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  1. "Indeed, its about I met with the Captain anyhow." Yuroshima replies. "I'm sure I can get his signature on my proposal, so I'll take that and come back with it later." The Veiled Shinigami states. "I assume the proposal of reorganization would then also require the signature of Captain Jecht as well?" he asks. "So then as far as the deployment of medical teams, what happens next with that seeing as I am of the qualification? Cause there is some organization to it you know, it'll be handled as shifts almost. I would like to contact the 7th division if they have a healthy presence in Rukognai as escorts, I could go there myself and set that up or if you feel you should handle it that's fine too." He pauses a moment, "I'll probably go on the first few missions out into Rukognai with a trail test group... and well , I don't want to ramble." He says politely before sipping the last of his cranberry juice down. WC - 169
  2. "Don't mind if I do." The Lieutenant replies with a wink in his voice as he walks over to the drink station and pours a small paper cup full of cranberry juice. Oriru sits at his table, going over paperwork or notes or something, "What can I do for you?" The Admin asks in a friendly manner. Yuroshima sits across from him and exposes the black binder he had brought with him. "I wanted to entrust you with giving me some information and performing this task for me as I'm not all too sure how this works yet as far as systems of the Sereitei go, I may be Lieutenant but I still haven't lived here very long yet." He places the black binder down on the table and slides it over to the current 20th seat. "In this binder are a list of proposals I would like approved by central 46 or the captain commander or whoever. The proposals..for now.. are a new training program I would like to implement myself into the Restoration Corps, a restructuring order for the Restoration Corps so I may reorganize it a little and lastly, I would like to launch a program for medical units to be dispatched to certain areas and shifts in rukognai so we can start getting those people proper care again and begin repairing our relationship with them districts." He finishes. WC - 232 TWC - 439
  3. Yuroshima Hoshiko shinigami 0003
  4. Yet another Thursday afternoon and the Lieutenant found himself on the path toward the 1st division again, being more careful of his direction and the time at which he arrived. Equally important matters were afoot and he didn’t want to arrive a heat defeated fool once more. So trek confidentially through the even tempered day he does towards the Office of Administration. He reaches the door, the time is 2:23 PM, and enters briskly. He approaches the front desk. “Afternoon.” He says kindly to the desk clerk. “Afternoon Lieutenant.” The clerk replies, not mentioning his remembrance of the Veiled Shinigamis last visit when he had burnt the entirety of his mouth and throat on the tea and coffee water out of respect. He hands Yuroshima the clip board and the Restoration specialist fills out it out at the front desk as he were the only customer visible at current. Name | Redacted Division or Affiliation | Restoration Corps Current Title | Lieutenant Reason for Visit | Requesting information and submitting bill for approval process. Office Administrator Requested | Oriru Ryuka Kusho He hands the clip board back to the man and turns towards the chairs of the waiting room, taking his seat and awaiting the next steps. WC – 207 All WC above this post counted.
  5. Success! At last success! The Shinigami celebrates inward victory as his body is lanced into cold sweats from pure exhaustion, a feeling of ancestral accomplishment filling his soul. “I did it..” He chants through winded rasps of his voice as he places his hands on his knees. He would remember this distinct moment for the rest of his life.. the moment he knew his entire life was about to change. It felt all in one instant as if the entirety of the world.. nay the entirety of the universe was watching him, thjat every object.. color and general thing around him was an extension of this great eyeball.. this great observer beholding the current pique in his spiritual progress. He feels then.. a deep yearning from within his soul and from outside of it.. from the environment.. from “It” which was watching. It beckoned.. nay.. implored him to journey deep into the wilderness now. This seemed suicidal.. he had exhausted so much power learning the ancient technique he had just mastered, that like earlier he should stop and rest.. eat some food and drink before heading home to endure a full recovery. But still this unignorable gut feeling knawels at him. Soon, he finds he is painstakingly lurching through the thick uncharted wilderness, no trails.. the ground is blanketed with thick crops of brush and vegetation and the light around is reduced to gray and bleak from the thick shield of the canopy above. Each step becomes heavier and heavier, his body and lungs burn and for a moment he wonders if he had had a lapse in sanity similar to his first where he had come out of multiday meditation in the reality of his inner realm which was also an intense strength training and had come out slightly delirious. Voices begin erupting from the plants and trees around him, beckoning him to continue forth, that he was indeed on the right trail. “Keep going,” “Keep Going.” “KEEP GOING.” The voices implore him over and over again, “Right track. “KEEP GOING.” “Your on the right track,” Two of the voices amongst the chattering ramble were no doubt his Zanpakuto spirits, and that was all the consummation he needed to confirm that this was no lapse in sanity, that he indeed was going to experience something now. He forces his tired aching body forth, deeper and deeper into the wood following no direction other than instinct and the ques from the billions of voices exploding around him, the feeling of being watched never ceasing as the young Soul reaper reaches a large thick brush. “Through there Yuroshima..” The powerful voice of Le Sombre Lune encourages him. But this may be too much for the Shinigami.. he is afraid to push through the brush and see what they were leading him to.. what this stage of spiritual maturation in his life would mean for him… he truly was afraid for the first time so far. “Its ok Yuroshima..” The soft voice of Kan’Yo Na Hira can be heard by him.. comforting and warm.. quiet despite still being able to hold contrast against all the loud and repetitive voices booming at once. “We would never let any harm come to you.. we love you..” She declares, evoking the other voices to slowly calm down and hush , submitting to her sweet calming aura and Yuro does the same, his anxieties about what this could be along with his fears of what was on the other side melt. “Go forth.. to our destiny.” His Zan spirit chant in unison. The Soul Reaper steps forth, ignoring the tired pain of his body and pushes a limb through the brush before forcing his body through, a new burning determination and desire to witness hat was waiting for him now festered within the Veiled seeker. And at last he sees it.. he is standing directly at the edge of a cliff. The nature scene in the distance is breath taking and he can see below him, a good sized waterfall coming from the center or 2/3’s up the cliff he now found himself standing on, probably from a channel of water that traveled through it connecting to a pond a ways back. “Continue forth..” The instinct beckons him, he is afraid again but realizes that he must throw this weak resolve and set of feelings to the wayside. He steps forward slowly, foot dangling off the side of the cliff.. he must trust them.. he looks down and suddenly the water below morphs into a pure black abyss that slowly climbs up the Cliffside. In the center a bright light begins to form.. golden and brilliant. Small at first, slowly enlarging until it is enormous, paradoxically larger than the space it is within yet still contained within it. It slowly focuses as an image does until it is a large sun. It looks to be a sun from an old painting with reference to magic as it has a strange face and expression resembling something sad or in regret. Yuroshima is drawn intensely to it as a moth is to flame, and so he steps off of the cliff… and allows his body to plummet downward towards it. As he falls through first the black he realizes his Veil is now gone, he can make out odd moving scenes that seem to fall at his same speed.. he sees an odd terrifying entity that can only be described as a cosmic deity.. he cannot make out many features from it aside from the fact that it is gold and white.. suddenly it is surrounded by other cosmic deities, and they all split their souls into fragments.. sending the fragments to other realms.. Shinigami and Zanokauto spirits! There it was in plain explanation! The origin! Next in the darkness he sees every single memory he had ever had, from his birth as a spirit.. he learns he had never actually been human even. He rewatches his childhood and his transition to his adult life.. joining into the court guard squads.. all of it. Suddenly, a gleaming white light comes from the side, and he is watching the birth of LeSombre Lune, he watches the spirits journey across the infinite cosmos and plains..all the fantastic places he had seen and impossible knowledge he had gained.. he watches him watch over Yuro.. protecting him in ways he never understood the spirit did.. even when he was unaware of his existence all the things Yuro had thought were coincidence were him. And then a golden light comes into sight.. and he watches the birth and journey of Kan’Yo Na Hira.. the places she had gone and the galaxies she had saved from deterioration.. finally she met Le Sombre Lune who explained to her what they were and where they were.. and they began watching over Yuroshima together.. slowly leading him to a power level where he could find and contact them for their objective was the same as his.. to fight for what they all felt was right and to use their great power to push forth their agendas of love and nurture and true balance. The visual spectacle In the black abyss comes to a murky end as clips from the future begin to play but are smeared. He looks down as his body begins to become enveloped in the intense golden light of the star he was now falling into. It burns too intensely, so impossibly bright that Yuroshima loses track of his body and eventually his mind.. he is no where now, not in light or darkness, he is gone. Slowly his vision returns, he is surrounded by all gold brilliance. Slowly his body rotates as he exits it into a different black abyss. He turns to see the star once again but now it is surrounded by a thin ring of black and then solid gold, but not the energy like Kan’Yo , it appeared to be surrounded by solid gold the metal. His body rotates further and far below he can see Le Sombre Lune and Kanyo Na Hira standing stop two white pillars, waiting. Slowly Yuro’s body floats toward the third white pillar. His feet gently make contact and now he too is simply standing atop a pillar. His wondering Gray eeys make contact with the wisest of them LeSombre Lune. “Why are we here..?” The Shinigam iasks the spirit timidly. “Shhh.” Kan’Yo Na Hira shushes him. Yuroshima turns around to the direction they are facing and instantly bursts into tears and falls to a knee. There standing before him was the literal source of all three of them.. the deity which was the combination of their soul. The tears are outside of Yuroshimas control ,they flood on mere sight of the goddess looking entity. It is impossibly huge and seems to be made from solid gold with a darker color as it was clearly ancient. The being had long white hair which was comprised entirely of energy, it can move its facial features as if they were orgnic material despite beign comprised of solid gold.. it’s a femininely beautiful creature.. yet terrifying and commanding of authority as well it was truly every emotion Yuro could imagine manifested into a goddess like deity. Its eyes were simply two of the stars Yuroshima