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  1. First name: Heiwana Surname: Mahonō Gender: female Race: (Untrained)Shinigami Date of Birth: February 11th Appearance: (within inner world) Additional: heigh; 5’0 Eye colour; Sky blue Current cloths; mainly plain brown cloth from Rukon, with addition of Silver ribbon tying her hair into a ponytail. Personally: Heiwana all round is a kind hearted girl and more often than not tries to see the good in people even if they try and hide it or, don’t have one. This can lead her to being a little naive and putting her trust into the wrong people. Most of the time Heiwana is very happy go lucky, there are not many things that can get her down, apart from memories of her brother, which she lost shortly before she was reborn into Soul Society. Her Zanpakuto can get her into a more aggressive state, but only ever in a tight spot. Due to her last events in the human world as a spirit, Heiwana has high admiration for all Shinigami and a hate towards hollow and her mind is always set on her one goal. Whether she be practicing her swordplay or exercising it is all for the sake of saving or finding her brother. She refuses to believe that he could be dead or that he may even be a hollow. To her, her brother is the authority figure, always greater than her and so in her mind he can only be a Shinigami. Even in her years within Rukon she has remained happy go lucky, even though the worst time of starvation and stealing answers she always refuses to see a bad side of life. “There’s always a silver lining” She will say. However a young man seems incapable of seeing her away of thinking and has shown that not everyone is always happy, not everyone wants someone and that life isn’t always fair. She has little to think about Samyuera, as it impossibly to judge someone truly when they are always lying, what she doesn’t know though. Is that he’s a coward after he ran from a hollow so he could create a trap, so she admits he’s clever. She also knows there is most likely something he isn’t hiding from her as he follows her to Seritei to begin there Shinigami training. Likes: Sunny days, sweet or sour food, meeting new people, Shinigami’s, the outside. Dislikes: people trying to take advantage of her kindness, cruelty, nuts, liars. Fears: Never finding her brother, being betrayed, death, Goal: To become a kind hearted Shinigami who is lead by her heart and not her head. To find her missing brother. Hobbies/talents: Dancing, walking, drawing, painting, training with Samyuera Zanpakuto Name: Unknown Appearance: Heiwana’s Zanpakuto has a slightly more pronounced curve than most Zanpakuto, the sheath is a crystal blue and shares its colour with the handle of the blade and the guard is in the shape of two waves diagonally crashing away from one another. Heiwana wears her Zanpakuto on her right at the hip. Water beast from dreams: Ability(s): unknown Backstory/history: there are spots in which Heiwana can remember her human life, although it is blurry. She remembered that her parents we dead long before she was old enough to remember there faces and so the person she saw as her authority figure was her brother. Always there to protect her and help support her on whatever path she chose, always making sacrifices himself for her. But even though she had all this protection she had died young. But the final moment of her life are a blur just as the rest of her life. What she does remember clearly though is her time as a spirt. Her spirt along with her brothers where chained to a large building that look familiar to her and always brought a tear to her brothers eye when he saw it. Often having to comfort her brother as he tried to rip the chain from his chest that held him to the building. They spent many weeks there unable to move and unable to pass on. On the pain of the hole in there chest was there to keep them company and her brother had hardened with the pain. So when the hollow came to devour them, the first one to it mouth was Samyuera, fighting it to make sure it wouldn’t devour her. However that day Heiwana was the one who should have protected him, as she watched her brother being eaten a Shinigami, came and save her, performing a soul burial. When she awake from her final memory as a spirit she found herself alongside a riverbank, with a curved blade. She originally left the blade at the riverbank however. Whenever and wherever she left the blade followed her appearing at her side, along with the dreamed water beast. It took her almost a year to conclude and gain enough knowledge to understand she had a Zanpakuto and submitted to the fact it was going with her one way or the other. However her main goal has always been set and that is to find her long lost brother, having searched years within the Rukon district, she has had little to no luck in finding him and could only imagine the Shinigami who saved her, saved her brother. But she has never found him. Now her destiny lies within the walls of Seritei. Along with a unlikely companion, a young man named Samyuera, who lies with kind eyes and kills with a calm heart. What are his true intentions as she bring him to Seritei. OCC: Will edit over time and as story information is confirmed or revealed
  2. The journey to Seritei was not unlike that of a journey to Hecou Mundo, the only thing that seems to separate a Garaganta and a Senkimon, was the entrance. One was far more elegant, a sliding door. Where the other showed what it was, a dark entrance that lead somewhere dark and the inside felt no different. It was dark and lifeless. The only way he could tell he was still going in the right direction was that he had not turned and that there was a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. But what waited on the other side, Monk couldn’t be sure. For the second time in his life he’d put his hands in the life of a Shinigami. He trusted the first and would never trust again. The one he’d just killed was a mean to an end. ‘No’ Monk thought. ‘There was no trust, there never was, all of them where a means to an end. For survival’ and it had worked. Each time Monk had found what he could have called an ally. He didn’t join them. He used them until he had outgrown them. The Division; he outlasted them all, the last surviving member of something long forgotten and something he had forgotten himself. Then Vatto and the Espada. He had approached them. As an ally looking for an army. What he found was an Arrancar he could have called ally and the Espada shown to be cowards hiding in there fortress of night. Recently he had come across a arrancar he thought was an enemy. He thought the beast was a demon. But Monk may as well have been looking into a mirror. He was that mean, thirsting for blood and battle and vengeance against every Shinigami on this earth. He had found himself andnthe strength he had lost. And finally the march came to an end. He reached the light at the end of the tunnel and for a moment wasn’t sure if he had actually travelled to the Seritei or not. As he had come out in an area, somewhat dense with trees. Monk takes a moment to search his surrounding and spiritual pressure. After a moment he was sure this was part of Seritei. In his close vicinity he could sense dots of spiritual pressure. Only above what a human might posses. But further a field. Monk could sense spiritual pressure of the very race he wished to eradicate. But it was much further than he had anticipated. Was this a miss direction by the Shinigami or had she places him somewhere he would be safe in. But it didn’t matter. She was long dead and by now her blood would be feeding the grass. So Monk moved on. Whatever the small gathering of small spiritual pressure was it must be some sort of civilisation and it wasn’t long until he came upon a small rustic village. Log cabin, thatched roofs. As he entered more into the centre of the village. People where giving him some odd looks. Monk imagined it was thanks to his blood soaked robes. “Nice evening friend” a voice says behind him and a dozen men are stood there, one with a bat. Monk doesn’t answer. “I think you ought to move along” the man in the middle said. Who was bald, unlike his blonde and brown haired friends. “I have business with someone” Monk replies. “Not around here you don’t, we don’t like you Shinigami types” the bald man waves the bat around. “I’m no Shinigami” Monk says bluntly and decides to ignore the man. “Only a Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto”. Monk continues to ignore the man. Looking around for some clue as to which direction he should go. However while he was doing this. A pressure is applied to his back. “What the fu-“ one of the men had drew a knife and attempted to strike him. It didn’t even register as pain, but was punished for his actions with a hand ripping though his ribcage. “I’m no Shinigami. I’m much worse. Dogs of Shinigami” It turned out it was a nice afternoon. Crackling fire, burned the wood houses and thatched roofs. A warm, wet sensation ran along Monks feet and between his toes. A warm bed of bodies lay underneath Monk as he rested after a successful and refreshing slaughter. The town had been dyed the same colour as the grip of his Zanpakuto. This town was Monks small domain in the realm of Shinigami now. No life remained here except him. A demon. Waiting to be found. A single Shinigami his target then he would make the rest fall one after another.
  3. Her feet moved on their own, she hadn’t even realised she was doing it, before she knew it she and her Zanpakuto was the only thing that separated the hollows claw from Samyuera. The first look of true emotion on his face was that, she couldn’t help it. When she turned around to give him a smile for confidence, she found that he was running for the weed wall and the only section of it that he had wired up. “No, help” she called after him as the hollow press it weight upon Heiwana’s guard. So she rushed forward and ducked between the hollows legs and dashed for what remained of Samyuera shack. She jumped into a gap of the broken door, once in she held her breath.... in must have only taken seconds for the hollow to turn and lift up bit of broken wood, but as the section hiding Heiwana was lifted she was sure she had been waiting there for minutes. When the hollow lifted it, Heiwana jumped and jabbed the biceps area of the hollow with the very tip of her Zanpakuto, then she attempted to cut its leg and slow it down, once done she ran for the exact same exit that Samyuera had used and ran as fast as she could. The forest was so much more dangerous at night, wet branches slapped her face as she ran and she could hear that the hollow wasn’t far behind and she was losing breath and energy. The burst of power she’d been given by her Zanpakuto had drain her completely. Eventually her lack of breath caught up with her and she tripped on a root sticking up from a near by tree and fell hard on the ground. She gripped her knee where she had fall on something even harder and spun when she heard the cry of the hollow. Upon it prey at last it was ready to take its meal, gain her power. Was Samyuera right, was she not right for a Shinigami life. But that didn’t mean she had to die here. Did it...... she was ready to accept death for the second time when a thrill whistle pierced the night. “You ruined my home, now its time I repay the favour” the hollow turned to the source. Samyuera stood like a hero come to the rescue. All of the fear gone from his eyes, replaced with pure confidence. Samyuera spat in the hollows general direction as a finally dishonour before it charged him. Heiwana couldn’t understand, he’d run in fear, white as a sheet with no Will to fight, but then he fought her it was a completely different matter. But as the hollow continued to charge at the ever confident Samyuera. She realised exactly what it was. He’d already won. Samyuera was positioned perfect between two tree and as the hollow dives for him it’s caught in mid air and the trees buckle and snap under the hollows weight. By which time Samyuera has left the wire to it work and the broken chucks of tree act as weights and the wire holds the hollow down. With the hollow trapped Samyuera finally returns and raises his blade. Heiwana had to admit he look heroic, like the hero of a story as he raised his Zanpakuto. However the imaged shattered as Samyuera brought the blade down into the hollows head and it only goes in half way. The hollows screams in agony. Samyuera spiritual pressure was dwindling like Heiwana and she watched as Samyuera had to hack the hollows mask to pieces. In comparison to the Shinigami that had saved her so long ago he looked brutish. But the worst was yet to come as he looked over to Heiwana, bloody and began walking over. She was ready to fight again as she attempted to stand up, but her body had other ideas as it hit the ground hard and she blacked out. When she finally awoke, she felt warm. However she didn’t dare open her eyes in case something was waiting for her. She tried to open her eyes slightly and see where she was. However all she could see was the fuzzy outline of a fire close by. Meanwhile Samyuera was out of her line of site watching her. “There no point pretending your not dead.” He said. Heiwana left out a puff and sat up. “You’re too smart for your own good” She said. Which surprisingly made him laugh. “You sound like my friends”. “although your a complete cowards” Heiwana cut in and Samyuera stared for a moment, but Heiwana matched it. “Yes, I suppose I am, but I wasn’t going to win a fight against a hollow and neither were you. I don’t plan to die for a stupid reason.” She looked down, as he was right, even if Samyuera had stayed to fight the hollow with her they would likely both be dead. He had fled in order to gain the advantage. A moment of silence passes over them and is broken by them both saying thank you. “What for?” Samyuera asks clearly confused. “You came back right? You could have just run to the next village, but whether you tried to kill me or not. You saved me from that hollow.... What about you?” “No need to be modest” Samyuera started. “You saved me first.” “It felt like the right thing” Heiwana says smiling towards him Samyuera raises an eyebrow. “Your strange” “Your stranger” Heiwana replied. “I’m not the one waiting out in the forest to kill passers by” Samyuera rolled his eyes. “It’s not as simple as that, what I had wanted to avoid was a hollow attack. Thanks to your outburst the fight lasted longer than it should have done.” “Yet I’m still alive” Heiwana says finally. “You noticed, congrats” Samyuera applauds sarcastically. “Why though, if it wasn’t for the hollow attack would I be dead” Samyuera doesn’t have an answer and simply shrugs. “You are alive though.” “Do you plan to try and kill me again?” She asks. “Not if I can’t win” he replies. “So that’s how you pick a fight........ fair enough. Well I’ll be making my way towards the shinigami academy tomorrow. You coming?” “Yes, since I currently don’t have a home.” Although Heiwana was sure there was more to it than just that, but what would be the point in asking. “Also here” Samyuera said handing a bowl of green leafy liquid over. “Nettle tea, I would say soup, but it won’t fill you that much. But it’ll keep you from dropping over for a bit.” “Kinda stingy” Heiwana says as she tries some and although it wasn’t to her tastes as he said it was better than not eating anything. Samyuera rolls his eyes at the comment, but Heiwana notices the grin that creeps on to his cheek. He seemed normal enough, just defensive. But they’d done something that not every non shinigami could claim, they had not only survived a hollow attack, but they had also achieve in killing it. Heiwana wondered what Samyuera would be doing now if he had succeeded in killing her? But they where questions for another time. Without another word she gets a little closer to the fire and rests her head on her hand. Feeling much safer than she didn’t last time she fell asleep, for if Samyuera had wanted to kill her, he would have already done it. Even though Samyuera had offered no more praise than a thank you. Heiwana was met with a master and a partner who was proud of he. In her inner world the water was calm and the water beast stood before her. Bowing its head. “Well done” it said before Heiwana was aloud some well deserved rest.
