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  1. The battle continued and it seemed that for a moment Yoshirou had the upper hand as he disarmed Monk by using his gravity ability. The Arrancar was once again left without a weapon and this might have been Metabee's chance to reclaim his Zanpakuto. However, this opportunity did not last long as within the next moment their opponent used his strength to pull out the Zanpakuto despite its current altered weight,'This guy's strength is too crazy! Unfortunately, he has the brains to use it too,' Metabee thought as he watched on. Even more than that, Monk being confronted with his own Zanpakuto decided to use his Resurreccion, getting himself rid of all his damage and protecting from the oncoming attack. The battle took a turn for the worse because of this. If he was that strong in his normal state what would his strength be like now? Seeing Yoshirou take damage, the Captain fired his arrow which hit the ground and created a massive explosion along with a massive cloud of dust. Metabee warped in as he wanted to use the low visibility to take his Zanpakuto as he needed it now more than ever. He was confronted by Monk who didn't have a single scratch on him which meant that he had dodged his attack completely. Metabee swung the sword with his right hand at the Arrancar to keep him busy while with his left hand he took out the purple sword from the ground. His opponent effortlessly redirected his attack and launched one of his own. Blocking such a strong attack was not an option so Metabee had to get out of there. The Captain Shunpoed behind Monk who left a scar in the earth where he had been just a moment ago. While this was happening Yoshirou, who had also released his Zanpakuto, attacked the Arrancar from a distance to give himself some time. However, as long as he wasn't right next to him Monk still chose to focus on Metabee since he was the closest. After his swing attack he did a flip and attacked with his foot. The Captain once again wanted to avoid it so he stepped back far enough not to be hit but as soon as the Arrancar's heel hit the ground countless rocks erupted and hit Metabee who quickly took a defensive stance to protect his face and as much of his organs as possible. The rocks didn't pierce straight through his body but they surely made their mark as countless blood stains started appearing on his white shirt and trousers. The swords which he had used to block some of the rocks were destroyed from the impact, leaving him disarmed. The impact felt almost as if he had been shot with a gun but due to their size they didn't reach deep enough to damage his organs. Luckily, the Arrancar didn't continue his onslaught and instead chose to boast about his power. Metabee had to close the gap in strength without releasing his Zanpakuto and fortunately he had one more annoying spirit inside of him. The Captain jumped back with all his strength and put his left hand over his face to summon his Hollow Mask in an eruption of energy. Metabee then made a ball of Cero in both his hands before fusing them together and firing as one. While the attack would fly towards Monk it would simultaneously push Meta back even further. By the time the attack hits the Noble should finally reach the Arrancar and continue to engage the him. Ever since putting on the mask his wounds had already begun healing though it would take a while to heal this many wounds. However, he still wanted to support his teammate so he wouldn't be just standing still. Metabee circled to the left and fired a Bala at the Arrancar but this was simply meant as a distraction. If Monk decided to take the hit without moving he would quickly follow this up with a Rikujokoro to bind the opponent in place and give Yoshirou an opportunity to strike. If Monk decided to to dodge the Bala then Metabee would aim for his knee with his index finger and fire a Jugeki Byakurai to attempt to at least cripple him. Hollow Mask (6 posts)
  2. As both Metabee and Yoshirou attacked, the Arrancar was stacked against 4 attacks at the same time. Even so, Monk had managed to overcome the odds against him and with such a simple movement as a duck he managed to block all 4 attacks using the Captain's Zanpakuto. Unfortunately, they were opponents but he couldn't help but be impressed by this. Hollow's usually relied solely on their body and Zanpakuto so compared to Shinigami who had so many tricks up their sleeve, it definitely was quite an experience. Monk then leaped up high into the air to leave them behind but he wouldn't run away. The Noble quickly ran for the Arrancar's Zanpakuto while the latter fired a Cero at Meta. He had to react fast so he stabbed his swords into the ground and put out his right hand to create a barrier. This was no simple barrier as it had seven layers to it, the last layer being the strongest. In his spars with Yoshirou, 5 layers proved to be barely enough so he had to adjust to a stronger opponent. The Cero came into contact with his barrier and made its way layer through layer but at the same time it was also weaking and with Monk gone towards Yoshirou, there was no one to give it more energy. When the Cero arrived at the last layer, Metabee once again took hold of his swords and braced for impact. The last layer broke and the Cero collided with his swords but at this point it was very weakened so after a few moments the energy dispersed, but not without leaving a few burns on both his hands. Even though his hands were important at least he wasn't severely bleeding so he would just have to tough it out for a while. Surely, this was a much better outcome than not using the barrier at all. The Captain turned to where the two were fighting to assess the situation. With the way things were going just charging in without a Zanpakuto would be quite reckless so at least for a moment longer he would stay back but not without helping. Metabee dematerialised his swords and also jumped high into the sky. This time he made a bow and 'arrow'. He put the arrow in its place and drew it back along with the bowstring before beginning to gather Hollow spirit energy at its tip. 10 seconds. That was the time it would take for the attack to reach its full power. Monk had his back towards him so he hoped he wouldn't notice him preparing. Metabee didn't really want to use such a powerful attack so early in the fight but if it helped them break through then that's all that mattered. The attack was ready as the arrow was pulsating with red energy and without further delay Metabee carefully followed the movements of the two and fired the arrow. Very soon after leaving the bow the arrow turned into a large bullet of Hollow energy, one that could almost be compared to a Gran Rey Cero or a very strong Cero capable of big destruction. With the arrow in flight there was nothing more he could do than await the result. Hopefully, Yoshirou had noticed this and would dodge. If not, Metabee would use a Hainawa to pull him away with all his might. However, if the Noble wanted to absorb some if its energy with his Shikai, he wouldn't act. If the Arrancar took a hit, Metabee would then once again create his swords and throw the dark one at the ground very close to Monk's location. Using his newly learned ability, the Captain would warp to the location of the sword and attack Monk with an Agitowari with the white sword in his right hand. In the even that his Zanpakuto was free he would reach out for it and grab it and if not he would simply pick up the dark sword behind him and await his opponent's next moves. If Monk had noticed Metabee in the air and began moving in a way that made him too hard to hit then Metabee would simply cancel the attack and the energy would disperse. It was an attack he could only use once per battle so he would rather not waste such a shot. Instead he would dematerialise the bow and arrow before using Shunpo to rejoin the fray. The Captain would appear behind the Arrancar with his white sword and use Ryodan. He would follow this up by creating the purple sword in his left hand and using Onibi, which would be a strong attack even if it did not make a whole in the target. Just because he didin't have his Zanpakuto didn't mean he couldn't use Zanjutsu techniques and these two were particularly lethal ones. barrier: arrow:
