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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou greeted the Advisor and accepted his cup of tea from Olivia and immediately takes a sip. In return Metabee reciprocated likewise and asked how he was doing after yesterday. “I’m holding up well. Luckily the most intense part of our training yesterday was done in the VTS so my body feels great, though I was a little more mentally exhausted than normal since we also started on the new technique. Thanks to that and the little Saki I had I can confidently say I slept like a baby,” he says with a short giggle. Yoshirou then raises both arms and flexes his small but rock like biceps, “Now I’m completely rejuvenated…” but before he could finish he is rudely interrupted by his stomach growling; what inopportune timing. “All but my appetite I should say,” Yoshi adds as Olivia takes this queue to announce today’s menu for breakfast. While stating the menu and receiving their orders Olivia was blushing a lot more than usual. And if it wasn’t just in Yoshirou’s imagination she seemed to have a hard time looking Metabee in the eye. “Did something happen between them? No it couldn’t be. You can’t tell me Meta works that fast. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since he’s been here. That would be legendary pimp status, “ he thinks to himself while placing his order. He would ask about it but was certain it was nothing so he would save it for towards the end. Olivia left with the order while another maid brought out a medium size tray of fruits, which consisted of thinly sliced apples and oranges along with a vine of grapes and a couple of bananas. Yoshirou reluctantly takes his attention off the food and turns it to Kido Commander. “So the other guards tell me you really did a number on JDan last night. It’s cute how he over did it on your accord. I think he’s taking a good liking to you... So how are you managing this morning?” he asks though he can immediately tell he’s doing leagues better than JDan. While Meta responds; Yoshi grabs a little of each of the fruits, though not enough to fill up on. He was really looking forward to today’s breakfast.
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou passes through the garden as he makes his way back to the main house. It was still early but he managed to complete his morning rounds already. This was largely in part to do with the wonderful staff and well trained clansmen, which was not only reassuring to him but it also made his duties that much easier. Although the majority of the clan is composed of newer members they all seemed to have integrated quite nicely. This was all around great news as it meant those he left in charge of the recruiting had succeeded in their jobs. A loud growling noise interrupts Yoshirou’s thoughts; the culprit was none other than his own empty stomach. “I guess my first stop will be to the dining room. With any luck Metabee might have made his way down by now. If not I will check on him after a proper breakfast,” he thinks to himself as he enters the mansion through the main entrance. “Good morning Lord Kyoraku,” says Harold as he momentarily bows. “Good morning to you as well Harold, but don’t mind me I’m simply on my way to the dining hall,” replies Yoshirou. Just as Yoshi was about to proceed on his way Harold continues to speak, stopping him in his tracks. “Ah yes my Lord and just as a courtesy, Advisor Metabee is waiting on you there.” “You have my thanks Harold,” says Yoshirou as the two go about there separate ways. As he went on his way he couldn’t help but think things turned out just that way he asked for. Although it was later in the morning Yoshirou would still feel slightly guilty if he ate without the Meta. Now he could eat freely without such thoughts, which brought a smile to his face. Entering the dining room Yoshirou spots Metabee already seated and sipping on some tea. “Good morning Meta I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long,” he says as he approaches the table and sits across from him. Just as he does one of the maids enters from the kitchen bring him his cup of hot tea. Every morning while he waited for breakfast he would always have a cup of hot tea so for the maids on staff in the morning this was simply routine. “Ah thanks Olivia, you’re as prompt as always.” Olivia blushes but quickly responds, “You are too kind. Your praise is much appreciated but is certainly unneeded.” She was a very beautiful and very innocent women and surprisingly the shy type, even around her fellow brethren. “Very well, then what’s on the menu this morning?” Yoshirou asked as he assumed Metabee hadn’t ate yet either. “This mornings carb will be your choice of buttermilk pancakes or Belgian waffles. Next will be eggs that are either fried or scrambled, paired with Canadian bacon. And finally will be a fruit tray that is served while you wait on your meal,” Olivia happily answers. Yoshirou looks at Metabee “Go ahead my friend you first.” Although Yoshi knew exactly what he wanted he allowed Meta to go first. Even though he wasn’t technically a guest, it was still his first breakfast here. As for Yoshi when it was his turn he would get a stack of the pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon. Today’s breakfast was his favorite and besides the pancakes the rest he would always order the same.
