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  1. The morning comes sherbert orange and warm. The sun slowly rises from behind the hills outstretched for the journey ahead. The camp had stretched south a few hills as the rest of the Lieutenants forces had arrived and now bordered a large pond. The surface of its water is still and reflects the cream orange above, only interrupted by the ripples of shinigami with wooden spears, attempting to catch breakfast. On the shore rests their commander, the Lieutenant of the Fourth Division. Six feet away sits his confidant Jim, attempting to catch fish by line and lure. Yuroshima sway his hand through the water as he watches his troops wade through the waist high water, catching nothing. Jim looks to the veiled healer, “You’re going to scare the fish away playing in the water like that.” Suddenly a large splash erupts in the distance as one of the other men plunge his spear towards a fish. “They’re going to scare the fish away.” Jim says nothing at first, tugging at his line gently before breaking the silence. “You scare away the bigger fish by catching these small ones.” He finishes. Yuroshima lies back, placing both hands behind his head. “Have to keep the territories we do have happy, even if that means spending time and resource on their little problems…lotta little problems become something big to the people.” Keneshii approaches the two, Yuroshima sits up and Jim glances over his shoulder. “My apologies for my late arrival, I suppose that yesterday’s events took more out of me than I thought. I also feel that an apology is necessary regarding my behavior during the conflict yesterday. I was … not in my typical state of mind when you arrived. I am not typically one for formal introductions, but I would appreciate it if you would disregard yesterday’s events and allow us to begin again. I am Kenshi, may I ask your name Shinigami?” Yuroshima shrugs, “I hope that’s how you behave in combat towards enemies, and no.” He taps the gleaming bronze badge strapped to his left bicep. “This is my identity for this is what I am” With a groan he stands and stretches, the sun now coming in more full, the orange becoming lighter and lighter. “If you don’t catch anything in the next twenty minutes we’ll just have to take it out our rations, we have to get a move on.” He walks by Kenshi motioning for him to follow. “I appreciate your gesture though, it takes a good man to apologize when he feels he’s wrong. We have a journey ahead, we’ll be traveling many miles south, a small group will stay here with the prisoners and await a convoy to escort them back to a main camp. At last we will be getting to the meat of bigger issues.” He reaches his large canvas tent now sporting a massive red plume waving in the breeze at its pointed top. The Commander pulls aside his tent flap, allowing Kenshii to enter first. “Soon I’ll want to invest in some sort of portable shack or structure..these tents are far from sound proof.” Yuroshima walks to his large desk and shows Kenshi his map. “I delight in letting new, but higher quality, talent in on some of the plans.” He points a gleaming silver crown trinket placed in a wilderness patch outside the nearest district. “We’re here.” He drags his finger many squares south at a diagonal, finally stopping at a strange canyon of sorts. “And this unmarked box is where we are going. It a massive forge. One of the groups has turned into a true militant force and we found this is one of the sites they use for manufacturing weapons. Some of the locals tell me the head black smith there can even forge soul weapons..that he could perhaps learn to craft Asauchi.” He allows a moment for that to sink in. “A man of that caliber, that intellect..cannot be a tool for the enemy. We will try to take him alive but if left with no option don’t hesitate to kill him. Under no circumstances can he leave. I imagine higher caliber guards will be set around him than around the outside. This is a large group, and their stronger fighters and members are easily around a Shinigami officer’s level but that’s where you come in. I saw how easily you dispatched that rouge officer. Your shikai’s properties are unique. I can’t use a power like yours in a mass assault..it would be a detriment to my other troops. However..if you were to infiltrate towards the center of the canyon with help from us and released your poison for a bit, we could rush in after you seal it and likely take the forge with little to no effort.” He looks to the new face of Kenshi beside him..a stranger yet Yuroshima wanted him to feel welcomed..to recognize what responsibility he would feel comfortable entrusting to him. “What do you think?” WC - 836
  2. “I can’t speak for the gotei before, it is broken and destroyed and its members are fading away from the limelight entirely.” Yuroshima begins. “It has been rebuilt by the Gotei which I am apart of now and its message is not one of tyrannical control or taxation, and it is not one of war and famine. The proof of this is surely seen in the fact that they have entrusted the entirety of Rukognai relations and reparations to me. For this is my soul.” And with that, two shimmering hands of golden light materialize and cup around Kenshi. As the light shimmers and glows warmly, the wounds on any within its grasp would too begin to glow gold and regenerate. “This is the kind of energy needed to heal the broken bond between the Seireitei and the people of the districts.” WC - 142 OOC – If you wanna speed this a long a little you can react however you like the healing and start the post next day with you waking to see the camp being packed up, you can find and ask me where we are going or however youd wanna play it. Or you can set it afternoonish mid travel and however you wanna do it from there.
  3. “We’re all orphans in Rukognai these days, if you wish to face me it would indeed be in your best interest to hang out around the camp for a little while.” Yuroshima replies before the challenger explains he must rest his wounds for they would take a while to heal. “Nonsense.” The veiled shinigami declares, “What if I told you, those wounds could heal near instant?” He pulls from a hidden sash, an elegant Sai which he hold out in front of him to show Kenshi. “This is Kan’Yo Na Hira, the nurture half of my soul.” The sai begins to glow gold, a comforting.. almost intoxicating sound of chimes and bells rings outward. “If you wish to truly see my worth and power…step forth.” WC – 125 Sorry these last couple replies have been so short, it’s just the end of the convo tho before we actually start doin something again you know?
  4. A friendly and playful laugh escapes from the Lieutenant as he hops from the tree and lands on the ground with a skip. “I owe no one any debt, the people of these regions would sooner cast you to the dogs than betray me and you would be wise to not accompany this one where he’s going.” He points to Takada, still paralyzed on the ground from the effects of Geki. “His justice will be decided by the Central 46 not myself, but if it satisfies you to know.. I can’t imagine he’ll escape death or life in one of the prison levels.” Yuroshima looks the man up and down, the surrounding conflict was now coming to a halt as the sounds of battle began to fade and Shinigami began to simply walk around, tending to wounds on both sides. “But I suppose you’re right, perhaps I do owe you for interrupting your duel. If it’s a fight you desire I can accommodate.” A man clad in brown Shinigami robes approaches the Veiled Commander of the assault. “Sir, we are ready to set up camp.” Yuro nods to him, “Thank you Jim, get it done.” The man nods and rushes off, shouting orders of where certain carts could be rolled and where to place tents. “You have a certain time you have to be home?” Yuroshima calls to the challenger, “Or do you want to move out with us tomorrow? If so, you’ll have you’re fight yet.” WC- 247 TWC - 940
  5. Releasing the Geki spell, the healing specialist continues his flight path to the tree on the opposite side of his make shift seal. The red light gleams brightly from within the confines of the pillars, shining across the veiled ones back, silence then befalls the area for a brief moment. Was this victory over the two? Ching! A slash sounds off and the Lieutenant turns around on the tree branch he was currently perched on, eyes narrowed..watching his self made structure. Ching! The second slash occurs, actually severing the ropes of the Sajo itself, one wound so tight around the pillars that it screeched and shot backward quickly, severing multiple tree branches in the neighboring tree to Yuro. The challenger exits alone, but Yuroshima could still feel Takada’s spiritual presence. He speaks to Yuroshima, explaining that if he wishes to fight than they could. The Lieutenant stares at him blankly, considering the situation from a different stand point, this man was in a different uniform and so must have challenged takada to a duel. He was a mere Rukognai soul yet he had released Shikai which was stronger than that of Takada’s the Shinigami officer. He then thinks of how dreadful its become having to cut down and imprison the strong young men of the districts, any that didn’t have to go that route.. “Will you seal your Zanpakuto?” He calls back. “I cannot allow further injury to my men. Will you hand Takada over to me? I need to return him to the Soul Society, he must face our justice. What say you?” WC - 264
  6. “Liquify, Ginki.” The challenger releases a Shikai to the surprise of the Lieutenant. An eruption of power and suddenly a mist begins wafting from the man’s Zanpkauto, surely this was his ability. Yuroshima springs off the ground moving backwards quickly to avoid whatever this mist or gas was going to do to him, shouting to the comrades who were close enough to possibly become engulfed by the new variable. “Scatter!” He yells before coming to a crouched position on a branch roughly twenty feet from his last position. He watches the two warriors now standing in the gas before realizing that he was now coughing hysterically. Some of his troops had heeded his warning and fell back slightly, now employing ranged attacks, but others were not so lucky and now they too were caught in the effects of what was now clearly poison. [3/4] “I don’t know who you are, but stay out of this. This is my fight and I will end it. Unless you intend on killing me here, I will defeat that man.” The challenger calls to the Lieutenant who merely stares at the two in the contemplation plagued silence of a hawk, waiting for his chance, the moment of distraction to end this before anyone else could get hurt. “Explode, Senhari!” The rogue shinigami shouts, now releasing his shikai. The situation had turned bad, and now two higher level fighters were in their first release, with their battle ensuing Yuroshima takes his opportunity, normally he would not use such high level techniques, but with his troops now sustaining what could very easily be fatal injuries he had to end the battle to tend to their wounds, and so the veiled one aims his palm at the pair of warriors. “Bakudo 75, Gotchutekkan!” From the sky four titanic pillars of gleaming iron descend, they crash into the ground, sinking deep into the earth and forming a tight box like parameter around Takada and the one he had been dueling. “Bakudo 63! Sajo Sobaku!” The gold tendril rope erupts from his palm and flies forth with blinding speed, quickly and fiercely wrapping itself around the Gotchutekkan pillars, effectively sealing off the parameter. Finally he goes to finish his combo, leaping off the branch with great force he soars over the makeshift seal, the two perfectly exposed beneath him, he fires one last spell. “Bakudo 9, Geki!” A large red orb of light forms around the target area, attempting to paralyze any trapped inside. WC – 429 OOC – Moves Bakudo 75 – Bakudo 63 – Bakudo 9 – Current Stats - Reiatsu - 119k Speed – 130 Power - 157 ( Str / Reir - 118 ) Perception -134 Stamina – 132 Throwing / Reiar Attack Speed – 120 Will update how much stamina is lost from kido attack if any at all when I find out.
