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  1. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee sighed as Yoshirou replied saying that he fights it to make it to bed,'That's because you give yourself too much work. You need just as much rest as any other person.' The Noble then stated that he likes the 'boring' days which they experience to which the Captain nodded,'Mm, boring is nice.' How many boring days did they have left? Not even they knew but surely after this battle nothing will be the same. This will be the biggest scaled battle that Soul Society would experience and it's effects will be even bigger. While they walked, Yoshirou mentioned that the emergency team probably reached the Rukongai village right about now,'I doubt anything bad will happen. They won't be making a move this soon. Both sides have to prepare. Also it's hard for a Hollow to come here too so I doubt there will be any incident like yesterday.' It was very likely that their preparation's still weren't complete because yesterday they had the biggest opportunity to invade with the Hell's Gate being open and the two of them being tired and the only Shinigami around, and yet they didn't. Therefore, they definitely still had time but how much, they will never be able to find out. Soon enough, they reached the training grounds where they saw JDan training with his Zanpakuto,'Oh look, he's actually sober!' Metabee hasn't seen JDan's state personally the previous morning but it was quite clear but now he was already back to training and probably eagerly waiting for them. The man as big as a tree approached them and greeted them while adding that everyone was worried about them. The Captain nodded,'You too, sorry for worrying you.' Without further delay, Yoshirou asked if they should continue from where they left off and he nodded,'That's right. First, master being able to quickly gather the energy quickly enough and then you can start by experimenting using it in attacks.' The Captain then turned his back to them and took a few steps forward. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. Metabee then spun on his heels to quickly face them again causing his coat to flutter about and he put his right arm forward as he raised his voice,'The time is nigh! A large scale battle approaches us! We must strengthen our forces to prevent the destruction of our homes once again! Our deadline to create this Kido is two weeks!' Mastering a Kido that they just created would take too long so their goal was to create something that will be somewhat usable in combat and teach those able ones to use it. They had a lot of work ahead of them and even less time. With that declaration a race against time begins.
  2. Kyouraku Mansion

    It seems that after his initial comment Yoshirou was quite surprised which meant that it was quite effective. However, Metabee knew that he would be told when the time is due since if teh mystery plan is to be successful then he probably had some kind of role to play in it too. But for now it was decided that they should continue the training. The Noble said that every day is a fight which made Metabee chuckle,'Yea, a fight to get out of bed.' Yoshirou then mentioned something concerning peace or a curse,'While it is true that long times of peace may get boring but only once your peace is taken away that you miss those 'boring' days and wish for it once more. Either way, we are beings that are never satisfied and will want something more.' The two of them then began walking to their destination while the Noble suggested that Metabee take the day off instead of wasting time with them. The Captain simply smiled,'True, that does sound quite tempting but maybe later. Even though I showed you the basics you might still need my advice and besides I need to keep watch over you so that you don't hurt yourself.'
  3. Kyouraku Mansion

    After his speech, Yoshirou looked like he wanted to say something but ultimately he gave up on it and simply let out a laugh. He found this disappointed as he wanted to hear the answer the Noble would have given him. This particular topic was always interesting to discuss because while everyone believed in something different, all version contained some kind of truth in them. However, with that the topic seemed to come to a close for now as they moved onto matters that actually could be solved. Metabee denied the fact that he had ever heard about the mercenary group that Yoshirou asked him about but instead of continuing the topic he also seemed to kill this one off too saying that it wasn't the right time to talk about it which he was definitely going to call him out for,'Wow, what a way to be an ass. You make a person curious and then just end it there. Do you just leave the room too after you turn on a woman?' The Noble had also mentioned continuing training so the Captain let out a sigh,'Didn't you have enough fighting yesterday? Even if you say training there isn't much for me to actually do. I showed you the basics so for now you two need to practice before we can do anything else.' Though that didn't change the fact that he had to watch over them so either way he got up and was ready to move to the training grounds.