  3. The Unstoppable Force

    The two creatures continued to stroll the deserts of Hueco Mundo, each a devil in their own right. Though it wasn’t always that way, once upon a time one of them could have been called a hero or rescuer but that time has long pasted; traded in for this psychotic Arrancar. Sama’el continued to poke at Monk, pushing his buttons fueling his anger and desire to kill. Although it remained hidden, Sama’el couldn’t help but grin wryly as Monk threaten that his sanity should never be questioned again. To literally threaten a “Demon” to his face could only mean one’s higher thinking was sadly failing them, right? Either that or they blatantly didn’t give a crap, which only made Monk an even better choice in Sama’el’s eyes. The lies continued to pour from Sama’el’s mouth until he stopped just before revealing a name. It would seem Monk was diligently following along becoming more and more enticed by the story as the sudden silence and lack of a name was too much to bare as it sends him into a rage. “YES TAKE MY LIFE AND EMBRACE YOUR NEW PATH WITH EYES WIDE OPEN,” screams Sama’el, as Monks enters a momentary berserk like state. The ferocity behind the attacks immediately displaces an enormous amount of sand, masking the entire surroundings. The cloud of sand was so thick that if a human inhaled one breath of it they would suffocate almost instantly . With such power the large cloud of debris rapidly increased in size until finally Monk’s fury subsides and he halts his attack… An evil laugh breaks the ominous silence, in a pitch so evil that it could only come from a prisoner, no, resident of hell. Simultaneously a powerful gust of wind sweeps across the area causing the occurrence, or coincidence to feel all the more supernatural. Only one demon remained standing with his Zanpakuto dripping in blood, while the laughter emanated from the devil, lying on the ground, soaking in his own pool of blood; bisected cleanly in two separate pieces. As the laughter vanishes and the dirt settles the same voice cries out with blood oozing from his mask and body. “Marvelous you are simply marvelous. What a masterpiece you will create. I hope this helps prove that I’m not a mere apparition nor simply a concoction from your mind.” The voice spoke with no concern of his own emanate death, which Monk saw too, though it was all within expectations. How long has it been since Sama’el had felt the unique euphoria of death, intentionally or not. Warm blood that quickly seeps from one’s body, giving way to a cold that steadily creeps in; like a long winter hunkering down for the next eternity. It was a feeling that no matter how many times one felt you could never truly get use too. “Once again my name is Sama’el. Burn it into the back of your mind, along with another, for you will be seeing me again; as for the Shinigami’s name you seek it is Yoshirou Kyoraku! I will go and set the way for you, until then KILL TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT.” replies Sama’el as his consciousness slips away into darkness.
  4. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee responded to JDan’s goodbyes without being too bummed out. He even answers his question stating that it takes practice. Something that was true for all things, even drinking it seems; but it wasn’t something that JDan felt a need to get better at. So this was ultimately the best he could do. With a little luck JDan made it to is bed, but he wasn’t luckily enough to disrobe or change, nor did he manage to make it under the covers. Although pajamas or nightwear is far more comfortable he was drunk enough that he wouldn’t tell the difference tonight. And for the covers, as they say the liquor will be keeping him warm tonight. Dawn broke and the rising sun slowly pierced the darkness in Yoshirou’s room. His room was purposefully set up with the balcony facing the sunrise so that if he were still sleeping the sudden brightness would wake him up. He felt it important as the Head to start his day no later than the sun’s; otherwise he would only be wasting the day. Yoshirou had already started his morning rounds and one of the things he wanted to do was check with the guards and see if JDan was going to make it in today. Yoshirou could already see the signs by the time he left the pair. He knew that the odds were against it if JDan continued to drink after he had left. Yoshi’s POV I arrived at the guard tower above my room. I choose that one not only because it was closest but because if JDan was “working” today he would most likely be here that this hour in the morning. With a quick look around I soon got my answer… seems the alcohol got the better of him. Poor fella but I wouldn’t hold it against him. I mean, yes!! I will certainly tease him about it but that’s as far as I’ll go with it. There’s still a small chance that he did make it in and already left, so I asked just to give him the benefit of the doubt. I simply further confirm my growing suspicions. Angie, one of the prettiest guards around, informed me that after he failed to show up they went and checked on him. They found him passed out on the edge of his bed with a bucket next to him filled a quarter of the way with vomit. Too much info I responded but needless to say he wont be showing up for duty today. However he did seem coherent enough for a second simply saying, “Tell, Lord Kyoraku my apologies. My stomach seems to be getting the best of me today.” That big buffoon seems all his size and muscles are useless when it comes to drinking. I sure hope his hangover isn't too bad. Well before I leave I confirm that Jessica will be filling in for him today, which of course will be fine. By no means was she the next strongest in line. She simple had the necessary skills and know how to act as Vice Chief of Security when needed while also being very trustworthy. I made my way down the stairs to finish the morning rounds before Metabee woke up. Not many were like JDan so odds are Metabee is fairing far better.
