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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    As the night went on, the two quieted down and sat down just enjoying the scenery. It had been quite a while since Yoshirou went back so he was probably sleeping like a log by now. The bottle had been empty for quite a while and their glasses were also dry. Both of them were both tired and intoxicated so it seemed like a good time to end. JDan was the first to speak as he announced that he is unable to continue. Metabee nodded,'Of course. This isn't a competition and it's not like I'm holding you hostage.' He chuckled at his next statement,'It takes a lot of practice.' Unsteadily, the big man raised himself and managed to keep standing. The Captain also raised himself to see his friend off. He patted him on his shoulder,'Yea, it's been good. Good night.' He was then told to leave the bottle and the cups on the table and the maids would come pick it up,'Alright. Take care.' Metabee saw him off and was left alone in his room,'Well...someone isn't going on duty tomorrow.' He said so as a hiccup hit him. He then took towards his bed,'So far...' Metabee undressed himself and got in his bed. He twisted and turned but still after an hour there was no sign of falling asleep. The Captain got up and walked out to the balcony once again. He leaned on the railings and rested there as he looked forward, not looking at anything in particular, as a man appeared beside him,'Too drunk to sleep?' Metabee didn't look at him,'No, but I'm drunk enough to see a dragon.' He then let out a sigh,'I'm not used to the bed and the room.' It wasn't home. Silence followed until a mix of black and dark purple spiritual pressure started to leak out of Metabee's body giving off a nasty feeling,'It's leaking.' He was well aware of that fact but at this moment he couldn't control it,'At least it's not my bladder. Speaking of that...' Metabee looked down below the balcony,'Nah...' After a few moments the spiritual pressure subsided and he went back to bed. This time he managed to fall asleep and finally rest. In the early morning, Metabee was woken up by a noise in his room as if someone was moving about. His sleeping brain didn't have enough time to go through with the boot up sequence. Without thinking he raised his torso and with a swing of his arm he created a sword and pointed it at the inflitrator which turned out to be a maid who came for the bottle and the cups. She jumped in fear and squealed with a 'kyaa' which caused her to drop the cups and smash them. Processing what he just did he quickly dematerialised his sword,'Oh no. I'm sorry!' The maid raised her hands in apology,'Oh no no, it's my fault. I should have waited until you woke up. I must have scared you.' Metabee's body slumped back into the bed as he put his hand on his face. He didn't know if he was still drunk or just tired from not getting enough sleep,'Need help?' She shook her head and smiled,'No it's fine. You can sleep. You had a rough night by the looks of it.' The Captain chuckled,'I've had worse.' The maid giggled,'I see. I'll be back to clean this up. Can't have you step in it.' He nodded to this but by the time the maid returned he was already asleep again. When he woke up again a bit later, the mess was gone and his normal clothes had been washed and hanged on the wardrobe. On the table, instead of the alcohol there was now a glass of water. The maid must have brought it after she saw his state. Metabee looked to the time to see that he should really get up but the gravitational pull of the bed was too strong. In the end, he prevailed and got up. The first thing he did was down the glass of water and sorted himself out in the shower. Once he was done the Captain got dressed and got ready to leave,'Time to go.'
