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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee choked on his own demise, Yoshirou curiously and suspiciously looked at him but it wasn't enough to stop him from eating. While he was explaining it was quite hard to see what the Noble was thinking as his expression didn't change much but once he was finished Yoshirou started with a sword joke. The Captain grinned mischieviously,'Well, surely by now she knows that I am a master of the sword so there is no reason to worry. However, sitting in front of me is a grandmaster of the sword, how worried is she about your skills I wonder?' Yoshirou apologised for the intrusion but Metabee shook his head,'Please don't apologise. She was just doing her job that she is so devoted to. The fault lies with me so if I must be punished only she has the right to do so.' He said as he winked at the Noble as the topic then changed to cat girls. Surely, if the maids were in the room they would have been scolded many times by now. Apparently once upon a time the research department had such a scientific goal in mind but it did not come to pass. Metabee was shocked by this. Who in their right mind would deny such a wonderful project? The Captain let out a sigh,'I see no problem with that so why did this not come to pass? With all the women swarming in you could have found a perfect wife with cat ears as a bonus! What else could you want? Perhaps my research department would be willing to continue this venture. For research purposes only I assure you.' It seemed their good humour would never end. They always find something to joke about, even the smallest things. Who would have thought that things would turn out like this? Perhaps the saying that you find true friends in times of need was indeed correct. They continued to eat their breakfast but alas the food would soon finish. Thus, the Noble asked if he had decided on the plan for the day to which he nodded. The decision was easy to make,'I'll come along with you and help out. Is anyone else coming with us?' Surely, the two of them wouldn't be able to carry all the supplies by themselves. Usually, the more the merrier but this time their destination was no laughing matter.
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee nodded to Yoshirou's answer to his comment. It was a given. They both still had a lot of good times ahead waiting for them. Both of them had high hopes for the future and hopefully they could achieve everything they want. After the Captain said that he couldn't take the seeds the Noble laughed and insisted that he accept them and that the Kyoraku could be depended on. He smiled,'If you insist then it seems I have no other choice but to accept it then. Thank you.' At first he felt a bit bad but if Yoshirou said it was fine then it was fine. He wouldn't be using this against him anyway. Once the breakfast has arrived both men didn't hesitate and started to dig in to their food. It would be such a waste to let it go cold after all. Yoshirou also agreed that the food was great and they continued to eat in silence. After having a few bites of everything, his stomach calmed down and rejoiced at the goodies it was receiving. He didn't want to eat too fast either because it would be a shame if it disappeared too quickly. Such moments have to be enjoyed at a slower pace. The Noble then reached out for some milk and also offered him some so Metabee nodded and thanked him. While he was drinking Yoshirou asked what he thought of the maids Scarlett and Olivia who were both who are always at the top of their job but Scarlett seemed to be a bit out of character. Olivia was the maid that asked them what they wanted to for breakfast which means that Scarlett was the other maid... Both of them were brunettes though Olivia had black hair while Scarlett had brown hair so it was impossible to confuse them. This made Metabee choke on the milk and started coughing. Mission compromised. Prepare for tactical retreat. The Captain punched his chest a few times to get rid of the cough,'Okay, I yield! I yield! It's because of me. In the morning when I was still sleeping a maid came to take the empty bottle and cups. So upon hearing footsteps, the half asleep and a bit drunk me had his instincts kick in and ended up pointing a sword at Scarlett. I totally scared her but we cleared up the misunderstanding and talked a bit while I was waiting for you. I gave her a small gift to make up for it and just because I felt like it. She seemed happy so I think all is good. Going back to the question... I think they are both great and very hard working. The only thing they are missing are cat ears.' They were his staff so of course he would notice any small changes but that was good as it showed close bonds. This time he peacefully drank his milk and continued to eat. It wasn't like he comitted a crime and it wasn't a big deal either so it could count as their small talk. He was curious as to what the Noble had to say about this though since it was quite a funny situation.
