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  1. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    Yuroshima furrows his brow behind his veil and smiles, "You've been in the wilderness too long then friend, last couple months have been a godsend for these people since I brought the gift of our superior medical knowledge and technology, hundreds of lives have been saved from the diseases sweeping these lands and injury with out proper care.. bandits aren't the only lurking threat you know, there are silent killers. None the less I've been expelling a tyrannical bandit group and disease and death left and right and this specific area of rukognai holds me up for it. So I don't completely see that running as a norm anymore.. but if you truly do live out here somehow..then I guess you wouldn't know yet." He pauses, eying the man who didn't seem to be much of a threat, or at least not as much of a threat as figures such as this "Wolf of rukognai" or the disease he had just referenced, if this man was innocent then this was indeed a waste of his time which in recent months has become all the more more valuable. And it wasn't as if he could just snatch up the man or rest his life from him, especially not when relations with small sections of rukognai were finally strengthening and going the way he had hoped. "No.." he mutters mentally, realizing he had allowed his emotions to get the best of him and possibly cloud his judgment, seeing the scene of malicious gore, especially the last building and the fact mere children had to be the ones to bring him to the carnage... and the fear for his subordinates far weaker than he.. had all fueled with in him a deep desire to bring those responsible to light, but equally rushing such a task could ensure that the true culprits run free. He wasn't this aggressive fight hungry warrior that his fear and anger drove him to be at times, though the soul of destruction was apart of him and incarnate in one of his Zanpakuto , so too was the soul of nurture , and he.. the balance of both.. must ensure to never be the extreme of one or the other, but the middle way.. this is where he felt most comfortable. "Well." He says in the brief pause, not needing a reply to his small rambling of personal success as the outcome was now fixed in his mind. "I suppose I should apologize then for chasing you out here, I understand why a man of rukognai would resent the Shinigami, but you need never fear one of my own anymore we only wish to bring aid from this point on and should the Seireitei plan something malicious against the people of the districts inner or outer I would politically battle them for it. That being said your free to go, I wont arrest you on suspicion.. such practice could be argued as mentally unstable, although I would say to tread lightly... for my refusal to apprehend you is not an indication of your innocence, I have my suspicions about you.. but if you are innocent such a thing shouldn't matter." He pauses, seeing the warrior concealed in black amongst the tree top, he holds up his hand to his side in a calming "Stop' sort of gesture, then snaps his finger and points beside him. From the tree dashes a lower level Shinigami with great speed to the area his Lieutenant had pointed. "Sir." The Shinigami says bowing but not kneeling as he was unsure of the status of the citizen across from them. "Did you find the other? The silly one?" Yuro asks. "Silly one sir?" The confused subordinate asks. "Yes.. the silly man he.." The Veiled healer shakes his head realizing the makeshift flare he fired didn't lead to the capture he had hoped for, "ahh never mind, we're going anyhow." And with that he looks to the man he had suspected once more, "Have a good rest of the night, you wont be hearing from me again unless you should have reason to." And with that he turned briskly in his heel and began to walk the opposite direction back towards the ink black abyss beyond the moon drenched section they stood in, slowly he and his subordinate are swallowed into the black. Yuroshima reaches out to his side, gripping the young restoration officer by the shoulder and pulling him close quickly before putting his arm around him, "Listen." He whispers extremely low and fast, almost too quick to hear but his subordinates had grown used to his strange way of passing secret information to them. "Set up a parameter.... watch them... keep cloaked.. they can sense if you aren't...watch any others that you find living out this far... ill investigate back in the towns …..where my connections are.." He quickly mutters the sets of words in a whispered and dampened voice. Almost instantly he then realized what he ought to be doing, and what his medical work here could Segway into. "Im going to see what connections I can set up with the little shops and businesses around here.. with the meager institutions still holding on, see what I can do to strengthen them." The young Shinigami takes alarm to this slightly and looks to his commander, they were a ways away from the clearing and so he whispers back though not as quietly, "Sir .. with respect, we aren't supposed to mess with their economy and stuff.. I mean a lot of people here like you now and respect you but you aren't a political figure for them...." To this the Lieutenant merely shrugs, "Im whatever I need to be," He states "So lets see what we can do to change that..." A few of the lower level Shinigami that had followed the medical officer to the Lieutenants flare are then ordered to cloak themselves and stay with in the tree tops watching the shack, the clearing, and the areas around both, not many were there but enough to cover decent ground before Yuroshima had began to head back to town. WC - 1,024 OOC - All WC above this counted - 11/18/19 Attempting to leave thread WITH YURO, if you want to interact with the surveillance NPC's im leaving behind you may, but know they are much much much weaker than Yuro, figured id play around with NPC roles and limitations you know?
  2. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    Yuroshima maintains emotional composure and steps forward directly after the suspect had finished his question. “I must have explained wrong, this is no friendly chat. Your now a suspect in a localized mass homicide and the fact you hid and ran from me just now..” His voice trails off allowing the answer to be self evident. “My names Lieutenant Sir, you can call me by my first or last name either is fine, but more importantly what’s your name, I saw no crop or wagon at that small little shack hovel place you were at, this leads me to believe its temporary, what are you doing out here then, you and the other one… the funny man.” The only noise directly following Yuros words was that of the trickling breeze that seemed to accompany him all day wherever he would roam. The Vice Captains wrist rested on the end of Le Sombre Lune’s hilt, he was prepared to take a life or make an arrest. OOC- im not good at making conversation posts last long lol so don’t think I just didn’t put in effort I just didn’t wanna be cheesy and over describe my thoughts and environment for word count you know what I mean ?
