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  1. As Metabee answered, Yoshirou took a deep breath. He wasn’t necessarily surprised by his answer, as a strong case could be made for either choice; but he was disappointed. Even still Yoshirou couldn’t blame him. His life personally wasn’t on the line nor had he had to live his entire life with such a burden hidden deep inside. Literally one so dark that it would eventually kill you. Perhaps finally being presented an option when nothing else was possible was a blessing Meta was looking for. Or perhaps it was to sweet to be true… Asmodeus was a resident of Hell after all. It was easy for Yoshirou to dismiss it from this side of the coin. But until he walked a mile in Metabee’s shoes he would never know what he was truly going through. As the Advisor continued Yoshirou couldn’t help but think that maybe he was wrong about the reason behind his answer but Yoshi could at least understand and even support it. But with this new explanation, to Yoshi it seemed hastily made and he could not accept it. Even if they sought a truce they shouldn’t just rashly agree to it with a devil. While Yoshirou did not wish to cause conflict with the Kido Commander, his opinion must be heard. “I do believe that desperate times brings unlikely allies but that is as much as I can agree with here; at least the way it stands,” he states which he will explain in a moment. “You state that we can not trust him but you immediately agreed… it’s perplexing. He is a Sinner of Hell. Meaning that while alive he was so rotten to the core that he could not be cleansed of his transgressions. To be damned to Hell for all eternity, paying for his sins.” He stated this not to educate Metabee but to confirm that he very well knew what he was asking. “Besides he already stated that he cared not how the war ended for us and that he has his own agenda at play. No, it leaves to many questions and they all lead back to trust.” Ie: can he really help Metabee? Even if so what condition who he be left in? Would it cripple him or weaken his power? For all they knew Meta could become just a regular soul, which would out weigh the benefits of having this so called ally. And that wasn't even touching on the fact that his aid during the war could be a bluff, or worse. And what was this hidden agenda of his? “The way I see it, is that his help is skeptical at best. So to decide on that factor is unwise and something I’m not confident in supporting. If it were left solely to me I would outright refuse him. But if you truly believe that this is the way, not for the sake of war, but for the preservation of your life. Then as a friend I will support you and help you burden the consequences,” says Yoshirou, pausing for a moment so that Meta could clearly understand what he was saying. As a friend no matter what Yoshirou would be there. “But if we continue to negotiate it should be on our terms as we hold the upper hand,” the Noble stated as he now spoke louder ensuring that Asmodeus heard them. Furthermore he began to address him directly. “You come here waving the possibility of a cease fire around as if we struck gold in you doing so but it is you who are more desperate than us as we have no reason to trust you. You may be a cunning, scheming, sly little devil but we will not be so easily fooled. Until you revealed yourself you were never on our radar. To be frank, I can honestly say that none of us knew who you were or that you even existed... till today,” Yoshirou states as he was building up to his point. “Therefore we had an unofficial cease fire between us. And I’m sure someone as well informed as you-” he says which wasn’t him exaggerating but meant as a compliment to his knowledge. “-already knows that you’re not a target of ours as you mentioned our conflict with Baal multiple times. Our war is not against all of Hell but only those that wish to ‘campaign’ outside it.” Yoshirou turned back to Metabee. “IF we make a deal here our voice will be heard and we will not simply just agree to his terms. For starters I don’t believe that we should empower him until he keeps his end of the bargain and that would be after Sama’el and Baal are dealt with. In the mean time we could use him to remove the darkness from you and seal it in an object, which he would in turn receive as a payment of sorts at a later date. But what say you Advisor? Surely you have some stipulations that you would like to be heard as well.”
