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  1. Yo, Kia!

    Seen the newest KH3 trailer?

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. The Ghostly One

      The Ghostly One

      Lol, now because I'm not going to be around bse when Christmas time comes. So it's early holiday wishes for you guys from me xD

    3. Angel Yamamoto

      Angel Yamamoto

      Merry Christmas! ^.^

    4. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    Yess!!!! And I'm sure the other party members will actually heal Sora.... *glares at Donald*
  4. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    And the 5 member party!!!! Graphics are love, worlds are love, story is love... <3 <3 <3
  5. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    No contest! xD
  6. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    Unchained for the win! While it would be great to have it on playstation, it's still so wonderfu ;u;
  7. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    Gonna revive this topic by saying.... KINGDOM HEARTS 3 IS COMING OUT NEXT YEAR!!!! MOST LIKELY!!! What was shown of the release date says so.... I just can't wait ;-;
  8. By the power of random hand signs and lit candles, I summon thee: _____!!!

    1. Kishikage Kaihri

      Kishikage Kaihri

      I'm sorry, there was some delay. A crazy bird on a bicycle crossed my path.

  9. I like how people still use my Kyouraku thread. *silent laughter*

    1. Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      Yoshirou (Kyōraku)

      It's too epically long to get rid of

    2. The Ghostly One

      The Ghostly One

      Right? xD Longest dang thing in all of BSE

  10. almost didn't notice ._. happy birthday :heart: *leaves cake*

    1. The Ghostly One

      The Ghostly One

      Awwwww, Sute! Thanksya!!!! :D *noms the cake*

  11. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    I only got to play through the tutorial of DDD, but I already know what happens throughout it since I played the 3ds version. I suppose I can wait a while longer for the other stuff to download.... 0.2 is so awesome... ;u;
  12. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    I have to wait for the rest of the game to download... Really wishing that I could have picked up my pre-order instead ;-; Playing through the tutorial kind of messed me up, lol. I'm not used to playing DDD on the PS4 xD
  13. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    Her story in BbS was real fun. I've seen some vids of 2.8 and they are marvelous! It's so exciting ;A; (3 more days!)
  14. The Ghostly One

    Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8....January.... Take my money! And I.5+II.5! Take even more of my money!