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  1. Damn squad five is that low I wish I could be more active to help you guys bring it back. I miss my old squad 5.
  2. I know it's been way too long. I'm glad to see a lot of familiar faces are still here. You guys are going to have to catch me up on everything.
  3. I'm back online in general. It's good to be back in squad 5. I just updated my description too. Check it out active squad members and anyone else that wants to see.
  4. Soul burial please district 1. I really don't want to be turned into a hollow again.
  5. Finally back on the forum and started a new character in game.

  6. vegeta we're just waiting til tomorrow to see who's left and then we'll assign you to a team.
  7. That's exactly why I feel short. I'm the shortest of my friends and I'm not that young and haven't grown much in a while. I wont grow much more either. I'm doomed. I'm going to learn shin attacking martial arts and take you down to size. lol
  8. No way *feels short now*. Sasuke is one inch taller than me. WTF!
  9. Poor Sasuke and Zoro. Ow Arimei what did I do? lol
  10. Hey nothing like that. Just a lot of good times in high school and middle school. lol
  11. *Anthony sees Arimei trying to sneak away. He chuckles to himself while shaking his head and thinks* Young love. Good times. *Thinks of memories from middle school and high school*
  12. That's awesome you guys are going to keep squad 6 strong til the captain returns if he does.
  13. I see that and I see the Shihoin brothers have come with you. You have Sasuke as your VC. Nice. He has some experience being a VC since he was one for a little while.
  14. Awesome thank you. The cloak is for research so don't worry about it if you can't get it, but the cloth armor I could use greatly for everything. lol
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