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    The wind blows on the beautiful night forcing the few clouds that were blocking the remainder of the moonlight away. Even without the moonlight it was well light but with it the beauty of the surround scenery was just that much better. The night was closing in on half way so the light given off the moon would begin to diminish. From a chair he made it to earlier, JDan looks around taking in the view from here one last time. Honestly he wasn’t pausing for the view as being only a floor below he had one close to it. Instead he was attempting to gather his thoughts and gain his composure. “I’m s-orry M-etabee but I’m going to have to t-ap out here. If I continue t-o drink from this point, I can guarantee I will be sick. M-y Saki lost its taste along time ago,” he says taking in a deep breath and sighing heavily. “I’m h-onestly not sure how some S-hinigami can do this on a regular b--asis, much less humans.” Having regained his composure, even if for a moment, JDan slowly stands up. At this point the room only had a slight twirl to it instead of a full-blown spin, as if it was a ride at the fair. “I will t-ake this brief opportunity to get to my ro-om before what went down decides to come back up,” he states while touching his belly, hinting at the alcohol. “It’s been the best nig-ht I’ve had in quite sometime. I bid you a goo-d night.” JDan then slightly bows making sure not to upset his stomach nor fall over to the floor; both of which would be extremely embarrassing, especially when he was so close to making it to his room. "Ju-st leave the cups and the bot-tle on the table for tonight. The ma-ids will be more than hap-py to gather it all in the morn-ing." JDan momentarily waited giving Metabee time to respond but as long as the Commander didn’t object to his leaving he would leave right after. Time was of the essences and if he wanted to make it to his room by himself he needed to act swiftly; the longer he remained standing the faster the room started to spin again, though it was increasing at a slow pace.
  6. The Unstoppable Force

    Sama’el spoke his mind, and for better or worse it was something he never hesitated to do. Monk carefully listens, scrutinizing a few keywords as he decides how to react to them. Although Monk’s face was also covered with a mask, the atmosphere around him spoke as though he both agreed and disagreed. Until he finally answered with a tone that clearly stated his distaste. Sama’el was obviously striking a nerve but it was every bit of his intention to do so. Every move, every word was calculated and adjusted to, to reach a desired outcome. His objective now was simple. Enrage the “Weapon of Mass Destruction,” by showing him the cause of that anger, whether it’s the true culprit or the one Sama’el pins the blame on. And then guiding him on a path that will allow him to release his fury on those less fortunate. After Monk states that he is no Shinigami dog, he then grips his Zanpakuto tighter preparing to strike. “Ah, so you will strike me down,” Sama’el thinks to himself but is unable to get out a word before Monk attacks. But instead of attacking Sama’el, Monk strikes at the air behind him, talking to the wind as if someone was actually whispering in his ear. Witnessing the spectacle a wry smile creeps up on Sama’el’s face although it remains hidden from view. “In that condition its been quite sometime since you’ve made your own decisions,” he thinks to himself choosing to remain silent. After Monk regains his composure things proceed without violence, for now… “Haha, assist me then you shall, for you will gain much more than me, ‘Freedom’,” Sama’el says in a pleased tone. He didn’t care what reason Monk use to satisfy his conscience as long as his "will" was done and his "agenda" achieved. Monk proceeds to walk at a slow pace and continues to speak with the mysterious hooded figure, signaling for him to follow. With a few sentences he essentially demands Sama’el to state what he knows so that he can be done with him. Sama’el’s mood lightens even further as the Arrancar seems to be eager to hear the information after all. So without hesitation he follows on Monk’s left side “The sole reason for your current predicament is none other than the Shinigami. From the beginning they have been manipulating events so that you would end up here, like this, broken both physically and mentally. Not a mere dog but a Lone Wolf carrying out their biddings,” he says drifting from Monk’s left side and appearing on his right, very ghost like. This wasn’t done this time for theatrics, merely to give Monk enough time to dwell on those words before he continued on; but not enough time to respond. “I know you find my words difficult but think about who prospers most from your minor purges of useless Hollows? However much fun it is you cannot deny the fact that with each death you make, the Shinigami’s job easier and safer,” he says rhetorically. “Surely you would rather kill much worthier targets and while you’re at it get revenge on those that got you to this point. Above all others there is one who holds most of the blame. One calling the shots behind the scenes…” Sama’el stopped there hoping that Monk wasn’t doubting him up until this point. He gave no reason to as his tone was informative and his story not too farfetched. Sama’el further tired to entice Monk with a name but would not reveal it yet in order to peak his curiosity. There was only one Shinigami’s name though, which Sama’el knew and he would be the victim of this conspiracy, having sliced his arm off in a pervious encounter it was befitting.