had fell through to get here, he realizes he actually passed through its eye and saw its memories to arrive at this spot. “This is the moment that it has been waiting for,” Le Sombre Lune says, standing confidentially, “The moment we would all meet our spiritual maturation and meet in this.. place.. before and after both space and time. It has awaited us, and now is the true test for all three of us. The test to see if we can pass the milestone on the road to our true forms and potentials.. if not…” He turns to Yuroshima and Kan’Yo “We will all perish here with It…, for as you both know our conviction of death before true failure came from somewhere.. and if we cannot prove now that we have the spark of greatness in us and show that we will not be able to complete our goals.” The beast lets out a noise.. the likes of which neither 3 of them had ever heard in any realm of existence.. a sound which cannot be described with mere language. It begins low.. and slowly begins building in strength as the black area around them mumbles. In a panic Yuroshiam reaches for his weapon, “wheres my Zanpkauto?!” He cries out in fear. “Oh Yuroshima.” Kan’Yo coos, “It’s all around you.. this is the place the three of us were before our separate births..” this realization evokes Yuroshiam to look to the deity and understand for the first time truly, that he was literally looking at himself.. as well as Le Sombre lune and Kan’Yo Na Hira, the totality of all three of them, their source spirit. “Wait.. is this real? Can we actually die?” The Shinigami asks frantically. “Yes, you , me Kan’Yo and the entity will all die if even one of us fails no.. there is no turning back and no more room for excuses.. it is now or never Yuroshima. “ Le Sombre Lune Says. Power wise he was arguably the most combat ready and is the first to stand in a strong stance as the noise emitting from the godlike form grows louder and louder.. now to the point of pain. “How do we fight it??!” Yuroshima screams over the noise, “We cannot!” Le somber Lune laughs, “Power doesn’t even mean the same thing in the realm of existence It dwells in, we could never jokingly harm it even with all the might in all the realms below us now! This is a different kind of spiritual warfare all together, far to advanced for a simple fight” The noise is now so loud; neither of the three can hear themselves think. Le Sombre Lune slams his hands together and begins to glow intensely white. A strange noise all his own erupts from his mouth, similar to the sound of thunder going off on a nonstop loop, growing in intensity. This takes some of the stress off from the more powerful sound waves emitting from the goddess. Kan’Yo understands and begins her own sound as well, adding to the mix, a high pitched cooing sound which also grows in intensity. The sound waves collide and begin interacting with each other but Le Sombre lune and Kan’Yo were being overpowered slowly. “What can I do..” Yuroshima thinks, his Zan spirits focusing literally every cell of their body to delay their destruction on every single plane imaginable and so.. for the first time.. he could not ask them. “What can I do!” He cries again mentally, hardly able to stay conscious in the sound waves around them. The sound emitting from the goddess so powerful now that it threatened to literally physically tear the infinite space they were in apart.. this was it.. for all of them. Suddenly a memory of something Le Sombre Lune had told him echoes through his fading mind. “You are the manifestation of the catalyst of both our energies.” And then Kan’Yo’s voice, “Trust your heart.. we love you..” But hers was no memory.. she actually found the strength to push through the power and tell him that. Tears stream down his face as he is touched by the unconditional love and bond he had with his two Zanpkauto. “You’ve protected me my whole life…” He thinks to them, psychically communicating his message, “And I will not let you die, I will not fail you now!” And with that he allows his body and soul to do what it knows it must. He holds his arms out with his palms towards the sky, and allows the extent of his power to erupt from him in shout, exactly midway pitch between Sombre’s and Kan’Yo’s. Their three noises combine and rise in volume and intensity until the objective becomes clear.. and their combined sound is the exact sound being made by the Goddess.. they both hit the same pitch simultaneously and suddenly.. they are all gone from existence. There is nothing. “Im afraid.. whats happening..” Yuroshima asks, having no idea where he is, he cannot even see his own body. “Shhhh.” Kan’Yo says, “We did it!” She sounds as if she is going to burst into tears of happiness, “We did it! I love you both so much I can believe it.!” She chants, Le Sombre says nothing but it can be felt that this is because his own happiness has rendered him speechless. “Don’t resist.” He finally tells both of them, “I know we are excited.. but relax now and dont be afraid.. allow this magnetic feeling to strengthen and allow us to return to who we are..” They all become aware of this magnetic feeling, Yuroshima finds it hard at first..but when he feels them let go he is put at ease and lets go.. lets go of everything and entrusts it to the other fragments of his soul in a true and near unexplainable way for the first time. Suddenly, it opens its eyes. Its bright star like eyes and looks around. It can hardly remember its dream but feels more alive and whole than it has in a long time. It looks around at the landscape which was literally clouds and raw color and other powerful complete deities roaming around and feels an overwhelming sense of being home. It sits in a meditative position in its brilliant gold form smiles, feeling in a deep way that its goals may be met and realized. It blinks….. Yuroshima awakens during the twilight hours, the time between sun and moon. He is laying gently in a stream which carries his floating body as if cradling him. He can not move.. and allows the stream to carry him. He can see the cliff he was standing on above him in the distance and the waterfall in its center. After a while, the stream carries him to a small sand cove and washes his body onto it, next to the Sheathed Katana and Sai which were his Zanpkauto.. and they lay there together, They did it… WC ( Bankai ) – 2729 ‘Learned’
  6. Success! The Shinigami stares to the rubble with pride, a monument to his victory over the arts of his kind. But he does not feel whole in his being about the technique he had just employed. Slowly his spirit energy simmers down and fades away as he allows the cycling Reiatsu to return to a dormant state and he is back to his base form. He feels slightly puzzled at this sensation of a hollow victory and cannot understand what was missing. It is only after a few more moments of contemplation that he resolves that that was not the full capability of shunko and certainly not the full capability of Shunko he felt he could perform. The technique which he had just exhibited wasn’t quite like the fantastic display of power described in the text, and having just learned of latent potential, the Shinigami feels that it is not merely just a matter of his ability being less than those who had written the manuscript. And so he must try again. And again he attempts a more holistic Shunko, standing with his legs apart and stand firm he flexes his spirit energy intensely and reabsorbs it in the same manner as befoe. He can indeed feel the kido coursing through his body, certainly this was Shunko? But why was it still not as described in the text. There was no more use in attempting to contemplate an answer, the Shinigami knew he must find this answer in the true physical reality and dashes forth with incredible speed, putting the power of his mock Shunko to the test in an attempt to understand it in a deeper way. He begins throwing strikes into the air, Hakuda techniques which he had learned in the academy and trained to learn himself afterwards. While his hits were indeed faster and stronger, there was no question, however it still felt to be lacking something. Yuroshimas hits slow in ferocity and number as he wonders what was wrong. He has the same feeling as he did earlier before resolving to take the kido flow into his own body, “Of course.” He thinks, “It is the same feeling and opposite problem now… must allow the Kido flow to leave my body.” He lands upon the soft earth once more, and goes to lunge forth, resolving that the easiest technique to do this with would be Ikotsu, but suddenly, he feels a great exhaustion take over his body and the gray swirling energy around him dissipates. His lungs begin to burn as he is winded and feels as if though he cannot breathe. The light of the bright burning sun becomes more intense from his perspective as he lays on his back squinting and fighting to catch his breath and slow his heart rate. His mind shooting panic signals alerts his Zanpakuto to him. “Yuroshima.” The thundering voice of Le Sombre Lune calls to him. “You must calm down, just rest it’s ok. These are powerful and ancient arts for your people, you must not go into them so naively. I understand you have witnessed the potential of all but you must realize how little that actually means. Everything which has consciousness has the potential of all as you know, but that in itself doesn’t simply mean every conscious being will achieve eternal growth, why do you think so many never leave a mid tier strength range or so few captains exist. And when a captain class Shinigami is able to take the stage it is a heavily celebrated ordeal. This is still reality, and you spending too much time in the cosmos with Kan’Yo Na Hira and myself has dethatched you from it. You must understand that not all will reach certain tiers.” There is a silence between the two and Yuroshimas breathing slows and he begins to regain his composure. Shakily he sits up, he had exhausted his spirit energy and would to rest for a while. “Do you mean to say, that I cannot reach certain tiers or learn certain techniques like that of which I attempt to learn now?” “Of course not.” The Zanpakuto spirit answers instantly, “but it is possible, and so you can not treat these higher level techniques like they will just come to you, you must respect the arts of your people and attempt to learn them.” He states. “Then teach me.” Yuroshima replies, “I won’t, there is a much more important lesson I must prepare for, and if you can prove worth and learn your portion of it with Shunko now you will see what I am talking about.” Le Sombre Lune explains. “Indeed.” Yuro states back. Hw slowly regains more of his strength and stands atop his currently wobbling legs before he stumbles to his satchel and retrieves another bottle of water which he gulps down greedily from the intense thirst he was experiencing and then retrieves multiple sweet and juicy fruits which e then begins to consume in an attempt to nourish and replenish himself. He sits atop the soft grass, enjoying the soft sweet fruits and the comforting cool breeze, the cool water which he drank, and realizes the importance of true rest and a relaxing vibe, that that was how Kan’Yo Na Hira put so many to ease, and he resolved he would indeed attempt to replicate this by trying to keep a relaxed composure to himself from now on. Time passes and Yuroshima rests to near full recovery. His body is tired and desires sleep but he forces himself to stand and continue training. He walks back towards the grass clearing and picks a section of field which was not yet torn apart by his spiritual pressure. He stands strong yet, taking a deep breath and temporarily instilling within himself, a feeling of a rejuvenation and a clean physical slate. He breathes in deeply once more and clears his mind, deciding on two things which would make this attempt starkly different than his others. He felt that perhaps he was about this too rigidly and that if he were use a technique which allowed the flow of energy perhaps he should use a more flowing attitude, akin to water. And lastly, perhaps he was going about the use of his spiritual energy wrong, perhaps instead