  7. Yet another battle Yuroshima found himself in, more and more Emiko helped the Lieutenant attain referrals in the form of other district leaders, and so more and more ground is gained and as a result, more and more enemies to are forced to fight for the land they feel is theirs. The shinigami forces were slowly clearing the forested area of any bandit soldiers belonging to this specific faction, and Yuroshima found himself now locked in contest with their leader. Two sleek midsized blades strike the thick black sheathe one after the other, he was a fast and agile man who employed various feats of acrobatics while in combat. The Veiled Vice Captain while keeping pace, was beginning to find tracking his opponent's movements to be difficult. Yuro blocks an overhead slash and bends his body at the waist while back stepping, narrowly missing the second slash aimed for his stomach before he springs forward and swings his weapon. In response the faction chief simply bobs his head to the left, missing the swing perfectly before lunging at his opponents now exposed side, Yuroshima drops low as the enemy rushes him, shooting back into stance at just the right moment effectively tossing the man over him but he is unfazed and casually rolls back to his feet upon hitting the ground. The lieutenant looks around the battlefield, finding satisfaction and slight relief at the sight of his forces now subduing the majority of remaining Bandits. “Damn you.” The leader calls to him, recollecting his attention. “These lands have belonged to these families for generations!” Yuroshima rests his sheathed Zanpkauto on his shoulder, “They’ll still belong to the tribes which live here, nothing changes on this day but your tyranny.” To this the bandit begins stooping low into a crouching position, “But what of yours you faceless devil.” He asks before pouncing once more towards the Shinigami across from him evoking the essence of Byakurai to cause a flurry of electrical energy to spark and crackle around his blades. “Impressive, had only you understood the properties of kido better, and so used better strategy when employing it.” The Lieutenant thinks to himself as he dodges the first flurry of blows then aiming his palm to the ground in front of him, “Geki” He calls , evoking the large res ball of energy to manifest. The bandit leader does not react quick enough and accidentally steps into the spell. He can feel the energy draining from his muscles as his body begins to immobilize. By sheer will he lifts his arm, hoping to strike a fatal spot from behind the cover of crimson. A blue stream of lighting fires outward from within the Geki spell, Yuroshima by way of near mechanical reaction swings his weapon upwards, the blast strikes the hard sheath and scatters in multiple directions. “Horin!” The lieutenant calls out, then firing the tendril spell into the red confusion, ensnaring the target. With confirmation that the powerful threat had been subdued, multiple Shinigami officers rush forth to take the leader into custody. Yuroshima once again sets his sights to the battlefield, another victory for he and Emiko, another territory gained, and now more souls reachable . Such was the cycle his life had become and he found that even still he was now only a large drop in the seemingly endless ocean that was the rukognai territories. This realization however has caused him to always make sure he kept grounded and savored the victories as they came, for surely the day would come when even victory itself become tiresome, was this battle truly endless? Truly an echo from the beginning of time itself? He scans the battlefield, huts in forest yet with in them, spoils of war, which his troops now began to collect. They would be sorted, the artifacts returned to their place of origin and the rest sold and repurposed to the districts. But amongst the treasures being brought from the small structures, none caught the Lieutenants attention more than the elderly man being guided by arm by two Seventh Division Officers. The Restoration Corps Commander approaches the three, “Halt.” he orders, stopping the two Officers. He stands before the old man, unable to shake an overwhelming sense of familiarity ad he could feel that this old soul would soon utter this familiarity before an audience which had no business knowing, “Leave us.” The Lieutenant commands, “Yes sir.” One of the officers replies before they leave. “Well well,” The old man begins, “If it isn’t Yuroshima. Come to save a poor old man from the clutches of the Death gods?” The Healer’s eyes narrow, “Who are you.” He demands. “Nay, for you be a Death God as well.” The elder continues. “Where did you hear that name?”. The aged soul stares into his eyes, looking beyond the veil in ways unknown to the Shinigami before him, “Knew you I, when you were a child, you orphaned rat of the districts. Oh how you’ve changed. No longer is that spark and glimmer for the natural or simple life illuminated in your eyes. No, it is replaced by the sheen of he who has tasted power, he who hungers for even more power. You be a Death God now, you liveth in death.. It is your food for death begets power. Aye, Squawk and squawk the crows do talk, they sing of deathly things, a faceless king and the paths turned crimson where ever he duth walk.” Yuroshima considers his words, “Smooth talk and parlor tricks will not derail my will. You are one lost in the illusion of good and evil, for you don’t realize the path I walk is the path of less death and less tragedy, life itself emits from the very fiber of my being, it is apart of my soul itself, I have nothing to defend.” “Then allow me to depart from you, for I may contract some of this life you speak of. Life from a god of death surely is poison to me.” Retorts the old man, the soothe saying illusion now totally diminished before Yuroshimas very eyes. “What a curse it must be to walk the path of the ignorant disguised as the wise.” And with that, he waves for the two Shinigami to come back, and continue escorting the elder soul. Yuroshima did indeed remember him, and knew he would not speak his name or truth, for he would never have reason, he knew his type all too well, surely, they would meet again, for that is the humor of life, and when that time came one of them would be right and one of them would be wrong. Jim approaches the Lieutenant, Commander of the now successful assault, “Sir, this was found in Sadir’s cabin.” He states, handing a dirtied piece of paper to his leader who reads over it. “A rouge Shinigami..” he mumbles as he reads the description of an ally this smaller faction had acquired. “Indeed.” The lieutenant states looking back over his shoulder in the direction the old man had been taken, “What is it that fate should have in store for me in this string?” Slowly the forces of the Rukognai districts closes in around the camp belonging to the Rogue Shinigami Takada the Executioner. They are surprised to find the guards are not at posts along the parameter, what was happening? Suddenly, Yuroshima and his strike force feel a gush in spirit energy as the unmistakable aura of a Sokatsui can be felt in aura throughout the area, a Shinigami was fighting nearby. In a stealthful manner, the Shinigami sneak deeper into the small camp to see the bandits gathered to observe a duel between the target, their leader, and an unknown soul who appeared to be from the districts itself. Who was this man brave enough to take up arms against such a foe? The fight however was seemingly coming to an end as a fatal blow is dealt to the challenger through his chest. “There won't be a golden opportunity again.” yuroshima thinks before finally shouting the command, “Smokescreen!” he shouts evoking the Shinigami and kido crops operatives to fire multiple sekeinton along the edges of the battle, obscuring the rebel troops in a cloud of smoke. The Lieutenants troops spill in, attempting to subdue or attack the Bandits in the smoke screen while Yuroshima himself rushes towards the duel. He was unsure if the challenger could truly be considered a friend, he may even very well be apart of this group and was attempting to take leadership, but either way this had provided him the perfect opportunity. He is roughly 30 feet away when he raises his palm, "It's over Takada! Both of you freeze! step away from that man!" WC - 1469
  8. The many distraught faces of the battered and poverty stricken citizen’s stare hopelessly at the large capital building where their district elder had just been assassinated the previous night by a member of the militant Bandit group that had been plaguing their home. Emiko looks to them through the hairline view provided by her gently lifting back a section of curtain from her father’s office on the third floor, which overlooked the town below. She is almost totally unsure of what to say to calm the crowd. Her father had groomed her since early childhood to take reign one day but that time was never intended to be so early as to come right at the beginning of her young adulthood and now that reality demanded the results of that practice.. she was at a loss of words and was unsure how to respond in the real world to such a disaster. How could she assure them that they would be ok? How could she assure them that her, so young, would be the best possible replacement of her father…. Would this lead to a coup.. or even a civil war to decide the new governing faction? Questions such as this that gnawed away at her are what prompted her to invite the only ones she knew could help her bring order in times of such turmoil.. a decision her father would have never made out of past prejudice and pride and one she hoped her Citizens would understand. Soon, soon she would have to go out and address the lot below. To avoid making a scene of their arrival the group of Shinigami leave the cart that had brought them outside the gate. The group itself was comprised of the Lieutenant, his right hand of operations Jim of Division 9, and four armed guards that had been provided in the district 7 bill which gave troops to the Division 4 Rukognai Restoration cause. They had been invited personally by Emiko herself to aid in panic control and much to Yuroshimas delight, aid in her governing of this district. For the Lieutenant knew better than anyone that Emiko’s father was heavily respected by many surrounding district heads and that she would was beloved by those same people, this indeed would be a day of great progress for the Gotei 13 and the rukognai districts alike. The district was that of a ghost town, all shops..tents and streets barren of citizens yet the ever growing roar of many could be heard in the distance, toward the districts capital, surely not every single citizen was awaiting to be addressed on the matter? “No matter what happens .. you keep your head on straight.” Yuroshima tells Jim sternly. He had been helping the division nine operative therapeutically, allowing the healing essence of Kan’Yo Na Hira to seep into his inner world during mutual meditation and therefore healing patches of his damaged psyche and allowing him to feel peace towards the horrid memory which ad drove him to such a paranoid and violent state yet he was still prone to the occasional break and of all days.. that could not happen today. “I will not disappoint you Lieutenant.” He assures his Commander. Quickly they make their way to the town square where they had been summoned. At last Emiko is greeted by the comforting aura of the Lieutenant who had been let