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    A Normal Life No More

    The next morning, after breakfast he packed some things like a spare change of clothes and other minor essentials and headed out. Duality HQ was 30 mins from his house, so he didn’t bother taking any form of transport and simply walked there. After walking the distance, he arrived at a car mechanic shop which was a legitimate business but what he wanted was underground. As crazy as it might seem their whole base was underground. The business was open even on a Sunday though it wasn’t particularly busy, hell he even doubted that it was ever busy considering the area and that it was just a cover. Though since he didn’t have either a car or a driving license that was just his personal opinion. He approached a guy with very short blonde hair and spoke,’I want to speak to Layla.’ The blue haired girl told him to ask him for access if he was to ever come back. Though they haven’t officially talked or met, the guy recognised Arthur and nodded,’Come this way.’ He led him around the back where only he had access and after lifting a trap door in the floor, they descended down the stairs and upon reaching the bottom there was another door and this one was secured by a numerical passcode. The guy typed it in and locked it behind him and since Arthur wasn’t familiar with the place, he took him straight to Layla’s office where she was typing something from the documents on her desk onto her computer. She looked at him with surprise,’At this rate, I thought you wouldn’t come back. I don’t blame you though. However, just because you are here doesn’t necessarily mean you want to join. Have you made your decision?’ He didn’t bother sitting down as he expected this to be quick,’Yes.’ She nodded,’Lets hear it.’ Arthur spoke,’I want to join Duality. Please teach me how to use my Fullbring and protect those I care about.’ Layla smiled at him,’Very well,’ and looked to the blonde guy,’Call the others.’ He left and after a few minutes he returned with three more people and they lined up. Layla got up and also joined the line,’Welcome to Duality. We accept you as our member.’ The four other members took a step forward and spoke simultaneously,’Good to be working with you.’ The blue haired girl, who was the first from the right, spoke first,’You can call me Liz. I’m the one who usually tends to other’s wounds.’ She brought out her hand for a handshake and he shook her hand with a nod. The one next to her was the blonde guy who led him in. They were about the same height, but their builds were completely different as he seemed to have quite an amount of muscles on him,’Name’s Jack. I’m the owner of the mechanic business up top.’ Just like Liz they shook hands as he noticed he had much firmer grip. The one in the middle was of course Layla, but as she had already introduced herself before she saw no need to do it again. Needless to say, she was the one that was in charge of Duality so she was like their manager. Going to the left, next in line was a guy with black hair that was ear length and was wearing glasses,’My name is Oliver. I’m a reiryoku specialist.’ They shook hands and the final person was another guy with black hair but his was chin length and it terms of age he seemed to be closer to Layla if not older which was further refined by the stubble on his face,’William. I’m a senior here so whenever Layla is not around, I’m the one in charge.’ Once that was done it was his turn,’My name is Arthur. I’m an IT technician by career but I also help out in an internet café on the weekends.’ With introductions complete, Layla spoke again,’For the next month you will be training, and you will be spending a week with each member who will teach you a different aspect. After you finish this training, we can start sending you out to missions.’ Arthur nodded in acknowledgment. Liz stepped forward,’I’ll be teaching you first.’ With that decided everyone started going back to their normal routine and he and Liz headed out. Before they started anything, now that he was a member, she gave him a proper tour of the place which helped him get a better idea of where he was going. She started off with the lodging area and noted that most of the rooms were actually empty as the 5 members that he saw was the main force of Duality. There were also some other members, but they were more ‘part-time’ if that was the right word. They would only come when one of the 5 was unavailable and so were rarely present in the HQ. It was clear that this place was built with expansion in mind and was still at the starting stage in terms of personnel. As the HQ was meant to be secret, there was no cleaning staff or anything of the sort, so they were all responsible for the mess they made in addition to a chores rota. The room that was assigned to him was the one that he stayed in the first time around. Now that he knew they were underground, the lack of windows made sense. While they were here, he left his bag in the room and they continued the tour. Next was the leisure area which seemed like a pretty normal lounge with sofas, TV and even a pool table and a bar for drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They moved on to the next place and talked as they walked,’So do you actually stay here?’ Liz answered,’Sometimes. It’s not a requirement but it is a nice place to stay in.’ He agreed but it made him wonder,’It looks really expensive though. Has it been like this from the start?’ She shook her head,’Layla made a big investment to start it all, but it didn’t even have half the stuff it has now. There didn’t use to be lodgings, so no one stayed over. From there as more of us joined we all contributed, so if someone wanted a particular thing to be bought or built, they had to pay the majority while the rest payed minority. In a way it’s like a home we all had a part in building.’ She then looked to him,’What is your schedule like?’ Since this will be his training period then naturally he would have to put in more time compared to the others. Considering that he and all the others had jobs it meant that they wouldn’t be spending the whole day either which gave him even less time to train. Arthur answered,’I can do evenings every day, does that work for you?’ Liz nodded,’Sure, not like we have much choice.’ That was true as they couldn’t all just take a week off and babysit him and it wasn’t like Arthur could take a whole month of holiday either. They next place he was shown was the training area. This was probably the biggest area as it consisted of several rooms. One was like a mini gym with various machines and weights, another was an empty hall with plenty of space which was probably used for sparring and whatnot, there was smaller room for more specialised training e.g. target practice with dummies. Finally, there was a small infirmary with various medical supplies though it didn’t seem like there were any hospital grade medicine. Though he doubted they needed that strong medicine since Fullbringers probably had a healing ability or something. After Liz showed him all those rooms and the various equipment they stood outside,’Those are the main areas you need to know for now. The rest I’ll show you when you need them. Anyway, go and get changed into something looser and then meet me here so we can start the training.’ Since they were both going to their rooms, they went together but from what she said she wanted him to come back here by himself. He didn’t really know what to expect from all this training. Since he was a complete newbie at all of this he hoped he wouldn’t be a nuisance, but he wasn’t going to slack off either. He made up his mind to do this, so he was going to put all his effort into it. Note: I will add a picture reference for each character in the stat guide Word Count: 1,426 Total Word Count: 1,426
  2. Metabee

    Role-Play Community Reiatsu Ranking

    Name: Arthur Wright Week: 7/12 Total Word Count: 3,352
  3. Metabee

    A Normal Life No More

    As soon as Arthur got home, he threw himself at his bed and simply laid there. ‘Join us.’ In the end, he couldn’t answer. He simply didn’t know what he should do from now on. Up to now he had a completely ordinary life and in just one night everything was tumbling down. He was lost as to his direction. Who he was and who he was supposed to be. Were they the same person or two completely different individuals? He had a feeling that if he was to pursue this Fullbringer life he would lose who he was. From a law-abiding citizen to a cold-blooded killer. Is this how this was supposed to turn out? That wasn’t what he wanted and not the type of person he wanted to become. He raised his right hand into the air and spoke,’Myriad Manifestations Umbrella,’ but nothing happened. An umbrella didn’t appear in his hand and neither was there any signs of life from his wristband. Arthur let out a sigh. In the end, he didn’t even know how to use it. Layla was right. If he was left to his own devices without any sort of guidance, then there was no hope for him. Yet, it couldn’t be denied that reiatsu was coursing through him and that was not something that could be removed. He would remain a target. His arm fell down to the bed and he laid there for a while before he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Arthur reached for it and looked at the notifications on the lock screen. It was a spam email so he ignored it but what caught his attention was the notification below it. 10 missed calls: Alice. He let out a sigh. Even though he said that he will come if he wasn’t busy he always came anyway. Wasn’t that how it was supposed to be? Therefore, if he didn’t turn up then it was natural for Alice to worry about him. They were almost like siblings so it was natural they would support and look out for each other. He unlocked the phone and went into the contacts, chose Alice and called her. She picked up quite quickly and before he could even get a word in she started,’Arthur? Is everything fine? You didn’t turn up today. It’s not like you and I know how you are.’ He could hear the worry in her voice He answered calmly,’Sorry for worrying you. I had a bit of an accident on my way back yesterday, so I have a few bruises here and there.’ Alice exclaimed with shock,’Oh my god! Do you need help? Should I come over?’ He smiled,’No, no. I’m fine, really. It’s not like I broke anything. Just that it hurts here and there.’ She was still concerned though,’Are you sure?’ He nodded though she clearly wouldn’t see it,’Yes, I’m sure. Anyway, I want to rest so I’ll talk to you later, alright?’ Alice answered with hesitation,’Mhm. Take care then.’ He replied,’You too,’ and hung up. The week passed and he was nowhere closer to having the answer. Every moment of everyday he was plagued with the same question,’What should I do?’ He couldn’t escape it and it got to the point where it was affecting his functioning skills as he became clumsier and his reactions had slowed. Perhaps there was some people who would have been able to decide right there and then without a second thought, but not him. He believed that there were even more people who would hesitate like him. It was such a big life decision after all. Saturday. Just like usual he would help Alice in the café but as they promised today would be their dinner so around 6pm they started getting their stuff and left to go to the restaurants. In the end, Alice chose Italian as her go to this time meaning they would be getting pizza. Why they couldn’t order pizza online that was much cheaper and just as good was beyond him, but he didn’t bring it up as he didn’t want to start an argument. They sat and talked about random stuff and he tried to focus on the conversation but at the back of his mind the question kept plaguing him. It wouldn’t give him peace until he made his choice it seems. Alice noticed this,’What’s wrong? You’ve been a bit off these past few days. Is it because of the accident?’ Arthur hesitated. He couldn’t just tell her what this was about as she wouldn’t understand and would think him crazy, but he knew she just wouldn’t let it go either. He decided to be vague,’I will have to make a decision about something soon. The problem is I don’t know what to do and it keeps bothering me.' She rested her head on her hand,’Hmm, I see.’ Clearly it didn’t tell her much so even if she wanted to give advice, she wouldn’t be able as she didn’t know the situation. Alice nodded,’Go with your gut! It’s how you’ve always done it. It’s better to do it and regret rather than not do it and regret, right? I always see you make so many decisions when you play games and you always lead your team to victory. Why limit yourself to games? Have more confidence in yourself!’ She gave him a sincere smile after she finished, and his eyes widened. ‘We take up our arms and fight for those who can’t.’ Yes. The answer was obvious from the start. It was fine to hesitate but not for this long. If he wanted to continue, he couldn’t be this indecisive. Arthur nodded,’Thanks. I’ll try my best.’ Their dinner continued normally without any problems and they both enjoyed it so it could be called a success. They left the restaurant and started heading back to their houses,’It was good fun. We should do it more often.’ He nodded and smiled,’Yea. Actually, I’ve got the next place planned already.’ She was both surprised and happy,’Where? Tell me!’ He smirked,’If I told you it wouldn’t be as fun, would it?’ Alice sulked but knew it was true. Shortly after, she went her own way to her house and Arthur too started heading back though his destination was not the house but the cemetery. He walked among the rows of gravestones towards his destination to a particular gravestone. It would be in the same place as usual, so he took the shortest route to get there and stopped in front of it. Scarlett Wright. Died aged 18. There was 7 years difference between them so if she was still alive, she would have been 34. That was also how old Alice was now. He cleaned up her grave from dust and laid some flowers that he got along the way and lit the candles with his lighter. He spoke,’If you were still alive what would you do?’ When he was younger, he would always get bullied at school and the one to save him would always be his sister. In truth he was quite a weak and wimpy kid who couldn’t do anything for himself while his sister was braver, kinder and stronger than anyone he knew. Simply put he admired her, and she was his role model. Scarlett, Alice and himself. If only he could bring back those days. ‘We take up our arms and fight for those who can’t.’ The time for being wimpy and indecisive was over,’I can’t bring back those days, but I can protect what remains of them. I may not be able to save her from terminal diseases, but I can eliminate any physical threats that she can’t perceive.’ The dark night and a single gravestone was illuminated by a golden glow. In his right hand was an umbrella. He didn’t do it voluntarily. It simply answered his feelings. The umbrella with myriad manifestations. It will take whatever shape necessary to protect those that he loves. Arthur made his decision. Word Count: 1,338 Total Word Count: 3,352
  4. Metabee

    A Normal Life No More

    When Arthur opened his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar room. It was mostly white in colour, but it wasn’t a hospital room as it had the furniture of a normal room and there was also the distinct lack of any medical equipment to begin with. He sat himself up as he felt pain in his chest. He looked down at his body to find he was only in his boxers. However, the wound on his left arm and right thigh were completely gone with no scarring it seems. The wyvern must have been playing around with him anyway as it could have easily taken his arms and leg off with a single swing, but it didn’t. His ribs felt much better now too and didn’t seem to be broken so the pain must have been coming from injured muscle tissue instead. It was much bearable than broken ribs, so he got to his feet feeling a bit dizzy. His body felt weird, as if it wasn’t his. Whatever that umbrella was it must have caused some change to his body which he was not used to yet. He found his clothes left on a chair nearby, so he approached them and started getting dressed which proved a bit of a challenge as his sense of balance was off. Now that he was dressed, it was time to find out where he was. For all Arthur knew someone could have taken advantage of his unconscious body and kidnapped him. Though he wouldn’t expect these kinds of conditions from a kidnapping and his wounds being completely gone puzzled him as well. Before going into unknown territory, he inspected whatever he could in the room that he was in but it proved unfruitful as there was nothing detailing his location. The room didn’t even have a window that he could look outside. He tried to keep his calm and then turned towards the door. It was time to sneak out. However, before Arthur could do so the door opened, and a person walked in. It was a woman who looked to be in her 20s and was a head shorter than he was which meant that she was somewhere between 150 and 160cm. She was wearing a plain white shirt and a brown skirt that was knee length. On her legs seemed to be normal black tights and she was wearing plain black flat shoes. Her face was pretty, and she had blue eyes that matched with her blue hair which resembled that of a bob cut that almost reached her chin,’Oh you’re awake,’ she spoke without any sign of hostility. Arthur didn’t answer her and was on guard. Perhaps she was just pretending to be nice so that she could then take advantage of him. She let out a sigh seeing him tense up so she continued,’You must be confused about how you got here and who we are but don’t worry we mean you no harm and neither are you kept captive. We need to talk about certain things but then you are free to go, if you so wish.’ He still didn’t move and frowned instead. It didn’t seem like he was in a bad situation, but he still didn’t know if he can trust her. She said ‘we’ so there must be more people here which means that trying to get out by force would be pretty hopeless. It didn’t seem like he had much choice,’Fine,’ he answered. The woman told him to follow her and so he did. They walked along the corridor which seemed to be full of rooms just like he was in but whether they were inhabited he couldn’t tell. Assuming that all the rooms were full it was enough to rival a medium sized organisation. He still didn’t know what kind of situation he was in, so he decided to ask some questions,’How long was I out?’ She answered without looking at him,’17 hours or so. It’s 6pm Sunday.’ Arthur continued,’How did I get here?’ This time she did look at him,’I found you in the middle of the battle. Once you passed out, I brought you here and tended to your wounds.’ A frowned appeared on his face,’You could have helped instead of just watching…wait, you saw that monster?’ She nodded,’Sure did.’ That meant he wasn’t the only one that could see that thing. That means it had to be real. He wasn’t insane after all and it was no dream either. Which brought another question,’Then that voice I heard…was you?’ The woman looked at him confused,’Voice? No, this is the first time we are speaking to each other. Neither was there anyone else there.’ Looks like that mystery wouldn’t be easily solved it seems. They kept walking but with so many new sights and still no idea where he was Arthur found it hard to map out the place in his head, so he simply kept following. Even though the place seemed quite big, it didn’t even take them five minutes to reach their destination as they entered what seemed to be an office, one where you would find the top of the organisation. At the centre of the room was a desk and at it was sitting other women who looked to be in her mid 30s. She had green eyes and shoulder length silver hair. She looked to him and smiled,’Ah, welcome. Please, have a seat,’ she said as she pointed to a chair in front of the desk. As he did, she looked over to the blue haired women and spoke,’You can go, I’ll take over from here.’ ‘How are you feeling?’ The woman asked him as she was organising some documents. Arthur replied,’Still alive, I guess. My body feels a bit weird though.’ She nodded,’I see,’ she said and gave him her full attention,’My name is Layla Carter and you?’ He introduced himself as well,’Arthur Wright.’ Layla nodded in acknowledgement and continued,’Well then, Arthur, after your near-death experience you must be doubting what it is exactly that you saw. The world is full of many mysteries, but certain things shouldn’t be possible, don’t you think?’ He nodded and she kept speaking,’And yet it was all very real. Your world will significantly change from now on, whether you like it or not. More of those monsters will come after you in the future all the way until you die.’ He was confused about what he was hearing,’What do you mean? There is more of those things? Why me?’ She smiled,’Do you ever wonder what happens to people after they die? Do they just magically get sent to Heaven and watch over you for eternity? I’m afraid things aren’t so simple. When people die their souls are left behind among the living and from there two things can happen. The first is that they will be saved by a person called a Shinigami, those are spirits in charge of protecting the balance of the world and get sent to Soul Society, Heaven in essence. The other option is that their stay isn’t permanent so if they run out of time they will turn into an evil spirit called a Hollow. That is what the monster you fought is called.’ He tried to digest everything that she told him, but he found it hard to follow as it was a lot of information. He then realised something,’So the wyvern that I killed…was actually a human?’ Nausea overcame him as he realised, he killed a living being. Layla nodded,’It used to be one, yes. However, after turning into a Hollow many lose who they used to be and are bound to remain beasts who only follow their instincts for all eternity.’ In other words, even though it may have come from a human being but now was simply a beast, that was what she was trying to say though it did not make him feel any better. ‘Now where do you play into all of this? All living beings have something called reiatsu. You can think of this as the spiritual force within us. Naturally, most ordinary humans will have close to 0 but there are those who have high levels, which we call spiritually aware, as they are able to perceive souls around them. You are one such person that belongs in this category. You’ve probably seen many stray spirits by now but were unable to differentiate them from the living. However, that’s not all. During your fight you summoned a weapon. Normal people don’t have that power. This power is called Fullbring. It is created when an expectant mother is attacked by a Hollow whereby the residual reiryoku affects the unborn child. This means that you and everybody here are Fullbringers. Whether you accept it or not, this is the truth.’ Arthur continued listening to all of this information. It all just seemed so bizarre he didn’t know how to comprehend it. It was true that his mother had some kind of accident but unfortunately, he didn’t know any details about it so he couldn’t fully confirm. For now, he decided to take it at face value and believe her. He himself felt the power flowing through him when he manifested the umbrella. It also explains why no one saw him fight or bothered to help him as they couldn’t see Hollows. They probably fought he was some maniac in the middle of the street doing who knows what. His wounds couldn’t have been healed so fast through normal means and with no scarring in such a short time either. Normally, anyone who breaks their ribs would have to wait at least a month before they would regenerate. With these facts before him, everything was starting to fall into place. Just like this his normal life was suddenly changed, perhaps forever. He spoke,’You said that these Hollows will keep coming after me if I don’t do anything. What are my choices and what is your interest in them?’ They must have kept him alive for a reason and they probably wouldn’t tell him all this information if they weren’t expecting something out of him. Layla smiled at him as they reached the crux of the matter,’You have three options. The first is that you simply walk out of here and forget this ever happened while continuing the normal life you had, at the expense of the lives of those closest to you as well as your own. The second option is that you choose to fight alone though without guidance regarding how to use your Fullbring and other abilities I fear that your chances of survival wouldn’t be any higher.’ Arthur knew that she was right. He may not have many friends, but he still cared about them and didn’t want them to die right in from of him and neither did he want to die. Furthermore, even though he managed to win this fight it was definitely luck as he has no battle experience and he doesn’t have anyone that could heal his wounds which would quickly lead to his death. Therefore, these two options weren’t very beneficial to them,’What is the third option?’ Layla answered with what seemed to be pride,’We are Duality, a Fullbringer organisation. We lead double lives as ordinary people and as Fullbringers. This is where the name comes from. Our goal is the safety of this town. We fight so that our closest ones won’t have to experience the pain we do when we fight. This world has bigger threats than gangs, murderers or rapists and yet most people are completely oblivious to this fact. As the very few that can, we take up our arms and fight for those who can’t. Join us. We can teach you how to use your Fullbring, how to fight and how to protect those closest to you. I’m not asking you to completely give up your lifestyle, but you would need to adapt to the lifestyle as a Fullbringer. A life of danger and combat. What do you say?’ Word Count: 2,014 Total Word Count: 2,014