of flexing it around his body and drawing it in he should cycle it in and out on a loop, similar to breathing that way he wouldn’t run out as fast. The Lieutenant decides that this would indeed be the best course of action and prepares himself to attempt a complete Shunko release once again. And so he builds his power one more time and allows it to flow free and powerful around him, he breathes.. attempting to stay relaxed and not tense up to the intense and mighty flow of energy around him he allows it to continue its flow back into his body, absorbing into him but instead of allowing it to cease there and waste his energy akin to a one way faucet, he allows it to flow back out. Slowly he focuses on allowing the flow to continue…. And finally.. the energy spill back out swirling around him in now a perfect balanced cycle. This definitely felt correct… this was it. He once again dashes forth and begins throwing a barrage of strikes into the air, he could not believe how much faster and stronger his movements and blows were as opposed to before. He concentrates on attempting to allow the kido to leave his body through his physical strikes as illustrated in the manuscript he had brought along. With each strike, more and more wind gusts forth, and occasionally a spit of gray energy would spark outward but Yuroshima was finding it difficult to allow the blasts to leave his physical form. Finally he rushes forth towards another boulder, prepared to forcefully facilitate the kido energy exiting his body by charging the power into his arm, he was going to perform the Hakuda technique, Ikotsu. Ikotsu was done by charging energy into your limb and releasing it upon blow. It was not exactly like releasing energy through Shunko as they were different techniques but the Lieutenant had hoped it would be just similar enough to where he would be able to create a mock release which in turn help him understand how to cast a full release of the energy collected during Shunko. He charges his spirit energy allowing mass amounts to collect in his arm. Instantly he notices what a greater quality his Hakuda techniques were while Shunko was active. He draws his arm back, takes a deep breath in, one step forth.. and throws his fist through the air. A tidal wave of gray comes crashing forth from Yuroshimas right side in the direction he had thrown the strike, leaving a trench like scar on the landscape before him. He allows his energy to simmer down as his head begins to hurt and he once again feels the intense pangs of exhaustion course through him as it had earlier. WC – 1,518 ( Shunko Mastered – learned )
  7. This morning was different atmospherically than most and Yuroshima had felt wide awake and energized from the moment his eyes opened. He had been spending great amounts of time meditating with his Zanpkauto spirits since becoming Lieutenant for he now felt an enormous weight of responsibility and the pressures of having so many under you who depend on you and the desire to never let them down. He knew in his soul that he must obtain greater strength by any means. And so he rises from bed with the conviction that today he would indeed go out into isolation and learn the secrets of high level kido and ultimately, Shunko. The new Lieutenant of the Restoration Corps strides across his room to his closet and begins dressing in his black Shukakusho uniform with his flourish of the skin tight white sleeves beneath. After tying the thick white sash into a bow around him he retrieves his Zanpakuto and tucks it snugly into the sash. Lastly he grabs his white veil and holds it in his hands a moment. Clean white cloth its composition with no stain in sight. It was almost in the shape of a boxy helmet fashioned and held together at the top by a solid gold band. On the front was a rectangular shape cut from the cloth that acted as an eye shape, and the cloth was thick, feeling in thickness and stiffness as if it were made of canvas. A horrible thought enters his mind at the realization that his philosophy and reason for anonymity may have been false and that the veil itself has now become his identity… and that if he were to die in combat he would die with no one ever knowing his name or having a true and deep friendship with him. “But if I am correct and my anonymity inspires what I hope it does..” He thinks, “Then it would indeed still be well worth it.” Slowly, he looks in the mirror he slides the cloth headdress over his face and once again, his identity is concealed from the world aside from his emotion emulating gray eyes, always present and always watching. On his way to the bedroom door of his quarters he also grabs a black satchel like bag which he had water and food in, and a few instructive and philosophical scrolls for high level kido alongside the old book he still hadn’t returned to the kido corps library labeled “The Art of Shunko.” And heads outside to begin his hike. In contrast to the scorching tropical heat which had bathed the Sereitei almost nonstop for days, today’s weather was very even tempered and nice, the sun was merely warm and forgotten in the wake of the cool breeze which flowed at almost all times. As today’s training did indeed have potential to damage the environment around the Veiled shinigami, he had resolved to once again exit the Sereitei walls to train in the solace of the grass and dirt fields and spots of forest which surrounded it. Yuroshima walks quite a distance until he is sure that no other life outside the scope of plant and animal were around and he finds a comfortable grass clearing. The black haired shinigami takes a deep firm breath and sits down criss crossed as he exhales and retrieves from his satchel a book, The Art of Shunko. He flips to the first page and begins to read of the philosophy of what Shunko was as it was generally not something expanded on in the academy considering it was a rarity for one to be adept enough to learn such a technique. He turns the cover and past the first few blank pages and is finally at the start of his journey to learn and gain greater standing with in the military he respected. Chapter one, as he ha hoped, was a description of Shunko. The manuscript explains that Shunko itself is not a release but a technique. This is surprising to Yuroshima whom had been under the impression that Shunko was a release of sealed power similar to Shikai when in reality it was an allowance of power to flow differently and the veiled reader did not have really any point of reference for that as no other technique he had had was similar. The text goes on to describe Shunko as a technique combining the aspects of Hakuda and kido, Yuroshima smiles to this bit of information for these two were undoubtedly his specialty. He reads that the user of the technique must channel their inner energy and the raw kido energy around them to flow through their form, to attach and stick with in them In a way, and release when necessary to perform strikes. And importantly he reads that correct performance of this technique will destroy the upper body clothing which he is wearing for its explosive nature. “Glad I saw that.” The shinigami comments, closing the book a moment, “These uniforms are expensive.” He reaches to his side and retrieves from his satchel a bottle of water which he packed itself, he takes a good swig of the cool liquid and stands before removing the top portion of his uniform revealing his pale and maintained form. Closing his eyes, the shinigami inhales deeply and clears his mind. The soft grass below his wide stance as he clenches to fists, the power mudra, and begins to charge his form with raw kido energy. He finds it is something which must be done in similar regards to a flex like a muscle and begins to attempt to strengthen the way he charges his spiritual pressure, and so he focuses and flexes it harder. The grass below him begins to peel and strip away as the ground begins to move as well as if repelled by the great force being admitted by the self training warrior medic. Finally he reaches a point where is Reishi is going chaotic and swirling around him, torturing the environment and forcing his training to be extensively less secretive. But something is missing, despite the fact he had never amassed so much personal energy and he felt fantastic and powerful and all the sensations the book described he knew this wasn’t Shunko, he was merely just tapping into his power reserves. There was a missing link stopping this from fully being the Shunko technique and that was the fact that this energy while coursing through his form wasn’t truly coursing THROUGH him. He reasons that Shunko must then use the physical body as a catalyst in the same way he uses his Zanpakuto as a kido catalyst and for a moment.. feels how everything is connected and symbolic In the universe and that fate willed him to learn this technique. He maintains the powerful flow of spiritual energy booming around his form and closes his eyes to focus and see the color and form of the energy he was producing similar to how Kan’Yo Na Hira had taught him to see the energy of Kaido and its processes. He sees a strong energy, limitless and boundless yet tamable, the energy of himself as he was now witness to his own potential glory and could never unsee what he had seen today… that which makes many uncomfortable.. the raw realization of infinite power to the self and unlimited potential. Even more disturbing than this… he realized in that instant that in a way he had always known of the latent potential which rested in his soul and the soul of all, that he had always known that infinite possibility was manifested as individual lives and that life itself was simply a sandbox playground for all experiences to happen for the universe… he was alive, he had a conscious mind! And with this consideration he had partially lifted the shackles of self excuse and doubt from himself, less afraid of how far he could go and afraid no longer to lessen that fear. With the utmost in raw determination the Restoration champion strikes his fist forward, the energy around his arm sizzling and crackling, practically confused as it had prepared to leave the body of its caster but the caster wasn’t completely sure exactly of how to allow its release to he world around him. It wasn’t exactly like firing kido, this was a genuine and true mixture of hakuda and kido technique being used simultaneously. And so he understands that he had indeed not been treating this technique with enough of a physical attitude and where treating it as a kido spell which can be casted simply by being casted. He concentrates on his physical body more, allowing the intense and powerful Reaitsu to sink into his form from which it came in a fashion similar to a Quincies Blut and he can feel the raw power coursing through his body. His eyes lock onto a rock resting by a tree in front of him and with a powerful single legged bound he dashes forth towards the stone object, the gray energy , same color as his eyes, swirling around him as his fist strike the stone and cripples it to dust instantly. WC ( Shunko unmastered ) - 1539 ‘Learned
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    A Momentary Rest

    “Indeed” The Lieutenant replies to Nariko, “I do plan on taking captainship and wish to help usher in a time of prosperity for the the Gotei 13.” He pauses while Oriru talks of spirit energy manipulation and how he had been very proficient in matters of the sort. “For me personally.” He adds. “Achieving my Shikai was an intense and deep series of mediations where I had allowed them the roles of being my teachers. You must keep in mind that the Zanpakuto and yourself are two equal parts of a singular soul. Even if you have two Zanpakuto spirit , like myself for example, we are simply 3 equal parts of a singular soul. Forming a relationship with the other portion of your soul is a very intimate and personal experience and there will come a point where guidance can only take you so far, if you ever want aid in meditation to contact your Zanpakuto I would also be more than willing to help, you can find me almost anytime in the Restorations Corps grounds.”