  4. Tonight was clearly not going to be an easy night, upon falling into a great void of sleep, Heiwana fell into her inner world. But tonight the water was not calm, but was raging ferociously, so much so Heiwana feared that she might get swept up by the current and drown in her own dream. The idea seemed ridiculous, but it did not decrease the fear when she saw the watery beast standing atop a pillar of water. She had seen the beast many times. When it was curious, pushy, gentle, kind. But never had she seen that ferocity in its eyes. Her instincts where telling her to run, but she was stuck, her feet refused to move and then the pillar the water beast stood upon fell down into the water to become a wave, riding straight towards Heiwana. She was going to drown going to be killed. But as the wave descended upon her it passed over her in an instant and she flicked her head around to the waking world. To her real enemy. Samyuera stood above her bed a Zanpakuto in hand. It was when she realised what was happening that she managed to act, jumping out of the bed. Everything had happened so fast, that frightening dream, but now it seemed clear that she was been warned, not attack. Then to wake up to that, Samyuera’s eyes had become piercing, they didn’t look at Heiwana, but though her as if she was nothing more than something to be removed from his life. The blade of the zanpakuto was brought down with force enough to break the bed Heiwana had been sleeping on. She has no choice but to flee, reaching into her robes, she threw the knife she had been holding onto for defence, she didn’t want to draw her Zanpakuto, who knows how skilled Samyuera could be. So after she throws the knife she turns and jumps out of the window of the bed room and heads towards the weed wall. She no longer needed to be here, if she didn’t leave she might-. But she trips on one of the many tools which had been scattered along the ground, as a tripping hazard and when she looks at the weed wall, which she is only a foot away from, she notices there is barbed wire all around the fence, so close together it makes escaping impossible. So she looks around and Samyuera is smiling, a triumphant smile and it hits her. He’s done this before, he’d plannned out this entire scenario, letting her sleep in her bed, his early warning system never went off. Barring the weed wall prevented escape and the tools caused a tripping hazard which could easily get you empaled on the barbed wire. “Why....?” Heiwana asks unable to get any other choice of word out. “Why? Samyuera replies, “because I believe it shouldn’t just be the Shinigami that have power, in there walled of Seritei. There power doesn’t make them better than use, but that how they see it. I will prove that one doesn’t have to abide by there rules to have power” It sounded like jealousy, no hate or even loathing, but Heiwana couldn’t be his next victim, she had her own goals, ones far less selfish than his. Hands shaking she pulls her Zanpakuto from its sheath, the blade rattling against the sheath as it comes out. She then holds it out in front of her defensively. Samyuera POV. It was business as usual, another Shinigami dog and another death another way to be rid of the ever growing number of Shinigami and worthless deaths. She would be much better spending her time in Rukon, protecting herself and her friend, not rushing towards death in Seritei. Samyuera forces out the eyes of all his past victims from his head, the look of betrayal in there eyes. It surprised him when he looked up to see Heiwana had drawn her Zanpakuto, even if she was shaking from head to toe. But it was easy enough to see someone who’d never used a blade before. Samyuera presents the blade in front of him and Heiwana instinctively swings at the blade, knocking it away, it only takes Samyuera a small adjustment to bring the blade back into the middle and Heiwana strikes the blade again. Not only did she not know how to use a blade, but she didn’t know where to strike and that was at her enemy. Him. Then Heiwana draws back her a much greater swing and Samyuera ducks down. The swing knocks Heiwana off balance and Samyuera hits her shoulder blade with the back of his Zanpakuto and at the pain she automatically recoils and drops her Zanpakuto. She couldn’t even take pain. It wasn’t even a cut. “You’ll never be a Shinigami like that...”he says standing above her. “Time to give up” he says as he raises his blade for the final move. Heiwana Pov. She had never thought that fighting someone would be so different from just swinging your sword, but she didn’t want to hurt him, she could, anyone could hurt anyone, but it just wasn’t within her heart to hurt someone, even if they had bad or evil intentions. “Others will have to fall in your path along to achieving your goal, others may oppose you, stand in your way” a voice calls to Heiwana seemingly from nowhere. “Who are you?” Heiwana called to the soft female voice. “You will call me ..............” the voice faded away. “I can’t hear you.” Heiwana screamed. Then she realised urgency was no longer a need. Samyuera was traveling at a much slower rate. His Zanpakuto coming towards her at a fraction of a fraction of the speed it should be, yet it still carried the same deadly intent. “Fight! You must, to survive I will help you this once, but then you must survive on your own till you hear my call.... fight....” the voice fades away and Heiwana feels a great rush of adrenaline, a strength to survive, the will to FIGHT! She grips her Zanpakuto with such determination that her knuckles pale and as she swings and slams the blade into Samyuera side. Knocking him into the ground, the shock in his eyes makes Heiwana feel all the more powerful. Although instinctively she had hit him with the blunt side of the blade, making it so the attack wasn’t fatal. However Samyuera picks himself up, clutching his side and swung hard against her, but she blocked it with ease, staring him down. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be” Samyuera threatened, although his threats and emotionless eyes had lost there power when she had seen fear in them. “Just let me....” Heiwana started, but a crash from the other side of the shack stopped both of them. “What in the name of....!” Samyuera shouted in an furious tone as he walked over and the next, he became struck with fear and turned as pale as a dead man. The next thing Heiwana saw was a hollow, storming into Samyuera home, attracted to them by the fighting.
  5. It had been a little over a week since Heiwana had discovered the ghost like town, with bodies piled high and spiritual pressure that seemed to belong to no one. No one had ever returned to the scene or not that she had caught anyone returning, however someone clearly had. About a week after she found the ghost town she returned to find the town had been cleared. Burnt buildings cleared, blood washed from the sand and bodies had almost mysteriously disappeared. Heiwana couldn’t imagine it being a hollow as the work had been to tidy and she couldn’t imagine it being Rukon residents. A scene like what she had saw would be enough to keep everyone away from this section for years. But not her. Heiwana had returned regular after the town had been cleared, with it been clear no one other than her had a reason to be there, and her reasoning, the nostalgic spiritual pressure which only just continued to linger. Perhaps today would be her last visit until she made her way towards the Shinigami academy. But in all the time she had spent after making the decision to finally become a Shinigami she hadn’t wasted it. On multiple occasions she had trained in what she presumed would be good training for her future life as a Shinigami. She ran early in the morning to the closest Rukon district and got herself breakfast and lunch and then often managed to last without any evening meal and not all her meals and been gained honestly. ‘I’ll repay them one day’ she promised every time she took something that aided her achievement. She had become less shy over revealing her Zanpakuto, it was hers and she wore it openly, once she was a Shinigami she would no longer have to hide it and often would draw it in the forest to swing it for hours on end to get used to it. But unnaturally for a sword it was light as a feather. Her greatest progress had been with her four legged friend in her dreams though, no longer did it try and guide her in the water, but instead rested by her side on only gently nudged her to look into the water. Perhaps it knew, knew she was going to become stronger and wanted Heiwana to take it at her own speed. This did not mean Heiwana trusted it though, she couldn’t, not until she fully understood it purpose, but it had lead her to the ghost town and that had helped her find her determination and for that she was grateful. Now after her breakfast she was just about to reach the ghost town, she had never forgotten that faint spiritual pressure, it called to her, drew her in. It was a shame it was fading, but just as much a blessing, for if it never faded then perhaps it would be Heiwana’s determination that faded instead. She was just about to enter the clearing of the town, when she heard a rusting in the trees. Not something she had heard in these part of Rukon since she had started visiting the ghost town regularly. Like in all places of great sorrow and loss, birds no longer seems to flock here, the wind never brushed though the trees and left the town eerily silent. The only true things that remained was that faint, nostalgic spiritual pressure and when Heiwana went over to the crater in the ground and place her hand close to the sand, she found it had all but faded. Only a tiny trace left, now. Now she would leave to the Shinigami academy, there was nothing left for her here. So she stood up and walked to the tree line boarding the ghost town. But then she stopped walking and listened. ‘Did I hear....?’ She thought to herself, but then shook the thought from her head. But as she began walking she was positive there was a second pair of footsteps echoing hers, she goes to take another step and then stops it before it hits the ground and behind one of the building she hears a foot scuff across the ground, as if someone had tried to avoid a pile of dog muck. “Who’s there?” Heiwana asks, placing her left hand on her Zanpakuto. There was no answer other than the beginning of the footsteps once again, with the added spin of a wheel across the sand. Heiwana rushes to the other side of the building and just at the edge of the tree line watches a figure with a wheelbarrow disappear. ‘Could it be a survivor of the town?’ She thought as she automatically walked after the figure. If it was a survivor then it was in her interest to learn everything she could from them. Heiwana decides to set off at a sprint in order to catch up with the culprit and runs for a good five minutes and finds nothing, so she runs for another five minutes and finds she almost comes to another district. How could she have missed him? She turns back and walks back where she came from. On her way back a weed catches the string which her Zanpakuto is held on with and pulls it from her waist, making it drop to the ground. When Heiwana drops to her knees to pick it up she couldn’t believe it. Behind a wall of weeds, thin branches and tree was a small, shabby hut and farm. She crawls though the weeds and observes to trip, bamboo had been set in intervals between trees to help the weeds grow along a selective route. If someone was even slight raised though the trick would be lost as the weeds only grew so high, but at a normal height one could easy pass it thinking it was nothing more than an over grown patch of weeds. Turning back towards the shack, Heiwana almost runs into the wrong end of a pitch fork. “Shouldn’t follow people” the stranger holding the fork said. “What where you doing? In that town” Heiwana asks unable to hold back her curiosity. “Ain’t no town there” the strangers eyes shift. “Not anymore.” Heiwana looked into the strangers eyes an saw nothing, no sadness or remorse, almost disappointment. “You still haven’t answered my question.” The stranger stared back and then dropped the pitch fork and placed it in the ground. “It doesn’t matter why I was there. I was” he then turns around and goes back to his shack pretending Heiwana is not there. “Wait!” Heiwana shouts going after him. Only now getting to look at him fully now that he wasn’t pointing a pitchfork at her throat. There wasn’t anything particular special about him, other than been rather tall, but perhaps that was just in comparison to her. He had short brown hair which looked mainly to be greasy and sweaty, giving it a slightly rough look, his face was rounded almost looked liked he could be a nice person, but with the expressionless look he had given her before she wasn’t sure what to think, the same was for the rest of his face, his eyebrows where busy, only in the sense that it would convey anger or happiness depending on how that changed the shape of his face. Other than that there wasn’t many floors on his face, the single mole that hovered on the left side of his chin actually seemed to compliment the rest of his face and as for his eyes, they where a sea blue, with a little green. ‘He’s not ugly to say the least’ Heiwana thought as she caught up with him. “That towns been dead for months....” Heiwana started before she was cut off by. “Aye, it has, was good for fertiliser, was getting