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  1. Stuck at work, shall post tonight as I'm falling behind :o

  2. Stuck at work, shall post tonight as I'm falling behind :o

  3. I never had a pairing in ORP, merely a thing with a twisted Arrancar while I was betraying the whole SS because Chaos told me to xD But Kensen and Shizuka was a fun one of mine, turned into a never ending story, buuutttt it amused me
  4. Hey guys, so since my recent return here, I've been trying to catch up on the RP activities here, there and everywhere. However, when I click on a topic to read it, I get error 503 screen and was wondering if anyone else was getting it, or if they knew how to fix it?
  5. sooooo... Been in Aus since end of October, what did I miss? :o

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    2. San Salvatore
    3. Xenegon Bahir'an

      Xenegon Bahir'an

      Welcome back Ino :D Hope you had fun on vaca, time to get back to work. Lol ;)

    4. ChaosKaiz


      I am also Lord of Hueco Mundo

  6. Happy Birthday, Fab! Have fun,bro! Make memories!

  7. you two never talk anymore!!
  8. Haha, don't vanish, it's boring on here recently lol!!
  9. Naw mate, just naw, ye canny be a hard man here sorry ti say so gtfo
  10. It's boring around here when no one posts

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    2. San Salvatore
    3. Fabled (Renoka)

      Fabled (Renoka)

      I meant in general San, it's veen very quiet here lately, I wasn't aiming anything at anyone specifically

    4. San Salvatore

      San Salvatore

      I know.you werent just apologizing though

  11. On the downside to this, half the people on the RPG have no idea the forums exist, so a decent body count can't be taken purely from here
  12. Not an active member of anything RPG related, but I posted anyway to confuse your census
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