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  1. It was decided. They would head back for now and finishing things here during the daylight. Venturing back to the original village didn’t take long; for Shinigami’s the distance was close enough to be considered nearby though the average soul would beg to differ. They immediately met up with the volunteers and their comrades that tagged along for the initial mission who were more then happy to see their return. With Metabee’s help, Yoshirou quickly explained the necessary details to the village elders and chief. It took a little convincing but they were ultimately able to a sure them that they were safe for now and out of harms way. In the end they left behind the four security guards that came along as simple volunteers. The men weren’t order to but felt the need to provide the villagers with this curtsey… After a few hours, a satisfying snack, and endless conversation on the events of the night, the caravan finally made it back to the industrial district of the Kyoraku Manor. The majority of the group went their separate ways. Yoshirou had already made the necessary plans with Kenlaw, on the journey home, so the dead would certainly betaken care of. With nothing more to do Yoshirou headed back to the mansion with Metabee. There were only a few hours until dawn but they both would most likely be sleeping in and this time they’ve actually earned it. “What a night!” Yoshirou says as they approached the main house. “I almost fell asleep on the walk over here,” he retorts but didn’t necessary need a response, he was simply thinking out loud. The pair enters the building, Yoshi pauses for a second. “You go on to bed. After the day we had rest will do you good. There’s still a thing or two I must do before hitting the sack myself.” He spoke in a reluctant tone but there were responsibilities he had no matter the hour.
  2. Yoshirou smiled and nodded as well, he hoped Metabee was right and that the cooks had something prepared for them. It was honestly a fifty-fifty shot. They could have very well prepared something out of consideration. But at this hour there was also the chance that they were tried and sleeping, keeping watch in shifts. Of course the Commander didn’t object and used the spare time to heal himself further. Although it was unnecessary they both had the same idea, which was to heal a little before trek back. The Noble finished his task so frighteningly fast that it makes you wonder if he wasn’t the real monster in disguise. Rejoining Meta they now decide what to do with the bodies. “Ok we will bury them. It’s the least they deserve,” Yoshi says. They have already been raided and cut asunder there was no need for their bodies to be decimated. “But we will not do it tonight. I’ll have a couple different teams return once we get back to the Manor.” There was no point in doing a ‘half ass’ job now. They were both tired and mentally fatigued not to mention how dark it was. As such the possibility of missing a body or limb was high further disrespecting the dead. If they both agreed then they would start their journey back to regroup with the others; surely the others were worried and concerned for their well being. If not then they would further discuss the situation until they reached a consensus.
  3. As Yoshirou should have expected, it never fails, Metabee’s carefree attitude. It had started to become refreshing or reassuring during the tough times. Nodding he stands up, “You’re right. Its been a while since we’ve last ate,” he says right has his stomach moans out in agony. “Haha. I’m pretty hungry myself.” As hungry as they were they couldn’t just up and leave yet. The nearby fires were still burning brightly, lighting up the sky. Yoshirou rolls his left arm stretching it out. It was about eighty five percent healed, now the pain and tenderness was his worse injuries. “Allow me to do the clean up I could use the energy from the remaining fires and debris,” he says as he finishes his light stretching. As long as Metabee didn’t object Yoshirou would take care of things. Using his Shikai he quickly devour all the remaining fires in the nearby area as well as minor ruble and debris. This whole process took about five minutes thanks his ability to reshape and manipulate his Zanpakutos from afar. But there was still one important thing to figure out. After finishing the Nobel regrouped with the Kido Commander to discus what to do with all the bodies. Should they burn them, or bury them or should the leave them and see if they have family alive to claim them. Yoshirou did not know right off hand what step they should take at this hour, he was tired, swore, hungry and mentally fatigued.
  4. The gaze emitted through the small holes in Sama’el’s mask was as cold as ever. Their answers had pretty much been what he had expected, so why did he bother asking? Because the thrill of the role play was just too much to resist and after a proper show it was only fitting that it had a proper ending. Sama’el lifts his right hand, palming his face while crossing his left arm. Clank, clank, clank… his chains rattled like an annoying ticking noise you couldn’t get out of your head. “I’m not in the least bit surprised but it is still disappointing. Those who haven’t experienced multiple lifetimes nor his presence can truly understand the graciousness of such a gift,” he said relaxing his arms once again. He then turns to Yoshirou cocking his head to the side, intrigued by his question, yet in reality it was exactly what he was expecting. Hell flames emerge from all around him as he makes his final declaration. Yoshirou retreated backwards. While he could devour the flames the intense heat they gave off was unbelievable; of course they weren’t called Hell flames for nothing. “He has returned, he has risen from his slumber to rule again. The Lord of the Abyss, the Emperor of the Underworld, the true sovereign ruler of Hell, 'Baal the King of Sins.' Take a careful look around you and know well the side you have chosen for the destruction you see here is only the tip of the iceberg. There will not even be this much left when he is done. And when true despair sets in remember this well... you had a choice.” The flames explode around him and just like that there was no longer any sign or evidence that he was even their. If either of them had been alone the whole thing could have been mistaken as an awful nightmare. Yoshirou releases his bankai, falling to his knees. The pain from his broken collarbone immediately returned. Blocking it out he strikes the ground with his uninjured hand. “Ahh curse it, it’s always something.” It was uncharacteristic of him but only his good friend was around who probably felt the same way. Regaining his composure Yoshirou stands up, gripping his left shoulder. His attention is turned to Metabee though he doesn’t know what to say yet.