in through the back entrance and led to her father’s office. She turns to him, his Shinigami waiting outside the door and she notices that she finds an unexplainable comfort in his image.. she is relieved he is here. “Lieutenant.” She greets him in as friendly a tone as she could muster given the circumstances. “It’s good to see you Lady Emiko, I only wish circumstances could be less terrible. Your father was a great man.” He offers her his condolences evoking a half sigh to escape her, “But he wasn’t.” She stated dryly, “The district wouldn’t have gotten this bad had he made certain decisions differently.. especially with you.” She admits. Yuroshima nods to this recognizing that she doesn’t quite know just how right she really was. He can feel how distraught and confused and upset she was through the intense empathetic ability of Kan’Yo’s aura and knows she needs a strong presence at this moment. He looks to her father’s former advisors and the few body guards in the room.. all opportunists who will try to manipulate the young leader towards what agenda they always felt she should lean to, and the Restoration Commander knew then.. that the window to force his agenda over theirs would close were he not to seize the opportunity first. “Give us the room.” He commands the rabble, one of the advisors looking at him with pure offense and shock before glancing to Lady Emiko who closes her eyes and nods. Glare after glare brushes by the veiled presence as the lot makes their exit, the rabble attempts to stay by the door to listen before Jim steps to them, hand on his Zanpkauto and warns them to “Push on”. Yuro then approaches her. “Listen to me Emiko, you must be wary of snakes in your garden.” He warns her, playing on her paranoia of being taken advantage of in such a delicate situation..taking the attention off of himself, she looks toward the door her allies had left through now with uncertainty. “I know you don’t want to have to take this responsibility but you must. Your aunts and uncles are of a generation that do not fully understand the issues of political comeback in the aftermath of the disaster. You have no siblings.. and how can we trust that the many cousins in your clan will do what is right by the people?” He crafts his explanation. She nods slowly while looking to the ground, “But I don’t know how to lead these people.” She confesses quietly. “You don’t need to, not right this moment at least.” He rebuttals, “What’s important right now.. is that we keep leadership and control secured, I know how to lead and you know what is in their best interest. I can teach you what you lack and in the meantime, we can get through this situation together.” She sighs out once again in reply, true relief finally going across her face as she nods, “Ok.” She agrees before glancing over her shoulder at the noise reverberating from beyond the closed curtain, “But what about them?” She asks, “I’m not sure what to tell them..” A friendly and calming hand is then placed on her shoulder, her lackluster spirit energy allowing the effects of Kan’Yo’s aura to be nearly sedative, “I’ll take care of that as well.” He assures her, conjuring from her a warm smile. “Thank you..” she says softly. “Do you know what you’ll say to them sir?” Jim asks with a hint of excitement as he and Yuroshima walk toward the front door of the first floor for the Restoration Commander would soon walk out onto the large front porch of the complex and address the gathering crowd below. “I have the general theme but I wasn’t aware I would be giving a speech today.” She says in a shurgish manner, “I’m mostly going to wing it.” To this the Bandana donning Shinigami smiles, “Give it the old Camp Town flair.” He states encouragingly. Over the many months or even year that they had been out there, Camp Town and Camp Town Shinigami had become a popular nickname originally given by the Citizens themselves to describe the many large medical camps in all four District directions. Yuro nods and shakes his friends hand before opening the door and stepping into their new mode of existence in the districts.. for after this moment they would have direct influence over many deep district politics… nothing would ever be the same again. The roar of the crowd dies down as the Veiled one steps out onto the stage over looking them, he raises his arms to still any remaining conversation before lowering them and speaking.. “Citizens please,” he begins, “I know times are darker than ever before now, and I know you are uncertain of the future/ Last night Elder Zarrow was assassinated by a lowly street soldier belonging to a gang of bandits subcontracted by the wolves of Rukognai.. it is true that that is no rumor.” He pauses a moment to make way for the inevitable eruption of panicked and angered shouts alike, slowly it dies down. “But the dawn always comes to replace the night! Shall we take this blow and confusion and allow it to push ourselves to war with our neighbor? Allow it to weaken our already weak district? How long will you allow yourselves to prove to our enemies time and time again that their intimidation and fear mongering works? When will we show them the strength of the people of rukognai!” A few supportive shouts from the crowd fly forward. “This is no time to fall apart! This is no time to lose! Its time we claim victory and show them that our iron will cannot be shattered or broken by the weak and cowardly! We do not need to wage war with each other when both sides are afraid and only want to do whats right for the district. House Zarrow is as strong as ever! For your elder had this planned years in advance, and an air capable of leading is ready to take the mantle…will you support them! Will you support your district and its progress!” The shouts of support and enthusiasm grow in number. “At last you will have access to the medical care you need! And soon you will have access to superior farming! Food and health and security is returning to your district!” He looks over the crowd, satisfied at their energy, his words were no longer lies.. finally the part of the plan he struggled for had arrived.. true help to the people he loved. “We haven’t lost yet! In fact we will show them that their efforts can only ever make us stronger!” He shoots his fist into the air, evoking many to mimic, “Rise Rukognai!” WC - 1712
  9. As a snake in the garden moves, so too does the nameless slither through the ink black brush under the cover of the night sky, matching the black cloth wrapped around and veiling his face and drawing near his unusual brown and forest green uniform. His keen coffee colored eyes constantly darting all around him as he ventures closer and closer to the location of his objective. Time after time he experiences a realization of how this could turn into a suicide mission really fast, and time after time he overcomes it with his will power and desire to donate his body to a cause greater than himself, surely his Commander knew best and surely he was now doing the right thing in carrying out his orders. He can see faint orange and yellow light in the distance belonging to a few street lamps and random personal fires within a community when suddenly he steps on a small stick causing a crisp snap to erupt, taking him to a specific point in the conversation he had before going on this mission. The Fire crackles and burns with the addition of fresh tinder behind the large canvas white tent of the Lieutenant, both veiled, he and his agent in black hold discussion just as the last small sliver of sun could be seen fading behind the horizon, “You’ll dress like one of them.” Yuroshima finally states, breaking the silence, “Like any ordinary Bandit foot soldier with the addition of your veil.” To this the nameless henchmen steps forth, “What is it that you will have me do Lieutenant?” He must stay on the outskirts of the town for the wealthier communities such as this still had private military and guards paid to roam their streets for reasons such as this. And so the nameless task taker creeps along its parameter like a cat before taking a sharp turn and vaulting a large plywood like wall attached to some sort of shed that then lead to an alley way and the exact path he was assured he would find. Journeying through the alley ways, passing many whom could be considered homeless and vagabonds.. they stare at him with the same soulless expression full of sorrow, not just for them but for any in a position to be seen by them. But the faceless man whom passed them by and did not return their glance was not like them, for belonged not to the realm of miscreants and unfortunates did he. However whilst passing through their decrepit halls he feels the eerie sensation that he was passing souls of the fallen, souls of the truly dead who now observed an agent of that wicked force on his way to feed its all consuming black flame. For yes, he was the reaper when commanded so by his master. At long last, after circling the only gated community in the area, where all the political officials of the district resided.. he begins to slowly approach the back of the large three story brick mansion. The pounding in his chest becomes his beat, his song of the drummer boy and the fear fuels him to complete that which he had come to do…. “You cannot return if unsuccessful..” The Lieutenant states, the orange light of the fire soaking into his pure white veil. “And if caught, you must never reveal your true identity or origin.” He pauses, allowing his agent in darkness to reply, “Of course Lieutenant, I would never betray your or the camps.” He explains confidently. “It’s an assassination.” Yuroshima finally admits the subject of the mission. “But not of any bandit like usual…” He continues, “Your target will be Elder Zarrow.” These words clearly spark a slight confusion in the nameless soldier but he does not allow his composure nor conviction to serve the Savior of Rukognai to waver. “It will be done, but may I ask why sir.?” He inquires to ask, Yuroshima stares deeply into the fire…. Jim stands behind the Bandit prisoner before him, on his knees and hands bound as he stares at the floor timidly from behind the black cloth wrapped around his head, he was not told much of what would become of him after capture nor was he told of his purpose here.. but he knew he would not leave alive and it showed across his bleak and fearful expression. He was a young man and no part of this brought Jim any form of Joy and so he offers only a few words to he who chose the wrong side, “Buck up lad, what happens here today will be the foundation of help for many..many more than just you and I.” The young bandit looks up from the floor and over his shoulder at the gruff, Bandana donning Shinigami who leaned against the wall behind him in the two story building they hid in, “Please don’t kill me…I surrendered.. what right do you have?” His question echoes to the older man before him who simply shakes his head in regret, “Theres no point in mulling it over boy.” He states, shifting from his lean to a stand, “Im not going home until I do what I was sent here to do. Ill explain it to you as my commander explained it to me. There is no goal higher than the security of future and well being of the masses, and the uncomfortable reality is that we all still belong to nature, there are no rules.. or rights.. or anything we made up in our game of ideas, there is only survival. But instead of survival favoring one group we make sacrifices to see that all have a chance at the security