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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    Everyone listened curiously to his story and especially Kenlaw who asked the question to begin with. Metabee also listened to his answer which once again made him smile. Eventually the Captain chuckled. It was something so simple even Kenlaw would understand even though he probably was no fighter. He answered with a smile,'No need to be stiff. It's a valid question and it was merely a manner of speech from me. I can see that you respect your superiors a lot. As for your question, you put too much focus on things that are meaningless. Kido, Zanjutsu, what does it matter? I'm not sure if I'm speaking to the right crowd but to those who joined this Clan by choice, I ask you why? Why this Clan and not one of the other three? The answer is simple. You felt a bond. You felt that you belonged there. It was the same for me. I finally found a place for myself at the Kido Corps. It became my home. I'm not doing this for status. It means nothing to me. I'm doing this because it's my home.' Hopefully, that would satisfy Kenlaw but if he wanted something more explained the he surely wouldn't mind. It would make for a better discussion if everyone asked what they wanted but even if it was only between him and Kenlaw the journey would go much faster.
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    After his quite lengthy speech, it seems that both sides backed down and didn't want to pursue the topic which he was happy about. However, Metabee didn't forbid them as men needed a healthy discussion from time to time but the problem came when one side persisted on being right and he didn't want it to turn in to that. They will have plenty more time for discussions later. The topic changed to him which he didn't mind. A lot of these people never saw him in their lives and probably never heard of him so they would naturally be curious. The two girls agreed on his statement as they watched the show last night. The two men grinned and he preferred it this way. It was a much happier topic that also brought out some excitement with it. When it was his turn to speak the Captain chuckled at Kenlaw's comment,'You're saying that as if anyone can just go and become Captain. Well, it's a long story. The Kido Corps isn't the first squad that I've been in so before joining I focused mainly on honing my sword skills. I was average at Kido, really. Only after I joined the Kido Corps did I start practicing it more. My fighting style revolves around energy manipulation so mastering Kido naturally came with it. Though the Kido Corps library did also help quite a bit. As for the rank, at the time I could say that I was quite lucky to become Captain but now I can actually prove that I am worthy, or at least I hope so. Still got a long way to go for Captain Commander though. There are still many that outmatch me. Feel free to ask more questions. I'll answer them all.' Metabee really did like telling this story and it brought a smile to his face. It made him remember all the good times and all the bad times. It's been a long journey but it's definitely been worth it. It came with many hardships, especially in the beginning, but he felt that it was a fulfilling life. He felt that if something were to happen to him, that his legacy would be remembered and continued by those closest to him.
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    After Metabee responded both Yoshirou and Kenlaw made their comments. Both of them assured him that his reply was normal so he shouldn't feel bad about it. The Captain replied to the Noble,'Just because I have your support doesn't mean I should abuse it. There are some things I want to do on my own but the salary is welcome and appreciated,' he said while grinning. Kenlaw then continued by saying that from the Gotei maybe only Squad 4 did something like this while the other squads were busy fighting or attending to other duties. The Noble seemed to take this personally and a small argument happened though it showed how passionate Kenlaw was about this. He was happy about that. Metabee listened to both their points and thought that both of them were correct,' No need to argue. The problem doesn't lie only with the Nobles but with all people. It is simply human nature. Why should you go out of your way for someone that you never met, don't feel anything for? Honestly, I can't blame them. All of us have enough problems in our lives to deal with. All of us are selfish to an extent in one way or another. However, it is true that those who do help do indeed have a great heart. Be it the poor, average or the Noble. It takes a lot to be able to give to someone in need when you yourself need it a lot. Such great deeds will surely be rewarded. If you seek gratitude then you are better off doing this than fighting. Those who fight at the front lines, how much gratitude do they actually get? Humans never see them, the don't even know they are in danger and when they come back to Seiretei they get a 'well done' and maybe some reward at best. When you are at war how much does honour actually mean? At war the key is surviving because even if you fight for a good future it beats the point if you won't be around to see it.' Kenlaw decided it would be best to change the topic and asked about his sword skills. It was a question that he was asked often these days. Metabee chuckled,'Yes, even better. The rumours are true. You should have seen the reactions of the people when I fought Yoshirou. It seems that I instantly got some fans because of it. I prefer the sword to Kido. You can use the sword in any situation and in many ways to create yourself and advantage while the Kido depends mainly on the situation so the sword is much more reliable.'
