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  1. "wait Aiden!" she said unable to stop him "we have to found a way to......" she paused, looked at the chain that was locking around her neck " damn Kyo.." she couldn't even finish her sentence as she turned around and saw Kyoshi with one of his chains, which was around her neck, in his hand. He didn't wait, jumping off the blue path, entering the second level, dragging Eniko with him. Eniko struggled to open the chain but it was nearly impossible. She was suffocating. Her eyes widened as they entered the sea on the second level, entering the third level. As they land on the third floor, Kyoshi release her, leaving her coughing on the floor. As she could find her breath, she yelled " what's wrong with you? What do you want from me?" Kyoshi didn't answer just looking around him for a while. For the first time Eniko looked around, realising where they were. The sky, if such thing exist there, was pitch black. There was yellow magma all around them. The riatsu there was so much darker than other levels. She sighed knowing with this riatsu, she couldn't probably ise her zanpaktu. " what do you want from me?" she said again, in more calm voice. This make Kyoshi looked at her, this time without any smile, grin or laugh. He said in kind of a sad voices your zanpaktu.. Is a light zanpaktu right? These chains... " he raise his hand showing his chains." are from darkness element, maybe you can destroy them. " Eniko eyes widen as she understood his meaning. She yelled, standing up" don't be ridiculous! I can't do that! My zanpaktu is not that strong. And even if I can do that, why should I? " Kyoshi sat on the nearest stone.+" well you have your choices, but what do you think will happen if you die here, in hell. " he said grinning again" you'll be a prisoner... For all your life time. " " how can I trust you? I don't know you! " Eniko said. In a swift movement, Kyoshi grabbed Eniko's hair, dragging her to kind of volcano. +" see it? It's where prisoners are reborn. " he swing her hair in his hand, then pull them closer, so her face was on the same level as his." so you want to go there? "Kyoshi asked. Eniko shook her head." I never release you, or any prisoners here! " +" so you are going there. " Kyoshi said, throwing her at the volcano. Eniko's breathing stopped as her body entered the volcano. She struggled to come up, as the heat was finding it's way to her body. She felt that her body is melting away, becoming one with hell. As her breath stopped, and her vision went black she just heard the crazy laugh of Kyoshi. Then she lost her couscous, slowly dying in that magma.
  2. Ooc:if you wanted to heal him from the start you could say this to us, so we wouldn't go to hell.....
  3. As the arrow went to kushinada's eyes, or what it seemed to be it's eyes, kushinada make a sound which Eniko hoped that was a sound of pain. She didn't know if they can suffer or not, or even if they have a brain. She just wanted to kill the kushinada quickly, but as the arrow went to it's eyes, it seemed kushinada lost his control, moving his hands violently and randomly around, Eniko tried to dodge that as she dodge the first and second one but the third came exactly her way so there wasn't any wwy for her to dodge that. She took the punch, and hit a white stone, destroyed it. As she get up she saw Kyoshi not too far away, and he was grabbing one of his chains. So he was a prisoner after all Eniko thought.
  4. +" what's your plan? " Kyoshi said. Eniko looked over him while raising her zanpaktu." killing that. Isn't that obvious? " Kyoshi sighed, moving by her side.+" and if you kill him, how can you kill the others who come here. " Eniko didn't answer, instead she jumped on the kushinada's path, making him stop for a moment." Bankai, the dance of the fire. " she said as two glowing wings appeared behind her, make her be able to fly." we think of that another time. "she said answering Kyoshi. Then she jumped over its head, and swing her zanpaktu " light explosion. " she said making a blast over the kushinada's head.
  5. Kyoshi followed Aiden and said +" if you're looking for a kushinada, here's the best place. It's the first level of the hell, kushinadas are mostly here, it's rare to see a kushinada on the other levels of the hell. " Kyoshi smiled." well as you already you know, if the prisoners here die, they will revive and stay here, same happens if you die. " he grinned +" and well no one killed a kushinada till now.. Well you may be the first, who knows. " Eniko didn't turned around, she already knew all that. She just countied, putting her hand on her zanpaktu's handle. She ran till she felt the ground shaking under her feet. +" here you go... " Kyoshi said. Eniko turned around and just Dodged in time. She stood a little further and looked at the creature. It was big and well kimda scary but it didn't seem to have a special ability. She unleashed her zanpaktu and waited for a good moment to attack it.
  6. +" okay okay... Your choice. " Kyoshi said bowing mockingly, then followed Aiden to the gate. Eniko felt the warmth of Aiden's hand." thank you. " she said, answering Aiden. Then she took a breath and jumped out of the gate. Landing on the blue path, Eniko looked around. The riatsu here was strong. If the kushinadas wouldn't kill the prisoners, this riatsu probably would over the time. There were white stones as well, and Eniko could already felt the pressure of gaze of the lot of people. She looked around worried that they might attack her. Then she looked up waiting for Aiden and Kyoshi to follow.