  3. As Yoshirou's kick was successful, Monk was kicked away some distance and the battle continued. Since both sides were very strong it wouldn't be wise to give them too much time due to the fact that any attack can be lethal. For their next attacks Metabee fired an Okasen and Yoshirou charged in with a strong attack but the Arrancar dodged both with a Sonido. It seemed they were starting to push him since he had to rely on his Sonido instead of taking the attack. The Captain ran towards them while their skirmish continued. Monk threw a punch at the Noble's elbow but he used his spiritual pressure to redirect it, though he couldn't completely avoid it and took a hit to the leg. Considering the strength of their opponent, it must have been some impact. Unfortunately, between him and Yoshirou, it was the Noble that had to be more careful. As long as Metabee's head and heart was still going he could regenerate broken or lost limbs if given enough time but blood loss would still be a problem. Although, Monk didn't ignore his attacks it did not change the fact that Yoshirou was his true target so making that kind of time should be possible. After the Noble got hit, Metabee made it at their location and dished out some of his own attacks. However, both of them were blocked and his thrust was caught in a firm grip. At first he struggle for his Zanpakuto but after seeing that the Arrancar reached out for his head Metabee decided to let it go and stepped back. Perhaps he could have used a Kido to escape the situation but the battle was only beginning and he didn't want to overuse Kido. His future techniques would drain a lot out of him so he had to conserve his energy until then. Yoshirou stepped in, or dashed in to be precise, and Monk launched an attack at his neck with the Captain's Zanpakuto but the Noble launched an attack that was also nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately for Metabee, he wasn't completely useless without his Zanpakuto. In fact, he could make countless weapons at the snap of his finger. In the blink of an eye a sword appeared in both of his hands. In his right hand was a white sword and in his left hand was a purple sword. A balance of light and dark, just like the conflict within him. Making a pair of swords was much more economic than constantly using Kido so he would finally have to show his ability. However, against Monk's Hierro they wouldn't be much help but he wouldn't know that. Instead, Metabee used more spirit energy on his swords to make them sturdier. Before Monk's and Yoshirou's exchange finished, the Captain stepped back in and with his right hand made a vertical slash at the Arrancar's right wrist which was holding his Zanpakuto. Ultimately, his goal was to get back his Zanpakuto as that was the core of his fighting style but the problem was creting the opportunity to do so. Since Monk dropped his own weapon he might decide to take a long hold of his. Metabee followed this up with a horizontal slash at Monk's chest level. The Noble knew the weakness behind his swords so the Captain hoped that he would also help out but either way he could handle himself for a few exchanges. swords:
  4. After Yoshirou asked him a question, once again Monk answered it. Metabee didn't know if it was because he was just that kind of person and though that it didn't matter if he told them since he wanted to kill them anyway or if it was simply to adjust himself to the new situation since he was caught by his surprise attack. The Arrancar gave them a small perspective of the life of a Hollow while showing his anger by swinging his Zanpakuto. The Captain thought that he wasn't entirely wrong. The world was not a nice place. There is no reason to spare your enemies as they might come back stronger and kill you. However, cruelly killing anyone that comes into your path was taking it too far. The people who had lived here had done nothing wrong to Hollows, they had never probably seen one in the first place, and yet they were killed as part of some sort of scheme of vengeance against the Shinigami. Seeing that the Arrancar was done with his speech, Metabee chose this time to attack. This was not a battle of words. Nothing they would say would change Monk's mind. There was only one solution to this. It was either him or them. The Arrancar plunged his fist into the Sokatsui causing it to split in two. Normally, people would avoid such an approach but thanks to his Hierro he had minimal damage. Monk then followed his movements and the Captain appeared behind him. Their blades clashed but thanks to his Kido Monk was taking some damage from the shock. Even if he couldn't match his strength there were several ways to dish out more damage, especially from someone who excelled in both Kido and Zanjutsu. To avoid any further damage, the Arrancar dropped his Zanpakuto and ducked to avoid his next attack but not completely. His attack partially connected with Monk's right hand which he then used to counterattack. Metabee sidestepped to the left to avoid it but at this range he also couldn't quite avoid it and his opponents hand tore through his white shirt and left a small cut in his side. Monk followed this up with a kick aiming for his crotch but Metabee used a Seki to counter it. He could try to dodge it but he would rather not risk it and preferred to play it safe. He didn't really like idea of losing his balls as he might still need them in the future. Even though both sides were willing to play dirty aiming for someones balls was just pure shameless! The Noble took their exchange as an opportunity and joined in, appearing behind the Arrancar and launching a roundhouse kick to create distance. If this was successful, before Yoshirou reached Monk Metabee put out his left hand,'Hado#32 Okasen.' He said the name to increase its firepower and even if it didn't do much the damage would add up eventually. Furthermore, the reason he used his hand instead of Zanpakuto was not to hit Yoshirou and give him an opportunity. Once Yoshirou would launch his next attack, the Captain would also get in close. The Noble attacked from a high angle so he would aim a bit lower. Putting both his hands on his Zanpakuto, Metabee would do another horizontal slash but this time he would aim it for his opponent's stomach. As Metabee was a bit to Monk's side he would then spin on his heel to reposition himself and let out a thrust. If Yoshirou's kick was not successful, Metabee would do a shoulder barge on the now standing Monk to get him into the Noble's next attack. Even if Monk's focus was turned to Yoshirou he would not stop attacking. His next action would be a diagonal slash, the opposite direction of last time, followed by a step backwards and a Sokatsui aimed directly at the Arrancar's head.