  4. Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened to Yoshirou response who was very passionate about this sort of stuff. Discussions with him were always very interesting but as his Advisor he had to also show him different viewpoints. Although, their current discussion probably wouldn't affect any of their decisions it was also something to think about. However, thinking too much could become dangerous too so everything had to be done in moderation. The Captain chuckled at the response,'Garbage? That's nonsense right there. You are missing a key concept here. They do actually make a pretty good point. Let's say there is a good and evil side and the evil one wins. If there is no one that can overthrow them, who will say that they are wrong? It is the strongest side that decides the future. Of course, methods and morals aside a victory is a victory, as much as we hate to admit it when we are on the losing side. How about that? Also let me give you something to think about. Even if you say that Shinigami strive for the greater good we also have blood on our hands, by definition doesn't that also make us Sinners? Then why is it that we are here in 'Heaven' and the Sinners are in Hell? Surely, if we are talking right or wrong it shouldn't matter when a sin was committed, it is a sin nonetheless. So, why are we excluded from this judgement? Is it for the sake of this so called 'Balance'? Who gets to decide this?' Metabee said this with a mischevious smile but it was the painful truth that many of those who have reached the peak have realised by now. Who gets to decide? The Spirit King? God? The will of the Universe? Whatever it was, did it matter? In the end, living beings will always make the choice that benefits them and their closest ones the most, even if it means completely wiping out the opposition. Metabee was also like that. He believed in Fate and Destiny but as soon as it became unfavourable to him he would rebel against it without a second thought. He wanted to make sure that Yoshirou understood this but he also didn't want him to lose hope because of it. After his remark on Yoshirou saying he should make a will he also said that he wasn't planning to die any time soon. With nothing more to say on the matter they moved on to the crucial talks. Soul Society's current position didn't seem good but it seemed that the Noble had planned something. He began by asking about a mercenary group called Odd's n' Ends which was supposedly a mercenary group composed of Vizards. It seemed that behind the scenes Jessica was sent to find one of them here although since it was his second day here Metabee couldn't have noticed her absence,'I haven't heard of them. I don't really put too much focus on smaller factions while the much bigger ones threaten us. Having more Vizards with us would definitely boost our strength but it wouldn't prove a significant difference in the grand scheme of things. So there must be something more to it on why you want them.' It didn't require someone smart to see that there must have been some sort of secret plan behind this since having ten or twenty more Vizards wouldn't change the outcome of such a big battle.
  5. Kyouraku Mansion

    Yoshirou was surprised to be slapped by Metabee but he listened nonetheless. Both of them weren't very confident about the future but they couldn't give up now just because they were threatened. However, Metabee was a bit bothered about how the Noble kept mentioning that good will always prevail and stuff like that,'You know you keep saying that good will always triumph but to begin with, what is good and what is evil? How do we define them? What if there was a person that had done many evil things in his life but he could still be called a good person? That's why I think that life is full of gray areas instead. Neither the demons nor the Gotei are innocent. From our perspective it might look like we are the good ones but lets say a Quincy would overlook this conflict, which side would they deem as the evil one?' Obviously, the Captain believed in the statement too but he couldn't fully agree with it. It was just another case of 'life just isn't that simple' but discussing philosophy wouldn't get them anywhere. Yoshirou then went quiet and mentioned that he should start planning a will,'You won't get far with an attitude like that. You want me to beat your ass?' The Noble got up and asked him his opinion about the Gates of Hell and Sama'el,'Well the Gates of Hell are nothing new, they've been around forever but damn I want a cloak like that.' It was really hard to judge such a comples demon from just a single meeting but he was definitely strong and apparently there was someone even stronger than him. It would take at least 3 Captains and full strength to take on Sama'el so an even greater threat was quite problematic,'With our current lack of Captains in the Gotei it is quite problematic but it's not like we have anyone to turn to considering all the other races are at war with us. We are at a very big numbers disadvantage. Even among the Squads there are many inexperienced Shinigami who would struggle against a single Togabito, not to say a whole army of them. Furthermore, we have no definite way of killing them adn even with their time limit it wouldn't be impossible to destroy Seiretei. Our situation doesn't look very good.'