  4. Kyouraku Mansion

    Their interaction with Akoy being complete and no further interruptions they continued onwards with their destination finally being in sight. It was a massive building especially when compared to the rest of the buildings. It could even pose as a big extension of the manor itself! Metabee then gave his advice regarding the town to Yoshirou who listened carefully and gave his thought out response. The Captain responded,' I never said you have to sell the land. Renting would work too so you don't need to worry about that and just hope more people come.' The rest of the statement he agreed with and like the Noble said there will be a better time to discuss business. They arrived at the warehouse, which seemed even bigger up close, to see people working hard and carrying a large amount of supplies. They all seemed to know what to do, where to go and how fast it needs to be done so everything seemed well organised. There was seven large doors plus a smaller door which was probably the office as Yoshirou mentioned. Before they could go someone stopped them who would direct them. He bowed and both men returned the greeting before Yoshirou introduced them. Normally not many people knew of Metabee but it seems that soon everyone in the Kyoraku Clan will know of him. He didn't know if that was a good or bad thing. Being famous was hard after all. They were directed to door number three and informed that the convoy was almost ready so their timing was really good. Thanks to its size, there were many processes going on inside the warehouse and the lack of walls probably aided that by increasing efficiency. It was an amazing site as even this warehouse easily rivalled the size of the Kido Corps barracks. Yoshirou quickly located their convoy and let Joel go to attend to his other many duties. He said his farewell and Metabee nodded,' Likewise.' However, because they will be working in a team the introductions wouldn't end here, rather it was just the beginning. With so many new names and faces he was sure he would have trouble remembering them all. It was also something he needed a bit of time to get used to. There were many new people and each of them had a specific role that they did and it seemed like a great team so he was happy. Metabee greeted each of them politely and after meeting everyone it was time to set off. Their carriage had a total of 7 people including supplies so it was a bit cramped but he wouldn't complain. Actually, he was quite excited about this since it gave him a medieval feeling which was his favourite setting, aesthetically at least. The only thing that was missing was a wolf goddess that would sleep on the pelts and complain that she was hungry or bored once in a while when she woke up(don't worry if you don't ge the reference xD). Since their new destination was quite a ways from here it could not go without conversation. Kenlaw was the first to speak asking him if he had done something like this before. Metabee answered,' You could say so. I don't mind helping those who ask or those I see that are in trouble but we never went out like this to help districts. We never had so many supplies to begin with. Even before I became Captain I don't think we had something like this and no one really suggested it either so we just make sure that our own people have enough but we are not scared to help others.'