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    After the glasses were filled, JDan replied that there was no other way to do it which made Metabee chuckle. The time for jokes then came and the Captain tried his best under pressure. When it came to joking around or telling stories under pressure then he was never good at it. In a fight, he was under pressure all the time with the strategy he would have to make and his next actions but in the end he always coped with it. That was the difference. In battle he may have been experienced but socially there was still a lot that he could learn. The first joke seemed to work out just fine as the Head of Security laughed and stated what all fathers secretly hoped for. It was always like that. When it came to sons it was always 'go for it' but they would never give their precious daughter away. Surely, Metabee himself would say such a thing one day. The second joke seemed to have a similar effect so it worked out just fine. Being done with telling jokes the Captain took a sip from his glass while JDan took initiative and wanted to tell jokes of his own. He nodded and was all ears. The first joke was about the difference between a baby and a airplane which was barely even finished due to laughter but it was obvious why. Metabee also let out a laugh,'Definitely haven't heard that one before.' The Head of Security followed up with a blonde joke that was also quite funny. Blonde jokes would definitely come useful in the near future when Metabee will joke about that ditz of his. He took another sip from his glass putting him at about halfway but the jokes have come to an end with JDan hoping that they weren't too vulgar,'Well, I certainly didn't expect those kind of jokes from you. What do you know? You learn something new everyday. They were pretty good I'll give you that.' Another thing that often came with alcohol was honesty, even if you didn't want it to happen. JDan told him about how he didn't think like him and stuff. It was pretty natural when you have a new member join your close family so he wasn't offended by it,'I get it. Rome wasn't built in a day. As for me I hoped that I wouldn't have to be among stuck up Nobles for the rest of my life but you guys turned out to be just fine. We both have impressed the other so it was a successful day. Thanks for being honest. That's the key in any relationship.' Metabee took another sip from his glass and waited to see where the conversation would go from here since JDan seemed to be way past his limit by now.
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee replied briefly to his comment about drinking water and went on his way. He was in good hands so there should be no problems either way. With the two left a decision had to be made for better or worse. JDan quickly thought about if to continue or call it a night but he wouldn't give in just yet and with a drunken hiccup they decided to continue. The Head of Security wasn't messing around and poured the remainder of the bottle into their glasses. He let out a chuckle,'Go big or go home, huh?' Metabee got given his glass back and was asked to tell a good joke or story perhaps even a spicy one.The Captain racked his brain as if trying to solve a complex mathematical formula. He tried thinking of a good story that actually happened but ever since joining the Gotei chances of having any wild fun dramatically decreased. Being a person that jokes a lot he decided to go with a joke or two. A smile crept up on his lips which followed by him taking a sip from his glass,'These are going to be pretty bad but that's what makes them fun. First one. A girl invites her boyfriend to have dinner with her parents. Everything is cool and the conversation is going well until the girl asks, 'Daddy, can you pass me some salt?' Both the father and the boyfriend reach out for the salt and just looked at each other.' He then continued,'Next one. A guy goes to the strip club and his mum texts him about his whereabouts. He answers truthfully and tells her he's at the strip club. Like a normal mother she's obviously a bit surprised by this and asks if he saw something he shouldn't have. He answers that besides all the naked women there was one thing. The mother asked,'Your father?' The son answered,'No, my sister.'' Metabee didn't know if JDan would find them funny but since both of them had a bit of alcohol the standards were a bit lower so he thought it would work.
  4. Kyouraku Mansion

    Usually, when men got together to drink and hang out sooner or later they ended up talking about the same certain topics. One of those topics was precisely women which led them to talk about the certain topic which was marriage. After he made his statement about arranged marriage Yoshirou told him a bit more that it is slowly dying out which he was happy to hear,'That's good. No one should be told who to marry and when to marry.' JDan then said that Metabee was too free spirited for arranged marriage which made him laugh,'Exactly! If someone wants to try and force me to do something they will be in for a surprise. I'm very particular about the people that I choose to be and hang out with.' Once he said that he wants to wait until much later to marry the Noble was surprised and asked him more about it,'After I retire. That way I won't have anything to worry about and it will truly be peaceful.' The trio then had a toast and Metabee drank half his glass. It seemed that they were beginning to slow down in their drinking but there was no problem with that since they didn't want to get too drunk. Although, it was a bit late for trying not to be drunk. Eventually, Yoshirou had his last and began to wrap it up,'Out of the two sides that one's better.' He said so with a chuckle and listened to the Noble speaking and nodded,'Remember to get some water! See you.' With that Yoshirou left and since his room was just a floor above he shouldn't have any problems getting there. This left Metabee and JDan alone in the room. The Captain looked at his empty glass and then the bottle which still had some alcohol in it,'So what will it be? Continue or finish it up? Not like I'm meaning to kick you out or anything but you two have duties while I'm just a guest. I don't mind continuing either.' If JDan wanted to go then he didn't want to keep him out since he had a very important role in the Clan and needed to be at 100%.