  6. Kyouraku Mansion

    The first location that Metabee decided to check was the dining room. Both his and the Noble's hunger was at the same level and both of them needed a good breakfast to be able to do their duties. However, upon turning up at the dining room he was greeted by Scarlett and Olivia while there was no sign of Yoshirou. When asked about this the two maids said that Yoshirou was so busy with his duties that he took his breakfast on the go. On the contrary, Metabee was not in a rush so he decided to sit down and eat calmly and at his own pace. The maids checked on his from time to time and even made small talk about his first impressions of the previous day. Metabee avoided mentioning anything negative to them and managed to keep it positive all the way through. Like Harold said they had their own battle to fight in the mansion so they shouldn't be worried about unneccesary things. However, that wasn't fully possible. They would worry about them either way. There was nothing worse than feeling powerless and being able to wait for the result but nonetheless the Captain wanted to ease their burdens. Everyone did. After he was done eating, he thanked the maids and continued on his search for Yoshirou. In this massive mansion it was very hard to find a specific person so in the end he decided to ask one of the guards. They directed him to a garden so now that he knew where to go heading there was no big problem. When Metabee arrived there he found the Noble by himself sitting on the bench. The garden was empty save for all the different kinds of flowers and the two Shinigami. The Captain approached him and sat on the bench. He raised his right foot to his left knee and rested his elbows on the back support of the bench before letting out a sigh. Surely both of them had a lot on their mind following the previous day but this mood will not do. Metabee then slapped the Noble in the back of the head,'No sulking! Seiretei has been invaded countless times but each time we prevailed. Of course there was a lot of damage done but each time it was rebuilt. Our two squads were destroyed but here we are, with everything as normal. If Seiretei falls, as long as there is Shinigami we will rebuild and if not we will simply find a new place to reside. The Quincies were meant to be on the brink of extinction but they seem to be doing fine, just in smaller numbers.' It was not the end of the world and it wouldn't be. They would always find a way, no matter which race it was.
  7. Kyouraku Mansion

    When Metabee woke up the sun was already high in the sky meaning that it was a bit after noon. It was a pretty late time to wake up, even for his standards, and he was sure that everyone was scurrying about doing their duties without fail. However, considering the time they got back at the Captain was able to get an average 7 hours sleep. He sat up and looked out the window but the sun shone directly on his eyes so he put his arm over them as if to run away from the light. Thinking about lights, he was reminded of the sight he saw last night but wasn't sure if it was just some weird dream or if it was real. As far as he knew Shinigami only had one Inner World which should not change, yet such a phenomenon happened right before his eyes. He wanted to check it as soon as possible but if he went in his boxers like he was now the two Spirits would surely have a field day making jokes out of it. So, Metabee got out his bed and went to have a shower and got dressed. He then made his bed and stepped out to the balcony. The Captain closed his eyes and entered his Inner World. In reality, it was very bright and the sun was high up in the sky but in his Inner World there was no sign of a sun or a moon, there was only a dark sky filled with stars. There were many lights surrounding him but he didn't even know if they were real or artificial. He bent down and took a flower into his hand. Even after being separated from the earth, the light given off by the flower did not fade,'How peculiar,' he said to himself. Metabee didn't recall seeing any flower like this before, especially ones that glowed but even if he wanted to examine what caused this light he couldn't take it out of his Inner World. However, just like the previous night his two Spirits didn't show any signs of themselves. If something bad happened to them he would have known so they must be fine. He looked around as he explored but still no sign of them until the only place that he didn't look was the castle. Was it even safe to enter it though? The words of the flames caused him doubts. As long as he didn't sit on the throne nothing bad should happen but at the same time he had no guarantee of that. In the end, he decided to go in and explore. The gates of the castle opened themselves as soon as Metabee got close to them as if inviting him further in. Torches on the wall lit up as he walked which brightened up the the long corridor. From the gates it looked to be a straight long corridor up until another set of big doors which was probably the throne room. A red carpet filled the corridor and there were many decorations on the walls like all sorts of weapons or ornaments. However, what got his attention