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    Hey, I'm JudoJew. I'm relaxed, positive, get along with about anyone. I do graphic designs. Talk to me :D

    If Joker sees this. I am watching you (/o.o)/ ~~~L___L
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    Race: Vaizard

    Zanpakuto's name: Go-ruden Seiyuuki.
    Dark/Fire Zanpakuto.
    Lonewolf. Former Squad member of Squad 8(5th Seat)Former Squad Captain of Squad 3, and Former VC of squad 3.

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  1. I made this for my background on my laptop. Not much done here, but I like it.
  2. JudoJew

    Kid Goku

    This is my desktop background.
  3. How's everyone? I rather post here so it's easier to keep track
  4. Title says it all. Just messed with the new brushes I got, trying to see how it is.
  5. The Goku one was just out of complete bordem. The Toshiro one is a request by a friend. Hope you guys like it
  6. I know some of you missed me *Cough "Dandy" Cough*, I am going to try to keep up with this again. I've been busy with school and job searches. I'll try my best to be here
  7. No, I didn't for the mario one
  8. First I want to say this because you will see my name in most of my pictures. My name is Dallen, I made these pics on a forum called "Frugooscape" which later changed to "Frugoosoft". I don't know what happened to the website. Anyways I want to show you all this because I liked the work I did when I was younger. I have many more, I am just posting a small amount.
  9. I've been inactive lately because my charger for my laptop broke. I recently ordered a new one which arrived yesterday. Now I am back and will haunt all of you! Muahahaha! Jk. lol
  10. Happy birthday Judo!! :)

  11. I hope I am in it. This would be good if Isshin added it to the RPG. That would be cool
  12. First rule o fight club, don't talk about fight club. HEY I'M IN FIgHT CLUB!!!
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