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened as Yoshirou responded to his joke about being the prime suspect saying that perhaps he should do something on purpose to make that happen. JDan quickly added that he would be in on it leading to the two laughing but the Captain let out a sigh,'With friends like these...' However, after he asked if the two were interested in someone the laughing stopped and the atmosphere got a bit serious. The first to speak was the Head of Security. He briefly told him his story but it was more than enough detail to give him a good image. JDan had only lost his chosen one quite recently so perhaps it was quite a touchy topic for him. Metabee now understood why JDan was the way he was. He couldn't protect his loved one so now he didn't want the same mistake to happen again. He didn't want there to be a single opening in their security and defense in order to protect all the people. It gave the Captain quite a good insight to how he worked but at the same time he regretted asking a bit. His own memories of his time in Rukongai came flooding back. That passionate red hair, those happy amber eyes, the warmth as she snuggled up to him and rested her head on his arm as they laid on a grassy hill and enjoying the sun,'It's been at least 60 years since then...' Time sure did fly by fast. Metabee didn't say anything in response to JDan and just like him he downed his glass. Bit by bit, he was starting to feel more and more drunk right now. Since he was an Adviser he had to have a good head and especially when it came to alcohol. Luckily, he could hold his alcohol quite well though perhaps it was thanks to many years of practice. Yoshirou pours everyone one more glass and answers the question Metabee asked. Unlike JDan, the Noble didn't have anyone in particular but at least now he would be able to make his own decision,'An arranged marriage... I would never have been able to imagine something like that for myself. It just wouldn't work for someone like me.' Yoshirou then continued saying that the next great trial for the three of them would be marriage which made him chuckle,'I don't know about you guys but for me marriage will be near the end of the line. I'm not in any particular rush and neither do I want it to be too early.' Metabee said so truthfully. He didn't see a reason to marry while they were still serving the Soul Society. The risks were too high just like what happened with JDan. If he was to marry it would definitely be after they settled down. Furthermore, if he was to marry too early and something would have happened he probably wouldn't ever re-marry someone. He only needed one person. The Noble then continued speaking though the topic now changed, for the better thankfully, as he asked them a question and announced a toast. It has been quite a while since they were able to relax like this so it really was nice. Metabee raised his glass,'To many more good moments.'
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    The night went on as the three friends continued to drink. It seemed that the stiffest of the three, JDan, was also beginning to loosen up as he joined in their fun. Yoshirou poured everyone their second round and approached the balcony. Metabee made a joke about the Noble jumping and downed his glass while the latter replied jokingly,'Hey, it's my first time visiting here. If something happens to you I'll be the prime suspect. Can't have that happening.' Even the Head of Security laughed at the joke so the mood was quite good but Yoshirou quiickly followed up with a serious statement saying that he will do anything for his Clan,'We believe you.' The Noble turned back to the two and poured another round of drinks. He could definitely feel the warmth in his body from the alcohol but he wasn't drunk yet. They were only on their third glass after all. JDan then said that another bottle should have been brought. It made sense since one bottle between three people could go quite fast but because all three had duties one was probably enough. This was followed up with a joke to get one of the Captain's fans to fetch a bottle. It was probably the first time he heard a joke from JDan so he let out a chuckle,'If we asked one person we would end up with hundreds of bottles.' Yoshirou continued by saying that he plans to pair him up with a Kyoraku beauty and that he'd be in quite some trouble if he were to end up the father. Metabee downed his glass and poured himself another as well as anyone else that wanted,'If that were to happen you guys wouldn't see me anymore. I would be dead.' He then put his arms around them,'So since we are on the topic... you guys got your eyes on someone?' They were in private and after a few drinks so talking would be much easier. Yoshirou mentioned that he would eventually want to settle down with someone but he had no idea about JDan. Of course, the secrets would be kept between them but that wouldn't stop Metabee from teasing them. Besides, as the Advisor he may have a bit of influence on how certain events play out... It could turn out to be a win win situation! Though he doubted something like that would occur. Each man wanted to take his own destiny using his own hands and not through the help of another. That's why he wanted to know mainly for teasing purposes. One can never run out of teases.