  9. Yuro

    Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

    I Yuroshima J Hoshiko Of sound mind and body would like to scrap pending abilities Sejiragu and Awai Rakurai to return the two slots for the FP back with this and tummy two achievements I would like to purchase Shunkō
  10. The morning was still early and gray, smelling of the rain that had come the night before as the third and final Shinigami convoy lead by 3rd seat Zimwae Deldoria makes its journey into the third and final town. Two elderly men sit on the porch of one of the couple wooden houses / outskirt business right outside the towns border, one with a U shaped hair cut and overalls, the other with a long gray beard that rested in his lap and a straw hat obscuring his eyes. They watch the multiple black clad soul reapers quickly move into town. “What do you reckon there here for?” The eye patched one asks his companion, “Don’t know, but knowing their kind its nothing good..” He spits to his side away from his friend and off the porch, “We have to let General Talvich know..for his boys come through here later..” He finishes eyeing a young Shinigami man walking amongst the rank with a cheerful smile across his face as he turn to the two old men watching from their home at a distance and waves to them enthusiastically. The bearded man merely smiles a venomous snake like grin as he slowly waves back… Hours pass and Yuroshima Hoshiko had arranged the troops at his disposable into strategic positions pointed out to him by Mayor Armahl Keyante. Each group leader would be responsible for how the attack itself was orchestrated and The Restoration Corps Lieutenant felt his plan would go unhindered. These were the hardest moment for in mere minutes the enemy forces would be marching through here according to the Mayor and Yuroshimas keen eyes continuously scan the area, stopping at each point he had his men positioned, from alleyways to balconies they all hid in waiting to spring the plan launched by their commander. He waits on the second floor of a large storage building until his door gently opens and Officer Avery Yasuke enters. “Sir.” He states, “They are about to enter town, should be on our street in just a few.” He explains. “Good, thank you Yasuke. Are you ready?” He asks the officer, “Yes sir.” Avery replies. “Good.. good, go back to your post across from Jim I want you to looking sharp out there as the two next highest ranks under me.” He orders. “Right away sir.” The 10th seat agrees and then exits the room without another word. The sky was still gray but brighter, the air still moist and cooler, and the soil still rich black. Suddenly, the soft sound of multiple footsteps grows louder and louder before the first few members of the enemy patrol can be seen rounding the corner. This was the moment they had been waiting for. The patrol was roughly 20-30 men strong and was finally in the middle of the cramped, building surrounded road before a weak but bright Shakkaho flies into the air.. it was time, before the attack commences the Restoration specialist notices something which slightly disturbs him, “They are looking around a lot..” He thinks, “I Mean..they are a patrol.. but it feels like they are expecting something to happen right this moment. Yuroshima, and the four Kido Corpsmen he had placed in a box shape around the area the patrol was standing in all shout out Sekeinton and fire the large clay looking pellets towards the target area, surrounding the force in an enormous screen of red smoke on all sides. Phase two would consist of every officer, the Lieutenant and all Kido Corps back up to begin blindly spamming Bakudo spells into the smoke. The Barrage of gold blue and orange restriction type kidos fly into the red smoked area with one section being a bright yellow and disappear leaving a glow of their color behind. “Advance!” Yuroshima calls out from the open window of his perch, using Shunpo to practically disappear and reappear on the ground. The seated officers all cry out and burst from their positions running into the trap they had set. At least half to two thirds of the enemy troops had been subdued by the hail of Bakudo and the rest were mostly greatly disoriented. It is a short moment of pandemonium as The Shinigami begin battling the remaining able bodies. The sound of clanging swords fills the smoked area and the Veiled lieutenant jogs into the center of the Chaos. The rebels seemed to have a uniform now, brown leather jackets and blackish or darker pants as a rough base or the foot soldiers. Yuro looks to his men in the struggles of combat and realizes that there were far fewer rebels than they had anticipated there would be. “Yahhhhh!” A man yells out holding a large metal club above his head as he charges for the Veiled Shinigami whom reacts by pulling his sheathed Zanpakuto from the thick white sash tied in a bow around his waist.. allowing the handle to slam into the attackers stomach with great force winding him. He grips the bottom end of the sheathe where the tip of his sword would be with his other hand using an upper cut like motion to slams it into the man’s side below his rib cage. The rebel attacker coughs up a broken string of spittle before lunging forward, attempting to smack his adversary across the face with his club. In response the Lieutenant swings his upper body back, narrowly missing the strike and feeling the gentle wind from the swing against his veil. He grips the sheathe end he had used for the uppercut tighter and stabs the handle of the Zanpakuto upward, jamming it hard into the bottom of the man’s bicep.. the pain signal from the soft part of the muscle literally forcing him to drop the weapon. The Shinigami then lunges forth heavily, throwing a slow but forceful open palm smack across the man’s jaw. The rebel adversary sprawls back holding his head with his uninjured limb as his falls to the ground. “Sai.” The Lieutenant casts, binding the man’s arms behind his back. Hearing a slosh of mud behind him he whips is body around and lifts his sheathed weapon, stopping a blade mid swing a flurry of sparks. Using his great strength he takes a step forth and throws the weapon off of his , staggering the new opponent before another begins running up to back up the freshly attacking adversary. Yuroshima jumps backward and faces the two men as they run towards him, care free.. no matter their skill level they were basically the last left standing, they could never defeat them all… these men didn’t seem to be of a high power level though, some of them wouldn’t even be taken in shinigami patrols to the academy… and this fact puts Yuroshima to unease. The fighting ended rather quickly, some of the men had been injured but no death casualties had been suffered on Yuroshima’s side. Or so he had thought. “Lieutenant!” one of the Kido Corps operatives shouts as he helps a man lurch to the clearing in the road where yuro stood surveying the scene of his victorious men loading prisoners into a designated building to await the carts return. “Whats wrong with him?” He asks concerned as he recognizes the inured party as Bartholomew, blood freely gushing from his side. “Hes fading fast! Hes loosing so much blood we cant even stop it with our bandages!” The anonymous back up replies. “Lay him down!” The lieutenant barks before kneeling beside his current subordinate. “Im not gonna die.. im not gonna die.. im not gonna die..” Bartholomew chants in frantic whispers voer and over before the Lieutenants glowing and gentle hands clasp over his wound. “Shhh..” He states, the healing Aura of Kan’Yo Na Hira with him at all times now. It may not have been as potent as when in shikai release but still enough to relax the man whilst the Restoration specialist successfully saves him. “Youll be alright.” He says, looking to the lower seated officer with kind eyes. Bartholomew decompresses and lays his head back, “Thank you..” He says calmly, “Thank you..” “All Kido Cropsman front and center!” Yuroshima shouts, standing from his position as the 4 back up assistants run to him. “Yes sir!” They shout. “Final phase of the plan, contact the other two leaders, let them know our battle went off successfully, no injuries we can’t handle and no death casualties.” The anonymous Kido masters don’t even waste time replying as they grip each others hands and begin sharing a Reiatsu pool. The lieutenant, seeing an opportunity to begin learning the composition of a new spell walsk behind one of them and places a hand on his shoulder, adding his even greater pool of Reiatsu to their disposal for use. “Thank you sir.” One of them states. Another Kido Corpsman drops two pieces of cloth held by the other two group leaders into the middle of a large symbolist circle drawn by the third by a strange black powder they had gotten from a purple satin sack. In unison, the kido specialists begin to chant the incantation and Yuroshima closes his eyes to watch the forming of the spell in real time. "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain." They sing out. Yuroshima can see the strange openings of the fabrics of space and sound enabling a one way connection to the others which they would hear mentally. In his minds eye it appears to take on the shape of an eerie misty blue web extending through great distances and connecting to the previous owners of the cloths.”Interesting..” The Lieutenant murmurs. “This is Assault force A.” Yuro states, able to talk as his energy was a part of the pool. “Our attack has gone through successfully, minimal casualties no deaths, multiple prisoners, what’s your current status? Over?” There is a great moment of silence. “Roger that, this is group B!” A voice answers in Yuroshimas head mentally as the others had cloth he had touched as well and as a result only he could hear the answer, “Our fight is just about done as well, merely chasing a few runaways now.. Group Commander Litarian is uninjured, still have yet to hear from group C!” And so they all wait longer.. and longer.. until the lieutenant can feel something is wrong. “Converge on group C.” He orders before stepping away from the Reiatsu pool, severing the connection and rushing towards the outskirts of the town. Moments before.. Third seat Zimwae Deldoria watches the slightly larger than expected rebel force make its way through the streets in a calculated fashion. The numbers do not frighten him however, he had attained third seat because no one in the entirety of his division had been stronger than him aside from the captain and Lieutenant. He unsheathes his Zanapkuto and raises it above his head. “Hiiiiyaaaaaa!!” He cries out..using his right hand to push his glasses back up his nose securing them, and releases the idol Shinigami from position as Bakudo and Hado spells alike fly towards the crowd and the seated officers rush in for combat. Zimwae follows close behind as he erupts into the heat of battle. He can sense the rebels around him and becomes slightly alarmed at their advanced strength, many of them being on par with his Seated officers, He does not allow his fear of loss to crowd his vision of his current object though and begins rushing into others battles in hopes of employing a strategy to overwhelm each force, but they were gravely outnumbered by the larger than expected force. He can see his 9th seat locking swords with a man with a red leather jacket and red scarf. “Hainawa!” He shouts, casting the yellow rope like blast from his palm before it wraps around the man’s upper body. The third seat pulls down hard forcing the man to slam into the ground. “Secure him!” the Deldoria Officer shouts to the 9th seat whom begins casting his own bakudo on the fallen enemy. Zimwae turns and begins charging towards another enemy solider who was charging towards one of his allies to try and help them overwhelm the Shinigami they were fighting, but the man turns and sees the Third seat dashing towards him in time. “Die! Shinigami dog!” The burly bearded man shouts, his gruff voice something from a pirate story book as he grips a wooden staff with two spear pointed ends tightly and rushes forth towards the Shinigami officer running at him. The rebel stops short and throws his spear forward attempting to stab the third seat whom halts as well, gripping his Zanpakuto tightly with both hands he holds it close to his body and leans at an angle, blocking the stab with ease. Instantly the burly man retracts his weapon and spins it above his head slashing it downward in a rough slicing motion. Zimwae in response falls to his knee and throws the blade of his weapon upward in a blocking motion, parrying the strike before he rushes forward quickly and delivers an attack of his own as he slashes towards the man from the left side. The bearded rebel throws the center of his weapon in front of the blow in a block, splinters of wood fly from the wooden portion and the adversary stumbles backward. The leader of the assault can see that this man was more skilled than the others. “This must be their General.” He thinks, “Uhltmer.” “Bakudo 11!” He shouts not wishing to miss this prize opportunity, pointing his palm in front of the man he finishes, “Horin!” evoking the orange’ish tendril to burst forth, flying towards the Rukognai