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee watched as Yoshirou's face went from happiness to that of a dog which popped the balloon it was holding, quite a funny scene, but he quickly said that with age comes wisdom. The Captain nodded,'That is true, I'll let you have that. Don't worry you still have a lot of years ahead of you.' He comforted him not to make him feel bad and the two were smiling again. The conversation the moved onto the fruit that they were eating and sending his barracks a gift. Yoshirou said that he wouldn't mind but unfortunately it looked like it wasn't Timmy's time yet,'Hmm, well then I wouldn't want to steal a source of your income so just the fruits will be fine. We have a lot to do before we can grow anything anyway. We'll probably have to find our own suppliers too when that time comes.' Before his question of today's plans was answered their two saviors arrived with the food. The smell made both of their stomachs growl which may have been a bit embarassing but to the maids it must have seemed like they were two kids opening their Christmas presents. He thanked Scarlett as she put down the plate before him and she only smiled but it still seemed that she was quite tense. Metabee wondered if perhaps she was naturally shy or if it was because of him and if that was the case what he should do about it. Spend more time with her so she gets used to him or avoid her to prevent these kinds of situations? The Captain didn't want her to make mistakes and get into trouble because of him. The two maids bowed and then left returning their attention to the food before them. The Noble answered his question about today's plan saying that it wouldn't be nice to leave JDan out as they would be training partners when Metabee is not around. He smiled and nodded as they came to the same conclusions,'I feel the same.' Another option that was presented was to go with Yoshirou and deliver necessities to struggling Rukongai districts. It definitely made Metabee see Yoshi in a better light but before he answered a better decision was made to just simply dig in to the food before them, one he could happily go with. The Noble said that this would also be the last time they eat in private as he took his advice from the previous day. The Captain chuckled,'Should be fun. All my fans are going to be there!' It would certainly make a lot of members happy just to spend a short while with them. Hopefully, this was a step in the right direction. After all, he couldn't see any downsides to this. Since the decision had been made, he equipped himself with the knife and fork and started off with the scrambled egg and then moved on to the waffle before having a taste of the bacon. Each bite was a taste of heaven in his mouth. Sayuri's cooking was good too but this was like a Michelin star restaurant level. If he was asked who's cooking he preferred it would definitely be a hard choice and he hoped he wouldn't have to make such a choice. He ate the meal with a smile,'This was definitely worth the wait!'

    No one can soul bury you if your pvp is off
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee spoke, Yoshirou happily listened and then told him his side once he finished. For the first point the Noble said that he always slept like a baby which could be clearly seen from his good mood. Before he spoke the second point, he made sure to look around for certainty that they were alone and then mentioned something they could both relate to. Surely, if the maids were present they would scold him for saying something like that, even if he was the Head of the Clan. Metabee chuckled,'Well, one thing for sure I know is that you really are and old man so it might not be far from the truth.' He says teasing him a bit. Since Yoshi was almost twice as old as Meta, from his perspective the statement did hold some truth. The Noble then asked how did he like the fruits as he just finished eating a banana. The Captain nodded with a smile,'They are really good!' and was then asked if he would like a delivery to the barracks. He thought for a moment and agreed,'Sure, is the raccoon included in that offer? The fruits would be a nice surprise for everyone. Maybe we could have some seeds too? It would be a good start to when we get around to planting stuff. Thanks for the offer.' Yoshirou finished his fruit already and Metabee lagged behind a bit as he was talking but soon enough he was done too,'So, any plans for today?' He asked because his visit was a surprise so the Noble might have something planned and he didn't want to interrupt. The training could wait as long as they wanted and now that JDan was unable to move it wouldn't be nice to teach Yoshirou after he participated. Metabee didn't mind doing other stuff and could even help out with some of the chores if there was a need for it. If there there was someone that needed advising the Captain could also being his duties as Advisor but it was all up to Yoshirou.