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee answered the question he was asked and JDan listened carefully. Once he was done there was a positive reponse and the Head of Security said that he too would like to call him friends someday. This made the Captain chuckle,'You will.' As he said so Yoshirou entered the room, his quest being successful, and approached them while asking if he didn't miss much. JDan gave a brief response since not much happened and the Noble answered while he poured everyone drinks. Yoshirou admitted that when he first came to the Kido Corps everything that he did was for himself. After he was done speaking Metabee downed his glass,'You had your reasons and I had mine. We both did it for ourselves. I didn't really want to entrust the rebuilding of my squad to a stranger who just appeared out of nowhere. However, we both had something the other wanted so it worked out pretty well. I'm glad it turned out like this.' The Noble then poured himself another and also Metabee since his was empty then he approached edge of the balcony,'Careful JDan, he might jump again.' He said so in a tease and also admired the night sky. Lately, he felt like the night was more appealing than the day but that was not due to change of his preferences but rather his spiritual pressure. As it was changing bit by bit so was he. He didn't really want to think about it so he forced himself to think about something else. He wondered if the members were watching the sky too. When you get to a certain point in life you start to notice some things. Metabee noticed that usually the normal members were too busy to look up into the sky, although this did not apply to all, and it was the strong like him and Yoshirou that usually did it. This was probably because the members were focused on getting stronger and having fun which took up most of their time while the strong have already achieved that and have a different focus. It was similar to maturing as you aged and one day no doubt they would do the same as them.
  8. Kyouraku Mansion

    After he answered JDan's question they continued walking and the Head of Security then started speaking based on his response. He was told of Yoshirou's new approach that he was slowly implementing into the clan. He had to say there was something about it that called out to him. It made sense but nothing was ever that simple. Forgiveness could be one of the hardest things to do or give. The more serious the problem the harder it was. Nothing was ever black and white as it would seem. JDan then continued by talking about the grounds and the members,'That is true but if I am too friendly then people won't take me seriously.' It was always a big shock when someone who you thought was so nice and friendly suddenly raises their voice or something. Metabee wanted people to understand that he was like this because he didn't like to be serious all the time but if someone did get on his bad side then they shouldn't expect him to just joke about it. They eventually arrived in his room and JDan opened the door for him so he thanked him and walked in. The Head of Security then mentioned that the map arrived and handed it to him. He actually didn't notice it on the floor even though he was the shorter one out of the two. It wasn't like Metabee to pay much attention to the floor. He always held his head up high and and looked forward,'That was really fast.' He said so and had a quick look at it,'This will definitely help me move around.' The Captain closed in put it on his desk as they walked up to the balcony. Now all that was left was to wait for Yoshirou. JDan then asked him why he became the Adviser and followed it up with a personal story. It turned out him and Yoshirou were actually cousins! He would never have guessed something like that. The Head of Security told him that in the beginning he didn't like the Noble and so put him through a hard time but in the end things ended like they did and once again asked him the question. He didn't have to think about the answer. In his mind it was already there,'That is an interesting story. He certainly never said anything about it to me before. Why? True, I have never been particularly fond of the Noble Clans or anything. Yoshirou randomly appeared when the Kido Corps got destroyed. He was just a random stranger. He came to seek my help but in the end he was the one that helped me, no, us. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Why? Simply because he is my friend. I want to see this story through until the end. Will he succeed? Or will he fail? Will he persevere until the bitter end or will he give up in defeat? If I can, then I will help him out. Just like he helped me. However, ultimately how it turns out is all up to him. Is that good enough for you?' He was bound to get asked this question at one point or another. Why was someone with no relation to the Clan chosen as its Adviser? Many people must have wondered that.
