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  1. The two quickly came to a decision that the victims should be buried as it was the least they could give them. Although, they couldn't be saved maybe now they were in a better place than Rukongai. It was the only positivity that he could think of in these conditions. Even though the decision was made it would not be implemented straight away. Yoshirou suggested that they do it tomorrow and Metabee nodded his head. It would definitely be better if they came when they were fully rested and it was bright unlike now. The two Shinigami would then start heading back to where the rest of their comrades were waiting for them in anticipation of some sort of news. While they wouldn't be able to give them any good news the least they could say is that the two of them made it back. Surely that was better than nothing. However, this event itself might have repercussions on their visit. While the Shinigami came to Rukongai claiming that they wanted to help, a powerless village was completely eradicated. Would some assume that it was part of their plan? Distract the bigger districts while an assault was carried out on the smaller villages? There could be many thinking those exact thoughts right now. He didn't know what would happen. They could only keep trying to gain their trust.
  2. It seemed that Yoshirou wouldn't be feeling down for too long as he quickly accepted Metabee's proposal. As the Noble's stomach let out a a whale's mating call the Captain patted his stomach,'Surely, the cooks have a feast ready for us once again.' He said so with a smile as he thought about what could the cooks have made for them. However, before they could leave Yoshirou wanted to clean this place up which he didn't have anything against but he thought of it as a bit pointless. Surely, no one would ever live in this place again after knowing that it was destroyed by an Arrancar and the people of the Rukongai simply didn't have the materials to rebuild. In the end, he left the Noble to it while he himself started healing his left arm which still had light burns on it. Yoshirou was much faster at cleaning up the place than anyone could be as his Zanpakuto simply devoured all the flames and destruction in sight. For a second he thought that the the village would be cleaned faster than he could heal but that was not the case as he had to wait a minute or two for Yoshirou to be done. Once that was finished the Noble then asked about what they should to with the bodies. Metabee thought for a second,'Burial would probably be the best option. With the state they are in I doubt some can be even recognised. Also, I don't think anyone will come here knowing that it was attacked so if we left them they would simply rot away.' He stated his opinion and waited on the Noble's. Burning them would probably much simpler and easier with many limbs scattered about but it didn't seem very respectful since their village was raised in flames.
  3. After the two Shinigami gave their answers, the demon stated his disappointment but that it was as he was expecting. It was like when asking a question to which you already knew the answer but somewhere deep inside you hoped for a different answer. However, they would not change their mind. Even though Sama'el was this strong he seemed very reliant on this person he spoke of. Was that person even stronger? He didn't even want to think about such an idea. Yoshirou asked who this person was but before the demon answered he summoned the red flames of Hell around him causing both of them to retreat. Between the flames of the destroyed village and the flames of Hell it was obvious which ones were hotter. Apart from their appearance, there was nothing more. No attack or other surprises. Instead, Sama'el answered the question that the Noble asked. This person was Baal the ruler of Hell which none of them heard of before nor did there seem to be any records of his previous appearance. The demon's final words were a threat to Soul Society and perhaps even the whole world but it didn't feel like it would happen any time soon. The Sinners of Hell rarely left so there was no notable movements in build up for this plan. Once Sama'el finished speaking, he disappeared in a flashy explosion of flames which left the two of them alone. Any remaining threat was gone and the tension in the air disappeared too. The Noble released his Bankai and fell to his knees more likely out of despair than fatigue since he kept absorbing energy. He punched the ground and cursed but Metabee was indifferent to it. The Captain sealed his Zanpakuto before sheathing it and then fixed up his clothing with spirit energy. He looked to Yoshirou who seemed to have lost all confidence,'Come on, let's go. I'm starving.' It was now night time and they hadn't eaten anything since the morning but a long journey back still awaited them before they could do so.