the most was large pictures that covered the majority of the walls. The first few were very blurry and couldn't be recognised but the further he got the more he realised what they showed. They were his life events. Good or bad, anything of importance was illustrated on these pictures. All the pictures made him feel weird but if you thought about it wasn't this how Zanpakuto Spirits saw the lives of their owners? They would watch the lives of their owners 24/7 for all eternity but they would find that a lot of it was simply mediocre. However, throughout that life were many highlights, ones that were now illustrated as pictures in his case. It made sense in a way for them to be here but it didn't exactly make him feel any better as it felt like some outsider was looking into his head. Finally, Metabee reached the doors of the throne room and walked through them. The throne room was quite a large room but compared to the many decorations of the corridor it felt quite empty. The main attraction of the room was where the red carpet ended, the throne. The room was not at an equal level as there were several steps leading towards the throne which showed clear superiority. On both sides of the throne were torch stands which were lit but they were the same black flames he saw yesterday. The throne itself looked comfortable but it wasn't empty. Sitting upon it was an adult man, who apart from his white shirt wore all black from head to toe. He was dressed in a black suit with the addition of a trench coat of the same colour it was quite similar to what Metabee was wearing right now actually. The stubble on the man's face revealed his age but also gave him an aura of wisdom, his messy black hair could be said to be quite long for menly standards though it wasn't even long enough to reach the collar of his coat. The man's black eyes briefly glowed in an orangey tint as soon as they saw Metabee,'Have you been enjoying the sights? Perhaps you would like a seat? Here, I even hired a personal jester for you,' a malicious grin appeared on his face as he said the last part. In this new Inner World not even the appearance of his Zanpakuto remained the same. Was it still the same person? His Inner Hollow appeared in the room wearing a jester outfit, which truly was quite a comical sight but the Captain wasn't in the mood for jokes,'What is the meaning of this?' His Zanpakuto answered,'What ever do you mean?' Metabee frowned,'All these changes!' Acnologia sighed,'Have you never head of a Zanpakuto hiding it's true form? It is more common than you think. Before now you could be said to be quite immature and thus my form reflected that, but now you have proved yourself to be quite mature and therefore my form also changed to reflect that. Simple to understand, is it not?' He did have a point. Some Zanpakuto didn't reveal their true form if they didn't believe their master was worthy and that also reflected in the state of their Shikai and Bankai. The Captain asked another question,'What about the Inner World?' The Zanpakuto Spirit spoke as if it was natural,'The same principles apply. The Inner World of a Shinigami is a reflection of their heart, therefore your heart also changed and your current world represents that. It took the form of a wasteland because you were lonely and isolated yourself from the rest of the world. That did not even change during the happiest times of your life. Even while you were with Elena, the rest of the world did not matter and your world only consisted of you and her. After her death it became much worse as your Inner World was thrown into turmoil from constant storms and hurricanes. However, things are different now. While you might still be somewhat isolated you have found yourself a place that you belong along with friends that you can trust. Furthermore, you have come to terms with the death of your beloved and so your perception of the world change to what you see now. Even though it may be dark, there is always a small light that gives you some kind of hope.' It was quite a lengthy explanation but it didn't seem to be anything extraordinary like he thought it would be. It all seemed quite natural. He did feel a bit more mature with how the way things were going and at least his mental state seemed to have made progress. Metabee had one final question to ask,'Was that you yesterday?' Acnologia shook his head,'No. We were present but that being must have blocked out our presence. It only seemed to be interested in you while we were pushed away.' That made him even more curious,'Who was he then?' The Zanpakuto Spirit frowned,'Not who but what. They were the remains of a dangerous being that would be quite problematic if he were still to be alive. You must be careful. If he returns, you will be hunted.' He still didn't understand but it didn't look like his Zanpakuto would tell him. The only way was to find out himself. Shortly afterwards, Metabee left his Inner World and returned back to reality where only a few minutes went by. The Captain then left his room and went to meet up with Yoshirou. He wasn't sure if they would be training for the rest of the day but one thing was sure and it was that he needed breakfast...or lunch.