  3. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    As he lifts his arm and begins to aim at the two, the hidden from earlier cries out, “Move, now!” And the pair runs in opposite directions. For a moment Yuroshima consider attempting to fire two tendrils from Sajo Sobaku in those directions hoping to ensnare them both but this idea is cut short quickly by the realization that the trees and objects which clutter the space around would serve to disable this possibility. The Lieutenant springs after the one he had not found earlier, he didn’t care as much for the other man who had been acting a fool earlier, for Yuro had met him and felt his power, but this other one has remained hidden near consistently and it was time finally to figure out why. He can feel the dampened signature stop ahead, staying stationary and so the Veiled Shinigami slows his advance to a walk, gripping the thick Sheathe of the Zanpkauto on his hip, eyes narrowing as he comes closer to the ivory lit clearing. “I'm quite certain it is me that you are looking for! I've stopped running, I'm right here, come and face me!” The figure calls out to. “Face him?” Yuroshima repeats in his mind. “What is that some kind of threat..?” If indeed so this was a serious offense, but before allowing the spirit of aggression and combat to consume him the Lieutenant pauses and remembers words spoken to him by his Zanpakuto spirit Le Sombre lune. “ The True path of the warrior requires that you go into situations with a settled spirit and body. That you meet situations with your spirit unbiased and calm, not fully relaxed and lacking but not tense and fearful or ridden with anxiety. I say to you, let situations be what they are as opposed to turning them into something else with inner narrative. “ With this remembrance Yuroshima takes a deep breath and releases it, for all he knew they could have robbed a store and were afraid. Even though this at this point was unlikely he saw no further reason to analyze now was the time to step into the light and find out. And so he does just this, stepping from the brush and walking calmly in the clearing taking note of the man’s relaxed demeanor while also accepting it could be mere diversion for a sneak attack, something he so often employed in the use of his kunai’s. Yes every experience on the field he had been having was indeed sharpening his intellect of the natural world, and prepared at nearly all times he was for a barrage of things he has experienced now. “I had only wished to talk, but now you and your partner have been displaying immensely suspicious and guilty behaviors, you’ve hidden from me and have now ran from me.” He begins as he walks slowly center clearing, suddenly a flash of orange sparks over his right hand and he quickly pivots, keeping his lower torso anchored frontward but twisting his upper body so as to look behind him a moment, near instantly he fires a quick ball of flame on an upward angle in the general direction the other of the pair had taken off in. This was to alert the backup he had called for of where to go, like a flare. “Now you must answer my questions and speak with me or I will arrest you.” He states as he continues walking, stopping center clearing by an infant tree just now reaching the Shinigamis shoulder. “Refusal of both at this point can only go one way. And now how this goes is up to you.” WC 612 OOC – sorry its been so long, been doing stuff, learning stuff, you know, life and what not, ima try and be more active again tho, find the little spits of free time and post in those J
  4. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    Yuroshima continues watching from the brush for a few minutes before slowly taking on the feeling that he was wasting his time and would only be sticking around to watch the man attack his yard next. Deeming useless the use of a Lieutenants time in this way he almost ceases his spiritual cloak and stands before seeing the humanoid shape slip from the roof to the window and into the house. Excitement and hostility bubble within the Restoration specialist for he was glad that it seemed he did not make a fool of himself but now irritated at the non compliant nature of the two that were now prime suspects in his mind. The Lieutenant outstretches his arm and waits a moment soon a few meters away in mid air, a black butterfly begins to flutter downward, landing on the Shinigamis finger he brings it to the front of his veil, “All Squad 9 Officers who are not currently assisting a medical unit are to form a circular perimeter with a two mile radius of these coordinates, ‘???’, ‘??’, ‘???’, there is only one structure in that area and the two men that live with in it are to be arrested on sight for questioning, they are on high suspicion of mass murder.” Lieutenant Hoshiko watches the glossy black wings of the “Hell Butterfly.” Dance away in a shimmer, back to his confidant and right hand man on the mission, Jim, who still has never mentioned a sir name. Soon shinigami, likely in groups of two, would be stationing themselves at points along a self formed circle spanning two miles in all directions from the shack. This may have been overkill but the second man had proven illusory once and so preventative measures must be taken. A twinge in the drunkards spirit energy, though faint, causes the Veiled soul reapers eyes to dark back down to the shack to see two shadows rush from the complex towards the wilderness. “wah..” He stutters a moment, reaching behind for the hell butterfly to hopefully catch it and add to the message but it had already fluttred away from sight, hopefully it would make it to the district in time for any shinigami to aid him in what would now unavoidably be chase.. “why hadn’t I attempted to learn Kakusuijutsu.” He groans mentally before springing up from the brush. He drops the spiritual cloaking of Kyakko in order to use Shunpo without wearing any more than usual on his stamina and so channels his energy properly and uses Shunpo to blink towards them, unable to see their forms quite yet he rushes past the shack and attempts to follow the spirit energy of the supposed drunkard although the Lieutenant was certain now that that title was false for him. He had his trail, his spiritual thread, he was confident he could find them now, and they were not far. He pushes himself attempting to catch up he can see the form of the man he had spoken with and his strange companion who had eluded him. “Stop!” He shouts raising his palm, his sprinting slowly to a jog as he prepares to fire kido if necessary, they were surrounded by trees and thick brush however and therefore landing any kido would be a different matter, however alerting the two and getting their attention was the necessary first step in Yuros mind. WC above “counted” , WC – 568 OOC – I was about to shout for him to freeze but didn’t cause the rock sound distracted me, I don’t care enough to want you to change anything I only say this cause I don’t want you to have the impression that I would do something weird like shout something serious as that and then just walk away lol.
  5. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    He watches him coldly, wondering what he would do next, what would happen next. Finally the man stands and flops about bumping into his home and making a spectacle of acting as if he didn’t know where he had been hit from.. but then he goes to move into the house. “That’s far enough let me see your hands now!” He is about to shout before preparing a Bakudo spell when suddenly he hears it.. a hard crack sound in the distance. He looks to the man fighting his curtain and screaming at himself in the window, “I guess he could be under the influence of some sort of drug then..” He wonders, “But equally hey may not be.. he seems intoxicated but something is missing from it I can’t put my finger on..” He ponders this very briefly however as his true intentions were focused on the noise which had sounded off a moderate distance back into the wilderness. “It could be anything.” He thinks, “An animal, a rock falling, the other trying to get away..” But he feels skeptical of the last one, “If he knew to conceal his energy and was able to get away so silently given my personally adept senses then surely he has some sort of skill in stealth.. and what would even cause a noise that hard, that’s flat land with trees.” Finally he resolves that his current approach was leading nowhere, he badly wishes to dismiss all of this as wrong place wrong time style misunderstandings but such a mass murder coupled by such a strong energy flare and this being the only structure.. he couldn’t. Furthermore as the self appointed guardian of his Subordinates, he could not just simply look the other way off a “hunch” that this guy may have no involvement… he