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  1. The journey to Seritei was not unlike that of a journey to Hecou Mundo, the only thing that seems to separate a Garaganta and a Senkimon, was the entrance. One was far more elegant, a sliding door. Where the other showed what it was, a dark entrance that lead somewhere dark and the inside felt no different. It was dark and lifeless. The only way he could tell he was still going in the right direction was that he had not turned and that there was a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. But what waited on the other side, Monk couldn’t be sure. For the second time in his life he’d put his hands in the life of a Shinigami. He trusted the first and would never trust again. The one he’d just killed was a mean to an end. ‘No’ Monk thought. ‘There was no trust, there never was, all of them where a means to an end. For survival’ and it had worked. Each time Monk had found what he could have called an ally. He didn’t join them. He used them until he had outgrown them. The Division; he outlasted them all, the last surviving member of something long forgotten and something he had forgotten himself. Then Vatto and the Espada. He had approached them. As an ally looking for an army. What he found was an Arrancar he could have called ally and the Espada shown to be cowards hiding in there fortress of night. Recently he had come across a arrancar he thought was an enemy. He thought the beast was a demon. But Monk may as well have been looking into a mirror. He was that mean, thirsting for blood and battle and vengeance against every Shinigami on this earth. He had found himself andnthe strength he had lost. And finally the march came to an end. He reached the light at the end of the tunnel and for a moment wasn’t sure if he had actually travelled to the Seritei or not. As he had come out in an area, somewhat dense with trees. Monk takes a moment to search his surrounding and spiritual pressure. After a moment he was sure this was part of Seritei. In his close vicinity he could sense dots of spiritual pressure. Only above what a human might posses. But further a field. Monk could sense spiritual pressure of the very race he wished to eradicate. But it was much further than he had anticipated. Was this a miss direction by the Shinigami or had she places him somewhere he would be safe in. But it didn’t matter. She was long dead and by now her blood would be feeding the grass. So Monk moved on. Whatever the small gathering of small spiritual pressure was it must be some sort of civilisation and it wasn’t long until he came upon a small rustic village. Log cabin, thatched roofs. As he entered more into the centre of the village. People where giving him some odd looks. Monk imagined it was thanks to his blood soaked robes. “Nice evening friend” a voice says behind him and a dozen men are stood there, one with a bat. Monk doesn’t answer. “I think you ought to move along” the man in the middle said. Who was bald, unlike his blonde and brown haired friends. “I have business with someone” Monk replies. “Not around here you don’t, we don’t like you Shinigami types” the bald man waves the bat around. “I’m no Shinigami” Monk says bluntly and decides to ignore the man. “Only a Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto”. Monk continues to ignore the man. Looking around for some clue as to which direction he should go. However while he was doing this. A pressure is applied to his back. “What the fu-“ one of the men had drew a knife and attempted to strike him. It didn’t even register as pain, but was punished for his actions with a hand ripping though his ribcage. “I’m no Shinigami. I’m much worse. Dogs of Shinigami” It turned out it was a nice afternoon. Crackling fire, burned the wood houses and thatched roofs. A warm, wet sensation ran along Monks feet and between his toes. A warm bed of bodies lay underneath Monk as he rested after a successful and refreshing slaughter. The town had been dyed the same colour as the grip of his Zanpakuto. This town was Monks small domain in the realm of Shinigami now. No life remained here except him. A demon. Waiting to be found. A single Shinigami his target then he would make the rest fall one after another.
  2. The Unstoppable Force

    As Monk blade connects the with demon, he hear it particularly begging for death as if it was what It wanted. But Monk was happy with the end result as he felt the splatter of blood hit the sand, staining it red and a thump beside him. Once the sand clears even Monk is surprised by his own feat. The demon lay near by. Cleaved in two and a dark sinister grin appears on Monks face as everything becomes clear. "So you finally know who I am" the mysterious arrancar says placing a hand on Monks blood drenched zanpakuto. Monk did not answer. It would have been foolish. To answer himself. He'd lost that kill instinct. Why wasn't that clear, had he pulled it in all those years ago in order to not hurt the ones he called allies. Monk shakes with excitement, power, blood lust. What a fool he'd been. He'd held himself back for too long, had he remained under his own ruling he could be even greater than what he was now. It was very much like the demon was saying. Monk was becoming a masterpiece. Monk cackled a moment along with the demon. "Perhaps I should thank you. You have been the final piece of the puzzle. Yes, yes I WAS a fool. But now." Monk chuckles. "Now....." possibilities run though Monk mind. The eradication of all his enemies. Immortality. All of it well within his grasp. "I'll allow you to live your final moment in piece. At least I have the confidence I won't be seeing you again" Monk says turning his back on the demon, who was now choking on his own blood. Music, to Monks ears. As Monk walked. He received what he was after. Along with something he would prefer not to come true. The demons name was Sama'el and apparently he would see him again. But Monk doubted it in that state and the name of the shinigami. Yoshirou Kyoraku. A name of a fitting opponent. Monk thought, now blocking out the random drivel of a demon. Spouting on about how he would cast the way. No monk knew how to get the attention of shinigami. Monk reaches into thin air and tears it in to. Pulling a garaganta into existence. The human world. Yes Monk would most certainly kill to his hearts content. What better way to store up some spiritual pressure. After all humans are such easy pray. Monk walks into the open mouth of the garaganta dragging his bloodied zanpakuto behind him. Leaving a bloodied trail behind him.
  3. The Unstoppable Force

    The figure follows Monk just as he expected it would. It was just as interested in what he had to offer as much as Monk was interested in it. It stated that Monk would gain freedom as if he were some sort of prisoner. HIM! A prisoner. Every word that came out the creatures mouth seemed mocking, taunting. Almost cruel. But that is not all. The creature delves deeper it to what it has to say. Claiming one shinigami is behind all of it. 'A single shinigami?' Monk thought to himself. But greatly doubted it. He was not so weak as to be controlled. Not again anyway. The figure continued. But Monk replied the second time. "I am far from broken. Far from it physically and should you mention my sanity again. It shall be the last time you ever do." Monk threatened and again at the end. Shinigami dog. The very wording, the very idea. Monks upper lip twitched. Itching for something to kill. And either it was very soon going to be the figure walking, no floating? Beside him or this shinigami that it spoke of. Yet on and on the figure goes. Making sense, but very little which interests Monk. He did NOT make the shinigamis life easier. He was NOT helping them. Then as the creature is finally about to reveal the name Monk was craving at this point. The creature pauses. Monk snaps. A voice echos in his head and across the vast desert. "KILL HIM" Monk raises his zanpakuto and brings it crashing towards the figure. "Tell me figure are you worthy to be killed, you act high and mightily and now I've had my fill. Enough. Give me my name, the name and yours so I may take it to oblivion once I'm finished. My work is far from over I'll kill anyone and anything and anything and anything that gets in my way and YOU are slowing me down. Get out my way or become an obstacle that I must remove." Monk raises the blade and slams it into the ground around him. Lifting up the sand as he slams it down. "Don't stop." A voice whispers in his head and the feeling of pleasure as these introductions are given to him are to much. Monk swings his blade in movement so unpredictable. No rhyme or reason. Some swings so violent his arms feel as though they will break under the pressure of his own force. Fighting his imagination. Monk hoping the creature is among all the dead bodies he thinks he sees. Monk drops the blade and.... breaths. "The name or your life." Monk laughs looking over his shoulder at the figure. A grin so fowl hidden under his mask.