  4. After Metabee's first comment, Sama'el called him astute and asked what kind of person would show manners to a demon. Surely, only a madman would think of doing so, yet the Captain simply smiled as if saying 'Me'. The demon also said that letting them live much more fun which once again showed that he had no intention to kill them, at least for now. Sama'el then offered them both to join him which may have been his true aim but he likely knew their answers. He refused straight away while the Yoshirou simply grunted in refusal. Of course, the demon has lived for a very long time and so he knew that humans can be easily convinced if one tried hard enough. The demon continued trying to entice them with the gift of immortality, even if it would bring thousand years of suffering and torture with it. He also said that they could have everything they ever desired if they bowed their head to someone and that this was the only time the offer applied. Metabee started laughing like a madman at those words. There were many who would fear the entity before him. There were even more who would take the offer. But not him. In the face of Death himself, he stood tall and laughed as loud as he could in that voice. His resolve would not break. He already knew what he had to do. It had been decided on that very day. The Captain spoke,'Immortality?! Is that the best you've got?!' There was a wide grin on his face as his voice echoed throughout the now dead town. If falling into insanity meant that he would stay true to himself then he would gladly do it,'We Shinigami live long enough to be considered immortal as it is. I have no need for such a meaningless thing. One lifetime is enough for me! I am my own person and I bow to no one! Begone to the dephts of Hell, Demon!' His answer would not change now, nor in a hundred or a thousand years. His duty was to continue to watch over the world that she loved so much with all her being. He would not stray from the path of light, even with all the darkness inside him.
  5. Once he said his name the demon quickly made a comment that they were both too proud and arrogant to give away their names just like that. Metabee chuckled at this. While this of course made perfect sense since they were the ones in danger but this also made a contradiction with his previous statement. The Captain spoke,'You contradict yourself, Demon. First, you say we are rude but when we introduce ourselves culturally you berate us. Make up your mind!' Then Yoshirou and Sama'el had a small exchange. They have met before so they had things to talk about unlike Metabee who could only make sly remarks here and there. Once again it was like sticking his nose into somebody elses business. He could only stand by his friends side and support him. They talked about their past encounter and even though Yoshirou's actions could be applauded as remarkable achievements they were shot down by Sama'el as meaningless. The demon took a step closer and compared them to him which was far from the truth before asking them to join. Would he kill them if they refused? Would he destroy Seiretei? It was impossible to tell what was going on in his mind especially since he was the manipulating type. Either way, his mind would not change. Metabee spoke first,'I refuse. There is nothing for me on that side.' His home was here, in Seiretei, so he had no reason to go to Hell. Besides, she wasn't there so that would be the opposite of his goal.
  6. When Metabee arrived next to Yoshirou he said that his person was Sama'el. It did seem like it was very long ago that they talked about him. The Captain spoke,'So it's him. The demon without chains.' Even the two of them would not be enough to beat him. If he came to attack it would surely be a big struggle for Seiretei but for now it seemed like he wasn't in a rush to do so. The black figure simply took great joy in seeing Monk's struggle. Perhaps it was all because of him that this happened. Once the Gates of Hell were open there was no return. Monk wouldn't be able to escape and all present knew that. Yet he tried to struggle against it, just like he struggled all his life. Even though he hated them, Monk turned to the two Shinigami with the tiniest sliver of hope that they might save him from his impending doom. However, there was nothing they could do to help him. All that he was left with right until the end was despair as he cursed them while being dragged in but before seeing his demise the demon stepped in the way and a moment later they could hear a gruesome noise and Monk's voice had disappeared. Sama'el spoke once again saying that he was only here for the show though Metabee was still a bit doubtful if an army of demons wouldn't emerge from beyond the gates. However, it was also true that such a strong being didn't have a need for an army since he himself was a one man army worth a thousand demons or even more. Without any further surprises, the Gates of Hell closed and only three of them remained. Metabee wasn't as reckless as to charge so both of the Shinigami stood their ground and awaited the demon's next moves. Even though Monk was gone now Sama'el still hasn't left which the Noble commented on. The demon simply retorted and complimented them on their battle before focusing on Metabee and asked for his name. It was true that the Captain barely spoke during the battle so perhaps it was simple curiosity but did people with such power ever do things out of curiosity? Did he have some sort of plan and this was simply an ulterior motive to fit the pieces in? Metabee spoke,'You can't be late if you were never invited in the first place. My name is Metabee. Metabee Ainsworth.'
