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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    “I know mom your right,” Yoshirou said teasing the Commander. He understood it was all in good intentions and wish it was that simple. With everything that has happening recently it was getting further and further from possible. “Seriously though I know and I will try to take your advice,” he replies with a smile. He knew what lack of sleep could do and it would only another hindrance that they did not need. Metabee went on to agree that boring equals good and reassured him that the chances of something happening to the relief team was minuscule. “Thanks Meta I thought as much but it is still good to hear someone else say it.” Arriving at their destination they exchanged greetings. “Yes and thankfully so. It’ll be while before I touch the stuff again,” JDan says as if he was dealing with something a little less legal. From his point of view yesterday it should most definitely be illegal. Yoshirou couldn’t help but chuckle at the way JDan responded. After a brief hello the noble wastes no time getting down to business. Metabee confirms Yoshirou’s thoughts and reiterates what they need to do. It was in the next moment that the atmosphere around the Commander changes. It was unlike him to be so serious but it only served to drive the point home. He had taken initiative and gave the trio a deadline. With that they all knew what was required and expected of them. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” states Yoshirou. “That’s a tall order, neigh impossible,” says JDan as he begins to smile. “Only serves to make it that much more fun, right!” he states enthusiastically. “Haha, I like your perspective,” replies Yoshirou. “I will start by meditating. I think it will help reveal my preferred element.” Or so he hopes. In their previous training he was able to manifest lightning but not without the use of a kido as a jump starter. Before he progressed any further he thought it best to confirm whether that was the best choice or if another element resonated better with him. It wasn’t the only way to figure it out nor did he know if it was even correct at all but it was a place to start. “I’ll practice on gathering and manifesting the energy as Metabee suggested, as I’m pretty confident mine is earth. Honestly its not that surprising,” says JDan. "Nope not at all," Yoshirou remarks.
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    With the “happy go lucky” atmosphere returning Yoshirou joked around as well. “That’s funny. I fight to make it to bed,” he replies with a big grin. Taking a second Metabee briefly responds to Yoshi’s next comment, which might have been taken the wrong way. “I think you misunderstand. I long for those boring days. Boring equals safe, things running and operating properly perhaps even growth. I like boring." The Noble chuckled after hearing his own words and how cliché and ridiculous they sound. He hoped the Commander wouldn’t call him out on this, as he didn’t mean it word for word, just trying to get his pervious point across. The pair exited the garden as Metabee rejected the idea of a day off. Even with everything he’s been through recently, not to mention his plate full of new responsibilities, he refused to slack off. As they walked towards the training grounds from before Yoshirou thinks back on yesterday. “Well the team of emergency workers should arriving at the demolished village anytime now. I hope there are no more incidents out there; things in that department are not going as I had planned” he says. He had hoped to bring those in the outer Rukon area prosperity and change but instead they might view him as the herald of destruction; the complete and utter opposite of what he wanted. At this point it was almost better if he wasn’t so ambitions and determined to help. Yoshirou quickly cleared his mind of such thoughts. There was no point in giving the dead a victory now. Yoshi listened if Metabee responded but before he knew it they were at the training grounds. Like previously it was reserve just for them. Waving from the middle of the sparring area was JDan. He was already sweaty and his clothes a little dusty. From the looks of it, it appeared as he was doing some zanjutsu training while he waited on them. Wiping the sweat off his face with a hand towel JDan approaches the others. “Its great to see you doing well today Lord Yoshirou, Lord Metabee. I can confidently say everyone here was worried about you all yesterday,” he says greeting them. “Its good to see you again. A lot happened yesterday but the road ahead of us is even longer so lets not dwell on it for now,” Yoshirou responds. Yoshirou gave Meta time to respond before continuing. “So Metabee, I guess JDan and I should just start with what you showed us the other day right?”