  5. Oh if only Metabee could see the decrepit smile on Sama’el’s face. The sight would be so ghastly that it makes you wonder if a mother could even love a face like that. Sama’el knew from the get go he was being contradicting but that was his intent. For the last few eons his greatest sin has been acedia which also his biggest weakness. So instead of action he used his sly tongue and word play to manipulate those unfortunate to come across him. “Well, aren’t you astute,” Sama’el says replying in a manner that made it impossible to tell if he was mocking you or complementing you. “But tell me this Metabee Ainsworth… what type of person shows manners to a demon?” He left no time for the Kido Commander to respond though as continue speaking. “We can only use the hand that we are dealt. And while killing you to would be fun it would be more entertaining to let you live and further struggle.” “Is there meaning to this?” asks Yoshirou. The intruder didn’t seem the talking type yet he now rambled on; was he up to something? It was then that Sama’el extended his offer to the pair of death gods. Immediately Metabee speaks up and shoots him down while the Noble simply grunted in disbelief at what he was hearing of course his answer would be no and he felt no reason voicing such an obvious answer. “Metabee do you really believe that to be true, that I have nothing to offer? Hear me now and know that I only speak truth. What I offer is far more precious than most imbeciles pretend it to be… Immortality is nothing to scoff at. Whether its in chains or not. By his side you could have everything you ever desire. I can picture it now you two serving as apostles by his side.” Sama’el says pausing only for a moment. The two veteran Shinigami before surely knew what loss was and the weight behind his offer. It was easy to see why weak willed humans always struggled with this and often ended up losing their souls. “Know this I will not give you this opportunity again.” “And here I thought I might have to reject you a third time,” replies Yoshirou joking while also inferring that it was still a no. He then gave Metabee a moment to reply though he highly doubted his answer would change; after which he continued. “But since your so talkative mind telling us who ‘He’ is that you keep referring to???”
  6. There was so much to ask and do yet so little time. By now the sun has completely set and the only light was from the moon and fires around them. Surely those back at the previous village nervously waiting, hoping for some sort of good news. Even so the hellion before them had the audacity to speak of manners and take a stab at telling a joke. Or at least that’s what it seemed he was doing. Even in the face of great terror the Kido Commander is able to return a sly remark of his own followed by his name. For a moment Yoshirou thought about cutting Metabee off, stopping him from revealing his name. But a person like Sama’el could easily find out that much if he really didn’t already know it. Deciding as much Yoshi simply bit his tongue [(just a figure of speech, not literal)] allowing the introduction to happen. Despite the grim situation Metabee did manage to bring a smile to the Noble’s face with the bit of flare he used when stating his name. It was the first time he’s used a surname but he stated it proudly and naturally. Although it was not Kyoraku it was still beautiful. “I know the Kyoraku wouldn’t surround himself with fools but to think that at some point you both willingly gave me your names. How powerful the gods of death must feel. Pride and arrogance are the biggest killers you know,” says Sama’el as if simply giving advice to a child. “You talk all high and mighty but you’re just a more sinister version of evil than the last guy. If I remember correctly last time I killed the Togabito with you and took your arm…” says Yoshirou but cut short before he could finish. Sama’el takes a step forward, “You killed guards that do not know the meaning of death. Such a thing is like killing a few locusts in a swarm… hopefully meaningless.” Sama’el takes another step increasing the pressure and tension between them. “You took an arm and I took a thousand fold. Do you really brag while we talk over a mound of your dead brethren??? We’re not so different after all then.” He finally stops a few feet away from the Shinigami and while in reality he was a little shorter than Yoshirou his presence felt the size of a mountain. He then reaches out his right hand, “If that’s true, come and join me.” The Demon was initially speaking to Yoshirou but the offer was the same for Metabee. He merely asked for your soul in return.
  7. Yoshirou stood there in awe and wonder at the demonic yet intricate beauty of the Gates of Hell. He had seen them numerous times over is lifespan yet he could count on one hand the number of times they have appeared in the Soul Society. A Shinigami could live their entire life and never see such an event. The Kido Commander appeared next to him but he never broke his focus. “Its him Metabee... Sama’el. The one I briefly mentioned the first time I paid you a visit,” Yoshirou says. It had been a while and it was so brief that he was unsure if Meta would recall. Either way it didn’t matter as he stood before them now with the gates as if the Custodian of Hell. “I’m not sure why he’s showed himself but be cautious. Not only can he appear through and manipulate shadows he can also phase through objects.” Screams and pleas resounded through the air cutting Yoshirou’s briefing short thou there wasn’t much more he knew to tell. In Monk’s act of desperation he ran towards his killers hoping for salvation. But there was nothing that they could do. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to help but they were absolutely powerless to intervene. The most a Zanpakuto could do was cleanse the sins you’ve committed while your soul was twisted into a grotesque creature, aka Hollows. You will always be accountable for the things you’ve done while a live as a human. It was sort of an injustice how the weakest of races suffered the most scrutiny but that was a different topic all together. It was obvious that Monk was under great stress as his mood and emotions were bouncing all over the place. But how does one act while being dragged back to Hell??? Well that’s easy. Most react exactly like the corrupted soul before the two death gods. First they plea for help but once they realize that’s useless they always, always end up cursing, prophesizing revenge. Whether they mean it of not it was most likely just an instinctive reaction to such a horrible fate. It’s usually after saying it, that words have any meaning… or they come to see how foolish and impossible their threats really were; coming to seek redemption instead longing for vengeance. To Monk’s threats Yoshirou remained silent. He already stated his opinion on how, good would always find away. Instead he watched his soul be chained, skewered and reeled in like the catch of the day. In his place Sama’el appears. Surprised by his abrupt arrive Yoshirou takes a defensive stance but stands his ground. “This is bad,” he says out of pure reflex. The evil foreboding aura emitting from him was enough to break the feeble minded. The vile robe were so black it makes Yoshirou’s orbs look like a faded pair of jeans which didn’t help the situation either. It alone is enough to strike fear in those unfortunate enough to see it. At Yoshirou’s remark Sama’el couldn’t help but smile but like Monk his face was hidden from view. Luckily for them two the face of true horror remained unseen. “Your words humble me but I assure you I am only here for the show,” says Sama’el. He then blatantly turns around in time to witness the Hell Gates close. “Amazing isn’t it??? I assure you that never gets boring in a place like this.” Yoshirou saw multiple opportunities to attack but thought is wiser to remain steadfast. If anything turning his back was bait and Sama’el wanted to see if either one of them would bite. Besides if he was telling the truth, he was only here as a spectator and attacking him could change that. “The shows over so you can go now!” Yoshirou states while tightening the grip on his Zanpakuto. “Those with power are always the rudest,” Sama’el says turning back around. “And you are far more powerful than you led on during our first visit. How naughty of you to deceive me. All the same you two certainly but on a great show,” he says turning his head towards Metabee. “Jeez where are my manners? I didn’t catch your name, I’m Sama’el but people call me many things. Just don’t call me late...”