  7. Once Yoshirou released his Bankai, Monk's fate had been sealed pretty quickly. However, he didn't go without a fight. Until the very end he struggled in order to kill his target. It was quite admirable watching such drive but it was also true insanity as even when cut in half he did not give up. Metabee himself experienced what it was like to be cut in half by that Zanpakuto when their were sparring in the virtual reality simulation. It wasn't painful but the feeling of your organs being destroyed one by one was unpleasant nonetheless. It seemed that before Yoshirou would end the Arrancars life, they talked for a brief moment but the Captain was much too far to hear any of it. Even if the gravity returned to normal he had no need to get close to them. Then, in the next moment only two of them remained as Monk's whole body was devoured by the balls the Noble was using. Metabee let out a sigh of relief as the fight had come to an end. Seiretei had seen many invasions by now and another one was prevented in this very moment. Certainly, if either of them were alone the fight might have turned out completely different. The Captain removed his mask just a few seconds before it would run out to save himself a burst of exhaustion. His bones had fully recovered but some burns still remained though he could now heal that with Kido since the fight was over. However, he still didn't seal his Zanpakuto since he wanted to wait until the end just to make sure. After Monk's body disappeared, in its place his soul had appeared. It was not that of a Hollow anymore but that of a normal human being. Would what happen now? No one knew. It was then that Metabee felt a very dark presence, one that didn't come from Monk or one that he recognised. Although he didn't see any person appear a voice could be heard. Even though the Captain was this far away the voice was loud enough to hear as if it was said telepathically. The owner of the voice then appeared though it didn't seem to be a Shinigami or a Hollow or any other race. The person's appearance was also mysterious as the black robe didn't give any clues away. A large beam of energy then surrounded Monk's soul which caused Yoshirou to retreat and Metabee went to his side in case they would have to fight yet another battle. Though this one would be even harder as this person was far stronger than Monk was. Right before their eyes the Gates of Hell had opened and wanted to take Monk while the black figure watched on in delight. A few minutes ago Metabee told Monk of this possibility but the Arrancar didn't care about it as he was too blinded by his own hatred. Now that he was powerless how would he react? Perhaps now his fate would be worse than a simple death as he will have to endure torture for several hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.
  8. For a brief moment all three of them came to a stop in their locations and didn't move. Monk then started talking and his main focus was still Yoshirou. One might take it as the rambling of a madman but there surely was a reason for his madness. They didn't know if he was always like this or if he was becoming more unstable as the fight went on. Eventually, the Arrancar spoke to Metabee but the contents showed that he still didn't acknowledge him. To Monk Metabee was just another ant that had to be crushed. Even so if that were to happen would that really solve anything? The Captain spoke,'Even if you kill all Shinigami, what will that really change? It might bring you satisfaction but your own bretheren will still be hostile towards you and so will the other races like Quincies and Fullbringers, perhaps even the Sinners of Hell will be after you because of your deeds. So, even if the Shinigami are gone, will your life really change?' He didn't want to change his opponent's mind, it was far too late for that. He just wanted to know the answer to that because it was the most probable occurrence. The only solution would be to kill everyone and for Monk to be the last person standing, but then what would be left? Getting an answer or not the fight would continue as Monk would charge towards Yoshirou. Metabee launched some Kido to give the Noble an advantage and to his surprise the Arrancar screamed at him to stay out of this. He was getting desperate. In the beginning, he understimated them both but now after being stuck in combat with them for some time he finally understood that the two of them were in fact a threat to him. The Bakudo was partially successful as it at least binded one of his arm but the Hado was completely dodged. At this distance it was very easy to dodge long ranged attacks so if he wanted to contribute Metabee would have to get closer to them. He was about to run towards them but he felt the Noble increasing his Spiritual Pressure as he released his Bankai. It was the first time he had seen it so he was quite impressed. He was right not to come closer as a very wide area was now affected by a large increase in gravity as the environment was being crushed,'I see. I'll leave it to you.' Even if Metabee used his Bankai he would not be able to beat Yoshirou. There was just a too big advantage for him as even his strongest attack was energy based. It was not something that could ever be overcome since thats just how their Zanpakuto were,'What a troublesome opponent.' However, Monk relied more on his physical strength rather than energy attacks so the Captain could only watch how this would turn out. Meanwhile, his wounds kept healing as his bones were now healed up to half of his forearm and he could feel his strength coming back to his arm. Concerning the burns on his arms they were healed by about 25% and they probably wouldn't fully heal by the time his mask ran out. Hollow Mask(2 posts)