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    As JDan poured the final round of drinks he filled the glasses almost to the brim. Seeing how full the cups were Metabee made a quick comment. JDan handed back the glass with a smile and with a drunken response. “Ya damn skippy, this is the K-yoraku Clan after all,” he said laughing as he was only joking and poking fun of himself. JDan then proceeded to ask the Commander to tell a joke or story, which initially seems like a bad idea. Metabee had a stumped look on his face, as he was slightly unprepared to be on the spot. After a second or two the veteran Shinigami regains his intoxicated composure, with a wry smile on his face, and tells a couple of jokes. JDan sipped on his tall glass of Saki as he listens to the jokes told. The jokes told were certainly not what he expected but nonetheless they were still quite funny. That was the beauty of new friends telling each other jokes, as at first they would most likely be vastly different; coming for different backgrounds, upbringings and situations all together. “Hahahaha, that’s why my daughter will never d-ate,” he replies though he as no kids yet, just his clan. He knew the response was an unreasonable answer to a situation but even still it was the one most parents would say at least once in there life. The next joke was just as good as the first but completely threw JDan off, on how to respond besides simply laughing and stating, “Oh, man that would be to awkward.” JDan takes a slightly bigger sip from his glass and clears his throat. “I’ve got a c-ouple which I think you’ll find just as f-unny. Hopefully you won't t-hink any less of me.” Clearing his throat once again he decides to tell the shorter joke first. “Ok, here goes n-othing. What’s a difference between a baby and an airplane?” Leaving no time to respond as you were not meant to JDan quickly answers. “One goes from city to city and the other goes from titty to titty,” he says barely able to get it out before bursting out in laughter. He was clearly the drunkest one this night not just because of his obscene joke but the lack of restraint to finish telling it before laughing hysterically. After a few seconds he clams down and tells his final joke, which was just as bad. “So a blind man sits at the bar in a strip club and while ordering his first drink from the bar tender he asks if she would like to hear the funniest dumb blond joke ever. Even though she herself was blond she took pity on the guy since he was blind. And said, mister since you’re blind I will give you a heads up before you get yourself killed here. Counting me there are three blonds that work here. I myself have a shotgun under the counter, the blond waitress over there has a small pistol in her waist and the girl on stage also has a gun in her locker. Knowing that do you still wanna tell your dump blond joke MISTER? The guy looks at her following the sound of her voice and replied without hesitation. Hell no!! Not if I’m going to have to explain it three times.” Finishing the lengthy joke JDan once again erupts in laughter. Again it wasn’t necessarily because the jokes were that funny, it’s just that he’s that drunk. Once his laughter subsided he took another sip of his drink. Having taken a couple sips already he realizes just how much he poured into the cups, as he wasn’t even half way done yet. “Wow, I really did go big didn’t I. Perhaps its best not to finish it,” JDan thinks to himself but didn’t want to go back on his decision now. Returning his attention back on Metabee he reengages in conversation. “I hope my j-okes weren’t to distasteful for you and if so then I b-lame it on t-he Saki. It’s a lot stronger than I remembered.” The boos were certainly partly to blame but some of it was also because of his terrible since of humor... At this point JDan was wasted and began drunk talking and rambling. “Commander I feel that I should be honest with you. I had no intention to like you at first. Its not that I planned on hating you or anything but I figured I would remain undecided until I further investigated you. Having no ties to the Clan or nobility and just suddenly accepting, I was slightly skeptical. But after knowing you for just a day I cannot help but feel that you were always meant to be here. I didn’t understand Yoshirou’s decision at first but now, I would not want anyone else as the Advisor. I hope that someday you take the Kyoraku name for yourself.” JDan finishes his drunken rambles there, taking another sip from his glass.