what was left of it for my crops” the stranger waved out an arm to the rows of different fruits and vegetables growing. “Now go, I don’t want you here” he said as he returned to his crops and began turning muck in with his pitchfork. “Not your kind...” he mutters under his breath, but was just loud enough for Heiwana to hear it. “I’m not a Shinigami....” Heiwana was about to argue, but was cut off once again. “I know your not a Shinigami, Shinigami are the ones who cleared up that town, but your just as mixed up with Shinigami. With power to be able to get a Zan.” He said eyeing the blade. “I came to this world with it” Heiwana replied a little upset she had been judged so quick just by owning a Zanpakuto. The stranger lets out a sigh. “Then your an unlucky one, born with it....” he looks up to the sky and then back down to Heiwana. “It’ll be getting dark and I bet you’ll be heading to the academy. Stay here the night, free meal. Only asking for company.” The stranger offered, which seemed completely out of character, but Heiwana had told him the truth and maybe she could sway him to think not everyone with power was so.... in fact she wasn’t sure why he hated people with power, was it because they where likely to become Shinigami’s. But she was happy with the offer and the price seemed innocent enough. “Ok!” She replied with a smile, but can I at least know my hosts name. She said placing a hand on her hip. “Samyuera” he replied. “Samyuera....” Heiwana waved her hand expecting a full name. “Just Samyuera, you needn’t know my last name.” “Ok, Just Samyuera lead the way.” Heiwana replied which got another sigh from Samyuera, but as he turned his back to head to his shack, she was sure she could see a smile on the corner of his cheek. Just as Samyuera had promised he had made a fine broth and it was a meal that Heiwana didn’t have to pay for. He didn’t seem to have any meat in the house. Although it seemed to bug him, Samyuera said; “animals would make too much noise, give away the illusion on the weed wall” as he called it. Which lead Heiwana to ask why he lived on his own. To which he replied. “I have my reason” and it seemed they weren’t the only secrets he was keeping, before even been able to enter his shack, Samyuera had rushed in and shut the only other door to his bedroom. But they had only met and secrets between strangers was to be expected, however to try and draw a few secrets out of him, Heiwana talked about herself, about how she had found herself when she first came to Rukon and how she had her Zanpakuto when she awoke. Again the only give that Samyuera was interested was that his eyes looked up from his food when she mentioned her Zanpakuto, it seemed he had a grudge against them of some sort, so Heiwana asked. “Have you ever met any Shinigami’s?” And the answer surprised her, “No, only fool hardy people who have wanted to become one, all people see is the glory, they forget there is danger and a hard trail before you get what you want. It’s easy to picture yourself the hero who get things done.” Heiwana looked at him a while longer before saying anything back. It was the most he had talked all night. Had he been left by friends who wanted to become Shinigami’s or was it something else? He clearly noticed the sudden interest in her eyes as he looked around and faked a yawn. “Well it’s getting late and I’ll be up early to get my crops watered.” He said getting up and opening up the door to his bedroom. “Guests get comfort.” He said and as he opened the door a clang of metal and when Heiwana enters his room, she sees small cans tied to his door. “Warning in case anyone enters my room.” He says moving the door back and forth to prove the point. He certainly seemed careful, Heiwana thought as she got into the bed, deciding not to undress while in a strangers house. However, Samyuera grabs a sack from the corner of the room and takes it outside the bedroom and curls up on the floor. “Don’t you want to sleep in your bed” Heiwana asked as the door swung shut. “Not with someone with a Zanpakuto....” Samyuera said and then said nothing else and surprisingly fell asleep quickly, making Heiwana more comfortable. She would leave when she woke tomorrow.
  6. Chapter Two: The Second Blade A young girl travelled though the villages of room and the lands in between. Her silver hair flowing behind her in a single ponytail. Heiwana Ketsumatsu and for a long time she had been on the same quest. Searching for a single man, but for all her time, she had never found him. But she refused to give up the search. That man was her older brother and he had been missing from her side for a long time. She remembered the last time she had seen him, only because she saw it in her nightmares. Consumed by a beast that here in soul society was known as a hollow as for her she had been saved a seconds after she had watched her brother eaten a shinigami saved her life and she would forever be grateful to them and if it came to it. She would extend her search to Seritei. She had search the areas of Rukon for almost two years and it had been a long time, not a lonely two years. Heiwana was always making friends where ever she went, admittedly maybe not always the right friends as she had often help kids steal from others so they could eat, but she couldn’t bare to watch them starve, when she could though she paid and took whatever she had purchased with grace. One of her first purchases in her life in Rukon had been a foolish one and a lesson well learned. A sliver silk ribbon was what held her hair in its form. However the mistake she had made was the fact she needed food to sustain her power, power she only realised she had as her stomach started eating at her reserves to survive. But it was a lesson well learned and now food was always on her mind and where it would be coming from. Money certainly isn’t easy to come by in Rukon, in fact most bartering is done with valuables alone. Tools, fabric, food, clean water. Whatever one could trade. In the outer district Heiwana had discovered people forced to sell themselves just so they could have a meal or a roof over there head for a night, but sometimes even that wasn’t enough. Not everyone was kind out in the rough end of Rukon. Thieves and murders and worst roamed streets looking out for now one but themselves. This had lead to one of Heiwana’s most regrettable purchases a small kitchen knife she kept wrapped in a blanket underneath her shirt. However technically she had no need for such a weapon as she had something far more valuable. Something that swung gently around her hips, but not something she flaunted. A curved crystal blue sheath gently swayed. The guard of the blade depicted two waves rushing away from one another and the hilt a darker shade of blue to then sheath. This was Heiwana’s Zanpakuto, but although she was proud to have such a gift, she feared it. Strangers in districts whispered when she past by and some shops refused to serve her. Which is why she attempted to stay closer to Seritei in the richer districts, closer to where the Shinigami’s live. Her Zanpakuto had appeared after several reoccurring dreams... no nightmares. A four legged creature made of rushing water approached her, giant in form and whenever it drew close it threatened to drown her, forcing Heiwana to back away. After a few of these dreams, Heiwana had discovered that the being meant no ill will and instead held the beast at arms length so it would not drown her, but close enough so she could feel the soft flow of the water that acted as the creatures skin. It often tried to lead her, but Heiwana refused, she felt she couldn’t trust the beast and follow it into the depths of her dream. However it was much more welcome than the other nightmare that clouded her mind. At night she would remember the last time she saw her brother. Ghosts chained to their home refusing to say goodbye to the world they had come to love and the parents that could never see them again, both of them had spent days moaning. It was after a week that they had been found by hollow. Her brother had instantly taken action, he could do very little, but he acted as bait for as long as he could. Heiwana’s brother had always been protective of her, if not a little over protective sometimes, she could never scold him though, his heart was always in the right place. The saddest thing about the day though wasn’t only the fact she’d lost her brother to hollow. It was that a Shinigami was seconds away and was capable of saving Heiwana. If her brother had chosen to wait he might have joined her in Rukon. But every time this dream came to mind, the thought of becoming a Shinigami came more appealing. Perhaps her brother was trapped as a hollow and she would be the one to save him. Such thoughts filled her with hope and a smile was brought to her face as she came to the next village and found refuge for the night. The next morning came with a rumble. But only from Heiwana’s stomach, she had dreamt last night, of her water beast. It had once again tried to lead her away, today far more aggressively as usual, trying to force her out of her comfort zone and into the depths of who knows what. But she couldn’t understand the spirit so there was no point in prying to much. So instead Heiwana made her way out of the shabby porch she had slept under and began to search for food. Already the market stalls where out and about and the civilians of Rukon were trying to make their living. Heiwana couldn’t afford much, so she bought herself some bread, that by the feel had begun to grow stale. But it was all she could afford and she needed to eat. So she found somewhere quiet to eat and tore of a healthy chunk. Then while in the middle of breakfast Heiwana heard footsteps of the creaky boards of the hut she was hiding inside, so peering though a rotten plank of wood she saw a large man, gross in appearance and clearly drive by instinct rather than his brain. Heiwana decided it would be best to sneak out quietly than cause a ruckus, with a Zanpakuto she would be portrayed as the guilty one. Especially in Rukon. So she hopped out of the window and as soon as she felt she was out of the mans ear shot she rushed into a sprint into the woods. The next village was quite a walk away, but it would give her more time to think on what to do. She clearly had the power to become a Shinigami, her Zanpakuto was proof of that. Whether she’d be a good Shinigami was a whole other story, the very occupation had Shinigami’s dancing with death each day. Could she really risk her own life. However her cowardice was pushed aside by shame as she remembered her brother fearlessly running towards the hollow. He wouldn’t have hesitated for a second if it was him, he would have become a Shinigami to save her. So now she will for him. Gripping her Zanpakuto handle for the first time with pride filling her veins, she walk towards her new destination. Seritei and the Gotei. She wouldn’t rest until she had become a Shinigami. She figured it would be a long road. But at the end was a prize unlike any other. Soon it would be several hours after Heiwana left the village she had rested in for the night. She had also know the direction to the next village or at least the general direction. When she got close enough she often tried to follow the sounds of voices as even though it was a few hours after lunch, it should still be busy in the village, but it was completely silent. After some time, Heiwana smelt burning, a crisp stench came though the trees and made her hold her nose. What could be going on? She had thought as she followed her nose towards the village and the stench got worse with each step. When she came to the edge of the trees. She saw the first culprit of the smell, many of the houses, shacks and building had at one point being alight with flame and now were black and smoking embers. But it wasn’t just burning. Heiwana ventured further into the village to her horror. A mountain of corpses stood before her. One could nearly call them bodies as they were ripped into pieces. “What manner of monster co-“ Heiwana begins but it caught up by the smell that she now knows is bodied and goes behind a building to release her breakfast from her stomach. After a while of gasping and trying to regain her composure Heiwana notices something else. Something beyond her burning of the building, the smell of corpses and the blood, soaking into the sand. It was something she had never noticed before as it had never caught her attention. Walking over to the mountains of bodies again, totally oblivious to the smell. She holds out her hand and a warm feeling travels up her arm. Spiritual pressure or remains of it. She could sense it. But Heiwana couldn’t understand why this had caught her attention. For a second Heiwana closes her eyes and the final memory of her brother flashes before her eyes and the spiritual pressure grows in nostalgia and her eyes well up with tears as she looks at the bodies. “No...” she moans though tears and she pushes them away from her eyes. She didn’t want to believe that one of these bodies could be..... behind her! Heiwana rushes over to a crater in the ground. Mixed with other spiritual pressure, the nostalgic one was still present, in fact if she concentrated she noticed it all around the village. There must have been a hollow attack. ‘Could my brother already be a Shinigami?’ Heiwana dares to imagine only increasing the want to become a Shinigami herself. Her goal was undoubtedly set in her mind.