  9. Metabee's and Monk's clash continued as the Arrancar charged fearlessly at him despite the counter he made. It was something that he expected and the Captain decided to go through with this plan with that in mind. As their opponent got nearer he was met with Meta's blades with further damaged his Hierro. Any normal person would want to avoid being impaled but not Monk. No matter what got in his way he would continue until he achieves what he desires. Their fists met and an explosion ocurred. Metabee was happy that it paid off since Monk also took damage, particularly to his right hand but this did not lessen the Captain's pain. It could be seen as a somewhat equal exchange but it was clear that he was the one who took more damage. As Monk was sent flying down, the Arrancar was defenseless and got hit my Metabee's next attack. With all the damage that he was recently taking it would seem that Monk too was becoming more tired as the fight went on but his big stamina would still let him keep going for a long while. The best one out of all of them was Yoshirou who could devour energy to replenish his own. The Arrancar hit the ground which created a small crater and Yoshirou continued his attack. Surely, the battle was not over yet but it seemed like the final stages where beginning. Their opponent then avoided taking a nap and doged both of their attacks but the Noble did not let the energy go to waste as it was devoured once again. It was a shame he was taking it and Metabee got nothing back out of it but it was for the better. After Monk's dodge he was now closer to Metabee but it still seemed that he had no intention of engaging him unless it was the Captain who got in close. Their opponent dug his hand into the ground and ripped it up to send dust and rocks at him. The first time he got Metabee by suprise but where he could see it coming from suck a distance it would be no problem. The Captain made a rectangular barrier like a mirror to block the rocks. There was a lot of them but they broke upon contact with the barrier however because of Monk's strength even such a thing as rocks left many cracks in his barrier. With the dust reducing his visibility he prepared himself for Monk's charge at him but the Arrancar was long gone and was high up in the air holding his leg before dropping and hitting Yoshirou. The Noble was caught off guard by this attack and was hit causing him to fly a good distance away as if he was launched from a catapult. Now Monk was closer to Metabee than Yoshirou so what would he do? Would he finally come at him or charge at Yoshirou? It was hard to tell. The Noble was his real target while the Captain was seen as nothing more than a nuisance. The lesser burns on his body had healed and his arm had healed up to his wrist as Metabee made a fist which caused even more stinging pain. The burns on his left arm were healing much slower than they usually would. This was because his body was prioritising the regeneration of bone rather than skin tissue. You can fight with burns but not with a broken bone after all. However, Metabee would not be standing idly and let Monk have the first move. If the Arrancar was going to charge at him he would retaliate before he got close enough. The Captain swung his Zanpakuto, unleashing a strong wave of energy,'Hado#78 Zangerin.' Just a moment later as the Arrancar would have to deal with the attack, Metabee raised his left arm as a single long white square rod appeared in his hand and threw it at Monk which caused it to split into 100,'Bakudo#62 Hyapporankan.' Doing so caused him quite a lot of pain but it would not cause his bones to be damaged any further unlike letting the Arrancar get in close. This would also give some time for Yoshirou to close the distance if that were the case. If Monk charged at Yoshirou then Metabee would wait until he was closer to the Noble's range. When that would happen, the Captain would stab his Zanpakuto into the ground and raise his right hand,'Bakudo#63 Saju Sabaku.' As he closed his palm into a fist, a yellow rope would attempt to bind the Arrancar in place. The Captain would then follow up with a Jugeki Byakurai in an attempt to further pierce Monk's Hierro. As it was an enhanced version of a low level Kido, the energy required to use it was much less than that of a high level Kido but the damage it was capable of doing was no joke. Hollow Mask (3 posts)
  10. Thanks to his Bakudo, Yoshirou was able to unleash his techniques on the Arrancar and both were a success, even taking their opponent by surprise. With the Noble devouring any spare energy from their attacks this would make his techniques even stronger. The impact was big and surely even Monk should have been hurt by that one and if not then they really might be in trouble. Metabee chose this moment to attack and once there he saw the result the attack had on Monk. He took a lot of damage but that only seemed to be his Hierro. There was still no sign of blood. He really was a hard opponent. Not even Espada's of the highest rank had this hard Hierro. It almost made him invincible. However, the fight had to go on. With his next attack the Captain's Zanpakuto connected with Monk's left hand and to his surprise a wound appeared, along with blood. This would be the first blood that the Arrancar has shed. Clearly, Yoshirou's techniques greatly weakened his Hierro so no their attacks should have better results, or so he hoped. Metabee then backed away while attacking simultaneously but Monk chose to charge straight at him with energy charged in his hand, which was likely a Bala since it was smaller than a Cero. He could dodge it but that means that his opponent would fire it. The Captain had to think fast on what to do. In the end, he decided to take a risk. A big risk. Just before he landed, Metabee focused energy into his legs and landed with a stomp causing greatswords to emerge from the ground which would impale Monk in his stomach and chest if he were to go through with his attack. Metabee knew he wouldn't easily back down even if it meant taking damage. The Captain covered his body in a barrier and with his left arm punched for Monk's right arm that was charge with the Bala. Right before their first met, a blue ball of Seki appeared in front of Metabee's fist which he put in more energy into to make it more effective. His goal here was to create a 'controlled' explosion and redirect most of it at Monk. Of course, taking damage was inevitable but making the Arrancar take the brunt of the attack would make him most satisfied and it would help them. To his analysis, it seemed that Monk sacrificed a lot for his Hierro and that included his healing abilities. Therefore, the more they could damage him the faster the battle would be over. Their fists connected and the energy exploded. Metabee was pushed back several metres from the collision. The rock wounds he had previously received have been healed but now he had many new ones. Despite the barrier his body received quite a few burns as his shirt was now in tatters. Luckily, the mask protected his face from any damage but it too was a bit charred here and there. However, his left arm was the worst of all. It was fully burned from fingertips to shoulder