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    The Commander seemed pleased to hear that arrange marriages are starting to fade away. He then answered Yoshirou’s question replying, after he retires. It was a vague answer but Yoshi wouldn’t press the matter any further as there wasn’t much to gain. Yoshirou said his good byes to his companions as they too wished him a good night. Metabee stated to drink some water and JDan confirming it with a drunk, “Uh huh, uh huh.” Yoshirou smiled as he walked out the door. “Ok, I hear ya.” Just as he was about to proceed up the stairs to his room a guard comes down, simply on his nightly patrol. Upon seeing Yoshirou the guard bows and then a brief hello was exchanged as the pair continued their separate ways. JDan finishes his glass as Metabee asks what they should do next. For JDan in was a no brainer. Although he was not a regular drinker tonight was different; a fierce battle between friends, growing of bonds and even the development of new techniques. Tonight was definitely a night to celebrate and in the company of the new Advisor no less. Looking at the bottle he replies, “T-there’s not much left, l-ets continue, since you're ok with it.” Drunken hiccups were the worse and if there was a guarantee that you could get drunk without getting them then JDan might drink a little more often. That was how much he hated it. With both men agreeing JDan takes the initiative and pours them each their final glass. They had been using your standard whisky type glasses so instead of pouring smaller shots he simply filled the glasses up further, finishing off the last bit of Saki. JDan looks at Metabee as he hands him his glass back. “So C-ommander tell this drunken fool a joke or a good story, surely you k-now a couple. The dirtier the better, haha,” he says. The plan was to finish off the night with a light, fun, and carefree atmosphere, relieving some of the bitterness that was still present.
  9. It's so lively around here. Hello again everyone!

  10. The Unstoppable Force

    “Even after so much Death your hands still thirst for more blood. Marvelous! Simply splendid,” says Sama’el in a dark an eerie voice. He was more than satisfied with the overwhelming killing intent oozing from his very core. “But… how can you speak of enemies and might when your victims are only fodder, most of which are not worthy of your time? Or are you taking a liking to the Shinigami’s will? You have fallen further than I thought. But fear not I will guide you.” Sama’el was tempting to bait the mad Hollow with hearsay and stories using the Shinigami as the bait. With his scythe in his right hand Sama’el once again closes the distance between them while simultaneously sinking in to the sands, as if the earth was swallowing him whole. “How can you kill what is not actually there? Better yet how can you kill what you don’t know is real or a figment of your imagination You speak of which you do not know,” he says playing with Monk’s broken and tormented mind. His words and tricks were always to manipulate his targets actions once he revealed himself and now wasn’t any different. Speaking in riddles and questions was only part of the schemes. Like the in-laws that would never leave, Sama’el appeared once again. “But I did not come here to fight nor test your might. Monk… I’ve been called many things by the living but only a few know me as Sama’el. And I offer information, enlightenment if you will, only then will your true enemy will be known. News that I think you would like to know so you could better direct your fury,” he states cold and calculating. If one could see his eyes through his mask they would see the harsh gaze that only a True Demon could grace you with. He hoped his interest would be peaked and the bait taken as it would be much easier for his story to be accepted. Either way he would tell it and improvise.