  8. Under the tremendous weight Monk tries to keep himself upright for as long as he can. With all his injuries and fatigue taking its toll it was a helpless struggle. Try as he might the stress was just too great causing him to stumble to the ground. With grace, fluidity and undeniable power Yoshirou brings his sword down… The cut was so swift that the pain had yet sink in. Monk hits the ground after stumbling but his body is no longer whole. His stout body was like a tree sliced in half. The upper half fell while the trunk, or in Monk’s case his legs, remained firm and upright; though they too eventually tumbled as well. From the newly severed wounds blood squirts and gushes like a bad scene from a horror movie. While literally lying on his deathbed the Hollows first of his last words was a question; “Is this really it? My life goal a failure?” To those words the Noble looked at him with piercing eyes, “No matter the evil nor how vile the villain, good will always find a way to triumph,” Yoshirou says putting emphasis on always. For the moment the Arrancar remains silent. “Perhaps they do contemplate their lives just before the end.” Though this was merely a thought kept to himself. After a few short moments Monk uses the last bit of his strength in vein. With his last breath he pronounces his wishes to live though it was far to late. The five black holes that had surrounded the Hollow devoured him in his entirety, consuming and erasing his sins. It was a trait of all Zanpakutos’ though Akemi Kosumosu performance was much more dramatic and theatrical than others. Nothing but his cleansed soul remained. Giving his killer the stink eye Monk states that he will never forget nor forgive this. Yoshirou relinquishes his Zanpakuto. With his innate abilities the double bladed sword simply floats next to him in a vertical position. Looking at Monk’s with nothing but compassion in his eyes Yoshi declares, “You are free now go in peace.” The former Hollow had a few more complaints but Yoshi had no reason to pay his words any attention. He naively spoke of letting him go and only wanting to survive. It was almost laughable how he spoke of survival yet that was all any of his victims ever wanted. Another day at life to see what it may hold- New experiences and old comforts never to be experienced again. But that was merely a dream that would have to carry over into the next stage of life as death was just another door, not a dead end. Annoyingly Monk was about to continue prolonging his transition to the next stage but suddenly everything changed. Picking up where Monk left off and unknown but familiar presence speaks. “I, I, I…” As if mocking Monk the presence starts off with a stutter though his voice quickly becomes clear for all to hear. “I see even you fell short. Fret not for you will have an infinite amount of time to pick up where you left off… an unlimited amount of chances to whittle down those you mean to vanquish. Though not today, eventually retribution will be yours...” The voice resounded in every direction but at first it would be hard to find meaning behind his words. Emerging from the shadow of the cleansed but corrupted soul “he” makes his whereabouts known. Cloaked in the same exact robe from back then, the same one as always it was undoubtedly an evil far more wicked than Monk. “So it was you all along??!!" Yoshirou says surprised beyond belief but before anyone could respond further something even more spectacular and disbelieving happened. From the spot in which Monk’s remains would have laid a huge beam of energy erupts towards the sky. The column of energy quickly expanded and materialized. Upon doing so Yoshirou had no choice but to retreat out of its way. Retreating half way back to Metabee the Noble lays his eyes on something extremely rare to see in the Soul Society… Large gates stretched to the very sky as if scraping it. Upon the giant broad doors was a pair of skeletons so stark white that it seem as if they were soaked in bleach for countless eons. Across their heads were bandages that cover up one eye apiece. Each took their respective arm, crossing it over their chests resembling a door handle for some gigantic being. Slowly the doors open but they were tethered on the inside by enormous ropes preventing them from opening to far. The face and left arm of a large demonic creature can be seen behind the gates. It wields a blade worthy of its preposterous size. Its left arm and face are covered in tattoos resembling tribal markings but far more intricate. Without warning nor hope for escape the creature strikes out to pierce the soul of a true sinner, as it has done numerous times before. All the while chains upon chains shoot forth in order to ensnare Monk and drag him back to the underworld, for the gates that appeared were none other than the Gates of Hell… Mean while Sama’el remained by Monk’s side waiting to guide and welcome Monk into the next phase or chapter of his existence.......
