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  1. Its weird but it makes me want some toast
  2. Lol vague and jellyful but has potential
  3. Uhhhhhhh, thats a possibility....Could work....one way or another....1% chance of success...
  4. Yo, I'm even sure how many people still get on here because I haven't been here in a while but I need some help. What is a good and creative way to become a vizard? Like I need something extremely creative or something. Actually anyone could just shoot me a simple Idea and I can work off of that. Or maybe a combination of ideas? I don't know. The reason I ask is because I'm on another bleach site and I am already a shinigami in second division currently on a mission and I was planning on becoming a vizard until I realized I have no idea how to do something like that. I don't care if it'll take a long time to carry out the idea, I just need an idea or two. By the way, hi guys, how is everyone? Long time no see
  5. Akeith's expression deepened as he learned that he was one of the few that actually showed up to the funeral. It was sad really, did everyone just abandon the division or were they forced? They seemed proud to be with Yuroshima at the time of our peek but as of now only the truthfully faithful had shown their faces. Well one of which isn't necessarily showing his face but we all get the gist, right? Akeith kneeled down next to Drako and Monk. He didn't have anything to say to Yursoshima though even though he hadn't talked to him in such a long time. Anything he had to say had been spoken before hand and there was really nothing he had to get off of his chest. As of now, he would just pay his respects. Monk offered Akeith a shot of some alcohol. Simply shaking his head, Akeith denies, politely, the offer tha was so kindly given to him. He wasn't normally one to drink so he decided to keep it that way even through a time like this that would probably require some drinking later. Akeith hasn't really grasped the severity of the situation obviously given his lack of emotion so he would probably need a drink later. Akeith looked to Masked Monk and said nothing for a moment. He glanced at Drako as well. He had no words of wisdom, no advice, nothing humorous to lighten the mood, and nothing heart felt to get him by. He simply sat in silence. What was he to say if he had nothing on his chest worth saying? Would he give comfort to the two members of the division? That's heavily doubted since they seemed to be handling it rather well. They are keeping their composure like they should while showing how they feel. Admirable to say the least. Finally figuring he would say something, Akeith spoke a question instead of a much expected statement. "So who will be the leader of the division now?" He asked with strain in his voice. Not from the sadness of the moment but simply because of the fact that as of now, in his own knowing, there was no leader of the division. The most likely answer would be Masked Monk but even then Akeith didn't know. Both Yuroshima and Akeith new that Masked Monk was capable of such things, They also knew that Akeith wasn't fit for a position of such leadership and thus wouldn't be chosen. There is no one else here to assume the position either aside from Drako who wasn't experienced enough to be the leader. What would be Masked Monk's answer? Who know, shall we find out?
  6. Akeith had heard of Yuroshima's passing. He wasn't in the division for long before he had learned this news. In his room he felt nothing but disturbance in the general atmosphere of the area. Everything seemed different given the passing of his life long friend and leader. He didn't know really what to do now since Yuroshima was no longer a live let alone lead the division. Who the leader was now was a question to be asked, but he would rather save that for later since, as of now, he would like to talk to the rest of the division. Since the move back to squad five and beyond, Akeith hadn't worn the division emblem of a lotus. Today would be a day to wear it, however, he wasn't feeling up to it. The division would never really be the same now that the founder had passed. Holding the object Yuroshima left for him in his deaprture, Akeith left his room with sadden and deep eyes. His body, stiff, Akeith walked through the division without a feeling in his body. The air seemed to be deprived of oxygen, or was it just his heavy feelings putting too much pressure on his lungs? His walk picked up speed as he felt the few of the division members to be in another room. He could tell who they were and luckily they were the people that he needed, and wanted, to talk to the most given the situation at hand. Finally arriving at the door leading to the room where everyone was, Akeith stopped and stared ahead at the closed door. What was he to say when he got there. He knew very well that he couldn't do anything to prevent the death of his leader yet he still felt a sense of guilt. Maybe its because he hadn't been there this whole time and then desides to show up out of the blue when Yuroshima dies. When the funeral was had him wondering. Not to mention who was the one holding the funeral when the time came. Slowly, he pushed the door out from in front of him and made his way in. The doors made almost no noise upon opening it. The door opened as slow as ever as Akeith entered the room dawning the standard shinigami out fit and nothing more that would express his individualism. Kohai, on his back, was silent and laid dormant. The room was almost empty save for the two that actually came to see Yuroshima. Was this the funeral? Akeith was confused highly, he didn't know whether or not this was the funeral since the two up front wore all black yet there was no one there except them. So he began to make his way forward and towards the two. He said nothing while holding his head low. He showed the sympathy in his walk and demeanor but kept a sense of confidence that things wouldn't all crumble without Yuroshima. "Monk, Drako." He began as he made his way towards the stage they were both on. "So this is him, huh? You damn fool..." He mummbled under his breath when he made it up the small amount of stairs. He looked to the two and took a deep breath before he spoke to them. "Don't tell me this is his funeral?" He finished as he looked upon them for the answer he so eagerly awaited. The question after which he would pay his respects to his leader. Now was as good a time as any to speak with them, right?
  7. OOC- Thought i should come back for this if anything, right?
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    I'm giving you each 500,661,018. That should be enough right? I'd say so haha . . . And it's done
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    I'll split it in two. i think it should be more than enough for the two of you
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    Does anyone still use the RPG and need money? I'm about to delete my RPG account and don't want to waste the mone. The first one that needs it and posts here will get it, its not much though. Its, $1,001,322,036. Just post your member ID so I can transfer it Please and thanks
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    Sorry Guys, I'm not a donator or higher so I was unable to respond to all of your Birthday wishes but THANKS to all and I hope everyone had a great ThanksGiving. (For those who celebrate it of course)
  12. Happy birthday aKeith!! :D

  13. Aside from the sparking of an argument. Why don't we just make an "Open Topics/Threads" thread. That way, everyone can post a link to a thread that they made open to join. They can put a description next to the link in the same post so that people know what qualifications are met. If people join that specific topic then alright and if no one joins then it'll just be a solo rp for your character. It's just an idea...
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    Sqaud 5 Seating List

    Well I'm not active at the moment but if something important enough were to show then I can start getting on if needed.
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    Squad 5 Tavern

    Where'd you go anyways, Arashi?