  5. While the two were clashing, Metabee chose to act and went for a backstab. It was successful enough that it made contact and it seemed to cause his enemy some pain but there was no lethal wound. This Arrancar had one Hierro so if he wanted to do some damage he couldn't hold back one bit. Monk shifted his back to avoid any further damage while pushing back Yoshirou at the same time. The Noble was no pushover so it just proved his raw strength. The Captain would have to make sure to avoid his attacks because each one could prove to be fatal. After doing so, Monk leans in and tries to grab Yoshirou's hand but the latter uses a Seki to push back his opponent. Metabee then positioned himself next to Yoshirou before the fight continued. The Arrancar then stated that he would kill them both. Even though Metabee wasn't his target it didn't matter. He would kill anyone that gets in his way. Yoshirou briefly spoke but this wouldn't last long. With such raw strength and hard defense they couldn't drop their guard for even a moment. However, it would also be bad if they gave him the initiative. The Captain fired a Sokatsui at Monk and then charged in. Before he got into close combat range, Metabee used Shunpo to get behind the Arrancar once again and coated his Zanpakuto with Tsuzuri Raiden and then let out a horizontal slash from left to right followed by a diagonal slash from Monk's left shoulder to right side. If Metabee was to make weapons they wouldn't last long due to his opponent strength and defense so he wanted to avoid using them. He could still use them to get an advantage, even with their limited fighting power, but he also wanted to save that for later. That is why for this fight he would have to use Zanjutsu and Kido. If he was to use hand to hand combat he would probably take more damage than give so that wasn't optimal either.
  6. As Metabee waited for his chance he presumed he wouldn't have to wait long so he had to be ready at all times. Usually, these kinds of talks didn't last long. Metabee would also listen but quickly got distracted by buzzing. Since there were so many bodies flies had gathered and one took a particular liking to him. He tried to push it with his hand but it kept coming back,'Go away mate!' he said so in his head. The talking continued as the Arrancar mentioned Yoshirou's name. A fact that surprised them both. The Arrancar introduced himself as Monk. He didn't know if that was his actual name or if it was because he looked like one but those kinds of things didn't matter. Monk then said that in order to come here he had used a female Shinigami but she was already dead. It seemed that with every word he spoke he attempted to anger Yoshirou who Metabee hoped wouldn't fall for the bait. They couldn't understimate this opponent. After another despicable action, Monk got up to take a step towards the Noble and one more away from Meta, which made things harder for him. Metabee took a few steps to the right to get in a better position for his attack but it was Yoshirou that started the fight. He fired a Haien but the Arrancar threw a body at it to block it and then jumped at him with his Zanpakuto above his head. The Captain once again had to reposition himself in accordance to their actions. Yoshirou parried the attack but the impact itself showed how strong Monk really was. Before the next set of attacks would take place, Metabee decided that it's time to act. Whatever Yoshirou wanted to do as his next attack he wanted to provide him with an opportunity. With Monk's back to him, Metabee revealed himself and stabbed forward into Monk's upper back. Although, he could have stabbed for the heart the Captain wasn't confident he could hit it so even if it didn't hit his heart it might hit his lungs. As long as he did some kind of damage, he thought it would make for a good opportunity. Whether the attack was successful or not Metabee would then distance himself so as not to expose himself for the next attack Monk might make. From now on, Metabee and Yoshirou couldn't shout out the strategies and just had to trust each other.
  7. Both of the Shinigami arrived at the town but at this point not even Yoshirou could see him. The fate of this place has already been decided. Houses were burning and blood filled the paths. There was no soul left alive apart from them three. Such a dangerous being couldn't be let in any further. If he wasn't stopped the rest of the Rukongai would meet the same fate and even Seiretei wouldn't be able to avoid damage. They moved towards the centre of the town while dark spirit particles became much more abundant and the smell of death got worse the closer they got. Metabee had to move sneakily and be on his guard the whole time. Even if he was invisible and his spiritual pressure was masked, a small misstep would give him away. Especially, when their opponent was this strong and therefore their senses would be much sharper than the average Joe. Arriving in the centre, they saw the culprit of it all. Sitting there on a pile of bodies was a robed Arrancar who was wearing a mask. It didn't seem to be his real mask but a fake one. Perhaps after having to have a mask for such a long time he had been accustomed to wearing one and couldn't go without it anymore. Yoshirou drew his Zanpakuto and engaged the Arrancar but Metabee still had to get in position so he continued onwards. The Captain slowly circled around, while watching his footing and being careful to not make any noise. He was even crouching to reduce the amount of noise his footsteps would make. The talks began and Metabee was almost in position. They couldn't act too hastily and Yoshirou still had to get some information. With a few more steps he was finally behind the Arrancar. The process felt much longer than had actually passed but so far it seemed to be a success. Since the Arrancar was sitting on a pile of corpses he couldn't get close but he was still in range for a backstab with a quick dash. The Captain slowly and quietly drew his Zanpakuto as he waited for his opportunity.