soul with greater speed than he can react. The tendril ensnare the man, wrapping around his body.. he falls to his knees. “No!” He howls, “I am the right hand to the great General! You will not best me in combat.” He finishes in a worried but confident yell. “Second hand..?” Zimwae thinks before one of his Subordinates calls for him. “Third seat Deldoria!” The voice cries. Zimwae lashes forth, striking the man in the side of the head with a Hakuda finger technique… rendering the former Rukognai citizen gone militant from consciousness before he makes a break for the area of the yelling. The fighting had calmed down greatly and had turned to skirmishing and Officer Deldorias heart sinks in the realization that his forces were not exactly winning. Finally he arrives at the scene, seeing multiple seated officers attempting to attack a monster of a man. A large hulking mass with a thick arm medium length long-sword stood in the middle of them all, hacking down any who dared stand against his inhuman strength. None of the seated officers were strong enough. Zimwae can feel that he lacks strong spirit energy as most Rukognai citizens do.. but his speed.. and they way he just severed a mans body in one swing.. his strength was mechanical. “Back up! Now!” The assault leader yells to his men whom begin to retreat. “Get ready!” He orders them, keeping them from fully leaving the horrid situation. “Hes one man! And no Shinigami! Stay together, fuck honor.. we attack at once!” He looks around to his visibly afraid men, and to the 8-9 foot giant smirking at him. “After me!” He shouts out before rushing forth, Zanpakuto raised into the air above his head. At the last moment, Zimwae uses Shunpo to appear directly in front of the man and in the air slightly, his waist roughly at the large mans shoulders. The Third Seat can see the surprise on the enemies face, “I knew it..” He states, “He cant follow my movements..” And with that he slashes forcefully downward. The man merely throws his thick forearm up and takes the deep cut as if it were nothing. The gash was fair, and deep red blood began oozing out as Zimwae lands on the ground, shocked at how much less damage had occurred than was supposed to. “rrrRRRahhhh!!” The giant cries out swinging his long-word in a cleaving motion at the Third Seat who throws his Zanpkauto up to block but the immense force of the hit rips it from his grasp and send him sprawling backwards, landing on his hip and hand he looks up in fear before the remaining seated officers of that specific conflict rush forth. One Shinigami attempts a sweeping slash like strike from the side, but the hulking adversary merely bats it in the opposite direction with a tap like hit from his own weapon before quickly flinging it the other way and slashing the man across the throat. The Shinigami’s eyes widen as he drops his weapon and grips his neck tightly, practically jogging backwards before falling on his back to bleed to death in fear. “I am Uhltmer Tavich!” The man cries in a strange accent, “Slayer of the Death Gods! Protector of Rukognai!.” He dashes to the side, misses another slash before whipping his body around and using his enormous arm as a club, striking the Shnigami who had attacked against the side of the head, either dislodging or snapping his neck and sending the body cracking into the ground. “Bastard!” Zimwae yells out, retrieving his Zanpakuto and running forth, poised to strike. Out of nowhere Uhltmer flings his blade downward with great speed.”Enkosen!” The third seat shouts. It was not a kido spell he was proficient in yet and had to summon it in the size of a small buckler style shield for full effectiveness. The longsword clashes against the orange fan like shield and stops for only and instant before bursting through. The spell erupts into orange glass like shards, but the delay allows the Third seat to back up in just enough time to not lose his arm. General Talvich takes advantage and leaps forward, throwing his mighty blade into the ground and savagely grabbing Zimwaes body with his brutish hands, he forces the man down to the ground and begins striking him all over his body. The third seat cries out in agony as he begins to cough out mucus and blood, he can here yuroshima’s and Tenmare’s faint voices in his head and knew they were trying to contact him but cant focus on any single thought... The General grips his head and ominously raises his lumbering arm prepared to smash down with his free fist. “General Talvich!” One of his troops run up. “Reinforcements are coming! And coming fast sir!” To this, the general looks to the broken man below him and smiles.. forming a plan. “Scatter!” His voice erupts out, “Hide!” Yuroshima and Tenamre both reach the third town to find the Shinigami in it being steadily overpowered by the much larger group of rebel forces. Instantly their troop engage the enemy, and Yuroshima and Tenmare begin looking for Zimwae in the chaos of the battle. “How could this happen?” Tenmare shouts, shocked at the amount of rebels here and the ferocity of the battle which now ensued with their forces. The two round a corner and see Zimwae laying on the ground defeated. Yuroshima being the medic uses Shunpo to dash to his fellow group commander. “Officer Deldoria!” He shouts, reaching the Soul Reapers body he sees that the eyeglass doing soul was awake and breathing but in a shocked state… and then suddenly a massive fist from nowhere slams into the Lieutenants lower ribcage and upper stomach. Yuroshima tenses his body, his great natural strength then making it to where the blow didn’t send him flying back but merely sliding backward multiple feet before coming to a stop. For just a moment he takes a step not realizing how hard he had actually just been struck before the intense empty like pain fully consumes the center of his body and he falls to his knee. Many of the seated officers and rebels around pause their confrontations briefly, unable to believe they had witnessed this moment when a physical attack from a mere Rukognai citizen brought a Lieutenant of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads to his knee. Yuro stops himself from vomiting and regains his composure before standing and witnessing the behemoth before him who then remarks, “Your body is strong….” His eyes wander to his adversaries’ arm, “That badge looks important.” The giant says in his proud confident voice formed by his strange thick accent of some sort, looking to the copper badge on the Veiled Shinigami’s left bicep. “It’s a Lieutenants badge.” Yuro replies. “I have it because I am a Lieutenant of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.” He finishes. The General takes one step forth. “I am General Uhltmer Talvich!” He chants, “And I will slay you for bringing your presence here. You may be the highest rank I’ve encountered until this point.. but it matters not, you will fall just the same.” “No.” Yuroshima interjects, “You are under arrest! And if you continue to be a prominent threat, I will subdue you, those are the only two outcomes of this. Its over General Talvich, submit and surrender.” The General looks around for the first time since he had engaged in combat for the world around him disappeared from his perspective when he fought, and indeed sees his men slowly being overtaken by the more skilled and trained Shinigami soldiers. “You are all a nuisance.” He says coldly, and angrily, “You make Rukognai politically dependent on you due to your strength..and then you fail and leave the districts in its greatest poverty ever.. its been horrid.. and now you just come back and try to reinsert control??” his rage only grows. “Where is the justice if not in the hands of the people at that point!” He growls. The Lieutenant nods, his words made sense, but he knew that in the bigger picture the Sereitei regaining control would be the best long-term solution and so he held his conviction to battle. “Justice is where its always been.” The anonymous Restoration specialist replies, “In the hearts and hands of he whose resolve ended up being greater.” Uhltmer merely smirks to this, “Then I will claim justice with my greater resolve!” He roars as he bounds forth off his powerful legs, cleaving his sword towards Yuroshima. The Lieutenant weaves backward and bends, narrowly missing the blow he raises his left palm and aims it at the back of Uhtlmers hands as he begins to draw his arm back for a recovery strike “Sho!” He shouts, the strong blast of energy smacking the back of the enemies thick hand, he releases his grip on the weapon for just a second but his raw animalistic strength is enough, for the most part, to defend against the low level hado spell. Yuroshima reacts quickly and strikes his open palm into the back of his hand as well, finishing off the weakened grip and sending the sword twirling away from its user. Ulhtmer then forms a fist and prepares to send another punch towards the soul reaper he was locked into combat with. “Haiwana!” The voice of Tenmare shouts as the yellow rectangular rope wraps around the giants arm, stopping the flow of his strike. “nnnRahhh!” He bellows out of frustration and anger before ripping his mighty arm forth, pulling the rope and sending the Shinigami that had cast it slamming into the soft muddy soil. CRACK! Yuroshima swipes the raging rebel across the face with his Sheathed weapon. Uhltmer stumbles back a moment but Yuroshima uses his superior speed to practically appear directly in front of the giant in mid air. He grabs the back of The Generals head and sends a firm knee into the enemy commanders face.. but Uhltmer seems nearly unaffected aside from a thin line of blood seeping from his knose. The mans rage had piqued and his cruel limb flies forth, gripping the higher ranked Shinigami around the ankle he bounds backward towards a building with a porch and spins, swinging Yuroshimas body through a solid wooden post. The Lieutenants upper body cracks through the solid young wood before he is slammed into and dragged across the ground. General Talvich gently lets go of his ankle, allowing his to roll across the mud before the hulking man grabs the large piece of wooden post that fell to the ground after he struck it with his opponents body. Yuroshima sprawls to his feet and is instantly smacked upside the head from a downward swing by the thick wooden post. He cries out in pain as his hands clasp his face by reflex and his body soars back a ways. He slams into the mud.. that cold electric numb pain flooding his head and mind.. that thick wet feeling inside his veil.. he knew he was bleeding from the face. It was time to throw caution to the wind.. even if this man wasn’t a Shinigami he was still a clear and obvious threat. Yuroshima keeps his calm though challenging as that is and stands. The lumbering giant throwing Tenmare to the side and charging to the Lieutenant once again. He swings the post at Yuro once more but the Shinigami stands still and throws his fist into the oncoming weapon, sending it to splinters. Uhltmers expression turns to shock for only a minute before he raises his opposite limb to deliver a crushing blow. But Yuroshimas fist is to fast as he builds the power up through his arm and throws the powerful attack forth. “Ikotsu!” He shouts as he employs the high level Hakuda technique and his spirit energy is let loose through connection. The Generals expression turns strange as the mud flies up around them.. it looks as if he had just realized something or had an epiphany, before he is thrown backwards like a ragdoll, tumbling and rolling violently across the ground. The Lieutenant dashes forth, he is above the opponent who is on his knees, clutching his center and unmoving. Yuroshimas arms draw back as he prepares for the ultimate in Hakuda technique, the mighty Sokotsu, of which none of the officers around had likely ever seen outside of texts. But Yuro stops himself, realizing this reaction was out of anger and that if he launched his attack he would both kill and mutilate the man.. no matter how physically strong he was he was still merely a Rukognai citizen fighting for what he believed in for his people.. he did not deserve that fate in earnest. “Hes defeated now..” He thinks, “He will be subdued by my Bakudo.” And so he allows one palm to outstretch to his target. “Geki!” He calls out, evoking the large cone of bright red light to encase Talvich. Uhltmer is utterly surprised at his defeat as he is consumed by the red light which he can feel seeping into his skin. “No…” He says through a locked jaw. Shakily he stands once more! Yuroshimas eyes widen at the spectacle of the mans will as he lumbers forth one step and collapses unable to fight through the paralysis any longer. “Bind him!” The Lieutenant calls as the kido corps volunteers run up. “We take him back to soul society with the other prisoners.. we’ve gone above and beyond our objective this time.” WC – 4,590 WC towards Bakudō # 58: Kakushitsuijaku - 413