  9. Kyouraku Mansion

    It seemed that JDan was at a loss of words at his statement but quickly understood that he wasn't serious. It was something everyone would quickly get used to it but the more he did it now the faster everyone would get used to it. At least, logically speaking. Some things would always surprise a person no matter how long they knew them. Yoshirou then said that only the strong stuff would do on a day like this. As the Head of the Clan, he had the most responsibilities here so he was trying to look out for him but if he was fine with it then Metabee wasn't going to object,'I promise I'll be a good boy.' The trio then left and headed out on their adventure but every once in a while more members approached them to congratulate them. The duo thanked them and went on their merry way but eventually Yoshirou split off to fetch the good stuff. He walked along with JDan in the part of the mansion that he now recognised. They walked alongside each other as he was asked a question about his new position and the Clan. He chuckled,'Too bad you didn't say that before everyone started pointing their swords at me. I haven't done much of actual advising so I can't really say. For now it just feels normal. When all the members come to me with their problems is when I'll see it as the beginning of the job. The mansion is really big so it will take some time to get used to it. The people are all nice and welcoming so overall it's been a good experience. It really was a fun day. I would like for all our members to get along though we can't just simply bring everyone over. We will have a good opportunity for that at the party.' The Captain answered as honestly as possible awaiting further questions.
  10. Kyouraku Mansion

    After he thanked Jessica she said it was no problem and that they don't condone such behaviour. Since she was one of the guards she probably felt a bit more strongly about this than a normal member would though he didn't think this was such a big deal. In the real world you could see a lot of this when looking at fans of celebrities so it wasn't anything special though it could get quite bothersome both here and there. She then said that she was glad that he had some flaws,'Oh, believe me I am far from perfect.' He smiled as she winked and they headed over to Yoshirou who laughed at his joke. JDan took the opportunity to thank him and apologise for doubting him,'How could you have doubted me? Now we can't be friends!' Metabee said so pretending to sulk for a moment and then spoke properly,'Thanks. It's good to hear that.' Upon his suggestion of drinks, Jessica was the first to speak out and politely declined. He understood and bid her good night as she went off. They weren't going to force anyone to drink if they didn't want to so that was fine but even without drinking good company was still appreciated. JDan took up his offer and Yoshirou suggested to take a bottle of Saki up to Meta's room and hang out there on the balcony. He chuckled,'It seems you are going straight to the stronger stuff while I was thinking more of a friendly beer but that sounds like a fine plan to me. I won't have to walk very far if I get drunk.'
  11. Kyouraku Mansion

    The two Shinigami continued their small talk before returning to reality,'That may be so but only while my mask was active. If it was to wear off your advantage would have increased even more.' Yoshirou then explained that no difference could be felt unless you turned off the pain or went against the rules,'I see. that's convenient. You guys have really thought this all out. I'm curious how it will develop in the future too.' The Noble too felt that one fight was enough so it was time to log off but as for what happened next they would discuss that back in the real world. He was taught how to bring up the control panel to log off so he tried it and it indeed did pop up in front of him. The Captain looked for the log off button and said,'See you on the flip side,' before pressing it and disappearing from the white room. Metabee then woke up in the real world or maybe simply opened his eyes would be more accurate to say. It was definitely much louder than when they started and he didn't hear any of this while they were fighting. He got up from his chair to find that he was a bit dizzy but it didn't last long. Apparently, that was a common side effect after experiencing virtual reality but it was nothing to worry about. Very quickly people gathered around him and all started talking to him. He was surprised but tried to talk with everyone too. Metabee was never popular to this extent so it was a somewhat nice feeling but at the same time quite overwhelming. Especially with all the love confessions. He scratched his head and let out a nervous laugh. It was then that Jessica stepped in and saved him from the crowd which then split up. She apologised for them and handed him a cup of water,'Thanks. For both the water and saving me.' He said so and then drank the water,'It seems like I can fight Yoshirou but I'm still no good with crowds. It looks like I made quite a good first impression though. Much better than getting swords pointed at.' He finished the water and approached Yoshirou, who was just next room to him,'My fanbase is growing. My quest for domination is making progress.' He said so with a smirk to both of them. The room was full of people All of them seemed to be excited after the fight and discussed or still cheered on. He didn't expect to make such an uproar but come to think of it even back at the Kido Corps everyone watched their spar. It's not something you see everyday after all. Maybe this way the members would accept him faster so it turned out pretty well. He didn't feel any tired from the fight but some time has passed since they started. Metabee then stretched out,'Everyone probably won't sleep any time soon from all this excitement. So, how about we go and have a drink? The four of us. Unless, you guys want to call it a night then I don't mind either.' Drinking was one way to strengthen bonds but obviously he didn't mean getting drunk. Only a small celebratory drink would suffice. He didn't think any of them were heavy drinkers to begin with.