  2. “So he goes by Asmodeus. I’m delighted to say that I have never heard of him,” Yoshi says replying to Metabee. “And I wish it would have remained that way,” he thought to himself but there was no changing that fact that he was here now. Just his presence made Yoshi's skin crawl, giving testimony to his wickedness. Asmodeus reengaged in conversation, though he misunderstood Yoshirou’s previous comment, but it mattered not. The Noble would not have a philosophical debate with a madden intruder. No, as long as his family was safe he could suffer a few words. Finally, Asmodeus revealed the specifics of what he wanted, and it was complicated. Though to sum it up he wanted something inside of Metabee that would make him whole again, restoring his full strength. Yoshirou looked at the Advisor, while shaking his head. This was all just ludicrous! Why now of all times do they have to deal with a crazed soul? Was Monk not enough? Unfortunately, the answer to the latter was standing right before them. Yoshi did not know the thoughts coursing through Metabee’s head. But he knew one thing; making Asmodeus stronger would certainly doom countless souls. But potentially Meta’s life was on the line so it wasn’t a decision that could be made lightly. Knowing this Yoshi would ask for his thoughts on the situation before giving his own. The last thing he needed was to make an enemy out of Metabee by rushing into an answer.
  3. Yoshirou would not be lured in to a debate or argument with a Sinner over credibility or any such matter so he remained silent for now just listing. The demon then agreed that they would clash but at a much later date, or so he stated, but at the rate things were going the Noble wasn’t so sure about that. It was then that the bizarre intruder made his first mistake in the 'negotiations.' There were a lot of things that Yoshirou could and would tolerate: insults, disrespect, lying, misunderstandings, ect. And the list goes on but what you would not find on there is threatening his clansmen, especially in his own home. Without a wasted moment Yoshirou, withdrew and sheathed, is second Zanpakuto swiftly enough to launch an arc of compressed air. While doing so he simultaneously raised his spiritual pressure and killing intent a bit. The attack wasn’t any where near strong enough to hurt the intruder even if it lands cleanly but was meant to let him know the Noble was as serious as can be. “You insult us and threaten my people in our own home but you want us to listen to you. Either suppress your energy and get to what you have to say! Or our blades will finish this conversation,” he demanded. If the hostilities continued Yoshirou wouldn’t hesitate trying to capture his enemy. If the intruder complied, Yoshirou would even sheathe his zanpakuto and suppress his energy and killing intent as well. He would proceed to listen to the reason of his ‘visit’ here. “They will be trained and ready and have even got to experience what they will be up against,” he mumbled but the intruder continued without batting an eyelash. The mysterious reason as to why he was here was finally revealed but it only brought more questions: How did this guy know so much about them, what is his identity and objective? Of course he would gain something out of this or why else be here, but what? And if he wasn’t on Sama’el’s and Baal’s side then were there more like him? Is there a rebellion going on in Hell and is that the reason they are attacking other realms now too? Times were certainly confusing but this guy was even more so. Yoshirou looked at Metabee. “What’s this guys identity and what does he mean by pointing at you?” he asked. “If he’s asking for you as a tribute I swear I will beat some common sense into even if it takes all of eternity. His immortality will become his torture." Of course Yoshi needed to know these things before he could come to an answer, but it would help much in changing his mind.
  4. After Metabee responded Yoshirou listen to the intruder hurl insults but they didn’t faze him one bit. It did work with Sama’el, Monk or those before them and it wouldn’t work now. For those up to no good it was a common tactic they often used. JDan and the other guards began appearing on scene with the strongest concentration of them between the mansion and the intruder. If anything happened they hoped to force him way from the main living quarters. The men were tense and slightly nervous as it was their first real emergency that wasn’t just a practice drill. “Your insults have no power here. In fact they only help to further confirm your unruly nature. I would stop here before you loose all credibility,” Yoshirou states, his tone unwavering. More and more guards showed up until everyone was in place. Meanwhile, the intruder has graduated from insults to threats but at least he was making progress; sooner or later he would reveal his intentions or be captured, or perhaps both if it was a good day. Apparently the intruder wanted to talk and by the sound of it, it has to do with Sama’el or Baal or maybe even both. Metabee was the first to respond confirming his claims and further stating that they should at least here him out. Yoshirou was shocked at how easily Metabee agreed, even sheathing his weapon, but he stated that he knew him so there was obviously more to it. “Fine, I will hear you out but I fear it will make little difference. I have yet to meet someone from Hell that I didn’t have to clash swords with,” responds Yoshirou. He would listen for now but he would not sheathe his Zanpakuto.