  8. Once the two came to a decision, they quickly started to head back to where everyone was waiting for them. It didn't take them very long but both would rather be in a soft bed sleeping and resting rather than sit in a caravan for the next few hours. Everyone was happy to see them return but before they could leave they had to talk with the village chief and pass on the news to him. Obviously, the first emotion that appeared on his face was fear but once they left four guards his confidence level seemed to greatly increase. Soon afterwards, they got on the caravan and left on their long journey back to the Mansion. Luckily, they had a few snacks that they could have so at least they didn't have to go on an empty stomach though it was far from the luxurious food the maids would serve. Everyone was talking most of the journey but somewhere along the way Metabee managed to fall asleep, surely earning himself a few chuckles and laughs at his occassional snores. In the end, he didn't sleep for long but it did help to reduce his fatigue. With only an hour of the journey remaining he rejoined whatever conversation there was until they had arrived. Once they got out of the carriage, it didn't take long for everyone to scatter. They were tired so it wasn't unusual for them to rush to bed nor would he blame them. Before the two started heading back, Metabee made sure to take his coat and vest that he left in the carriage but didn't bother to put them on again as he would be going to bed soon enough anyway so he resorted to carrying them in his left hand. After a short walk the two Shinigami reached the main building which made Yoshirou comment. The Captain didn't say anything and simply let out a big yawn. Contrary to his expectations, there were no maids awaiting them to jump into their arms and hug them while saying 'We were so worried!' The Noble then told him to go ahead to bed because he still had some things to attend to. Metabee nodded,'Don't stay up too late. I need you at 100% for the training.' He then waved and headed to his room where he quickly took off his shoes and undressed so that he could jump in bed and sleep. Before he did actually fall asleep, Metabee's mind wandered a bit. It was quite the long and eventful day. First, it was their meeting with the group of bandits then it was helping the Rukongai district, telling Yoshirou about his past and Elena as well as his condition and finally the fight with Monk. There were quite a few things he had to sort out in his head so that he will be able to continue the next day. His consciousness began to fade and he fell asleep but instead of dreams he found himself in a wasteland. This was his inner world. An empty wasteland that was full of vast open space but at the same time was filled with many rocky mountains and cliffs. Metabee briefly looked around but there was no sign of either his Zanpakuto or his Inner Hollow. That was quite unusual as even in this big space they would always be in sight when he arrived. Without any warning black flames exploded in front of him and at the same time a mad laughter could be heard from within the flames as they took a more human shape. It was not a voice that he had heard before and it was impossible to tell what the person actually looked like as the black flames only showed a sillhouette of a person. The flames did not give away any distinguishable features and on the face appeared two vigorously burning bright yellow flames where the eyes should be,'So it's you.' As the flames spoke, more yellow flames appeared on the face in the place of a mouth. The figure spoke as if they knew Metabee for a very long time but he had no idea what this thing could be. The black flames revealed a yellow grin,'You put on a great show! Defying Death himself! Truly, the Lord of Darkness!' The mad laughter resounded once again,'However, it seems that you are still resisting. Keeping my powers at bay, perhaps you really are worthy.' Metabee didn't understand,'Who and what are you?' The flames didn't stop grinning,'This wasteland dooesn't really suit you anymore, does it? It did for the longest time but today, today you find yourself a sort of new hope. Coming to terms with everything must not have been easy.' The flames then increased as if the person was smiling so widely that all their teeth showed,'But how long will it be before you fall into despair again? Oh, how I long for that day!' Black flames appeared at their feet and rose until they enveloped the whole of his inner world causing Metabee to shut his eyes. It felt as if he was stuck in one big inferno but once he felt the flames were gone he opened his eyes once again. However, the