  8. Metabee continued running alongside Yoshirou towards the source of the spiritual pressure. There was no doubt about it. It belonged to an Arrancar which meant it won't be an easy fight. The Noble suggested that it wouldn't be wise to just charge in and they should have a plan beforehand. He agreed on this as they didn't know the true strength of the enemy. The suggestion was to use Kyokko to hide while Yoshirou would interrogate,'Let's do it.' The Captain started turned around and started running to the direction they came and started suppressing his spiritual pressure before using Kyokko. This was because if he had already been sensed then the enemy would expect two but if one appeared it would be obvious that it was an ambush. Although it wasn't a very good one, he hoped this tactic might confuse the enemy and expect only one. Under the cover of Kyokko, Metabee used Shunpo to catch up and even go a bit ahead. His aim was to get behind the Arrancar while Yoshirou would be in front. This would set them up for a pincer attack that will hopefully be a surprise. If he was to be found he would defend and let Yoshirou take the charge from behind. First, they will have to estimate their opponent's strength before showing their own. Luckily, they had each other to co-operate with so they could use different strategies and adjust depending on the situation.
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    The Captain's teases seemed to work as Yoshirou became red especially after seeing the hairband. Metabee's head was full of schemes that could make the Mansion more fun but it wouldn't be fun if not everyone enjoyed it which made things harder and he would have to resort to small scale sechemes. Once he was done joking around the Noble actually accepted the offer which made him surprised,'I don't have to stop at one. Making one for each female member wouldn't be a problem. Well anyway, I'm sure you'll find a great wife.' Just saying Aiden's name made Yoshirou react. Hatred ran through both of them but the target was different. Metabee didn't quite agree with the statement but he wouldn't say anything. Aiden was someone that was trained in combat so he knew how to quickly kill someone. While bandits obviously knew various ways to also kill people they took more joy in it and liked to play with their victims. However, both Metabee and Yoshirou had a reason for their hatred and that was enough. As they were coming back they were talking about his Spirits but the Noble passed on the offer,'You're no fun. You don't know what you are missing out on!' A lot of time later, they returned to the centre of the district. It seemed that their work was almost done and it would soon be time to go. There was only a single queue remaining with only a few people in it. If they did manage to serve everyone then that was great. It would mean that they did everything that they could. Once again Kenlaw approached them and said that everything went well and that the chefs were almost packed up. After they were done the long journey back would await them in the same carriage. Everyone must be tired so it probably won't be such a lively atmosphere and since it was evening there was nothing in particular to look at. It was then that a nasty spiritual pressure could be felt causing fear in people but Metabee was unmoved. He was used to feeling evil spiritual pressure but it clearly meant that it was no normal person that was releasing it. The Noble commented that it was no mere bandit,'It's not a Shinigami either.' Since he was a Vizard he could tell the difference even at this distance. However, this still left many questions like why were they here and what did they want. Yoshirou then started shouting orders at Kenlaw to get packing and make sure everyone stays together to keep safe. Metabee let out a sigh and scratched his head,'What a bother.' He had hoped that they wouldn't get involved in anymore conflict this day and it seemed this would be no ordinary opponent either. They just might have to go all out but with the two of them it should be fine. He followed after the Noble as they headed towards this new threat. Left thread
  10. Kyouraku Mansion

    Their talk was going nicely and with the more emotional stuff out of the way, they were returning to being their normal selves. After his response, Yoshirou says that he was scared about marriage which made him laugh loudly,'Hoo boy. Not at all. It takes a lot of guts to ask a girl out, even more so to marry you.' The Captain put his arm around the Noble's head to tease him,'Luckily for you, you have many candidates you can practice with. Olivia? Scarlett? Jessica? Or maybe even Cathleen and Marie? Just not at the same time. You'll die.' A purple light appeared in his left hand as an item appeared. It was a hairband with cat ears attached to it,'And should you ask I can give this to you.' As if he needed to rely on some scientists. He will do it his own way! The hairband then disappeared and Metabee returned to his previous position. The Noble welcomed him for future trips and Metabee shrugged,'Even if I wasn't welcome I would still come. Just make sure I'm not in the vicinity of any bandits. Just like you can't forgive Aiden I won't ever forgive them.' Since it was time to leave, they said their goodbyes and began to leave. However, just a few steps later there was a big gust of wind and a massive leaf hit him right in the face causing him to turn back. Standing there was Elena. She warmly smiled and waved at him but with a single blink of the eye she was gone. Metabee smiled and they continued on. After they left the woods, it would only be a bit longer until they would reach the entrance of the district. Yoshirou sparked some conversation asking if his Zanpakuto Spirit was a lizard and if it would save him insurance. Metabee answered,'He's a massive black dragon so it's not wrong but he hates being called that. He does have a human form too though. I don't really understand the joke but he doesn't make deals. You can ask my Inner Hollow though. I'm sure that after you let him possess your body and a few violent threats later you would definitely get a discount.' Right on cue his Inner Hollow spoke,'Ooh, can I?' Metabee clicked his tongue,'No, you mong. Do you have sand instead of a brain? As if I would let you out.' His Inner Hollow complained,'See this is why no one likes you!' The Captain answered,'No one likes you either! But the difference is I'm free.' These two were such a handful but he will have to put up with them for many more years.