  7. Monk stuttered for only a second, but it was enough for someone. No something to interrupt him. Another creature he had sworn to kill, one that had tormented him and unknown to Monk had been pushing him closer and closer to insanity, as Monk recognises the voice he whispers under his breath, “Phantom....” and now Monk was nothing but a mere souls trapped in Seritei. The Phantom spoke in riddles, nothing ever seemed clear when it came out of his mouth, but he spoke of retribution. Which was all Monk wanted a second chance to try again and take his revenge, was he perhaps going to be granted a second chance by the Phantom. Monk thinks grasping to straws wanting to escape death and what came after. Emerging from shadow Monk jumps back instinctively, he felt weak on this form, he had no defence and the Phantom brought a great feeling of dread. Monk now wished he had avoided and never take this Phantoms words as truth. Only now was Monk beginning to see how he had been manipulated on both sides. “No.....” he whispers again under his breath. As Yoshirou recognises the Phantom as well, monk saw that the Phantom had never been a friend and the information was not for Monk gain, but his own. But the worst was yet to come. Only feet away from where Monk had stood a second ago, the very spot that his hollow body had been absorbed and destroyed, turn to nothing. A huge beam of energy erupts into the sky and expands and materialises. A huge demonic door, guarded by two skeletons holding the door. Then it begins to open and it was opening to greet only one of them. Monk. As the doors open they are stopped from opening completely by a rope covered in paper talismans. Monk had wanted to face his death bravely, but what he saw next drained him of his bravado. A demonic creature lay beyond the door and it was eyeing Monk. Without a second thought Monk turned and ran towards the only hope he could find in his fear filled heart. Towards Yoshirou and the other Shinigami. “No, please no” he yelled to no one in particular, he just wished to be saved from the fate that was waiting beyond those doors. But as he ran chains had leapt from the doors like snakes and wrap themselves around Monk before he can reach Yoshirou or Metabee. “NOOOOO!!!” Monk screams straining his voice box with pure fear. Running no longer an option. Monk tries to fight against the pulling of the chains as he is pulled towards the machete wielded by the great creature beyond the gates of hell. “No, I will not go” Monk growls trying to dig his feet into the ground, but the dragging was relentless. With his final breaths then, he decided to curse those he wished dead. “I’ll be back Yoshirou. No one is safe, I will have my revenge on you and everyone and everything you care for. I’ll drag everything down with me even if it takes me ten-thousand years to escape I’ll make you suffer and you Phantom, when I see you next I’ll tear your head from your shoulders and you will come back and help me get MY revenge.” The machete draws closer, Monk feels the hairs on the back of his neck raise sensing death. “Seritei will fall by hand....” the last of Monks words only echo and fade as his souls as been pieced by a guardian of hell, Monk essence been completely dragged in. Monk was no more. He hadn’t felt a legacy nor a footprint. All that remained now. Was a Sinner.
  8. Monks last stand was desperate. In fact it was hopeless. Monk knew as he reached forward his chance of survival was zero, but his chance of killing Yoshirou was still possible. He would still keep his promise that he would still beat him to a pulp, even if it was with his last breath. Even Yoshirou raising slightly of the ground did not deter Monk, it only made Monk want to drag him back to the ground and beat him into the earth. But it wasn’t to be as Monk attempted to lunge, not only does Yoshirou counter, coming straight on for Monk, but Monk stumbles on his left leg. The one he had pushed earlier in the battle. Before all is too late Monk tries to regain his balance. It was far to late now. His body falls forward or what was left of it. Yoshirou strike would have cut him in half if it wasn’t for stumbling. But now he had been cut at and diagonal angel and his lower half had been separated from him on a on that diagonal angel. His legs left behind, Already collapsing. Monk begins to draw his final breath as his upper half rushes towards the ground. ‘This really is it. My life long struggle for this. My life goal a failure.’ Memories begin to return to Monk. Memories he thought he had forced away, forgotten, both fond and sad ones. Finding a friend when he was a mere hollow. Growing in strength. Watching humans as they lived there complicated, yet simple life. ‘Do I actually respect that’ Monk thinks as he imagine a humans short life in comparison to his. All his long life had seem to achieve was give him more regrets. As he grew older his achievements lessened and failure grew in number. Loss of friends, allies and now most importantly his own life. Which led him to now as his body hits the hard ground with a undignified splat as he lands in a pool of his own blood. Monks right hand twitches a finally struggle as he pulls on muck and soil trying to drag himself away. “I don’t want to die” he gurgled on his own blood. His fear of death had brought his strong Hierro into existence. What cruel fate brought him an opponent that didn’t care for his Hierro. “Pl-“ Monks final plea is cut short, been so close to death, he had been unaware of the 5 orbs converging on him and he hadn’t even realised his own death had happened. It was so quick, apart from been cut in two, his final moment were almost painless, his body devoured to nothing. Nothing at all. Not even his cloths, his wooden mask, his Zanpakuto. Everything he was, everything he had done. With no trace of him. It was like he had never existed.... The only thing that now remained of Monk was his soul depicted as a younger version of the humanity that showed as an arrancar. Instead of thin strands of hair. He had a full head of white hair, without a hollow Mask both his eyes where sky blue, he almost looked peaceful, if it wasn’t for the glare he jabbed at Yoshirou. One way or another he had been slain by a Shinigami’s Zanpakuto, his sins as a hollow all but forgiven in single swing of a blade. “I’ll never forget this Yoshirou. Never forgive this” Monks echoing voice as a soul still carried the hate he wanted it to, but deeper Monks voice was shaking in fear. “You could have let me go.... all I ever wanted was to survive” all while Monk spoke a evil, twisted presence began to fill the air. Getting bigger all the time Monk spoke. “I.....”
  9. The pause in the fight had been long, long enough for all participants to exchange words. Yoshirou saying that if by some chance Shinigami’s had gotten to him first he could have been a Shinigami himself even a captain. But now and as a hollow the very idea disgusted him and he stated that Monk should die for the innocent lives he had taken. But they weren’t innocent. Future Shinigami’s are just a guilty as present ones. The unknown Shinigami even shares a few words suggesting killing Shinigami would not bring about the peace Monk wanted. That if Monk succeeded on more death would follow. But it wasn’t just Shinigami’s as beings. It was what they could happen upon Monks death that was brought along by Shinigami. Death by any other race would be safe. But not Shinigami’s. But Monk refused to tell the Shinigami’s anymore, he would not lose. Monk knew how reckless his attack was with his left arm restricted, half his defence was down because of it. However it was Monks hope that this would put his opponents at ease make him underestimated Monk. But Monk soon found out that he was the one who had misread his opponents. Upon a single word been spoken the weight of a thousand worlds begins pushing down on Monk. He was now aware of Yoshirou’s abilities, but this was on another scale, Monk faint punch is driven down and crashes with the ground, if not for his Hierro he was sure all his fingers would have broken upon impact and the weight continued to force him to his knees. But Monk refused to go lower. This was his opponent Bankai. A transformation took place in front of Monk. His opponent took a form that almost looked as though it absorbed all light. It was black, pitch black and the blade that his opponent held looked much more sinister. Like it was made to kill and nothing more and there was more 8 small orbs surrounded his opponents. Monk couldn’t be sure what they were, but he guessed they would have similar effects to Yoshirou weapon and now that sinister blade swung towards Monk. After a single step Yoshirou swung down the blade and Monk could only watch in fear as he saw his imminent death racing towards him. ‘I thought I could win. My end is this, on my knees, in front of a Shinigami’ time seemed to slow as death drew closer. ‘I can’t even say I’ve had a good life, it’s only been a never ending struggle and what’s it all been for’ Monk was about to close his eyes an fire raging within him like nothing before. It was his fire. Monk stares down the blade for a second, then his opponent. Firing the Gran Ray Cero in his mouth it knocks Monk backwards, which had at least served a purpose as it was instantly absorbed by his opponent Bankai. But it was not enough, the blade connects and runs into Monks neck with little effort as if his opponents spiritual pressure far exceeded his own. As the blade connects and Monk gasps in pain, he is forced to swallow blood, goosing from his neck a large gash was poring blood and Monk was drooling it all the same like a savage. Flat on his back Monk refused to give up, he pushes himself up on his elbows. His opponent had dealt a deadly blow. But Monk felt far from deaths door, all he wanted was Yoshirou dead and if that meant dying too. So be it. “Gōka” Monk spits, his voice muffled by the force of gravity. It had been many years since Monk had used this. Since he had removed his Mask. His secret weapon. Monk opens his mouth, a glow appearing at the back of his throat until flames are climbing out of his mouth, the force of the gravity forces the flames to the ground, but like larva they just crawl, covering Monk in a bed of flames and slowly creeping towards Yoshirou. It was Monks last defence in his desperate situation. Hopefully while Yoshirou was dealing with what in this situation would be a pathetic defence. Monks anger and rage powers him though the force of the gravity, brining him to a hunched, but stood up state. But the force of gravity was immeasurable, taking a single step backwards to him far to long, keeping his defence raised was impossible, his arms would just be forced down by the gravity. The only path left was forward. ‘Kill them all, kill them, kill him, kill Yoshirou Kyoraku’ Monk trudges forward. Though fire which would not effect him and in a few heavy steps he was close enough to his opponent. He slowly raises both arms, pushing them as fast as his could towards his opponent. One going for his opponent head, if he grabbed it he would crush it. His other hand slowly reaching towards his opponent chest on level where his heart would be, again hoping to crush it. This a desperate attempt at victory for a desperate hollow. Escape was not an option in the opponents territory. Seritei would most likely be Monks death. The only thing Monk was capable of doing now was taking Yoshirou with him. Dragging his opponent with him. If this failed then.... what had been the point in all of this, Monk had searched so long for a goal. Was it going to kill him.
  10. As Monk released his deceptive and destructive attack on Yoshirou. It was clear from the get go he had not been expecting something like this, as Yoshirou prepares a guard with his Zanpakuto the kinetic force is blasted towards him. It was last second, but Yoshirou was able to make a last ditch attempt to get out of the blast radius, but it was too late. Monk watches as the Shinigami is knocked a great distance away, having taken almost the full force of the attack. Once Monk sees his enemies wounds from the attack, Monk straighten himself up feeling the strain in his left leg after pushing myself for that attack he puts more weight on his right foot. standing now on and equal level with Yoshirou. He watches his opponent. His left side looked greatly damaged, not all of it was surface as was expected with Monks attack. Blunt attacks often inflicted internal damage. However there was blood. Then after a Monk realises the battle has paused. He was stood observing his main opponents, who in turn was staring him down. A quick glance behind him, confirmed that the other Shinigami was waiting to see what Monk did. It seemed as thought they had figured out who the target was and that Yoshirou. “I can’t lose this Yoshriou Kyōraku. I have to much riding on it. My freedom, my life. You will not walk away from this battle” Monk says taking a single step forward. “I have spent my entire life, avoiding the blades of Shinigami and taking their life as payment for both mine and hollows torment. Yours is no different” for a moment the world was being blocked out. Only Monk and Yoshirou stood there. For years Monk had thought he was free. Killing who he liked, sparing who he liked and doing whatever whim crossed his mind. Had this clueless Shinigami, who claimed he didn’t know him, really have anything to do with it. Then Monk mind thinks back to the Phantom works. He had come to Monk, told him of this Yoshirou. Proposed action and now here Monk was. Facing the Shinigami who had supposedly been controlling him. ‘They’re in league with one another’ a voice whispers inside Monks head. ‘They are the same person’ another one screams. “It’s just one Shinigami!” Monk screams. ‘Deception, trickery.’ More works rush though Monks head, pointing him towards a truth he didn’t want to believe. “Phantom! Where are you? I’ll kill you now too. Kill you both. Kill you all.” Monk flashes a glare at the other Shinigami. “I’ll kill all of the Shinigami and set myself free” crazed eye become fixated on Yoshirou and his charge begins. Leaping in bounds towards Yoshirou he wanted to make his approach look obvious as he bit the tip of his tongue. He wasn’t aware how demanding this would be on his body. But he had to risk it, drawing a speck of blood on the end of his tongue he begin to change energy. Upon getting closer to Yoshirou. Monk hears an incantation. Forcing him to remember about the other Shinigami, to which Monk spins around and screams. “Stay out of this” a second later Monk spots the binding Kido and sacrifices his left arm, throwing it into the yellow glowing rope, it wraps itself around Monks left arm, restricting its movement. His left arm was now locked in a extended position, after that a thin red beam of energy is shot towards him and was already losing precious seconds for his assault on Yoshirou. So using Sonido, Monk positions himself behind Yoshirou, forcing him to deal with the red beam instead. Now that Monks left arm was out of action having being bound by a Kido Monks originally plan was out of the question. Never the less Monk swung his right arm from his left to right. Hoping to block Yoshirous blade, not on the blade, but at his opponents wrist. Hopefully if this worked. Monk would focus all the energy he had and create it into a Cero on the tip of his tongue, mixing with the blood would create a second Gran Ray Cero. Which would undoubtedly damage him, but if it was unpredicted and not absorbed by Yoshirou it would cause great damage. Upon the release of the Gran Ray Cero. Due to the position of it in his mouth, it knocks Monk back far more severely than before. Kicking Monks head back with some force it knocks him off balance, all he could do now was pray his attack worked.