  5. Not much had happened while Yoshirou was away reported the guards. Well all except for a small stunt pulled by Metabee. Apparently, he held an exhibition for a few hours for all those brave and confident enough to challenge him; there were a lot of takers but only one winner. “Metabee sure knows how to advertise himself. Not only that but it should boost their moral and confidence, having another well-capable leader,” Yoshi thought. “Maybe the old Metabee is not that far off from returning!” With a new smile on his face the Noble entered his room with a little more pep in his step than before. So much so that Yoshi found himself humming different songs while prepping his shower and gathering his PJs. However, a state of bliss around here never seems to stay long. Without warning two guards burst though his door. Immediately Yoshirou knew something was amiss, as not even JDan would enter the Head’s room without knocking first unless an emergency. As if confirming the severity of the situation a siren from the Soul Society began to sound off. “Report,” stated Yoshi. “There’s an intruder in the Soul Society! It hasn’t been confirmed yet but early sources are reporting it’s from the Hell Gate the Kido Corps guard!” responds one of the guards. “Impossible! Are they already prepared for war…” was Yoshirou’s immediate though but luckily he was able to keep it to himself. He immediately dismissed this possibility as the report stated an intruder not attackers. “Double the guards and patrols. I don’t care if it becomes crowded I want this place on lock down; no one enters or leaves without my knowled…” Before he could finish he was interrupted by the Clans’ siren as well as a loud kaboom, which sounded as if it was right outside the balcony. Instantly they all darted for the balcony to confirm the situation. Below was the Kido Commander with his Zanpakuto drawn, facing an assailant the three of them have never seen before. For now the intruder seemed to be talking so Yoshirou took the time to reissue his orders. “Forget what I said earlier. All the guards are to report in. Have JDan quarantine the area with the focus of capturing the intruder not killing him; but he is to prioritize the men’s safety. Have Jessica secure and account for all the non-combatants. I don’t want to needlessly loose a single person.” Like dust in the wind they disappeared to carry out their orders. “Of all nights for this to happen. I’d imagine that everyone at Central 46 is on the verge of having a panic attack,” mutters Yoshirou as he drew his Zanpakuto and jumps down to the scene below. Yoshirou arrives appearing a few feet from Meta. “You are not welcomed here. It’s not to late for you to go home if you withdraw now. I’d even escort you personally,” he says knowing it’s meaningless, but he still had to try. He then turned to Metabee asking if he knew anything about their uninvited guest. Their had to be something more to this as coming here alone is no different than running into the lions den; even an Espada would think twice and most likely not follow through but not this guy.
  6. Yoshirou was almost back home but his thoughts were still on the assembly. “Fucking politicians! I hate playing the game hence why I try to avoid it all together but that wasn’t possible this time. Huh, I wonder if that’s how commoners feel about Nobles? Well, I’m trying to tackle that front to but there’s only so much I can do.” As of late Yoshirou has been spreading himself pretty thin but there was no one else right now. Metabee is in the same position, both men just trying to keep the Soul Society afloat. “Stop, I will walk from here,” says the Noble. The carriage came to a halt, just inside of the Manor’s main gates, letting its only occupant disembark. He chose to walk in order to relax his mind. Right now it was running a mile a minute and there was no way he could go to sleep yet, so walking it is. As he strolled towards the mansion, he greeted the few people he passed though there was no meaningful conversation. Though the few bows and short chitchats did a good job at easing his mind a little. Yes, it was a hard and stressful time but joys can be found in the little things, which is a good thing to remind yourself from time to time. By this point Yoshirou had made it to the mansion. If he happened to run into Metabee he would greet him and inquire about his evening. Though he wouldn’t want to hold him up too much, as it was already very late. If they happened to miss each other Yoshirou would stop at the guard station getting an update on the flow of the evening. But immediately after that he would head to his room were he washed up and called it a night.