had to be sure. Yuroshima smiles behind his veil and shakes his head, “Act or not.. it doesn’t matter anymore.” He inaudibly mutters to himself before attempting to tap into his “all is well” voice. He would now play into the short term goals of their possible game as a means of attempting to close the long term goals of his, “Well.. you clearly seem to have your own problems going on right now..” He says , still watching the man in confrontation with his reflection. “Have a fine rest of the evening sir.” Perhaps the man was innocent..but he had to be sure.. With that he turns briskly on his heel and begins walking to the tree line, traveling only a few yards into the brush before being sure he was obscured by large thick trees and shrubbery. In one fluent motion he crouches and suddenly appears to be gone from existence. His physical form and reiatsu signature had completely disappeared from the world. He slowly creeps back the few yards he had come and stands by a thick oak looking tree, watching with Hawk like gray eyes, the events which would ensue in his “absence.” WC - 501 TWC - 2361 [ 1 / 1 ] – Bakudo 26 – Kyakko – conceals ones appearance and spiritual energy ( invisibility and reiatsu conceal ) to all aside from those with substantially higher Reiatsu than the caster. Passive ability - Nameless casting
  6. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    The Anticipation builds in the Lieutenants mind as he await an attack from the door or behind or whatever could possibly occur, suddenly.. a man flops from the abode and Yuro’s grip on portion of his sheathe tightens, but it is a false alarm to danger or at least appears that way and the anonymous Shinigami relaxes his tensed form slightly. Rukognai had not been the same area since the crises and Shinigami until recently with his own advances in Rukognai care.. had not been welcome here for some time. His eyes fall on the man who then rolls over and looks up to him, asking him what it was that he needed. Yuroshima is about to ask where the other presence was when the apparent drunkard is suddenly staring at him intently.. and the Vice Captain is made uncomfortable by it.. “What..” He says as the man begins to smile wide, “Hey there mishter shinigami, you shmell pretty good.” The intoxicated soul replies. “Hah.” Yuro laughs in response to this, “Yeah, it’s scented hot oil I make myself.. you bathe with it..” His voice treads awkwardly as he explains before he too sniffs the air once. He looks at the man harder once more, the piercing Gray eyes behind his white veil narrow and he cocks his head to the side. “You know…” He takes a step forward, “You seem pretty intoxicated..” He takes another step and stoops down with his hands on his knees so that he was slightly hovering the soul as he lay there and takes a deep inhale, “But, you smell pretty good too friend.” He stands once more and takes a couple steps back, returning to his former position, “Get up.” He demands dryly, “If this was mere diversion for the other to hide or escape I’m placing you under arrest for multiple suspicion based charges and interfering with a Lieutenants investigation.” He eyes the man and keeps a level of focus on his surroundings as to not get blindsided.. they did after all kill a small army of men, who knew how dangerous any of this was. WC – 337 TWC – 1860 OOC – oh no, if this comes to confrontation I definitely had planned to go for some stat mod type stuff to make things more fair, that would be like… awful if not , imo anyway. Also I added some words I didn't add into WC, idc, I just wanted to say if the numbers didn't add up its cause I added more words and just didn't care to recount
  7. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    Yuro is focusing his sensory ability hard on both signatures, attempting to feel anything even down to one of them preparing to fire a kido based attack, however he is met with a shout instead. “Well who the hell ish it!! It'sh the middle of the." 'hic' "God damn night, thish better be goood!!” The voice sounds off causing the VC to crane his neck back and hold a look of confusion, “What the..” He thinks before a sense of alertness returns to his being as he had felt the stronger of the two energies which had brought him here conceal itself. The Lieutenant cannot help but feel an implication of sinister action for the man was either hiding.. or planning to strike, there would be no other reason to conceal outside the scope of those two outcomes. His senses on alert he resolves to stay calm and not rush, after all even though signs were obvious it still wasn’t fully a dangerous situation. He plays along slightly, “Im investigating some unusual happenings in the area, this is the only residence around..” He pauses and begins taking a couple steps back from the door until he counts five, “Im afraid im going to have to ask you to come out for questioning..” He stares intently at the complex and door awaiting the next occurance, “Both of you.” He finishes. WC - 229 TWC - 1523 OOC - oh wow I frgot to just edit my last post, my bad, if a mod can delete that that's fine, but in the RP reiatsu conceal is very stat dependent, I don't personally mind, js for future reference, Tenji gets badass points for a cool character so far and good writing, so Yuro can not feel him unless Tenji goes to strike.
  8. Good Ol Yuro

    Just Another Day

    The Nameless Lieutenant of the Restoration Corps walks through the soft dirt streets of Rukognai, accompanied by Jim as he had requested him personally for he valued his rapport with the citizens highly, although this was needed less and less as since he had begun dispatching medical teams roughly 1 month ago today. To the people of the districts which his team had reached, glares and shouts of obscene insult had been replaced his waving hands, smiles and nods from the grateful citizens, some receiving professional Seireitei caliber medical attention for the first time in their lives. His bronze Lieutenant badge gleams brightly in the sun as he continues his stroll. Every now and then he would see a few of his subordinates he had grouped together go into a home or building to administer the service they were there for. All and all, Yuroshima was genuinely pleased with the initial success of his plans to re-strengthen the ties between Seireitei and Rukognai. His crowning achievement lay by the center of town.. the permanent medical tent, which was slowly under construction to be a clinic. The gray eyed Shinigami can make out a group of children sprinting around a corner to him, at first he is delighted to see what appeared to be kids playing in the Rukognai streets.. an unusual sight in recent times. But soon he can see their urgent expressions and realizes something is wrong. “Help!” One of their tiny voices cries out. Jim and Yuro look to each other briefly before running towards the kids. Yuroshima looks behind them to see if anyone was in pursuit. He stands before the two panting boys and one girl as they struggle to catch their breath. “Something bad happened!” The girl manages to get out. “In the forest.” Another boy points in some random direction, “Deep in the forest, I think some ones really hurt or I don’t know.” Jim nods and looks to his superior officer, “Yeah they might be right, people go wander off in these woods all the time and get picked off by whatever bandit gangs or solo thieves are around, I’ll go look with them so you can keep to your duties here Sir.” He explains as he begins to instruct the kids to take him to whatever it was they were talking about. Something feels wrong however, Yuroshima has a distinct gut feeling that Jim can’t go on this..that something bad will happen if Yuroshima doesn’t take his place. “Actually I think I’ll go.” He calls after the seated officer reaching towards him. Jim looks back to him confused, surely some one of his rank need not bother himself with a child’s story.. something that may not amount to anything even. But he will not disobey his commanding officer. “Yes sir, I’ll go find and accompany another medical unit in the area.” Yuro nods to him and takes his place with the children who stare at him wide eyed, as if trying to see behind his mask. They had walked through the wilderness for quite a moment, the children confessing they came this far out because animals were less dangerous than people and this statement saddened the Vice Captain but he was impressed at how far they had managed to run. Stepping over rotting moss covered logs and through thick knee high plants Yuroshima follows the children for twenty minutes longer until finally they stop and seem unsure, scared even and the smaller of the two boys points forward to the right, near a thicket and shrubbery. “It’s over there.. you’ll see it, I don’t want to go over