  4. The Unstoppable Force

    You creature in front of Monk only seemed to be excited by the fact Monk was shaking with the anticipation to kill him, it was as if he though he couldn't die. But before Monk swung his zanpakuto the creature stopped him. 'Not worthy' 'Liking to shinigami?' 'A guide?' Monk hesitated. He agreed, but also disagreed. Yes most of the ones he had deemed to be his enemies so far hadn't been nothing but slaughter, easy prey. But he wasn't killing them for shinigamis sake. He'd long past such desires. To kill hollows for the sake of ridding their greed from the world no longer made sense. As the world was filled with nothing but it. "My enemies are who I depict. Shinigamis all the same. I am not some sort of..... DOG." Monk threatened to swing in an attempt to intimidate the creature. 'But if he's willing to guide us' a voice whisper from behind him. "Shut up!" Monk turns on his feet swing behind him. "I make my own decisions! Not you!" Monk shouts at thin air, then a moment later turns back to the creature his temper lowered by this sudden outburst. However the creature on mocks him, questioning Monks sanity. Something he though he had a firm grip upon. He was all to aware that this thing in front of him was real, fading into the ground or not and that arrancar which followed him like a shadow. He could only be real, couldn't he? 'No!' Monks mind argues. "Enough of your riddles you.... phantom. If you wish to judge my killing then so be it. And you question my sanity, on what terms? My mind is my own. I kill who I please and if you wish to 'guide me' then I may assist you in your endeavour" Monk did not take well to being talked down to and attempts to portray the creature as weak and in need of Monks help. Monk was now becoming bored of this same parlour trick. To hide ones self was not a god given ability, simply a tricksters tool. Monk wanted to turn his back on the creature in disrespect. But was intrigued as the creature tries to make himself less of a tormentor and more of an ally with information on a arch enemy. "Then enough of your word play" Monk turns on his weak, marching at a quick pass wanting the creature to follow. "If you know of an old enemy or a new enemy I do not care all are the same and stand in my way and all will pass away before me. Share your information. I will rid the world of it and perhaps you can leave me in peace to find my own enemies" Monk displiked the creature, but he showed no hostility and appeared to have information. Information that made Monks heart quicken with anticipation of hearing it.
  5. The Unstoppable Force

    Monk had little knowledge of his next location, his next goal, but an itching in the back of his mind told him traitors and savages would need to be devoured and executed just like before and again after that and again and again. Even if the cycle became endless wasn't that for the best with everything dead there would be no need for slaughter and his death would never occurs. Monk picked a direction which his instincts agreed with an walk. The blood on his cloths and pressing against his body beginning to feel natural, his zanpakuto resting in his grip was now second nature almost to never let it go and never let it out of reach. The arrancar was not far behind him. He could feel him getting closer, he wanted to torment him again. Flaunt his strength over Monk. But Monk was determined to make a hasty retreat before the arrancar could appear once again. But to Monk displeasure the figure appears in the distance, but sinks into the ground a moment later and appears a short time after. Displeased with the theatrics, Monk turns, ignoring his instincts and walking in the other direction. But even as Monk turns the figure appears out of the ground once more drawing closer. Once again Monk turns, only to have to firm hands press down on his shoulders. 'Hold your ground, our strength may be required' the arrancar whispers in his ear. Although to the mysterious figure approaching Monk, the insane arrancar is only talking to himself. Evoking a fake confidence of companionship, but an honest threat of strength. Monk now holds his ground, confused, but not unfazed by the disappearance of this unknown figure. In fact it greatly adgitated him, Monk felt mocked. But then the figure disappeared completely. After a moment time, Monk returned to his travels. Believeing his vision to be no more than one of his haunting dreams, but this time, his fear had not got the best of him and had remained vigilant. That was until an unfamiliar voice echoes out the ground, only taunting him more with its questioning and remark. The figure now making its final appearance a few yards away, tempting Monk to end this conversation in an instant. But he felt like humouring the creature before he condemned it to its untimely and agonising death. "You do not know of my might, but this has always been my nature, revealed or not." Monk disliked the figures tone. It's as if he knew him, but Monk didn't recognise him so was lead to believe the figure knew very little about him. But it seemed at least that he had been watched as the figure seemed to take great interest in the 'sacrifice' behind Monk. "Then you should walk away, unless you wish to be added to the pile. That 'sacrifice' is not for you, nor for anyone. It's an extemanation of those I determine to be my enemy" Monk said, taking great pleasure to demean the figure. Approach him as if he where a God and the sacrifice was his to claim. 'What a fool he must be' , 'perhaps we should add him to the pile' a voice whisper in his head and Monks grip around his zanpakuto tighten and shook with anticipation and excitement at the thought of killing this arrogant figure in front of him.
