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  1. I missed this place :3, idk how good I'd be i need someone to help me out
  2. I don't want to replace any of my other stuff I just want to reset my character a bit, will that be acceptable, because before I took this long hiatus, I was on BSE and such , if im correct I was in kyoraku for the urp, and such, will this be ok, i had no squad affiliation as far as i remember, all i wish is to reset my zanpakuto and its abilities seeing i forgot most of it
  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  4. OOC: @ aiden we're gonna have to throw this thing off until I'm prepared for it lets leave it that the potion wore off early out of some unknown effect because I should build up a little after not rping for so long. This'd be the better choice for me until I am ready I hope you understand *Sai leave the barracks and in the field when its empty Sai feels a pain and drops down on his knees* "What's happening to me!??!!?!?" *Sai bends over and holds his arms around his stomach* "This doesn't feel good at all...." *Sai coughs all over and coughs a bit of blood, slowly Sai feels his physic returning to his original state, no scars and his hand returning* "What the....?" *Sai examined himself slowly. Sai seeing the blood that covered his hands and a drip coming from his mouth he grabbed a cloth he had in his robes and wiped himself clean* 'Seems I'm still in one piece. I hope Aiden's potion didn't screw up my body's systems' *Sai clenches his right fist* 'That's good' I should get used to my own body again its been a bit since I was in it in its original form' *Sai feels dizzy* 'I should take it easy though I am not feeling too well' *Sai walks away from the barracks to his next location* 'Welcome back Sai! I missed you!', 'Thanks Hasane I missed you too' *Sai smiles brightly and holds his Zanpakuto* 'Lets advance now together again' Now Sai leaves the atmosphere now renewed back to himself and looking forward, in his current state Sai needs to meditate to regain his full capabilities after aiden's potion drained him. *As Sai walks he looks up to the sky* "Seems peaceful." OOC: Left Thread
  5. OOC: Seriously what did I miss I haven't been on the rp recently Sentei
  6. OOC: heya phantom, haven't seen you in a while but I have hopefully returned to the bse, I need to build rp my rp skill though
  7. OOC: I'm here in Aiden's favor we're doing yet another test you have a problem speak to aiden The air has become cold in the area and Sai which has been reformed for a while since its part of his test and is currently looking like Aiden but, is himself in other aspects such as same zanpakuto as before *Sai walks around the barracks* "All seems in order here I don't see anything to change" *Sai coughs up a bit of blood* "Ugh what the heck" 'I think I remember Aiden saying something about this'*Sai turns his head while covering his mouth with his right hand since he currently has a stub of a left arm to cover his mouth looks at 2 shinigami (npc)* "Can you both clean this up for me I need to continue doing a check I'd appreciate it" *Sai continues walking after speaking to them and stopped when he had checked the entire barracks* "I believe I'm done here" *Sai started heading towards the front door or the barracks to leave* OOC: Aiden your up
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