  9. “Bankai.” With a weight that felt like the entirety of the cosmos, Monk’s fist was diverted downward. He had no choice but to take a knee bowing before the Noble Shinigami. It was ironic. The Arrancar that had reaped so much death heated death gods. He was now even bowing before one like those do just before begging you to spare their lives. However Monk remained silent. While the opportunity still presented itself Yoshirou stepped forward slashing diagonally attempting to cleave the Hollow in two. With his two Zanpakutos now united their destructive capabilities were incomparable to before and that power was now aimed at Monk’s body. Monk remains still. It was almost as if he’d given up and resigned himself to his fate. There was no telling what he was thinking while he watched his imminent death approach. The blade of Yoshirou’s is unforgiving consuming nearly everything leaving very little in left behind… Just before Monk was hacked in two his basic instinct to survive kicked in forcing his body to move despite the incredible force upon him. With a last ditch effort Monk fires another Gran Rey Cero hoping for something. Due to the gravity it wasn’t much but the power behind the attack propelled Monk backwards and the Cero itself again was quickly devoured. Still it was too little too late. While he avoided taking a hit to the body the tip of Akemi Kosumosu still managed to slash his throat. Luckily for Monk he wasn’t beheaded but it was still a fatal wound. Had the fight been over perhaps the Arrancar could have found away to live, but with not one but two Shinigami’s present such a thought was merely a dream. The Hollow’s back hit the ground as he slide a foot or two. Blood gushed from both the Hollow’s mouth and the gaping hole in his neck, making it impossible to tell where the gurgling noise was coming from. Using his elbows Monk props himself up. Fire was now visible oozing from his mouth. Blood and fire danced to the tune of death as if preparing for an honored guest. Whether it was due to gravity, the hole in his neck or a bit of both the flames could only crawl forward. Yoshirou had no need to avoid the attack as he could easily absorb them once they reached his feet. But out of a weird sense of respect for what Monk could have been Yoshi avoids the dwindling embers by levitating just above him. “A fighter to the bitter end,” he says amused. As mentioned, strength was very deadly and versatile but it had two major flaws. One was the stamina required to constantly use the ability to the fullest making it very taxing on the user over prolonged periods of time. Second, was the dramatic decline in usability the more bodily injuries that were sustained. Staring at Monk the Noble could only be amazed as he still had the strength to get to his feet despite death rapidly approaching. Even if hunched over it was commendable that he was up right at all with his injuries. “Before you die tell me who filled your head with such nonsensical lies and sent you here to die. Tell me and I will make sure they pay…” “Very well,” says Yoshirou as he could tell his adversary was preparing for one last attack. Yoshi briefly wondered what Monk was thinking. Was it the same for Hollows and Arrancars as it was for humans? Was Monk’s entire life flashing before his eyes? Was he hashing over ever detail? Satisfied with every choice? Or was the longevity of his life filled with mistakes and regrets? Of course there was no way of knowing but Yoshi hoped that perhaps even for a fleeting second the demon would see the error of his ways. With every ounce of strength Monk could muster he takes a few steps forwards and strikes. Instead of waiting for the attack Yoshi meets Monk with an attack of his own. Using his reach and speed advantage Yoshirou continues to display his zanjutsu prowess using Agitowari. The powerful zanjutsu technique that was further enhanced by gravity and Bankai would savagely bisect Monk in two starting from his head then down his midsection and anything else they connect with. Yoshirou would then have the five orbs that surrounded Monk converge on him devouring his entire body leaving only his soul left to traverse to the afterlife, broken and alone. The singularities in the form of orbs would rush the Arrancar from all sides including one from directly above him. The gluttonous orbs ate as if starved animals unable to get there fill. Without a trace of his remains left the battle would drawn to an end. If Monk tried to dodge the Agitowari, Yoshirou would still follow through with the attack. His hope was that it might still land somewhere, just not where he initially intended. If Monk was still within sword range, Yoshi would proceed to perform a horizontal slash, starting from the same direction Monk evaded too. If Monk were no longer in range Yoshirou would smile wryly. Time and time again the Arrancar proved to be full of surprises no matter how insane he may appear. “You’ve done well but your reign of terror ends here…” he says once again pointing his blade at the assailant. Without another seconds delay Yoshi pulls back his double bladed sword nearly as fast as he swung it. “Wamuhoru.” The blade on the back end of the sword pierces through the black orb floating behind him. It wasn’t from the left, right, front or the back in which Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto emerge from. It appeared through the fifth sphere directly above Monk aiming for his head. So far the majority of Yoshirou’s abilities have revolved around absorption and gravity. With any luck the dying Hollow would be caught up and finished off with this attack. Simultaneously the Noble lifted his free hand pointing it at Monks lower body. “Haien,” Yoshirou says using the same kido he did to start the fight. Together the two attacks would act as a pincer strike making evasion that much harder. Whatever the outcome was the gravitational force exerted from Yoshirou's Bankai release would dissipate though now it most likely made little difference if any at all.
  10. Yoshirou watched Monk look to the opponent at his back, most likely frustrated by his presence. He didn’t mind the delay as he used the time to further gather energy, partially for healing and partially for something else... Yoshi’s accelerated healing was just that. With the expenditure of energy he could heal the majority of his wounds far faster than the average Shinigami. However, it was a far cry from a Hollows’ or Vizards’ regeneration, which could regrow limbs. Monk then addresses Yoshirou. With his mask gone he watched his lips move… if you could still call them that. Whatever they were the words that came from them were addressed to the Noble. “You can and you will,” Yoshi says straightening out his posture best he currently could. “Listen, do you honestly think that you are the only one to every tell me of my demise?” Whether he heard the words or not Monk stepped forward and spoke again. The two spoke as if nothing or no one else was there. They both knew that one of them had to die for it to all to be over. Though no matter which side won questions would undoubtedly remain. Yoshirou listened to the remainder of what he had to say but they were nothing but the words of a madman. “You are right. It is our fault as Shinigami’s… but not in the way that you think. As Death Gods, had we been better vigilant we could have preformed a Konso on you as a spirit or perhaps stopped the Hollow that made you its brethren.” Pausing for a brief moment Yoshirou continues. “It saddens me to no end thinking about what could have been. Imagine all the good having you around as a fellow Captain would have been over the countless years, you’re packed full of potential… but such thoughts are… well only wasted energy. We are in the here and now and you must die,” he states pointing his Zanpakuto at Monk provokingly. “Not because you threaten me but for your crimes against all