've been at it along time. My honest opinion on it though… I hope they never succeed but instead continued to find secondary features or other useful inventions like the Virtual Training Simulator (VTS),” replies Yoshirou. The discussion then moves onto a little history about various clan members and previous Heads. Yoshirou happily answered the questions about the Kyoraku Clan. As the current Head and having Kyoraku as his surname there was little hiding the fact he belong to the clan and with it only being Metabee he needn’t worry about divulging to much info, that might in returned be used against them. Meta then responds to opening the doors of the clan to other races. The response was pleasing to Yoshirou as he shared the Commanders thoughts. It was why he was so against it back then and still felt the same to this date. “I obviously have no problem with taking in other Shinigami or Vizards as there is no difference between the two to me. But a pure Hollow or Quincy has no business calling this place Home. With that said I’m not against peace at all but that’s a different situation, entirely,” Yoshirou replies as they entered the building. Yoshirou waves his arms in a voila motion like someone does when they are showing off a house or car. “Here it is,” he says as they take in a brief view of the room overall. It wasn’t to crowded, out of the numerous rooms only fourteen were taken and the spectators numbered less than thirty. But this was expect, with night quickly encroaching most were finishing up any last minute tasks so that they may soon get a well deserved nights sleep. As expected everyone’s attention slowly started turning towards the pair once they were noticed. This was typically so unless approached Yoshirou paid it little attention. “Not that it will matter let’s go over here where no one seems to be at yet,” Yoshirou says pointing off to the right. As they made there way Yoshi further explained the VTS. “As I briefly mentioned the rules can be changed making it your typically training session, well almost,” he replies, as this technology was not typical... yet. “To many different type of training games or scenarios. For instance ones power levels could be left alone or adjusted so that the combatants are even, requiring one to rely more on skill and experience than simply strength alone. Or you could take it a step further and have one person have a handicap. The possibilities are vast. To me that’s what makes it so exciting. A different example would be say you; a Kido master could only use Zanjutsu, against me a Zanjutsu Master. And the same will go for me. I can only use Kido against the Kido Commander himself. As you see there’s not much it can’t do as far as training simulations go. You even grow and develop your power the same using the VTS.” Arriving outside two unoccupied rooms Yoshirou enters one showing off the VTS chair up close. “As you see it’s pretty high tech and its very comfortable for extended uses. There’s no exposed wires nor prongs or needles that have to poke you. All you have to do is take a seat and program your session using the touch display device attached to the chair. From there you will be fully scanned by the onboard equipment and prompted to closer your eyes and enjoy as you arer projected into a virtual world,” he says giving Metabee the full details. “Let me know if you have any questions and when your ready I’ll let you have the honor of choosing for the first time. I wonder what will it be, a death match without the drawbacks of death or will you be creative on the first test drive and bend the rules to your will, lol?”