  11. " At any rate it doesn’t matter if I choose to make my identity known or not.” Yuroshima explains to Le Sombre Lune as they sit relaxed across from each other in some far off forgotten corner of the universe, atop a large stone head belonging to an enormous statue dedicated to a cosmic deity. “I’ve made my reasons known, and I’m perfect for anonymity anyhow.” He pauses a moment, his entire body language now giving off a shrug sort of vibe that the white clad Zanpakuto spirit felt was so overly obvious that it may not even be genuine. “My name isn’t even real, I made it up.” Le Sombre lune merely shakes his head, “The fact the thought of that name even popped in your head is surely significant is it not? How can you be certain you do not have a true name when you have gone by it so long?” He inquires, his thundering voice both soothing and terrible, to anyhow outsider it would sound as if ten million thunderstorms boomed in unison and one hundred thousand trains all drive by at once during.. with volume that threatened do absorb your body to nothing. But to Yuroshima it translated to a near normal voice, for they were apart of each other. “It feels correct to you when I call you by your name, and whether you wish to hide it or not.. you can’t, I’ve heard your heart and know you desire friendship with others and desire them to call you by your name.” For a moment there is only silence containing the sound of crashing waves below and the wind twirling about around them. The Shinigami only shrugs again, “I don’t know.” He states , placing he hands on the hot stone behind him and leaning back, allowing his head to lean back as well he looks to the nearly neon blue sky. The sun is too bright and his gray vibrant eyes squint. “Yuroshima, while I understand your philosophy behind the veil you wear it is flawed for the lack the experience of one whom has lived a long life.” The Zapakuto spirit begins, “While we were born together, time is different in the plain of existence a Zanpakuto spirit lives, I have journeyed unfathomable distances across the cosmos making my way to you and Kan’Yo Na Hira, I could feel you two having your spiritual awakenings and sought out the strongest first, which is when I found Kan’Yo Na Hira in the foggy dream like fabrics of existence both a billion years ago and yet merely seconds ago at all times.” Yuroshima only frowns, not quite sure what he means and Le Sombre Lune can sense this, when his ramblings become to free form or abstract for one without the subjective experience he possesses. “Why don’t I have a true Inner world?” The Corpsman asks, his veil is gone in this realm for he never need hide from himself, “What do you mean?” The white clad spirit asks, “My inner world when visiting you is a blackness between space and time which you use to go to random places, and albeit these places are extraordinary and dare I say breathtaking… they are places of another time.. of another galaxy or sometimes even another mode of existence all together, even the space Kan’Yo Na Hira resides full time is the most comforting place she could find in that blackness.” He looks around, so high up were they, so tall this statue was that only sky was visible to him from their current position however he knew full well of the sunken city of advanced culture and technology below them. “Im just asking why that is.” He finishes. The spirit nods and considers this a moment. “Well.” He begins, “Your first problem is that you look at it as your Inner world but it is not. When asking yourself these kinds of questions you must keep in mind the understanding that, Kan’Yo and myself are 3 portions of one soul, and so a Shinigami’s inner world is not his place of comfort and ease and all that, it is the Zanpakuto’s as well.” A strange booming sound echoes from below, it sounds distant but s loud and deep enough for the two to understand that it is a large sea dwelling animal muffled by the sheer distance caused by the height of the statue, “Furthermore.” He continues, “An inner world is not some imaginary place the Shinigami or his spirit just makes up, it is a real physical place out there in the infinite cosmos and plains of realities, of which there are an infinite amount as I just said. However, A Shinigami is able to travel there at the speed of thought because it is where his soul feels most comfortable, Zanpkauto spirits being closer to kido roots may materialize and live there if they want, but you’ll find many Zanpakuto are unaware of their shinigami or do not want relationship with them… not all souls are born of equal strength.” “I disagree with that.” Yuroshima interrupts, “I know you do.” Le Sombre Lune replies, “It is the foundation of your philosophy in concealing your identity, but you will not prove to others that they can be strong with power they do not possess, you will only be a strong nameless soul.” Again there is no chatter but the gentle sounds of waves crashing below before the gleaming white entity finishes his lecture before the interruption, “You however, are emotionally different, you don’t feel comfort in one place alone. What does it say to you that I feel comfortable In that blackness, able to go anywhere, yet Kan’Yo feels comfort in that space of coziness?” He asks but his Shinigami cannot reply and so he answers for him, “Because you are at home in variety yet have a sense of home rooted into places which emulate the characteristics you love about life.” Yuroshima nods to this thoughtfully, “Your right.” He says. Pursing his lips and raising his eyebrows. Suddenly, the feel of the area changes to that of alertness, “Uh oh.” Le Sombre lune states before the world melts around him and he’s is left staring at a black background, in the center the terrible and beautiful face of a god, this strange image appears and vanishes as if it were a pop up scare before Yuroshima is jolted awake. The wagon he was sleeping in had hit a large bump, he is now looking through the eye slit of his cloth mask like veil. His gray eyes, holding a hint of startled nature after the note his dream like visit had left on, wander down to Jim, the Bandana bad ass from his previous mission who had been assigned to accompany him on this one as well. “Don’t worry.” Jim states, “That’s the fourth big bump before we enter Nahgistahd.” The place he was referring to was deep in the outer lands of Rukagnai, one of the shanty towns that had sprung up and practically became a distract after the disaster had occurred and Rukognai was left to fend for itself. It seemed the natives of the inner and outer districts alike were very mixed on Shinigami presence, where some felt their return to political power is a great thing that will usher in a second prosperous era, others feel the model of the Seireitei while indeed allowing strong souls to thrive had over all weakened the general state of souls and their power and that the shinigami had failed In their mission.. and were no longer welcomed or see as a socially sanctioned force of good. This ideology of course sprung the strange but large gang of powerful rukognai citizens and dwellers into existence as they band together to face their common enemy. That’s where the current group of Shinigami the Restoration Lieutenant had found himself in, came into play. They were one of three large groups traveling by wagon convoy to friendly district in order to prepare for multiple town wide raids tomorrow. Yuroshimas group was comprised of himself as the highest ranking member, all the rest were officer class including the newly appointed 8th seat Jim and 10th seat Avery Yasuke for their experience dealing with the rebels with Yuroshima in their previous mission, 12th Seat Bartholomew Hedgler, 16th seat Yokuri Unasano, 13th seat Hokumei Rantao, 14th seat Jasmine Engler and four Kido Corps anonymous guards sent as back up. The other groups were set up in a similar fashion although the others who were leading the assault with Yuroshima were 3rd and 4th seats, the 3rd seat being Zimwae Deldoria, and the 4th seat being Tenmare Litarian. Slowly the convoy of wagons made their way into the town. The rebel captured from Yuroshimas last mission had provided enough information that at least the groups had one named target to keep an eye out for. The Restoration Corps Lieutenant leans back against the large dusty supply crate he previously laid in front of, multiple carts carried the soldiers of each group and he was lucky enough to get to ride with Jim. “Why didn’t you take the better cart?” The Bandana donning Shinigami asks anonymous man who he still felt he knew in an odd way. Jim was referring to a private cart offered to the higher ranking Shinigami to which Yuroshima did not entirely enjoy the concept of. “No.” He says casually shaking his head, “Seems to holier than thou, plus I feel theres something very fundamentally wrong with that practice.” He says causing the 8th seat to give him a look of non-understanding. “How come?” He asks, “Well.” Yuro starts, “In the way I see it... “ He pauses a moment, appearing to inwardly wrestle his mind into forming a coherent response that wouldn’t seem to abstract. “Ok.” He begins, “Picture great warriors right? Born with immense natural talent.” He raises his hands in a wavy motion to give emphasis to the great skill these imaginary warriors possessed. “And so they fight and kill, and they are so grand they can kill anyone... “ He pauses looking to his side to an invisible third party listener, “whats the point?” He asks, palms turned to the sky, “What is a warrior without certain traits, but a killer? The Thirteen Court Guard Squads is different, we are warriors because we have a purpose and we follow an ideology, to protect the realms and maintain a certain balance for the universe. A noble goal, to do this we must rely on great warriors and even greater behind the scenes talents.” He thinks of the Head of the Administration corps. “But for the actual duties Shinigami have proclaimed ourselves to have we primarily need a grand military force yes?” He tilts his head to Jim who nods in agreement, “Of course,” he replies, sliding his bandana up and wiping sweat from his forehead with a rag he had kept in his pocket before the Lieutenant continues, “Many other important roles of equal value yes, but.. we find ourselves personally right now in the warrior stage of what the Court Guard Squads do and so I will focus on that.” He wets his throat with the gleaming silver canteen on the floor beside him, taking notice that a few of the other officers crammed into the cart which were awake were also tuning in. “One of the crucial things i referenced earlier, which separates a band of warriors from a band of killers, is kinship. That family bond, it is why we eat together, it is why we train together, it is why we sleep in the same quarters.. why we fight, and ultimately die by each other’s sides.” He considers his next words carefully, “And I feel these actions to be correct in my mind, but we only do these fully as seated officers It seems to me once one reaches higher rank theres some sort of strange disconnect.” His body language shifts slightly as he leans forward, “I mean dont get me wrong, I do like having my own room.. its important to have a separate and comfortable space to connect with your Zanpakuto but beyond that I see any further disconnect to be almost poisonous to an armies soul.” “Halt!” The stern voice of Officer Yasuke sounds off outside and the cart slowly comes to a stop as does the conversation for Yuroshima and the other Soul Reapers stand and begin lifting boxes and bags to carry out of the large transport cart. The Veiled Restoration Corpsman grabs multiple duffle bags in his hand to start and moves, half bent forward , toward the large hinge based wooden doors of the cart he had spent the better part of the last few days in. Gripping the heavy brass block which rested on two latches keeping the door locked from the inside, he lifts it up, freeing the door. He pushes it open and it instantly assaulted with the rushing scent of cool fresh air and farmland, truly the overpowering aroma of bountiful nature. It had rained the entirety of the night before and as a result this early morning was cold, the sky gray and the soil which made up the grounds for the whole village was rich and black. He surveys the area, the buildings weren’t ran down like other rukognai areas that were this far out but even appeared to be made from fresh wood and newer although not very complex in architecture, “All it takes is self reliance.” The Lieutenant remarks, now slightly irritated at the victim mentality their enemy held. He rolls his eyes at the thought before seeing a man in ragged brown clothing approaching the carts, he recognizes the face.. it was there contact, the defacto leader of the village, Armahl Keyante who referred to himself by the title of “Mayor.” Yuroshima approaches him, raising his hand to wave. “Mayor Keyante” He greets the man who smiles in return, “It is an honor Lieutenant, welcome to our proud province of Nahgistad.” He was a sturdy man with a thick native accent, not visually very bulky but you could still see the great strength his body commanded, he was older, his dark skin wrinkled. He had a thick white beard and he was entirely bald aside from one large and long white braid. “Thank.” Yuro replies, “Your hospitality makes all the difference in an operation like this.” Behind the Lieutenant, multiple seated officers began taking supplies from the carts and following cooperating citizens to very safe houses they could both stash the supplies and hide out in. “But of course,” The Mayor replies, “This group rising against you.” He begins shaking his head rapidly displaying an expression of disgust as he flourishes his hand, “They are merely hoodlums, savages.. they cannot restore Rukognai to glory.” To this Yuroshima nods, “Then we will stop them..” He says, “Its out job.” The Lieutenant turns to a Kido Crops guard going back to the cart to retrieve more supplies, “Corpsman!” He shouts, “Yes Lieutenant!” The Kido specialist runs to the veiled superior. “Don’t worry about helping with the rest of the unload, get these oxen fed so the carts can leave as soon as we are done.” Yuroshima instructs the woman with cat like eyes. “Yes sir!.” He replies firmly before briskly turning and running towards the large cattle behind her. Sturdy beasts, great and powerful as they stand patiently blowing steam from their noses every so often do to the contrast of the cool air. And with that task delegated the Restoration Corps 2nd in command begins to walk back towards the cart himself to help with the rest of the supplies. “KC!” He hears the familiar and commanding voice of Officer Avery Yasuke call behind him followed by some light but sloshed running atop the mucked ground. Yuroshima turns to meet the man, “Officer Yasuke.” He nods, “I heard the Restoration Corps had gotten a new Lieutenant that refused to give any identity, I thought it might be you but I thought nahhh KC is in the Kido Corps through and through.” The 10th seat explains, shifting his gaze to the badge on his allies left bicep, “I guess it isn’t KC anymore though huh Lieutenant.” He smiles largely to Yuro, “Congratulations man, I knew I felt that hidden greatness in you on our mission, but who knew it would carry you so high up?” T this Yuroshima shakes his head light heartedly, “No no no.” he says waving his hands back and forth, “What I can do, any shinigami can do and same vice versa.”He looks original destination, the cart, “Now come, help me finish unpacking with the others. Carrying a heavy wooden crate of canned foods, Yuroshima steps into a large vacant warehouse style wood structure. The wood had not been painted or sanded and as a result still gave off a construction site vibe. Many blankets were laid out on the ground for beds, the center of the large room was all stone in order for a large raging fire to be kept, even though it was very early in the morning many officers would attempt to catch some rest before the first portion of their plan started in a couple hours. The Lieutenant nods in approval of his surroundings, “Yes.” He thinks. “This will do perfectly.” He carries the box of canned goods over to the pile that had amassed from the officers setting all supplies in one corner of the room and sets it down carefully. Turning around, Yuro takes a moment to absorb the scene, these were his men for this mission and there direction as well as their ultimate safety would now rest on his shoulders. He had not been Lieutenant long now and this was indeed the first time he would truly be directing others in a time of war. His gaze moves over to the fire where he sees Jim, Hokumei and Bartholomew preparing a meal of meat rice and beans. The Lieutenant resolves that he would join them before walking over to the black fanny pack like bag he had always took with him almost anywhere. He retrieves a few strips of salmon and a bag of almonds from his personal belongings and walks to his troops. “Lieutenant.” Bartholomew says with stern discipline as he stands and bows to the superior, Hokumei follows his actions but with none of the enthusiasm, Jim bows from his seated position. “At ease.” The Veiled Assault commander replies to their gesture before taking a seat with them. Officer art sits beside him and continues roasting his food on the open flame. Yuroshima removes his salmon from its containers and begins taking bites from the fish, following it with a handful of walnuts to chew together, “Is that raw?” Hokumei asks in disgust. Yuroshima smirks behind his veil, “Of course not, its smoked.” He replies, to this the 13th seat merely nods in a bobbing fashion, “Neat.” He says joylessly, moving his thin shoulder length blonde hair from his eyes before pulling his meal from the fire. “So how long you been Lieutenant?” Bartholomew asks in slurred language due to his mouth being full. Swallowing another bite of salmon and almonds, Yuroshima clears his throat, “Not long now, maybe a couple months not even.” He replies casually/ “It wasn’t to long ago he was a Kido Corps guard sent to back my and my squad mates up.” Jim cuts into the conversation, “In fact, it was that mission that caused this one.” Yuroshima finishes, pointing his index finger to his friend while raising his brows. “They think we would know the gang rebel army better since we have experience with them but we barely interacted with any of them.” Yuro says amused. “Lieutenant!” A voice calls to him. He glances over his left shoulder and through the back and forth of wandering troops he sees the 3rd seat Zimwae Deldoria who was leading one of the other two groups. Yuroshima didn’t bother asking him what he had wanted for he already knew, it was time for the three group leads to meet with the Mayor and discuss the battle which would ensue mere hours from this exact time. The Veiled Captain class Shinigami stands and nods to his eating companions, “Ill be back.” He says for the sake of formality as he follows the high seated officer with short brown spiky hair and thick black glasses outside the warehouse and back out toe gray gloomy environment. They slosh through the black moist soil towards the 4th seat and final group commander Tenmare Litarian. The three exchange looks a moment before the 4th seat breaks the silence, “Armahl is waiting for us in the center of town.” He tells the others before turning and leading them through the simple, agriculture based Shanty village. There are many warn wooden signs above many of the huts signifying that they would be shops.. and even then people were going in and out. “Their economy doesn’t seem to be as obliterated as some of the other districts this far out from the soul society.” Yuroshima comments as he sees a man with a basket of fruit, which while the fruit itself was a little bruised and dirty.. was still more baskets of fruit than he had seen on the entirety of last mission. “Ya they really banded together and took control of their own community in this part.” Zimwae adds. “Inspiring.” The lieutenant replies genuinely. Being in a Shinigami friendly district was different as well too, the pole loved them here.. everywhere they looked were smiling hopeful faces that one could tell were remembering the days of strength in the 13 court guard squads and what a prosperous time for rukognai that this was and felt that aiding the Shinigami n whatever they needed would help bring those times back, and in the opinion of the Veiled Soul Reaper walking past them, they were correct. Finally they come across to a larger wooden building Yuroshima can only describe as dumpster lavish, it was clearly poor and not very high quality yet it still managed to hold a sophisticated atmosphere and an amount of elegance thrown in. “Quaint.” The third seat states as the three make their way up the creaking plank steps to the oak double door. “Indeed.” Yuroshima replies as they enter. The scene they walk into is dusty and meek but held every bit as much a professional feel as the Administration corps Yuroshima had gotten his paper work approved in. There is one lone woman in baggy clothing at a stained and scratched up desk, “Good morning sirs!” She sings to the three soul Reapers as they enter, “The Mayor had already told me about your appointment and its priority, and he’s waiting upstairs for you.” She smiles sweetly, paying extra attention to the 4th seat who blushes before the woman motions to the two large stair cases on either side of her.. and that’s when Yuroshiam realized the vibe he was picking up on.. this building was once a saloon. The group leaders travel up the stairs and find the Mayor in his office.. which was the majority of the single upstairs room, there were a few other workers keeping busy at equally sad desks in random spaces of the open room. “My Shinigami friends.” Mayor Keyante says with joy outstretching his arms to the side before standing. “Mayor Keyante.” Zimwae states as she approaches the desk ahead of the other two, “May we just say that your aid in this mission has been imperative and you have our utmost in gratitude.” The 3rd seat tells him evoking rolled eyes from the 4th seat behind him. “But of course.” Armahl replies musically with a large toothy smile as he takes his seat yet again. “So before we go to the locations I promised, do you have any other questions about your enemy? If I am able to answer I will.” He finishes. Zimwae was about to speak until Yuroshima steps forth cutting him off. Gathering intelligence was something of a personal pleasure for the Corpsman and so when he had been briefed that in the beginning of the mission they would need to gather information from Armahl he wanted to make sure he was an integral part of it. “Well, the most obvious question would be in regards to how their hierarchy is set up.” The Lieutenant begins, Zimwae crosses his arms, “When the second division had interrogated the captured rebel from my last mission in Rukognai.” Yuro continues, “He gave us a couple names that were found to be mostly street level leaders but when asked about the leader of the entire movement himself he certainly seemed confident he knew the answer and told us.. Melsara Lunora”. To this the mayor nods thoughtfully, “And he is right.” Armahl replies, “Melsara has become quite a prominent public figure in Rukognai over recent years, being an original organizer of the first militias and eventually the army you face now.. they call him The Wolf of Rukognai.” “That’s gross.. that level of cliché.” Tenmare says, “I agree.” Yuroshima adds humorously. “This is no laughing matter.” Mayor Keyante interjects, his grave facial expression unwavering, “The people believe in him greatly.. so greatly that he has amassed a real nickname that people treat as folklore, he is a local legend and you don’t just get there being nobody.. I have met him and I can tell you with certainty that he has great strength and is very cunning.” The three Lieutenants stay quiet to this statement, “Haven’t you considered that Shinigami level souls banding together would be lead by the strongest and smartest of them? And that he would pick the strongest to lead with him?” He asks the Soul Reapers before him whom simply nod in reply, “Like his main general, Uhltmer Talvich… the man is a freak of nature…” The Mayor begins shaking his head back and forth lightly, “And others that I have never even seen.. but Melsara and Uhltmer as the two main leaders are the most popular.” He pauses a moment, “My point is boys, do not take this threat lightly, some of these people you are up against are very powerful.” “How about some physical description?” Yuroshima follows up the last question. “Well.. I don’t have any photos of them but Melsara is about your size maybe just slightly smaller and has frosty Amber eyes, he always has a disturbed look in them. He’s got some spiky and unkempt gray hair that’s just all over the place.. just a little shorter than shoulder length…” The Matory answers, “And you cant mistake Uhltmer, he’s an animal with an enormous and cruel body. Hes got short blonde hair that’s been shaved down rather short in a militaristic fashion.” To this the Lieutenant nods, “Indeed.” He states, “Do you know anything about how their ranks are structured if any? And what the average power level you’ve seen from them is in comparison to us three before you now?” “Well I don’t know exactly how their ranks are set up but they definitely do have superiors and subordinates like any other militant system, I see them wearing certain colors and men wearing an alike color march together during the patrols.” – “Patrols?” Tenmare interrupts, “Has it really gotten that out of hand?” he asks. The Mayor frowns and nods with a disappointed look on his face, “Oh yes,” he states, “As for average power level.. the men on the patrols aren’t on par with the spirit energy you three have.. but they are on par with your men down stairs. However the generals are a different story.. Melsara and Uhltmer could certainly stand with you lot in rank.” He says. Yuroshima shakes his head, “No.” He disagrees, “They may be strong but the top five seats of a squad are beyond strength.. souls that powerful wouldn’t be missed by the Shinigami patrols looking to recruit them.” To this mayor shakes his head, “No, they’ve all evaded those patrols just fine, it isn’t hard.. they are mostly half assed.. ive never even seen them go into a building before.” The Lieutenant is disappointed by this answer in regards to the work ethic of the patrols but indeed understands the Mayors point of view. “That’s all the questions I have.” He states, turning to his two comrades, “Do you have anything to ask or add Officers Litarian and Deldoria?” He asks them. Tenmare shakes his head, Zimwae replying, “Nope.” And in response Yuro nods and turns back to their host, “Well then, let’s see these vantage points and points of interest you had talked mentioned.” And with that the Mayor leads them downstairs to take them outside, but two village elders await them at the bottom of the steps. “This is Ahtmahn and Kinduri, the village elders of the other two towns you’ll be ambushing the enemy in, in a few hours,” Armahl states. “Well, I guess that’s where we part.” Tenmare says, looking at his two fellow group leaders with a smile. “Indeed.” Zimwae replies, “Yes, take your forces and we will meet when it’s over.” Yuroshima states to the two officers before him. They would then collect their forces and each go to a separate neighboring village. Yuroshima watches them walk, this was good work they were doing. It had actually been Armahl and Kinduri who had contacted the soul society explaining that the rebel army kept marching through their area looking for souls to recruit.. and now the decision for ambush was final, with in mere hours the arrest of multiple high level criminals would ensue. WC – 4,981