wasteland was no more. The sky was now completely dark as if in the middle of the night but yet it was filled with countless bright stars. Similarly, at his feet there were countless flowers that gave out a bright white/bluey light to illuminate the darkness. There were also trees that lacked leaves but were blue in colour and gave off a dim light. Finally, the last thing that his eyes fell upon was the structure in the distance. It resembled that of a small castle which looked beautiful being illuminated by all those lights. However, the castle itself did not have anything that gave off any light. The silhouette of black flames remained in the same place as it was,'With your perception changed this is how you now see the world. Do you know what it means? In this dark world there are still many things that give you hope which are represented by the lights you see. Do they represent your friends? Your loved ones? The Kido Corps? Who cares. It will all be meaningless in the end. The more you fall into despair the more of this worlds lights will fade. Of course, should you want to voluntarily give yourself over to me then simply head inside the castle, into the throne room and sit upon the throne. The flames will do the rest.' The flames laughed madly once again but Metabee only had more questions. Who was this being and how did they get in here? Why did he only appear now? What was his objective in coming here? Before the Captain could ask, the silhouette began to fade and for the first time it showed irritation as it clicked its tongue,'It seems that I am still weak...But know this- I will reclaim what is mine!' With that done the flames disappeared and Metabee was quickly returned to his peaceful sleep. New Inner World:
  9. The two quickly came to a decision that the victims should be buried as it was the least they could give them. Although, they couldn't be saved maybe now they were in a better place than Rukongai. It was the only positivity that he could think of in these conditions. Even though the decision was made it would not be implemented straight away. Yoshirou suggested that they do it tomorrow and Metabee nodded his head. It would definitely be better if they came when they were fully rested and it was bright unlike now. The two Shinigami would then start heading back to where the rest of their comrades were waiting for them in anticipation of some sort of news. While they wouldn't be able to give them any good news the least they could say is that the two of them made it back. Surely that was better than nothing. However, this event itself might have repercussions on their visit. While the Shinigami came to Rukongai claiming that they wanted to help, a powerless village was completely eradicated. Would some assume that it was part of their plan? Distract the bigger districts while an assault was carried out on the smaller villages? There could be many thinking those exact thoughts right now. He didn't know what would happen. They could only keep trying to gain their trust.
  10. It seemed that Yoshirou wouldn't be feeling down for too long as he quickly accepted Metabee's proposal. As the Noble's stomach let out a a whale's mating call the Captain patted his stomach,'Surely, the cooks have a feast ready for us once again.' He said so with a smile as he thought about what could the cooks have made for them. However, before they could leave Yoshirou wanted to clean this place up which he didn't have anything against but he thought of it as a bit pointless. Surely, no one would ever live in this place again after knowing that it was destroyed by an Arrancar and the people of the Rukongai simply didn't have the materials to rebuild. In the end, he left the Noble to it while he himself started healing his left arm which still had light burns on it. Yoshirou was much faster at cleaning up the place than anyone could be as his Zanpakuto simply devoured all the flames and destruction in sight. For a second he thought that the the village would be cleaned faster than he could heal but that was not the case as he had to wait a minute or two for Yoshirou to be done. Once that was finished the Noble then asked about what they should to with the bodies. Metabee thought for a second,'Burial would probably be the best option. With the state they are in I doubt some can be even recognised. Also, I don't think anyone will come here knowing that it was attacked so if we left them they would simply rot away.' He stated his opinion and waited on the Noble's. Burning them would probably much simpler and easier with many limbs scattered about but it didn't seem very respectful since their village was raised in flames.