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened to Yoshirou's response about advertisement,'Pshh, kid friendly is boring! Besides there isn't many kids here to begin with so I don't think you should prioritise that though yes being gender friendly is important. Still, we should do something that will interest others. By day, a normal town where you can shop but by night a place where people can unwind. I'm sure there are some sort of cheap fun events we could plan, even something like a small concert or karaoke night once in a while.' As they were talking someone called out for the Noble so they stopped once again however it wasn't a stray maid who overheard their conversation but a man who lived the ways of the land. The man named Akoy showed great respect but Yoshirou was casual as usual. After a brief exchange, Yoshirou introduced Metabee which surprised the man but he quickly greeted him with the same respect which Metabee returned. Of course the Noble used this chance to tease him as well,'Haha, quite the contrary. Usually only the upper circle knows who I am but I don't mind. It is also an honour to meet your Akoy. Yes, I am in great hands though I won't be staying here full time but you might see me once in a while.' Once Yoshirou asked Akoy if he needed anything the man showed his enthusiasm and brought something for them. It seemed to be one of those fancy waterbottles they have in the World of the Living and as he shook it liquid moved about. They thanked him but the Noble asked the question that was on both their minds. Akoy then told his story with the same enthusiasm. It seemed to be special spring water that would essentially be the same as an energy drink. Metabee was never a fan of those since he didn't feel like they worked at all on him but to each their own. It was still a great discovery! Perhaps it was even Akoy's life achievement so he was really happy for him. The Captain took a sip of the drink and indeed it did taste like really good water but either way he wouldn't feel the effects from such a small sip, if at all. Since they had a place to be they couldn't stay too long and chat so they had to leave,'Good luck, young entrepreneur.' The Noble then made a comment saying that the world would be a better place if everyone was like Akoy to which he agreed,'Unfortunately, the world runs on greed and corruption so we need to search for people like him with a candle. Maybe someday. We can only hope.' With that, they have reached their destination and Yoshirou asked for recommendations. On the inside there was not much to improve anyway but he really liked this idea of the town,'How about this, if you want the town to grow you should encourage more people to start their own business. That way you can build a little community but you would need to make some rules too for it to work. Perhaps have an even split, like 50% Kyoraku owned and 50% normal folk who would pay minor taxes. I don't know, it's up to you. We should take it slowly to make sure it works out well since it would be a waste if something were to go wrong.'
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    Since Yoshirou didn't want any peanuts for the way they started to head towards the supply house. While they walked the Noble explained why exactly there was a change in the cargo size to which he nodded. Metabee was all too familiar with such events. He was lucky that he was old enough when he first arrived at Rukongai so he was able to put up a fight when needed but children and the elderly had no such hopes. Soon enough they reached the second half of the manor which was closed off by a gate but there were people beyond it. After they walked through it Yoshirou quickly explained the purpose of this area as they looked around. He was really amazed at what he saw as this was truly a first for any kind of squad of division. A place where everyone can gather and spend time together, joke around, do their shopping without any sort of hostility was a big step forward. The Noble asked him for his opinion and he smiled,'I like it. It's like a small town. We Shinigami need such an area to be together. There is too much meaningless competition between the squads. It's good to be competitive but some take it too far and squads don't talk much between themselves the way it is now. I wish we had such a thing in the middle of Seiretei where everyone could access it easily.' Metabee stoked his beard in thought for a moment,'If you want to get this place busier the only way would be to simply advertise it. However, because you are a Noble Clan not everyone might feel welcome and have mixed feelings. The solution is to have a mascot! Since Timmy is busy in the garden then we just have to think of something better and who would resist such beautiful maids with fluffy cat ears?' The Captain nudged him as he said it with a cheeky grin. The town was busy enough that no one paid much attention to their conversation as they were having their own so it was safe to say these forbidden words.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee entered the building he met with Yoshirou. It seemed their synchronisation was perfect as they arrived at the same time. The Captain nodded in greeting. The Noble now looked much less like a Noble and more like a normal Shinigami which made him wonder if he should have changed too. Metabee's outfit itself looked like it could belong to some nobility but he didn't wear such clothes to show off, it was simply his fashion style and not a means of status. However, that didn't mean the people that were worse off would understand that. Yoshirou then informed him that there is a change of plans and that the convoy will be double the size but that didn't really affect him in any way. Metabee shrugged,'Makes no difference to me. I'm ready unless you want to get some peanuts for the journey.' He then waited for the Noble to lead the way as their destination was in the part of the Kyoraku Mansion that he still hasn't seen yet.