  6. The Unstoppable Force

    Monk walked the rest of his journey, opening and closing a fist he stared. He'd never felt this strong. But also never this weak. The arrancar which followed him. It mimic his technique and fighting style to perfection, what it greatly out matched him in though was strength. Which Monk found baffling, never in all his time had he met a arrancar that was stronger than him physically. Perhaps on par with his strength, but never greater. In fact the arrancar flaunted its strength, as if the strength Monk possessed was but a fraction of what the arrancar held. "That's right" Monk hears a voice, but decided to ignore it. "I'm talking to you" a hand appears on Monk chest, but he does not stop walking, instead he pushes against it, making the arrancar slip in the sand backwards, until he firms his grip and stops Monk dead in his tracks. "You can't ignore me Monk." , "get yours hands off me" Monk grips the arrancars wrist, challenging him. "You've again some, but nothing in comparison to what I hold" the arrancar slowly reaches forward and grabs Monks wrist and starts squeezing hard and in moment and to Monks horror his Hierro gives way. Like an egg cracking under pressure, blood gushing out from each crack and finally in utter agony, Monk falls to his knees, his crushed hand still within the arrancars grip. "This is your greatest weakness Monk. Your Hierro, you may think you know your weaknesses, but I know them far better than you" the arrancar drops Monks crippled and letting Monk cradle it with his other hand. "What do you possibly want to prove, if your stronger than me, KILL ME" Monk shouts. The arrancar stops and looks past Monk and into the distance, then his gaze returns to Monk, not just at him, but into Monk, the very depths of his being and taking hold of Monks throat. "No ones stronger than you" lifting him up and standing him on his feet. When Monk looks more closely, there is no one around and his hand undamaged, he stops cradling it and look around suspiciously. Nothing and no one, the only thing that remotely showed signs of people was his own foot prints and his shuffling in the sand moments ago. After this insane confrontation Monk moves on paranoid more than anything. He appeared out of no where and disappeared just as well. Was he truly that fast as well as that strong. But past what Monk thought of his strength and speed, Monk was unsure as to whether he had an ally or an enemy. Yes he and this arrancar disagreed, but even during there confrontations he never came away fatally wounded, the arrancar always left Monk the way they started. But even with these 'friendly spar' or if they were honest to God threats. Monk couldn't be sure. Never the less, Monk knew where his next goal was and it was ahead, it didn't matter what, but he would find a new one. Monk awoke to an cold feeling. Something dripping on his scalp. He curled up trying to avoid it. But it was dropping onto him in more than one place. On his body, feet, hands. Monk opened his eyes to find a hollow directly in his face. But it was dead. It's jaw snapped in two, being forced to the point of breaking. Monk pushed in order to get the hollow off. But it only shuffled. Monk pushed hard this time and found another hollow in his way and another and another. Until he finally clambered out on top of a mountain of couples. "Who did this?" Monk questioned out loud. "You did...." the arrancar spoke clambering out the same place he just had. "I don't remember" Monk said slowly holding his head trying to remember. "What happened?" He finally questions. "Don't know. You just did it." With this answer, Monk could on be silent. "You did this...." Monk accused. "Yes I did" the arrancar replies. "Yes I did" the arrancar voice echoes and he disappears and as the arrancar disappears, so does Monk. He clambers down off the pile of corpses and moves on. He didn't care about the death of all those hollow. In fact he was glad, happy as he walked away laughing. His zanpakuto and his fists drenched in blood.
  7. The Unstoppable Force

    Monk awoke in the same pool of blood he had fallen asleep laughing in, his body felt refreshed and cool in the endless night. The knowledge of the slaughter bring him peace of mind and a reason to sleep with ease. Monk grinned at the prospect of doing similar another night should other hollows intrude on his privacy. "I told you they weren't worth anything." Monk turned to find the arrancar resting in the pool of blood with him. "And I will only grow stronger with-" , "no Monk, not with their deaths. Worthless. That was just a slaughter make you feel alive once again. Death was close, but now you are away from its door and we shall see where you end up." Monk sat up. He was right, Monk thought as he sat up with the blood dripping off his robes and back into the pool. He pushed himself up with his zanpakuto and rested it in his belt. Monk looked down at his fists and clenched it, he hadn't felt like this for a long time, but was it the goal he was looking for, what was all this slaughter even for? "Not slaughter, progress...."'the arrancar whisper as he appeared in front of Monk with his hand held out. He took the arrancar hand and in the next second found him self launched towards the exit of the Menos Forest, using a Sonido the finish the distance and land firmly on the soft sand. Monk picked a direction at random and ran. He trusted his instincts to tell him where he wanted to go, which was always forward towards something greater. "Too long I have sat ideally by, I will make a change that the entire world will feel." Monk pushed off the ground hard, leaving a small cloud of sand where he had launched himself from. Once the desert of Hueco Mundo felt endless to Monk, however now the distance between even seemed like nothing. Once he had trudged now he tore towards his new destination. The next Menos forest. As he had started his journey this time. He didn't know what to expect their. Hollows, Menos. But in honesty he hoped for greater enemies. Vasto lordes, even an arrancar perhaps. He pulled out this zanpukto and dived forward. Driving the blade into the ground he then used his zanpakuto as a hold, bending his arms and them thrusting with his legs shot forward, exiting the move with a roll of the soft sand and then only moments later a fist swung at him, monk was far to fast for a simple trick. "Again! Are you with me or against me" , "until you are set on the course I want push you down and pick you up as many times as it takes." The arrancar was now carrying a blade a zanpakuto. "Where did you get that from?" Monk questioned as he swung his own zanpakuto, pick up the sand of Hueco Mundo a propelling them towards the arrancar. "It's been at my side all this time. It always has" the arrancar lunged forward his blade centred for Monks stomach. However Monk neither hesitated or dodged. He let the blade pass though his hollow hole and then brought his own blade plummeting towards the arrancar, to Monks surprise though the arrancar did not dodge, instead he caught it with his hand. "Is that all you've got Monk, you could be so much more....." the arrancar growled and began crushing Monks zanpakuto. With this a primal fury grew in Monk and his fist rocketed towards the arrancar and this time the arrancar moved, jumping backwards and landing further away. Monk sharply looked towards his zanpakuto and the blade was bent and buckled. Monk pulled the blade back and launched it towards the arrancar, aiming for a small target his eye. But of course the small target was an easy dodge or would have been had it not being what Monk wanted as the blade passed the arrancar, Monk was already waiting behind him and caught the blade, his next swing would have decapitated any other creature Monk came across. But this arrancar was cruel, but honest with his power and stopped the blade with the back of his hand. "You've lost so much" Monk heard the crack of the arrancar knuckles and he clenched his fist and the next thing Monk knew was he was lying flat on the white sand. He looked around, but there wasn't a soul to be seen. His zanpakuto was as sharp as ever with not sign of it being crushed and his robes un-pierced by any blade. "What do you know? I've lost nothing!" Monk screaming, shouting at the air. As he whipped his blade out to the side to assert his dominance he heard the wind rush at the swing of his arm and his blade and them he rested his zanpakuto in his belt. Continuing his journey, but with a silent determination.