  7. “Well if it isn’t the noblest Noble of them all. Here to reform and rebuild us as well?” states a voice behind plaque number 27. His tone was full of sarcasm and jealousy. Yoshirou sighed knowing that it was most likely a lesser Noble growing envious of the widening gab in their influence. “You are too kind but I did not come here to gloat,” he replied further infuriating the man who could do nothing as his colleagues chuckled. “No, so why did you come here?” said a sharp voice behind plaque number 2. “If not to receive praise then is it to finally accept your punishment for abandoning your position as Captain of Squad 13; some would call that desertion.” “I did not abandon my position but stepped down do to differences of opinion with Emmell but more importantly due to the near annihilation to my clan. Or is that simply to be ignored,” says Yoshi rhetorically. “I tell you this that I did not come here to have a pissing contest with a crippled, simpleminded committee.” “Watch your tongue…” one of them shouted but Yoshi continued without batting an eyelash. “I refuse to believe that the esteemed Central 46 has fell so low that they do not know why I am truly here,” Yoshirou says disappointed at how the way things have turned out so far. “The mysterious attacks!?!” replies a feminine voice. Yoshirou looked in the direction the voice came from but could only see the plaque with the number 1 on it. “Indeed but the attacks aren’t that mysterious. We know irrefutable that the attacks all come from Hell.” Immediately the room burst with commotion, some doubting his words while others are stating, “so the rumors are true!” “Order, order,” says the feminine voice again though this time their was no sweetness left in her voice but instead replaced by a touch of sternness. “Irrefutable? So you have proof?” “Yes a multitude of witnesses including myself. Humph. I’ve been unfortunate to encounter them three times myself already most recently with Metabee Ainsworth,” says Yoshirou. “Ainsworth…” asked a few of them in unison. “The Kido Commander Metabee. It’s a long story but that is his surname,” answered the Noble. He continued to fill them in on the prior events including: his first encounter with Sama’el the Overseer of Hell, his battle against the so called Lord of Wrath, as well as the hard fought battle against the Espada class Arrancar being manipulated by the Overseer. There was no longer a critic in the crowd as they were all engulfed in the Kyoraku’s words. His words were hard to believe but if it was true, the Kido Commander was also involved then there was no way to dispute it. While some wouldn’t be convinced without speaking to Meta the rest knew the Lord of the Kyoraku Clan had nothing to gain by lying. “I hope you came with a solution as well seeing how you choice now of all times to be forth coming with all this information,” asks a councilmen. “Yes the Kyoraku Clan and the Kido Corps have been diligently training and preparing for war. Furthermore, the Kido Commander himself is rallying the rest of the Gotei to our cause. Which brings me to what I’m here for. I believe that if we are to survive we need to present a united front. Not with just clans and division but the entirety of Soul Society, including the representatives of Central 46,” Yoshirou stated. “But what is it that you need from us? We cannot help in a fight.” Yoshirou smiles as he was setting up everything for this. “No but you can help prevent these malicious culprits from being repeat offenders.” “I don’t follow.” “Baal and Sama’el are both immortal beings and there is only one way to deal with adversaries like that… the Muken,” answers Yoshirou. Once again the room burst into a roar, "Leader of a Great House or not this is going to far!" “What prove do you have that, that will work?” “I don’t have any but the history behind the 8th level of the underground prison. What I can guarantee though is that I have yet to discover away to keep an immortal being dead,” states Yoshi. “So I suppose you want us to you they keys. In all the millennias a civilian has never been granted access to the Muken. Not a tradition we can break lightly.” “I’m not asking you to,” Yoshi responds. “Yes, I am requesting the keys from you all but not access. I would merely be there guardian escorting them if you will. No the one I’m requesting access for is none other than Kido Commander Metabee Ainsworth." Yoshirou cleverly found a middle ground capable of gaining what he wanted while appeasing the Council. The Noble had come clean putting it all out on the line, now it was up to them to come to a decision one way or another… (The answer will be revealed in the Kyoraku Mansion thread but I'm sure you can guess)
  8. It wasn’t often that Yoshirou took advantage of being lord of a Noble Clan, but right now was an exception. Instead of walking to Central 46 he rode in a carriage but it wasn’t because he was being a complete snob. No, it seems Metabee’s words were more warranted than Yoshi initially gave him credit for. While there was no serious backlash from recklessly using Kijin he was extremely fatigued. The unexpected surge of energy was more than he was prepared to initially handle; Yoshi never expected for the ability to already be so powerful. “We’ve arrived,” said the driver as he opened the door for the Noble, breaking his train of thought. He was so entranced that he didn’t even realize they had stopped moving. Exiting the cart Yoshi was now at the outer walls of Central 46. He quickly approached the guards who open the gates allowing him to enter; “You are expected please proceed,” they stated while doing so. For someone entering for the first time they would be surprised at how unassuming it all was. The compound looked more like a courtyard with a pond that left much to be desired. There was even a small circular building in its center were fountains normally would have been. But Central 46 built its marvels downwards not up. The Noble proceeded into the compound heading deeper and deeper underground entering the interior before finally coming into the center of an assembly. Keeping up the formalities Yoshirou bowed while introducing himself to what was left of Shinigami that made up Central 46. Although their rosters weren’t full they were still the highest authority in Soul Society and were not to be trifled with. ooc> will wrap this up next post.
