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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou listened to Metabee’s first response as it was directed at him. “Always so humble and serious when it comes to these subjects. I have complete faith that you won't abuse our resources.” But instead of stating it aloud he simply smiled and let the conversation continue. After the conversation got a little heated the Commander tells them both not to argue and states his opinion. They all had slightly different views, each with their good points as well as holes that could be exploited, so after everyone’s initial thoughts the topic was changed. While no real trouble would come from debating such things, even with opposing views, it wasn’t the best first encounter conversation, nor one that was really fun. Besides even on the off chance, angering a Noble who was your employer, and offending the Kido Commander, was not the best way to start the journey. It would make a long journey all the more uncomfortable. The supply warehouse where they departed from was located near the gates for the Clan’s property so the convoy was able to exit pretty quickly. Even still the ride before them would take about an hour and a half, with no delays of course. With the Advisor confirming that some of the rumors held some truth Marie spoke up. “We were both there and it was an amazing site to see,” she said while Cathleen nodded, agreeing. If you were to ask anyone that witness the battle last night their answers would all sound the same. Yoshirou and Kenlaw both grinned after hearing her words but Yoshi was the first to speak up. “I can gladly say I’m happy that he’s not an enemy I have to look for upon a battlefield.” “Is that so Lord Yoshirou,” Kenlaw replied. “Then why be the Kido Commander instead of a Captain or even Captain Commander?” Again replying first was Yoshi as he commented before Meta could answer. “Don’t let him fool you. He’s way to modest when it comes to his skill set. But I assure you his Kido is top notch and second to none.”
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    Hearing Metabee’s answer Yoshirou was the first to reply. “Those are certainly days of the past. You can rest assure that the Kyoraku Clan will help with anything we can. Your practically family now after all,” he says smiling with a light laugh. “Besides I’ll have to pay you someway or another for being Advisor now.” Letting Lord Kyoraku finish Kenlaw response as well to the Commander’s answer. “Don’t worry. I don’t mean anything by it,” he replied assuring he meant no disrespect. “Your reply is pretty common and to be expected.” He leans forward a little uncrossing his arms. “This kind of work is not really the Gotei’s style. Only Squad 4 might consider something like this a task worthy of their time and doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying that they don’t care but with relatively little peace over the years something more pressing never fails to arise; and there’s very little glory to be found here,” he states leaning back once again. “Don’t you think your being a little harsh Kenlaw? Besides it is the Nobles’ job to provide for its people that way. Not the military,” Yoshirou interjects. It could be seen equivalent to a country’s elite forces doing charity work. Maybe not a bad thing but simply not the way things are conducted. “My apologies. Lord Kyoraku it wasn’t my attentions. But even still how many Nobles actually see to there people properly?? And then out of those how many go out of their way to help those in other territories or districts?? All I’m implying is that you are graciously out of the ordinary and should give yourself more credit. And Metabee I simply didn’t want you to feel ashamed for your lack of 'experience' in this area. For some reason whenever you ask someone if they do charity or volunteer work they think your out to make them look bad, so it’s a tough subject to go about,” Kenlaw responds earnestly. “Perhaps I should have chosen a better question to break the ice Lord Metabee... Is it true you’re just as good with a sword as you are at kido? There’s been an awfully lot of new rumors going around this morning,” he says looking back and forth between Yoshirou and Metabee.