  11. The clash with the unnamed Shinigami did not go the way Monk had anticipated. He had wanted to use the Bala to scare him off more than anything. But the Shinigami attempted to counter with a ball of energy and three swords that had sprouted from the ground. But Monk attacks where no joke. So Monk pushed on, fighting against the swords they great more wounds in his chest. But his recklessness had paid off. The attack makes contact with the Shinigami. But Monk did not stick around to check what damage it had created. However there was more to it than that, although Monks attack had connected, a good amount of the energy had been propelled back at him, instead of a burnt grey, his right hand had been crisped to a black, the heat was beginning to numb, but only because of the pain. And just seconds before Monk had launched his attack on Yoshirou he was positive the Shinigami has spoken his name, but in the mist of a fight it was pointless. This battle was beyond words now. Only action mattered and so after Monk fainted punch the Gran Ray Cero is released, point blank. Yoshirou may be able to lessen the damage as he was swinging his sword. But Monk was confident this would be a truly devastating attack, but it wasn’t to be. Once the Cero had fired, it begins to converge on a single point Yoshirous sword, which thanks to the force of Monks attack had narrowly missed his hand, in seconds the great attack Monk had prepared was gone. As if it had never been made. “No....” Monk says quietly destroyed by the fact his desperate attack, such a powerful attack. Now was all for nothing. Before Monk could then even think about backing off from his opponents. He is sent rocketing down towards the ground. ‘This isn’t just weight any more’ the Shinigami had clearly released his Zanpakuto. ‘It gravity’ it explained the force that had pinned him moment ago. But this was on a different level and it wasn’t all, on his way down Monk can see ten small purple waves of energy, which he had no way of dodging while the gravity was forcing him downward. So unable to manoeuvre out of the way, Monk takes 5 of the waves head on. One hitting the side of his Mask, two on his torso, one on his leg and another on his left arm, them he crunched into the ground. Had he been human or Shinigami Monk imagined all his bones would be crushed, but his Hierro had taken the brunt of the force. Then a second later, the force of the gravity stops and Monk turns his head to look for his opponents and Yoshirou was coming right for him from above and in front of him the unknown Shinigami firing another Kido, who at a glance appeared to be more injured than Monk had thought he would be fro, their clash earlier on. But Monk could not afford to keep taking hit, if this continued even his Heirro would be slowly punished into submission. However Monk decided that Yoshirou’s blade was the most important to avoid. Monk pushes on his hands in a handstand then springs forward, avoid Yoshirou’s blade and by luck not skill the lightning based Kido passes below Monk, now heading towards Yoshirou. When Monk eventually lands closer to the unnamed Shinigami, he bends a knee bring himself lower to the ground. Then clawing his right hand Monk digs it into the ground and rips it up, sending dust, dirt, pebbles and rock towards the Shinigami. Then turning his attention back to Yoshirou. Monk springs up from his bent position and the jump position him above Yoshirou. Bending his right leg, Monk locks it by grabbing it with his right hand. Tensing his muscles to the point of pulling even his muscles, which wouldn’t effect him to badly as long as adrenaline was still pumping though his veins. He uses what is essentially an enhanced version of Oni Dekopin. Something Monk had figured he could pull of with his monster strength and since Yoshirou had absorbed his Gran Ray Cero. Energy based attacks seemed pointless. So he would have to reply on physical and kinetic, then after the Oni Dekopin Monk would fire a Bala at the ground to hopefully blind Yoshirou with dust. If only for a second it would give him more reaction time. And what was this Monk could taste.....blood? ‘That’s not possible ‘ Monk continues to believe.
  12. Monks attack was devastating, once he was free of the Bakudo he clashed his fists with the ground with strength to rival one hundred hollow, maybe more and the kinetic energy is released as a dust cloud and rock and pebbles rocketing this way and that some bouncing of his Hierro like bullets making contact with a sheet of metal. The only downfall of this attack that Monk could see was that the airflow had shot a small cloud of dust around him, but if it had impaired his vision then anyone close to him would suffer the same consequences. However Monk hears a command from Yoshirou or perhaps a battle cry. Most likely an ability of his Zanpakuto and was not something Monk wanted to witness first hand. So using his position close to the ground he was about to dash off using a racing start. But before he can take one step. Something hit him, for a second Monk thought the world was about to stop. Suddenly though the small dust cloud surround Monk rushes to the ground, any remain pebbles bouncing stopped and Monk was forced flat onto his stomach. “WHAT IS THIS!” Monk yells though the force of the weight pushing down on him. It was like the world had been placed atop his shoulders and was pinning him to the ground. “I’m the strongest” Monk says cuffing his fists and fighting against the weight very slowly bringing himself to a single knee. Before... The heat of a furnace surrounds Monk, not only heat, but fire, energy all being compressed onto him by the great force that was holding him down. Burning his Hierro like hot iron fresh from the forge and what remained of his skin felt as though it was melting. Desperation was driving him now. The original blast had ended dragging himself out from the crater that the explosion strengthened by the gravity had created he pulls himself to his feet and gasps, his Hierro no longer a pure white, but a dark grey, burnt and was like having a hot iron constantly pressed against his skin. But Monk had little time to recompose himself another command was heard from the other Shinigami. As Monk looked blades upon blades where sprouting from the ground like a weed, racing towards him. Growling at the lack of time he had to recover Monk leaped to his right out of the way of the incoming blades, then just like before a blade passes Monk by and the next second the Shinigami with the hollow Mask appears before him, already on the offence with a swing of his now released Zanpakuto, aiming for his stomach, which was the last area Monk wanted to take damage. Monk moves his left hand in front to take the frontal force of the blade, he didn’t have time for anything flashy or crazed and as the blade connects. Just like hot iron his Hierro gives way, cutting a gash into his arm. Then pulling away from Monk the Shinigami summons three large swords all poised to strike Monk. But he couldn’t risk taking any more damage, just as they begin there assault on Monk. He drives forward and underneath the swords and towards their creator. A Bala charging within his right hand, Monk uses the driving force of the dive and propels his right hand forwards towards the Shinigami. Even if the Shinigami retreat backwards Monk would let the Bala loose the it fired forwards. However if he could make contact with it as a close range blast it would be far more devastating. Whatever the outcome though. After the assault with the Bala Monk jumps back and several more times so that both Shinigami in front of him. “Aahhhhh” Monk sighs long and hard, the pain of his burnt Hierro still lingering. ‘I can’t keep this up. I’ll die’ Monk thinks. ‘Stop wasting time then, unleash the demon’ a voice whispers inside Monk head. ‘It’s time to stop hiding.....’ then Monk stance drops limp. His arms flopping to his sides and his legs looks as though they are about to give way underneath they’re owner. Then slowly raising his right hand he begins pulling away at what remained of the hood from his robe and as the last fibre drops away. So does the wooden mask that concealed his face and the remnants of his true mask. His face a half an half. Half his original hollow Mask remained covering the left side of his face a red gleaming eye shone from it. Monks ressurection had also extended the Mask to his mouth, no lips to be seen. But a white grin of hollow teeth. The right side of different and not so wild. A kind sky blue eye looking tired and worn squinted though the only part of him that showed the kindness he was had was fading. A thin amount of white hair remained on Monks scalp falling around his head. Once the wooden mask hits the floor Monk stance has chanced. His legs bent lightly, but his arms still hung loose. The blood slowly dripping down his left arm. “I can’t lose” a burst of spiritual pressure begins charging in Monks left hand. Which he had cuffed, a Cero was charging within his hand the blood of an arrancar mixing with it. He energy was trying to push his palm open, like holding a hot bulb. But he wasn’t ready. Monk continues to pour a little more energy into it. Before his eyes fixated on his true target. Yoshirou. For Monk now hangs his left arm loose as if damaged he runs along the ground picking up speed. Before bending both knees he jumps towards Yoshirou and enhancing it with a Sonido, Monk appears close to Yoshirou and starts his right fist at his hip he drives it forwards Yoshirou mimicking a Ikkotsu. But it was a bluff, hoping Yoshirou would swing for Monks hand he would retract it before it gets in harms way and brace his left hand and open his palm, aiming at Yoshirou. Revealing a ball of red and orange like a compact ball of fire. Monks Gran Rey Cero. He had never fired a successful one. But this time he was prepared, it was his intention and he was strong enough. Before the initial blast the ball convulses them instead of it been a direct long beam. It was wide and even though Monk had braced himself knocked him back severally. Monk needed this attack to work to bring the battle back to somewhere near even.