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee smiled as Yoshirou joined him at the table and listened to his status report and chuckled at the last bit,'It's only the beginning, my friend.' The Noble flexed his biceps to show his power and glory but alas his stomach had a different say on the matter. An empty stomach had to be filled. They both stated their choices and Olivia left on a quest to announce to the chef of the meals that would satisfy their hunger. As previously mentioned, they would be receiving a fruit tray which was carried by a familiar face. It was her job after all. She came in, set down the tray and left, all without saying a single word. At times, the maids here tended to do that so he decided to pay it no attention and instead listened to the Noble speak to him. It seemed that rumours spread quickly around here. JDan did indeed leave his room as if he had one hell of a rollercoaster ride but all Metabee could do was chuckle and scratch his head,'Well...there's two sides to that coin. He could still use some training in that particular field but at the same time there is no need to train that skill. We had fun but don't worry we left all the spicy gossip for when all three of us are together again.' The two couldn't help but make a bit of fun about their fallen brother. Fortunately, his sacrifice was not in vain as his and Metabee's bond strengthened. Now it was his turn to give his status report,'Honestly, I had a bit of a hard time falling asleep. Funnily enough, alcohol makes it harder for me to fall asleep but once I do I sleep like a log. The bed helped with that too so I had a good night's sleep...or maybe early morning's...' The Captain decided to omit the fact that he pointed his vile weapon at one of the maids. It was a bit embarrassing but also a bad habit of being a bit too cautious at times. Surely, the Noble would ask if he was curious enough since he knew best how his Clan members behaved so he would be able to tell something was up. Just like Yoshirou, Metabee reached out for the fruit and had a small amount of everything since they were all fruits he liked. Even if they were simple fruits, he could easily tell the difference in their sweetness and that of normal fruits you get from a store.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    Once Metabee was served, the maids asked him if he needed anything else but he polietely declined. He didn't like the idea of them jumping at his every whim and either way he decided to wait for Yoshirou. Furthermore, the more things they offered the more hungry he got. Satisfied with her duty one of the maids left but one of them stayed behind. For company perhaps? Sure, he didn't mind but since the events of the morning things between them were a bit awkward. Just the day before Metabee complained when he got swords pointed at his face but today he had done the very same thing and to an innocent person no less! It was like he was a hypocrite with no shame. She was the first to break the silence,'How do you do it?' He was confused by the question,'Hmm? Do what?' She started fidgeting a bit,'The thing with the swords! This morning and yesterday when you fought Lord Yoshirou. How do you do it?' Metabee chuckled,'Oh, that.' It really was an interesting ability to those who fought him and probably even more so that were normal people like her,'It's thanks to my Zanpakuto. I can mold spirit particles and energy to give them a physical shape. Of course, anything I make is a fake but it's made in a way that imitates how the real thing is meant to be.' The maid seemed amazed by it,'Wow! Can you only make swords?' She really was a curious person but he didn't mind that. It helped him to fit in more,'No, not only but swords is what I'm best at.' The Captain put his hands together and a dim purple glow escaped through the gaps. When he opened his hands there was an origami bird. The maid clapped excitedly at the magic trick before her,'Here. You can keep it.' She was surprised and blushed but decided to take it,'Thank you.' However, she then looked at the watch on her wrist,'I...um should go. I have work to do.' He nodded and the maid left him alone in the big room. Metabee smiled and took a sip of tea,'There's an idea. Maybe I'll become a magician someday!' A minute or so later the master of the house walked through the doors and greeted him as he sat opposite to him,'Morning. You haven't I thought I would be late actually. How are you holding up after yesterday?' JDan fought bravely but it looked like his battle wounds put him out of comission for a while. The maid that left first quickly came out and served Yoshirou a cup of tea. He thanked Olivia making her blush and then the big question of what was for breakfast came. Metabee listened while his stomach enjoyed every sound that was heard. The Noble let him choose first so he quickly made his decision,'I'll have Belgian waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon please.'
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee left his room and walked out to the corridor to greet the guards and headed off. He was far from an early bird, even in his own barracks, so with stride in his step he didn't want to be any more late than he thought he was. After some distance away from his room he reached into his pocket and got out the map. He studied it as he walked while also carefully paying attention to the path ahead as to not bump into anyone. Metabee was a big boy so he could handle himself and relied on the map to head towards the dining room. He remembered some of the way though so he didn't need to keep his eyes glued entirely on the map. They were probably waiting for him and he didn't want want to keep them waiting any longer. A hungover hunger was no joke. In quite normal time, he made it to the dining room doors and walked in but to his surprise he was the first one here, save the waiting maids. One of them was... very familiar. They gave each other an awkward look and Metabee scratched his head while she smiled,'I thought I was late.' The maids didn't think much of it,'You will be served no matter the time you come but no, Lord Yoshirou hasn't been here yet so you are in good time.' He nodded in understanding,'I see. That's good.' The maid signalled to a chair,'Please, have a seat.' Metabee did so and was then asked,'Would you like your breakfast?' The Captain shook his head,'No, it's fine. I'll wait for Yoshirou.' The maid nodded,'How about some tea while you wait?' This time he was the one to nod,'Might as well. Thank you.' Without further delay, he was served and took a sip. Surely, he wouldn't have to wait long. Yoshirou went to sleep way before them so he was probably on his feet and doing some sort of work or training.