  9. Metabee was impressed but more so worried than anything else and had every right to be. As Kido Commander he perhaps knows better than anyone the dangers of an incomplete and unstable art. “I’m a lord, we’re always bad at waiting,” Yoshirou said teasingly. JDan laughed, as the truth to that statement was the exact opposite. “I know it was dangerous but I felt confident in myself otherwise I wouldn’t have been so quick to give it a go. Besides with out real combat experience there’s not much more I can do besides work on stamina,” he states. Nothing ventured, nothing gained was just one of the many philosophies Yoshi lived by. Even still Yoshirou knew that Metabee was right; to suffer a crippling blow now would only guarantee the Soul Society’s demise. As he thought about it more he knew his actions were a little selfish. “My apologies Advisor. I realize now I got too ahead of myself.” With the scolding coming to an end Yoshirou laughs at the joke about how bright he became during the release of Kijin. “Well it’s sure I wont be apart of the Stealth Force with that technique." After the small talk they all agreed to end practice here for the day. Before they left though Yoshi informed the others that he will be leaving to visit Central 46 after he cleans up and most likely wouldn’t be back till late tonight. He finished up with telling Metabee that he would like to have another meeting with him tomorrow night to catch him up on a few things. JDan wished him the best of luck as they needed all the allies and help they could get; even if that help was merely not being an obstacle or another headache. After the good bys JDan sets off to do his usual check-ins.
  10. Determination… that was the driving force fueling JDan as he relentlessly practiced. He pushed himself to the limit and beyond repeatedly as he fought tooth and nail to catch up to his peers. Low and behold it was drastically paying off. At first he was only able to sustain Kijin for roughly thirty seconds but now he could do so for well over five minutes at a time. An important thing he learned throughout the day was that his maximum time in Kijin would be shorten the more he used Kido in this state. Unfortunately it was a significant decrease in time too; on average it was about minute less per kido but even this beat yesterday’s progress were he wasn’t able to do it at all. It wasn’t as late in the day as it has usually been when JDan found himself unable to continue training due to exhaustion. He laid on the floor in a buddle of sweat with a smile on his face. It might not have been comparable to the others but he was happy with his achievements. In fact if it weren’t for pair that he trained with, JDan would have been considered a monster due to his impressive progression in the new Arts. Recuperated enough JDan sits up turning his attention to the others. Like the monsters they were, they were still going at it so he decided to meditate for while. Yoshirou had met with an astonishing amount of success today. To not only be able to launch a kido through your Zanpakuto but also without an incantation was miraculous accomplishment. There was one thought that played on his mind like a broken record, “I must get stronger in order to protect those important!” As cliché as it sounds it was a powerful driving force that pushed one to get better in times of uncertainty. There was no doubt that they were all getting stronger. Yoshirou could effortlessly destroy the self-healing training bots using low-level kido in his Kijin state. But even still, Yoshi was seeking to push the envelope even further… “Its time to give it a try,” the Noble thought to himself as once again he began to clear his mind, while taking a simple stance with his swords. His train of thought was now fixed on one goal and one goal only. The hairs on the back of JDan’s neck stood up as the atmosphere around him suddenly changed, causing him to look in a particular direction. “Kijin," stated Yoshirou as if manifesting his willpower into words. Instantly the purest of light erupts all around him, engulfing his entire body. A light so bright so intense that if this was another story it would be capable of turning the undead. The warmth giving off was comforting to his allies but an enemy wouldn't be so lucky as the overbearing heat seemed to reach the depths of there souls. Seconds later the light subsides revealing Yoshirou, whose long hair effortlessly floated behind him. From head to toe he was surrounded by an aura of brilliant white light. “It feels like lightning is flowing through my veins,” he thinks being a little 'high' off the power since it was his first time. As he assessed himself he noticed the aura surrounding his body dancing and flickering around