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    After Metabee answered his question, Yoshirou made a short comment that their love didn't need such traditions. The Captain nodded,'Yea, definitely. I'm not embarrased to take on her name or anything. I'm actually very proud to be able to do so. I'm in the records of Soul Society so I will be remembered either way but I just don't want her to be forgotten. Still, it would have been nice to hear that 'yes'. Being able to hear that magical 'yes' is one of the biggest moments of happiness for a man. You will come to know that some day.' After the second question, Yoshirou mentioned that he also had regrets and failures but the only thing they could do was try and improve. He wasn't wrong but it may never be enough. It was just the way the world was. No matter how hard one worked there was always something that would ruin all that effort in a matter of seconds. This would lead to disappointment and the cycle would start anew. This was one of the reasons he wanted to leave Soul Society and retire. That way he could live peacefully without having to worry if someone will die during a mission. He had experienced enough of death and pain for one lifetime. All he wanted now was to spend the rest of his time peacefully where he could have the same worries as normal humans. The Noble had no other comments on his third answer and accepted his favour of visiting Elena. Metabee smiled,'Thanks. I'll be coming on more of these trips so that I can visit her. I'll come to help too.' As he told him of his spiritual pressure it seemed that Yoshirou didn't know what to think but it was all hard to believe and he knew that. It was still true though. Once he was done it took his friend a while to think it over but in the end he accepted saying that if it does happen he will let him rest with Elena. Metabee smiled,'Thank you. I would like nothing more. But, like I said I'm not going to give in easily. I still want that house by the lake. Besides, I never listened to my Zanpakuto and I don't plan on it. That lizard gets on my nerves too much.' The Captain believed in stuff like destined meetings but when it came to individual destiny he only believed in it when it was beneficial and positive. That was because he knew that destiny could still be changed. Nothing was set in stone. He had overcome many bad situations and this would be one of them. As long as he still carried some hope within him he would not succumb to his darkness. There had to be ways to overcome it. For example if he was to lead a normal life he wouldn't have to use his spiritual pressure anymore. However, there were still things that he had to do. Metabee let out a sigh,'Well, lets go back shall we? I did everything that I needed to. For now I should be safe from lightning.' After saying so he turned to the grave and spoke,'You hear that? Don't try anything funny.' He then smiled,'I will be back.' As long as Yoshirou didn't protest they would start to get going.
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee was telling the story of his past, not once did he turn to face Yoshirou. Instead he would look at the scenery infront of him or he would occasionally glance at the grave as if to say,'Hey, remember this?' The reason he didn't face his friend was because he knew he wouldn't be able to hold back the tears if he did. He had to accept her death but even so he would never be able to let go of these emotions. If someone was to ask him what was the most important time of his life, Metabee would say the time he spent with Elena without a second of hesitation. She gave him a name. She made him who he is now. All that he has achieved now, he owed it all to her. Yet, that person was no longer able to stand beside him and celebrate those achievements with him. To this day that fact broke his heart. Any time he thought about her all these feelings surfaced. Once he finished the story for the first time he turned to face the Noble. He saw a tear run down his face,'Hey! Don't cry!' Tears also welled up in his eyes,'You're going to make... me cry too.' Metabee said as he turned away again and wiped his eyes. The Captain was a man that never cried, no matter how bad things got. The exception was this very thing. That's why he avoided thinking about it for long periods of time; because it would always end in tears. Metabee then showed a picture of him and Elena to Yoshirou and after he was done he looked at it himself. His index finger ran down her cheek. It was a warmth that he would never be able to feel again. The picture then dematerialised and his friend said that he was honoured to hear it,'I'm glad to be able to share it with you.' The Noble had more questions which he began to ask. The first one was why he didn't take up Ainsworth as his surname,'Well, usually the wife takes the surname of the husband not the other way around. Besides, we didn't get married. Though I'm sure if I got a chance to ask her she would say yes in a heartbeat....You know what...yea... let's go with that. Metabee Ainsworth.' Perhaps he should have done this 65 years ago but his mind was too broken to do so. Now he could proudly take on the name of Ainsworth. With their bond they didn't need something like a ceremony. He came to realise this now. They didn't need to prove their feelings to anyone else. They knew how deeply they cared for each other and they they would do anything to keep being together. Without a doubt Elena was the best wife he could ever ask for. Maybe someday if someone was to ask 'Who was Ainsworth?' people would laugh at them for not knowing. He didn't want her to be forgotten. Not even after he would be gone. The second question was how and what made him change. He actually had to think about this one. It wasn't easy to answer a question about change. Those around you would easily be able to perceive if something about you changed but you yourself often didn't think much about it. Metabee answered the question,'I didn't. A big chunk of me is still missing. It will never return. Though if you're asking me why I crack jokes like its nothing is because I have to. I had a lot of time to think in the Maggot's Nest. I knew Elena wouldn't want me to keep being depressed and stuff. I had to continue living for her sake. I had to enjoy new experiences like she would. I know that's how she wanted me to continue. It took me a very long time but... I came to appreciate the little things again. Nothing in particular made me change. I just didn't want her to look down on me and be sad. Her smile is the most precious to me after all. However, to this day I still feel regret. I promised to protect her yet I let her get killed. It's the same with Kido Corps. I'm not able to protect anyone. No matter how strong I get.' The third question was when he became a Vizard,'It was during my time at Maggot's Nest. I don't remember much from then to be honest... I think that I had the Hollow cells in me ever since I died but it wasn't enough to become a Vizard. My spiritual pressure is sensitive to negative emotions so back then