  12. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee didn't have to wait long for Yoshirou to appear in the room and just like him he needed a moment for his eyes to adjust to the brightness. As soon as he was done the Noble approached him and discussed the fight,'Indeed, it was a good fight. It feels good to be able to let loose since I don't get to do that very often. I'm sure you would have won either way. Not getting cut by your Zanpakuto while in close quarters combat is a truly hard task.' Yoshirou then commented about how real everything felt to which he nodded,'It feels just like real life. Maybe the more effects you add the more you start to feel the difference that this is a simulation but I didn't feel any different.' The Captain then stretched out,'So, what next? It was fun but I think dying once is enough for me for today.'
  13. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee started his counterattack with a few Sonideos but Yoshirou kept up with no problem and avoided his stab. One lethal attack was wasted since the Noble simply dodged with Shunpo but he would just keep pushing him with another lethal attack. However, once again this was unsuccessful as Yoshirou used his Zanpakuto ability to fly and redirect his attack. If this carried on, soon the island would be destroyed but that was expected from two Captain rank Shinigami. For his final attack he went with a stab with the back of his hilt but even this didn't work out as well as he wanted since just before the attack hit, Metabee's weight was manipulated and the direction of the attack changed. He still got in a hit but he had hoped for more. His opponent didn't waste any time and in very close range he swung at him twice. Once for the waist and the other was a thrust attack to his chest. Before he could even take out his Zanpakuto from Yoshirou's thigh, he was cut by his Zanpakuto. His upper body was split from his waist making blood go everywhere along with his organs. At least those that he still had since the Zanpakuto devoured his body upon contact. The thrust hit him as well since he couldn't defend himself leading to overkill. This time there was a whole in his chest however it was completely see through. No ribs, no lungs, no heart. It was an instant death but the pain he felt from the two attacks was like nothing he ever felt before. From nothingness, everything went white which was rough on the eyes but he quickly got used to it. He was back with all organs and in one piece. There were no wounds or anything and he felt completely fine. The result was as expected but it was still a good battle nontheless. Experiencing death was very unpleasant but the machine was useful so he would definitely use it again. Now he just had to wait for Yoshirou to get here which shouldn't take long.
  14. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee continued his attack after the Bakudo successfully hit. The element of surprise was always important and especially in battle. It could be said that in terms of techniques Yoshirou has reached his peak but the Captain still had some room to develop. This of course could change once the Noble would master nature change and learn his new Kido. That would probably change his fighting style thanks to all the possibilities that would come with it. However, it seems that in this fight Yoshirou would not try to use his newly learned skill in combat. Once in the air, Metabee began charging his attack but Yoshirou didn't stay put for as long as he wanted, crushing his hopes and dreams. That was why he never used this attack in combat before and if he wanted to then he would need someone to distract his opponent for him. If all went well it could change the tide of the battle. This was something he learned during the four month period the Kido Corps was being rebuilt when both of his spirits decided to train him. To his surprise Yoshirou didn't do anything and instead waited for his attack to finish charging. When he fired the arrow, the Noble prepared himself and instead of an explosion the attack simply disappeared thanks to Yoshirou's Shikai being activated,'Ugh, how annoying.' He then began falling with his Zanpakuto held with both hands above his head. His opponent wouldn't wait that long and after he fell the majority of the distance Yoshirou made his attack by launching two blasts of energy at him. He remembered that the last time he got hit by one of his Zanpakuto abilities the fight was brought to an end. Metabee couldn't allow that to happen once again. Dodging those two attacks by normal means would be no easy feat especially since he was falling. The Captain warped back to the island to continue the battle. If he didn't learn the ability to warp, this battle would have ended quite some time ago