  13. Monks blade rushes down. He though that it was the end for the interfering Shinigami. He would cut him clean in half. But as his blade rushes down. Not only does the Shinigami dodge the attack by shunpo’ing out of the way. But Monks attack had been interfered with. As his blade was about to come down upon the Shinigami. To blades ran across the back of Monks knees. He felt them, they had not been enough to cut. However when he advanced into his kick. Monk saw that the Shinigami had attempted no slash and his other opponents was still on the charge. But at least Monks kick had been slightly effective, the full force of the kick had been dodged. Which once again disappointed Monk. A kick like that on an opponent skull would crack it like a melon. But the debris that had been created from the kick had been the most successful part of Monks offence. The debris had destroyed the Shinigami energy based swords, the blast of rocks had shattered them. Which was good information for Monk in the long run, now he knew that with enough force they could be destroyed. As well as that though the smaller bit of rubble from Monks kick had acted as bullets and had penetrated the skin of the Shinigami, shown by the small stains appearing on his clothing. It now seemed that Monks time to boast about his power was a waste of time, if he had continued his assault Monk may have even had the opportunity to kill one of the two Shinigami’s. But what did it matter. In this form. Monk was the unstoppable force, he wouldn’t be killed and would take anything that stood in his way and remove it. Plus he had the unnamed Shinigami’s Zanpakuto. So at least he wouldn’t be able to release it. Or Monk hoped that was the case anyway. So with the time that Monk wasted boasting the unnamed Shinigami jumped back, putting distance between him and Monk. Which seemed like the obvious thing to do now that he was defenceless. Or so Monk thought. The Shinigami raised his hand in front of his face and what happened next shocked and surprised Monk. What he saw was a Shinigami with what was undoubtedly a hollow Mask. Monk had only ever seen this once before, but had never had the opportunity to fight against it. ‘How much power have the Shinigami’s gained’ Monk thought angered by what was a mockery of hollow and arrancars alike. Then just to rub in the mockery of hollows even further the Shinigami prepared what was clearly a Cero, a powerful one, using two hand to charge it together. But all it was to Monk was a fake version of the real thing. As the Cero beamed towards him. Monk took the Zanpakuto he was holding and sliced into the Cero as it reached him, cutting the beam in half it passed either side of him. His strength acquired from his ressurection made guarding against attacks almost too easy. Soon the Cero had dispersed past him and the next attack was coming in. A pathetic excuse for a Bala coming towards Monks right. So he didn’t even waste time moving the Zanpakuto to block it. Monk shifted his free hand and back handed the Bala. Letting it clash with his Hierro. Causing his Heirro to smoulder with heat. But no actual damage. But what came next came as a surprise and as Monk saw his mistake regretted not dodging the attacks. A bar of light appears in front of him and in five other directions. He brings the Zanpakuto down in an attempt to block the incoming bar of light. But all of them together pin him in the centre of his stomach restricting his movement. Monk released he could waste time. Taking the Zanpakuto he jams the blade into the small gap that separated the bar of light at the front of him and the one beside it and begins to pry it open. Once there was a gap he rushed his left hand into it to keep it open, now he needed his full strength and his own techniques. So he makes the decision to drop the Zanpakuto and begins ripping the Bakudo apart with his strength. Like it was made out of sheets of iron. Monk starts ripping at each now crack that appears and after some time forces his way out. By now he presumed Yoshirou would already be upon him, if not already about to hit him. So Monk prepares his defence. Cupping his hands together he swings them towards the already crack and uneven ground. A feat of strength that would again said rocks flying and create a small kinetic shockwave that would drive just and stand into the sky and around him. Which would hopefully throw off any attack that would be coming towards him. Monk couldn’t allow his cockiness to get the better of him. He knew he was the strongest. He didn’t need to prove or flaunt that fact. All he had to do was kill his opponents. If he hadn’t been so cocky he could have avoided such a tight situation that had led him to use such a drastic and devastating attack as defence.
  14. To Monk disappointment Yoshirou dodge the attack instead and what came shortly after would put Monk in a tight spot. Once the Zanpakuto Monk was holding passed by Yoshirou, Monk attempted to carry on his original plan by bring the blade up for an uppercut. But before he could Yoshirou clashes his toward on top of Monks and a tremendous amount of weight forces the blade to crash onto the floor. ‘That settles it. Weight of some kind’ Monk had figured as this was twice something like this had happened. First his first, now this blade and it was becoming troublesome. When it came in such short powerful burst, even with Monks strength it was difficult to counter. Once Yoshirou had trapped the Zanpakuto. He thrust Monks own blade at him, aiming for his right side and since he couldn’t hear any foot steps behind him Monk presumed that he was in a good position to remain on the offence. Twist his right hand to get a firmer grip on the Zanpakuto he pulls, the weight was unbelievably heavy, but not unmovable, Monk grabs the Zanpakuto out from underneath Yoshirou’s with a scream of grinding metal and attempts to get out of the way of his own incoming blade. But he had been to slow, just. The blade makes contact with the right side of Monks stomach and starts piecing in and Monk drags his left hand over and takes hold on his Zanpakuto once again. “I won’t be hurt by my own blade I’ll make you pay for this: Sin! Kasai Kokyō So!” Before Monk blade can be pushed in any further the blade snaps, losing the driving force which was Yoshirou’s end. Then with no warning fire burst out from both ends of the broken Zanpakuto. Wrapping Monk in flames for a brief amount of time, wrapping around his arms and his legs. Forging his released state. How he was looking forward to using his full strength in this form. However even during his release Monk wasn’t wasting a golden opportunity. He used the blade he had set free and continued with his original uppercut, which to Monks joy hit a small spray of blood comes out from Yoshirou’s chin which Monk relishes in at his opponents first drawn blood and he had forced Yoshirou away. Clearly he no longer wanted to be this close to Monk and who would no his Reccurection was complete. A newly formed white Heirro covering his arms and legs. Unlike his normal skin this was unmarked, no scars, no burns, nothing in a way. His body became his Zanpakuto he was a weapon and a devastating one. Now Monk would have to deal with the other Shinigami as he’d felt an odd mixture of spiritual pressure. Monk turns his head, believing he didn’t have enough time to turn his full body he seems a red bullet, something the size of a Bala. But with the feel of density it was much worse. Monk pushed hard on the ground with his increased strength thanks to his Ressurection, with a powerful jump, Monk is out of the way of the mysterious bullet, but the Shinigami was relentless. Even after this he throws the strange dark coloured blade near Monk, which Monk at first presumed had missed, which was almost laughable in a life and death battle. But to his surprise, the Shinigami shunpo’s or teleports Monk was unsure as the speed the distance was traveled was lightning fast and then he attempted to cut Monk with the white blade. But being this close to Monk in this form was just what Monk wanted, shifting his left arm, Monk intercepts the white blade with his Hierro stopping the blade in its tracks. “Let me show you how to swing a blade” Monk pushes the white blade to his left away from him and grips the Zanpakuto he is holding with both hands and raises it in front of him and swings down with all his force. Unknown to Monk this was almost like using zanjustu and a technique like Ryōdan. But for Monk was imperfect and wild. If the swing missed, Monk still wanted to stay on the offence, so using the force of his swing down with the Zanpakuto he would front flip forward and bring down the heel of his foot down upon the blade or his opponents, which ever got in the way first. If his opponent had moved out of the way of the kick he would drive his foot down as hard as he could and hope the debris from the force of his foot hitting the earth would hit one of his opponents. Then upon landing Monk would stand firm and proud. “Come and face true power and face true sin.” Monk says to both his opponents. ‘Kill them all’ a voice whispers inside Monk head as Monk killer instinct leaks out his rage boiling and his intent to kill the two in front of him was now unstoppable. This fight would only end when death had accord.
  15. Monk was positive he was about to break Yoshirou’s elbow break7nf what Monk presumed was Yoshirou natural hand, but before he can make contact a sudden burst of spiritual pressure explodes out of Yoshirou and Monk feels his entire body gain weight. For all he was used to carrying weight as that was why his hits dealt so much damage he put his entire body weight behind it. But this force drove him and his punch down, so instead of it going for its original target. Instead the downward force pushed Monks fist into Yoshirou leg. However Monk felt no bones breaking which was a shame. However Monk had perhaps gained some information on his opponents. Monk had felt the effects of spiritual pressure before; an overwhelming amount could make it hard to breath or even starve you. But the only time he felt physically pressure from spiritual pressure was during a Arrancar’s release. As spiritual pressure often feels denser after the release. Which could mean Yoshirou’s abilities have something to do with weight or at least altering it. As for Monk the battle with the unknown Shinigami, Monk had won for claim over the Zanpakuto. Monk attempt to grasp the Shinigami head had made him let go of his Zanpakuto and step back. Which was all Monk needed. He needed a short amount of time to react to what Yoshirou was already doing. Monk could see his right hand in front of him, but at a glance Monk could see Yoshirou’s left off to the side and was bringing it down at a similar pace to his right and the unknown Shinigami had wasted no time. Using what Monk could only guess was a Kido or perhaps the Shinigami’s abilities he had summoned two blade. Now he had four blade coming for him and only one that didn’t even belong to him. Monk could only see one option. He takes hold of his enemies Zanpakuto and ducks down, Raising the blade above his head, the first clash of blades comes, the unknown Shinigami strikes his own Zanpakuto, which Monk can take with ease as he bends his knees preparing for the next two and they come. Striking the top of the blade with the imperfect slashed landing on top of the Zanpakuto and pushing the blunt side of the Zanpakuto Monk was holding onto the back of his neck, bringing it to a sudden halt. “Is that all” Monk mocks had used all his strength to block his opponents attacks and he wasn’t stuck. He had already planned ahead as he saw the unknown Shinigami new white sword coming towards him. So Monk pushes hard against the ground and pushes hard up with his arms against his to opponents. Then with all his might he extends his legs. The Zanpakuto he was holding protected him as it pushed his enemies blades away as he shot up and into the sky far from his opponents, once up in the sky Monk begins charging a Cero in his left hand and looks down to only find one target where he had left him, Monk quickly looks around and finds that Yoshirou had disappeared and reappeared by Monks Zanpakuto. So Monk aims for the closer target and aiming his Cero downwards lets the beam be unleashed towards the Unknown Shinigami. This would then hopefully keep him busy enough so Monk could attack his real opponent. Pushing off against the spiritual pressure in the air to give him and speedy start, Monk lands on the ground and covers the rest of the distance in a sprint, preparing an overhead slash once again, but Monk wasn’t going to put as much behind it as his first. Monk was expecting a parry as a counter as Yoshirou had a excellent amount of skill with a Zanpakuto and parrying was the best way for Yoshirou to gain an opening. So if Yoshirou did attempt to counter the downward lash with a counter parry Monk was prepared, having not put his full effort into the attack, Monk would easily be able to redirect from the counter and the go for a lethal upper cut and with this uppercut, Monk would swing hard and long. He would go over his head and bring it back down behind him as he had no doubt the other Shinigami would be on the offence soon after dealing with the Cero.
  16. Even after all the effort Monk had gone though in order to defend himself, he’d dropped his Zanpakuto, taken a shock in his arm and countered the Shinigami’s attack almost perfect and yet all he had achieved was tearing away at the Shinigami’s white shirt. ‘I may as well have retreated’ Monk thinks to himself as his kick upwards was also countered by the exact means that Yoshirou used. Using that accursed Kido. It seemed facing two Shinigami of this level was going to be an up hill battle, but one he would win. No matter the cost. Then just after being countered Monk felt yet another hit come from behind him, hitting him in the side of the ribs, his Heirro took the brunt of the force as it wasn’t a blade that had hit him. But the force was still strong. So Monk didn’t resist. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of the way again. So he loosened his muscles and let himself tumble along the ground for a few feet and pushed himself back up with his hands and regains his composure quick as he was sure more was on its way and it was. A bright yellow kido was shooting towards him while Yoshirou was coming up only a few seconds behind it, his Zanpakuto raised above his head, meaning it was going to come crashing down and if it came down with the same force as his last swing, Monk wasn’t sure he wanted to block that directly with his Heirro and even allowing it to side down his Heirro could be risky. Monk could on think of one solution and was positive that if Yoshirou was on the attack the other Shinigami would be soon. ‘Now!’ Monk thinks just as the Kido is about to reach him and the downward slash of Yoshirou’s blade begins Monk uses Sonido to move a very small distance, which is just to the right of Yoshirou and as Monk watched the Zanpakuto swing past him and down towards the ground Monk was left with the opening he wanted, but only for a second. The other Shinigami would likely be on his way. So Monk cuffs his left fist and pushes it towards Yoshirou’s elbow in an attempt to break it. If he could quiet literally disarm on arm then he would gain some form of advantage over his opponents and now it was the other Shinigami’s turn as he saw him, he had been on the frontal assault for some time. But Monk was not going to leave himself open for attack a third time. A horizontal swing comes from the Shinigami. So Monk quickly shifts his right and and block the Zanpakuto at the guard, blocking it with the palm of his hand so he could push against it and make sure it went no further than he intended. Then the Shinigami pulls back and comes in for a thrust. But Monks right hand was still free as the blade comes toward Monk once again, Monks right hand lunges towards the blade and tightens around it like a vice, with a sound that almost sounded like metal on metal the Zanpakuto eventually comes to a stop before reaching Monk. Now he had both of his opponents directly in front of him. So whether or not Monks first counter against Yoshirou succeeded or not, he still wanted to deal with the pest that was disturbing his fight against the opponents he had sort in the first place. So Monk attempts to pull on the Shinigami’s blade and pulls it towards him and slightly to his right, well out of the way of his stomach. If the Shinigami chose to let go of his Zanpakuto to avoid Monk he would use the Shinigami’s blade against Yoshirou and swing for his neck, even though Monk was gripping it by the blade there was still enough blade to sever a head from a neck. However if the Shinigami did not let go of the blade Monk would bring his left hand over and with an open hand try to get a hold of the Shinigami’s head, If he managed to get a hold of the Shinigami’s head he was going to attempt to crush it like a melon and be rid of the pest that had entered this battle. But what was important was both his opponents were in close range, Monk felt he had the advantage. If all his attacks succeeded which in battle was never truely certain he had possibly broken one opponent arm or stolen another’s Zanpakuto. If either happened, Monk would have a great advantage and would possibly lead him to victory.
  17. Monk was confident that in such close combat that it would be the end of Yoshirou. His hand was inches away from Yoshirou wrist and if he wasn’t able to shove him towards his new opponent. He would simply rip his arm out of his socket instead. That seemed more effective. But Monk was shortly disappointed, with his eagerness to get hold of his opponents he had reached across to his right and left himself open. Upon hearing the words of the Kido incantation, he was well aware what would happen next. As the Kido makes contact with his open chest he is knocked back quite severely, however damage to him is practically minimal, unnoticed. There was a reason he was a master of hand to hand and that was because he was extremely hard to damage with it or with means similar to it. But that doesn’t quench is anger. Just fills him with pride and confidence. But for a short time Monk is brought back from the frenzy of the fight as Yoshirou asks if this was all Monk was: a killer. And perhaps as of recent that was true. Monk couldn’t remember the last person he had sparred, one thing he had seen that he hadn’t had the intent to kill. Monk had walked a path of blood for a long time. But he had his reason. Monk raises his Zanpakuto and swings it down, ending the strike at his feet. A shock wave of wind rustles the leafs on the tree and knocks branches out from the tree. “Once I was different, quiet and I sparred life. Back when I was so foolish. Every life sparred is a future enemy. A hollow let live is the possibility of being consume by that very hollow. Every Shinigami not slain is a enemy for the future. Every human not consume is wasted energy. It’s clear how the world work and it has never been fair. Never for us hollow. We are brought to life, unwilling and born hungry and endless hungry and so we devour. However those who are powerful enough to devour our brethren; fellow hollow are considered wrong. Hunted down always, regardless of our nature. I never took a human life. I was sympathetic, how small they were underneath me. But it didn’t matter I was always hunted. So what does it matter. If I’m a monster, let me be a demon.” This time Monk turn around and swings his blade at the tree that laid outside the destroy village and after a moments pause the leafs all fall out of the tree. “And those whisper. They come from a phantom. I do not know his name. But he speaks the truth. Not just my enslavement to you, but the my enslavement to all Shinigami and how all hollow have to obey and are eventually slaughtered by you. It is time for the Shinigami to pay there toll as they have gone around unchecked for far too long. I have come to collect it for everyone” Monk turns again facing his opponents once more. The price to pay was death. The death of all Shinigami. Once Monk has finished addressing Yoshirou’s question the new Shinigami attacks. Clearly having no interest in continuing the conversation, just to Monks liking. Before charging at Monk he fires off a Kido. A blast of blue flame rushed towards Monk. “Come on” Monk taunt. He was bored of fight Kido he wanted flesh and strength. Reaching forward with and a left open hand Monk rams it into the Sokatsui. Clashing with the Kido separating it and passing by him. Reducing the damage to just his arm, which had burn off the sleeve on his robe, his Heirro charred by the Kido, but once again not enough damaged enough to cause discomfort. There was worse Kido to take head on. “You’ll have to try harder than that” Monk said seeing that once the Kido had dispersed past him the unknown Shinigami was no longer in front of him. “A living creatures weakest point is...” Monk begins as he starts to turn around. “The back” as he sees a blade been swung at him Monk Monk moves his blade to counter the Shinigami, once again confident he would take the blow and as both blades connect, Monks right hand gripping his Zanpakuto spasms gripping the blade, even tighter. ‘A shock?’ Monk thinks to himself, thinking it could possibly be the ability of this Shinigamis Zanpakuto. ‘But he hasn’t released it yet’. However as long as he held his blade the longer he would feel the shock as he had no idea how long it would last, so Monk forces his hand open and drops his Zanpakuto, removing the shock from his right arm. Upon dropping his Zanpakuto though his guard is lost and is forced to lean backwards to avoid the blade. Then he had to worry about the second swing. Going diagonally, so Monk ducks slightly low down and flattens his right hard and goes in for the counter, angling his hand so it met with the blade, running along his hand and down his arm, tearing the right sleeve of robes, revealing his right arm to be covered in scars and adding one more scratch to the collect, minimised by the angle he had counted at. But he didn’t stop there. His defence now became his attack at he continued forward letting his enemies Zanpakuto run down his right arm and then fall off at his elbow. Monk then lunges his flat right hand towards the Shinigami gut. Then with his body slightly lower to the ground Monk would follow this up with a kick upwards going for in between the Shinigami’s legs. However even if he missed, with the kick he planned to launch himself up into air and out of the Shinigami swing range. If his kick had managed to connect and knocked the Shinigami up with him. Monk would cup his hands and slam them down on top of the Shinigami knocking him back down to the ground. However now his back was turned towards Yoshirou. Hopefully he wouldn’t risk anything that would put his ally at risk.
  18. Monks first attack appeared to be easy brushed off with a parry. His sword swung to the left and instead makes constant with the ground gouging out a scar in the earth, while his opponent moves out of the way to create distance between them, clearly using the beginning of the battle to feel out Monk, however Monk has already learned what he needed to know. His strength rivalled Yoshirou’s and that was all he needed to know to win this fight, in the right situation and the right strike Monk could kill him. But he had more pressing matters. Before Yoshirou had retreated he fired off a second Kido, one Monk had seen plenty of time as it seemed to be favoured by most shinigami. So as the pale lightning shot towards him Monk continues with his original plan. He thrusts his blade into the ground and drags himself out of the way of the kido, it passing him with a whip and piercing though several trees as it disappears into the forest. Monk could have taken that Kido on his Hierro. He doubted it would have pierced though, but would have left its mark. However Monk wanted to save the hardness of his Hierro for a more opportune moment. Now it was time for him to close the gap once again. He didn’t want to play a game of catch, but until Yoshirou thought he’d grasped Monk power then the real fight would begin. Monk was going to have to play the game of catch until Yoshirou was ready to fight him head on. So he needed to close the distance once again. He lunges towards Yoshirou and as he does. Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto is swung towards Monks side. However Monk had already figured that his strength rivalled his opponents so blocking the attack head on would be the best option. So raising his own Zanpakuto to the side of him, holding it out with a bend elbow to brace for the impact of blades, then not a second later after the blades had connected the weight of Yoshirous Zanpakuto gained more weight and force behind it, forcing Monk to tighten up his muscles in his right hand to hold back the force. “Stronger than I - Gahh!!” Monk was about to mock Yoshirou on being weak, but instead was cut of by a sharp pain being forced into Monks back, it couldn’t have been a citizen of the village, they didn’t have the power cut into his Heirro, which meant, this was a trap. Monk didn’t have time to work out who or what was forcing the blade into his back all he didn’t know was if he didn’t move it would do a great deal of damage to his Heirro and himself. Monk twists his back sharply, forcing the blade to run along his back and off past his shoulder instead of deeper into him. At the same time as this Monk angles his blade and push hard so Yoshirou’s would be shoved away from him. Once this was achieve Monk lunges his free left hand towards Yoshirou’s wrist and was going to attempt to use Yoshirou’s blade against the unknown enemy behind him. If this grapple connected Monk would use the swing that pulled Yoshirou to pull himself out from in between his two enemies and then retreat to a safe distance to he could rethink his own tactics to deal with two Shinigami. If the grapple failed, Monk would roll out from the middle of his two enemies, jump and wind up a kick to knock Yoshirou into the new enemy and once this had connect or missed. Monk would retreat to a safe distance firing a low charged Bala at the ground to knock as much dust into the air and give Monk plenty of time to adjust. The worst part about the fight now was that the secret of his sturdy Heirro had now being revealed. If his Heirro had been weaker then a sneak attack like that could have greatly wounded him, even possibly killed him. However he had survived and was still more than capable of fighting and couldn’t wait to find out the identity of the new enemy. Monk had hated Yoshirou before. Now he loathed him, Monk blood was boiling and his hand and blade shook in anger as he saw both Shinigami standing before him. “I’ll kill you both then”
  19. There was a strange essence of wrath coming from the words of the Shinigami named Yoshirou. The words themselves contain so much hate, yet his voice remained calm. Monk thought it reminded him of someone, but he no longer remembered there name. And just as Monk had attempted it seemed now Yoshirou was attempting to anger Monk. But he wasn’t going to let it work. One way or the other this match had been decided the moment he had appeared in front of him. “It’s been a long time since people have used my name like that. I used to think names where pointless, but at least if I have a name, you’ll have something to curse as I rip your body apart and I’ve never had the displeasure of meeting you. But not only does the nature of the world make you my enemy, but whisper have made you my personal enemy. So the answer is yes, to both question. Yes I’ve come to seek you out and kill you and I’ve come to reclaim my freedom from you and all Shinigami” the time for words was now over. Everything that needed to be said had been said and Monk was tired now tired of waiting for the slaughter to begin. Monk takes his next step towards the Shinigami, but not before Yoshirou fires of a type of kido. However Monk wasn’t going to be playing any ranged games. He’d crush his opponent face to face. So Monk reaches backwards and grabs a limp corpse in his left hand and throws into the path of the on coming Kido. The body bursts into flame, then ash and is gone all in a second, but the kido was gone with it. Leaving the path open to Yoshirou. Whether he had his Zanpakuto drawn or not it didn’t matter. Monk would break him one way or another. Monk launches himself at Yoshirou, Zanpakuto raised above his head in his right hand and once he was close enough he brings his blade crashing down, his attempt was not to cut, but in hopes that Yoshirou would attempt to block Monk was attempting to break the Shinigamis hand with just one strike and if the first strike was not enough to break his guard then he would pummel down a second and a thirds time. Each would slightly increase with strength so he could grab a concept of his opponents physical strength. So far Yoshirou had proven he was somewhat adepts in kido. Monk knew from the numbering of kido that the one he had defended himself against was not something a hollow would like to come up against. If only the Phantom had given Monk more information on the Shinigami and this fight would have been over before it begun. The phantom had left him now. If he was summoned by death Monk was interested in what he would think once the entire Shinigami race had been wiped from Seritei. But first he had to kill Yoshirou Kyoraku the Shinigami who had attempted to steal Monks freedom.