  11. ORP Reset Announcement!

  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    The mood had soured for a bit but luckily it was only a brief moment. Although it hasn’t been long enough for, “time to heal all wounds,” JDan kept his composure; the alcohol perhaps playing a small part in this. Of the three men JDan was the one who couldn’t hold his liquor the best. This was simply because as a guard he felt it hindering to his duties, so he limited himself to occasions like this and holidays. For him there were much better ways to relax and blow off steam like weight lifting or good old fashion training. Even still it wasn’t as hard for JDan to talk about his loss briefly with Metabee as it had been in the past. “Yes it’s becoming less and less popular even here in the Soul Society and is a practice typically only some of the Clans still conduct. And more and of them are even starting to drop the tradition,” replies Yoshirou. “I haven’t known you long but you seem too free spirited to have an arrange marriage,” says JDan chiming in without interrupting Yoshirou. Continuing along with the subject Metabee then states that he’s in no rush and plans on waiting till much later. “Oh really Metabee, I thought you would have said quiet the opposite,” Yoshirou says surprised and with Sayuri in mind. “So do you plan on waiting till you retire or will you retire once you’ve found the one?” Love wasn’t something you could always put on hold so he was curious how the Commander would answer. But people change so even if his answer does too, Yoshirou wouldn’t hold it against him. Honestly he was just surprised by the reply and asked on drunken impulse... ___ “Here, here,” says JDan endorsing both toasts. He then took a sip from his drink and realized immediately something was wrong. Although it came from the same bottle it was starting to lose its rough taste, becoming easier to drink. “This could mean only one thing, I’ve had too many too fast,” he thinks to himself but instead of getting worried he merely smiles and looks at both Yoshirou and Metabee. “I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.” It wasn’t often that JDan as Head Guard could have this much fun nor be this relaxed and carefree but for now he was thoroughly enjoying himself. The trio continued to talk and drink until Yoshirou finally finished his cup that he stated would be his last. It would be easy for him to get another bottle of Saki and stay with his friends but tomorrow’s duties come quick, and even quicker after a night of drinking. There was only about a quarter of the bottle left but it would be up to JDan and Metabee to finish it off. “Well, gentleme-n,“ says Yoshirou belching like a drunken alcoholic. “Excuse me but as they say there’s more room out than in.” After a momentary chuckle Yoshi continues. “Its certainly been a fun and eventful day but its time for me to call it a night,” he states while yawning. Not only was he drunk but also tired after such a long day. “But don’t stop on my accord, please continue to enjoy yourselves.” Yoshirou then says his good byes and proceeded to leave. “I will see you two in the morning,” he said looking back just before exiting the door. While he wasn’t falling over drunk you could certainly tell that there was a little wobble in his walk that wasn’t there before.
  13. ORP Reset Announcement!

    Only URPer's get candy. Well and those that step right into my mysterious white van.... What do ya mean thats not normal!!
  14. The Unstoppable Force

    Yet again a ritual, that could be for none other than himself, called out to him with an unrelenting urge that could not be ignored. Like an animal in berserk mode a single Arrancar snapped, torn, or ripped limps from bodies leaving behind empty, soulless husks. Tens of dozens of bodies littered the sandy surroundings amassing into a single large mound. Any who came across the scene would think it to be the workings of a rabid Hollow simply because of the extreme brutality and gruesomeness. But for the few that witnessed it knew it to in fact be an Arrancar shrouded in a deep trance. Not as if being manipulated by an outside source but captivated by the killing itself. Many had questioned how someone could create such an evil word out of laughter. But one look at Monk killing and laughing at the same time you’d would get the idea of why the word slaughter was formed. Those that knew the ominous figure peering undetected from the shadows fine it hard to believe that “He” was actually out and working. While it wasn’t his first nor his biggest sin Sama’el was guilty of Acadia. With the ongoing skirmishes and wars that span the past decade or so there was no need for "Death" to lift a hand. No, fools would rush to the concept in the masses during those times as if lining up for a new attraction at the hottest theme park. But like a roller coasters there are ups and downs and from Sama’el’s perspective this was a nosedive. Peace, an uneasy peace but peace none the less spread across the realms. Death was no longer happening in mass numbers falling short of the status quo that had been so comfortable met for so long; requiring Sama’el, "Death’s Ambassador," to resume working once again manipulating and pulling the strings of others… The culprit behind the calls