  5. Metabee

    A Normal Life No More

    A normal Saturday like any other, so far at least. As usual he stayed late playing games once there was less customers and once again Alice was the one to fetch him,’You should play with me sometime. I’ll teach you.’ She smiled but declined,’You know I don’t have such time.’ He sighed,’That’s because you work too much.’ Honestly, Arthur thought that she was trying to do a bit too much as she also did many things that were not required for her position hence her constant busyness. It wasn’t easy to be a manager and she would certainly work even more if he did not come. ‘If I didn’t work where would you go? You won’t find another internet café that lets you play for so long for free,’ Alice replied. He rested his head on his head and started mumbling ungrateful things. Then they started to close up like normal and left the café,’Are you coming tomorrow?’ she asked like usual and he would say,’If I’m not busy,’ as usual. She nodded,’You know it’s been some time since we ate out. How about we go out for dinner?’ He was a bit confused,’Now?’ She sighed,’Of course not now. I don’t know, maybe next week?’ Arthur scratched his head,’Since you don’t have time, can’t we just order some takeaway to the café?’ Alice frowned,’That’s no fun! I’ll make some time.’ He let out a sigh,’Fine. Next Saturday?’ She nodded,’Good enough.’ He then asked,’Who’s treat is it this time?’ Giggling she said,’Yours!’ This time he frowned,’Damn it.’ Alice slapped his arm and laughed,’I’m kidding! It was my idea so I’ll pay this time but next time you have to think of something.’ He made another sigh,’Ugh. I would if you wouldn’t constantly complain about my choices!’ She scoffed,’Not my fault you always think of the cheapest places!’ He put his hand to his head in annoyance,’Just because it’s more expensive doesn’t meant its any better! You’ve seen how small the portions are in expensive restaurants!’ They continued bickering like this for a short while and went their own ways after saying goodbye. Arthur went his usual route but felt that it was weirdly quiet. Even though it was meant to be the quieter route in a city like this there would always be some kind of noise in the background. It also felt a bit colder as even with his coat on he still felt a chill. He kept walking until a voice interrupted him,’You’ll die if you don’t summon it soon.’ Arthur stopped and looked around but there wasn’t a single person here beside himself. Where did the voice come from? He looked in all directions as hard as he could, but he didn’t see anyone. Furthermore, the voice sounded like it was really close to him. He waved his hand and spun around 360 degrees to make sure no one invisible was in front of him. Of course there wasn’t. He continued walking, but this time more cautiously in case some thug was planning to jump him or something as soon as he let down his guard. After walking for a few more moments, he heard a roar from up above, so he looked to the sky and there he saw it,’A dragon?!’ Large wings, long tail and horns. What else could it be but a dragon? But dragons didn’t exist! The dragon swerved downwards and then landed with a crash as the concrete cracked beneath its weight. Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a dragon but a wyvern though those weren’t supposed to exist either. It had grey skin and no scales, but it still looked hard with all those muscles, on its head was a white mask of bone as well as a hole in the middle of its chest and it bared its long sharp teeth at him. Arthur then did the most natural thing in the world and simply dashed for it. Whatever it may be it probably wouldn’t know the layout of the city so he went into the closest alleyway and took many twists and turns. At this point he wasn’t thinking of going home but simply losing it. If he led it to his home, then it wouldn’t only endanger him but everyone living there. Unfortunately, escape was impossible. Even if the wyvern didn’t know the city it could simply follow him from the skies no matter where he went. They were on an open road with plenty of space, there was not a single light in the windows of the various homes. The beast roared and made so much noise, why did no one hear it? The wyvern swung its wing at him and no matter how hard he can try to dodge such a thing was impossible and the three claws ripped through his coat, shirt and skin as blood sprayed out from the wounds like a fountain. He screamed as he never felt such an intense and fell to the ground from the impact. The red eyes of the beast narrowed in delight as it looked at its weak prey. He tried to get up, but the wyvern swung its right wing at him and cut through his outer right thigh. He fell again. Arthur accepted his death. There was nothing that he could do in the face of this monster. ‘What are you doing?’ the voice spoke. Did somebody come to help him? But what could they accomplish against this wyvern? He answered weakly,’About to get killed, can’t you see?’ The voice spoke again,’What do you want?’ Even though his left arm and right thigh were hurt he felt an intense burning from his right wrist, but he didn’t know why. Did it get broken in the previous attacks? But the burning couldn’t compare to the intense pain he felt from his other two wounds. ‘I want to live,’ Arthur said desperately. ‘Then get up,’ he listened and with all his effort got to his knees. He noticed that the wristband he got from his sister was glowing gold. Is that why his wrist was burning? ‘The beast in front of you can be felled. You have the power to do so,’ but he couldn’t believe something so convenient. ‘Impossible,’ he retorted. ‘Believe in yourself. Think of the most important person to you. Find the power within.’ The most important person to him? That was obvious,’Scarlett…’ His sister. He thought about all the fun times they had together, even in the rough times. All the things she taught him and all the times she saved him. It felt like time was slowing down. He could hear the loud thumping of his heartbeat as if it was a hammer hitting iron. 