those innocents you so casually executed.” Monk then spouts a few more words before charging the Noble once again. Only making in part of the way, the Arrancar was targeted by the Kido Commander giving Yoshirou more time to gather energy. Monk sacrifices his arm so that the movement of his entire body is not lost. Metabee using an enhanced Byakurai further targets him but Monk used sonido easily evading the beam. The kido flies harmlessly of into the distance dissipating after a few seconds. As Monk appears behind him Yoshirou couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t even have to rely on sensing the Hollow nor the energy he was gathering to predict where he was going. Yoshi would have been more surprised had Monk attacked from above or continued with a frontal assault but he stuck with the rear attack. “Foolish!” he replied with a mixture of disappointment and anger in his voice. “Devour…” In the very next instant everything changes. Yoshirou release all the remaining gathered energy at once. An indescribable weight so immense affects everything within a radius of about a hundred and twenty yards, as if the heavens themselves were falling down. Be it a building, friend, or foe everything in range, that had a different spiritual signature than Yoshirou, was effected. “Bankai,” he states unleashing his second release. It had been quite sometime since he has gotten to do so. Although his Bankai is extremely powerful in its own right it had a few setbacks. One being the collateral damage that was caused upon its release which was by no means a laughing matter; the second was its incompatibility to fight in a group during its initial release. The only reason he could use it now was the fact that Monk had destroyed or killed everyone and Metabee was over the minimal distance away or he too would be caught in the crater. All was not lost though, after a few minutes Yoshirou could cancel the releases initial effect allowing any comrade to safely join him. In this state Yoshirou’s long hair turns from blue-black to completely black that is void of any color. His entire outfit is also pitch black and is created from his Zanpakuto, which looks as if it is composed of pure reishi. While in bankai Akemi Kosumosu returns to one body and takes on the form of a shadowy double bladed sword, though it can still change shape. There are also 8 small black singularities, which can expand, that encircle Yoshirou, boosting his defense and attack power. Furthermore, Yoshirou can mentally control these orbs as well as reshape them. The battle ridden Arrancar would feel every bit of Yoshirou’s enhanced release. The force was enough to make a non-battle worn Monk falter so in his injured state the effects could be cataclysmic. Even if the Arrancar powers through it, punching at Yoshirou it would be blocked by a barrier created from the initial bankai release. Furthermore the cero would prove very ineffective, as Yoshi’s entire outfit is now made from his Zanpakutos, capable of devouring it if need be. In his Bankai state any and all energy based attacks are meaningless. Even attacks that were utilized through spiritual pressure were futile now. With his defenses neigh impenetrable the Noble’s only notable weakness was through physical attacks. In other words his weakness was his opponents strong point. Even still Yoshirou currently held the advantage, which Metabee help create. Whether or not Monk was able to launch his last attacks, Yoshirou didn’t slow down in the slightest. Facing the Hollow, Yoshi stepped forward while swing down with his newly reshaped Zanpakuto. Attacking with a diagonal overhead slash he aimed for the neck on Monk’s restricted side. The speed and force was incomparable to before- that coupled with the increased gravity would make dodging almost impossible, putting Monk in peril. If blocked Yoshirou would simply use the might of gravity, threw the blade, forcing the blade upon the Arrancar, hopefully slashing into his body. As Monk pushed back Yoshi would then redirect the momentum of his sword slashing up diagonally from the bottom. The show of force was meant to be a ruse in order to land a more server attack beneath his adversary’s defenses. All the while he was attacking Yoshirou scattered five of the orbs in an attempt to surround Monk while he was distracted; doing so would certainly bring about the end game.
  11. The attack was successful as the gravity forced Monk helplessly to the ground. There was little he could do in his rapid descent; taking further damage from Meta’s attack was well as from the impact with the ground. Had his defenses been just a little bit weaker the combo attack would have been a death sentence. However Monk was an elite ranked Espada and would not be done in so easily. With no time to think Monk’s impulse takeover enabling him to not only dodge Yoshirou’s attack but the Commander’s as well. “Not a chance,” Yoshirou thinks redirecting his sword into the path of the kido. Again Kosumosu consumed the spiritual energy in the blink of the eye. If the Arrancar wasn’t sure of it before he was sure of it now. Energy attacks would prove ineffective against the Noble unless his movement was restrained or if he was struck from his blindside. With the Hollow engaged with Metabee Yoshirou stored the energy for now. Since his release he has managed to avoid major damage was well as devour a substantial amount of energy. Although he as released the majority of it, with that last attack Yoshirou was once again at a surplus. This ability helped keep him in fights longer without devastating his stamina. Using his strength to keep Metabee distracted Monk once again targets Yoshirou. Jumping into the air the Arrancar uses a version of a move that Yoshirou has never seen before. Raising his Zanpakuto horizontally he prepares to block and devour whatever may come his way. Much to Yoshi’s surprise Monk doesn’t land a physical kick nor does he shoot out an energy blast. Instead he uses kinetic energy in desperation to reach the Shinigami. “What the…” says Yoshirou just before being struck with enough force to launch him into the distance. Instinctively he was able to take a partial step to the right just before being hit. He also managed to protect his face but the force from the attack was still tremendous. Had the surrounding buildings not been weakened or destroyed who knows how much damage he could have suffered. After about a hundred yards or so Yoshirou was able to focus enough to stop himself using his innate abilities. Hovering roughly five feet off the ground it was obvious the attack was successful. Yoshi’s left collarbone was broken causing him to bleed down his chest. Worse he knew three of his ribs on the left side were fractured but luckily his lungs weren’t pierced. Taking a deep breath Yoshirou exhales, spitting blood off to the side. “The fucker finally figured out a weakness, lucky guess,” he thinks to himself. The distance was two great for either one of them to close it instantly and an attack from this range would be wasted energy. Coming to such a conclusion Yoshirou chooses to use the energy collect from Meta’s kido to help speed up his healing. The surplus of power was able to mend his fractures but his collarbone would take longer to completely heal. Yoshirou’s eyes remained locked on Monk like they were unable to move. He knew that he was the Arrancar’s target. Using that to his advantage Yoshi stays put letting Monk come to him, gathering energy in the mean time. If Monk does start heading for the Noble then Yoshirou would, use the time it takes him to cross, preparing for what he hoped to be the final showdown… If Monk chose to reengage Metabee for some reason, then Yoshirou would fly towards them closing the gap as fast as he could while still healing himself. The distance being to great for him to immediately cross Yoshirou once again had to leave it up to his comrade.