  8. The Unstoppable Force

    Monk had no intention of rushing back, he wanted to rest, but he no longer slept well, in fact he rarely got any sleep at all. Instead he often dreamt of things coming to kill him, giant beasts with skulls as head, pulling him down into the ground and crushing his Hierro, the very thing Monk relied on to protect him. "You think they will protect you, is that your cunning plan" Monk rolled his head over to see the arrancar he'd seen before resting next to him, underneath the tip of a white tree that peeked out of the Menos forest. "It's got nothing to do with that" Monk said feeling they'd had this conversation before. "They're far to weak, how long will it even take the Menos to get to point when they can evolve into Adjuchas and even then, most of them will fail and evolve back into Menos. Not every hollow has the determination to make it to Vasto." The arrancar argued. "It's got nothing to do with strength" Monk replied rolling his head to the other side, only to find that the arrancar was there, sat in the same position. "Then what's it got to do with then? Company? If you wanted that you should have stuck with the Espada" , "the Espada a foolish and weak minded, they have no goal, they're nothing but a name!" Monk stood up approaching the arrancar. "So what? Your gonna create an army that has a goal, like the one you abandoned" with this last comment Monk swung his fists at the arrancar, but only hit thin air. The arrancar had disappeared, but his voice still lingers. "Isn't that why you left, they will NEVER share your goal" Monk was now leaning his head against the wall, his zanpakuto in hand. He begins his march back down to the Menos forest. With his spiritual pressure slightly raised, some of the hollows he had spoken to began to crowd around the entrance. One that seemed more confident than the rest walked in front of the crowd, Monk recognised it as the one addressing the hollows before he had arrived. "Where have you been? We expected you sooner?" The hollow questioned. "I've only been gone for a few hours" Monk said his grip tightening on his zanpakuto. "You've been gone for several days" the Hollow replied. "But we are ready to help-" the hollow started. But Monk had silenced him with his zanpakuto. "I don't need your help, I never did" Monk said as he dashed though the body of the dead hollow and drove his zanpakuto though an line of hollows like they were nothing but air. Every hollow in the forest reacted to this like animals should. They ran. But there was very little point, for a monster like Monk this was like catching fish in a barrel. The hollows were a worthless bore, the Menos were a game and what Adjuchas there were. Were a slightly amusement. But before long Monk had slaughtered the entire forest, covered from head to toe in blood his white robes had never been dyed so red, the sensation of liquid pouring down his body after so long in this desert it was also greatly refreshing. Monk wiped his blood socked robes over his forehead, letting the blood run over his nose and dripping onto his lip, which he lapped up. "I told you there was no point, there were far to weak" the arrancar rested on his back whispering into Monks ear. "Your right.... weak, pointless, pathetic, useless, they didn't even serve me anything worth consuming. NO spiritual pressure, NO worthy Hierro. NOTHING" Monk swung his zanpakuto at the arrancar resting on him, but as per usual missed. "Now now, you can't kill me, that would be rather.... detrimental" the arrancar pushed Monk over with a single finger and Monk landed in the pool of blood and burst out laughing, uncontrollably and manically. Ooc- sorry for the long wait and short post, just need to post something to feel I'm still working on Monk though
  9. The Unstoppable Force

    A Menos forest could be the beginning of many great hollows and was once what Monk would have called home. Menos Grande, Adjuchas even Vatso lordes could call a forest it's home, a great place to feast on hollows regularly and a even better place to find ally's. If there where any hollows with the intelligence to speak and as of recent Monk had only come across screamers. Unable to make sense of his words and attack him relentlessly. But it didn't matter to Monk, any lesser hollow was unable to hurt him and thus Monk didn't fight back. He had at least some mercy for his own kind, especially when they were so inexperienced that they would attack him. But with the level of spiritual pressure Monk was releasing, which was very little, as he had little use of it when there where no worthy enemies about. It was no wonder lesser hollows and adjuchas didn't perceive him as a threat themselves. Monk eventually reached the decent that lead to the Menos forest and walked down. He sensed plenty of spiritual pressure. Perhaps he had traveled enough distance in Hueco Mundo to actually reach some form of life again and as Monk descended further he realised why all these hollows where so far out in Hueco Mundo. Monk knew how natural it was for hollows to feast on one another to become a Menos. But what he saw, amazed him. Lesser hollows seemed to be talking to one another, which wasn't out of the ordinary, what was, was the number of hollows almost as if they were cooperating and deeper in the forest Monk saw Menos with unique masks, almost as if this was a farm for hollow. "Madness isn't it, to think we can be civilised" the voice whispers in his head. "In the end what will they become, they will be slain and will go to Seritei, just like every other hollow and they will turn against you as shinigami" Monk stumbles on his way down, this was true. In this state, as lesser hollows and Menos, they didn't even stand a chance against shinigami. "What do I do?" Monk asked. "Devour them...." Monks spiritual pressure explodes in a fit of madness, but he pulls it back, forcing it under control. But he had already attracted the attention of every hollow in the Menos forest and everyone of them stared, stunned and to afraid to battle a monster like him. However calmly Monk makes the rest of his way down into the pit of hollows. 'I'm not a mindless hunter anymore' he thinks to himself parting his hand away from the hilt of his zanpakuto. Monk then took a deep breath as he walked into the middle of all the lesser hollow. "What do you think you can accomplish like this, your all far too weak, you also lack a leader. Someone to protect you from yourselves and the enemies you cannot defeat" Monk says in a low voice as he did not need to raise his voice to be heard. "I can make you stronger and lead you to a future and not towards a simple slaughter from the accursed shinigami." The mocking and familiar voice continues to taunt him though his speech. 'You fool, once they've grown strong they will turn against you. No, no that's not it is it. You'll devour them, your helping them the same way a farmer breeds pigs. For the slaughter.' All seemed to be going Monks way. He could lead this small army to a better future, if he kept them under his thumb they would protect him in time and he for now could protect them. However not all of them shared his view. He'd kept his back turned for too long. A large ape like hollow clamps it's mouth around Monk, but only ends up with a lump in its throats as Monk forces the jaws of the hollow open and brings its mask to the ground, kicking and thrashing it try's to escape. 'If they won't accept my offer, it will be forced upon them until they see sense' with that Monk claws his hand and presses it against the eye socket of the hollow which had attacked him and slowly pushes it in, instantly blood begins to flow and screams flow just as well. "Please stop it hurts!!!!" The hollow screams. "Now you talk, your action spoke for you however. I offered you strength and you turned it down. I will have you pay a price. But not the ultimate one" Monk pulls his clawed hand away from the hollow and let's him go, it them scrambles and retreats into the crowed. "We are not mindless and we are not savages. You seek power" 'And I seek a goal' "You have until I return" Monk says as he disperses the crowd of hollows as he walks. Returning to the entrance of the forest. What he had offered is what he was once offered and it took time to understand and accept. Which he hoped for their sake. They accepted
