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  1. Welcome my brothers and sisters! My name is VongolaX, 20 years old, Vasto lorde Rank Hollow, proud member of Fraccion 1 and boss of the Vongola famiglia. If you are reading this message it means you choose hollow as your HRA, or perhaps died a pathetic dead and decided to get stronger by using the power of evil!( we all know you want it).Well, let me tell something to you...you did a good job coming to this fraccion. I'm not one to judge so share your story with me, your fellow members and even....the world!
  2. VongolaX


    I meant from you as a reward, but I also wanted to know what we gained from doing raids, so thanks for that information. If you quit giving rewards thats fine with me as I'm still going to join the raids ^^
  3. I always spare my victims though ( except for those sweet sweet revenge kils). I wish we had a option to spar against other users though. That would be sick.
  4. VongolaX


    I'm not dying anytime soon, unless it takes 8 or more rounds. btw is there a payout when you join/survive a raid? How much would that be?
  5. VongolaX

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    Espada: Tanjash Prime-Fraccion: Lyra Seat 3 - Raven Seat 4 - Eremes Seat 5 - VongolaX Seat 6 - Kogashiro Seat 7 - Tarnu Seat 8 - Deviluke Seat 9 - Reapper Seat 10 - Aidan Seat 11 - BushidoZ Seat 12 - chaoslegion Seat 13 - Leto Seat 14 - jackal Seat 15 - GabrielHollow Seat 16 - Ravenous Seat 17 - Nolton Seat 18 - Resluk Seat 19 - Fallenking Seat 20 - ginsa Seat 21 - Riftblade Seat 22 - Grimjow Seat 23 - Lattimer Seat 24 - Marik Seat 25 - macstermac
  6. Welcome to the forummmm :D ~~

  7. VongolaX


    The group of hollows did 1000000 damage! My HP is almost at that point so on to the next raid!
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