  12. Yoshirou felt relieved seeing his Advisor once again in possession of his own Zanpakuto. Reuniting him with it may only seem like a small feat but in this fight against an Espada class Arrancar it was anything but. Although Yoshi could not yet confirm if Monk was an Espada he was positive he would rank in the top three. Or at least he hoped. If an Arrancar this strong was further down on that list then not just the Soul Society but every realm would be in trouble. The Noble knew for certain that his Enso attack struck its mark. It was certainly encouraging but the best part about it was that with Monk successfully restricted it was guaranteed that his second attack would also land. Yoshi looked down from the sky like a god does its people. The village was no longer recognizable as it now looked more like a warzone. It was a given that ‘if’ he survived this encounter Yoshirou would help these people restore their homes. But without a single survivor what was the point. Perhaps it would just be better to make it into a memorial in memory of the dead. “No, what do I mean ‘if’. Even if I die I will find a way to bring that monster down with me. I just pray that at least Metabee survives,'' he thinks. Even though he knew both attacks hit Monk, an unease feeling came over him. Immediately the raging beast leaps out of the fire dodging Metabee’s attack best he could. While not a fatal blow it was obvious that Hollow took damage. His pure white hierro was now tarnished resembling an ashy grey color. The quick exchange between Metabee and Monk was over. Once again Monk stood, damaged and bleeding but unwavering, before the death gods before him. With fires burning all around it truly looked like a scene from Hell. It’s been quite some time since the Soul Society was last attacked but some images are never forgotten. With so much death and destruction the only silver lining was that so far they’ve been able to contain the damages to just this area… but for how long? With the majority of the Arrancar’s robe tattered and burned the remaining threads fall to the ground along with his fractured mask. It was the first time they looked upon Monk’s true demonic form but it was something neither of them would ever forget. For how could they? His presence alone was enough to kill lesser beings. For a moment the Hollow remained still just looking. It was as if he was plotting, scheming but scheme as he might he still had a disadvantage that he would have to overcome. In the next moment Yoshirou could feel the build up of energy, as their opponent seems ready to continue to the third act of this fight. If felt similar to Metabee’s bow attack but slightly denser and darker in nature. Yoshi felt the rapid climb in energy and knew that he had to get Monk to target him with the attack. Otherwise it’d be a wasted opportunity letting an attack as powerful as an enhanced Rirsu slip by. “Monk…” starts Yoshirou but is immediately interrupted by his sudden movement. The madman had already chosen his target so provoking him now was pointless. Either way it worked out since he was in the Hollow’s crosshairs. Yoshirou was surprised that Monk charged him instead of just firing the attack like most would do. It didn’t rattle him though, he was fully confident with the high grounds and was usually uncontested in air superiority. Unlike nearly all others Yoshirou’s maneuverability was greater in the sky than on the ground, thanks to his innate abilities. Yoshirou swings his sword launching another Rirsu though less powerful than before. It was meaningless though as Monk used his powerful legs to propel him into the sky causing the attack to simply impact the ground. Increasing his speed with sonido Monk’s hulking form appears in front of him. They were both masters in there own craft, Monk Hakuda and Yoshirou Zanjutsu. But where one relied more on brute strength and overwhelming power the other’s forte was a culmination of *footwork, skill and technique, well in this case *air work. Instinctively side steeping to the left again, Monk’s right, Yoshirou swings his Zanpakuto from left to right. He slashed with a zanjutsu strike equally as powerful to counter the incoming punch from a weak point. Halfway through he notices the punch was a faint. Perhaps in was already planned or perhaps the Arrancar was getting used to his fighting style, the answer was unknown. What he did know was that Monk’s fighting tactics were changing even if it was minor. It meant we was adapting to the situation, which made him more dangerous with each passing moment. Bracing his hand while shifting towards Yoshirou, Monk starts to launch a Gran Rey Cero at point blank range. Never once stopping his horizontal slash the Arrancar’s hand is instantly met with resistance from Kosumosu. Sadly for the Hollow his attack was nearly instantly devoured. The initial blast had just enough force to push Monk back so that his fingers weren’t also cut and devoured before dissipating. Yoshirou didn’t stop there, acting immediately hoping that the sudden turn of events surprised his opponent. Returning the entirety of the consumed energy he unleashes his next attack with tremendous force. Without a word, to hopefully further bewilder Monk, Yoshirou increases gravity increasing its efficiency with Kaju no Sekai. It was an attack that was stronger the smaller the radius but with energy to spare he increases the radius to fifty yards just incase. If hit, the attack would have bone crushing force even able to cause it hard to breath and suffocation a viable possibility, sending his adversary rocketing towards the ground. Yoshirou would follow pursuit with his sword piercing outward. Although not effected by the technique Yoshi would increase his own gravity, plummeting right behind Monk. Those caught in the attack might feel as if an eternity passed by when in actuality the two would hit the ground as fast as lightning giving off a thunderous applause. If Monk some how escaped the fall Yoshirou would attempt to maintain the high grounds. In the off chance Monk was able to evade Kaju no Sekai, Yoshirou unsheathes his second Zanpakuto again. One thing that made him deadly was his proficient ability to constantly change his sword style; keeping those he crosses swords with guessing unable to fully predict his next move. With his left sword crossed his body Yoshirou flies in, using shunpo if the gap was wide, slashing to the left simultaneously thrusting his right sword forward. The slash was aimed at Monk's waist line while the piercing attack was aimed for center mass. He needed to keep the pressure up on his injured opponent forcing him to make more mistakes that would end this battle in their favor.