there..” The boy says meekly. Yuroshima nods and walks forward at a medium pace, eyes scanning the ground before the thick but dry and crusted smear shape of red is seen across the crushed grass and disturbed dirt. His gray eyes follows its path and sway, and random blotches which lead to the thicket.. he knew what he would find hidden in the brush. “You kids run home now.” The Lieutenant calls to the children, allowing a sense of alarm to be heard in his voice in order to give them fear enough to run back to town once more... to not allow them to feel safe simply because the Shinigami their town trusted was around. Yuroshima stands and strolls over to the bush, pushing back the layer of leaf and branch he sees and smells the bodies in their first stages of rot… someone had killed them and dragged them to the side. He grips one of the bodies and pulls him out. He holds in any grimace that he felt the urge to utter while examining the corpse. “A Bandit Gang member for sure..” He murmurs mentally. His eyes fixate on what he now realized to be a loosely man made path that went up a ways and so he follows it for only a couple minutes before seeing the structures in the distance. He jogs up to the first structure quickly feeling no spiritual presence inside and approaches the front door. It was some sort of curtain which Yuroshima furrowed his brow at. He grips the curtain tightly and yanks down, ripping it from the doorway he allows it to falls to the ground. He is met with a scene of obvious mass murder. Before him lay bandits murdered and left strewn throughout the one floor building. “Well, with a door like that what did they expect..” He mutters before going into the other structures to be met with similar sights of killed men, some seemed to have fought before dying, others had been claimed in their sleep. It was the final structure however that had caught the Lieutenant off guard, the bodies were mangled and mutilated. Severed body parts and pools of blood littered the area. “A man like this cannot be left to wonder.” He thinks, fearing for the safety of his subordinates who were now constantly traveling around Rukognai. He attempts to follow snapped twigs and disturbed grass for a while but eventually night falls and after an hour or so..the trail is cold. The Lieutenants keen eyes glance around the dark wilderness which surrounded him and his mind attempt to manifest its own fear by imagining the suspect as an ever powerful rouge who was watching him right this moment. His white veil and white sleeves beneath his uniform glow almost blue in the ivory moon light as suddenly his sixth sense is activated and he feels a pulse of powerful energy in the distance. This far out.. it had to be whoever was responsible for that. Coincidence was one thing but that many dead bodies and the only strong spiritual pressure around was another. He focuses, an expert of reading Reaitsu signatures he follows its trail, even when faint he can almost photographically remember where it had come from he was close. Finally he reaches a shack of some sort, and can feel the spirit energy of those inside. He doesn’t attempt to hide himself for he is unsure if this person for one was even the one he was looking for and for another if they were.. they had only really killed many bandits. Although this still has to stopped this wasn’t necessarily a crime that signified danger for the Shinigami, however the fact they were all bandits that had been murdered also didn’t mean the Shinigami were this one’s comrades. He takes a deep breath and approaches the shack, confident in his own ability he goes to sound at the door, gripping the thick box like sheathe of his Zanpakuto. Bang Bang Bang. He knocks hard as to be sure to wake any residence up, and awaits their arrival. WC – 1294 Notes * Yuros appearance – Wears the black Shinigami Shukakusho however his sleeves are much shorter than standard, barely going past his elbow. His forearms are covered by tight white sleeves and he wears a white veil similar to Sajin Komumuras in the ways that its flat hard looking cloth with a rectangular eye slit cut out of the front. The cloth of the veil is very bright white and has the black symbol of the Restoration corps above the eye slit. The Zanpkauto on his left hip is sheathed into a very large very thick black sheathe in the shape of a rectangle or box, with a white handle Little things about Yuro you can type or comment on if you wanted to - *Smells overpoweringly like baby powder *Has a calming aura which puts many ( not all ) at peace or a feeling of calm ( this is from, Kan’Yo Na Hira ) *White Veil, White sleeves, and white Zan handle all glowing partially blue in the moonlight *gleaming Bronze Lieutenants badge on left bicep. Spiritual signature I followed was your zan spirit trying to contact you in dream like hwo they found Toshiro in canon
  9. Good Ol Yuro

    The Life and Times of Yuroshima Hoshiko

    Yuroshima Hoshiko had been the Lieutenant of the 4th division for a couple months now and was finally ready to implement the first move in a coming series of political endeavors. Today would begin in the largest courtyard of the Restoration Corps, which to the Lieutenants disappointment, was very drab and unimpressive… as was the rest of their grounds. He stands atop the soft grass and watches the crowd of expert healers and unseated officers which acted more as nurses and assistants form before him. He was Veiled, just as he was in the presence of anyone, and raises his hand to silence the murmur that had slowly materialized amongst the rabble. “Thank you, for those of you present, please relay the gist of these words to any members who could not make it.” He begins, stepping up onto thin air to place himself above ground before rising again and again until he is standing above his subordinates. This wasn’t to show any sort of superiority but to ensure his voice could reach across the mass of Shinigami. “As most of you know, I am your new Lieutenant. As most of you do not know, the version of the Restoration Corps which currently exists is not doing so in its greatest efficiency and I fully intend to change that. We are the back bone of the Seireitei and always have been, and while I will elaborate more on the cultural problems with in the Gotei 13 at a later date, I will grant you today the knowledge that our squad is indeed about to buckle down and take a more aggressive and hands on approach in the political landscape of the Soul Society.” The causes a moment ot allow for a few renegade “Yeah!” ‘s to escape the crowd before nodding to their small bursts of agreement and continuing. “The crisis which had occurred, had shaken the Thirteen Court Guard Squads to its core. They were left broken and largely inactive. This was a long time ago, but as a former working man of Rukognai I can tell you with certainty that the people of Rukognai were affected by the Seireitei’s weakened state more so than any group or organization could boast. And they largely blame us for the poverty and violence which has now riddled the entirety of the districts. As we speak now entire armies form close to the Seiretei and far away on the outskirts. The Central 46 has attempted to send Shinigami to both kill and attempt to make peace with these forces. This is why a military force need not deal with matters of peace, this is why the Restoration Corps is NEEDED in the decision making of the army which we belong to. For we know that one of the largest problems to come with widespread poverty and violence.. is injury, hunger, sickness.. famine and all manner of other physical ailment. Starting tomorrow, I will be forming groups of our best healers to be dispatched out to the Rukognai districts with members of Squad 9 in order to administer free health care to any district resident in need. Each group will also be given agricultural supplies and will be tasked with teaching the districts people greater farming techniques with better equipment. The Budget allows for this and I’ve decided to take the misc. role for our Division as we already unofficially held it anyhow with our cleaning duties.. which by the way are about to get redone as well.” He looks at their hopeful faces, a division which had been forgotten and underappreciated, all was going to change. *Assume after this post groups are dispatched out the process of relation reparation is in action WC - 604
  10. Good Ol Yuro

    The Life and Times of Yuroshima Hoshiko

