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  1. Enjoy the climb back up bitch!

  2. Hi maggots, I'm training you. I'm terrifying and a potential rapist, but I'll never say it flat out.

  3. Suri!! You posted...does this mean you've decided to return?! Welcome back lol

    1. Super Kami Guru

      Super Kami Guru

      Thanks sasuke. Yea i got a few plans to fulfill before i leave that will require a little assistance. You think you'd be up to help me out with em?

  4. Super Kami Guru

    Squad Captain's Office

    Azuki ripped off his shirt, and took out his gat that was being carried in the back of his pants. Azuki then took the gat and pointed it directly at the captain commander. "Who you talkin to like that nigguh? WU TANG! WU TANG" Azuki then realized he had to calm down. He pulled some KFC out, and stared to eat it. Then he walked over and offered Rena some crack. After that, Azuki's phone rang. He pulled it out his pocket, and answered it. "Who the fuck is this. This better not be shaquisha wit her new boyfriend or i bust dey ass." "Is this Azuki?" "Bitch my name is not Azuki It's La Damavantaquan." "Oh my lord....That's.....>That's so ratchet." "Why bitches on my phone and not on deez nutz" "Your welfare check is coming late." "Bitch what? My welfare check Coming late?!" La Damavantaquan unleashed his bankai, and turned into the nine tailed fox super saiyan. His body ripped the office apart, and he screeched. After that, La Damavantaquan jumped out of a hole in the wall he had just made, and formed a super spirit rasengan gun tailed beast bomb the size of the sun. He then fired it at The remainder of the building in a attempt to kill them all.
  5. Imma become hokage, and then kill all the jokers

  6. Super Kami Guru

    Squad Captain's Office

    After leaving the senkaimon, Azuki seemed to loose the shinigami that he had returned with. Regardless of this, he thought that he was ready. He walked into the office of the head captain, and then shyly spoke. "I......I would like to become captain of squad one."
  7. Super Kami Guru

    Squad Captain's Office

    I wants to be the captain of squad one
  8. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    Azuki didn't hesitate to follow, and walked through the senkaimon behind yuro. OOC: One liner cause idgaf
  9. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    The shinigami put down his hood, and congratulated Azuki on reaching his shikai. After stating so, he asked Azuki if he was ready to return to the seireitei as he missed his his home. Azuki smiled, and nodded. "Just give me one second" Azuki channeled his reiatsu down, and reverted back to his normal form. After doing so, he smiled and waited for Yuro to open up a senkaimon
  10. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    Azuki listened to Yuro, and then nodded. He took out his zanpaktou, and then attempted to unlock his inner world. How was he going to go about doing so? He'd never done anything along the lines of that, and whenever he tried nothing happened. No. It was going to work this time, and he would make sure of that. He closed his eyes, and gripped his blade. "Zanpaktou, please allow me to know your name!" After he spoke the words, he opened his eyes to see the world around him starting to change drastically. Everything was dark for a while, and he then opened his eyes to see a pure blue room. It was never ending, and Azuki almost had no clue where he was. Had he done it? Had he reached his inner world? He thought so, and that made him happier than ever. Azuki started to walk around, and eventually he heard something call out to him. "Do you want to know? Do you want to know my name?" Azuki turned around, and then ssaw something strange. There was a beam of light. A bright yellow light that was off in the distance, that held the answer to all of Azuki's questions. Azuki then ran towards it. "I want to know.... I want to know your name." Azuki was now directly in front of the light. "Once you accept me, there will be no more need for a zanpaktou. If this is what you want, then reach out and take it." No need for a zanpaktou? What could this have meant? Azuki simply nodded, and reached his hand out into the light. there was a sure of light inside of him, and a great amount of reiatsu flowed through his body. the blue room dispersed, and he was now back in reality. He knew what he had to due now. He held his sword out forward, and then spoke. "Scream, supasaiyajin!" His power exploded, and his zanpaktou went flying into the air. It exploded into a physical manifestation of Azuki's reiatsu, and then flew down into Azuki's body. They were now joined eternally and had become one being. Azuki screamed, and then his hair turned a bright yellow as his eyes became fluorescent green. His power was stronger than it could have ever been, and he had finally unlocked his shikai. He looked at his arms and felt the golden aura of reiatsu around his body, and he smiled. "I did it i did it! You see? I got my shikai!"
  11. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    Azuki had been taught about his inner world during his time in the shinigami academy. "Yes i know about it. For some reason, ive never been capable of asking my zanpaktou to tell me it's name. It's really hard. Every time i call out to it, i get no efficient response. Actually, i don't get a response at all. What should i do?"
  12. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    "I have been ready for a long while now. There is nothing else in this universe that i want more than to know the other half of me and i want to know it now. it's been eating a way at me for a while, and while it's hurt me it hasn't done anything but motivate me more. I want to know the secrets of my zanpaktou to better myself so i can better this world. I am ready.......Let's do this."
  13. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    Azuki smiled when The shinigami complied asking him what he wanted to learn. Azuki looked at his blade. It was a slim figured blade, and Azuki had barely mastered it. He was scared to say anything at first, but then spoke. "I.......I want to learn shikai. My blade is a sign of my strength and dedication, so i must master it before i am going to be capable of using it to help anyone."
  14. Super Kami Guru

    Through The Depths Of Ones Soul

    The shinigami stopped walking, and grabbed Azuki's zanpaktou causing him to make a abrupt stop as well. "Shunpo like that took me longer than youve been alive to learn." After speaking, he asked Azuki what he was doing there seeing that it was quite some distance from the seireitei. "well i........I came out here to get stronger. I just graduated from the shinigami academy, and i knew that if i was ever going to become a shinigami and be able to help people that i would have to get stronger. I want to be tough, brave, but most of all i want to be strong....Like you. Could you teach me your ways"