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  1. Leave it to Molestia to haze a new member with ponies! xD *stabs pony*
  2. We are talkin about Cartoon network mostly o.o and simpsons was mostly adult. Not for children. To Molestia! ANIMORPHS!!!!
  3. Newest tag. Thoughts? Feelings? Don't know who the render is of?
  4. Oh god! I haven't seen Reboot in a long time! xD plus 1 to Molestia!
  5. S'all right. I'm waitin' patiently. xD
  6. My favorite shows from CN before this new crap but not necessarily in this order. 1. Swat Kats 2. Freakazoid 3. Cow and Chicken 4. Dexter's Laboratory 5. Ren and Stimpy 6. Ed, Edd, and Eddy 7. Voltron 8. Transformers 9. Samurai Jack 10. TMNT before the geometric bullshit. 11. Pinky and The Brain 12. Animaniacs
  7. Not my best work Cale, but it's to be expected when trying something new.
  8. Is that supposed to be Nel, grown up? cuz that's badass xD
  9. I have two sigs that I want my friend. One of each of the following renders, okay? I want both to be GIFs and make them how I want ya to Please make sure though, that they both say Izamael on them. kk? http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/normal/1466_render_render_bleach_Komamura_Sajin.png http://media.animevice.com/uploads/1/18983/419831-yoruichi.png
  10. It's always good to learn something new my friend, but I love it
  11. Character: Render or name of Character you want Text: (Use your name or a phrase[Max: 20 Characters]) Border: (Yes or No) Colors: (Pick 2) Other: (Anything else you think you might want [Example: Shining or Disappearing Font])
  12. Sounds good and glad you like it
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