and immense pain swept over him as he could feel that his bones were broken from his hand up to his elbow. His healing instantly kicked in but this time it really will take a good while to heal it. With his estimation, by the time his mask runs out his arm should be fixed, as long as it isn't further damaged. Monk also backed away after this exchange but something went weird because he just stood there lifelessly as if there was no one inside,'Did he malfunction?' After a moment the Arrancar made his movement as he reached for his hood and pulled down what remained of it and then removed his mask, revealing his true face. In honesty, not much of his face could be seen but without a doubt he had a human face just like them and yet there were such big differences between them. Both Metabee and Yoshirou knew tragedy in their lives but they didn't become like Monk. Why was that so? Were they stronger in the fact they they kept their sanity? That they were able to still have hope and show kindness? He didn't know. Once again, the Arrancar began charging energy in his hand but it felt much different. Metabee knew since he was familliar with Hollow techniques. Monk turned towards Yoshirou, who was in the air, and leaped towards him. However, Monk first launched a punch which the Noble tried to counter but it was a trap and the energy in his left hand was released. A Gran Rey Cero. At a point blank range, this attack was easily capable of killing someone but thankfully it was launched at Yoshirou who could devour all kinds of energy in just a single moment. Even Metabee was scared there for a moment. Just after the attack was released Metabee swung his Zanpakuto and released a big wave of purple energy which split into 10 smaller waves which all headed straight at Monk but obviously there wasn't enough space for all of them to hit but at elast they covered a big range if he was to move. The Arrancar was pushed back by his own attack which pushed him towards Metabee's attack. Since his focus was on Yoshirou, the Captain hoped he wouldn't have predicted this attack. Assuming that the Noble's attack hit, it seemed that he greatly increased the gravity in the air to send Monk crashing into the ground, something that Metabee experienced in their first spar, but this time they were high enough for him not to be affected. When Monk hit the ground the Captain wouldn't dawdle and put out his right hand as lightning gathered around it before being fired off as the Kido known as Raikoho. If Monk was not hit by the gravity change Metabee would still use the same Kido except that it would be aimed at the air and not the ground since the Arrancar's location would be different. For the time being Metabee preferred to be at a distance from Monk because he knew that their opponent would take advantage of his broken arm. This seemed to be a recurring pattern as the Captain went in, got injured and backed off, only to go and get injured again once he healed. However, this was to be expected as he was more of a close ranged fighter so wounds were something that was unavoidable. Hollow Mask (4 posts) Dark Storm- Metabee swings his sword to release a single big wave of energy which quickly splits into 10 smaller waves which prioritises range over damage but at his level even a single smaller wave can deal a decent amount of damage, especially if hit by a few of them. (Against a single opponent 3 or 4 will always miss)
  11. Metabee's Cero of that level would usually give his opponents at least some trouble but not Monk. The Arrancar simply cut through it and avoided any damage. Fortunately, this let the Captain get away but nonetheless he wasn't a fan of wasting energy. Meta's next actions played out to their favour as their opponent was now stuck in a high level Bakudo,'Not many can match him in terms of strength but the arrogance that comes from that may just become his downfall.' In order to escape from the Bakudo, Monk finally dropped his Zanpakuto while ripping apart the Kido bit by bit. Yoshirou took action by using Sho on the Zanpakuto and sending it towards him while Metabee used a Hainawa to make sure he got it. Without wasting a single movement the Zanpakuto arrived in his hand and in a single swing it changed form with a burst of energy. Yoshirou continued his offense and used two techniques, ones which he knew, and thought that if something would be able to break through such a hard Hierro then it was that kind of attack. In case Monk dodged both of them, the Captain waited for the aftermath of the impact. Furthermore, his current position was far enough from the damage of the attack. Metabee readied himself as a dust could flew up and in the next moment acted without any further delay. The Captain stabbed his Zanpakuto into the ground and spoke,'Thousand blade border,' as countless sword pierced through the earth one by one in a straight line heading for Monk's legs. Next, Metabee made a sword in his left hand and threw it towards the same location. By the time the line of swords would reach Monk, the dust cloud would be gone and the Arrancar would be met with this attack. Two seconds later, no matter the result of the first attack, Metabee would appear as the line of swords disappeared. The sword that he threw to warp dematerialised and the Captain launched a horizontal slash at the Arrancar stomach with his now increased strength thanks to his Hollow Mask. To finish off, Metabee did a backwards somersault and while he was in the middle of the flip in the air three greatswords appeared above his arms and were fired right at Monk. The weapons that he made were now much sturdier due to his Shikai and also he no longer needed physical contact to make them but they still had to be made close to him. The small burns on his hands have healed and so did quite a few of the rock wounds but there were still a few left. Although individually they were not big, it was the amount that made it take longer to heal. All of them were healing at the same time though some faster than others which also helped to prevent even more blood loss which was crucial. Even though his wounds and limbs could be healed, there was no way to get back lost blood. Hollow Mask (5 posts) Shikai: Thousand blade border- Metabee channels his energy into the ground itself by stabbing his Zanpakuto in it. This creates a row of energy swords in a particular direction. [passive]- Due to his Shikai, Metabee's range of creating weapons is extended to a small area surrounding him.
  12. The battle continued and it seemed that for a moment Yoshirou had the upper hand as he disarmed Monk by using his gravity ability. The Arrancar was once again left without a weapon and this might have been Metabee's chance to reclaim his Zanpakuto. However, this opportunity did not last long as within the next moment their opponent used his strength to pull out the Zanpakuto despite its current altered weight,'This guy's strength is too crazy! Unfortunately, he has the brains to use it too,' Metabee thought as he watched on. Even more than that, Monk being confronted with his own Zanpakuto decided to use his Resurreccion, getting himself rid of all his damage and protecting from the oncoming attack. The battle took a turn for the worse because of this. If he was that strong in his normal state what would his strength be like now? Seeing Yoshirou take damage, the Captain fired his arrow which hit the ground and created a massive explosion along with a massive cloud of dust. Metabee warped in as he wanted to use the low visibility to take his Zanpakuto as he needed it now more than ever. He was confronted by Monk who didn't have a single scratch on him which meant that he had dodged his attack completely. Metabee swung the sword with his right hand at the Arrancar to keep him busy while with his left hand he took out the purple sword from the ground. His opponent effortlessly redirected his attack and launched one of his own. Blocking such a strong attack was not an option so Metabee had to get out of there. The Captain Shunpoed behind Monk who left a scar in the earth where he had been just a moment ago. While this was happening Yoshirou, who had also released his Zanpakuto, attacked the Arrancar from a distance to give himself some time. However, as long as he wasn't right next to him Monk still chose to focus on Metabee since he was the closest. After his swing attack he did a flip and attacked with his foot. The Captain once again wanted to avoid it so he stepped back far enough not to be hit but as soon as the Arrancar's heel hit the ground countless rocks erupted and hit Metabee who quickly took a defensive stance to protect his face and as much of his organs as possible. The rocks didn't pierce straight through his body but they surely made their mark as countless blood stains started appearing on his white shirt and trousers. The swords which he had used to block some of the rocks were destroyed from the impact, leaving him disarmed. The impact felt almost as if he had been shot with a gun but due to their size they didn't reach deep enough to damage his organs. Luckily, the Arrancar didn't continue his onslaught and instead chose to boast about his power. Metabee had to close the gap in strength without releasing his Zanpakuto and fortunately he had one more annoying spirit inside of him. The Captain jumped back with all his strength and put his left hand over his face to summon his Hollow Mask in an eruption of energy. Metabee then made a ball of Cero in both his hands before fusing them together and firing as one. While the attack would fly towards Monk it would simultaneously push Meta back even further. By the time the attack hits the Noble should finally reach the Arrancar and continue to engage the him. Ever since putting on the mask his wounds had already begun healing though it would take a while to heal this many wounds. However, he still wanted to support his teammate so he wouldn't be just standing still. Metabee circled to the left and fired a Bala at the Arrancar but this was simply meant as a distraction. If Monk decided to take the hit without moving he would quickly follow this up with a Rikujokoro to bind the opponent in place and give Yoshirou an opportunity to strike. If Monk decided to to dodge the Bala then Metabee would aim for his knee with his index finger and fire a Jugeki Byakurai to attempt to at least cripple him. Hollow Mask (6 posts)
  13. As both Metabee and Yoshirou attacked, the Arrancar was stacked against 4 attacks at the same time. Even so, Monk had managed to overcome the odds against him and with such a simple movement as a duck he managed to block all 4 attacks using the Captain's Zanpakuto. Unfortunately, they were opponents but he couldn't help but be impressed by this. Hollow's usually relied solely on their body and Zanpakuto so compared to Shinigami who had so many tricks up their sleeve, it definitely was quite an experience. Monk then leaped up high into the air to leave them behind but he wouldn't run away. The Noble quickly ran for the Arrancar's Zanpakuto while the latter fired a Cero at Meta. He had to react fast so he stabbed his swords into the ground and put out his right hand to create a barrier. This was no simple barrier as it had seven layers to it, the last layer being the strongest. In his spars with Yoshirou, 5 layers proved to be barely enough so he had to adjust to a stronger opponent. The Cero came into contact with his barrier and made its way layer through layer but at the same