probably. Now that Yoshirou was in Shikai he could absorb any spirit energy he throws at him so he could only rely on his Zanpakuto and potentially some Kido. His opponents wounds have healed due to Metabee's earlier attack but he was also healing...just slowly. The wound in his left side was now healed along with his right foot though his bone still hurt a bit so the inside wasn't completely healed. The burn marks were also still there but hurt less and the smaller ones disappeared. The most serious wound however was only half healed. The Captain looked at Yoshirou who was standing there and awaiting his next move. This was supposed to be a battle to the death and he could end it with one stab. Yet, he chose to go on the defensive. With a swing of his Zanpakuto he also released his Shikai. Although, he was at a disadvantage in terms of abilities but depending on the way they are used they might save him. If his opponent wasn't going to make a move then he would have to. The Captain would begin by trying to get into position for his attack. To do this he would use Sonido. The first time he used it, he reappeared some distance to the left but the next time he would use it Metabee would disappear from sight as he would reappear behind Yoshirou and to his left. The Noble would probably turn around so he would Sonido once more a bit to Yoshirou's right so that he would have to keep turning to keep him in his sight. From his original position he could have simply Sonidoed once to his current position but instead he did so in a Z pattern in order to give his opponent a harder time. Now that he was behind him, Metabee reinforced his arms with spirit energy and using a Kendo stance he went for a stab to Yoshirou's right side. If this was successful, he would twist the blade to the left. Even normally this was a lethal move but thanks to his Shikai's irregular shape it made it even more so. He would then follow by kicking the Noble in the stomach in an attempt to quickly remove the sword out of his side. With his blade removed, through the kick or by simply pulling it out, he would raise his Zanpakuto above his right shoulder and swing diagonally. If the stab would miss or be parred/blocked, Metabee would then reposition his sword and with his full speed he would use the Zanjutsu technique known as Agitowari aiming for his left side of the body. Since he was using physical attacks, Yoshirou wouldn't be getting any extra energy to heal and even he wouldn't be able to heal if his body was cut apart. He would follow this up by using the 'blade' at the end of his hilt for another stab attack aimed at his opponent's right lung. Due to the fact that the blade was smaller it would be harder to block or parry so dodging would be the best bet, if Yoshirou wasn't cut up that is. Unless Yoshirou would decide to cut or stab him all he had to do was push him until he made a mistake and Metabee would only need to watch out for Kido and his abilities. Mask: 5 posts Shikai:
  15. Kyouraku Mansion

    Both of them continued their attack. Even though the fight hasn't been going on very long they were already wounded and using their lethal tricks and tactics. Tension was definitely very high as both tried to predict the other's moves but did not know the full extent of the others powers. Even so, both of them were still enjoying the fight very much. Such excitement and adrenaline was worth waiting for but in the end one of them would have to experience death for this battle to end. As Yoshirou charged at him, Metabee made his counterattack. One of the swords that he had thrown were deflected but as long as one of them was there the attack would be somewhat lethal. Yoshirou being Yoshirou, he did a great job of countering that while charging with his thrust attack. Such quick reactions could only be praised. Once they were all close up and personal, the Noble shifted position to not be hit in the back by his thrown blade. The three swords then clashed with Yoshirou's swing. He didn't have any time to dodge so he blocked it but that's exactly what Yoshirou wanted. Instantly, he felt his body becoming much heavier as his weight was manipulated. Now he definitely wouldn't be able to dodge. The clashing swords were being slowly pushed back bit by bit towards the Captain's chest. Even if his movements were being restricted he was pushing back with all his strength. Both of his hands were busy, but Yoshirou still had a free hand and a Zanpakuto so he used that to his advantage. The Noble drew his second Zanpakuto and tried to stab him in the right foot. Even if his body was restricted that didn't mean he couldn't use a Kido. Right where he was about to be stabbed he cast a Seki though unfortunately it was a bit too late. The force behind the stab was reduced but