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    Responding, Metabee gave his personal suggestion on the way marketing should be as well as some entertainment ideas. Before Yoshirou could respond though a friend he had made around the time of reconstruction interrupted them. “Guess that can’t be helped. It’ll be better this way. Instead of simply telling him it will be much more fun to bring him back up here one night and show him how much the scenery changes,” he thinks before greeting Akoy. While there has yet to be any concerts, karaoke night does pop up pretty regularly. Heck some times more than once a week. There are also drinking and gambling, dance parties and a few other activities, albeit there was certainly room for more events. Without further ado the pair part from Akoy continuing onwards. The Commanders words on greed certainly were true. While he believes himself free of corruption, Yoshirou knew he couldn’t say the same thing about greed. Not personal greed entirely… but he definitely felt his desire and feelings towards his Clan could be consider greedy to an extent. As he’s repeatedly stated there’s nothing he would not do for the Clan and its betterment. While he monopolized nothing he would hoard success and prestigious accomplishments for the Kyoraku, if such a thing were possible, perhaps his worse demon. As they neared the building it continued to grow in size until finally reaching its peak. By no means was it overly huge but it was still one of the larges buildings around especially when compared to the smaller shops, vendors and other buildings used for everyday business. After hearing Metabee’s advise Yoshirou scratches at his chin. “Umm… I never really thought of building a town. My idea was more like a gathering/social place for the community that already exists,” Yoshi replies and by community he means the Soul Society itself. “But that could be a great idea. I surely wouldn’t stop a town from forming if that’s the direction this whole thing took. That is as long as its not segregated by class. We both know there is enough of that already in play without adding to it. It would be great though if more business owners came and evened out the ratio a little better. But I have to say I’m not fond of selling any of the land with it being so close to the mansion especially since it’s technically part of the Manor’s grounds. Instead we only rent out the land if you want to build or one can simply lease a building instead. And once all the kinks are worked out we will even offer start up incentives for those that qualify as sort of a kickstarter program,” he said pausing briefly. “But we will talk more of the boring intricacies of business later.” They arrive just outside the warehouse seeing workers come and go with goods and such. The door to the main offices was off the right side of the building with some larger doors in the center and left side, numbered one to seven. Each was tall and wide enough that at least two maybe three carriages could easily pass through side by side. “I’m not sure which bay they were leaving from so lets just go into the office,” says Yoshirou. Or at least he was going to say before they were greeted by the person he was looking for. “Lord Kyoraku, Lord Metabee,” says Joel, grabbing their attention. “I was informed to be on the lookout for you two.” He quickly bowed and Yoshirou returned the greeting and introduced Meta to him. He was the manager of this storage house and made sure everything ran smoothly and on schedule as it should. After a quick introduction they both follow him to bay number three. Along the short walk they were informed that a final walk through was being conducted and the convoy will be ready to depart within the next few minutes. As one enters they would first notice the a large open area that was used for loading and unloading; noticing that there were no walls between each of the seven doors though each led to a separate dock. Behind that were rows and rows of supplies and other goods that reached fairly high that were separated into different categories and sub-categories. Even further were a few other rooms but it was to far to see them from up front. “Aw that must be us,” states Yoshirou pointing at two rows of covered wagons. “It sure is,” replied Joel with a smile on his face; its not every morning that you have two highly ranked individuals visit. “Well we can take it from here, don’t let us hold you up any longer,” says Yoshirou knowing that manager of such a place was always a fast pace job. “You’re never a hold up but if you are sure I will take this opportunity. Since the cargo has doubled I have more paper work to complete now, not to mention my other duties. Lord Metabee it was certainly a pleasure to meet you,” Joel says respectfully as he then bows and leaves. Reaching the front of the convoy Yoshirou introduces Metabee to a couple of the volunteers. First there was Courtney who was one of the chefs that would be preparing meals to go along with the supplies they were giving out. She had only been on a few of the other trips so she was still relatively new but her skills at cooking with just minimal materials they used on the go were superb. Then there is Alonzo and Stuart who are seasoned veterans as they both deeply enjoyed helping others out. The former is a chef’s assistance while the latter helps with setup and labor. Stuart was also a coach driver so it was very helpful having him around. After meeting some of the co-workers Kenlaw informed the group, more specifically Yoshi and Meta, that everything was prepared for departure. Kenlaw was typically in charge of the convoy and was one of the few that weren’t volunteers. No for him it was his job and a full time one at that with all the planning and logistics that goes into something like this. With everything loaded it was finally time to depart. Kenlaw leads Yoshi and Meta to the lead carriage and off they went. It seems for now they would be riding with Kenlaw, Cathleen, and Marie. Stuart was there coach driver and Alonzo drew the short straw and had to sit up front with Stuart for now. While the two girls were a little shy at first Kenlaw’s personality did not allow him to be. “So Commander Metabee is this your first time doing something like this?” he asks inquisitively, sparking conversation. Yoshirou looks at Meta. “That’s a good question I forgot to ask,” he says. He wouldn’t fault him though if he hadn’t. Metabee was the Kido Commander after all and was very busy. He was even in a similar situation and having to rebuild his Squads domain.
  4. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou couldn’t help but smile, as he was delighted at the Kido Commanders response. It was pretty much what he was going for. A gathering spot for all to come and experience what the Kyoraku Clan as well as other vendors had to offer. While an overwhelming majority of the business are ran by the clan, they did offer stalls and buildings that could be rented out to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. While Yoshi agreed with the first part of Meta’s statement he didn’t fully agree with the ending. It’s true that it would be a great focal point and encourage camaraderie between the different squads and Shinigami's, but if placed in the center of the Seireitei it would fail to bring the benefits to the Clan in which he had initially hoped for. Of course he would never hinder or stop such an idea from proceeding into fruition and if it happened he would probably play a big role in its development. It’s just not one he would advocate for from the beginning, though future expansions are a completely different story. Meta continued as he mentions advertizing, mascots and cute girls with cat ears making Yoshirou smile and blush slightly. “That is a great way to sell the idea but I’m not sure that it would give off the correct vibe for this project of mine. It needs to remain kid and gender friendly, besides as Nobles we have enough stigmas to deal with,” he replies momentarily pausing thinking of another way to utilize the elusive cat eared maids. “I know a bar or tavern would be a perfect crowd and scenery for them to make an appearance; perhaps even their home base…” “Lord Kyoraku. Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku.” Just as the pair had started up once again a man passing on the opposite side calls out. Yoshirou gazes to his left and sees a familiar face. “Hello Akoy, how is your morning been?” Akoy with his rugged faced, which has been worn by the sun from countless days of work, bows out of respect before responding. “Always so courteous even to someone like me. I’m not sure why you have always been so nice to me but I’m not sure where I would be right now if you hadn’t given me a second chance at life…” “No you go to far. I simply loaned you one of the spar mobile stalls we had and you did the rest. Besides if I remember correctly you made your final payment on it earlier this month; six months ahead of schedule,” says Yoshirou holding out both of his arms and shaking both hands and his head, insinuating nothing else was owed. “By the way this is the Metabee. He is the new Kyoraku Advisor and a dear friend of mine.” Akoy was embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed sooner that Lord Kyoraku had company with him as he displayed a surprised look on his face though he quickly recovered and offered a proper greeting. “I was unaware that the Kido Commander had such close affiliation with the clan, but I’m sure everyone in the Soul Society knows who Captain Metabee is,” he says bowing just as he did for Yoshirou. "My name is Akoy and it is an honor to meet you Commander Metabee. If your with Lord Yoshirou then you could be in no greater hands and as his friend I bet your just as nice a person." “Hear that Meta your famous!” Yoshirou says teasing his buddy as such has become common between the two. After a quick but proper greeting Yoshi asks if there’s anything they could for them as they were kind of expected somewhere. The middle age man excitedly shook his head, “No it is I that have something to give you this time!” Akoy turned and quickly rushed back to the mobile stall he was pushing then promptly returned. In each hand he carried a clear cylinder traveling container. “Here these are for you two.” Before Akoy could explain or Metabee could ask, Yoshirou spoke out. “Thanks, but what is it?” “Why I’m glad you asked,” Akoy responds like a seasoned salesman. “I just so happened upon a spring in which I took a sip from and realized it wasn’t your average run of the mill water. While your initial thoughts may have you think it was poison it was quite the opposite.” Akoy excitedly continues, waving his hands and making gestures as he told the story albeit the short version. After a few moments Metabee and Yoshirou find out the spring is some how infused with spiritual energy and while it doesn’t have any sort of healing effects it does act as a 100% all natural energy drink; more or less the Shinigami’s version of red bull. They also find out that it is becoming a very popular drink and that Akoy is hoping to add a few flavor choices soon. Yoshi couldn't contain his happiness as a large smile appears on his face. This was exactly the sort of things and ideas he hoped would flock to the industrial side of the Manor’s grounds. Not necessarily the beverage but people taking risks and bring all sorts of new ideas to the “Industrial Sector.” “Thanks Akoy while it will be up to your peers and fellow citizens whether you fail or succeed, I personally wish you the best of luck.” With that everyone says there good byes and once again Metabee and Yoshirou are on their way to the supply warehouse. Once again breaking the silence Yoshi speaks up. “Only if more of Soul Society, no, all the realms where more like Akoy things would be a lot easier and much less complicated.” As he finished stating such their target destination finally comes into site. Although it’s been quite a long walk they will soon arrive as one of the largest buildings on the grounds come into view. While it was tall the bulk of its size came from its width not height as such was typical in any supply or large-scale storage facility. “Well Meta you have pretty much seen the majority of the property. As my Advisor and my friend I hope you will not hesitate to inform me of what is lacking or could use improvement if and when you may notice something,” he says genuinely.
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou did not reply, he simply chuckled while shaking his head back and forth. The sudden size change of the caravan was a trivial issue to men like them. If anything they probably saw the task as a nice change of pace. With both men ready there was no need to further delay. “Well, shall we,” he says as he took the lead and exited the building first. As they head towards their destination Yoshirou continued the conversation. He explained to Metabee the reason behind the additional cargo and supplies and as the Kido Commander he would easily understand what can happen when supplies run out. It’s a harsh reality but many suffered and the Soul Society was not except from this. Those that could not properly provide for themselves resorted to less civil and more violet means to gain those necessities no matter the realm. As they both reached another gate that led into the industrial side the guards immediately opened it, allowing them pass. Yoshirou changed the topic. “You’ve notice that this side, while part of the Manor’s grounds, is separated by an additional gate. It is different from the rest of the property as it is open to the public, though its not very busy yet as it is a new concept I added in when we rebuilt,” he says leading the way like a tour guide explaining various builds as they passed by. They passed a building which high-class clothing could be purchased that many other Nobles frequented even before being open to the public. They also passed a restaurant that smelled so good they would surely have had to make a detour had they not just ate breakfast. Clothing, food, technology, and even little knick-knacks could found here; not only bought but also built or produced. If anything this side showed off the diversity and extent of the wealth the Kyoraku’s had, as if to say, “No matter what you can’t keep us down” though that was not the point Yoshirou was currently trying to make. “What do you think, Meta? I have high hopes for this new idea of mine,” says Yoshirou hoping to get his friend's and Advisor's approval. It would help confirm that it was a good idea and not just a needless security risk. “While the Kyoraku have always produced, built and sold things there has never been store fronts so close to the main house. "Not only am I hoping that production and sells will increase but also more importantly the public opinion and outlook people have on the Clan. That is my main goal to become more relatable and approachable by all.”
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    The two men laughed like kids at the immature jokes they were both telling, feeding off the vibe from one another. From the outside looking in no one would suspect that these were the two highest-ranking Kyoraku’s in the clan or even perhaps the strongest in the Soul Society right now. One could even make a case and say that they were the most skilled beings outside of the Soul Palace. But if you had the pleasure of eating breakfast with them this morning one would only laugh at such claims. This is because even with different ranks and titles they saw each other as equals, enabling them to let go of formalities and show a side not often seen of them. As unfortunate as it was breakfast was now over and with a plan in mind and a meeting place set both, Metabee and Yoshirou, go their separate ways. Yoshirou goes upstairs to the upper command post but just before opening the door and going in the person he wishes to see exits. “Hello Jessica, your just the person I was coming to see,” he says smiling at the nice coincident. “I’m glad that I was able to make your search even the littlest bit easier,” Jessica says quickly bowing. “What may I do for you Lord Kyoraku?” Although Jessica was not blessed with great “physical assets” she was still a beauty. Even so, Yoshirou couldn’t help but think how much more beautiful she would be with cat ears. In fact every female clan member he’s seen so far be it, attendant, maid, guard, ect, gives him the same thought. “Damn him, why did he have to bring up one of my weakness out of nowhere,” he thinks to himself as the slight blush on his face disappears. “Hm… Hmm,” clearing his throat he continues, “It’s noting troublesome. I merely wanted to inform you that I’d be leaving the grounds. I mentioned to Metabee about our ‘Hand Up program’, which interested him enough to want to tag along. I figure today’s small convoy would be perfect for his first time as the larger ones can be tiring.” With a slightly surprised and disappointing look on her face Jessica replies. “Did they not inform you about the changes??" “No I don’t recall anything regarding the matter. What changed is there something wrong?” asks Yoshi, as this is his first time hearing about it. It probably slipped through the reports after all of yesterday's excitement. “Nothing is wrong, it’s just that the convoy’s size has essentially been doubled. Being how rough the district is any shortages might lead to violence or a riot,” Jessica says summing up the reasoning behind the decision. Yoshirou stretches out his right arm placing his hand or her shoulder to calm her down a bit. “Oh don’t worry yourself so much, it actually makes complete sense,” he responses. In the next moment he quickly pulls his hand away in order to rub his eyes. “Are you ok my Lord?” Jessica asks with a concerned tone. “I seem to have got something in my eye,” Yoshirou says, for just a moment he thought he saw cat eyes. “Will you please inform Harold, I need to go rinse my eyes out,” he said turning and walking away before he could even get a response though he already knew what she’d say. “Oh yea, please have someone continue to check on JDan. The poor fellows a pushover when it comes to alcohol.” With his last request made Yoshirou hastily makes his way down the stairs to his room. “I’m really going to have to find away to get back at Metabee for this, not to mention I still have the embarrassing face painting to look forward to. I cannot believe I lost when it was my idea,” he thinks to himself. Someone privy to such thoughts would suspect him plotting revenge against an enemy but this was far from the truth. It was simply friendly banter between two best friends. After washing his face and trading his outfit for something a little less fancy, Yoshirou heads down to meet Metabee. Along the way he passed Harold who needed his decision on a few things but it was nothing major and only took a minute. Harold had already been informed, by Jessica, of Lord Kyoraku’s plan today so there was no reason for Yoshirou to repeat himself. Yoshirou reaches the first floor of the manor. It was exquisitely designed with a lot of attention to even the smallest of detail. It was with out question one of the best floors constructed; as it was the first thing you saw once entering the building. Even in a multi story mansion the ceilings were extremely high giving the perplexing feeling that it was larger inside than it was on the outside. Just as Yoshi was about to reach the main entrance he was once again met with good luck as Metabee enters from outside. “I guess not all is bad today,” the Head thinks to himself as he greets his friend. “Seems our timing is perfect, though I should go ahead and warn you that the convoy today is bigger than I expected, about double, so if you need more time I understand,” he says having only found out a little while ago. “If not then we can make our way over to the supply house where will be leaving from.” It was on the opposite side from the tour so it would be the Advisor’s first time seeing it.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee conceded to Lord Kyoraku regarding his punishment, Scarlett and Olivia momentarily interrupted them. Though the intrusion was quite intense it ended up being harmless and only lasted a brief minute. Yoshirou manage to diffuse a potentially bad situation but the Commander had a slightly displeased look, with a hint of disappointment, plastered on his face though this too was but a fleeting moment. There were much better lies one could tell but all in all Yoshirou was satisfied as he even managed to make both girls laugh just before taking their leave. Besides Yoshirou was well rounded but even he found it difficult when addressing certain topics, or better put, certain topics with certain people. As the topic shifted gears the Advisor made a quick retort about hauling everything. “Well I guess we all have our limits. Imagine though how useful that would be on lonely nights,” Yoshi says laughing as he feels that joke would score high with Metabee. Or so he hoped but if he knew Meta like he though he did he might even burst out in laughter. Though if he didn’t Yoshirou would find away to rectify the situation. After giving a rough explanation of the day’s plan the Advisor consents, stating that he will gladly do what is needed of him. “Well then its settled. We’ll leave as soon as the convoy is loaded. Actually it shouldn’t be too much longer as it’s a good distance away, taking a little over an hour to get there,” Lord Kyoraku said implying that they were leaving soon because of the journey. “Since we’re pretty much finished here how about we gather what we need and meet up on the main floor. From there we’ll go and meet up with everyone else at the supply building.” This would give both men a chance to make whatever preparations were need before departure as it was a little bit of last minute planning. If both men were in agreeance Yoshirou would leave to inform Jessica or Harold about his departing so they wouldn’t needlessly worry before heading to his room to freshen up just a bit, as his morning started pretty early.
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    The men ate, talked, joked and ate some more as if they have been doing so for years; though truth be told it is only the third or fourth time and only the second time alone. “You flatter me with your high appraisal but I believe I still fall short of that mark. One day I hope,” he says passionately, like a child with a dream. As a man with an outstanding and humble character, Metabee shakes his head, replying an apology is unneeded. Without missing a beat Meta follows up in his usually joking manner, able to bring a smile upon the faces of even the toughest of men. Yoshirou smiles answering with the first thing he could think of, “Its not much of a punishment if you enjoy it.” He laughed a little more as the two men came to an understanding that no one was at fault and there was really much else to say. As the conversation naturally progressed the Advisor gave a little insight to the Noble pertaining the cat ears “situation.” For the frist time Yohsiruo leaned towards Meta and whispers. “I would love to hear more but this is not something we can openly discus hear on grounds…” he says and no sooner do Olivia and Scarlett once again enter from the kitchen. “What are you two whispering about?” Olivia asks curiously? “Is there something wrong with the food?" Scarlett simply stood a little behind her as they waited for a response. “No, of course not we were just having guy talk,” Yoshirou replied who was slightly blushing as they caught him off guard. “The food was excellent as you can see we are almost done!” he says looking at Metabee with a look that says, “Help, and see what I mean.” Once Yoshi would look back he would notice both girls rubbing there ears momentarily. “That’s weird for some reason my ears inched bad for a second,” states Olivia as Scarlett nods in agreement. Yoshirou gulps as he’s on the precipice of being discovered. “Yea we were discussing simply who could spit further,” he response quickly thinking of a way to redirect the situation. “Ewww,” responds the maids simultaneously. Yoshi covertly winks at the Commander, felling that he successfully diverted a near disaster. “I guess that explains why you were whispering,” says Olivia. “I suppose boys will be boys, even men sometimes,” says Scarlett giggling. Seems Metabee really did clear things up with her and it was simply taking her a second to readjust. The pair retires back to the kitchen as they let the two finish eating though they took the plates that were empty and replaced the near empty beverages. As the relieved pair continues to finish the last tad bits of their breakfast they return to the topic on hand. “Phew, after all that I’m certainly glad to hear you’ll be joining us,” Lord Kyoraku says enthusiastically, his heart still racing a little from the incident a moment ago. “Well if you’re going I was just have you carry everything and call it training…” he chuckled as he thought it would be something JDan would say to him. Yoshirou set his utensils and napkin on his empty plate as he had already finished his meal. “I’m sure you know I’m joking. I couldn’t help it though; I felt it was something that the big guy would say to me,” he states referring to JDan of course. Leaning back in his chair and straightening his posture Lord Kyoraku continues. “Its not anything fancy just a small convoy this time with a single carriage and four covered wagons, which of course will be carrying the supplies. And counting us there will only be fifteen people dispersed among the four wagons and single carriage. If I remember correctly this time, it’s a trio of cooks each with an assistant/server. Three others that are tasked with setup and serving as well. And then four others that will distribute sacks of supplies we coined our “Hand–Up Bags.” As we hope there not merely consider handouts but instead a helping hand up when times are hard and rough and you feel like life is beating you till you can no longer stand.” Catching himself, as he was just about to ramble on Yoshi clears his throat. “And then there’s us of course.” He knew he had a bad habit and was known to go on and on a time or two but no more than that of course so he pauses to let Metabee respond as he could have a question or two.
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    Both men drank from their fresh glass of milk as it pared perfectly with this mornings breakfast. Unlike most produce consumed at the Clan the milk was imported for a simple reason. The Kyoraku Clan did not raise or own many cattle though they had a few but certainly not at the mansion nor any they used to produce milk. As Metabee was washing down the first few bites he sudden chokes on the milk though it was nothing serious, it was simply the result of an unexpected curve ball, throwing him for a minor loop. The Commanders reaction also surprises Yoshirou as it wasn’t what he expected causing him to momentarily raise his left eyebrow as a natural reaction. The smell of the remainder of Yoshi’s breakfast draws his eyes and mouth away from Mete, who quickly began to explain. As he ate and listened he thought it a bit odd that Scarlett was so easily take back by Meta accidentally pointing a sword at her. He thought it over and perhaps she was so startled because of Metabee’s new reputation with a sword the majority of the Clan was talking about after last night. Listening to Metabee though it seems he genuinely did it by mistake and already cleared up the misunderstanding. “Perhaps she was worried about your sleek skills with a sword,” the Noble said jokingly, though had he know which sword the Advisor was talking about perhaps, no certainly he would have chosen different words. Becoming slightly more serious he apologizes for the intrusion while he slept, stating that if anything it was there fault, which led to the incident. “I’m sure she thought you were already up as she’s certainly not one to make mistakes often if ever, besides security manage to do it to you first” he stated leaving the topic there unless further touched on by Meta. Upon hearing the last comment about the only missing thing Yoshirou couldn’t help but laugh. “The last time the research department proposed such an experiment the Kyoraku almost became an all female Clan,” he responded insinuating a gender war, as he laughed a little more; though he was obviously joking. As unfortunate as it was after a few more bites their delicious breakfast would soon becoming to an end. “So have you decided on your plans for the day? Remember there is no pressure in coming this time. There will always be another opportunity for you to come along,” Lord Kyoraku states then proceeds to take those last few remaining bites.
  10. Kyouraku Mansion

    The Kido Commander reassured Yoshirou that he still had a lot of years a head of him. “Lets hope there good ones too,” he replies letting the conversation continue in its natural flow. Metabee continue to show how good natured and trustworthy he really was by rejecting the idea of stealing a part of the Clan’s income. “Haha, Haha, always the good soul. Relax a little, I meant noting by my statement and I insist you accept the seeds as well. And not just that but I hope you know by now that Kyoraku always takes care of its own. So never hesitate to ask, especially if it’s to help out your Corps. your comrades,” says Yoshirou. It went without saying that Meta could depend on Yoshirou especially now being his Advisor as he would surely do the same. There weren’t many peopel that would treat Yoshi as his equally and not superior but the Commander was one of them and the feeling was quite refreshing. After stating that the two should eat first while there long awaited breakfast was still hot, the pair dug in. While Metabee started off with the eggs and waffle, Yoshirou couldn’t help but dig into the savor bacon first before touching anything else on his plate. “I’m glad it didn’t disappoint,” he said reaching for the syrup before digging in to the fluffy, golden pancakes. “I have to agree it was well worth the wait.” For a brief moment both men were in silent as the gorged on there fresh breakfast. Neither one of them were being rude, simply their silentness was paying compliments to the chef. Taking a breather from his food Yoshi pours himself a glass of milk that was brought out with breakfast, offering Meta some while doing so. After washing down his food with a quick sip he finally inquires about Scarlet’s weird behavior in an indirect way. “So what do you think of Scarlet and Olivia? They surely care for their jobs and are always on there “A” game though Scarlet has been acting slightly out of character.” She was normally always the shy type but today she seemed a little more than normal especially with here cheeks turning slightly red which only made her cuter than she already was. Perhaps she smitten after Metabee’s performance yesterday like so many others?
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou smiles as the Kido Commander laughed at his restroom comment, but that smile quickly turns upside down as Meta then teases him. It is true that he is older than Metabee but as far as a Shinigami’s lifespan goes he was still well within his prime. “Hey now, with age comes wisdom, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself,” Yoshirou quickly retorted, smiling once again as the conversation progressed. Just as Yoshi had suspected the Advisor too enjoyed the fruit stating that they were really good. He even accepted his offer to deliver some to his barracks and just like something Meta would do, asked for a raccoon to be included. With a grin Yoshirou stated, “Delivering the fruit’s not a problem. I wouldn’t even mind giving you the seeds although it is a source of income for us, but… But I cannot give you the raccoon. That my friend is our ace gardener and as you can taste works wonders in the green house.” As Metabee asked about the plans for the day both Olivia and Scarlet entered each carrying a tray which aroma immediately filled the room. The savory smell of eggs and bacon were hard to resist. In fact Yoshirou’s stomach failed him a second time, as it growled yet again. “Hmm hmm, my stomach is making it obvious that I’m starving but I think even a full person would find that smell hard to resist,” he says as the food yet again took his full attention. “Breakfast is served,” Olivia, announced as she and Scarlett entered the dining area carrying the two lords’ breakfast. While it is true Metabee wasn’t technically a noble his status as Kido Commander and Clan Advisor elevated well above any status most could ever dream of. Thus as far as she was concerned the title of lord wasn’t an exaggeration but befitting. Olivia delivered Yoshirou’s while Scarlett took the Commander’s. “Please let us know if there is anything else we can get you.” Again it was Olivia who spoke while Scarlet remained silent though this time she managed a smile before they both bowed and took there leave. “How peculiar,” Yoshirou wanted to say but the steaming hot plate of food took precedence. Besides Meta had previously asked him a question and he has yet to answer; to delay any further would be rude no matter how starving he was. “Well I had planed on continuing our development training but perhaps we should wait, at least till JDan can rejoin us. I would hate to exclude him now especially after how much potential he showed. He may even end up being my teacher when you’re not around,” he chuckled. The idea for the technique may have been all Yoshirou’s but JDan was quickly out shinning him. Yoshi sips from his glass and refills it. “If your up for it we could always just go with my original plans I had for today before you delightly surprised us but if you have something you would like to take care of since the training is but on hold for now, by all means go ahead.” Taking a moment to explain his plans Yoshirou informed Metabee that his original schedule for today was to deliver supplies to aid one of the struggling Rukon districts. It consisted of food, clean, water, small blankets and minor first aid like rubbing alcohol and bandages. It was something that the Kyoraku Clan regularly did ever since he took up the mantle has Head, although he didn’t always have the time to go himself. The districts were always chosen at random but one thing remained the same even considered on Shinigami terms and that was they were all rough areas. “Think about it, but first eat while its still hot and fresh,” Yoshirou said after a quick review of the previous schedule. “Besides this will be your last meal in here unless is something a little more formal. From here on out we’ll eat with the rest of the Clan.” Informing Metabee that he was listening and would take his advice.