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou was taken back by Metabee’s initial reaction, as he felt in entirely uncalled for. He had been forthright with everything he could including informing him of the mission he sent Jessica on. The only information he hadn’t divulged yet was how he planned on using the mercenary group but honestly he didn’t know entirely himself. He knew what he wanted to accomplished but was unsure if he could follow through with such drastic plans or if a better way might reveal itself... Truthfully Yoshi knew what he had to do but was still in denial after all it was a decision once made there was no return; but when it came down to it ‘there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his Clan!’ Perhaps Metabee could sense there was more, hence his frustration, which while blunt was well deserved. Before Yoshirou could respond Metabee continued stating his distaste for fighting today. The Kido Commander has been through a lot recently, some being, the destruction and reconstruction of his Division, his new role as Advisor to a Clan he was unfamiliar with, visiting the grave of his beloved and taking on her family name. And finally encountering an Espada level Arrancar as well as Sama’el himself just to name a few… “You know as well as I do that every day is a fight nowadays. But even still it does get tiresome,” says Yoshirou who then turns and looks Metabee directly in his eyes. “Peace, complatency, hell even boring. Is it fate that wills for to something we cannot have? Or is it our curse, atoning for our sins that we disguise as righteousness.” Yoshi smiles if he knew Metabee at all he knew his interest was peaked and he certainly had an opinion on the topic. The Noble turned and resumed their short stroll. “Lets leave it at that for now and discuss it further later. How about you take the day and relax? As you’ve stated JDan and I have some practicing to do before we are ready for the next phase. You can take the day to rest or explore around the Manor’s property. I’m sure you have more than a few fans that would love to give you a more in depth tour,” he replied teasing the Commander a little. The Clan had plenty of libraries, shops, restaurants and bars, there was even a pool that was hard to compare too. There were many forms of entertainment that Meta could surely find something to do.
  4. Jessica's Point of View & Thoughts (First person) “It was great to finally receive word on the status of the caravan. Not only was Lord Kyoraku on that convoy but also his newly appointed Advisor Metabee. Had they both gone missing it would have been a blow that we probably couldn’t recover from. Of course there was no way they could lose, right?” Or so I pondered while awaiting their return. Looking around it’s easy to tell that I’m not the only one concerned. JDan and a few others are also here waiting. Earlier we expressed our curiosity and discussed what on earth could have happened. But at this hour the room was pretty quiet as most had fallen asleep. It couldn’t have been but a few more minutes when Lord Yoshirou walked in to the staff’s break room, livening up the place once again. Us worried bunch wasted no time in greeting him, relieved that beside the tattered clothes and the occasional bruise they were all ok. Well at least everyone that was part of the convoy. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the people of the Rukon. Lord Kyoraku told us what happened but I got the feeling that he was leaving out some details. Whether it was because it was late or there was another reason I did not know; but as his subordinate no comrade for many of years now, I have complete faith in him and no reason to question it. It was now just the three of us and until the Advisor was appointed we were the top of the hierarchy. Lord Metabee seems like a genuine person and is having no troubles fitting in. In fact there was a lot of clansmen asking about his safety once the rumors started spreading, especially the women; seems he made quite the impression on them already. I mean with his looks and talent what women wouldn’t be enticed by him… It was JDan’s goodbye that snapped me back to reality allowing me to regain my thoughts. Just as I too was about to take my leave Lord Kyoraku inquires about my wellbeing informing me that he had an important mission he needed carried out. Without a second thought I bowed ready to accept whatever task Lord Yoshirou would need completed. While we walked back to his room to discuss the details in private I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing of this mission. It had been a while since he has had a mission he needed me to accept. Was the encounter with the Arrancar that concerning or was it something else? My curiosity on the matter only grew once hearing about the mission’s details and peaked once he handed over the Clan’s seal. That alone told me the grave importance of this task; never have I gone on a mission requiring such an extravagant item. Knowing all I needed to know I left with great haste. If I’m only to take one person then I need to make a smart decision. This is not a subjugation mission so muscles aren’t needed. No what would be useful this time is someone who is either smart, can track, or has connections that could provide useful information. I immediately thought of a few names but the problem was that none of them stood out over the others… That’s it I remember one of the newcomers stated he was an ex-mercenary, what was his name though? As I appeared at my post some of my fellow comrades jumped back taken by surprise. “You guys are lucky I’m not an intruder,” I reply as I caught nearly everyone off guard. After exchanging a few words I make my way over to the files on the new recruits. There were many that applied but luckily the stack I needed to go threw were the ones that were accepted, which was a much smaller stack in comparison. Awe here it is, a 183 years old, former mercenary, Shikai achieved but not Bankai, and he’s a Vizard. Seems I’ve found my partner… Nolan. (to be continued)
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    It was obvious the two Shinigami had apposing views on this subject. Yoshirou raised his hand with his finger point upward as if he was about to say something. “…” Instead he lowers his hand and simply laughs. “Hahaha.” Friends were aloud to disagree and furthermore Metabee was his Advisor. If he didn’t want to hear other opinions or apposing ideas he wouldn’t have filled the position. Without addressing the topic any further they continued on to the nitty-gritty or more serious stuff. It wasn’t odd that Meta hadn’t heard of them before, at their peak they still only numbered ten. The only reason Yoshirou though the Kido Commander might have heard of them was because they were also Vizards, perhaps that was a bit of a stretch. To Metabee’s comment of something more Yoshirou couldn’t help but grin. “That’s enough of that for now. I will tell you more with the time comes,” he replies. “I’m not sure if I will divulge it all but if I do you will be the only person that knows the full truth my friend…” he thinks not uttering a word. “I know its mysterious but that time will be soon. Now, shall we resume our training, I can attest that JDan will be able to join us.”
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou remained quiet as he listened to Metabee state his disapproval on his choice of words. Meta had a point though; good an evil is not something that you can easily define. What’s good for one person doesn’t mean it is good for another; so does that make them evil? Unfortunately good can vary depending on the circumstances. Yoshirou has spent a lot of time in the World of the Living and has come to fully understand this through the time his has spent there. And if you think the same can’t be said for evil then you are sorely mistaken. Take maintaining the balances of the 3 realms for example. Although its extremely rare and kept hush, hush when preformed sometimes there are purges. A necessary evil to keep the balance and preventing further catastrophe… but in killing a few to save the masses truly classify you as evil? It’s easy for one to sit there and categorize good and evil. The hard part was to look beyond ones self and at the bigger picture, or the greater good. Something that’s often sought after yet rarely achieved; though Yoshirou strives for it constantly yet struggles everyday. “I’ve heard countless times from multiple races that ‘Might equals Right,’ which I say is complete garbage. Good and evil can vary vastly but it’s the greater good that we Shinigami strive for, is it not? And I can promise you this. There are plenty of Quincys in Hell. Furthermore, if they could not see that the ‘demons’ are the evil ones then truly all hope is lost on a lasting peace between our two races,” says Yoshirou in response. He sincerely believes he was right and it was hard to argue with him when Hell is the realm were those that have committed horrible sins reside. Thus, obviously making them the evil ones right??? The conversation continued but when Yoshirou spoke of creating a ‘will’ it really seemed to tick Metabee off. If he only knew the things Yoshi was planning he would understand his reasoning for a ‘will.’ Meta would also do everything in his power to stop him hence why he hasn’t told him yet, but he would know soon enough. “Calm down I don’t plan on dying today,” Yoshirou says smiling. It warmed his soul seeing how much his friend cared for him, only making the things he needed to do in the future that much harder… In typical Metabee fashion he lightens the mood by stating his desires for Sama’el’s cloak. It was very intriguing and frightening the way it seemed to absorb light; the pitch-black darkness was incomparable and those spikes protruding outward were insidious to say the least. The Commander further goes to state his opinion and he doesn’t hold back. All in all its not good for the Soul Society but this was often the case though perhaps this time really was the worse. “You’re right it seems hopeless but is that not often the situation; it’s what the Gotei 13 ravels in,” says the Noble with a wry grin on his face. “Though on a more serious note I should tell you that I’ve already begun to put things into motion. Before I retired for the night I sent Jessica on a mission.” He pauses for a second, switching topics, before mentioning more. “I’m not sure if you would have received any reports on them or not but have you ever heard of the mercenary group called Odd’s n’ Ends? I know it might seem strange that I ask but they are not an ordinary merc group. In fact they are composed entirely of Vizards… and I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now but Jessica’s mission was to bring them or a representative here.“ Stopping there Yoshirou waited to see how Metabee responded and whether or not he knew of them. He was also curious as how he would react to this information; and to be honest it was only tip of the iceberg; none could image the daring plan Yoshirou Kyoraku was setting into motion.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    “Hey what was that for?” Yoshirou asked surprised. Metabee quickly replied explaining his thoughts. “Ah, you misunderstand. I know what you say is true and I have fully confidence in your words but what gets me is something different. I truly believe what I said earlier and that good will always find away but… Everything will to start changing again and after yesterday’s events and it will happen at a much faster pace.” Pausing for a moment, Yoshirou gazes back at the flowers. “I should probably even start planning a “will” so that the Clan has a clear direction and leadership just incase. Things I’ve put off for far to long. Ah, but anyways…” Yoshi stands up, facing Metabee. Right now they were alone so it was the best time to talk about things they didn't want others to hear. Not because they were being secretive but there was no need to cause a panic or needless worry over things they didn't fully understand yet. “So what do you think about him and the gates of Hell appearing?” He was referring to Sama’el. Its not often you get to witness the gates of Hell as close as they did nor meet such a Sinner.