  13. Once again Yoshirou’s strikes connect but sadly they yielded no results. He knew that the attacks would not cut the Arrancar but he hoped that the surprise and force behind the slashes would break his stance. Just enough to give Metabee more time but without so much as a grunt, Monk relentlessly pursues. Instead it only warned the Arrancar of his approach. Even still Meta skillfully manages to but some distance between them. Without much choice the Commander dons his Vizard mask as the high stakes get even riskier. Firing a double cero, Metabee uses the force behind the blast to widen the gap. As if mocking the Commander’s attempts the Hollow slices the cero in half with the Shinigami’s own Zanpakuto. The sword easily splits the cero in two sending it screeching by barely missing its target. Stepping in the projectiles path Yoshi’s Zanpakuto devours the half that was nearest to him. Composed and undeterred Yoshirou was now less than twenty yards from the Arrancar, who was ensnared by Meta’s kido. The kido was powerful enough to force Monk to drop the stolen Zanpakuto. The beast raged on using raw strength to fight back the Bakudo, though even for him it took some time. The Kido Commander had created an opening and now it was the Noble’s turn to act. Seeing the sword hit the ground Yoshirou immediately takes action. Pointing his left index finger at the Zanpakuto he releases built up energy in the form of an extremely low level kido, Sho. Despite being the lowest level Hado one could use, it was perfect for this situation. By increasing its output with more energy, Yoshi was able to further separate the Hollow from Meta’s weapon. The Zanpakuto flipped, end over end, towards Metabee as if longing for its original owner- to be in the comfort of familiar hands so that together they may seek retribution in the form of blood. Monks filthy hands had defiled it even causing it to harm his master…unforgivable. Doing what he could, Yoshirou was hopeful that the Zanpakuto was returned. But with no time to delay his full attention was once again set on the adversary before him. He was truly savage as his unbridled strength ripped and tore at the kido as he was nearly free. Yoshi was still behind Monk. With a golden opportunity before him quickly fading the Noble attacks. “Enso,” he yells as if it were a battle cry. Swinging his Zanpakuto, in a horizontal fashion, Yoshi unleashes a torrent of arcing energy. Swinging with such power and furry Yoshirou was stopped in his tracks yards away from Monk. With the increased speed and power contain in the strike from the devoured energy the chances of success was greatly enhanced. Even if the Arrancar somehow managed to break free of the kido in time and strike the ground it would do very little to effect the enhanced skill. Unlike most projectiles the Enso isn’t a simple explosive attack. Its primary function is nearly identical to Bakudo and meant to bind and restrain its target. But unlike Bakudo its restraining power comes from the immense gravity accompanying it and not simple bondage, pinning its victims to the ground. If the attack hit or missed Yoshirou would swing his sword back the other way releasing the remainder of absorb energy in Monks direction. “Rirsu,” he says shouting once again. The blast rockets forward, blocking any debris that would have hit him, until reaching its final destination. The Rirsu contained enough energy to be compared to a Gran Rey Cero making its explosion vast and violent. If it struck Monk while ensnared by Enso the blast would be devastating, as the explosion would be increased by almost one and a half times. Fully understanding the severity of the situation Yoshirou retreats while taking to the sky. One of his weaknesses, that very few know, is that Yoshi cannot devour his own energy, forcing him to rely on shunpo and a small barrier to escape from taking collateral damage. Hopefully Metabee was a safe distance away though he to had ways to lessen the impact. Though confident his attack would have some sort of effect, even if it was only secondary damage, Yoshi’s eyes remained locked on the battlefield; ready to reengage at a moments notice.
  14. Yoshirou’s attack had speed, precision and a surprise but it was far from enough. Trapping the enemy’s sword Yoshi immediately attacks the opening he skillfully created. Unfortunately it got him nowhere as he watched on in disbelief at how easily the Espada level Arrancar countered his attack; as though the Noble was moving in slow motion. First readjusting his grip, on the Kido Commanders Zanpakuto, Monk began to lift the weighted swords. With little effort he managed to instantly pull free from the immense weight that Yoshirou modified after having already experiencing the strength of the monster before him. He wasn't underestimating his opponent but he was far stronger, faster, and skilled than Yoshi thought possible. “Impossible,” Yoshirou shouts questioning the sight before him but it does little to slow Monk down. With his hand some how grabbing the blade as it barely pierces him the attack comes to a complete stop. Having a sense of foreboding Yoshi immediately lets go of the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto, momentarily retreating. In the next instant fire shoots out both ends of the sword, soaking the demon in energy as he unleashed his Resurreccion. Yoshi’s left hand was damaged but thankfully he let go in time to avoid receiving a serious burn. A pristine white hierro covered Monk's entire body as he takes on his new form. Leaning in with an uppercut the Hollow finishes his counter attack. Having already but a little distance between them Yoshirou was able to avoid the attack, one that could have easily devastated him. Suddenly the newly reformed Arrancar turns his attention to something brewing in the sky. Like Yoshirou he was able to sense the build up and fusion of different energies. Taking this moment of reprieve Yoshirou quickly releases his Shikai. The release was expertly controlled, using the energy to help heal his wounds, instead of as an attack. A silhouette of shadowy fire replaced the Zanpakuto Yoshi held in his right hand. Like Monk the superficial wounds he’s received vanish without a trace, as if hitting the reset button. Not only has the strength and ability of his Zanpakutos changed but also his power over gravitons, enhancing his current skill set as well as giving him new ones. Not only could he increase and decrease weight but gravitons also allowed him to push, pull, repel, levitate objects, fly, create barriers, and a few other gravity-defying acts. By far the deadliest and most used was Kosumosu’s passive ability to absorb/devour. Leaping with far more power than before Monk evades the compact ball of energy. Seeing an opportunity present arise, Yoshirou prepares himself. The highly volatile arrow strikes the ground exploding with the force of a large bomb. Immediately dust and debris is kicked up and is expanding with the explosion, sending out an omni directional shockwave. As the blast wave continues to spread, just before reaching Yoshirou he takes a step and thrust his Zanpakuto forward. With a speed neigh impossible to match Yoshi’s sword devours without prejudice. Fire, smoke, dust, and other debris are all absorbed while not only shielding him from harm but also increasing his power and reserves. With his sight now unobstructed Yoshirou can see the other two still in heated battle. It was imperative that he returned to the fray as soon as possible. With Monk in his Resurreccion form and Metabee without his Zanpakuto he was at a severe disadvantage against the mad titian. With a surplus of energy Yoshi flies towards the two combatants at speeds unreachable in his sealed state. Kosumosu carved up the terrain as he drugged it behind him the entire way; absorbing everything in its path. With each passing yard Yoshirou could feel the power swelling up in side him, even still Yoshirou knew he wouldn’t make it time to help out with the scuffle unless he attacked now. Placing his left hand on the hilt of his sheathed Zanpakuto, Yoshirou unleashes two slashes before returning it to its sheath. The skill and speed of the slash made it appear as if he only removed it half way from the scabbard before changing his mind and sheathing it. The laijutsu type attack created two wind like blades that he aimed at the back of Monk’s knee. Seeing his comrade in a rough spot he tried to help out. While the attack wouldn’t do much to an opponent of Monk’s level of durability it could achieve some effect. The idea was to force the Arrancar’s stance to falter, lessening the strength behind his primitive yet powerful kendo strike.