    The “game” had ended in a rather impressive way, leaving the Lieutenant victorious. The Pink eyed Kido Corps Officer that had also been a part of the training was especially taken by surprise with the way in which they had all gotten captured, and she eyed the anonymous Restoration specialist with suspicion though void of any sinister attitude. “Why had he kept the tradition of anonymity even after leaving the Kido Corps?” She thinks, starting towards him as the Shinigami participants began to disperse and the fourth division Lieutenant made his way towards an exit. “Hey!” She calls after him evoking his head to sway towards her in response. “Hey.” He replies. “Good game.” She offers before a half awkward moment of silence. “Are you able to actually perform Hado ninety one?” She asks him finally breaking it. “I don’t think so.” The Veiled Shinigami replies, “Before I mastered Shunko, I had reached a strange half marker of it and had at first thought that that was Shunko’s extent but I could feel an emptiness in it and so I had worked at it until I mastered it.. and the same can be said of that Nineties Level Hado, its complexity and power is enormous and it’s very difficult for me to form and even contemplate or conjure up.” He concludes. The Pink Eyed Corpsman nods, “And so work at it and master it then.” She replies, “ If it is like the training of your Shunko you too will reach the pique state of that Kido.” Yuroshima would have no way of knowing do to the anonymity of the division she was in, but the woman speaking to him was privately and technically the most skilled practitioner of Kido in the entire Corps under the Commander, her skill even rivaled that of the Vice Kido Chief. “You know as well as I do too, once you learn a certain kido it acts as a threshold, once you cross that threshold you will likely be able to learn other Nineties Level Kido with more ease and use Nineties level strength for your kido casting.” Selling him on the idea of going out far away from the Soul Society at this time of night to learn one of the most intense things a Shinigami can learn directly after an already physically and spiritually strenuous training session would prove to be a difficult feat indeed but one that was very important to her none the less, for she too had been attempting to leave the threshold of Eighties Level Kido and this would surely result in at least progress towards that goal. “Well I’m not entirely sure I would know how to begin or who to even train with as I’m suspecting the technique to be one that almost requires the hand of a master to learn.” She girl smiles behind her Kido Corps Headress, “I would train with you.” She explains. The Lieutenant is intrigued by this and gripped by both the desire to learn Hado Ninety One in its true incarnation and by the realization that came from catching fleeting sense of the enormous pool of spirit energy she was attempting to cover up at all times. “It’s pretty late..” He attempts one more half playful excuse to not go anywhere other than his quarters, “Fine.” She replies in a shrug, “No wait.” Yuro says in response to her lack of care, “I was just trying to set you up to say something clever.”He says, “I would like to go and train on the technique, but is it even legal for Shinigami of our rank to learn Kido that destructive?” He asks. “Who cares.” The Pink Eyed Caster replies, “No one has to know that we’ve learned it anyhow, it is something we can spring should a dark day ever arise where our captains are incapacitated and we have a technique which can bring enough destruction to help the situation against whatever attackers would be strong enough to ascertain such a feat.” “Well.” Yuro replies, “I suppose that’s reason enough, I still have a few waters, I’m down to make the hike if you are.” “Let’s go.” The Wilderness of Rukognai was shockingly black under the cover of night and the two Kido practitioners on their journey of discovering their own potentials found that they would have to keep a flame of kido energy running at all times in order to see and so they resolved to organize their time into shifts of who would hold the light when. “Is this far enough?” The woman would ask partway through the journey. “Is this far enough that you feel a Captain wont sense you using Hado 91?” Yuroshima would always reply, and the answer would always be no. Finally after hours of trekking through uncharted forest and crushed down paths from Yuro previous trips out, they arrive as a clearing with a demolished hill far enough away from the soul society that they felt comfortable allowing themselves to release the hold they kept on their potential. The Pink eyes Corpsman climbs to the top of earth and dirt mound that was once a hill before it had been destroyed by Gochutekkan and for a moment Yuroshima stares at her in the silence of that black night dully illuminated by the ivory, cloud strangled moonlight above. He gets a strange feeling and line of thoughts about how they were two strangers who did not even know each other’s names and yet here they both were, feeling so familiar with one another and about to embark on an intense spiritual journey with one another to accomplish a fantastic and rare racial feat. And for that moment he truly feels the pride of cultural connection and identification with ones roots. And so, after some time passes they stand across from each other, resolving that they must attempt to use the Kido Corps new found idea of sharing an energy pool yet try it differently, and build their Reiatsu pool up even more intensely by using the first few steps of initiating Shunko. “What happened?” She asks, eyes looming over the mountain of soil and destroyed ground. “I was training in Bakudo, and the destructive capability had caught me surprise.” The Lieutenant replies. The statement causes the woman’s pink eyes to gloss over, “What number?” She inquires further, “It was Gochutekkan,” Yuro replies, voice skeptical of her questioning. “How could one be at that level or proficiency with Kido and understand the destructive potential of a 70’s level spell?” She begins, “How long have you been practicing kido for ?” She finishes her next line of questioning. “Not very long, ive only lived in the soul society for little under a year now.” He answers. She stares at him and the badge on his left forearm as if they were both insane for a moment. “Well.” She says in an attempt to shrug the shinigami before hers rapid growth in the proficiency of kido, “That’s pretty crazy.” A moment of silence passes between the two before she speaks up once again. “Let’s do this.” And so they stand across from each other, focused however on what was within themselves as they begin concentrating and collecting their naturally dense spiritual energy through their forms. The Lieutenant begins first, allowing the strong gray energy to materialize and course through his being in clean powerful whips of sheet like wafts which emulate from his outward before turning near clear, moving inward and reforming back into himself. Slowly they move towards each other placing their palms against one another’s, allowing their Reiatsu to pool. Her spiritual power was great, and combined with Yuros of high quality as well, the ease of manipulation was intense. Yet even still the demanding composition of a spell as masterful as hado 91 was still quite the challenge and the Lieutenant could feel himself becoming winded. He glances to his partner and sees that she to is losing stamina. At this rate they won’t be able to perform the actual completed spell. Yuroshima slowly removes his hands from the woman’s and takes one step backward not stopping the shunko like flow of his reiatsu as to not interrupt their current momentum for he did not want to stop but merely came to the realization that this was indeed a new tier of kido and they would have to learn to use their spiritual energy more efficiently and simultaneously more powerfully. They were journeying close to a realm where form and ability no longer mattered and were both aware of this and grateful they had one another to help them along the way. They stand there for hours, the sky changes again and again as they continuously command their spiritual energy to go above and beyond and cycle through to enough power to complete this task. Yuroshima is still very unsure but suddenly, the pink eyed Corpsman steps forward and grabs his hand, her new found confidence radiating from her being as she had reached a practical point of meta where her energy flowed ceaselessly without her willing it so. Seeing this calms Yuroshima down greatly and he realized how tensed up his body had been throughout the entirety of this almost ritualistic styled training session so far from the seireitei, and as he relaxes his form his energy to goes to a state of practical eternity as is swirls and tears around him. Slowly and rather shakily he raises his other hand to hers and begins to receipt the incantation, she joins in shortly after. “"Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired" They chant in unison as the spell is formed and …. WC ( Hado 91 ) - 1686 – learned.