him much like solar flares do around stars. It was a thing of beauty or a thing of death depending one's point of view but both were true. After a few moments Yoshirou cancels Kijin, feeling it to be to unsafe to actually test in indoors at the moment. He immediately notices the other two gazing at him so he approaches them. “Metabee, JDan it worked, it really worked!” he says with a smile on his face that clearly stated his satisfaction. “Not only by stating its name does it require less energy and time to activate but the results were magnified as well. Its been a long long time since I felt a new powerful energy flow through my body. It felt no different than achieving a new state in Zanpakuto for the first time.” “It certainly looked impressive and overpowering,” JDan comments. “How long do you think you could maintain that state?” “That’s hard to say. The initial power ‘high’ was intoxicating, for a split second it felt like I could stay that way forever. But realistically… maybe a third of the time I can maintain Shikai give or take a little,” he says purely guessing. “Wow that much already!?! I’m jealous,” teases JDan. “I am honestly not sure. It will take some more time and practice before I know the extent of it,” Yoshi replied. Next was Metabee’s turn to respond and after which he suggested they take a break for the day. Yoshirou and JDan agreed so the trio began to take their leave.
  11. Both Yoshirou and JDan were rigorously training. The Head Noble swung his sword releasing a kido for the umpteenth time; sometimes through a single Zanpakuto, others through both of them. Each time he did he called out the Kido’s name and an instant later a training bot or two was seen having to reconstitute itself yet again. After keeping to this same routine for about half the day Yoshirou was ready and now confident in pressing forward, his next goal – to silently cast Kido while using Kijin. Yoshirou sheathes one of his weapons putting all his concentration into a single Zanpakuto instead of splitting it between the two. He then widens his feet, though he keeps an offensive stance, while bringing his sword high above his head. His concentration becomes fuel and his focus a fire that cannot be extinguished. The atmosphere around him condenses and crackles as his ‘will’ began to put off a formidable pressure of its own. Yoshirou exhales releasing all the built up pressure, while simultaneously his sword descends to the earth. Without a word an altered Sokatsui rocketed forth from the blade of Yoshi’s Zanpakuto. The enormous arch of energy screeched forward as it scarred the ground as it traveled. The Sokatsui exploded upon contact with the training bot completely destroying it as well as damaging the bots on either side of it. “Success,” mutters Yoshirou before collapsing out of exhaustion. Like multiple times already this morning he had depleted all his energy and needed a break to recoup some, but it was worth if as he progressed by leaps and bounds.
  12. With breakfast out the way the majority of the clan headed off to training but this wasn’t the case for a particular pair. They were both up well before the crack of dawn preparing for their departure. Although most of their preparations were done the night before there was still couple of things to go over. It didn’t take long though and with their checklist completed Teschma and Nero set off on their first official mission for the Head of the Kyoraku Clan… As usual once the trio made it to the training grounds, they went to their designated area, and resumed where they previously left off. Compared to the others JDan was behind but he didn’t let this discourage him. He had heart and wouldn’t give up so easily. Even if the others master Kijin before him he will continue until he had accomplish what he set out to do. For now it was his control and consumption of energy that held him back so that’s exactly where he started. Yoshirou had a set training plan today but once he made it to the training area he found himself almost skipping to the end. After their discussion last night he couldn’t help it and he wanted to know what would happen, if anything, when he called out Kijin. “Ki…” he started but stopped himself as he regained control on his enthusiasm. No, so far things were going smoothly without a hitch and to throw a curb ball now could be detrimental. Reining in his emotions Yoshirou stuck to his plan. First he would pick up where he left off the day before, which was launching kidos through his Zanpakuto. After a little warm up if things were still going smoothly he would attempt to do so without stating the kido’s name. Only at the end of the day if things were still progressing well would he attempt to use Kijin by stating his name.
  13. With dinner over Metabee was the first to leave. Yoshirou had wanted to invite him to this meeting but missed his chance to do so. Perhaps this was the way it was meant to play out. Meta looked tired and could use some rest and there wasn’t much advising to be done so it was best not to needlessly burden him right now. Yoshirou turned his attention to JDan, stopping him before he could get too far away. “JDan have Harold escort Teschma and Nero to my office once there done with dinner.” “I will do so,” stated JDan as he nodded and took his leave. Yoshirou immediately headed to his office; doing some paper work while waiting on his guests. Only fifteen to twenty minutes, or so, passed before the Noble was rescued by a knock at the door followed by Harold’s voice. “Lord Kyoraku, Teschma and Nero are here to see you.” Yoshi set the paperwork, which he had been tediously working on, down and stood inviting them all in. Given the go ahead Harold opens the door and gestures for the others to enter. Yoshi greets his guests before dismissing the head butler. “Thanks Harold. Now if you would be so kind and stay close I wish to speak with you next. I’ll have a task for you to carry out.” “Of course my lord,” replied Harold bowing then closing the door. It had been a while since lord Kyoraku asked him to do something personally so he was very curious as to what it could be. For the first few minutes Yoshirou and the others carried on with small talk, discussing things like – how was your stay so far and what do you think of the food, as well as a few other things. But after addressing all the pleasantries they got down to the main topic at hand. “I’m glad to hear that your stay so far has been a delightful one. It’s been an honor to have not just the last of your group here but its very finest at that. I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t eager to hear the outcome you two decided on,” states Yoshirou. Previously Yoshi offered them both a place in his clan as well as a ranking position in the Gotei 13 in exchange for a series of missions he wished them to undertake. Nero turned and nodded his head at Teschma confirming that he was still ok with the answer they have come to. “Ok then,” says Tesch redirecting his gaze back and the esteemed Noble. “What you ask is no easy task and this grand plan of yours seems out right ludicrous. My initial assessment of you is that you were a madman with more than a few screws loose. Honestly, the plan was to enjoy your fancy hospitality and split once it came down to it; I mean how could we agree with the nonsense that we were hearing. And if any of the things you were saying about this new threat from Hell were true, why wouldn’t we want to enjoy our ‘retirement’ better elsewhere?” Tesch paused long enough to take a deep breath then continued. “But then we walked amongst your streets and spent time with your people. It quickly became abundantly clear why you would go to such great lengths to protect them. What you have here is special and anyone would do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. But… I’m not convinced that you have the strength to pull off what you’re trying to accomplish. That is until the other day when we ventured near the training grounds you three were occupying. The abundant amount of energy emanating from there was too captivating to ignore, so we got as close as we could without disturbing anyone. It was at that moment we knew running and hiding was pointless. If you and your comrades prove unsuccessful then there truly will be no place left to hide.” “What my comrade is trying to say is that we’ve decided to help with what we can,” says Nero, as he gets straight to the point. Yoshirou exhales a sigh of relief. If they had turned him down then it would have been a serious snag in his plan. Currently he didn’t have a back up plan so a lot was riding on there answer. “Thank you. I know it is unorthodox but I would do anything for my clan and I believe this to be the best option ,” he says sincerely as he wholeheartedly believed it. “The two of you will make an excellent addition to our family and the Gotei…” “About that,” says Tesch before the Noble could finish. “Although Nero here will accept both of your offers, I will only will not. Being a Captain in the Gotei will be enough of a reward for me. Of course I would like to have you as an ally but I do not think the noble life is for me. I hope you do not take offense to this.” “Oh… No offense taken. You would have been another great addition into the family but I respect your decision,” answers Yoshiro as he stood and leaned across the table with his right hand out. “It’s an open ended offer, if you ever change your mind don’t hesitate to join us.” Teschma