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    Name: Zakk Tyden

    Class: Perception

    Reiatsu: 5,000

    Speed: 5
    Strength: 5
    Stamina: 5
    Perception: 5
    Reiryoku: 5
  1. Add borders, shadows! They'll be so much better!
  2. Name: Devarius Size: Close to the same I have now, or whatever looks the best. Style and color: Black, red, gray ish Quote: None Since you don't seem to be around I'll go to somebody else, laters Well I'm back if you still want it, and I don't use PS XD
  3. This system is confusing @_@

  4. Here are some examples of my sigs.. I can provide more if you guys would want these are all for now, not enough room on the forum to put them all xD
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