  7. " e... Eniko KyÅraku.. Vice of division 9." she said answering Kyoshi's question. Then she shook her head. "I'll be fine, it's nothing I can get used to it." she said keeping her gaze on the gate. "I think we should just jump through it right?" she looked at Kyoshi for his confirm. Kyoshi stretch his hands getting ready to go to the gate. +" well yeah, you don't need a hell butterfly or anything, also it go straight to hell. " Eniko looked at the gate, stepping forward. As she heard Aiden's voice she turned around, realising he's talking with Akieth." wh.. What happened? " she said, as Aiden seemed to be in a hurry." you can go if you're wanted anywhere else. I can continue this on my own. I just wanted to have a company so I could be sure that I can kill a kushinada. But if that's more important you can go. " She said. After all it was her own mission, not anyone else. It wouldn't be correct if she keep Aiden if his division need him. She didn't take another glance she just step in front of the gate. Asking Kyoshi to enter it. Kyoshi just grinned" lady's first.. After you lil miss. "as Eniko jumped over the gate, Kyoshi turned to Aiden" what about you lil fella? Coming or going? You know.... " Kyoshi faked a chough".... I can take care of your lil miss, till you came back."
  8. Eniko nodded, releasing her breath she didn't know when she hold. Kyoshi grinned again and raised his hands, opening the gates of hell. As they were opening, Eniko's face become pale.... All there was... All of the riatsu was a complete darkness. She felt like she's going to throw up, her breath already shaking. She..... She couldn't go there, she couldn't even move. Her zanpaktu's element was light after all, so this riatsu coming from hell was making it, if possible, more frightening. She took a breath, trying to calm herself. After all she had to do it. But all of her attempts dissappeared as the gates fully opened. She was panting, couldn't even breath normally. She bite her down lip. She was a vice captain and she just lost it like this... And like that she couldn't even protected a person in coma, she was completely useless.. A voice in her mind said. She tried to push these thoughts back, they wouldn't help her anyway. She gathered her riatsu, trying not to care about the hell. Kyoshi smiled, a weak one, as it seemed, for once as they'd meet him, something scared him. But in the same tone as before asked "well, it start here, before we go to hell may I have your names lil shinigamies?"
  9. As much as she hate trusting the man, Kyoshi or whatever his name was, she knew she doesn't have any other option. She probably wouldn't be able to find another way to hell and she really didn't like to argue. Let alone every moment was valuable for her, or to be exact for Alvito. And she didn't want to waste anymore time. So she sighed, nod her head in the agreement with Aiden's decision. "Yes we will handle him..." She smiled back at Aiden. But... There was something wrong. Sure no one would come offering them to take them to hell because he was alone. Eniko thought, or hoped, they could really handle him. Kyoshi laughed, an action he'd done a lot since they met him. And Eniko wondered, wasn't they supposed to be punished in hell? Cause he surely didn't seem one to suffer. Or maybe he had lost his mind already. And she didn't know for sure that he's a prisoner. Then Kyoshi said :+" alright, alright, so whenever you are ready... I'm ready. Want to go there now, or shall we wait for you to call more of your little friends because you're scared of hell? " he said in mocking tone, grinning. Eniko ignored the teasing, turning to Aiden, signing him to answer this.
  10. Kyoshi smiled at the questions. +" I'm not saying anything... Well and I don't want anything from you... Just I want to go back to hell and well I thought why don't have someone to talk on the way back? " he said, laughing. +" well then I found this little missy, over there, and you know the rest right? "he pointed at Eniko with his head. Generally, Eniko didn't like the man... He was a strange one. She couldn't said what he would do in the next moment. And his words.... Well they were so unbelievable and he wouldn't tell them anything more. She sighed, putting her weight on one of her leg and opened her mouth to argue with the man. But she realised it would be a useless. So she turned to Aiden, and said" what do you think, should we trust him? "
  11. "I'm fine." Eniko said, keeping her gaze on the man. "I called you cause this man said he has something interesting for us." she then shouted at man "well here, my friend is here. Now tell me, how do you know all this? And what else do you know? And what was that thing you were talking about before?" Eniko took a breath, looking at man with half curious, half scared look. She couldn't trust that man. He was far too dangerous. But still.... She strangely couldn't bring herself to keep her guard up all the time around him. The man laughed a bit then started to speak. +"my... My... Impatient aren't we? Where have your manner gone little miss? Shouldn't you first welcome your friend and introduce him? "he grinned.+" anyway.... My name is Kyoshi.And about that interesting thing.... " he paused a little and came a step forward.+" I know a way to hell."
  12. *dodges ceros* okay okay, fine.... A cute total stranger is going to hell to save someone else's husband, while his wife didn't even know and guess what what did she do when she found out? She attack poor girl for not allowing her husband to die!
  13. Well obviously, exactly what I said! I never tried to saved Alvito, I just didn't want major to succeed.
  14. Well obviously, exactly what I said! I never tried to saved Alvito, I just didn't want major to succeed.
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