emerges from the mountain of bodies, bathed it there blood, soaked to the core. Laughing like a maniac Monk walks off with an “I don’t give a crap attitude” like a madman does when taking enjoyment in their heinous actions; they somehow know its wrong but its part of what gives them satisfaction in the first place so reasoning is futile. “It has been a while since I’ve revealed myself to the living but now appears to be the time,” Sama’el thinks to himself. Emerging like a mirage in the distance he appears walking out of the ground. He was close enough to be seen but not close enough to be clearly made out, playing off Monk’s insanity. And just as he appeared he disappeared sinking back into the sands of Hueco Mundo. No matter which way Monk turned Sama’el repeated this a few times, each time appearing closer and closer. Attempting to cause his target to further question his sanity, until he disappeared completely. Usually Sama’el had no need for such theatrics but such gestures could go along way when approaching a madman. The dramatics were never meant to scare Monk but simply force him to further question his reasoning, his stability. Waiting just long enough to be dismissed as an illusion or trick of the mind, the mysterious figure calls out. “My how the might have fallen. Or are you just now opening your eyes to reveal your true nature?” The hooded figured rises from the ground only a few yards away awaiting his reception. His cloak was so black that it appeared to be absorbing the very light that struck it casing it to look even darker. Large spike like protrusions covered his shoulders and head, forcing most to cringe at his sight alone . “Like a cultist at a sacrifice you have caught my attention…” Sama’el was within striking distance and like any madman the culprit might lash out, especially at such a nightmarishly looking individual. But such were not concerns for Sama’el, as he would remain in his intangible form, further playing into Monk’s insanity. This first encounter was meant solely to be a conversation, not a fight.
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    The three were having a good time conversing and laughing. The new acquaintances could pass for life long friends. And at this rate it truly wouldn’t be much longer before JDan could call Metabee, friend. “Maybe I’ll cause an ’incident’ to create trouble for you. I’m sure JDan and I will get a kick out of it. Besides friends are suppose to make friends laugh right?” says Yoshirou rhetorically in a slightly buzzed and joking tone. “Yea my lips are sealed,” JDan comments implying that he would go along with any ploy Yoshirou concocted. The pair laughs but the conversation continues without incident. “That’s true,” replied Yoshirou to Metabee’s comment about a hundred bottles while JDan simply nodded in agreement and continued to sip his drink. Once again the drinks were refilled as they all finished another glass. This time the Kido Commander took initiative and poured the rounds just before JDan let out his first joking regarding the Commander… The pair laughed at Metabee’s reply but quickly fell quiet to his next question. Yoshirou nodded at JDan signally that he should go first as well as its ok to tell him. Receiving the go ahead JDan sighs heavily and responds first. “I had a women that I was to be married to but… but fate had other plans. Her name was Madina.” Not wanting to ruin the mood or their night JDan gives Metabee the quick and short answer. Perhaps later when the timing is right JDan might seek out the Advisor for a little counseling, if he was up for it. “Unfortunately she died along side the many others when the Clan grounds were attacked and the mansion destroyed. But don’t worry. No need to waste your pity on me.” JDan then finishes another glass of Saki. He was surely feeling the effects of the alcohol and was numb enough now not to shed a tear. It was now his turn to pour the next round all the while the bottle was getting lighter and lighter. “When and if the time is right you will find someone else that you long for,” Yoshirou said making sure not to say “another” as love is a hard thing to replace. “As for myself I have no one in particular yet. I’ve always expected to have an arranged marriage but now it looks more and more like it will be of my choosing.” He was much happier with that outcome as it gave him greater control over his own life. “Perhaps we have found the next great trial worthy of the three of us… marriage,” he says half jokingly half serious. Surely with a statement like that he was now drunk, right. Yoshirou continues to sip on his drink but his pace greatly slows. As he stated earlier he would be cutting it short so he felt like he should slow down a bit and enjoy this last one, before calling it a night. “JDan, Metabee when’s the last time you were able to relax and drink like this? I mean really relax without any pressing worries? The Soul Society knows peace and both, your Corps and our Clan have been rebuilt and are now prospering. Tonight is a good night.” Yoshirou grips his glass with his right hand. “I purpose a toast. May it be a foolish request but here’s to wishing this moment lasts forever.” A foolish request indeed but if the moment only lasted another month he would take what he could get.