the Kido was cut through and his foot was stabbed. The blade didn't go all the way through but it was about halfway through. Now he was stuck in two place. Between a rock and a hard place. Just what he needed. Metabee grimaced from the pain. The Noble continued his attack by using his sword to cut him from chest to stomach. The created swords began cracking under the weight and wouldn't last any longer. Even the best swords wouldn't be able to withstand such force. The wound was quite serious and since Yoshirou did it slowly it hurt even more. Streams of blood would flow out of the wound and go down his chest and stain his clothes. This was really not looking too good for him. He had no choice but to pull out one of his trump cards. Before Yoshirou could complete his final attack on him, Metabee put on his Vizard mask which caused a burst of spiritual pressure to push his opponent back. The swords he had in his hands shatter but he would not give his opponent any time to regain his posture. He quickly charged a Cero and fired it at Yoshirou. His opponent was also quick and launched a Kido at him. It was likely to be a stalemate as in both would be hit by each others attacks. The Captain, who just regained control of his body, was once again restricted by the Kido. Due to the Kido hitting him he lost his balance and was pinned to the ground but he let out his increased spiritual pressure to desintegrate the Bakudo holding him. This moment was enough for Yoshirou to launch another attack which was a lethal Zanjutsu technique. At the last second, Metabee managed to get rid of the Kido and warped away from the attack although he still wasn't back to full speed yet. Due to his earlier burst of spiritual pressure when putting on the mask, the sword was also blown back a distance and now found itself diagonally to the left of Yoshirou. He raised his right index finger as fast as he could and pointed it at Yoshirou,'Byakurai!' Though that was actually a fake. He wanted Yoshirou to block the Kido but what was actually launched was a Rikujokoro. He needed to bind his opponent in one place for just a few seconds. If the binding was successful, Metabee would instantly reinforce his left foot with spirit energy and leap as high as he could to make some big distance. Even for Yoshirou it would take a few seconds just to break the Kido just like it took him and that was what he needed. In his left hand, Metabee made the most contradictory weapon for a Shingami. A longbow. In his right hand, what was created was or arrow but to be precise it was a sword that was modified to be shaped like an arrow. He set the arrow in place and drew the bow back to start charging the attack. Large amounts of Hollow spirit energy started gathering at the arrow head to the point that sparks were coming off the ball. The biggest weakness of this technique was that it took 10 seconds to charge. Each next arrow would take a further 5 seconds to charge as he would be putting more force in it but in this situation Yoshirou would be free by that time so he would only fire one. Immediately, when the attack was ready he fired it straight at Yoshirou. Once launched the arrow would engulfed by the spiritual energy causing it to become a big bullet of destructive energy. The force of the attack was equivalent to that of a weak Gran Rey Cero but it was still nothing to sneeze at. If Yoshirou was to block it directly with both of his swords then he would probably be able to get away with minor damage to his body. If he blocked it with one Zanpakuto he would probably be able to repel it but it would likely break his guard. Upon impact, the force of the bullet would create what would seem to be a small earthquake and if it hit the island then that part of the ground would be destroyed. It was definitely a lethal attack and especially when coming from a Captain level opponent. If Yoshirou was to block the technique then Metabee would unsheath his Zanpakuto in a Kendo stance and do a falling slash attack at Yoshirou. In the case of Yoshirou not being bound by the Bakudo, he would have to try a different strategy. Metabee would draw his Zanpakuto and would leap at him to use the Zanjutsu known as Agitowari. This would be followed by a horizontal slash aimed at the Noble's thighs. His legs were the most injured so it made sense to attack them. No matter the action taken Metabee's wounds would start healing ever since putting on his mask but none were fully healed. The wound on his chest and stomach, and the most severe one, would take the longest to heal which put him at a big disadvantage since he we losing quite a lot of blood because of it so it would weaken him over time. It already was beginning to weaken him but the fight would continue. Hollow Mask (6 posts): Longbow: Arrow: