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  1. Hi Everyone been too long hope you good. p.s I know this is meant for raids just had to say hai. Am back
  2. He decided to make use of training robots that squad 2's training ground had, they would make perfect sparing opponents. "Okay then lets do this" Three robots showed themselves from the ground. He made use of flash step reach the first robot, he used his squad 2 training and unleashed a series of fast strikes. The strikes caused the robot to hit the ground but not before Nondo was above the second robot's head. Nondo came down with a kick that the robot blocked, shocked by this Nondo acted quickly and used his free leg to kick the side of the head. As he landed on the ground Nondo run to the robot and punched it several times before repeating the same blocked kick only this time it was a success. After defeating two robots he made the 3 know it was next. He flash stepped behind it punched the head off, after that he started crying cause that last punch hurt. "Ouch!!! Man that hurt" But this only made him realize he needs to train harder on his hakuda.
  3. He walked into the ground he was familiar with so well. "Man this place can take a hit" Remembering his most recent battle there he looked around and took in some deep breaths. "Okay lets do this!!!" He shouted with great excitement not one to get down easily. He wanted to start with some hakuda training, so he left his zanpakto on the ground and started to train.
  4. Wow I survived a raid awesome
  5. okay the Captain position changed again should we be worried
  6. He entered the quarters wanting to relax after his intense training session with Tsurugi. Found a couch and just slept on it
  7. Nondo got up from the ground and he looked around the battlefield which was half frozen half waste land. "At least this time am not responsible...well alone anyway" He then used shunpo to leave the training ground
  8. "That I do, but I can only get so strong training by myself" He felt disappointment at yet another loss but he learnt alot and would use it in future
  9. Nondo took a good look at himself and considered everything that had happened to him he had only one trick left "okay but lets end this on a high note shall we" Nondo reached out his hand and pulled and suddenly and golden chain was in his hand and rapped around Tsurugi. Nondo could see Tsurugi's confusion and explained "Remember earlier i create a massive gust that made visibility impossible that was just for show you i used Bakido 63" Nondo then did the only thing he could do next and raised his other and said "how about we call it a day?" He was at his limit plus he came to see his improvement which he done. "You win this time but next time your mine" Nondo sealed his Zan fell on his back and just looked up in the sky. He sat up straight "Thanks alot for a great match"
  10. "Okay noted" Nondo could feel himself slipping both from the lack of air and the corrupt reishi. He thought fast and with what he had left he used his gloves to launch himself and clones holding him into the air. Now that he would breath he focused on the cloness, as they came down head first Nondo started to spin turning them into a tornado that came crushing down. Nondo emerged and looked worse for ware. Ooc: the move I used is similar to the primary lotus in naruto
  11. Nondo emerged from the smoke in his shikai state he headed straight for Tsurugi. He launched himself with the strongest gust of wind he would and when he was in range he unleashed a cyclone the headed straight for Tsurugi. However the cyclone was small and just a simple trick he used shunpo to get behind Tsurugi and grab him with arms and his legs. "Got you" He then started siphoning the air so the Tsurugi couldn't breath
  12. "one minute left" Nondo used the chance to incase himself in ice this would have been difficult due to the restraint placed on him. However the weather the two created made it easier, so he incased himself and waited for the dragons attack.
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