  12. Yuro

    A Momentary Rest

    “Am I not allowed to drink either?” Nariko asks raising her stampless hand. “I don’t think she saw.” Yuroshima says to her, “And there’s no reason she needs to, she didn’t seem very happy about my stamp situation.” He reaches to the tray and retrieves his order. “Damn it..” he mutters with his minds voice, “I forgot to order some Rice and Mukimame.” But he did not feel like waiting for more food to arrive or talking to the waitress again and so resolved to enjoy the poultry and fish anyhow. Oriru then speaks up on the Lieutenants recent comment “It is an interesting plan, to bring a more combative role.” He begins “Something that Captain Jecht has brought forth as a plan but I am unsure if he decided it was not a good idea or if he realized the amount of paperwork involved and opted to avoid the work involved.” He laughed as he continued to pour drinks before returning his gaze to the Lieutenants and summoning up a Tozansho spell the size of a cup, offering it as a replacement. Instantly Yuroshimas suspicion and curiosity are piqued, “That’s a higher level kido than I would expect from some one at his seat.” He thinks, “Unless its one of those strange deals where his seat is a representation of the position he holds in his department, at which case he could be at any strength level..” He tilts his head a moment, brow furrowed as he appears to be in deep thought, “This relaxed demeanor... perfect to put me at ease, and he sensed that womans Kyakko..” His mental dialogue continues leading him to remember the drop in guest of the night Nariko and what she had said to them, “It was just a basic one, Kyakko. Let's me hide myself from sight and sensing, as long as someone doesn't have an astronomically higher Reiatsu than mine.”…. he pauses and looks back to the Admin. “Astronomically..” He repeats in his mind a half smile forming across his face behind his head dress, “I know a veil when I see one…but you kept my secret too.. so..” His thoughts conclude. “Indeed.” He says out loud before enough time had passed to seem strange, “While the concept of a combat medic certainly isn’t new to the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, I hope to reorganize the Restoration Corps for greater efficiency. If I have my way I will divide the officers into two types, those with combat capability and those without. Those with combat capability will be trained to be a combat efficient medic to the best of their capabilities so they may go into the field and serve a more important role, and those without will hold the important role of stationary medics and in times of emergency mobile medics, which is exactly what it sounds like.. having permanent corpsman to run the hospitals in shifts will also make the care much greater..” He stops a moment, “I’m sorry.” The gray eyed Lieutenant laughs, “It seems I’m the one rambling now.” “Why did I say all that?” He wonders, looking back down at the small tozansho pyramid indicating adept understanding in kido manipulation and remembers all the sake he had drank in his multiple gulps. “Am I.. drunk?” he asks himself audibly but in a low tone. He laughs through his nose with a quick exhale once and nods before leaning back against his booth and looking back to the Head of the Administration Corps, “Perhaps I am, perhaps I just let my paranoia get to me…” Nariko then spoke up thankfully, turning the attention from the Restoration specialist. “Combative 4th Division for you,” she looked to Yuroshima, “and future Captainship for you." she swapped to Oriru. "I don't really have any plans like that. I just kind of want to explore new places. Whatever helps me do that, that's what I want to do.” She finishes. “Well,” Oriru motioned towards her, “I think the desire to explore is perhaps the best plan of all.” He chuckled as he downed yet another drink. “Next time I have to visit to visit the World of the Living, you are more than welcome to be a part of the escort team,” He raised his glass towards the both of them, “Either of you.” To this, Yuroshima smiles, “If you ever need a medic I would be more than willing.” He says before facing his palm to the Tozansho cup, “I have to pass on that though, I think I may have had enough.” He says light heartedly. WC – 764 TWC - 2752
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    A Momentary Rest

    The newcomer explains that she had used Kyakko to enter the building before turning to Oriru and asking about his glasses to which the Admin responded, “The glasses actually aren’t meant to improve my ability to see anything,” With a laugh he held the next drink up to his eye level with arm extended, “They are a special prescription to help with my own ailment and helped me quit smoking.” With that, he took a drink and set the glass on the table. “Oh, I keep rambling and forgot a bit of my manners during the earlier formality. Name is Oriru Ryūka Kushō.” He says. The girl then answers Yuroshimas earlier question, “"Oh, uh, well, information travels around. Shinigami have friends, those friends know people, nothing really stays secret for long. Especially a Vice Captain's challenge." She pauses, “Anyhow, someone from Division 4 talked to a friend in Division 9, told us what happened, and one thing came to another. Former Lieutenant Kimi called you Casper, so I know your name. Pretty cool, huh? Knowing someone you've never met." The girl smiled across the table at the Vice Captain. Yuroshima nods, “Indeed news does work that way.” He says, “My my name isn’t exactly Casper,” He begins , “However you can honestly call me whatever you like as long as you bear in mind that my true identity is anyone.” He reaches for his drink and takes a fair sip, still holding the cup he begins to speak again, “You see, the reason ive chosen to keep my name from public knowledge i-“ - “Excuse me .. sir?” the light voice of a woman interrupts the Lieutenant as the waitress whom had brought them the drinks approaches the table with the food anyone had ordered, she is looking right at Yuroshima. “Oh.. yes ma’am?” He replies, confused at the hint of aggression she displayed. “I see your stamp sir, it says you are prohibited from drinking in here” She explains, setting the tray of food on the table. The lieutenant looks to the back of the hand he was holding the drink in and sees the stamp prominently contrasting his skin. “Oh that,” He says, “Ma’am this was a mistake, I’m a grown adult man..” She shakes her head to his reply, “Sir the reasons for that stamp could be anything from age to business to medical I need to take that glass with me or you all have to leave.” Yuroshimas eye brows raise in a 50/50 mixture of surprise and general amusement, “I mean.. ok.” He laughs out the word “ok”, “lack of identity would indeed make it hard to prove Im aloud to drink.” He thinks handing the glass to her, “I could tell her to ask the bouncer guy but honestly he just didn’t seem to care for me much and I don’t wanna make a big deal out of alcohol like it matters.” He shrugs mentally, “Like I don’t have a Ken Ken seed cigar for later.” He smiles at the thought before turning back to his comrades. “At any rate.” He states, the strong drink aiding in the new found laxness to his voice and the fact that he had forgot what he was talking about earlier, “Im trying to bring a more combative role to the Restoration Corps.” WC – 555 TWC - 1988
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    A Momentary Rest

    Suddenly, a woman pops into existence by the table. Yuroshimas eyes widen as he nearly chokes on his drink, “Hah!” He laughs out loudly. “One minute two men..and the next minute BAM a lady just comes into being.” He thinks in amusement, “The Seireitei is quite the odd place.” The woman walks to their table and takes a seat in the booth, “To the new Vice Captain.” She says pleasantly before taking her shot. She shakes at the taste of the alcohol before introducing herself, “Nariko Mizushima, 9th Division's 19th Seat. Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant Casper,” Yuroshima was reaching his drink before pausing a moment at the nickname. “Damn..” He thinks as he casually continues to pick up his glass, “My specific reasons for anonymity are forfeit if they were going to just assign me a distinctive name anyhow. While Casper is kind of a cool nickname... I might as well just go by my actual name at that point.” Oriru begins explaining his position and for how long he has done it, and his dreams of reforming the administration function as a whole by taking captaincy one day. Yuroshima can hear the realness and certainty in his voice and it put him in mind of his own reasons for joining into the restoration corps, he didn’t appear to be very strong now and so if he ever wanted help training his spirit energy or his skills in any field the Lieutenant resolved there that he would most likely offer his services. “That’s very impressive.” He tells the Admin, “With work ethic like yours I’m sure you’ll get there no problem.” He then turns to the girl, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He states, “I served with many lower and higher seated officers in your Division during the Rukognai mission we had gone on, I always meet good people in the 9th division, even when I’m just passing through its grounds.” He then remembers her phase into reality not to long ago, “That was quite the entrance you had earlier.” He says light heartedly. “Where did you pick up that name by the way?” He asks. “Casper.” WC – 359 TWC – 1433 OOC – The last question is asked after any response you have ( if any ) to my entrance statement
  15. Yuro

    A Momentary Rest

    Yuroshima listens in silence as Oriru explains the kido based menu concept. The Lieutenant begins ordering as the Admin across from his stands to remove his coat. He selects rotisserie chicken and a salmon filet with a side bowl of sea salt and a side bowl of butter oil. He looks up and sees his friend flag down the waitress for drinks and so hastily he requests cranberry and blue berry juice. “I wish I had some hard candies.” He thinks a moment before once again looking at the classy styling of the building. He feels slightly, a strange feeling of someone being around, almost akin to the feeling of being watched but not quite it.. but it passes and Yuroshima simply shrugs it off as his paranoia. “Relax.” He thinks taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out until he notices the waitress bringing a platter. She sets down Sake and serving glasses. “I ordered the juices.” He states as she reaches towards the cranberry juice which she then hands to the Corpsman. “Thank you very much.” He states as he sets the maroon drink down and reaches for the blueberry juice. Oriru grabs a glass and lifts it with a smile, “Well, might I start us off with a toast to your promotion?” He initiates before looking outward from the table, “And your more than welcome to grab a glass and join us.” He states to air, Yuroshimas earlier suspicion returns slightly before he grabs a serving glass and begins to poor cranberry and blue berry juice into it. “I’ve always been something of a light weight with alcohol.” He says, pouring the other half of the glass full with Sake and then raising the dark colored drink in return, “To the new Vice Captain of the fourth division.” Oriru says, “Yes.” Yuroshima replies happily, tilting his head back and lifting the front cloth flap of his veil he takes a few generous gulps before pulling his head down quickly, his facial expression turned sour but due to the mask like headdress only his eyes are seen squinting harshly for a moment. “Ulh..” He grimaces, “And to the behind the scenes heroes.” He then makes a toast of his own paying respect to the man whom had brought him out here on his expense. He raises his glass again but this time only takes one good sized gulp down the hatch. “While we wait for the food.” The lieutenant begins, “Lemme ask, how long have you been Head of Administration? You seem to know many of the Shinigami around the Sereitei very well.” WC – 436 TWC – 1,074