  15. Much to Yoshirou’s surprise Metabee relinquishes his Zanpakuto instead of using the demon arts. He was a little disappointed but if any Shinigami could go without their Zanpakuto it was the Commander of Kido. Not only was his knowledge and skills in the arts vast but he could also create weapons making it impossible to truly disarm him. Even still Yoshirou didn’t hesitate in the slightest showing pose and confidence as he relied on Hoho to close the small gap between them. Raining down both Zanpakutos, Yoshi attacks right along side his comrade. It was there first fight as a team but it would further help strengthen there new friendship and build and enduring bond. With a move that would be tough even for a zanjutsu master, Monk adjusts his swing mid air, ducking down and blocks all the incoming attacks. With a strength that classified him as a true monster, Monk unleashes the potential energy built up in his legs propelling him high into the sky; forcing all the swords away from him. “Espada!?” says Yoshi unintentionally. Wasting no time Yoshirou dashes for the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto. If he was right and he was an Espada it was all the more reason to keep him from it. No, even if he wasn’t part of that group he was surely an Espadas equal. Such thoughts only brought more questions like- were they back together? how many are there? whose leading them, ect. That was only the tip of the iceberg but now was not the time for distractions. Sheathing his left sword Yoshirou picks up the enemies Zanpakuto while Monk hovers over the battlefield charging a cero. Also known as doom blast, it was a deadly attack but as long as neither of them was caught off guard it was something they could manage. Monk launches the cero at Metabee most likely because of his close proximity and or lack of Zanpakuto. However unfortunate, the Shinigami’s were blessed that they didn’t have to worry about civilians caught in the attack nor the damage to the buildings as they were all dead and mostly destroyed now. Using his spiritual energy as a launching pad Monk hurls himself towards Yoshirou before his cero had even exploded. The Hollow hits the ground charging like a bull seeing only red. Yoshi steadied his stance as he prepares to receive the madman’s charge. With his spiritual pressure flowing out of him Yoshi remained composed when facing the brutish strength of his opponent. In the hands of the enemy, his Advisor’s Zanpakuto comes bearing down upon him. Shuffling both feet to the left, Monk’s right, Yoshirou swings his Zanpakuto, in an arcing motion, intercepting the attack. Unlike before, Yoshirou's spiritual energy is flowing through him allowing him to manipulate gravitons within a certain distance. In his current form that distance was only extend to things he touches or is in contact with. Upon clashing swords Yoshirou would force his opponents sword to the ground making it almost impossible to move via gravitons, while thrusting the Zanpakuto in his left hand, at Monk’s right side, with enough power to pierce even an Espada. Once again Yoshirou caused Monk’s attack to go across his body, hopefully causing him to release Metabee's Zapakuto, which was his initial goal. Then Monk would have to twist to try and reposition himself before he could attempt his uppercut; which he wasn’t planning on dodging but instead relying on his offense as defense. This would hopefully give Yoshi plenty of time to penetrate the Hollow with his own weapon in either his side or chest. After the thrust reached its peak he would significantly increasing its gravity immediately ripping the sword downward, tearing apart everything it touched. If Monk still managed the uppercut despite the damage it would connect with Yoshi’s chin as he chose to deal damage over avoiding the punch; though with tremendously less force than Monk intended. The uppercut would have to fight through gravity and Yoshi's sword attacks to reach its target. Even still it would have caused Yoshirou to take a few steps back had he not been increasing gravity at that point. He immediately spits out blood, which now ran from his mouth and the gash on his chin. Going on the defensive Yoshi used shunpo to momentarily create some breathing room. Each target had just struck at each other and now standing roughly ten yards away Yoshi was assessing the outcome. Yoshirou’s jaw was not broken but had a deep laceration on it which blood freely flowed from. There were also minor cuts on both his upper and lower lips but with some focus he was able to stop all the bleeding. By no means were the cuts gone but he at least didn’t have to worry about losing too much blood. “Release me and finish this nonsense,” says Kosumosu. As Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto spirits they hated seeing him injured. “I was hoping that Metabee and I could land a crippling blow so that we could capture him and get answers before killing him but he’s too strong for that. I sense that like a wild animal even if seriously injured he would fight to the death,” Yoshirou thinks replying to his Zanpakuto…