stood and shook Yoshirou’s hand followed by Nero. He was glad that the noble didn’t get upset about being turned down. “You have been different than any other ‘noble’ I’ve met," were the thoughts that currently floated through his head. With all that sorted out it was now time to go over the details of the first mission once again. “As you know the first mission is strictly a recon assignment. Infiltrate Hueco Mundo, more specifically Las Noches, a find out Everything you can – their numbers, current leader, motives/goals, their stance on Hell if one… Anything that stands out or seems useful I want to know about. We’ll need all the information we can get if we are to enact the second part of the plan. Any surprise there could lead to a quick death,” declares Yoshirou. “Understood,” said the pair in unison. “We will leave before dawn tomorrow,” says Teschma. “Preliminary reports show that there are at least a few Espada ranked Arrancar there although how many is left for you to confirm but please, please be careful. I don’t wish for this to be a suicide mission,” states Yoshi. “Neither do we,” said Nero as they took their leave. They had an early morning and still needed to prep before they could get some rest. A few minutes went by but just as asked Harold returned to see what the Head Noble needed of him. “How may I be of service my lord?” “Harold tomorrow morning I need you to go to Central 46 and inform them I will be paying them a visit,” replies Yoshi… With the night winding down Yoshirou retired to his bedroom. A lot has happened in less than two weeks but there was still much more to come.
  14. A sour look donned on Yoshirou’s face at the mention of Emmell. It was a name he cared not to ever hear again but his luck wasn’t as such. Even still he continued to listen to Metabee explain himself and his stance on his proposal. “I see so that’s what you were getting at,” Yoshi comments. He scratched his chin as he briefly gathered his thoughts. “Leave it to; it’s my idea so the key is my burden. I was already planning on visiting the remnants of Central 46 regarding other matters so I will just plead how dire our circumstances are while I’m there. If we run out of options and fail then they face certain demise as well.” The Noble knew that, even that might not be enough to convince them, but quitters never start and loser only complain. With his mind made up on the matter he gave his Advisor his full attention as he continued to explain the drawbacks to his plan. “I cannot say that you’re wrong… but I don’t think you’re completely right either. Yes, Hell Chains are suppose to be unbreakable otherwise a Sinner's sentence would be pointless. Even still there has been a case or two where this principal fundamental has been… shattered. But over the countless centuries there has never been a known incident of a being escaping the eighth level of the Underground Prison. It was purposefully made for ‘immortals’ or those deemed unkillable/unstoppable. But think about this for a moment or two; if we are successful, you don’t truly believe that we are the first ones to have done so? I can’t prove either way but I honestly believe that it was initially created for beings that not even Hell could contain.” His thoughts were that with Hell being such a taboo subject it was officially changed to a prison of “immortals” though it still served the same purpose. Metabee agreed that they didn’t have to decide just yet and finished up with one last remark, which got Yoshirou thinking. “If anything were the ones that will be facing those 2 to 1 odds.” He kept this thought to himself as he had just mentioned something about not being pessimistic. “I have this feeling that if we fail it will be more than just the Soul Society that falls,” he responses. “Agreed but its like the two of you say, we need as many choices available to us, so that even if just a little, we may stack the odds in our favor,” says JDan chiming in at the last minute. “Then it’s settled. Together we will continue to perfect and teach Kijin. In the mean time we all have our own tasks. I will go before Central 46 and see what help if any they might be, and you should continue what you’ve been doing in your spare time; uniting the rest of the Gotei. JDan you continue to help oversee the clan and keep moral high, you’ve been doing a great job, and we desperately need everyone in high spirits,” finished Yoshirou as he then took a sip from his glass. If there were no complaints or anything else to add then diner for the trio would be warping up. Yoshirou still had a meeting with Nero and Teschma and didn’t want to keep them waiting to long.
  15. Avengers: Endgame was epic, I loved it 3000!!!

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