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    Getting out there

    No i enjoy them as they come and go
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    Getting out there

    I like that idea a lot ( I never used Reddit in my life so that's new and neat to me lol ) But idk., theres some decent home made memes that were actually about the RP here and were low key funny, we should post SOME of those, show the good community culture / social flavor of the site too cause I know that will help attract some one as well cause for real we have good atmosphere here
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    Getting out there

    Hey, Im Yuroshima hoshiko And this is my thread for spit balling ideas for promoting our RP and where we can post sites we should advert on I Think its cut and dry and a marketing campaign for a niche website like our own would be promoted with little to no funds used, Other websites that are likely to have a common audience or "Type of person" That would have fun here , so primarily I wanna focus on creative spins of that idea, like Dante posting links to our site on the bleach petition and stuff like that , what do you all think
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    The Life and Times of Yuroshima Hoshiko

    ** The “Battlefield” is dimly lit but not quite what one could consider as dark. It was night out, and the glass roof of one of the Kido Corps training ground was practically its only source of light on purpose, so training in the light of day and the dark of night would both be possible. This is where Lieutenant Yuroshima Hoshiko of hidden identity found himself now. After learning Bankai and mastering Shunko he had been feeling an intensely deep yearning to become very intimately acquainted with the natural and ancient arts of the Shinigami and so had asked four members of the Kido Corps who maintained higher seated positions to help aid him in advanced Hakuda and Kido training. The Corpsman were all anonymous as was the Restoration Corps Lieutenant, but he still recognized one of them.. the woman with the strange pink eyes. The training grounds were large, a few football fields in all directions and had a rather peculiar lay out, multiple large and multi-branched trees dotted the area, many connected by bridges and many containing 1-2 room tree house like structures.. many with both. The kido specializing shinigami start in different areas individually before quickly, silently and gracefully rushing into the training field. Yuroshima had had his own private goal beyond sharpening his Hakuda technique and testing his kido proficiency against the kido professionals of the Soul Society, he would also use this time and opportunity to attempt to learn Sajo Sobaku both because it was useful and because he felt he had a plan he could use it for in combat one day. There was faint warm light spilling from random torches which were few in number and were located throughout the training ground. The game was a sort of Tag and Hide and Seek hybrid where they would all hide and sneak around and attempt to either subdue opposing players with Hakuda or capture them with Baludo, the two winners at the end would be the player who was last standing and the player who had acquired the most captures or had the most players subdued. The Veiled Lieutenant slithers around the large thick trees, being careful as to make no noise as his black and white cloaked body sway from tree to tree. His eyes scan the darkness around, he can neither see nor feel anyone. He looks up to one of the wood board on wire bridges connected two trees and leaps upward with great strength, gripping a board with his right hand before pull himself up. He looks around once more to reassure himself that he hadn’t been seen and jogs across the bridge to a “tree house”. He creeps over to the only window in the plywood structure, a large square cut out of the side wall, and stares out of it from the corner. He resolved the best way to learn the kido he was attempting were to use its more simple Bakudo precursors which were numbered before it and of which Yuroshima had already mastered. He had hoped that this idea would indeed put him in the right frame of mind for structuring the energy required for Sajo Sobaku. Suddenly he hears a thud on the wood bridge that he had taken into his tree house. He glances to his right to see one of the opposing players. A large Kido Corpsman who also wore the traditional headdress as Yuro once had as well. The Coprsman notices the Lieutenant too late an doesn’t rush the tree house with enough urgency before the name is shouted out from the Restoration specialist, “Tsuriboshi!” Causing the thick cyan blue film of energy to attach to the corners but the door and spread over the opening. “The.” The Kido enemy player smirks as he flies forward and strikes the barrier hard with a Hakuda styled punch. It hadn’t broken the the Lieutenants Tsuriboshi but it would within one to two more strikes of equal power. Yuroshima wasn’t necessarily worried about engaging the man in Hakuda, although his larger size would prove a difficult obstacle he was none the less confident in his abilities but his objective tonight was primarily Bakudo. And so as the man rushes in for his second hit Yuroshima rushes places a foot on the bottom sill of the window, hoisting himself up he angles his body and goes out of the structure on a diagonal angle before turning his upper torso and gripping the edge of the roof of the tree house. He hoists himself up onto the top of the structure and aims his palm at his adversary, “Horin!” He barks out firmly as the orange tendril flies forth at the man who only partially backs up in time and does get his upper body ensnared but his foot indeed caught. For the capture to count and the player to be expelled however, Yuroshima must bind him in a way so that he may no longer capture or subdue others, or move. And so the Lieutenant prepares his second palm to fire yet another Horin, focusing on the feel of the tendril an imagining how one would have to compos Sajo Sobaku in stronger way, he hears a female voice behind him. “Geki!” It cries out before a bath of red light washes over Yuroshima. He goes to dash forward but is too late, he is paralyzed as his body now falls forward from the momentum of his short lived burst. The spell had not been cast strong enough to paralyze the Lieutenant indefinitely or perhaps even for very long but none the less he would plummet into the ground from the mid top of the trees he had been in, both winding him and jarring his entire body. The orange Tendril is still attached to his hand and the man’s foot before it is severed by a Byakurai from the player who had surprised Yuro. She attempts to ensnare the man with her own Hoin but he is fully alert and present in the situation now and bounds backward with great speed into the tree tops behind him. Finally Yuroshima regains movement of his limbs, he springs up to his feet and runs forth, hoping to get lost from site from the two players he had just been in a confrontation with. He stands leaned against another tree, away from torch light as to be more obscured but considering their spirit energies had certainly been able to felt across the training grounds he decides to take extra precaution. “Bakudo 26.” He whispers, “Kyakko.” Before turning invisible and undetectable for a brief time, a technique he had learned after the girl he had met Nariko had used it on he and Oriru. He takes this moment to focus on the recent memories of the Bakudo he had casted and the feel of their energies. He recalls what he had read of Sajo Sobaku, it was essentially like Horin but much stronger and with the ability of multiple tendrils or ropes. These were special though in the way they were composed which was a style of overlapping reaitsu in a sort of doubling up style to add even greater strength and resistance to the spell, Sajo Sobaku was truly a useful technique. He can hear the male and female voices of the two he had just encountered calling back and forth to each other, no doubt they were still in conflict. ** ** Suddenly one of the players had employed Kakushitsuijaku in order to tell them all of rules changes, “We are using Hado now as well, no kill attempts and of course holding back on the energy used.” The voice in Yuro’s and likely everyone else’s head explains. As a safety enthusiast, Yuroshima did not necessarily want to agree with this rule but as he had had most of these men break safety protocol by training with their unsheathed Zanokauto to help him learn the Na Hashi Zanjutsu, he would indeed play along.. besides perhaps one of them were trying to learn a new hado like he was Sajo. Still in use of Kyakko he leaps upwards again into a tree which owned no bridge outlet or tree house and in the Lieutenants mind this would make it perfect to hide out in while he read as he felt no one would suspect a bare or plain tree. He pulls one of his small kido pocket books from his satchel and resolves that he would use this time to indeed begin the road of learning his most complex spell yet.. Hado 91, Senju Koten Taiho. He would of course never use such a thing even weakened on another Shinigami as death would be the only result but none the less he wanted to attempt at its secrets.. his first 90’s level kido, and perhaps use its name as intimidation factor before lashing a surprise Bakudo. He flips through the various sections which were divided into tens as this was an older manuscript and kido was classed differently in that time. Finally he reaches the 10th section, as the first is philosophical lecture, which is the 90’s level list. For a moment he considers learning Kurohitsugi first but something about feels pretentious and overly glamorous, he just genuinely didn’t care for its aesthetic. And so he passes the black coffin and goes back to his original objective of Senju Koten Taiho. He reads of its description again, “The caster generates ten points of energy around himself, usually this energy manifests as pink.” He reads. “The caster then sends these points soaring towards the target or focal point, all ten point of energy with then explode in a searing and powerful display of destruction.” He attempts to imagine what point of energy would even mean as this is not a term he had yet encountered while learning Hado, and for a moment tries to configure whether or not the author could have meant something else by point? He flips through the pages roughly six sections back until he finds Hado 31, Shakkaho.. but no, the author had labeled it, a ball of red energy. He had time to consider and ponder and study, as despite the fact that he had run into two players early by chance, training drills such as this were usually drawn out and were also used as exercises in stealth. He continues to read of the philosophical explanation of the author for what exactly Senju Koten Taiho was. Apparently the author felt the points, which Yuroshima now understood to likely be the shape “point”, would fly forth and cause an explosion of searing light like energy which destroyed in a near pure way, blowing the landscape around it away and leaving a clean crater in its midst. In fact, the Lieutenant was unaware of the actual destructive capability of a 90’s level kido until this moment. He goes on to read over and attempt to memorize the incantation, “Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired" The Lieutenant just from reading the incantation can feel the sinister power which is predates. He pauses a moment and attempts to think of a way to try and learn the spells configuration whilst also giving him an edge in the contest, and without killing anyone or tearing his body apart from the rush of sheer destructive power. After moments of consideration in the black of night he had formulated his plan. He would conjure up the spell but never release it, that his spirit energy would greatly fluctuate so that all on the grounds would feel it and be drawn to its intense upshoot, to which the Restoration specialist would then trap them. It was honestly not the worst plan, sure the use of a 90’s level kido with it was rather unnecessary, but it had to be done Yuroshima wanted to get used to being able to summon and comprise the most complex and truly majestic tier of kido in existence. ** ** He pauses a moment, and places the book down as he had felt some ones presence outside. He readies himself to attempt to use Sajo Sobaku as this wasn’t as center as he had wanted to enact his plan with hado 91. Yuroshima stops a moment before moving closer to the presence he felt, fearing it to be a trick or tactic. Suddenly a beam like blast of blue gleaming electrical energy slices through the bottom of the branch Yuroshima had been on. Before falling the Lieutenant aims his palm towards the sky, “Horin!” He shouts, firing a yellow tendril which wraps itself around one of the thicker branches, which erupts a popping sound, cracking slightly under the sudden weight of the Veiled Restoration specialist but none the less holding strong. Yuroshima’s eyes lock onto the Cropsman standing half behind a tree below and was now raising him arm once more for another attack. “Bakudo 63!” He shouts out, “Sajo Sobaku!” He knew the spell wouldn’t fire completely right as he wasn’t completely sure of even how to compose the kido into Sajo itself, but none the less a powerful yellow tendril erupts from his hand. “Haiwana!” The Corpsman cries at the same time. The chaotically twirling and spark spitting yellow tendril of the half Sajo Sobaku sputters into the Haiwana spells and tears it in half but unfortunately was not able to keep its composition through the hit as it was not properly formed and ignites itself in a yellow flare like explosion. Yuroshima disbands his horin spell and falls to the ground, silently casting Sekeinton as he lands to obscure himself, but instead of moving backward to retreat he dashes to the side to attempt and weave through the other trees and get behind his attacker. Suddenly he feels a pulse of energy from behind him, his body knows it is a stronger Bakudo spell and by instinct he reacts by spinning around briskly on his heel, “Sejiragu!” He yells out, using a secret technique of his by mistake as the beautiful blue reishi collects quickly in front of the Lieutenant, weaving in and out of itself before forming a large body size rug which almost instantly after creation is hit hard in three spots simultaneously, no doubt from a Shitotsu Sansen. Yuro uses Shunpo to remove himself from the situation before he would be sandwiched by the two. He lands atop another connective bridge but does not move to either side, instead waits in the middle as he focused his mind and body and channeled his energy, gearing his mind towards the perfection of the interlocking reiatsu which made up the spell he was trying to learn. Another Byakurai is fired from behind him but is used to cut through the ropes connecting one side of the bridge and it falls, beginning to swing to one side. Yuroshima grips a board tightly before his section slams into a tree forcing him to release and fall to the ground. He rolls on side facing in the direction the blast came from just in time to see the corpsman running from behind his tree. “Sajo Sobaku!” He yells out. Finally a properly formed and coiled tendril of yellow energy shoots forth, slamming into the man and wrapping around a tree, locking him in place. ** ** “Paralysis Sting!” He hears the chant behind him of what was obviously a custom made kido. He commands a second tendril to manifest and fly behind him. He glances over his shoulder to see the pink eyed woman, who was probably the female voice that had attacked him from earlier, forming a large long needle out of clear energy. The Lieutenants Sajo tendril speeds forth as she fires it and bursts through the projectile, shattering it and nearly capturing the pink eyed caster who glides quickly to the side to the cover of distant trees. There was only four or three people left and Yuroshima knew exactly what to do… it was time to attempt his plan with Hado 91. “Bakudo 26.. Kyakko.” He evokes the concealing Kido once more and raises high into the air, standing atop it as if it were ground for he was preparing to exert a great amount of energy, and then part of his plan required an immense amount of power as well.. if he succeeded he had no doubt in his mind his plan would pay off and he would win the game but if it failed he may have no more energy to continue on and would likely get captured. He takes a deep breath and strikes his power stance, the same stance he would use if he were going to prepare his body to undergo the use of Sokotsu and begins to fiercely charge his spiritual pressure instantly forfeiting Kyakkos ability to hide his presence. He focuses and allows the energy to flow natural and clean through him, he finds the more he releases instead of flexes the stronger and faster his energy whips around him. Perhaps there was misconception about the nature of spirit energy. “Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness.” He begins to say the incantation, every word amping the pressure of his energy upward. “Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired" multiple points of pink energy materialize around him but they seem off, faded.. none the less the energy which was pulsating around him and the spectacle itself was the most impressive kido feat he had achieved so far. He looks down to see the other three players, spread out but all still and watching trying to pinpoint his exact location but mostly awe struck and in slight fear that their opponent may actually be attempting to use a 90’s level hado in something so trivial. Yuro had picked his spot well, there was but one small clearing in the trees that he predicted they would soon gather under when his display was done and fight each other and Yuro would then spring part two of his plan into action. And so instead of finishing the monstrous kido he was conjuring up he simply cuts the energy off to it, and the faded pink points begin to fade from existence, the swirl calms..and all is normal yet again with in an instant. ** He allows time for the confusion to die down amongst the other players and stays perched in Kyakko above the playfield which he wondered if this action had broken any rules but then realized nothing of the sort had been said before hand. WC - 3221 WC ( Sajo Sobaku ) - 1798 ( learned ) WC ( Senju Koten Taiho - 1380 ( Learning )
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    The Life and Times of Yuroshima Hoshiko