they deserve.. for anyone who feels that progress can be linear or to put it simpler.. that one may make an omelet without cracking a couple eggs… is in true denial..” He pauses, the boy is unable to answer, his expression growing more and more panicked, and so Jim continues, “And unfortunately, we have one big omelet to make.” Elder Zarrow scans over and over again one of the many of hundreds of pages that comprised what was his attempt to resurrect some sort of census in his district. Adjusting the glasses on his aged face he leans forward sharply.. attempting to make out a character which had been scribbled down in a rather sloppy manner when he suddenly feels the large gust of wind break across his back, forcing strands of his gray tied up hair to flutter around his face and evokes goose bumps to well up on the surface of his skin. He turns around quickly for he was startled and startled even more so at the sight of the black veiled Specter who now crouched in his window sill, eyeing him as a cat eyes a rodent. The elder wastes no time in questioning his motives or how the man had even reached the third floor the way he did. He lifts a hand to his mouth quickly, “Guards!” He cries out. The Reaper of squad 4 does not allow thought of “Is this right?” or “Does he deserve this?” To slow or stay his actions and he instantly pounces forth, employing Shunpo to appear directly before the District Elder..dagger in hand he plunges the weapon through the targets throat from the front and just as quickly..rips it back out, allowing the practically black blood to flow freely as water from a faucet. Elder Zarrow grips his throat and grimaces before shakily lifting his hand, The specters eyes widen as a stream of blue energy fires off from the old man and the lower level Byakurai is sent slicing through the upper left of the Assassins chest, below his shoulder. “Ah!” He cries out from behind the veil before dropping his dagger and gripping the wound whilst stumbling back a few steps. None the less his eyes do not leave the form of he who he had been sent to kill and he watches the Elder Zarrow take two steps forward and lift his arm, but this time as if he was reaching for something, or beckoning to someone before he began to choke more fiercely on his own blood fell forward with a harsh thud. Breathing hastily, the assassin looks up to the ceiling, “It is done.” He states to no one. The question of why once again floods his mind until he hears them shout.. “Lord Zarrow!” “Father!” The guards and Elders daughter cry out as their steps become louder and harder for they were now reaching the third floor. “Lady Emiko we told you to stay back!” Another shouts, this voice all too loud. Quickly the black veiled Shinigami disguised as a Bandit scrambles to the floor and with his uninjured arm, retrieves his dagger before briskly turning and dashing to the window just as the door had been bashed in. They all halt in shock a brief a moment and stare at the lifeless body of their former leader, soaking in a puddle of crimson that continuously grew larger and the veiled stranger looks back to them from the window sill, looks to Emiko as the lieutenants words play through his mind, “Because.. the sooner we can get his daughter Emiko into his position, the sooner we can really put Rukognai on the fast track to recovery..” “Who knew..?” The young and bound Bandit states. “Who knew what?” Jim asks in reply to humor he who would not be here for much longer. “Who knew when I was a small child that getting picked on would lead to me seeking a group.. and who knew I would let them convince me to do things so out of character for me.. who knew that would lead to become who I was for so long..” He begins, evoking a frown from Jim who knew his story all too well, the same song and dance of most young Rukognai men, “And who knew all that struggle and hardship, becoming a man I hated.. would lead to me being here.. on my knees.. unable to do anything to help myself.. about to face my own death…” He begins to shake once again until Jim places a hand on his shoulder, “We all reap what we sew lad.” He says in as comforting a tone he could manage, now seeing the agent in black round the street corner and make a b-line directly for their compound, “Surely I will too……one day...” The boy begins to panic once again,. “Please..” He whispers, voice choked in emotion. “Don’t hold onto your regrets boy..” He whispers back, the assassin flying into their room through the window overlooking the street, he hits the ground rolling fiercely, “Their around the corner!” He states quickly to Jim. And with that Jim finishes his advice to the young man before him, “Maybe next time.” He whispers before seeing the crowd of guards swarm the road below and he thrust his sword through the boys chest, yelling out as he charges the window and launches both of them from the building in almost a tackle type fashion. He lands on the boy, using him and his last bit of life force to break his fall before looking up to the mob descending upon them, “I got him!” He cries out, “I got him!” Meanwhile the Assassin quickly leaves out the back door, whispering the news into a hell butterfly he hoped would reach the Lieutenant before him, the mission.. was successful and a new dawn would rise after this historic night. WC- 1,942
  10. The day then arrives when the final meeting of this specific nature would ensue. Marked by a large cart that was usually used to transport crates of supplies like food or toiletries and now empty, carried the Lieutenant of the Restoration Corps, accompanied by 4 officers of division seven from the units which had been contracted to him by his ally and fellow Vice Captain, San Salvatore. The destination of the horse drawn vehicle was district 48. So far they had successfully expanded into district 47,49 and soon 50 of south Rukognai but had camps in the areas between districts from a location by district 46 all the way to near district 53. District 48 was strictly governed by Elder Zarrow who was more akin to a dictator in the time after the great disaster. The Elder had used the camps services and supplies to rid his district of a growing problem with bandits taking over their streets in exchange for a camp to be set up in one of his larger towns but after slowly hunting down multiple militia style groups and destroying the newer forming camps in the forest and by the lake the Lieutenant had been informed that it appeared the Elder would attempt to back out of his end of the agreement… and that was the purpose of the journey today. Yuroshima’s gaze sways over the Division Seven Officers who accompanied him on this important endeavor. He sees there cut side eye glances and knows that not all of them respect him fully considering the division that they knew him to be affiliated with. Yuro however while slightly irritated by this simple social fact, understood that it was merely due to the culture that has developed in the Seireitei over the countless millennia of its existence and instead of act belligerently or foolish he resolved to simply change that culture at its foundation one day. His focus then moves to the scenery of rolling plains and dotting forests easily visible off the side of the cart considering the canvas portion had been removed after the initial unloading of the camps. “And that all starts here.” He thinks watching the clusters of trees pass by. The officers around him hold conversation with each other and each thinks to speak with their new commanding officer for the time being but they can think of nothing to ask him. Finally one of the troops leans in toward Yuro, “How long have you been out here in Rukognai?” She asks, head tilting. The Commander of the Restoration Corps draws his attention from the nature scene and reasserts his gaze to the woman who had asked the question. He could tell she was a much newer officer. “Im not sure to tell you truthfully.” He replies, “Its felt like one endless day since being out here..but I know it’s been many months.” Another of the four lower ranked Shinigami then speaks up as well, “Has it been hard out here?” He questions, considering this would indeed now be his home.. his horrid long day. “Yes and no.” Yuroshima replies, “Its difficult working with and around the strange Rukognai politics and state of the districts after the disaster… and its tough having so many under my command to take care of and keep an eye on.” He pauses a moment, attempting to find the best way to articulate his next statement, “But it’s been very fulfilling and rewarding to launch my own project and see it come to fruition.. and to know without a doubt that it is for a truly good cause.” The Division 7 Officers like this answer, the one who had posed the question nodding thoughtfully.. able to picture himself feeling similar to the situation for his heart like many of the Shinigami always belonged to the Rukognai districts, their true ancestral homelands. The cart rides on a while longer before at last the call from the officer acting as Coachmen arrives, “Nearing District 48!” He exclaims, right arm forming to a 90 degree angle briefly. Yuroshima had informed to officials of the District that he would be coming today in the interest of not giving the Village Head any time to think of crafty answers and misdirections as he usually did. Slowly the cart pulls up to the large mansion like building which housed the offices of the political officials of the district including the Elder himself. The Coachmen brings the horse drawn vehicle to a stop and the Lieutenant then leaps over the side and onto the ground, followed shortly by the Shinigami who he had brought not only as a projection of militant authority but also as a tactical measure for the purpose of securing the building for the duration of time he would be within it. Yuroshima and the four Shinigami officers march toward the building, the guards on duty unsure of whether or not they were allowed to be here or if it even mattered .. for surely attacking would mean certain death for any showing hostile behavior. One of the four Shinigami officers stays at the front entrance, hand gripping the hilt of their sheathed Zanpakuto as return angered and deathly stares from the two guards who do nothing as the Restoration Corps Commander and remaining three Shinigami enter the building. The next officer continues across the first floor to stand at the back door. As she approaches however, one of the guards grips his weapon tightly and begins to yell to her. “You can’t just waltz in here! What do you think you are doing.” She knows she cannot subdue him immediately and so she begins to try and calmly explain what is happening, and why they are there. Many citizens and workers of the building stare in a worried and antsy fashion at the dangerous situation unfolding. Meanwhile Yuro continues on, up two flights of stairs and one of three long hallways collecting stairs of fascination and fear alike until finally they come to the door they were looking for. Two armed and more specially trained guards stand at the elders office door and observe the shinigami approaching. They are confused at first as they had not been briefed f any sort of meeting or special visit yet at the same time they didn’t feel the party would be up this far if they weren’t allowed to be. None the less one of them feels that something is off, “Stop right there.” He states sternly, shortly noticing the gleaming bronze Lieutenants patch on the arm of the Veiled Shinigami in