  10. The Unstoppable Force

    Embracing the cold still air, Monk now laying on top of the giant monolith he had been pushing for days now. He didn't know where he was taking it. What he did know though, was that it was coming with him. It gave him something of worth to prove that he could move this and that his strength was on another level. Nothing else seemed important, even the hollows that had followed the trail he'd left in the sand. They roared and screamed unable to do anything about his position on top of the monolith. He could no longer remember when he was just a lesser hollow. No better than an animal. 'I suppose I wouldn't have know that back then though' Monk thought sitting up seeing that once again nothing and no one was around him anymore. " "Why are you doing this?" Monk turned around. An arrancar sat beside him. Similar to him, its mask was cracked roughly down the middle and wore white robes, but in comparison to Monks they were far cleaner and the arrancar appeared to be a lot younger than he was. "Doing what?" Monk questioned. "Nothing. Your goal is pointless, what do you gain?" The arrancar questioned him. "I prove my-" , "you prove nothing! You showed your strength, once there would have been at time when a hollow would not approach you. The Espada would have been proud to have you in their ranks. You are a failure and this, this thing you call a foe, is holding you back and in the end will only get you killed." The arrancar swings his fist down onto the giant bolder, cracking the top of it. "If I attract attention to myself again. If I raise an army, if I raise my strength, if I join an alliance, my chances of dying rise." Monk flinches as he hears something behind him and he stands up to see if he could see what had made it. "Then your existence is point!" The arrancar bellows standing up, challenging Monk. "I will not end my existence!" Monk goes to challenge the arrancar, slamming his foot down on the arrancars leg. But the arrancar had already disappeared and all he had achieved was expanding the crack on the bolder. Monk jumped off the bolder back to the bottom and began pushing again. "MONK" the arrancar had reappeared throwing a fist at his head, but he had already revealed himself by shouting. Monk dodged the punch by sidestepping to the left and using the momentum to change into a kick, but this missed the arrancar had jumped and was already aiming his heel towards Monks temple. Once again it missed and Monks next attack did and the arrancars attack after that. This pointless fight raged on, every attack that the arrancar threw missed. Unknowingly destroying what he wished to save. Monks final swing, once again missed the arrancar who was once again gone and Monks fists had landed into one of the cracked lumps of the bolder, looking further upon the battlefield, Monk found the lump was one of many. "I've saved you from your pointless goal" the voice whispers to him. In a fit of rage, Monk leaps into the battlefield once again. Crushing the last fragments of the bolder, if it was going to be destroyed it would be by his own hand. He tosses and crushes and smashes all the blocks together slowly eroding it down into the white sand beneath his feet. Only showing him that his goal, what he thought was a foe was in fact worth nothing. It was as pathetic and pointless as the thousands of grains of white sand that rested beneath his feet, it had been greater than him for a time. But he had mastered it. Pushing it the great distance that he had, had once again bolstered his strength. Monk began to wheeze breathing in the sand that was settling down from his massacre. Then he began to cough and slowly he turned into a laugh. "I truly am my greatest ally" Monk said to himself still laughing. Once Monk had got over his recollection, he ran deeper into the desert of Hueco Mundo, the vast endless desert and in Monks head, if the desert was endless then surely there would be endless goal to conquer. Which in turn would make him stronger and help him survive, that was all he ever wanted. The rattling of his nightmares had never felt so far away and if he kept running then he would only make the distance greater. There were so many goals to choose from in Hueco Mundo however and not all of them worthy of Monk. Finding the ones of worth would be a great challenge in itself. However one shortly presented itself, the spindly white tips of a Menos forest stood in the distance. If something could be of worth, it could be there. So Monk marched on, his eyes fixated on his destination.
  11. The Unstoppable Force

    Ooc - hoping to make a return to my Roleplay. Have a lot of unfinished business and hope to possibly rekindle some fires of other Roleplayer or new ones. The vast desert of Hueco Mundo, endless white sand under a pale moon and know one knew this better than the Arrancar Monk. Wandering for what felt like month now. Monk had finally come to understand the meaning of endless, this desert went on forever and even without allies he would strive towards an endless life. The Espada, the worthless Espada had given him nothing. They did not have the strength he required, the raging battle against Vatto had proven that much. This far into Hueco Mundo, Monk didn't expect to see anyone or anything. The absence of all life was more comforting than any company he'd ever indulged in. His thoughts were all that were left to keep him company along with his zanpakuto. However his thought, dreams and fears weren't the best company to have with him at all time. As Monk progressed further and further into the desert, the loneliness gnawed at Monk brain, if anyone did turn up, they'd be no ally, if the chains came for him. He rattled his head to rid himself of the sound of chains. But he was never truly rid of them. They haunted him when he rested or when his thoughts drifted. "How long have you been walking?" Someone asked him. "Months? Maybe a year now...... What are you hoping to find? Salvation? Peace? An answer or an end?" Monk swings his zanpakuto behind him, but cuts nothing but thin air. "Why not let a hollow devour you, wouldn't that bring peace to you?" The voice continued to mock him. "Emptiness". That was what Monk was looking for, even though he detested Shinigami, if he was far enough away, surely they'd never bother him, never come searching for him. Without shinigami, without them, his chances at survive rose. If it cost him his sanity, it didn't matter. Monk had lost hope in now finding a cause, finding a purpose. Nothing. Nothing was worthy of him. No Great War, no journey of enlightenment and no peace worth fighting for. "Shame....." , "what's that?" "That Arrancar was worth something, shame he decided to join that worthless Espada. If anyone could have been a worthy ally it was him." Monk remembered his latest right well. His blood hadn't had the chance to rush like that for a long time. But it was all for nought, nothing but a slightly amusement. "And a great inconvenience...." Monk cackled to himself as he looked over to his left arm, completely deprived of clothing to cover the scarred limb, as it had been torn off. No.... much more than torn, it had been erased, during his fight he'd been left with nothing, but a great chunk missing out of his shoulder, that damned Kyohi or whatever Vatto called it had 'rejected' the very existence of Monk's limb, which in turn sent Monk into a fit of rage as he tired to tear Vatto limb from limb and would have succeeded had it not been for the spectators intervening. But had it not been for Vatto he would not have his left arm back. Once the conflict had settled. Vatto used his abilities to not exactly heal, but at least rejuvenate his limb. Which is something Monk never had the pleasure of, having traded all his regenerative abilities for superior strength and what he thought was an unbreakable Heirro. "Had we journeyed together it would have only ended in conflict to produce the strongest among us" Monk argued with himself as he'd experienced destroying someone he once traveled with not long before he turned Arrancar. "Allies are pointless eventually they'll turn against you for their own gain. You can only trust yourself" Monk says out loud looking into the distance and spotting something out of place. An object, bold and vast in size. 'It couldn't be Las Noches? Surely I haven't been going in a circle' Monk thought to himself as he continued walking towards the object and as he got ever closer as the distance was always exaggerated when all there was between one thing or another was sand. As Monk finally reached the object. Monk stared pulled..... 'A boulder' he think. "It's not that unlikely, they must have built Las Noches from something" the voice talk to him again. It wasn't smooth, the boulder was jagged in places, smooth in others, but nothing like the stone that held up Las Noches. It seemed out of place. Monk placed his left hand against the boulder, he hadn't had chance to test out his rejuvenated arm, He pushes against the great bolder. But it remains firm, which Monk would have normally thought impossible. He switches over and uses his right arm and attempts to move the boulder. But still it remains firm and unmoved. Monk took his zanpakuto out of his belt and left it standing in the ground. Walking several feet back Monk expelled the first burst of energy he had in month as he sprinted towards the boulder and crashed into it. Still the great monolith stood against him. 'Never have I ever found something I could not move' Monk was baffled, either his strength had diminished from the lack of activity during these last long month or the battle from Vatto had taken that greater a toll on his body. Monk took his zanpakuto and fit it back into his belt. Then he dug his feet deep into the sand, one behind the other and placed both hands on the opponents that lay before him and he pushed. The colossal boulder still refused to move. "What are you doing?" He heard the voice. Monk was afraid of his answer. "Odd isn't it. Something that rivals my strength, is something as simple as this...." Monk growls putting all his strength into move the monolith. "My strength is unrivalled." Monk focused as he took a step forward and the great boulder shifted. As Monk pushed its true size was revealed as it was unearthed. But Monk fought on, pushing a simple but immense foe towards an unseen goal.
  12. Those Who Seek Foundation

    The first attack works which was a slight surprise with Vatto's speed. However the technique was technically Shinigami so for it to come from a hollow is unlikely. So Monk put it down to luck as there was a good amount of force there. However for a hollow attack would never be a killing one. Maybe on a small lesser hollow. But to an arrancar it very much was something you could take and would only cause you great inconvenience like it had to Vatto. Never the less it was a technique to keep in mind as it used kinetic energy to attack and there wasn't much way you could block the actual force of the attack. So shortly after the attack hit and knocks Vatto far enough away to get the two balas off and just as Monk had thought they disintegrate as soon as they make contact with Vatto's spiritual pressure which of course was everywhere at the moment. So it was now clear that any spiritual based attacks where out of the question. No cero's no Bala nothing. Monk would have to reply on his strength alone. But this was nothing new it just meant the slightly lower hand as he needed to be up close to execute his attacks. After the failed Bala Vatto quickly regain his footing by extending his wings and pauses to talk for a moment giving a little more detail about his power and also how it was him that had stopped Monks ressurrection and that it was not even fully tested. "It's certainly an annoying ability I'll give you that. Giving some of the things I've seen and even felt I'm presuming that even I am effected by some form of rejection" this was a hidden question as Monk was guessing that his lack of strength before entering his ressurection was Vatto it was the only explanation. "I'd even go as far to say it's a dirty trick" Monks voice turns a little fowl. "Blocking my ressurections? If I hadn't been able to force my way though I'm sure I'd be as good as head. I don't know about you. But doing such a thing leads me to believe you may be a bit of a coward" underneath the remainder of Monks mask there is a nasty smile. He was only trying to intimidate Vatto make his fighting sloppy even draw him in closer. "Oh and me being able to ressurect has nothing to do with my relationship with my zanpakuto. I broke it and it obeyed and it can lay broken until I have need of sealing this form" as Monks relationship with his blade was bare minimum he was all about brute force and pushing though the tuff just to get to the end as in his mind that was all he needed. The Vatto point his sword towards Monk. Wanting to test whether he needed his zanpakuto of not. "That's not the only thing I can do without." Monk say with a continuing grin as notices the movement of Vatto's sword which he'd been looking out for and when he heard the key words. Kyohi. Instead of a wave of energy it is a beam. Which takes Monk by surprise at first. But he is able to adjust as he was looking out for the Kyohi and Monk bends his knees and jumps to the side with enough force to force the sand up upon him leaving that space and landing firmly in the sand he digs his feet in the ground for extra sturdiness and places a hand over his mask and let's out a laugh and throws the mask into the line of fire of the Kyohi and is destroyed as soon as its hit. Once the mask was remove from his face the light was blinding at first. Like looking at the sun after an eclipse. After many years of hiding behind it even the light of Hueco Mundo was too much and he is forced to squint at Vatto encircling him. Then in an instant Vatto came at Monk head on blade raise and he lashes at Monk. As it was a frontal attack it meant he could see it coming much easier and as soon as he saw the attack coming he raised both his arms, but putting his left in front of his right and then the blade connects cutting into his hierro on his left but as the blade reaches his right the force has been slowed enough not to cut at all. Monk laughs. "That wasn't half a bad swing" he say as he raises his head to look at Vatto and a horrific sight it is. A face covered in scares running from his chin to his forehead. His white hair now the remainder of his hood fell after removing his mask was patchy and thin and looked as though it had fallen out in most places after years and years of living. His right eye which was a sky blue and almost looked peaceful if it was not for the fraction of his hollow mask. In this form it covered the entire left side of his face. Smooth and like his Hierro on his arms. The mouth bared flat teeth and his left eye shone a deep red coming from the depths of the pit which was a hollows eye socket and with all of these made him look greatly more older than he would have done without all these. "It's been a while since I saw the world without my mask. People, hollows, Shinigami they've all changed. But they still die the same way" Once Monk had said this he was ready to begin. Using his right hand he grabbed onto Vatto hand which was holding his Zanpakuto and gripped tightly. "Nice of you to come up close again" he smiles with a devilish smile even an the side which did not have a hollows smile. Then clenching his left hand and pulls a his arm back before he goes to gut punch Vatto twice. At this ranged even if he blocked with a body part there would still be damage. Even if something was being rejected Monk could barely feel it or at least he was unaware of it'd changed. However if Vatto managed to dodge these and got free from Monks grip. Monk would stand his ground. Now he'd had a while to adjust he could see as clear as the day he had been reborn as a hollow. Now he'd removed his mask this fight was not an option he had to win. But now his face had been seen by at least two from his knowledge and he no longer cared. People would know him and fear him. This fight was only getting more and more interesting and with Monks mask removed the fight would take a nasty turn. Monk was reaching the point where this was no longer a spar to determine strength for him it was turning into life and death and he loved it right now. He hadn't fort someone like Vatto for a while, why not enjoy it.