it became particularly intense. That caused the Hollow cells to become active and multiply until my Inner Hollow was born. Though he didn't show any signs of existance until after I was released.' That was probably the end of questions so Metabee let out a sigh and made a slight smile,'Visit her once in a while, will you? I'm sure that would make her happy. She hated to be alone.' Since they were done talking about his past it was time to talk about his future. Metabee looked into Yoshirou's eyes. He knew what had to be done and he wouldn't cower away from it,'Listen, wielding darkness is no easy thing. My spiritual pressure has always been unstable though there are also times when it has been perfectly fine. The truth is that inside me, the source of my power, is actually the concentration of all negative emotions and all evil deeds and desires you can possibly think of. All evils of the world. The closer I become to my Zanpakuto the closer I become to 'that'. I don't blame him though. It's not his fault. He was actually kinda nice about it. When we first met he said something along the lines of,'The Lord of Darkness cannot be one that does not know suffering. Go, I give you your life but you must remember, your destiny is already decided. One day you will succumb to the darkness within you and destroy all that is precious to you. If you decide to give up before that day, say the word and I will hasten that destiny.'' On this hill of memories, infront of the grave of the one that was most precious to him, a promise between two men will be made. The Captain continued,'There will come a day when I will lose control of my spiritual pressure. When that day comes I will no longer be the person you know and there will be no going back. When that happens you must kill me so that no harm will come to anyone. Promise me. I don't want to become a person that Elena would hate. I don't know when that day will come. It can happen tomorrow or it might not happen for another 100 years. Maybe I will be able to retire and live the rest of my life peacefully. I don't know. For as long as I can I will hold it off. I still have to live more for her so I won't be giving in easily. In the event that it does happen, you know what to do.' Until the very end the woman named Elena Ainsworth would be everything that keeps him going. He had already died once and decided that he would give this life to her. Although he couldn't stop being himself, Metabee wanted to try to live the rest of his life like she would. Always cheerful and talkative. Always being so optimistic about everything. Always radiating with life and hope.
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    As Metabee said that staying in his bed would be better Yoshirou voiced his complaint. Surely if less people had come along the two of them would definitely be put to work but he wouldn't complain. There will be many more opportunities to help out in the future. When he invited Yoshirou to come along he accepted and they walked in silence. Although it didn't have to be that way maybe it was better. It let him gather his thoughts. While he was collecting flowers, the Noble decided to take one flower with him. Since he didn't know where he was going he didn't have to but it still made him happy. Soon they arrived at the hill and after Metabee was done Yoshirou placed his flower and after a few moments of silence he asked who Elena Ainsworth was. There was still many things he would like to tell her but decided there was no need to. She already knew. He knew the Noble would have many questions but that was why he brought him here. To tell him of his past...and future. Who was she? The question was simple yet the answer was complex. He would not answer this question, yet. Just saying who she was wouldn't do her justice of how much she meant to him. For the next two paragraphs:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-elgADLjmU Metabee began,'Do you know why I became a Shinigami, Yoshirou? It wasn't to protect the world. I never wanted to be a hero. I never cared for those that I did not meet. I became a Shinigami to protect one person. A single person was enough for me. I was 20 when I came to Rukongai. I didn't like it. My first thought was 'if this is what the afterlife is like then I would rather die again'. For the next two years I worked on surviving, just like the people you saw earlier. I went through countless betrayals and disappointments. It was rough and I didn't really see the point in it if it wouldn't get better. After two years, I was going down the main path one day and something red caught my attention. The colour really stood out. There was a girl there with bright red hair getting picked on by some thugs. I knew first hand that helping people was not worth it and would somehow bite me in the back but for some reason my body moved on its own and I stepped in. They kicked my ass and then left. I was there laying on the floor and her amber eyes gave me this hopeless look as if she wanted to say,'What am I going to do with this idiot?' though I'm sure she didn't think that. She brought me here and tended to my wounds. Despite the situation she was always cheerful and talkative. But by the end of the day we went our separate paths. I thought it would be one of those fleeting meetings but the next day when I came back to this spot she was here. The day after and after and after too. We began to talk more and get to know each other. Before I knew it we began to spend more time with her, not just here but in Rukongai too. We would look for food together and would give each other the things we needed but wanted to share. Since I didn't remember my name she got tired of calling me 'you' so she gave me a name. Metabee.' The Captain smiled,'Do you know what she said when I asked her why? She said,'Because when I met you, you were ferocious like a bee but quickly got swatted away. I met a bee.' I hated it. I thought it was a ridiculous name but I just went with it in the end. It was better than nothing. Time began to fly and we eventually got our own room but we would still come here daily. We were pretty much unseparable by that point. We also became friends with more people our age. People we could trust but more than them we were the closest with each other. I thought that things became better since I had her with me. I had so much compared to the start but still that wasn't enough for me. I wanted more so that we could have a better life. Both us of had spiritual pressure but she had absolutely no potential. Maybe that was for the better. In her whole time in Rukongai she never hurt anyone on purpose. Only in self defense. She was pure and innocent. She would always look for a way to get her food and clothes fairly. Totally not someone that should be in Rukongai. I promised to protect her and entered the Shinigami Academy. Because of that I couldn't come see her everyday anymore but I came as often as I could. I even sneaked out to see her sometimes. Well...often. She was so happy when I told her that I graduated. She literally jumped at my neck and hugged me and kissed me. Even if she could not do it herself she showed no jealousy. She was genuinely proud of me. Like I told you I was then assigned to Squad 8 and began going on missions. While she was still in Rukongai worried about me I was earning for the both of us. Well, more for her than for me. I had a room in the barracks and everything so I didn't need more. I just focused on providing her with anything she needed. Food, clothes and I even moved her to a better district so that she would be safer. Since I met her 15 years quickly went by.' For the next paragraph:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucjpk0Qr1pc It was a lot to say but he didn't need to think about it. It was all there in his memories, it just needed to be said. However, that was still not the end of the story. Metabee continued,'I knew her for 15 years so I thought it was time. From some time I had secretly began saving up for a ring. The day I bought it I rushed to our house in Rukongai but she wasn't there. I thought she went out so I came here but she wasn't here either. I searched for a day, for a week, two weeks, a month, a year, two years yet she didn't come back. I knew from the very first day that she had been killed but I refused to accept it. Eventually, I met with our mutual friend and he told me of the fact that some bandits killed her but their identies were unknown since there was simply so many bandits in Rukongai. Who knows what they did to her before they killed her. From then on it all went downhill. I began to drink and slowly stopped doing my duties. My purpose had been lost after all. Everything was taken away from me. I had no reason to continue. I ran away to the World of the Living and hid there for a while but they eventually found me and beat the crap out of me before dragging me back to Seiretei. I was put on trial by the Central 46 and they put me in the Maggot's Nest for 2 years as a lesson. They put me in a cell because even though I broke quite a few rules I still wasn't a bad enough criminal to hang out with the real bad guys. After I was released they didn't put me back in my old Squad but began to shift me around. To make sure I would be fulfilling my duties and stuff. They kept changing it beacause they didn't want people to become close and take it easy on me. I didn't really want to become close with anyone anyway. After a long time though they stopped caring and I stayed in my last Squad for quite some time. One day I just applied to the Kido Corps. I thought that since they were secretive and stuff things would be different and they wouldn't care. It was the first thing that I wanted to do in a very long time and here we are. It's been 82 years since I came to Rukongai.' Having said all that he still hasn't answered Yoshirou's question. Who was she? 'Her name was Elena Ainsworth.' Who was she? Metabee grasped at his chest,'She was my everything.' Many emotions showed on Metabee's face as he told of his past. Happiness, sorrow, guilt, regret. That was his past. Though their may have been some parts that he skipped, it was because they were unrelated to the woman named Elena Ainsworth. He made a picture in his hand and handed it to Yoshirou. It was that of a 24 year old Metabee and Elena laughing together,'The original faded and was destroyed a long time ago but I didn't want to lose such a precious thing so I recreated it from memory and added it to my arsenal.' The Captain chuckled,'You should feel lucky. No one else knows this apart from me and you. Not even Sayuri. Those involved in the story are long gone.' That was his past. Now he wanted to talk about his future but he knew it was a lot to take in so he would give Yoshirou a moment and answer any more questions he had.
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou fell for his joke but it also put a smile on his face. He must have been happy that Metabee would keep being his Adviser and that he managed to cheer him up a bit. They started heading back to the centre of the district since it was time for the handing out to begin. As they were walking, the Noble stated that he indeed was very happy to hear the news and the Captain chuckled,'Just don't regret it.' That philosphy wasn't always there. There was a time when Metabee had completely given up on everything and it took him a very long time but he finally found something he wanted to do and decided to follow it. As they were heading back they were far from being alone. Many of the citizens were heading in the same direction as them. He could proudly say that it was a big success but the rest would be left up to them. How they used their resources and how they would develop the district was solely up to them. They could keep heading down for destruction just as they currently are now or they could have improvement. Salvation would be an inappropriate word to use in these circumstances but surely their standard of living would improve. Yoshirou provided them with the means but the result was up to them to decide. The Noble then commented that he was unsure about his feelings when he saw these people walking towards the supply point,'Both. Do both.' While their fate was unpreventable and he was right to feel sad for them, he should also feel happy that he is able to help them. The sincerest gratitude would be given by those who have nothing after all. By the time they arrived at the centre the handing out had already began. There was a huge turnout but everything was organised an under control. The population of a Rukongai district could easily rival that of a few Gotei Squads so it was no easy task,'They must have been really busy while we were gone.' Kenlaw quickly approached them with a lot of enthusiasm. Metabee smiled since it was good to see them so happy to help,'You guys are no slack offs either,' he said as he patted him on the shoulder. He could see happiness in those that walked away with bags. For once in their lives they had something to look forward to. They finally had a slither of hope that things can get better. Yoshirou asked about the carriages and Kenlaw said they were close by, along with the rest of the staff that had come with them. However, when the Noble asked about their duties they were told that there was nothing for them to do. The Captain was a bit surprised by that but Kenlaw was already gone before they could protest,'We came all this way and we don't even get to help. Such a shame. Maybe I should have stayed in bed.' He said so with a sigh though he didn't really mean the last part. Since they had nothing to do it would be a waste to just stand around here for the whole day,'Well, no matter. There is somewhere that I must go to while we are in Rukongai. You are welcome to come along with me if you so wish. If you have stuff to do then that is also fine. If you do choose to come along then...well, perhaps some of your curiosity will be satiated.' Metabee went to inform Kenlaw that he will be gone for a while and he left with or without company. He walked through the streets of Rukongai in silence heading for