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    With breakfast finished and the plan of action decided there was not much left for the two to do. Yoshirou joked at the usefulness of many pairs of arms which made Metabee laugh. It was nice to joke about such matters. Normal members wouldn't dare to joke about things like that and Sayuri rarely did too so some aspects only Yoshirou could understand and talk about. He really did feel like he has been laughing a lot since coming here. After he was done laughing there was still a large grin on the Captain's face,'Good one. Though I would say a more important factor is how much 'research' one has on hand.' He winked as he continued with the joke and a pretty bad pun. With everything explained and a meeting point estabilished the two men got up. As he suspected the convoy wasn't ready yet but that gave them a bit of preparation time. Metabee nodded and responded,'Alright, I'll see you there.' The Noble left the room while a maid came in to collect the various dishes and glasses. The Captain got out his map and studied it. He was actually at quite a loss about what to do. He already had a shower before coming here and had everything he needed on him but sitting and dawdling his thumbs would be a waste of time. The maid curiously looked at Meta so Olivia spoke up,'Is there a problem? Do you need anything?' His thought process was interrupted by the voice so he turned back to look at the source,'Ah, no I'm fine thanks. What about you? Do you need any help?' The maid smiled,'We'll manage. Thank you for asking.' The Captain nodded and then left the room while putting away the map. He made up his mind and decided to go for a walk around the vicinity. While he was walking he tried to talk with the passing members to get to know them a bit better and see if they have anything they needed help with. The chit chat was short and everyone got on with what they needed to do. Metabee eventually arrived at the training grounds and sat down on the ground before closing his eyes. He wanted to clear his mind before they went out. His head did hurt from the night before but thanks to the water and the food he had it was now much better so he hoped meditation would get rid of the remainder of the pain. After some time passed his mind was clear and the pain was gone so he opened his eyes,'It's time.' Yoshirou didn't exactly specify how much time they had nor did he have a watch on him but it just felt like it was time. If he was early then that was fine as long as he wasn't late. Metabee got up and headed to the meeting place to meet up with the Noble.
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

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  10. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou took his compliment of Zanjutsu Grandmaster but said that it was still not the promised time. When the conversation turned to Scarlett, Metabee said that he should be punished but the Noble retorted that its not a punishment if you enjoy it. The Captain raised his finger and then put it to his mouth in thought,'You've got a point...' Of course that statement was true and nothing could be said to disprove it which lead to defeat. Metabee's curiosity about the cat ears didn't get satisfied as Yoshirou whispered that such matters can not be discussed on the Clan grounds. He didn't really understand but what seemed to be a split second later the two maids came in curious about their conversation or if something was wrong with the food. The Noble got spooked and replied that they were just having a guy talk and that the food was excellent before giving him a look. The Captain followed up,'Yes, truly a feast of Kings!' He raised his glass which had some milk in it and even though it was not alcohol the gesture was all the same. As he was looking at the two maids they started rubbing their ears. Ooh, kitties came for a scratch! His imagination got the better of him and he imagined cat ears sticking out of the maids heads propping up at the sound of their conversation. The joy it would bring to scratch those fluffy ears to him and the maids. Shame it was only a fantasy. Scarlett caught him staring and blushed slightly before looking away not knowing what to look at in particular. To redirect the topic Yoshirou said that they were discussing who could spit further which the maids weren't too thrilled to hear. The Noble winked at him but all he could do was show disappointment on his face saying,'Bro, is that the best you can think of?' Though he couldn't blame him since both of them were bad with talking under pressure. He seemed to understand the problem more now so he let Yoshirour handle it so as not to dig themselves a bigger hole. Scarlett then said a phrase that Metabee hasn't heard for quite some time now but either way she seemed happy as she let out a giggle. The maids cleaned up the table from empty plates before leaving to the kitchen once again. The two men were left alone to finished the remains of their food and Yoshirou let out a sigh of relief as the topic changed to todays plans which he followed up with a joke. Metabee frowned jokingly,'Hey, just because I can make stuff doesn't mean I can give myself extra pairs of arms.' The Captain understood the reasoning behind it though and listened to the Noble's explanation. Everything was organised thoroughly but he had to admit it seemed like a lot of work for 15 people to cover the whole district but that didn't matter. Those people were counting on their help. Once the explanation finished, Yoshirou let him speak and he nodded,'Seems all good to me. Tell me my role and I'll do it. Maybe by the time we come back JDan will have respawned.' Both of them had finished with their food so he was ready to go anytime but first he assumed that they would have to prepare the supplies and wagons before they could head off.
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee choked on his own demise, Yoshirou curiously and suspiciously looked at him but it wasn't enough to stop him from eating. While he was explaining it was quite hard to see what the Noble was thinking as his expression didn't change much but once he was finished Yoshirou started with a sword joke. The Captain grinned mischieviously,'Well, surely by now she knows that I am a master of the sword so there is no reason to worry. However, sitting in front of me is a grandmaster of the sword, how worried is she about your skills I wonder?' Yoshirou apologised for the intrusion but Metabee shook his head,'Please don't apologise. She was just doing her job that she is so devoted to. The fault lies with me so if I must be punished only she has the right to do so.' He said as he winked at the Noble as the topic then changed to cat girls. Surely, if the maids were in the room they would have been scolded many times by now. Apparently once upon a time the research department had such a scientific goal in mind but it did not come to pass. Metabee was shocked by this. Who in their right mind would deny such a wonderful project? The Captain let out a sigh,'I see no problem with that so why did this not come to pass? With all the women swarming in you could have found a perfect wife with cat ears as a bonus! What else could you want? Perhaps my research department would be willing to continue this venture. For research purposes only I assure you.' It seemed their good humour would never end. They always find something to joke about, even the smallest things. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this? Perhaps the saying that you find true friends in times of need was indeed correct. They continued to eat their breakfast but alas the food would soon finish. Thus, the Noble asked if he had decided on the plan for the day to which he nodded. The decision was easy to make,'I'll come along with you and help out. Is anyone else coming with us?' Surely, the two of them wouldn't be able to carry all the supplies by themselves. Usually, the more the merrier but this time their destination was no laughing matter.
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee nodded to Yoshirou's answer to his comment. It was a given. They both still had a lot of good times ahead waiting for them. Both of them had high hopes for the future and hopefully they could achieve everything they want. After the Captain said that he couldn't take the seeds the Noble laughed and insisted that he accept them and that the Kyoraku could be depended on. He smiled,'If you insist then it seems I have no other choice but to accept it then. Thank you.' At first he felt a bit bad but if Yoshirou said it was fine then it was fine. He wouldn't be using this against him anyway. Once the breakfast has arrived both men didn't hesitate and started to dig in to their food. It would be such a waste to let it go cold after all. Yoshirou also agreed that the food was great and they continued to eat in silence. After having a few bites of everything, his stomach calmed down and rejoiced at the goodies it was receiving. He didn't want to eat too fast either because it would be a shame if it disappeared too quickly. Such moments have to be enjoyed at a slower pace. The Noble then reached out for some milk and also offered him some so Metabee nodded and thanked him. While he was drinking Yoshirou asked what he thought of the maids Scarlett and Olivia who were both who are always at the top of their job but Scarlett seemed to be a bit out of character. Olivia was the maid that asked them what they wanted to for breakfast which means that Scarlett was the other maid... Both of them were brunettes though Olivia had black hair while Scarlett had brown hair so it was impossible to confuse them. This made Metabee choke on the milk and started coughing. Mission compromised. Prepare for tactical retreat. The Captain punched his chest a few times to get rid of the cough,'Okay, I yield! I yield! It's because of me. In the morning when I was still sleeping a maid came to take the empty bottle and cups. So upon hearing footsteps, the half asleep and a bit drunk me had his instincts kick in and ended up pointing a sword at Scarlett. I totally scared her but we cleared up the misunderstanding and talked a bit while I was waiting for you. I gave her a small gift to make up for it and just because I felt like it. She seemed happy so I think all is good. Going back to the question... I think they are both great and very hard working. The only thing they are missing are cat ears.' They were his staff so of course he would notice any small changes but that was good as it showed close bonds. This time he peacefully drank his milk and continued to eat. It wasn't like he comitted a crime and it wasn't a big deal either so it could count as their small talk. He was curious as to what the Noble had to say about this though since it was quite a funny situation.