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    As the night went on, the two quieted down and sat down just enjoying the scenery. It had been quite a while since Yoshirou went back so he was probably sleeping like a log by now. The bottle had been empty for quite a while and their glasses were also dry. Both of them were both tired and intoxicated so it seemed like a good time to end. JDan was the first to speak as he announced that he is unable to continue. Metabee nodded,'Of course. This isn't a competition and it's not like I'm holding you hostage.' He chuckled at his next statement,'It takes a lot of practice.' Unsteadily, the big man raised himself and managed to keep standing. The Captain also raised himself to see his friend off. He patted him on his shoulder,'Yea, it's been good. Good night.' He was then told to leave the bottle and the cups on the table and the maids would come pick it up,'Alright. Take care.' Metabee saw him off and was left alone in his room,'Well...someone isn't going on duty tomorrow.' He said so as a hiccup hit him. He then took towards his bed,'So far...' Metabee undressed himself and got in his bed. He twisted and turned but still after an hour there was no sign of falling asleep. The Captain got up and walked out to the balcony once again. He leaned on the railings and rested there as he looked forward, not looking at anything in particular, as a man appeared beside him,'Too drunk to sleep?' Metabee didn't look at him,'No, but I'm drunk enough to see a dragon.' He then let out a sigh,'I'm not used to the bed and the room.' It wasn't home. Silence followed until a mix of black and dark purple spiritual pressure started to leak out of Metabee's body giving off a nasty feeling,'It's leaking.' He was well aware of that fact but at this moment he couldn't control it,'At least it's not my bladder. Speaking of that...' Metabee looked down below the balcony,'Nah...' After a few moments the spiritual pressure subsided and he went back to bed. This time he managed to fall asleep and finally rest. In the early morning, Metabee was woken up by a noise in his room as if someone was moving about. His sleeping brain didn't have enough time to go through with the boot up sequence. Without thinking he raised his torso and with a swing of his arm he created a sword and pointed it at the inflitrator which turned out to be a maid who came for the bottle and the cups. She jumped in fear and squealed with a 'kyaa' which caused her to drop the cups and smash them. Processing what he just did he quickly dematerialised his sword,'Oh no. I'm sorry!' The maid raised her hands in apology,'Oh no no, it's my fault. I should have waited until you woke up. I must have scared you.' Metabee's body slumped back into the bed as he put his hand on his face. He didn't know if he was still drunk or just tired from not getting enough sleep,'Need help?' She shook her head and smiled,'No it's fine. You can sleep. You had a rough night by the looks of it.' The Captain chuckled,'I've had worse.' The maid giggled,'I see. I'll be back to clean this up. Can't have you step in it.' He nodded to this but by the time the maid returned he was already asleep again. When he woke up again a bit later, the mess was gone and his normal clothes had been washed and hanged on the wardrobe. On the table, instead of the alcohol there was now a glass of water. The maid must have brought it after she saw his state. Metabee looked to the time to see that he should really get up but the gravitational pull of the bed was too strong. In the end, he prevailed and got up. The first thing he did was down the glass of water and sorted himself out in the shower. Once he was done the Captain got dressed and got ready to leave,'Time to go.'
  10. Kyouraku Mansion

    After the glasses were filled, JDan replied that there was no other way to do it which made Metabee chuckle. The time for jokes then came and the Captain tried his best under pressure. When it came to joking around or telling stories under pressure then he was never good at it. In a fight, he was under pressure all the time with the strategy he would have to make and his next actions but in the end he always coped with it. That was the difference. In battle he may have been experienced but socially there was still a lot that he could learn. The first joke seemed to work out just fine as the Head of Security laughed and stated what all fathers secretly hoped for. It was always like that. When it came to sons it was always 'go for it' but they would never give their precious daughter away. Surely, Metabee himself would say such a thing one day. The second joke seemed to have a similar effect so it worked out just fine. Being done with telling jokes the Captain took a sip from his glass while JDan took initiative and wanted to tell jokes of his own. He nodded and was all ears. The first joke was about the difference between a baby and a airplane which was barely even finished due to laughter but it was obvious why. Metabee also let out a laugh,'Definitely haven't heard that one before.' The Head of Security followed up with a blonde joke that was also quite funny. Blonde jokes would definitely come useful in the near future when Metabee will joke about that ditz of his. He took another sip from his glass putting him at about halfway but the jokes have come to an end with JDan hoping that they weren't too vulgar,'Well, I certainly didn't expect those kind of jokes from you. What do you know? You learn something new everyday. They were pretty good I'll give you that.' Another thing that often came with alcohol was honesty, even if you didn't want it to happen. JDan told him about how he didn't think like him and stuff. It was pretty natural when you have a new member join your close family so he wasn't offended by it,'I get it. Rome wasn't built in a day. As for me I hoped that I wouldn't have to be among stuck up Nobles for the rest of my life but you guys turned out to be just fine. We both have impressed the other so it was a successful day. Thanks for being honest. That's the key in any relationship.' Metabee took another sip from his glass and waited to see where the conversation would go from here since JDan seemed to be way past his limit by now.
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee replied briefly to his comment about drinking water and went on his way. He was in good hands so there should be no problems either way. With the two left a decision had to be made for better or worse. JDan quickly thought about if to continue or call it a night but he wouldn't give in just yet and with a drunken hiccup they decided to continue. The Head of Security wasn't messing around and poured the remainder of the bottle into their glasses. He let out a chuckle,'Go big or go home, huh?' Metabee got given his glass back and was asked to tell a good joke or story perhaps even a spicy one.The Captain racked his brain as if trying to solve a complex mathematical formula. He tried thinking of a good story that actually happened but ever since joining the Gotei chances of having any wild fun dramatically decreased. Being a person that jokes a lot he decided to go with a joke or two. A smile crept up on his lips which followed by him taking a sip from his glass,'These are going to be pretty bad but that's what makes them fun. First one. A girl invites her boyfriend to have dinner with her parents. Everything is cool and the conversation is going well until the girl asks, 'Daddy, can you pass me some salt?' Both the father and the boyfriend reach out for the salt and just looked at each other.' He then continued,'Next one. A guy goes to the strip club and his mum texts him about his whereabouts. He answers truthfully and tells her he's at the strip club. Like a normal mother she's obviously a bit surprised by this and asks if he saw something he shouldn't have. He answers that besides all the naked women there was one thing. The mother asked,'Your father?' The son answered,'No, my sister.'' Metabee didn't know if JDan would find them funny but since both of them had a bit of alcohol the standards were a bit lower so he thought it would work.
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    Usually, when men got together to drink and hang out sooner or later they ended up talking about the same certain topics. One of those topics was precisely women which led them to talk about the certain topic which was marriage. After he made his statement about arranged marriage Yoshirou told him a bit more that it is slowly dying out which he was happy to hear,'That's good. No one should be told who to marry and when to marry.' JDan then said that Metabee was too free spirited for arranged marriage which made him laugh,'Exactly! If someone wants to try and force me to do something they will be in for a surprise. I'm very particular about the people that I choose to be and hang out with.' Once he said that he wants to wait until much later to marry the Noble was surprised and asked him more about it,'After I retire. That way I won't have anything to worry about and it will truly be peaceful.' The trio then had a toast and Metabee drank half his glass. It seemed that they were beginning to slow down in their drinking but there was no problem with that since they didn't want to get too drunk. Although, it was a bit late for trying not to be drunk. Eventually, Yoshirou had his last and began to wrap it up,'Out of the two sides that one's better.' He said so with a chuckle and listened to the Noble speaking and nodded,'Remember to get some water! See you.' With that Yoshirou left and since his room was just a floor above he shouldn't have any problems getting there. This left Metabee and JDan alone in the room. The Captain looked at his empty glass and then the bottle which still had some alcohol in it,'So what will it be? Continue or finish it up? Not like I'm meaning to kick you out or anything but you two have duties while I'm just a guest. I don't mind continuing either.' If JDan wanted to go then he didn't want to keep him out since he had a very important role in the Clan and needed to be at 100%.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened as Yoshirou responded to his joke about being the prime suspect saying that perhaps he should do something on purpose to make that happen. JDan quickly added that he would be in on it leading to the two laughing but the Captain let out a sigh,'With friends like these...' However, after he asked if the two were interested in someone the laughing stopped and the atmosphere got a bit serious. The first to speak was the Head of Security. He briefly told him his story but it was more than enough detail to give him a good image. JDan had only lost his chosen one quite recently so perhaps it was quite a touchy topic for him. Metabee now understood why JDan was the way he was. He couldn't protect his loved one so now he didn't want the same mistake to happen again. He didn't want there to be a single opening in their security and defense in order to protect all the people. It gave the Captain quite a good insight to how he worked but at the same time he regretted asking a bit. His own memories of his time in Rukongai came flooding back. That passionate red hair, those happy amber eyes, the warmth as she snuggled up to him and rested her head on his arm as they laid on a grassy hill and enjoying the sun,'It's been at least 60 years since then...' Time sure did fly by fast. Metabee didn't say anything in response to JDan and just like him he downed his glass. Bit by bit, he was starting to feel more and more drunk right now. Since he was an Adviser he had to have a good head and especially when it came to alcohol. Luckily, he could hold his alcohol quite well though perhaps it was thanks to many years of practice. Yoshirou pours everyone one more glass and answers the question Metabee asked. Unlike JDan, the Noble didn't have anyone in particular but at least now he would be able to make his own decision,'An arranged marriage... I would never have been able to imagine something like that for myself. It just wouldn't work for someone like me.' Yoshirou then continued saying that the next great trial for the three of them would be marriage which made him chuckle,'I don't know about you guys but for me marriage will be near the end of the line. I'm not in any particular rush and neither do I want it to be too early.' Metabee said so truthfully. He didn't see a reason to marry while they were still serving the Soul Society. The risks were too high just like what happened with JDan. If he was to marry it would definitely be after they settled down. Furthermore, if he was to marry too early and something would have happened he probably wouldn't ever re-marry someone. He only needed one person. The Noble then continued speaking though the topic now changed, for the better thankfully, as he asked them a question and announced a toast. It has been quite a while since they were able to relax like this so it really was nice. Metabee raised his glass,'To many more good moments.'
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    The night went on as the three friends continued to drink. It seemed that the stiffest of the three, JDan, was also beginning to loosen up as he joined in their fun. Yoshirou poured everyone their second round and approached the balcony. Metabee made a joke about the Noble jumping and downed his glass while the latter replied jokingly,'Hey, it's my first time visiting here. If something happens to you I'll be the prime suspect. Can't have that happening.' Even the Head of Security laughed at the joke so the mood was quite good but Yoshirou quiickly followed up with a serious statement saying that he will do anything for his Clan,'We believe you.' The Noble turned back to the two and poured another round of drinks. He could definitely feel the warmth in his body from the alcohol but he wasn't drunk yet. They were only on their third glass after all. JDan then said that another bottle should have been brought. It made sense since one bottle between three people could go quite fast but because all three had duties one was probably enough. This was followed up with a joke to get one of the Captain's fans to fetch a bottle. It was probably the first time he heard a joke from JDan so he let out a chuckle,'If we asked one person we would end up with hundreds of bottles.' Yoshirou continued by saying that he plans to pair him up with a Kyoraku beauty and that he'd be in quite some trouble if he were to end up the father. Metabee downed his glass and poured himself another as well as anyone else that wanted,'If that were to happen you guys wouldn't see me anymore. I would be dead.' He then put his arms around them,'So since we are on the topic... you guys got your eyes on someone?' They were in private and after a few drinks so talking would be much easier. Yoshirou mentioned that he would eventually want to settle down with someone but he had no idea about JDan. Of course, the secrets would be kept between them but that wouldn't stop Metabee from teasing them. Besides, as the Advisor he may have a bit of influence on how certain events play out... It could turn out to be a win win situation! Though he doubted something like that would occur. Each man wanted to take his own destiny using his own hands and not through the help of another. That's why he wanted to know mainly for teasing purposes. One can never run out of teases.
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee answered the question he was asked and JDan listened carefully. Once he was done there was a positive reponse and the Head of Security said that he too would like to call him friends someday. This made the Captain chuckle,'You will.' As he said so Yoshirou entered the room, his quest being successful, and approached them while asking if he didn't miss much. JDan gave a brief response since not much happened and the Noble answered while he poured everyone drinks. Yoshirou admitted that when he first came to the Kido Corps everything that he did was for himself. After he was done speaking Metabee downed his glass,'You had your reasons and I had mine. We both did it for ourselves. I didn't really want to entrust the rebuilding of my squad to a stranger who just appeared out of nowhere. However, we both had something the other wanted so it worked out pretty well. I'm glad it turned out like this.' The Noble then poured himself another and also Metabee since his was empty then he approached edge of the balcony,'Careful JDan, he might jump again.' He said so in a tease and also admired the night sky. Lately, he felt like the night was more appealing than the day but that was not due to change of his preferences but rather his spiritual pressure. As it was changing bit by bit so was he. He didn't really want to think about it so he forced himself to think about something else. He wondered if the members were watching the sky too. When you get to a certain point in life you start to notice some things. Metabee noticed that usually the normal members were too busy to look up into the sky, although this did not apply to all, and it was the strong like him and Yoshirou that usually did it. This was probably because the members were focused on getting stronger and having fun which took up most of their time while the strong have already achieved that and have a different focus. It was similar to maturing as you aged and one day no doubt they would do the same as them.