  13. Those Who Seek Foundation

    'reject. So that's what is so called abilities are.' Things now started to make a lot more sense to Monk all the things that couldn't be explained were now all coming together. The main question now. Was now that Vatto was in his ressurection how much rejecting was he capable of. It was proved that he could use it to heal and it defiantly seemed similar to a high speed regeneration on first glance there didn't appear to be much difference. Hopefully it would mean Vatto had used up a lot of spiritual pressure just to fix his arm. Monk also guessed that Vatto would be able to do something with energy based attacks as earlier in the battle when Vatto had that orange glow around him, similar to now just everywhere the Bala Monk had fired had disappeared into thin air. If Monks guess was right it would explain a lot and confirm that he would only be able to use physical attacks in the battle. As Monk unleashed his devastating barrage he was quickly disappointed and shown how much power Vatto had gained and what he was capable of. The entire tree something Vatto had struggled with at first had been totally obliterated. It seemed all that would be good for now would be distractions. But even that was not enough to win him the battle and since even his distraction hadn't lasted as long as he would like Vatto was easily capable of redirecting Monks kick to the side. But he now had felt Vatto's new ressurected body. It was tuffer than before. But he would still be able to break it. As Monk is redirected he quickly notices a well placed knee coming in for his side. "Something new?" Monk says as he shifts his left arms down. Catching Vatto's leg. "If your foolish enough to try hand to hand the you don't deserve to see anything new. I no longer have to use a zanpakuto in this state. But if you want something new..." Monk raises his right hand and locks his middle finger behind his thumb and releases his finger and the force behind the technique propels towards Vatto. With this not being a spiritual based attack it was safe and not only that Monk could use it as a mid ranged attack. "Anyway I'm curious Vatto you seem to be able to reject many things. Was my inability to ressurect you? Come on shed a little more light on me" Vatto was extremely dangerous. Even though Monk had successfully blocked Vatto's knee. Monk had been able to feel the attack more than he should. Especially against his new Hierro and if Vatto could figure this out then he would know that his blade would still be useful if he was capable of getting a direct and clean hit. Vatto's speed had clearly increase and his ability to 'reject' seemed to spread a lot further and was more effective and there was also that Kyohi. What would have happened if Monk had taken on that attack. It seemed to cut away was that rejecting everything it touch. Monk suddenly realised how dangerous Vatto was even in close range. He would have to keep a very close eye on Vatto any sword swing could easily be another Kyohi coming in. But this was just a let up for now. Monk still wanted to test some theories. If this attack as successful and knocked Vatto backwards Monk would charge up to Balas and fire them simultaneously. This would possibly be a total waste of time. But it was at least worth a check. However if Vatto was able to get out of the way of Monks first attack then Monk swing a kick upwards and uses the same force from his kick to retreat away from Vatto. Monk and Vatto where now battling a Titan battle. But Monk was slowly getting the feeling that he had the lesser hand. But that would only spark Monk fear of losing. Vatto was his enemy and anyone who stud in his way. Would be damned. Perhaps he would tell Vstto the true reasons for his hatred for shinigami. He would need a ally like him if he was to achieve there extinction.
  14. Those Who Seek Foundation

    It appeared that the respect that Vatto and Monk shared was mutual. Monk knew they had being going toe to toe although he didn't want to admit all the mistakes which would in the end lead to all these new scares that would form after this battle. But more importantly, like Monk had guessed. Vatto had some healing abilities as shortly after Monk had retreated away Vatto used his right hand to pull himself up and prop himself against the tree that had Monsks zanpakuto imbedded within it and Vatto even had the nerve to say that he would not let go of his zanpakuto again. 'We'll see about that, Monk thought to himself. By the end of this battle Monk was going to make sure Vatto's blade hit the ground again and if he had to do it with Vatto's arm still attached then so be it. As Monk showed off his strength again Vatto suggested that it was futile and as he throws the bolder Monk notices the unique way Vatto was speaking. It was almost poetic in a dark fashion. But when the final word left Vatto's lips what Monk had feared would happen this early happened. In the next second a pillar of orange spiritual energy burst out from Vatto's position. Monk could easily feel the pressure in this case without his own zanpakuto he knew he was in trouble. Both of them has held there own against the other. But if Vatto could keep Monk away from his zanpakuto the battle would be his. Once the orange pillar had subsided Monk saw Vatto in his ressurection. It was definitely impressive. But monk had little time to gaze at what was about to attempt to kill him. Vatto slashed his zanpakuto down and says something and as he does a wave of energy begins to surge towards Monk. The bolder had done nothing it had simply been obliterated along with the tree. But worse was yet to come. As Monk was about to move out of the way of this Kyohi. He felt heavy and weak. 'Was Vatto spiritual pressure really this high' monk thought to himself not realising that Vatto was using his own ability to sap Monk of his strength and whatever this Kyohi was it was hurtling towards Monk with no sign of stopping as it cut though the white sand. Whatever it was Monk didn't want to get hit by it, but with his strength he would struggle to get out of the way in time. So instead of taking on whatever Vatto's ressurection had produced Monk aims his hand towards the ground on and angle and releases his cero. The blast knocks him hard and luckily out of the way off Vatto's Kyohi. But now Monk was struggling even more with the added blast from the cero and his strength been depleted. Monk quickly flicked his head over to where it appeared Vatto was still hovering. Or so Monk thought. 