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee watched as Yoshirou's face went from happiness to that of a dog which popped the balloon it was holding, quite a funny scene, but he quickly said that with age comes wisdom. The Captain nodded,'That is true, I'll let you have that. Don't worry you still have a lot of years ahead of you.' He comforted him not to make him feel bad and the two were smiling again. The conversation the moved onto the fruit that they were eating and sending his barracks a gift. Yoshirou said that he wouldn't mind but unfortunately it looked like it wasn't Timmy's time yet,'Hmm, well then I wouldn't want to steal a source of your income so just the fruits will be fine. We have a lot to do before we can grow anything anyway. We'll probably have to find our own suppliers too when that time comes.' Before his question of today's plans was answered their two saviors arrived with the food. The smell made both of their stomachs growl which may have been a bit embarassing but to the maids it must have seemed like they were two kids opening their Christmas presents. He thanked Scarlett as she put down the plate before him and she only smiled but it still seemed that she was quite tense. Metabee wondered if perhaps she was naturally shy or if it was because of him and if that was the case what he should do about it. Spend more time with her so she gets used to him or avoid her to prevent these kinds of situations? The Captain didn't want her to make mistakes and get into trouble because of him. The two maids bowed and then left returning their attention to the food before them. The Noble answered his question about today's plan saying that it wouldn't be nice to leave JDan out as they would be training partners when Metabee is not around. He smiled and nodded as they came to the same conclusions,'I feel the same.' Another option that was presented was to go with Yoshirou and deliver necessities to struggling Rukongai districts. It definitely made Metabee see Yoshi in a better light but before he answered a better decision was made to just simply dig in to the food before them, one he could happily go with. The Noble said that this would also be the last time they eat in private as he took his advice from the previous day. The Captain chuckled,'Should be fun. All my fans are going to be there!' It would certainly make a lot of members happy just to spend a short while with them. Hopefully, this was a step in the right direction. After all, he couldn't see any downsides to this. Since the decision had been made, he equipped himself with the knife and fork and started off with the scrambled egg and then moved on to the waffle before having a taste of the bacon. Each bite was a taste of heaven in his mouth. Sayuri's cooking was good too but this was like a Michelin star restaurant level. If he was asked who's cooking he preferred it would definitely be a hard choice and he hoped he wouldn't have to make such a choice. He ate the meal with a smile,'This was definitely worth the wait!'

    No one can soul bury you if your pvp is off
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee spoke, Yoshirou happily listened and then told him his side once he finished. For the first point the Noble said that he always slept like a baby which could be clearly seen from his good mood. Before he spoke the second point, he made sure to look around for certainty that they were alone and then mentioned something they could both relate to. Surely, if the maids were present they would scold him for saying something like that, even if he was the Head of the Clan. Metabee chuckled,'Well, one thing for sure I know is that you really are and old man so it might not be far from the truth.' He says teasing him a bit. Since Yoshi was almost twice as old as Meta, from his perspective the statement did hold some truth. The Noble then asked how did he like the fruits as he just finished eating a banana. The Captain nodded with a smile,'They are really good!' and was then asked if he would like a delivery to the barracks. He thought for a moment and agreed,'Sure, is the raccoon included in that offer? The fruits would be a nice surprise for everyone. Maybe we could have some seeds too? It would be a good start to when we get around to planting stuff. Thanks for the offer.' Yoshirou finished his fruit already and Metabee lagged behind a bit as he was talking but soon enough he was done too,'So, any plans for today?' He asked because his visit was a surprise so the Noble might have something planned and he didn't want to interrupt. The training could wait as long as they wanted and now that JDan was unable to move it wouldn't be nice to teach Yoshirou after he participated. Metabee didn't mind doing other stuff and could even help out with some of the chores if there was a need for it. If there there was someone that needed advising the Captain could also being his duties as Advisor but it was all up to Yoshirou.