  11. After the two Shinigami gave their answers, the demon stated his disappointment but that it was as he was expecting. It was like when asking a question to which you already knew the answer but somewhere deep inside you hoped for a different answer. However, they would not change their mind. Even though Sama'el was this strong he seemed very reliant on this person he spoke of. Was that person even stronger? He didn't even want to think about such an idea. Yoshirou asked who this person was but before the demon answered he summoned the red flames of Hell around him causing both of them to retreat. Between the flames of the destroyed village and the flames of Hell it was obvious which ones were hotter. Apart from their appearance, there was nothing more. No attack or other surprises. Instead, Sama'el answered the question that the Noble asked. This person was Baal the ruler of Hell which none of them heard of before nor did there seem to be any records of his previous appearance. The demon's final words were a threat to Soul Society and perhaps even the whole world but it didn't feel like it would happen any time soon. The Sinners of Hell rarely left so there was no notable movements in build up for this plan. Once Sama'el finished speaking, he disappeared in a flashy explosion of flames which left the two of them alone. Any remaining threat was gone and the tension in the air disappeared too. The Noble released his Bankai and fell to his knees more likely out of despair than fatigue since he kept absorbing energy. He punched the ground and cursed but Metabee was indifferent to it. The Captain sealed his Zanpakuto before sheathing it and then fixed up his clothing with spirit energy. He looked to Yoshirou who seemed to have lost all confidence,'Come on, let's go. I'm starving.' It was now night time and they hadn't eaten anything since the morning but a long journey back still awaited them before they could do so.
  12. After Metabee's first comment, Sama'el called him astute and asked what kind of person would show manners to a demon. Surely, only a madman would think of doing so, yet the Captain simply smiled as if saying 'Me'. The demon also said that letting them live much more fun which once again showed that he had no intention to kill them, at least for now. Sama'el then offered them both to join him which may have been his true aim but he likely knew their answers. He refused straight away while the Yoshirou simply grunted in refusal. Of course, the demon has lived for a very long time and so he knew that humans can be easily convinced if one tried hard enough. The demon continued trying to entice them with the gift of immortality, even if it would bring thousand years of suffering and torture with it. He also said that they could have everything they ever desired if they bowed their head to someone and that this was the only time the offer applied. Metabee started laughing like a madman at those words. There were many who would fear the entity before him. There were even more who would take the offer. But not him. In the face of Death himself, he stood tall and laughed as loud as he could in that voice. His resolve would not break. He already knew what he had to do. It had been decided on that very day. The Captain spoke,'Immortality?! Is that the best you've got?!' There was a wide grin on his face as his voice echoed throughout the now dead town. If falling into insanity meant that he would stay true to himself then he would gladly do it,'We Shinigami live long enough to be considered immortal as it is. I have no need for such a meaningless thing. One lifetime is enough for me! I am my own person and I bow to no one! Begone to the dephts of Hell, Demon!' His answer would not change now, nor in a hundred or a thousand years. His duty was to continue to watch over the world that she loved so much with all her being. He would not stray from the path of light, even with all the darkness inside him.
  13. Once he said his name the demon quickly made a comment that they were both too proud and arrogant to give away their names just like that. Metabee chuckled at this. While this of course made perfect sense since they were the ones in danger but this also made a contradiction with his previous statement. The Captain spoke,'You contradict yourself, Demon. First, you say we are rude but when we introduce ourselves culturally you berate us. Make up your mind!' Then Yoshirou and Sama'el had a small exchange. They have met before so they had things to talk about unlike Metabee who could only make sly remarks here and there. Once again it was like sticking his nose into somebody elses business. He could only stand by his friends side and support him. They talked about their past encounter and even though Yoshirou's actions could be applauded as remarkable achievements they were shot down by Sama'el as meaningless. The demon took a step closer and compared them to him which was far from the truth before asking them to join. Would he kill them if they refused? Would he destroy Seiretei? It was impossible to tell what was going on in his mind especially since he was the manipulating type. Either way, his mind would not change. Metabee spoke first,'I refuse. There is nothing for me on that side.' His home was here, in Seiretei, so he had no reason to go to Hell. Besides, she wasn't there so that would be the opposite of his goal.