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    It had only been about an hour and a half since Yoshirou woke up but it felt longer. Since washing up this morning and leaving his room he’s been going none stop. So much so that he had to eat his breakfast on the going despite not having a proper meal the night before. Under different circumstances these conditions might warrant a union meeting or strike perhaps… Among the many tasks Yoshirou has already checked off his “to do list” was speak with JDan. As head of security he needed to know about Jessica’s whereabouts though he would not be informed of the missions details; for now Yoshi wished to keep it under wraps. By the way Jessica chose to take Gemma with her, which was a splendid choice. Not only have they been on missions before in the past but Gemma also has a brother that’s a Vizard. With no concrete leads on their whereabouts it’s certainly a good start to assume that a Vizard might know or heard about a Vizard Merc group. Perhaps her mission wont take nearly as long as he assumed it might. There was also a mound of paperwork that needed to get sorted through, but more importantly the Noble had to create an official document of approval for Kenlaw. Although any supplies, manpower, and money would come from the Clan they still handled all business matters, even volunteer work, with the proper procedures; documenting and logging all the required info. Although there was still more papers and documents to sift through Yoshirou needed a break. With the events of yesterday still heavy on his mind he headed to one of his favorite places to simply sit and ponder; the main gardens that the upper rooms over looked. Besides its peacefulness the other reason he liked this garden so much was that the guards knew not to disturb him there unless its an emergency, although Metabee was a different story. He sat on a bench while thinking over things, staring off into the vast assortment of colors in front of him. It was his favorite sections of the garden that he called the wild flower garden, which was very misleading. It wasn’t wild flowers at all but numerous different plant species living together side by side creating this beautiful canvas of color you see now. Something that should be almost impossible but there’s no denying the facts before you; only if the world was really like this...
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    The pair said their parting words. Metabee went to his room while Yoshirou went to the dinning hall that the butler and maids used. Its not that they were not allowed to eat with the rest of the clan, but given their duties most of them had to eat in-between tasks while on duty. While off duty the majority of them ate with everyone else. Yoshirou enters the small dinning room, which honestly it was more accurate to call it a large break room. “I knew I’d find you all here,” he says looking at Jessica, Harold, JDan and a few others. Harold would typically come here and drink a little when he was worried. Initially he was going to have him send for Jessica but now there was obviously no need. “Thank goodness you’re alive,” they all seem to say at the same time just differently worded. Yoshirou throws up both hands out as if saying stop calm down a little. “Yes, yes we’re ok. Thankfully we all make it back safe and sound. I know it was a hard order for to follow but you have my thanks for holding off the “welcoming committee” till tomorrow; everyone really needed their rest.” “Yes it was hard but we understand,” says one of the maids that have been there the longest along with Harold. After the heartfelt greetings were over the majority of them left until only JDan and Jessica remained with him. “JDan I see your doing a lot better now,” Yoshirou says slightly teasing. “Ha…ha, get it out while you can. It will be a long time before I drink like that again,” JDan replies crossing his massive arms. “This body is a temple and lets just leave it at that.” “Ok Mr. Temple. Training resumes tomorrow so I expect you there. Since we are still in the beginning stages we didn’t want to proceed without you,” Yoshi says then telling his friend good night. JDan apologized, swearing no matter “hell or high water” he’ll be there. (it is an old American expression meaning no matter what.) He then told the pair good night and took his leave. Jessica was about to take her leave as well but Yoshirou spoke first. The atmosphere becomes far more serious than before. “Are you well rested,” Yoshi asks knowing that she had to cover for JDan on top of her own shift and duties. “Yes my Lord. JDan relieved me halfway through the day so I was able to get some sleep in before hearing about the news concerning the convoy," she replies. “Good, then if you are up for it I have a mission for you that I need carried out with the greatest of haste,” says Yoshi. Jessica immediately falls to a knee, “I await your orders Lord Kyoraku.” In all her time serving under him she has never refused a mission and while not perfect her success rate was commendable even among the top. She had even served as Yoshirou’s Vice-Captain for a while in Squad 13 so her track record was by no means short. A few minutes go by while they go over the mission and the necessary details. Essentially, Yoshi asked her to find a certain group and bring back a representative, peacefully of course. His intentions wasn’t to harm them but to hire them… “So are we clear?” asks Yoshirou. “Yes, find the Vizard mercenary group called Odds n’ Ends, that you’ve heard rumors of, and relay your request for an audience. But what if they don’t exist or aren’t convinced. I’m sure they will expect it to be a trap,” replies Jessica. Yoshirou crosses one arm, placing his other elbow on top while cupping his chin with his hand. He looked like a mathematician thinking about a century old problem. “Hump, its worth the risk as I’m confident that they exist, I’ve read a few different reports which further credits the previous. Well, shall you escort me to my room.” “Yes of course the pleasure is all my Lord Kyoraku,” says Jessica standing back to her feet then leading the way. Since the mission was currently a secrete they made small talk along the way. Yoshirou asked for the day’s status report and other boring stuff. Entering the room Yoshirou quickly heads to a dresser up against the wall near the bathroom. He scurries through it momentarily until finding what he was looking for. “Here take this and show no one unless necessary,” he says handing the item over to her. The item was loosely wrapped in a navy blue silk like cloth. “This is…” “Yes it’s the official seal of the Kyoraku Clan. You should now know the importance of your mission. If it comes to it use that to show them how sincere I am. So lets not waste anymore time. Pick any guard to accompany you as a partner except for JDan. I’m also granting you access to the Clan’s Senkaimon. That is all,” informs Yoshirou. “I will not disappoint you,” Jessica says before disappearing all classic Shinigami like. Alone at last Yoshirou lets out a deep heavy sigh. “Well things are going to start moving pretty fast from here on out. I wonder how much it will all change…” he thinks to himself, amongst other things, while taking a quick shower then getting some much needed rest.
  10. It was decided. They would head back for now and finishing things here during the daylight. Venturing back to the original village didn’t take long; for Shinigami’s the distance was close enough to be considered nearby though the average soul would beg to differ. They immediately met up with the volunteers and their comrades that tagged along for the initial mission who were more then happy to see their return. With Metabee’s help, Yoshirou quickly explained the necessary details to the village elders and chief. It took a little convincing but they were ultimately able to a sure them that they were safe for now and out of harms way. In the end they left behind the four security guards that came along as simple volunteers. The men weren’t order to but felt the need to provide the villagers with this curtsey… After a few hours, a satisfying snack, and endless conversation on the events of the night, the caravan finally made it back to the industrial district of the Kyoraku Manor. The majority of the group went their separate ways. Yoshirou had already made the necessary plans with Kenlaw, on the journey home, so the dead would certainly betaken care of. With nothing more to do Yoshirou headed back to the mansion with Metabee. There were only a few hours until dawn but they both would most likely be sleeping in and this time they’ve actually earned it. “What a night!” Yoshirou says as they approached the main house. “I almost fell asleep on the walk over here,” he retorts but didn’t necessary need a response, he was simply thinking out loud. The pair enters the building, Yoshi pauses for a second. “You go on to bed. After the day we had rest will do you good. There’s still a thing or two I must do before hitting the sack myself.” He spoke in a reluctant tone but there were responsibilities he had no matter the hour. ooc> leaves thread
  11. Yoshirou smiled and nodded as well, he hoped Metabee was right and that the cooks had something prepared for them. It was honestly a fifty-fifty shot. They could have very well prepared something out of consideration. But at this hour there was also the chance that they were tried and sleeping, keeping watch in shifts. Of course the Commander didn’t object and used the spare time to heal himself further. Although it was unnecessary they both had the same idea, which was to heal a little before trek back. The Noble finished his task so frighteningly fast that it makes you wonder if he wasn’t the real monster in disguise. Rejoining Meta they now decide what to do with the bodies. “Ok we will bury them. It’s the least they deserve,” Yoshi says. They have already been raided and cut asunder there was no need for their bodies to be decimated. “But we will not do it tonight. I’ll have a couple different teams return once we get back to the Manor.” There was no point in doing a ‘half ass’ job now. They were both tired and mentally fatigued not to mention how dark it was. As such the possibility of missing a body or limb was high further disrespecting the dead. If they both agreed then they would start their journey back to regroup with the others; surely the others were worried and concerned for their well being. If not then they would further discuss the situation until they reached a consensus.
  12. As Yoshirou should have expected, it never fails, Metabee’s carefree attitude. It had started to become refreshing or reassuring during the tough times. Nodding he stands up, “You’re right. Its been a while since we’ve last ate,” he says right has his stomach moans out in agony. “Haha. I’m pretty hungry myself.” As hungry as they were they couldn’t just up and leave yet. The nearby fires were still burning brightly, lighting up the sky. Yoshirou rolls his left arm stretching it out. It was about eighty five percent healed, now the pain and tenderness was his worse injuries. “Allow me to do the clean up I could use the energy from the remaining fires and debris,” he says as he finishes his light stretching. As long as Metabee didn’t object Yoshirou would take care of things. Using his Shikai he quickly devour all the remaining fires in the nearby area as well as minor ruble and debris. This whole process took about five minutes thanks his ability to reshape and manipulate his Zanpakutos from afar. But there was still one important thing to figure out. After finishing the Nobel regrouped with the Kido Commander to discus what to do with all the bodies. Should they burn them, or bury them or should the leave them and see if they have family alive to claim them. Yoshirou did not know right off hand what step they should take at this hour, he was tired, swore, hungry and mentally fatigued.
  13. The gaze emitted through the small holes in Sama’el’s mask was as cold as ever. Their answers had pretty much been what he had expected, so why did he bother asking? Because the thrill of the role play was just too much to resist and after a proper show it was only fitting that it had a proper ending. Sama’el lifts his right hand, palming his face while crossing his left arm. Clank, clank, clank… his chains rattled like an annoying ticking noise you couldn’t get out of your head. “I’m not in the least bit surprised but it is still disappointing. Those who haven’t experienced multiple lifetimes nor his presence can truly understand the graciousness of such a gift,” he said relaxing his arms once again. He then turns to Yoshirou cocking his head to the side, intrigued by his question, yet in reality it was exactly what he was expecting. Hell flames emerge from all around him as he makes his final declaration. Yoshirou retreated backwards. While he could devour the flames the intense heat they gave off was unbelievable; of course they weren’t called Hell flames for nothing. “He has returned, he has risen from his slumber to rule again. The Lord of the Abyss, the Emperor of the Underworld, the true sovereign ruler of Hell, 'Baal the King of Sins.' Take a careful look around you and know well the side you have chosen for the destruction you see here is only the tip of the iceberg. There will not even be this much left when he is done. And when true despair sets in remember this well... you had a choice.” The flames explode around him and just like that there was no longer any sign or evidence that he was even their. If either of them had been alone the whole thing could have been mistaken as an awful nightmare. Yoshirou releases his bankai, falling to his knees. The pain from his broken collarbone immediately returned. Blocking it out he strikes the ground with his uninjured hand. “Ahh curse it, it’s always something.” It was uncharacteristic of him but only his good friend was around who probably felt the same way. Regaining his composure Yoshirou stands up, gripping his left shoulder. His attention is turned to Metabee though he doesn’t know what to say yet.