    OOC – All WC above this post counted. Alone he stood atop a lush green hill below crystal blue skies dotted with healthy and full cotton white clouds. The day is windy and the wind firm and chilling and the Shinigami finds himself in a place so far away it could be considered remote from the Sereitei, so far away that it neared the amount of distance traveled by cart in his last mission to the outer districts. After learning and nearly mastering Shunko within a day and learning but not mastering Bankai directly after, he had felt rather silly during his meeting with Oriru. After completing such sacred and respectable feats which are engraved in the ancestry of his race he had finally mustered the will to conceive his political plans to better the Sereitei, Rukognai and the Restoration corps itself but would still face challenge in the weight of the restrictive seals of red tape. That he should have to go meet with another man to implement changes he knew were just, especially when he himself possessed the power now to implement change indefinitely.. just felt off in his mind. “But rules are indeed rules and ranks are ranks.” He would tell himself, and he believed it, for he loved and respected the thirteen court guard squads and its customs and ways. And so, confident in the belief that he himself had the power to maliate change, he resolved during his walk to go meet Captain Jecht and ask for his approval on the forms, that he would ask for nothing.. if he wanted change he would indeed seize it himself, and so he went home instead to rest and prepare for the training he would undergo the next day.. And that is why he finds himself on the hill top this far away from home. Today he wished to polish and strengthen the mass reserve of spirit energy which he possessed by finally attempting to break his skill threshold and go beyond in order to learn Captain Class kido. If he could accomplish such a feat it would prove to himself that he, without a doubt, would deserve captainship. The Veiled Lieutenant stands on the upraised earth and reads through page after page of high level spell attempting to find one which hit a few special qualifications. These qualifications were that they were powerful, useful and simple enough to learn with little experience in kido this high grade despite the fact that simplicity didn’t exactly mean simple in that realm of proficiency. He reads over many fantastic spells in the Hado category, showing particular interest in Hado 92 but resolving that that would likely be too complex for today’s training. Thinking of his skill and attention to Hado, Yuroshima decides that perhaps he should instead begin diversifying his Bakudo and add more restrictive spells to his repertoire. “Surely.” He thinks, “There are impressive binding spells of the caliber I’m attempting today.” And so he thumbs through the manuscript to its other half, the half dedicated to the way of binding. He passes those which were numbered low enough that he knew they would be academy level.. in fact he was certain there wasn’t an academy level kido that he hadn’t mastered at this point, and turns to the later numbers. Finally arriving at two he would feel suitable and in reach of his current mastery over the binding arts. Bakudos’ seventy five and eighty one, Gochutekkan and Danku. Despite feeling confident in the idea that he could skip the seventies level Bakudo and move directly to the eighties he feels for the sake of diversifying and for the sake of practice that he should attempt to learn Gochutekkan first and so looks to its corresponding page number and flips to its section. When Yuroshima would train alone he would, at times, read aloud wishing to see that if verbally speaking out ones attempt to learn had any actual bearing over the outcome of the actual learning itself. And so with this superstition now revitalized in the wake of desire to advance in skill set, the Veiled Lieutenant begins to read the passage Aloud. “Bakudo Number Seventy Five, Gochutekkan. An ancient and powerful Bakudo spell used by Advanced and expert level Kido practitioners. Preformed by the proper formation and incantation of said spell.” He smirks mentally at this, knowing well that he has so far been able to master every kido he has learned to the point of not even needing its name for casting purposes. “Usually performed by the practitioner clasping their hands together and forming five small yellow orbs.” Yuroshima takes note of this for he was beginning to suspect that color was an indication of energy type and feel and would then class these orbs with the binding/immobilizing style energy of spells like Hainawa, Horin and Sajo Sobaku. “These orbs will have small thin tails attached to them if formed properly in order to better root into the ground. The orbs themselves act as precursors to help and summon forth the pillars as well as manifest them. Once the orbs are formed they will rise above the practitioner into a circle of five. The Caster will then raise his still clasped hands above his head and then lower them to the ground. In turn the Orbs will root themselves into the ground below the caster. A bright light should then emulate above the target and five massive pillars to rain down on them pinning the target to the ground. A skilled practioner may simply call forth the pillars upon mastery.” He finishes, nodding to himself before rereading it a few times and reading the philosophy of binding energy to refresh his mind on how the feel of this spell should be formed before placing the book down with the other items he had packed. He stands yet again atop the hill roughly in its center, stance planted firmly against the earth as he speaks out, “Walls of iron Sand..” He clasps his hands together as he utters the first words of the incantation, “A priestly pagoda.” He continues taking now time to pause as the raw kido builds in his form, collecting to his hands where he is forming it to the nature of binding and the specific feel of Gochutekkan, evoking yellow orbs to form. He concentrates hard, and gets the orbs to sprout their tails. “Glowing ironclad fireflies, stand upright!” He continues the incantation raising his hands above his head, the orbs follow, “Silent to the end!” He finishes as he takes a deep breath in, “Bakudo Number seventy Five!” He cries out throwing his hands down to the ground, “Gochutekkan!” The orbs follow his motion and fly towards the ground.. but.. they dissipate to nothing before they can root! Yuroshima is shocked and a little discouraged, was his spirit energy not yet great enough to learn such high level kido? Suddenly, a bright light shines above him and his looks up with great excitement only to see see merely one mighty iron pillar with a flailing chain on each side of it flying towards the ground. It pierces into the hill, tearing through the solid ground and reducing half of the natural structure to a loose heap of soil as the mighty pillar digs into the earth, its chains whip around violently for a moment tearing up the hill even more as the nameless caster jumps backwards to avoid injury. He levitates in the sky a moment and observes the colossal structure of binding energy display its strength before going still its thicker half sticking upright. The lieutenant slowly lowers himself from the sky, walking downward on the solid air as if it were steps before he is standing atop the pillar. “At least I know I have the capability to form it.” He states before the pillar dissolves into gold dust like energy particles and is blown away in the wind. The veiled Corpsman was indeed pleased with the destructive potential of high level kido even those meant merely for restraint like this one. He reasons also, that the amount of orbs would dictate the amount of pillars, likely a maximum of five and so, he attempts the spell yet again trying to complete it in its normal form first before attempting flourish upon it. He clasps his hands, forms the orbs and yet again speaks out the incantation to reality but this time he is met with greater success and the orbs root! A shining film like murky light appears in the sky above the space of ground which Yuroshima focused on and soon, five pillars come crashing into the ground, Yuroshima had made sure to aim away from the hill as to not finish off the natural monument but had instead ruined the valley which now had a sizeable crater in the mid center. He had learned it! Before classifying this Kido mentally amongst the others of his arsenal though, he still felt he had to accomplish two things. Seeing if the amount of orbs affected how many pillars came down and perhaps even the speed of the cast itself, and to master summoning only the pillars without the use of the maliation orbs as a crutch. And so he goes through all the steps once more, this time only forming two orbs and in this action he proves his thesis correct. The sky goes and gives way to now two mighty pillars which slam with incredible force into the valley crater. This would indeed be useful knowledge when attempting to restrain only some ones arms and they require something stronger than Hainawa or Sajo Sobaku. And so now for the true test. He stands there in the soil laden mass of his unintentional design and begins charging up his spirit energy first, allowing a bounty of his natural reiastu and raw kido to flow through his form. Not only would he attempt no orbs.. but incantation however now was the not time to perfect it with no name. “Gochutekkan!” He shouts outward.. and sure enough the pillars did manifest and destroy the valley even further, yet another Bakudo spell added to his list. WC – 1697 ( Gochutekkan Learned )