'That's your loss' Monk thinks as he looks around for his zanpakuto expecting it to be somewhere on the floor by Vatto since the tree it had been stuck in didn't exist any more. But it wasn't anywhere to be seen. Surely his zanpakuto hadn't been destroyed in the blast. He would have felt it. Then as Monk hears Vatto voice it was too late. monk looks up and just as he does he has time to watch his own blade pierce his foot. "Ahh! Vatto" Monk yelled as Monk place his hand on the hilt of the blade. He couldn't waste any time it was now or never. "Si-" but Monk was cut off. Hit by some force which lifted him off the ground and he flew though the air. Crashing though one tree and crashing into another, but not all the way though. Monk could feel warm blood from somewhere, but at this point he wasn't sure where. His head was still spinning after taking that hit. Then his eyes return to his Zanpakuto. "Vatto, you fool, by now you should know I don't need this 'toothpick' I prefer beating my enemy's to a bloody pulp.!" Monk shout as he then yells one final word. "Sin!" And he rips his zanpakuto in two......... Nothing. "What?!" Monk says under his breath. What was happening, why couldn't he release. It felt like his zanpakuto was denying him, rejecting him. Was this Vatto's power and if so how was he managing it. But one thing felt different now. His strength had returned whatever had done that it was gone. Whether Monk had over come it or it had stopped it didn't matter now he had to find a way to release. So since a monk was in a wounded tree thanks to Vatto's attack he used it to his advantage and sprinted out. He couldn't get away from Vatto he knew that but hopefully he could buy time. Then as he runs to the other side of the tree Monk jumps and kicks the tree at its base finishing it off which then makes it collapse. Making a cloud of sand envelope him. Monk uses this as a change to put some distance between Vatto and himself and runs, jumps and uses sonido in an attempt to get as far away as possible. But he'd never out run Vatto and soon stops behind a tree and looks down at his broken zanpakuto and decided brute force was the answer. Monk starts building up his spiritual pressure, continuing to build more and more and more. Until he felt it. The heat in his blade his souls. He could feel the connection between himself and his zanpakuto again. "Now Vatto I will show you, that you have a long way to drag me into despair. Sin!" And Monks zanpakuto erupts into flame and ash and surrounds Monk for a short moment before dispersing and Monks ressurection was complete. His hands and arms (up to his elbow) and feet (up to his knees) covered in a new white Hierro. Much harder than his original and more importantly his strength could now reach its peak and he had one other ace in the hole hidden behind his mask should he need it. Monk was ready to stand his ground. Stepping out from behind the tree he looks towards Vatto. "I don't know what you did, but now this match is going to come to an end." Monk thrusts a punch into the tree he had hide behind and buries his fist inside. Before ripping the tree from its base, placing his second hand underneath and propelling it towards Vatto and shortly after doing so kicks hard of the ground running after it and back towards Vatto. Then jumping a good distance away Monk launches himself into the air before beginning an assault from above. His left leg poised to strike Vatto's head. And even if the attack missed upon hitting the ground the force and debris that would be created would hopefully be enough to keep Vatto at bay. After seeing what Vatto's ressurection was capable of there was no time to fool around. He had to stop Vatto from pulling of anything to deviating. This battle was about to turn into pure carnage. Monk was willing to rip this area of Hueco Mundo apart to beat Vatto.
  15. Those Who Seek Foundation

    Upon the beginning of Monks assault the first thing Vatto does is flee. 'No surprise.' Monk thinks to himself after what he had felt of Vatto's Hierro it would not be able to withstand a blade been forces upon it and the fact that Vatto was retreating on proved that more. However Monk was still wary Vatto had proved time and time again that he was cleaver and would use his speed and whatever else he had at hand to force Monk back into the disadvantage. Worst of all for Monk the chase was getting harder, especially with the wound to his leg and slowed Monk down. He needed a good hit on Vatto to even the playing field. As Vatto continues to retreat Monk notices the density of the trees was increasing which he thought was a foolish move on Vatto's part. Hadn't he already witnessed what he was capable of if need be Monk would knock down each one just to get a clear shot at Vatto. Then Vatto makes his mistake and is pinned up against a tree. However Vatto only just misses the blade, but to Monks delight he manages to catch Vatto with the follow up from his knee. It wasn't the cleanest hit or even the hardest but at least it had hit. It was a true shame that the first attack had missed even if it had hit it would have caused nasty damage. 'But there is still more to come' monk thinks to himself as he then forces the blade back down ready to strike Vatto from above. But then it stops. Monk looks towards his arm and see that with his zanpakuto had managed to get his hand lodged within the tree and of course Vatto wastes no time in going for an assault. Strait away Monk could feel the build of spiritual pressure near him and what ever was about to come it would be bad if one he was stuck and two it connected at this range. Looking more carefully Monk could see that Vatto was aiming a punch for his chest and the unmistakable glow of either a cero of a Bala. Monk decided he had no choice. If he took these hits they would give Vatto the advantage. The Monk uses his own zanpakuto which was in the tree as a grip and pulls himself up with as much strength as he could muster. However in doing this Monk only lodges his zanpakuto deeper into the tree, so he no longer had time to get it out. This had been a foolish mistake he wasn't a master in sword man ship he should have stuck to what he knew. Now he had given away a great opportunity to deal really damage to Vatto. So at he pulls himself up and out of the way of the punch and what then was confirmed to be a Bala a it shot off into the distance. So Monk levelled with Vatto's zanpakuto and kicked it into the tree. Burying it up to the hilt. Hopefully Vatto wouldn't have the strength to pull it out. But that would be unlikely, pulling any blade out of a rock was simple for an arrancar. Then using the same force which he had used to kick Vatto's zanpakuto into the tree Monk pushes himself off and retreats away to reconsider what to do. So as Monk lands a far distance away from Vatto he addresses him. "Well that wasn't my brightest idea. Should have just come at you the old fashioned way. Now look both our blades are stuck in that tree. Feeling like going toe to toe with me." Vatto was a great opponents and was worthy of Monks respect and for all he hated to admit it he wasn't a sore loser. But Monk still wouldn't admit defeat. He felt he could best Vatto and there was one key to that. Monk needed his zanpakuto back. So it didn't matter what Vatto's answer was going to be. Monk clapped his hands together and drove them to the earth which connected with a enormous crack, weakening the floor beneath him. Monk jumps back and then digs his hands into the cracked ground and rips up a small boulder which was about the size of a small car. Monk lifts and then launches it towards Vatto. This area would be useful without blades. Monk knew he could cause a good amount of destruction here. Then Monk raises a hand and braces it with the both and begins to charge up a cero. But it would take time. Vatto would easily have time to destroy or dodge the rock before it was charge. But as soon as it was. Which would be shortly after it had reached Vatto. He would fire strait away. It was likely Vatto would dodge and be out of the way of both attacks. So Monk was ready. Vatto was cleaver and used his speed to his advantage. Monk was more than ready for a attack from behind or even clones again. But now Vatto had his zanpakuto back. There was no real telling what might happen.