time it was also weaking and with Monk gone towards Yoshirou, there was no one to give it more energy. When the Cero arrived at the last layer, Metabee once again took hold of his swords and braced for impact. The last layer broke and the Cero collided with his swords but at this point it was very weakened so after a few moments the energy dispersed, but not without leaving a few burns on both his hands. Even though his hands were important at least he wasn't severely bleeding so he would just have to tough it out for a while. Surely, this was a much better outcome than not using the barrier at all. The Captain turned to where the two were fighting to assess the situation. With the way things were going just charging in without a Zanpakuto would be quite reckless so at least for a moment longer he would stay back but not without helping. Metabee dematerialised his swords and also jumped high into the sky. This time he made a bow and 'arrow'. He put the arrow in its place and drew it back along with the bowstring before beginning to gather Hollow spirit energy at its tip. 10 seconds. That was the time it would take for the attack to reach its full power. Monk had his back towards him so he hoped he wouldn't notice him preparing. Metabee didn't really want to use such a powerful attack so early in the fight but if it helped them break through then that's all that mattered. The attack was ready as the arrow was pulsating with red energy and without further delay Metabee carefully followed the movements of the two and fired the arrow. Very soon after leaving the bow the arrow turned into a large bullet of Hollow energy, one that could almost be compared to a Gran Rey Cero or a very strong Cero capable of big destruction. With the arrow in flight there was nothing more he could do than await the result. Hopefully, Yoshirou had noticed this and would dodge. If not, Metabee would use a Hainawa to pull him away with all his might. However, if the Noble wanted to absorb some if its energy with his Shikai, he wouldn't act. If the Arrancar took a hit, Metabee would then once again create his swords and throw the dark one at the ground very close to Monk's location. Using his newly learned ability, the Captain would warp to the location of the sword and attack Monk with an Agitowari with the white sword in his right hand. In the even that his Zanpakuto was free he would reach out for it and grab it and if not he would simply pick up the dark sword behind him and await his opponent's next moves. If Monk had noticed Metabee in the air and began moving in a way that made him too hard to hit then Metabee would simply cancel the attack and the energy would disperse. It was an attack he could only use once per battle so he would rather not waste such a shot. Instead he would dematerialise the bow and arrow before using Shunpo to rejoin the fray. The Captain would appear behind the Arrancar with his white sword and use Ryodan. He would follow this up by creating the purple sword in his left hand and using Onibi, which would be a strong attack even if it did not make a whole in the target. Just because he didin't have his Zanpakuto didn't mean he couldn't use Zanjutsu techniques and these two were particularly lethal ones. barrier: arrow:
  14. As Yoshirou's kick was successful, Monk was kicked away some distance and the battle continued. Since both sides were very strong it wouldn't be wise to give them too much time due to the fact that any attack can be lethal. For their next attacks Metabee fired an Okasen and Yoshirou charged in with a strong attack but the Arrancar dodged both with a Sonido. It seemed they were starting to push him since he had to rely on his Sonido instead of taking the attack. The Captain ran towards them while their skirmish continued. Monk threw a punch at the Noble's elbow but he used his spiritual pressure to redirect it, though he couldn't completely avoid it and took a hit to the leg. Considering the strength of their opponent, it must have been some impact. Unfortunately, between him and Yoshirou, it was the Noble that had to be more careful. As long as Metabee's head and heart was still going he could regenerate broken or lost limbs if given enough time but blood loss would still be a problem. Although, Monk didn't ignore his attacks it did not change the fact that Yoshirou was his true target so making that kind of time should be possible. After the Noble got hit, Metabee made it at their location and dished out some of his own attacks. However, both of them were blocked and his thrust was caught in a firm grip. At first he struggle for his Zanpakuto but after seeing that the Arrancar reached out for his head Metabee decided to let it go and stepped back. Perhaps he could have used a Kido to escape the situation but the battle was only beginning and he didn't want to overuse Kido. His future techniques would drain a lot out of him so he had to conserve his energy until then. Yoshirou stepped in, or dashed in to be precise, and Monk launched an