  14. When Metabee arrived next to Yoshirou he said that his person was Sama'el. It did seem like it was very long ago that they talked about him. The Captain spoke,'So it's him. The demon without chains.' Even the two of them would not be enough to beat him. If he came to attack it would surely be a big struggle for Seiretei but for now it seemed like he wasn't in a rush to do so. The black figure simply took great joy in seeing Monk's struggle. Perhaps it was all because of him that this happened. Once the Gates of Hell were open there was no return. Monk wouldn't be able to escape and all present knew that. Yet he tried to struggle against it, just like he struggled all his life. Even though he hated them, Monk turned to the two Shinigami with the tiniest sliver of hope that they might save him from his impending doom. However, there was nothing they could do to help him. All that he was left with right until the end was despair as he cursed them while being dragged in but before seeing his demise the demon stepped in the way and a moment later they could hear a gruesome noise and Monk's voice had disappeared. Sama'el spoke once again saying that he was only here for the show though Metabee was still a bit doubtful if an army of demons wouldn't emerge from beyond the gates. However, it was also true that such a strong being didn't have a need for an army since he himself was a one man army worth a thousand demons or even more. Without any further surprises, the Gates of Hell closed and only three of them remained. Metabee wasn't as reckless as to charge so both of the Shinigami stood their ground and awaited the demon's next moves. Even though Monk was gone now Sama'el still hasn't left which the Noble commented on. The demon simply retorted and complimented them on their battle before focusing on Metabee and asked for his name. It was true that the Captain barely spoke during the battle so perhaps it was simple curiosity but did people with such power ever do things out of curiosity? Did he have some sort of plan and this was simply an ulterior motive to fit the pieces in? Metabee spoke,'You can't be late if you were never invited in the first place. My name is Metabee. Metabee Ainsworth.'
  15. Once Yoshirou released his Bankai, Monk's fate had been sealed pretty quickly. However, he didn't go without a fight. Until the very end he struggled in order to kill his target. It was quite admirable watching such drive but it was also true insanity as even when cut in half he did not give up. Metabee himself experienced what it was like to be cut in half by that Zanpakuto when their were sparring in the virtual reality simulation. It wasn't painful but the feeling of your organs being destroyed one by one was unpleasant nonetheless. It seemed that before Yoshirou would end the Arrancars life, they talked for a brief moment but the Captain was much too far to hear any of it. Even if the gravity returned to normal he had no need to get close to them. Then, in the next moment only two of them remained as Monk's whole body was devoured by the balls the Noble was using. Metabee let out a sigh of relief as the fight had come to an end. Seiretei had seen many invasions by now and another one was prevented in this very moment. Certainly, if either of them were alone the fight might have turned out completely different. The Captain removed his mask just a few seconds before it would run out to save himself a burst of exhaustion. His bones had fully recovered but some burns still remained though he could now heal that with Kido since the fight was over. However, he still didn't seal his Zanpakuto since he wanted to wait until the end just to make sure. After Monk's body disappeared, in its place his soul had appeared. It was not that of a Hollow anymore but that of a normal human being. Would what happen now? No one knew. It was then that Metabee felt a very dark presence, one that didn't come from Monk or one that he recognised. Although he didn't see any person appear a voice could be heard. Even though the Captain was this far away the voice was loud enough to hear as if it was said telepathically. The owner of the voice then appeared though it didn't seem to be a Shinigami or a Hollow or any other race. The person's appearance was also mysterious as the black robe didn't give any clues away. A large beam of energy then surrounded Monk's soul which caused Yoshirou to retreat and Metabee went to his side in case they would have to fight yet another battle. Though this one would be even harder as this person was far stronger than Monk was. Right before their eyes the Gates of Hell had opened and wanted to take Monk while the black figure watched on in delight. A few minutes ago Metabee told Monk of this possibility but the Arrancar didn't care about it as he was too blinded by his own hatred. Now that he was powerless how would he react? Perhaps now his fate would be worse than a simple death as he will have to endure torture for several hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.