front. He was trained to keep his composure however and does not show his intimidation, unlike his partner who hatred of Shinigami prevented intimidation of any kind towards any of them. Instantly the remaining two shinigami stand in front of them, as if standing over them in intimidation and the four remain licked in gaze. Finally the Lieutenant opens the door to the elders office.. much to the surprise of a young and unfamiliar face. The young Olive Skinned woman’s eyes widen slightly at the intrusion. “I’m sorry.” Yuroshima states dryly..rather surprised himself, “But where would Elder Zarrow happen to be at this moment?” He walks behind one of the chairs on the other side of the desk she was standing behind and grips the back of it in a fidgeting manner and the girl could tell the matter was important from this gesture. There is something extremely disarming and peaceful about the Veiled man’s aura, it makes her feel well rested and even joyous in light ways however there was a sinister undertone lacing the feeling, coming from a hidden anger and desperate desire to speak with the Elder at once. “He was visiting one f the schools still standing but that was some time ago, he should be back soon.” She explains. The Restoration Corps Commander nods, “Indeed.” He replies, “Then I will wait for him” And with that he pulls the chair he had been gripping toward him and takes a seat, “Who are you anyhow?” He asks. The woman was still surprised and slightly fearful at the random intrusion and borderline invasion of the capital building and so has not yet took her seat or even thought to, she continues nervously standing behind the desk with her hands together before answering, “I am Emiko Zarrow, Daughter of the Village Elder.” She admits to the Shinigami before her. This peaks the vice Captains interest as District 48 was governed in a way that leadership indeed was passed down through the family. Yuroshima is now especially careful to not come off dangerous or intimidating, “Oh wow.” He says in a friendly tone, “That sure is a lot of responsibility to placed on someone.” To this the Woman frowns, “It is.” She says in a half defeated tone, “It is hard to provide for the people when what it is that they want and need is so divided.” She explains, now taking a seat of her own. The Lieutenant nods, “Now that’s definitely something I can understand.” He confides, “Running and expanding the camps has been a trial in strength all its own.. and I must say politics ended being a lot more soul crushing than I had originally expected.” He tells her, clearly then piquing her own interest. “Who are you exactly?” She finally asks, then evoking the man across from her to turn his upper body to place emphasis on the badge he wore over his right shoulder, “I’m the Lieutenant of Division Four, and Commander of the Restoration Corps.” He answers, “I’m the one who has been spear pointing the medical tents operation.” He finishes proudly. Emiko’s expression however turns back to one of slight dismay, regret even, “Is something the matter?” He asks her. She frowns and shrugs, “I suppose you are then here because of how difficult my father is being on the deal he had made with what he called an extension of the Seireitei out here in the districts?” She asks. Yuroshimas expression turns to one of sorrow and empathy although fully obscured by the veil as he nods, “Unfortunately yes.. we risked the lives of many soldiers to fulfill our part of the bargain and now I worry he will attempt to back out of his end and make that all work and risk for nothing.. and not even just on our end, many of the bandits suffered causalities.. one even lost a leg.” He would now learn what kind of person she was, for no matter what her very position in life made her a piece in his plans. “Damn him!” She says in a slightly raised and irritated voice. “He is always so stubborn.. always wanting things to be how they were in his ‘Good Ol’ Days.” She begins to rant, to blow off steam and the Lieutenant certainly wouldn’t stop her.. if anything this is the reaction he had hoped for. “Im sorry.” She apologizes, voice becoming more and more distraught. “No no.” he comforts, “Im sure it will all get sorted out..” He pauses and stares at her, “What would you like for your people? If it was all up to you no restrictions?” This question clearly revitalizes a spark to her eyes and she lights up. “There’s a lot I would differently.” She states before the two go into a long and deep conversation about political philosophies finding that they had many ideological similarities. She talks of welfare programs and new ideas to get crops and farming restored to these dryer parts of the districts. She talks of the relationships she has built with other officials of other districts and it becomes clear that she’s always been ready to take her father’s place when the time came. In fact, although Yuroshima would not say it out loud it seemed all would be fixed in their parts if she had taken over. They talk longer about the medical programs and Emiko is shaken with disappointment, “How could Father not want to accept that into our district… it would help so many.” She admits. “What in the name of god is happening here?” The ragged and angered voice of the Elder finally erupts in the hallway as the Old Village Head enters the room furiously. “You have Shinigami soldiers intimidating my staff? You come unannounced?” Yuroshima stands up, raising his hands in a calming manner, “Easy..easy.” He coos, “You had left me no option my friend, I was receiving word that you were going to back out on our deal and I simply cannot let that happen.” Yuroshima explains, evoking the Elder to snort in his direction, “We aren’t Friends lieutenant.” He Retorts. “Father!” Emiko cries to him in shock. “No Emiko!” He yells to her, “Leave this room at once, this conversation is above your understanding.” And with that she storms out of the room ,embarrassed to have been scolded in front of their guests who commanded respect and importance in their own rights and who were being berated by her raving father. The Elder turns to the Lieutenant, “And yes, the deal is off!” He yells out of anger, “It sounds good on paper but I refuse to be one o the village heads that bends at his knee to the Seireitei now that they want to come back and govern the districts.. I won’t sacrifice the soul..culture and integrity of my people like that… and clearly im not wrong in my decision making!” He strolls behind his desk and takes his seat. “Break into the damn Capital Building.. come in here and talk to my daughter? Grooming her to go against me or something?” Yuroshima shakes his head, “Elder Zarrow... we were only making conversation. I must insist that you not close your end of the deal however.” He states sternly. “Why?” The elder asks in return, “Would you use force against us mere citizens if I did?” There is a long uncomfortable pause and Yuroshimas eyes glare at the man from behind the veil for only a moment, and in that moment the Edler could feel the chemical rage bubbling with in the Lieutenant and then disappear in a moment. The old man was intimidated for that brief moment and they both knew it. “Of course not..” The Lieutenant finally says, tone soft. “Good, then get the hell out of this district.” Yuroshima sees Emiko on the way out and she waves to him sorrowfully. “Its not over yet…” The lieutenant thinks to himself, pleased that an even greater opportunity had presented itself on this day.. yet stayed in his decision making by what the opportunity would soon cost. WC – 2,454
  11. Days before the Duel. After debriefing San as to what had happened on his portion of the mission and learning of the presence of the strange kido based weapons the bandits he encountered possessed Yuro would say his goodbyes and San would then depart to fulfill the troop request. As he leaves a black clad figure, face hidden by a black veil, would silently approach behind the Lieutenant and stand still awaiting orders, “Inform Elder Zarrow that I have rid his district of the rising camps sooner than later after all” He states remembering back to earlier of how he had told the District leader that they shouldn’t worry about that threat quite yet but had viewed Sans arrival as a chance to get that out of the way quickly, and indeed the fifth seat had handled it all in such a proficient manner that the Lieutenant would have an offer for him upon his return.. and return he would. The black veiled Shinigami nods and silently vanishes from sight with the employment of Shunpo, gone off to perform his task. Days after the duel and filled troop request. That morning Yuroshima rose from his “Bed.” Which was simply padding by a chest, in irritation for this was the eighth consecutive day he had woken up due to back pain from lack luster sleep conditions. These were still better than the conditions he had lived in privy to joining the Thirteen Court Guard Squads but he would be lying if he had said he didn’t miss his room and bed, perhaps he could find a way of fashioning a better bed out here? He sits at the edge of the floor padding, staring blankly at the ground a moment while day dreaming of ways to craft a bed from the materials around although most avenues ended up becoming rather silly and unrealistic as his morning fantasies often did before he falls back into a laying position, grabbing his Shinigami uniform which lay sprawled about at his bedside. He begins dressing on his back starting at the legs and working up ending with his white veil. Strolling across the tent to wicker tables he had been using as makeshift counters he retrieves a crude looking metal pot and spoon. A large ceramic jar rests next to the two cooking instruments filled with some unknown tea the Lieutenant had received from an elderly traveler on the convoys way out this far. Using the large spoon he digs out a few scoops into the metal pot and makes his way towards the exit of his tent. Blessed would be the day that they got better equipment and amenities. The Veiled Restoration Specialist approaches the large bonfire in the center of camp, the primary social area of “Camp A”, which had on one side multiple metal grill racks over the fire which he then places his pot atop. He stares a moment at the deep gray and billowing smoke stacks rising from the enormous fire they had built before one of his subordinates breaks his attention. “Oh!” He says in a cheerful manner as he too approaches the grill racks, “Good Morning Lieutenant.” He greets his superior officer. Yuroshima looks back to him and offers a smile back with his eyes, “Good morning Anton.” He replies to one of his lower level healers before attempting small talk, “How goes living the camp life?” To this the subordinate shrugs, placing a pot of his own atop the rack next to the Lieutenants but in place of tea his contained coffee, “About as good as camp living in this way can be I suppose.” He begins, “It hasn’t been so bad though, aside from the recent increase of patients wandering in.” Anton finishes, turning his attention from the coffee to the Restoration Corps Commander who then replies, “Indeed, although the increase is a good thing considering that there hasn’t been an increase in cause see? Which then only leaves an increase in trust and I’ve heard similar reports from the other camps luckily.” This causes Anton to smile, reinstating in him that the work they were doing out here was indeed important.. and he once again felt pride in the fact that they were the only ones doing it despite being so tired fatigued. “That is good news.” He says, “Would you want any of my coffee?” he waves his hand over the direction of his boiling brew to which the Lieutenant politely refuses, “No no…Thank you though.” He states, “I don’t like Coffee very much.” He pauses a moment taking in the rich aroma which was always accompanied by memories of childhood, “I do love the smell of it though….hmm you know maybe I will try some again who knows maybe I like it now...” He redeems. Bojuma lays flat on his back on a cot with an overstuffed mattress like bed part, staring at the grayish white canvas roof above him. He was hooked up to an IV to keep his fluids in circulation as he had not been eating or drinking much due to depression beginning to set in over the loss of his limb.. he truly felt low and defeated. To the side of the cot was a desk lit by lantern, at it sat one of the lower seated healers of Division four reading over the small amount of paper work before the important arrival of today. All was quiet save for the scratch like dragging sound of the healer writing at the “desk” until the Lieutenant walked in. Bojmas attention snaps to him as the gentle intoxicating feeling of comfort emits into the room from his presence. Yuroshima is holding two tin mugs around waist level before lifting one up to his veil and taking in its aroma. He sets the other tin down on top of a supplies cabinet and takes a sip of the first under the front cloth of his Veil. Quickly he shakes his head in disproval, “Oh yeah no….thats awful.” He says out loud to himself, “Alllhk.” He looks to his subordinate, “JJ, will you please drink this coffee? I don’t want to waste it.” To this the healer smiles, “Of course Lieutenant,” He replies, standing quickly and retrieving the mug from his superiors hand. Yuroshima then glances to the injured party who lay in the center of the small one patient tent, “How are you feeling today?” The Restoration Corps Commander asks him. “How dare you ask me that,or even address me. ..Shinigami dog…” He says back in a rasped half whisper, “You’ve ruined my life..” His sad eyes coast downward to the stump that was once his leg. “You ruined your own life, you didn’t need to join a militant group comprised mostly of killers and thieves, and above all else you didn’t need to join one that hurt the surrounding communities rather than helped them.” Yuro replies, “You knew the possible consequences both good and bad.” He continues, now pulling a chair up close to the cot. “But I’m going to give you your former life back.” This statement causes a brief glimmer of hope to flash across the Bandits eyes as he slowly resituates his attention on the Division Four Lieutenant. “What do you mean?” He asks, a hint of doubt laced in his voice, “Im going to use your injury to help me learn higher Kaido, to help me learn to regenerate limbs.” Both the bandit and even the officer in the room, “JJ”, look to him in shock. “Reattaching was one thing, but to attempt and pioneer a Kaido technique itself in pure regeneration…” The lower ranked healer thinks to himself. With no more words offered the Lieutenant retrieves a large scroll from the cabinet in the tent that he had placed there the day before and begins to read and study its contents. The studying was now underway. Many hours later. A Shinigami whose face had been obscured by a black scarf like cloth which had been wrapped around the entirety of his head leaving an open space across the eyes, makes his way quickly to the tent he had been told the Lieutenant would be residing in. The sun was soon to set and he had already been gone a couple days longer than what would be considered necessary for such a simple task as relaying messages. He was the Shinigami Yuroshima had selected to also lose his identity, they had arranged for his official record to read that he had been killed in a bandit raid early in the expansion process of the camps. Yuroshima had gotten the idea after the war when he himself wore the black veil to keep his presence and actions on the battlefield more secret. And now this nameless former officer performed many errands and tasks of varying difficulty for the fast rising political star of the districts. He approaches the entrance of the tent and lets himself in. He enters to find the usual scene of Yuro studying some kind of manuscript or paperwork and an assistant hard at work on some sort of administrative duty. JJ looks to black veiled Shinigami who returns his gaze, “Excuse us.” He says sternly. To this the officer stands, bows to both ad hastily exits, leaving the nameless two to converse. “You’ve been gone a while, I was beginning to wonder.” Yuroshima begins. “Apologies Lieutenant.” The Veiled Officer replies, “I had to sneak around a couple small migratory groups between here and the district. Nothing eye raising, just your usual nomadic band of thugs.. nothing to worry about for the transition.” He begins to remember in more detail his meeting with the elder of the next district they would move into. “However, the transition itself may be a little more complicated now..” He voice falters slightly at the end and Yuro’s sharp gray eyes narrow, “What do you mean complicated.” He asks. “The Elder Zarrow apparently only nodded and smiled during our last meeting here in camp when you had discussed terms with him, because this time around he told me that certain terms were too much to ask and was acting like he was going to back out of the agreement and possibly protest or attempt to halt our expansion into his parts.” The Restoration Specialist nods slowly and thoughtfully, “Indeed.” He states. “I’ll have to talk with him myself to be sure, but it sounds like he’s going to accept our end of the deal and enjoy our service of removing the Bandit armies plaguing his village, but not hold up his end and allow us expansion into his district.. probably feeling that as Shinigami we won’t act. Against Rukognai residence” To this the one donning the black veil nods, “What do we do then sir.” He asks. “I will meet with him in his district, he has one more chance…if he doesn’t take advantage of it, I’ll assign you further orders..” WC - 1831
  12. Part 1 - The Seekers of the Lords to Come “Divided were they of the original tribes and houses of the Children of Bounts, divided and so weakened in the contest of power with our sibling races. Aye, and war they waged with The Death Gods..The Children of Shinigami, The failures..The Children of Men and The Hollow Demons.. The Children of Night.” The Soft, Quaint but strong voice of Chandra D’Angelo the Demi Priest sweetly echoes through the dark stone chamber, illuminated by strange floating red orbs which offered a soft maroon light to permeate across the room and the congregation which stood in a circle around the Demi Priest and one other Coven member who rested on his knees before them, head down and eyes closed as the ancient and mystical record of their people is read to him. At last Chandra reaches the final reading for the ritual to come. “Unique is your soul Oh Bout, favored by he who dwells behind the fabric and so exempt are ye from the dark death which awaits the Children of Men and Shinigami… aye, exempt are ye from the devolution of the Children of Night. Walk ye ever in the path of light oh Bount, drinking not from the cup of death unless thou will it so, or unless destroyed by one of those who you are in contest with. Know then your life to be sacred Child of the Bount, offered tools by the Watcher beyond the Fabric to preserve thee, offered powerful servants are we, from beyond the murky nether connecting us to the other planes.” A man wearing an almost impossibly black cloak steps forth from the circle, holding in his hands a very clearly ancient text with odd Germanic writings on the cover. He approaches the Demi Priest as he reads and stands before the Coven member who was on his knees. “Take ye then the wisdom, take ye the power… take ye that which has been gifted by right of your heritage, by he who dwells behind the fabric.” Chandra closes the thick book with a deep thud revealing the cover, “The Testament of the Lord to Come.” As the text closes, the congregation lets off a simultaneous chant like sound and the room is then cast into utter silence. “Raise your head oh child.” The cloaked man’s voice cracks against the quiet, sending an auric echoe throughout the chamber, throughout the surrounding halls even. The Coven member, who was now in the actual ritual portion of this milestone in his spiritual journey then lifts his head to look upon his Master of Masters. Between he and the Demi priest is a circle carved into the cold stone ground, etched into the center is the bount crest, it is surrounded by unlit candles. “Kah !” The Cloaked man cries out, stretching his arm forth, the red orbs which floated in the room dim and then fade away completely submerging the chamber in a pool of ink black. “Walk I not the path of darkness.” The initiate speaks into the void while pulling from his pocket, a tool of flint and steel which he then uses to light the candles around the circle thus restoring a soft hue of light to the room. The Claoked one hands him the old book and the Bount on his knees takes it slowly, Chandra takes a few steps back. “Begin.” The command comes from the cloaked Bount and is received by the young one before him. The surrounding congregation, elated with joy for their ascending brother, begin a continuous chant “Ohhhhhhmmm.” They carry out over and over again, holding the sound as long as they could. The young man opens the book, flipping to the pages that describe the ritual and its mighty incantation, “Oh great power!” He reads, “In the name of my tribe…graced with life eternal I now ask you for a way to personify your power, you who watches from beyond the beyond.” The flames of the candle begin to grow as a metallic feeling of energy forms with in the room, around those practitioners of the dark arts. “Awaken!” He continues, “Awaken and give your birth cry from the crimson fire! If you do this, I shall offer you my life energy, as a token of my hearts integrity!” The flames begin to intensify in brightness, a few of the congregation must shield their eyes, but Chandra, and the few other of his “siblings” merely look on their brother Bount realizing the glory of their people, look on until the tears form in their eyes. The initiate continues his reading of the sacred incantation, “At this moment, our hearts stretch across planes and welcome the moment when we may become one…Zeige..Mine Doll!” And with that last bit shouted with all his will and might, the candle flames rise in size multiple feet tall and wide, turning a painfully bright green color and enveloping the entirety of the room then slowly fading away. The congregation, priest and robed one alike look on in the darkness which has returned to the room, until a sound liken to stone grinding upon stone wrenches out above them and bright white light floods down onto them, the “lid” of the chamber had been lifted by the crowd of cultists awaiting outside the chamber in the even larger room enclosing it, it was operated by a mechanism which allowed it to slide back and forth. The light bathes the initiate, and the strange small metal bat like creature now clutched in his arms, he had realized his doll. The Glossy green eyes of Chandra look upon the creature with desire and envy, then back to the cloaked one, the master of masters, holding a look and feeling of plea. Congratulatory cheers shower the trio and congregation before the lord of the covenant, the Master of Masters, Lord Hateus begins to stroll up the stairs carved into the rock wall siding of the chamber submerged in the ground. Once all have exited the chamber, the circular lid like top slowly shifts back into place and it appears to be a flat ground yet again, in the basement of their mansion. Multiple higher level Bounts, some of them priests, flood around he who had passed the ritual offering to them, their respect, advice and excitement for the new portion of his journey to come but all in vein, such things could only be discovered by the initiate himself in time. Lord Hateus Oscrin however had exited the basement directly after emerging from the chamber, he now found himself rounding a corner in the fourth floor of the fortress they called home. What they called a mansion, was really a large and fortified castle housing many of the members of their organization. The Covenant Lords attention is pulled by the hard footsteps rounding the corner he had just passed behind him. He didn’t need to look, he already knew and felt that it was Chandra, having heard those footsteps since they had made their first. “Lord oscrin!” The boy calls after his Master of Masters he halts his advance but does no turn for he had already known what the child was going to inquire about. “I’ve said it once and I shall say it a hundred times more young D’Angelo….no” Hateus replies amusedly. “My Lord please.” Chandra objects, “No, I’m afraid you are not ready yet.” The Master of Masters cuts him off. “How am I not?” The younger Bount challenges him, “My spirit energy is far greater than that of the initiates today, and this was the 5th time I’ve stood in as acting priest for that exact ritual, I ask of you oh great master, allow me to manifest my doll.” To this the robed one merely sighs, “Your capability has nothing to do with it young apostle, it’s the fact that you are still growing.” He explains gently, “It isn’t healthy for a bount to manifest their doll before reaching the point that they cease aging. Once your body and spirit reaches the point of its own personal maturation I assure you the first thing we will do is summon your doll.” Disappointed, Chandra nods in response before turning on his heel and preparing to go about the rest of his day. The Master of Masters watches him leave, feeling no need to call to him in warning of the tragedies that could befall him secretly disobeying for he knew Chandra would never disregard his council in any way. He would never say it for fear of negative consequence in regards to the other Apostles, but Chandra was indeed his favorite, in times he even wondered if the boy possessed that natural greatness that would one day lead their people back out of the dark and assert themselves atop the cosmic throne where they rightfully belonged. The Ageless Sanctum was the large three story room of their posh fortress where books from all generations of their tribe had been collected and stored so that those to come after would not have to start anew time and time again. In that room was the combination of all spiritual knowledge and ancient wisdom of their people, and so by its pure nature alone any who were serious and fully enveloped in their customs and traditions would spend most of their time in the Sanctum and this included Chandra as well as many of the other apostles such as Dorian who was making his way towards the D’Angelo Apostle from across the room. Chandra reads exerts from a journal that had been written by a former profit dating back nearly two centuries, “And a dark and dreadful place it is.” The young Bount murmurs to himself moving a strand of his dark wine red hair away from the book as it had begun to obscure the exact sentences he had reached, “The Realm of the Children of Night, boundless desert in all directions, infinite space truly and with infinite space comes infinite variations of the horrid creatures that dwell here…The Children of Night. Seen I have , variations of the Hollow Demons which command more power than even our wisest of Masters could have expected, some so potent that even I myself the Master of Masters of the third generation, and the prophets who have accompanied me in my travels could not come near them for fear of their immense and twisted spirit energy crushing our bodies.” This passage specifically piques the Apostles interest, as did any firsthand account of the other planes. “If anything could be described as a god amongst these wretched beings it would be the moon which hangs eternally in their black sky, it is, for the most part, the only source of light within the entire dimension and so the only entity where a spark of the good nature of the divine can be seen. It should be noted as well that one may see this moon from any point in the entirety of the eternal desert, travel I can no distance where it is not fixated in its same spot..watching me always. Unknown it is what affects it’s obvious pull has on those that reside in the deserts below , but to say that there is an affect indeed would be a safe assumption, for those of the Children of Night whom reside here are vastly different in nearly all aspects than those who reside in any of the other planes. Perhaps this has to do with ancestral birthplaces though, perhaps lost children who disconnect from the land of their heritage are doomed to experience such devolution excluding our people of course who by cosmic right are exempt from such unfortunate circumstance.” Suddenly his reading is interrupted, “Greetings Chandra.” Dorian says to his fellow apostle who was only his senior by one year. Chandra looks up from his book to his sibling and smiles to him. “Hello Dorian.” He says warmly, putting the scrap of paper he used as a book mark into the text he was reading before closing it and placing it in the right hand corner of the table. “I just wanted to congratulate you on such a masterful reading during the ceremony today.” Dorian states. Chandra smiles sweetly to the praise he had been offered, “Thank you brother, it’s always an honor to do such work for our tribe.” He replies, a hint of doubt in his voice causing his Sibling to cock his head and raise a brow for truly all of them were able to read each other in deep ways, unseen ways, due to their bond. Chandra can feel the nonverbal question, “I must admit.” He begins his answer, “I wish our Master of Masters would allow me to awaken my doll now, even though it’s so far before my time.” To this Dorian frowns sympathetically and nods, “I understand, and I agree as well for myself.” He confesses, “But no chapter of our tribe has ever possessed a profit wiser than its Master of Masters and our chapter is surely no different. If he restricts or allows, it must have purpose.” He finishes. “Oh I know, and I both agree with and have faith in that, im just saying that it would be nice..” His voice trails off before he offers his “brother” a smile, “Our day will come though.” A few tables away a group of lesser members is gathered for their own studies, a couple of their gazes pan to the two Apostles making conversation. The newest amongst them takes notice of the stares and her curiosity is piqued. “Who are those young men?” She asks. “Two of the 5 current Apostles.” One of the larger men at the table replies. “I’m embarrassed to say.. but I don’t really remember much of the ranks at all.” She admits shyly. “Quite alright.” One of the other bounts at the table offered. “The Apostles.” He continues, “Are those Bounts that upon birth into our tribe.. were judged to have above average Reiatsu to an impressive degree, by simple common sense we assume them to be selected by nature itself to have a better chance of one day becoming the candidate.” She nods in amazement, her gaze now too falling on them, for one of them may one day be the savior of not only their specific tribe… but their people… one of them one day may join heaven and earth as one. Gathered they then did many days later in the Chamber of the Sun, which was the enormous open room which contained nothing but large cushions on its stone ground with tables in intervals containing drinks and snacks such as fruits and breads. From time to time, the masters and students alike of the Followers of the lord to Come for this is where they gathered to discuss the ancient wisdoms of their people, to teach the next generation and to attempt and discover even newer and greater wisdom than the chapters before. The roof of this room was a glass dome coated in thick color of reds oranges and yellows all spilling out in very dim but warm light, the room mostly being dark save for these color splashes slightly illuminating those who sat in the room today. Today the rooms inhabitants consisted of the Master of Masters Lord Hateus, 3 of the five apostles Chandra, Dorian and Artello as well as five regular members of their Coven, 3 born into it two taken in recently and therefore all five were in need of more proper education which was always left to the most advanced in knowledge of their tribe for that is what their custom dictated. All in the room partook in conversations of their teachings with one another, circulating amongst themselves whilst lounging about on the bounty of soft cushions. “Oh Master of Masters.” A student inquires to Hateus who had Chandra sitting by his side as well, the student begins the conversation with a question he had thought deeply on before coming, “Why is it that the children of men are considered the failures of our siblings? Do we not share this realm with them? And are their societies and growth not impressive in its own right?” The Lord of Lords, pervading over the knowledge of all in his Coven and so bearing the utmost in spiritual responsibility always took as many moments as needed to formulate his answers to perfect phrasing and subject. “I say to you my devotee, that all of creation is subject to that ultimate reality, the Dweller Behind the Fabric. All things which are…are by right descendant of this, and therefore manifested by its will. No being which can claim properly.. a mode of existence can deny such a thing, for even the soul king himself is the manifestation of that level of power and consciousness from the Dweller behind the ancient Fabric. Wise is he who comes to terms with the understanding that all is bodies with in bodies, for just as your bodies are comprised of cells which make up organs and centers of function for your being.. so to do the land, sea, elements and living beings of this planet earth make up its body mind and soul, and so to is this planet merely a cell with in the larger organism of the Solar system which is comprised of the planets and their consciousness…headed by the god star. And solar system is surely a part in a larger organism which is the galaxy and this continues on into universes and finally the organism which is the dimension itself and is the totality of all combined functions in all bodies minds and souls of our reality.” The Master of Masters pauses a moment allowing the student to think on these words, before continuing, “The Soul king is then that which pervades over all the dimensions.. I tell you oh Student.. the Soul king is the totality of the bodies, minds, and souls of The dimensions of The Children of Men, The Children of Night and The Children of Shinigami. These dimensions are the sacred lands of the Sibling races, those life forms gifted with the unrepayable gift of self aware consciousness. Know my children then that the Dimension is the next body down in the chain below the Soul King and that each Dimension seeks supremacy in the struggle of existence.. aye.. each dimension seeks to take that mighty throne creating then from its will to do so, the lesser bodies. this sacred objective passed from body to body... aye birthed from the will of our dimensions are we.. the Sibling Races, tasked with fulfilling this ancient mission existing outside of time itself.. blessed with the cursed task of forming a candidate to ascend and rest the throne of All. Failures then the Children of Men are, for they have halted in their journey of spiritual growth, over taken by the distractions and illusions of their dimension they have proven an unfit candidate, exist there do few sub races amongst them with a spark of the divine.. and by extent powers of a spiritual nature but by majority part, they have dropped out of the race for this cycle.” The student breathes in and exhales thoughtfully, “Why then Master, are The Children of Bounts those chosen to take the throne of the Soul King? Why do we not possess an ancestral dimension which is sacred to our tribes and are we not merely one of those human sub races you speak of?” His questions were not meant in an antagonizing or even doubtful way, this was just the natural discourse of these sessions. The Lord of Lords amongst Bounts turns to Chandra expression indicative that he would like to hear the young pupils answer instead. “The Children of Bounts are the most favored by the Dweller for the next candidate by pure reason alone.” He begins. “Mistake not our place amongst the chain for we are birthed of this dimension. For our creation is of the two part will of both our dimension, and the Dweller who seeks the cycle rebirth derived from the shifting of one Soul King to another. Know then student, that the will of the Dweller is the combined will of all existence and Logi, and so by fact that our creation spanned over multiple dimensions of which we have inherited traits from the Sibling Race of each, we were formed by the Will of the Dweller behind the fabric. And by the ever stretching will of the dimension we are in now the entirety of our race now resides here, for called were we by its ancient tidal pull from the great order in the time before. Aye, sent were we to replace the Children of Men who have failed in their stead. Know then oh Student, the Children of Bounts are the true champions of this dimension, its true inheritors and the true airs to the mighty throne of All.” Hateus smiles to this response, pleased. He says nothing but merely nods to the student who slouches back further and rests his eyes.. thinking on the words he had just heard. The Master of Masters smiles to Chandra, arguably his favorite of all the Apostles and although he would not admit it to the boy for fear of ego sabotage, felt him strongly to be the one who would succeed him one day. For no other Apostle, or really any Bount his age possessed the wealth of Spiritual energy that he did.. none but Artello. The Lord of the Coven frowns slightly with the introduction of that name to his train of thought. While he loved Artello as a son as well, he feared his intense ambition and inability to control his emotions. Artellos power was currently perhaps the only power of their generation which could rival Chandras in the future. “Surely one day, their opposite but equal forces shall clash when the time comes to decide who will lead our Tribe into the next era… and may the Dweller be with you both..” He thinks leaning back onto his cushion and taking a rest from the discussions for a moment to collect his thoughts.. WC - 3,715
  13. The fighting ensued very shortly after the units had gotten into position. San was an aggressive and fast leader and Yuro’s forces met with them with great ferocity attempting to play their angles and positions as best they could to ward off the siege. There were many circumstances when ones plan must change and this was no strange concept to the Lieutenant who was well versed in the art of improvisation. He had misjudged his fellow Vice Captain and anticipated that he would adopt a more stealth based role, that was his mistake and so he attunes his strategy to the spirit of “Ken No Sen” and leaves his hiding spot with in the building, rushing from the bedroom and out through the balcony he uses Shunpo to bypass the skirmish of lower level shinigami for he had business fighting only one other on the field. The keen gray eyes of the Restoration Corps Commander lock onto the Division 7 Lieutenant who was making quick work of a couple of the officers stationed below. He had not yet released the Kyakko which concealed him and remained perched on the balcony before leaping into the air at a slight angle to begin moving in the direction of the Lieutenant, Yuroshima then lifts his arm aiming hid index and middle finger at San before uttering the phrase quietly, “Hado 4, Byakurai..” evoking the stream of blue lighting to slice towards the back of his opponents left shoulder. WC - 245 OOC – Attack used Byakurai, less than my stamina , no tax In the interest of time we decided to suspend the NPC portion of the match , all WC in this post and every post after will be towards LP. We still like the system we made time is just hectic rn for everyone and so we will use it for something else in the future. Stats - Reiatsu - 119k Speed - 130 Power - 157 ( Str / Reir - 118 ) Perception -134 Stamina - 132 Throwing / Reiar Attack Speed - 120
  14. NPC - Chanchella sees the smoke begin to surround her and smiles thoughtfully, for indeed it had begun. She wastes no time, her family had always naturally possessed the finely tuned skills of the warrior but she had honed them even further in the academy and would now demonstrate her might. Her rabbit like reflexes spike the moment the voices shout the Bakudo spell and she watches the red orbs move towards her cover. She waits until the moment they touch the ground and begin expanding outward before leaping with great strength at a backward angle moving towards the Saloon. She waits just a split moment so that any rushing the carts that had just been smoked would undoubtedly be in the area before lifting her palm, “Hado 33 Sokatsui!” She bellows as the massive wave of bright blue energy crashes down towards and then onto the area of carts with the aggression of a tidal wave. NPC - She continues on backward landing on the very edge of the roof of the Saloon before glancing to her right to see a singular combatant flying towards the Balcony, she had not yet seen the two on the edge preparing to snipe but they had seen her, she then hears the thud of some oen landing on the roof but sees no one.. was he cloaked?. Officer Yatsuri pops up as quickly as he can, employing his Shunpo to force his upper body up at max speed, “Hado 31 Shakkaho!” He shouts harshly only feet away from Kale he lets loose the explosive spell. Officer Kotatsu instead falls back slightly standing by the exit prepared to fire a spell of her own if need be but also keeping sharp for any other threats that may be preparing to spring. Chanchella then moves herself to the edge of the roof which over looked the balcony and begins rapidly glancing in all directions around her wandering if she had just heard things but staying sharp none the less.. NPC - Meanwhile right before the commotion breaks out Ryu attention is jerked to the left by two voices shouting, “Bakudo 21!” He instantly begins rushing towards [M], “Freidrich!” He shouts, about to propose that they rush, “No!” The more experienced of the two shouts, “Follow the” He is cut off by a loud crashing sound as the cart Ryu has just ran from is struck with horrific strength and sent flying into a rock much farther back behind them [N], leaving a trench like line in the dry ground it had been drug through. There stood the Lieutenant himself San Salvatore. The two stare at him a moment unsure of what to do, “Fire!” Freidrich yells to Iman, knowing his inexperience and immaturity would cause him to act instantly and would allow the lower seated officer to carry out a maneuver his own. Immediately iman falls to his knee, “Hado 32! Okasen!” He shouts firing the bright red destructive kido towards the higher classed Shinigami. Freidrich then takes a stride backward, “Bakudo 11..” He states preparing to fire the bakudo but holding the energy in his form preparing to release it based on the Lieutenants reaction to the kido fired at him, continuously backing up however towards the Saloon. WC – 545 NPC Locations, Roof , balcony, around [M] , and the inside locations are the same. [C] and [D] possibly destroyed, known after your reply.
  15. NPC* Graceful and powerful, Chanchella had always viewed herself as the most able combatant on any team she had ever been placed in and this situation would be no different, of that she was sure. A moment of hyperawareness strikes her as she begins to inspect the position of her cover relative to the brush and bushes spilling out before the tree line of forest, both of which were too thick for her keen eyes to properly scan. The seated officer glances over the right side of the destroyed body of the side capped wagon that made up her cover and sees nothing for moment before a burst of movement flashes outward and sends the alarms off in her mind, she is about to lift her arm to fire kido before a white rabbit hops from a small shrub and begins to dart across the training field. Exhaling sharply she slips back behind her cover in full looking then to the balcony which seemed to have a blind spot to its left.. a blind spot she could easily compensate and so she quickly dashes from her cover to the large box like rock next to her wagon. She moves to the outer left side of rock [C] and prepares herself to fire kido and make up for anything the balcony over watch may miss. NPC* During these actions Frederic and Ryu prepare themselves for the oncoming conflict as well, Fredric battling to keep his focus at the forefront of his mind and his overpowering boredom towards the back while Ryu at the cover closer to the bush line than his elder fought to remain calm. Closing his eyes a moment he attempts and succeeds at centering himself, he had rose through the ranks by spirit energy and test efficiency alone and had rarely seen combat in even a training setting such as this, he did not want to disappoint either of the Lieutenants. NPC* Officer Yatsuri remains alert and determined, he had always been second guessed by his allies his entire life and he saw coming out to these forests, to these camps, as an opportunity to reinvent his reputation and had taken his selected participation in this exercise as a chance to start that process correctly. Beside him stood Kazeyomi Kotatsu with the reputation of her family to uphold for the Kotatsu name had always produced exceptional shinigami but none to date had scaled the heights of spiritual prowess as her grandfather Shukuro Kotatsu had, and she hoped to one day change this. She too stands alert, waiting and ready to provide cove fire for her warrior allies on the ground, the plan had been discussed to them before they had been sent to their positions and while it was risky Kazeyomi trusted anyone who had been taught by her grandfather as the nameless Lieutenant once was. WC - 478, wc above this counted OOC - NPC locations -, [C], [M], [L], Balcony - {w} , {X}
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