attack at his neck with the Captain's Zanpakuto but the Noble launched an attack that was also nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately for Metabee, he wasn't completely useless without his Zanpakuto. In fact, he could make countless weapons at the snap of his finger. In the blink of an eye a sword appeared in both of his hands. In his right hand was a white sword and in his left hand was a purple sword. A balance of light and dark, just like the conflict within him. Making a pair of swords was much more economic than constantly using Kido so he would finally have to show his ability. However, against Monk's Hierro they wouldn't be much help but he wouldn't know that. Instead, Metabee used more spirit energy on his swords to make them sturdier. Before Monk's and Yoshirou's exchange finished, the Captain stepped back in and with his right hand made a vertical slash at the Arrancar's right wrist which was holding his Zanpakuto. Ultimately, his goal was to get back his Zanpakuto as that was the core of his fighting style but the problem was creting the opportunity to do so. Since Monk dropped his own weapon he might decide to take a long hold of his. Metabee followed this up with a horizontal slash at Monk's chest level. The Noble knew the weakness behind his swords so the Captain hoped that he would also help out but either way he could handle himself for a few exchanges. swords:
  15. After Yoshirou asked him a question, once again Monk answered it. Metabee didn't know if it was because he was just that kind of person and though that it didn't matter if he told them since he wanted to kill them anyway or if it was simply to adjust himself to the new situation since he was caught by his surprise attack. The Arrancar gave them a small perspective of the life of a Hollow while showing his anger by swinging his Zanpakuto. The Captain thought that he wasn't entirely wrong. The world was not a nice place. There is no reason to spare your enemies as they might come back stronger and kill you. However, cruelly killing anyone that comes into your path was taking it too far. The people who had lived here had done nothing wrong to Hollows, they had never probably seen one in the first place, and yet they were killed as part of some sort of scheme of vengeance against the Shinigami. Seeing that the Arrancar was done with his speech, Metabee chose this time to attack. This was not a battle of words. Nothing they would say would change Monk's mind. There was only one solution to this. It was either him or them. The Arrancar plunged his fist into the Sokatsui causing it to split in two. Normally, people would avoid such an approach but thanks to his Hierro he had minimal damage. Monk then followed his movements and the Captain appeared behind him. Their blades clashed but thanks to his Kido Monk was taking some damage from the shock. Even if he couldn't match his strength there were several ways to dish out more damage, especially from someone who excelled in both Kido and Zanjutsu. To avoid any further damage, the Arrancar dropped his Zanpakuto and ducked to avoid his next attack but not completely. His attack partially connected with Monk's right hand which he then used to counterattack. Metabee sidestepped to the left to avoid it but at this range he also couldn't quite avoid it and his opponents hand tore through his white shirt and left a small cut in his side. Monk followed this up with a kick aiming for his crotch but Metabee used a Seki to counter it. He could try to dodge it but he would rather not risk it and preferred to play it safe. He didn't really like idea of losing his balls as he might still need them in the future. Even though both sides were willing to play dirty aiming for someones balls was just pure shameless! The Noble took their exchange as an opportunity and joined in, appearing behind the Arrancar and launching a roundhouse kick to create distance. If this was successful, before Yoshirou reached Monk Metabee put out his left hand,'Hado#32 Okasen.' He said the name to increase its firepower and even if it didn't do much the damage would add up eventually. Furthermore, the reason he used his hand instead of Zanpakuto was not to hit Yoshirou and give him an opportunity. Once Yoshirou would launch his next attack, the Captain would also get in close. The Noble attacked from a high angle so he would aim a bit lower. Putting both his hands on his Zanpakuto, Metabee would do another horizontal slash but this time he would aim it for his opponent's stomach. As Metabee was a bit to Monk's side he would then spin on his heel to reposition himself and let out a thrust. If Yoshirou's kick was not successful, Metabee would do a shoulder barge on the now standing Monk to get him into the Noble's next attack. Even if Monk's focus was turned to Yoshirou he would not stop attacking. His next action would be a diagonal slash, the opposite direction of last time, followed by a step backwards and a Sokatsui aimed directly at the Arrancar's head.