'If she was still here… I would do everything to save her. To have more time together. Because…that’s the duty of a brother!' those were the words going through his mind. The glow of the wristband became so bright like a beacon of hope. His whole body was glowing as he felt immense power surge through him. The pain was gone and he got to his feet. ‘Call out its name,’ it said. Arthur opened his right hand and the words came to his mind,’Myriad Manifestations Umbrella!’ The gold light enveloped him and blinded the beast. In his hand was a weapon in the shape of an umbrella. The same one from his dreams. The shaft, handle, ribs, tips and ferrule all had a goldish bronze colour. The tips and ferrule were like sharp knives pointing out. The wyvern lunged with his head forward to try and crush him between its jaws. Just before it reached him, Arthur took the umbrella in both his hands and swung it at the wyvern’s head a dull sound rang out as metal hit bone. The wyvern was redirected by the hit and he made his next move. He was using an umbrella, so he extended the shaft to its full length for maximum range and began smacking down the wyvern. While his hits were connecting it didn’t feel like it was doing much damage. He quickly backed off as soon as he saw the wyvern move its tail for a counterattack. It was amazing how he felt like a completely different person with all this power surging through him. It was like an ultimate high. He felt like he actually had a chance to beat the wyvern. Flames started gathering at the beast’s mouth so it must have been readying its flame breath. Arthur waited until the right moment. The fire was released, and he quickly knelt down and opened the umbrella which blocked his body completely. He felt the intense heat of the flames but none of them were able to reach his body. The flames stopped after a few seconds and he realised that even though the umbrella was fully open, he could still push the runner even further and he did so to see the frame invert itself, the runner locked into place and the rib tips came together to form something resembling a spear point. Now its range was even longer and more lethal. He sprinted towards the beast and stabbed it in the chest with his umbrella spear. The feeling of a blade piercing someone’s skin felt unpleasant to him but if he wanted to survive it had to be done. Once the spear tip was fully in he then swung it downwards causing a big wound over its stomach. Blood exploded forth and he pulled back his spear and this time he swung it horizontally for a slashing attack rather than piercing. He cut across its legs, wings, neck, whatever he could in the short span of time. However, because he was so focused on attacking, he was too late to block the tail attack and he was hit square in the ribs and felt most of them break or crack and was sent flying backwards. He landed on his back on the ground, but the beast didn’t chase. It was weakened from his attacks and moved sluggishly as it was in pain. Arthur got to his legs using the spear as support. Moving with broken ribs was certainly no joke and really painful. In his current state he probably couldn’t pull off another assault like that, so he wanted to find a way to attack from long range. He inspected the spear more closely and saw that there was a trigger about ¾ of the shaft near the bottom. A gun? He pressed down on the trigger, but nothing happened. Maybe because he was in the spear form? He pulled the runner down and the spear reverted to its original umbrella form. Arthur pressed on the trigger again and the ferrule split apart and opened to reveal a gun barrel. He pointed it at the head of the wyvern and pressed down on the trigger once again to fire as a gold bullet of energy burst forth and his hand was pushed back from the recoil. Naturally, as someone who has never fired a gun in his life his aim was atrocious, and he missed. So, he decided to aim for bigger body parts and fired more shots at its chest and stomach. He realised that even though he didn’t need to reload, only two consecutive shots could be fired. The bullets pierced through the wyvern causing it to get more agitated until it jumped up and opened its jaw. It was preparing a chomp from the air and that would be his best opportunity. It only took it but a moment to be close enough so putting all his effort despite his broken ribs, he slid on the ground raised his gun when the wyvern was right above him and fired. The bullet pierced straight through its head and it fell powerlessly to the ground behind Arthur. The dead wyvern then started disappearing as well as Arthur’s umbrella. Now that the power coursing through his body was gone, he felt really weak as his lost a good amount of blood and his ribs were broken. He tried to fight against it but it was to no avail as he fell to the ground and passed out. Myriad Manifestations Umbrella Appearance: Learned Fullbring 2,042/1,500 Word Count: 2,042 Total Word Count: 4,422
  6. Metabee

    A Normal Life No More

    The morning came as Arthur woke up with a yawn. If he could he would rather sleep in longer but because of his work schedule he was quite used to waking up early. It was currently 9am which by his work standards was way oversleeping as that was when he starts. He lazily got out of bed and headed to the toilet first and then came to the kitchen. He turned on the TV which was on a news channel, though he didn’t particularly pay attention or care about what was going on in the world it was better than simply sitting in silence. He inspected the contents of his fridge and made a quick decision He took out cooking oil, two sausages and a single egg. Arthur placed them on the counter on a paper towel and kneeled to get the frying pan from the drawer and put it on the stove. He turned on the fire, put a medium amount of oil on it and then put the two sausages in first. While those were frying, he poured water into the kettle and turned it on to boil, then fetched a cup from the cupboard as well as a slice of bread that he put in the toaster but did not turn on yet. After a few minutes the sausages were done so he put them on the plate and then turned on the toaster and using the same oil he would make a poached egg which he preferred runny. This only took two minutes so once it was done, he put it on the plate and then made his tea while the toast finished up. He brought it to the table by the sofa and ate while he watched the TV. After finishing, he quickly washed up and then fetched new underwear and some clothes from the wardrobe