the exit. He looked around a bit as he walked,'We were fortunate enough to not have to live in the worst districts. It wasn't sunshine and rainbows but at the very least it wasn't this bad.' If Yoshirou was with him and wanted to talk then he would but on his own he didn't have anything to talk about. The Captain would inform the Noble,'It's quite a ways from here but it wouldn't take us long to run back.' With their speed they would be able to come back in half the time in case of an emergency. Since they were in the last districts it didn't take them long to leave it. They entered an open field with a few trees here and there and a small forest some distance away but that was not their destination. The sun was high up in the clear blue sky and since there was little cover the grass was a bit burnt but it gave off a beautiful golden glow. How many times had they come here? Pretty much almost everyday until he entered the academy. Whenever they felt like it or had free time they would come here. Away from all the people, all the depression, all the hostility. This was their place of respite. Metabee no longer walked straight but from the occasional flower to flower. Since this was just a simple grassy field there weren't many flowers growing here but he took what he could find. It took him a while but soon enough he had enough to make a bouquet. It looked atrocious with the arrangement of flowers of different kinds and sizes but it was genuine and that's all that he wanted. He made a string and tied them all together before continuing onwards. Their destination was a small hill up ahead. That was the specific place that they always hanged out. When they reached the top of the hill, there was no person waiting for them but instead they were greeted by a single gravestone. It was all covered in dust and spiderwebs so for the moment it was unreadable. A gentle breeze went by and the golden grass rustled. Only if there were animals here then the gravestone would be overlooking a perfect scenery. Metabee set down the flowers to the side for one moment and squatted to clean the gravestone with his hands. It quickly became readable and said 'Elena Ainsworth'. The date of birth was missing but the date of death was that of 65 years ago. With the gravestone clean the Captain rubbed the top of it with his hand as if he was patting someone's head and a soft smile appeared on his face,'See, I didn't forget. Please don't hit me with lightning.' He put the flowers in their rightful place and stood up. It had been a long time since someone visited this place. Out of all the possible visitors it was very possible that he was the only one remaining.
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee was trying to give Yoshirou some good advice but it seemed he turned it into a joke. The Captain frowned,'You're paying.' Obviously, this event would not happen but since he was joking he thought he would return it. When they arrived it was time to inform everyone but he would let the Noble handle that for now who said to observe for the future,'Yea. Next time. When I'm in a better mood,' he said so with a slight grin. At first he honestly didn't mind tagging along to help but with how the events occurred he was starting to think it was a bad idea. If it was going to turn out like this then maybe it would be better for him to stay at the mansion and help out the maids. Yoshirou then began his speech but then realised it would be better for him to have the higher ground while Metabee stayed on the ground with hands in his pockets. He wasn't very enthusiastic but he atleast tried to look the part. He wanted this to go well. These districts would finally be getting some help and it wasn't a one time event either. The Noble continued by introducing them and the Captain bowed when his name was mentioned before returning to his previous stance. The speech went on saying that they have brought aid to anyone who needs it in order to put an end to a survival of the fittest world,'That's not something that will happen. Don't go saying stuff like that, moron. If you make a promise to them they will expect you to fulfil it and even more. If only there would be more people like you then everything would be so much better.' Yoshirou then presented the way which they would help the district which was the supply bags and the items within them. Metabee hasn't actually looked into the contents of the bags and only heard some of the items but he was once again impressed by the things that were taken out of the bag. It was definitely the right way to approach it. If you only gave these people food they would immediately eat it and nothing would remain. However, by teaching them how to make their own would help them in the long term. It was a really sustainable approach. The Noble said that they will start handing them out in 40 minutes and that the receiver has to bring someone to get one but that was not true. The crowd then dispersed to probably bring someone. Even though they would start handing out later their work began now so they had no more time to rest. Yoshirou came down from the wagon and said that's it for the speech and he nodded,'Doesn't seem to bad.' However, not everyone could fit in this pathway so they would have to go out and inform more people. They split up to cover more ground and Metabee approached various people,'We brought supply bags. Please come get yours at the centre of the district in 40 minutes. It will really help you.' He quickly lost count of how many times he said that line. It wasn't just people that were out but he also went to some 'homes' to spread the news. Even some children who looked like they were 10 approached him,'Mister, can I get a bag too? My mum is old and can't move much so she won't be able to come.' Metabee nodded,'Definitely. As long as we have enough everyone will receive one. Just make sure to be there first, okay?' They nodded happily and went back to their homes to probably relay the news given to them. Eventually, the Noble approached him to talk. He noticed that Meta wasn't acting like his usual self recently and felt like there was a problem but told him to keep his head up high and believed that he would overcome this problem,'It's a personal issue. One that I can't let go of. There is no solution either. I've lived here, remember? It's brought back some memories on a subject that I try to not think about.' The Noble's words were similar to his Zanpakuto's. They were both right though. He wouldn't let this get to him. Even though it still angered him a bit, it was something he had come to terms with a very long time ago. He had to in order to reach this place. The Captain let out a sigh,'You really are troublesome. Fine, I'll keep being your Adviser. No matter how biased my advice is.' Metabee then looked down and made a grimace,'I think you stepped in something...' There was nothing there though and his shoe was probably clean but he would use this distraction to speak,'Thanks.' The Noble then suggested that they head back to which he nodded,'Yea, lets go. Not much time left.'