  20. Monk was beginning to grow suspicious. It had been some time since he had released his spiritual pressure and made his presence known in Seritei. If like the phantom had said that this; Yoshirou Kyoraku was close by then why was it taking him this long. “Perhaps he is going to collect reinforcements. Or maybe it a trap” Monk contradicts himself “if it’s a trap then he won’t be worth the time I spent getting here” Monk replies to himself. “Bastard Shinigami” he curses hating there very being he hoped cursing there name would bring harm to them. But it wasn’t long before his paranoia was deterred as a shinigami appears before his throne of corpse and poses Monk with a two question. His name and how he had come to arrive. But Monk doesn’t answer straight away. Instead he looks at the shinigami studying him. “Yoshirou Kyoraku I presume. I am Monk.” He pauses once again to stare. “He doesn’t look like much” he says out loud without realising. “As for my presence in this place. I enlisted the help of a young Shinigami girl in the human world and I would tell you her name, but I wasn’t worth remembering” he says as he lets out a small chuckle. “And don’t worry she doesn’t need punishing for helping a hollow I’ve already carried it out for you” Monk can’t help it this time and let’s out a full blow laugh. Then there was the fact of addressing the pile of bodies. “No right to kill them? I don’t know they did attack me first, accusing me of being some Shinigami and it did just feel so RIGHT. You should have seen the look on their faces once they realised their mistake” Monk says the glee in his voice clearly proud and happy with his surrounding covered in blood. Monk then grabs a corpse by it hair and drags it closer and decapitates it and shows it to Yoshirou. “I presume it looked like this” he says pulling the mouth of deceased mother open. He then drops the head to the ground his actions showing he had lost all respect for the dead and the fact he hadn’t devoured a single one of them only proved how worthless they were in life and death. Monk was trying to agitate Yoshirou, get him to the point where he would lash out with enough opening to finish this in one strike and then make the death very slow and very painful. So there was one more disgusting fact he could drive in. “Oh and there was even those with power here. But don’t worry I didn’t kill them. I just slowly watched them starve as my own spiritual pressure kill them. Perhaps if you’d arrived earlier you could have saved them” Monk then gets up and takes a step towards Yoshirou crushing the decapitated head under his foot, zanpakuto drawn and gleaming red with the blood of the innocent.
  21. Monk was becoming impatient once again. This Phantom seemed to have this effect on him. Constantly telling him what he thought to be the truth. As if he was the one who had driven Monk here. Yes perhaps he had planted the idea in Monks head. But Monk had taken action. He had returned to the human world, he had captured a Shinigami and then made it all the way to Seritei on his own. No help and no interference. But the phantom continued on. Mocking Monks freedom as if Monks actions weren’t my his own, encouraging his rage as if he was immune to it and finally that he didn’t care who died, but that in the end he would collect and the fun we have. Monk refused to listen to this nonsense any more. He would not be dragged down there. He would not lose this battle, even if he had to hold his head on his shoulders. “Enough” Monk says quietly first. Then unsure that the phantom would have heard him. “Enough!” Monk had turned. But the phantom had long gone. “I swear I’ll find you and after the Shinigami your next Phantom” Monk dives at a burning house and crashes into it. Knocking the entire house to the ground taking his anger out on anything he could find. “Yoshirou Kyoraku! Phantom! Shinigami! I’ll kill you all. I am the Fire breathing Demon and you are my prey” Monk swings his Zanpakuto, dragging it along the ground and swing high above his head. A dust cloud filling the sky. “I’ll kill you all” and Monk waits Zanpakuto drawn. Poised to strike at the first sign of life.
  22. While waiting for his target Monk felt a presence arrive and a familiar one at that. It feels like it is being created from the mountain of dead bodies he is resting up. When it finally reveals itself Monk reaches for his Zanpakuto resting in the skull of a corpse. The Phantom Monk had me at in Hueco Mundo had returned. But how, Monk had cut him in two. This wasn’t possible. Monk thought back to his moment in the human world meeting a hooded figure who he had sworn he killed twice. ‘Could these two be linked?’ Monk thought to himself as the phantom speaks in his usual mocking tone. But Monk does not reply. He had not done this simply because he had informed him of the Shinigami, Monk was doing this for his own gain. He couldn’t careless what this phantom expected of him. Monk only decides to speak once the phantom let out a sarcastic comment like he had predicted Monks actions and had either escaped death or had been resurrected. Monk was beginning to fear the second option. “You followed me? And no I have no pleasure in seeing you again. The last time we met you went out of your way to mock me before giving me the information I desired. Your death was your own fault and if I wasn’t in the enemies territory YOU would be my target.” The phantom goes on saying he has only appeared to point me in the right direction. Something Monk couldn’t deny he was at least good at. However Monk didn’t expect to hear what he did next. The shinigami Monk was seeking was nearby. Upon hearing this information Monk rips his Zanpakuto out from the skull and brandishes his blade. Slowly raising his spiritual pressure in anticipation of the right. He couldn’t wait to let his Zanpakuto taste Shinigami blood and tear the head off of Yoshirou Kyoraku. “I thank you for your information again phantom. However once I’m done with the Shinigami. All of them. I will find how you have returned and next time I shall make sure you don’t.” Monks spiritual pressure had risen to a detectable point. However he didn’t want to raise it to high and give away his power. He wanted the first attack to be the last and the right be over in a second. Monk lands back on the pile of bodies as he begin fantasising about all the ways he wanted to kill the Shinigami a foul grin growing on his face.
  23. Maskmonk

    The Unstoppable Force

    As Monk blade connects the with demon, he hear it particularly begging for death as if it was what It wanted. But Monk was happy with the end result as he felt the splatter of blood hit the sand, staining it red and a thump beside him. Once the sand clears even Monk is surprised by his own feat. The demon lay near by. Cleaved in two and a dark sinister grin appears on Monks face as everything becomes clear. "So you finally know who I am" the mysterious arrancar says placing a hand on Monks blood drenched zanpakuto. Monk did not answer. It would have been foolish. To answer himself. He'd lost that kill instinct. Why wasn't that clear, had he pulled it in all those years ago in order to not hurt the ones he called allies. Monk shakes with excitement, power, blood lust. What a fool he'd been. He'd held himself back for too long, had he remained under his own ruling he could be even greater than what he was now. It was very much like the demon was saying. Monk was becoming a masterpiece. Monk cackled a moment along with the demon. "Perhaps I should thank you. You have been the final piece of the puzzle. Yes, yes I WAS a fool. But now." Monk chuckles. "Now....." possibilities run though Monk mind. The eradication of all his enemies. Immortality. All of it well within his grasp. "I'll allow you to live your final moment in piece. At least I have the confidence I won't be seeing you again" Monk says turning his back on the demon, who was now choking on his own blood. Music, to Monks ears. As Monk walked. He received what he was after. Along with something he would prefer not to come true. The demons name was Sama'el and apparently he would see him again. But Monk doubted it in that state and the name of the shinigami. Yoshirou Kyoraku. A name of a fitting opponent. Monk thought, now blocking out the random drivel of a demon. Spouting on about how he would cast the way. No monk knew how to get the attention of shinigami. Monk reaches into thin air and tears it in to. Pulling a garaganta into existence. The human world. Yes Monk would most certainly kill to his hearts content. What better way to store up some spiritual pressure. After all humans are such easy pray. Monk walks into the open mouth of the garaganta dragging his bloodied zanpakuto behind him. Leaving a bloodied trail behind him.
  24. Maskmonk

    The Unstoppable Force

    Ooc - hoping to make a return to my Roleplay. Have a lot of unfinished business and hope to possibly rekindle some fires of other Roleplayer or new ones. The vast desert of Hueco Mundo, endless white sand under a pale moon and know one knew this better than the Arrancar Monk. Wandering for what felt like month now. Monk had finally come to understand the meaning of endless, this desert went on forever and even without allies he would strive towards an endless life. The Espada, the worthless Espada had given him nothing. They did not have the strength he required, the raging battle against Vatto had proven that much. This far into Hueco Mundo, Monk didn't expect to see anyone or anything. The absence of all life was more comforting than any company he'd ever indulged in. His thoughts were all that were left to keep him company along with his zanpakuto. However his thought, dreams and fears weren't the best company to have with him at all time. As Monk progressed further and further into the desert, the loneliness gnawed at Monk brain, if anyone did turn up, they'd be no ally, if the chains came for him. He rattled his head to rid himself of the sound of chains. But he was never truly rid of them. They haunted him when he rested or when his thoughts drifted. "How long have you been walking?" Someone asked him. "Months? Maybe a year now...... What are you hoping to find? Salvation? Peace? An answer or an end?" Monk swings his zanpakuto behind him, but cuts nothing but thin air. "Why not let a hollow devour you, wouldn't that bring peace to you?" The voice continued to mock him. "Emptiness". That was what Monk was looking for, even though he detested Shinigami, if he was far enough away, surely they'd never bother him, never come searching for him. Without shinigami, without them, his chances at survive rose. If it cost him his sanity, it didn't matter. Monk had lost hope in now finding a cause, finding a purpose. Nothing. Nothing was worthy of him. No Great War, no journey of enlightenment and no peace worth fighting for. "Shame....." , "what's that?" "That Arrancar was worth something, shame he decided to join that worthless Espada. If anyone could have been a worthy ally it was him." Monk remembered his latest right well. His blood hadn't had the chance to rush like that for a long time. But it was all for nought, nothing but a slightly amusement. "And a great inconvenience...." Monk cackled to himself as he looked over to his left arm, completely deprived of clothing to cover the scarred limb, as it had been torn off. No.... much more than torn, it had been erased, during his fight he'd been left with nothing, but a great chunk missing out of his shoulder, that damned Kyohi or whatever Vatto called it had 'rejected' the very existence of Monk's limb, which in turn sent Monk into a fit of rage as he tired to tear Vatto limb from limb and would have succeeded had it not been for the spectators intervening. But had it not been for Vatto he would not have his left arm back. Once the conflict had settled. Vatto used his abilities to not exactly heal, but at least rejuvenate his limb. Which is something Monk never had the pleasure of, having traded all his regenerative abilities for superior strength and what he thought was an unbreakable Heirro. "Had we journeyed together it would have only ended in conflict to produce the strongest among us" Monk argued with himself as he'd experienced destroying someone he once traveled with not long before he turned Arrancar. "Allies are pointless eventually they'll turn against you for their own gain. You can only trust yourself" Monk says out loud looking into the distance and spotting something out of place. An object, bold and vast in size. 'It couldn't be Las Noches? Surely I haven't been going in a circle' Monk thought to himself as he continued walking towards the object and as he got ever closer as the distance was always exaggerated when all there was between one thing or another was sand. As Monk finally reached the object. Monk stared pulled..... 'A boulder' he think. "It's not that unlikely, they must have built Las Noches from something" the voice talk to him again. It wasn't smooth, the boulder was jagged in places, smooth in others, but nothing like the stone that held up Las Noches. It seemed out of place. Monk placed his left hand against the boulder, he hadn't had chance to test out his rejuvenated arm, He pushes against the great bolder. But it remains firm, which Monk would have normally thought impossible. He switches over and uses his right arm and attempts to move the boulder. But still it remains firm and unmoved. Monk took his zanpakuto out of his belt and left it standing in the ground. Walking several feet back Monk expelled the first burst of energy he had in month as he sprinted towards the boulder and crashed into it. Still the great monolith stood against him. 'Never have I ever found something I could not move' Monk was baffled, either his strength had diminished from the lack of activity during these last long month or the battle from Vatto had taken that greater a toll on his body. Monk took his zanpakuto and fit it back into his belt. Then he dug his feet deep into the sand, one behind the other and placed both hands on the opponents that lay before him and he pushed. The colossal boulder still refused to move. "What are you doing?" He heard the voice. Monk was afraid of his answer. "Odd isn't it. Something that rivals my strength, is something as simple as this...." Monk growls putting all his strength into move the monolith. "My strength is unrivalled." Monk focused as he took a step forward and the great boulder shifted. As Monk pushed its true size was revealed as it was unearthed. But Monk fought on, pushing a simple but immense foe towards an unseen goal.