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou bites into the juicy fruit that served as an appetizer as he listened to Metabee’s reply. He reminded him it was only the beginning and that there were two sides to that coin. “I know I know…” he thought as he continues to listen and eat the ambrosia like fruit. The fruits were so good that they made it hard to concentrate past its captivating sweet taste as if it were possessing you through your taste buds. Even for Yoshirou who ate fruits like this from the clan’s garden, almost daily, was still entranced for the first few bites, though he regained his composure quick enough that Mete might not have noticed; though once he too bit into the fruit he would surely understand. Yoshirou smiles as the Commander finished speaking. “Well, for me every time I drink two things happen for sure. I sleep like a baby,” he says pausing and looking around confirming none of the women are present still, then continues. “I have to pee like crazy every fifteen minutes it seems; like I’m an old man with bladder problems. Haha. The rest just depends on the occasion for drinking,” he said with no need to elaborate. It was obvious that if one were drinking because they were sad or grieving the effect would be different than if they were celebrating, socializing or perhaps doing it out of anger. Yoshirou showed a side not often seen whenever he was around the Kido Commander. Not only was he less formal and more relaxed, but his laughs were louder, feeling more genuine than before, and he would even cut up from time to time. Not even Yoshirou could calculate that the Advisor’s presence alone would have such an affect on him. “So Metabee how do you like the fruit from our greenhouse?” he asked as he ate the last few pieces he had. “If you would like I can have some delivered to your barracks sometime?” He wasn’t quite sure what Meta’s thoughts were on the fruit but it was almost impossible for him not to like it. But still there is always that chance.
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou greeted the Advisor and accepted his cup of tea from Olivia and immediately takes a sip. In return Metabee reciprocated likewise and asked how he was doing after yesterday. “I’m holding up well. Luckily the most intense part of our training yesterday was done in the VTS so my body feels great, though I was a little more mentally exhausted than normal since we also started on the new technique. Thanks to that and the little Saki I had I can confidently say I slept like a baby,” he says with a short giggle. Yoshirou then raises both arms and flexes his small but rock like biceps, “Now I’m completely rejuvenated…” but before he could finish he is rudely interrupted by his stomach growling; what inopportune timing. “All but my appetite I should say,” Yoshi adds as Olivia takes this queue to announce today’s menu for breakfast. After stating the menu and receiving their orders Olivia headed immediately to the kitchen so that her hungry seniors' appetite won't be what causes there demise. Passing right by her another maid brought out a medium size tray of fruits, which consisted of thinly sliced apples and oranges along with a vine of grapes and a couple of bananas. The fruit tray look absolutely delicious but something else still stole his attention. Scarlett, the maid that was carrying the tray, appeared to be blushing and if it wasn’t just in Yoshirou’s imagination she seemed to have a hard time looking Metabee in the eye. “Did something happen between them? No it couldn’t be. You can’t tell me Meta works that fast. It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since he’s been here. That would be legendary pimp status, “ he thinks to himself. He would ask about it but was certain it was nothing so he would save it for towards the end. After finally reaching the table, which to Scarlett felt as if it took an eternity, she places the fruit tray in-between the two gentlemen. Immediately she takes her leave without saying a word, which was highly usual of her. While she was never one to carry on needless conversations, she was very catering and took her job seriously. On a normal day she would certainly have spoken out and ask if they were ok or needed anything else while they waited? Yoshirou pushes the matter of Scarlett to the back of his mind for now and reluctantly takes his attention off the food, turning it to Kido Commander. “ Humm, that was strange... But anyhow, the other guards tell me you really did a number on JDan last night. It’s cute how he over did it on your accord. I think he’s taking a good liking to you... So how are you managing this morning?” he asks though he can immediately tell he’s doing leagues better than JDan. While Meta responds; Yoshi grabs a little of each of the fruits, though not enough to fill up on. He was really looking forward to today’s breakfast.