  14. Oh if only Metabee could see the decrepit smile on Sama’el’s face. The sight would be so ghastly that it makes you wonder if a mother could even love a face like that. Sama’el knew from the get go he was being contradicting but that was his intent. For the last few eons his greatest sin has been acedia which also his biggest weakness. So instead of action he used his sly tongue and word play to manipulate those unfortunate to come across him. “Well, aren’t you astute,” Sama’el says replying in a manner that made it impossible to tell if he was mocking you or complementing you. “But tell me this Metabee Ainsworth… what type of person shows manners to a demon?” He left no time for the Kido Commander to respond though as continue speaking. “We can only use the hand that we are dealt. And while killing you to would be fun it would be more entertaining to let you live and further struggle.” “Is there meaning to this?” asks Yoshirou. The intruder didn’t seem the talking type yet he now rambled on; was he up to something? It was then that Sama’el extended his offer to the pair of death gods. Immediately Metabee speaks up and shoots him down while the Noble simply grunted in disbelief at what he was hearing of course his answer would be no and he felt no reason voicing such an obvious answer. “Metabee do you really believe that to be true, that I have nothing to offer? Hear me now and know that I only speak truth. What I offer is far more precious than most imbeciles pretend it to be… Immortality is nothing to scoff at. Whether its in chains or not. By his side you could have everything you ever desire. I can picture it now you two serving as apostles by his side.” Sama’el says pausing only for a moment. The two veteran Shinigami before surely knew what loss was and the weight behind his offer. It was easy to see why weak willed humans always struggled with this and often ended up losing their souls. “Know this I will not give you this opportunity again.” “And here I thought I might have to reject you a third time,” replies Yoshirou joking while also inferring that it was still a no. He then gave Metabee a moment to reply though he highly doubted his answer would change; after which he continued. “But since your so talkative mind telling us who ‘He’ is that you keep referring to???”
  15. There was so much to ask and do yet so little time. By now the sun has completely set and the only light was from the moon and fires around them. Surely those back at the previous village nervously waiting, hoping for some sort of good news. Even so the hellion before them had the audacity to speak of manners and take a stab at telling a joke. Or at least that’s what it seemed he was doing. Even in the face of great terror the Kido Commander is able to return a sly remark of his own followed by his name. For a moment Yoshirou thought about cutting Metabee off, stopping him from revealing his name. But a person like Sama’el could easily find out that much if he really didn’t already know it. Deciding as much Yoshi simply bit his tongue [(just a figure of speech, not literal)] allowing the introduction to happen. Despite the grim situation Metabee did manage to bring a smile to the Noble’s face with the bit of flare he used when stating his name. It was the first time he’s used a surname but he stated it proudly and naturally. Although it was not Kyoraku it was still beautiful. “I know the Kyoraku wouldn’t surround himself with fools but to think that at some point you both willingly gave me your names. How powerful the gods of death must feel. Pride and arrogance are the biggest killers you know,” says Sama’el as if simply giving advice to a child. “You talk all high and mighty but you’re just a more sinister version of evil than the last guy. If I remember correctly last time I killed the Togabito with you and took your arm…” says Yoshirou but cut short before he could finish. Sama’el takes a step forward, “You killed guards that do not know the meaning of death. Such a thing is like killing a few locusts in a swarm… hopefully meaningless.” Sama’el takes another step increasing the pressure and tension between them. “You took an arm and I took a thousand fold. Do you really brag while we talk over a mound of your dead brethren??? We’re not so different after all then.” He finally stops a few feet away from the Shinigami and while in reality he was a little shorter than Yoshirou his presence felt the size of a mountain. He then reaches out his right hand, “If that’s true, come and join me.” The Demon was initially speaking to Yoshirou but the offer was the same for Metabee. He merely asked for your soul in return.