before getting in the shower. Once that was done, he walked over to the sink to brush his teeth. As he looked in the mirror, he saw his own image reflected. He was an average height for a 26-year-old male that he was and did not have much in the way of muscles. While he was skinny it was not to the point that any bones were showing so he considered himself to be healthy despite his lifestyle and finally he had black hair which wasn’t overly long, but it was enough to cover most of his forehead and had brown eyes. He dressed himself and then took the dirty laundry to the washing machine which was all coloured as he washed the white stuff on Fridays after coming from work. Having that out of the way there wasn’t anything that particularly needed his attention, so he put on his shoes and brown coat and left for the café. Arthur used the same route as the previous day wasn’t really a shortcut but a quieter route. Arriving at about 11am, he greeted the employees and Alice and begun his work. The café didn’t use any uniforms so he could start any moment though, only the employees were truly aware of his situation. Some of the regulars did have an idea that he wasn’t a ‘serious’ employee, but they didn’t mind if he was serving them as they were used to it. And so, Arthur spent his day serving customers and making various types of coffees, sandwiches and whatnot without getting paid a single penny. Many would probably wander why he would help out almost every weekend and get completely nothing out of it. Well, Alice was a really important friend who helped him a lot in his rough times, so he also saw this as a way to repay her. However, they weren’t especially close in the beginning. From the start she was actually his sister’s friend and they were the best buddies while he interacted with Alice from time to time when she came over to their house. After certain things happened, Alice began helping him and that’s when their friendship really started. That time he had nothing he could pay her back with, but she didn’t mind it. That’s why now he did the same. Unlike the previous day, on Sundays he didn’t help to lock up since he couldn’t stay up so late because of work the next day. He usually left around 7pm and popped in to the supermarket to do the shopping for the week which was a mix of canned food and ingredients as he liked to mix it up a bit and was lazy at times to cook, but that applied to most people, so he wasn’t really bothered by it. Finishing that, Arthur returned home and made himself dinner, not from the stuff that he just bought but from the stuff in the fridge as he didn’t like to waste anything. Casually spending the rest of the evening in front of his computer the time to sleep came and with it Monday. By week, he was a normal IT technician which came with its own problems. He didn’t work at a big company or anything, but they sure kept him busy with a lot of tasks. Sometimes he would finish them early and slack off for the rest of the time by playing on his phone but there were also times that he would be working right up until the deadline, so it varied. As for the job itself, he did like it since he enjoyed being around technology as can be guessed from his hobby. He didn’t think of himself as some ‘computer geek’ but neither was he a party animal or anything of the kind. He was simply a normal guy…maybe. Plenty of people did consider him weird for his lifestyle but he didn’t pay any attention to it. Everyone had things that they liked to do or were good at, it just turns out that his was technology and gaming. He struggled through the week and finally the glorious weekend came. Word Count: 1003 Total Word Count: 2,380
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    Ability Approval Thread

    Character Name: Arthur Wright Race: Fullbringer Reiatsu: 45k Desired Release Approval: All abilities Application Link:
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    A Normal Life No More

    The room that should have been full of life was now mostly empty as it was late in the night. The only sounds that could be heard was the whirring of the fans and buzzing of the computers which seemed quite compared to the loud tapping of the keyboard and clicking of the mouse,’Tank watch your positioning, make sure to turn away from the team when the boss attacks. Cleric keep your healing up on the tank, keep him above 40% hp. DPS maintain your output, but focus on dodging attacks so you don’t need to be healed as often.’ A single person spoke and the ones who were meant to hear him were not present in this room but somewhere else in the world. ‘10% health keep it up!’ The sounds of keyboard and mouse became even more ferocious as he increased his tempo. This continued for another 30 seconds after which the noises ceased and he exhaled,’Good job everyone.’ He briefly looked at the loot that he obtained from the boss before something appeared in his vision to his left. He put down his headphones and looked up to see the manager,’You’re still hear at this hour? Why am I not surprised?’ she said amicably. She had blonde shoulder length hair that she usually kept in a ponytail and green eyes and her clothes were smart. Arthur smirked,’Be happy you even have a customer down here.’ She frowned,’You aren’t even paying!’ He sucked in a breath,’Time to close up?’ to which she nodded. He logged out of the game and spoke,’Alright,’ before turning of his computer and putting the mouse on the keyboard. Arthur moved to each computer and did the same along with the manager. The manager’s name was Alice and she was his childhood friend who owned this internet café. When it came to weekends he would usually come and unofficially help her in the café upstairs, but when it became quiet in the evenings he would come here and simply play on the computers. Seeing that all the computers were turned off he headed towards the stairs,’Upstairs is all done?’ She responded with a ‘Yes’ and began turning off the lights, so he went up towards the staff area to get his things and put on his coat. The manager followed behind and did the same, so they were ready to leave as there were no other employees in. She locked all the doors and they began to leave after closing the shutter on the main door. ‘Thanks for helping as usual. You come here every weekend, yet you don’t want any payment. Makes me feel bad you know.’ He chuckled,’No need. It would only increase my taxes.’ He cared more about the fact that she let him use all the facilities and he had a place to stay and keep himself busy, so he never accepted payment from her, though she tried many times. Alice sighed,’Well, if you change your mind, don’t hesitate to say.’ He answered with a simple ‘Mhm’ and they kept walking until they reached the intersection. They lived in the opposite directions so this is where they would usually split up,’Are you coming tomorrow?’ It was a Saturday and he didn’t have anything to do tomorrow,’If I’m not busy.’ She also more or less knew if he had any plans, so she expected this usual answer of his. Alice simled,’Well then, see you tomorrow!’ Arthur nodded,’See you,’ and headed his own way towards the house. Now that he was alone he reached into his coat pocket for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, took one out and put it to his lips before lighting it. Alice didn’t like him smoking so he avoided doing it around her and he wasn’t an addict, so it was more to relax his mind. He travelled along his usual route until he stopped by one of the alleyways. Something felt off as he heard weird noises coming from there. He looked around without going in to try to see what was making that noise but he couldn’t see. Suddenly, the bin bags that were there rustled and the bin fell over as two cats came out and made him jump,’Damn, it was just cats.’ He puffed out smoke to calm himself down after being startled and thought that he heard something like a shriek somewhere in the distance,’Nah, I’m not falling for it this time.’ He passed it off as his imagination as it had been a long day and since he was playing for the last 4 hours perhaps his mind was not back in reality yet. Arthur continued walking his route and finished his cigarette before he reached the block. He went up the stairs to the third floor and entered his apartment. Closing the door behind him he turned on the lights and looked around. Silence. Everything was just as he left it. Well since he lives alone, he’d be more worried if it wasn’t as he left it. He took off his coat and hanged it on the hanger and took off his shoes. The apartment wasn’t anything special, straight from the door was the living room which contained a big sofa, TV and a rectangular table in front of the sofa. The living room was also connected with the kitchen, if it can be called that. It was directly to the left of the door and it was simply some cupboards on the wall, a sink, kitchen stove, and a microwave. In the living room, if you go left, with your back to the entrance, was where his bedroom was which contained a double bed, desk with a computer, a few drawers, a wardrobe and some bookshelves filled with various books. If you go right from the living room, that was where the spare room was, which also had a double bed, a desk but no computer, drawers and a smaller wardrobe. As it was very rare for Arthur to have any guests this room did not see much use. Finally, the toilet was opposite this room. He approached the kitchen cupboard and took out a glass and poured himself some tap water to refresh his throat. Leaving it on the counter, he then entered his room and looked at the computer thinking if to play some more, but upon checking the time on his phone he saw that since it was 1am he’d be better off sleeping if he wanted to help. Not like he had to come right on time, but he preferred to be in before noon. So, Arthur got undressed and got in his bed, quickly browsed through social media and went to sleep. That night he had a dream. It was a recurring dream that he kept having but this time it was the clearest it has been. His right wrist felt burning hot, everything was black with the exception of a single gold point that appeared in the distance. He walked towards it causing it to get bigger and bigger. When he was finally close to it he saw it. It looked to be some kind of disfigured pole, at least that was what he thought when he couldn’t see it. Now that everything was clear, he saw an umbrella. However, this was no ordinary umbrella. While its shaft and handle had a goldish bronze colour it was made of metal rather than wood. It was not a normal shape either as it seemed to have many complex parts, even something that looked like a gun trigger. The rib tips had the same colour as the shaft but instead of being blunt, they were very long and sharp. This also applied to the ferrule which was also very long and sharp. The cover was white with some kind of red design on it. It might look like an umbrella, but he wouldn’t be surprised if someone used this as a weapon. His right hand involuntarily reached for it and he saw that the wristband he wore was glowing golden just like the umbrella. His fingers wrapped around the shaft and he felt this energy coming from it as the gold light became stronger and then completely enveloped everything. Word Count: 1,377 Total Word Count: 1,377
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    Kyouraku Mansion

    It was clear that the two had a difference of opinion when it came to this. If it came to views then Metabee's were clearly closer to that of Asmodeus. He did not believe that there was an absolute good or absolute evil nor could every action be labeled to one end of the spectrum. Nothing was ever black and white. A villain was able to commit acts of good just as the hero was able to commit acts of evil. The truth was that many things were simply a shade of grey. It all depended on the circumstances and even then everyone would still have a different opinion whether it was good or bad. Metabee was not scared to sometimes resort to underhanded tactics. He was a wielder of darkness after all. They will be fighting a war and there is no such thing as honour or glory on the battlefield. That was his opinion. However, he knew Yoshirou saw things different. He always believed in the good of things and always wanted his actions to be righteousness. Asmodeus being a demon instantly labeled him as evil in the Noble's eyes. Of course, that was not incorrect. Yet, it is also easy for people who see things only as good or bad to become extreme if it does not correspond with their justice. Luckily, Yoshirou did not reach that stage yet and Metabee wanted to guide him. To show him that sometimes to do the good thing you have to do something bad which in this case it is to co-operate with a Sinner. Metabee responded,'I did not agree without first thinking about it, I assure you. It would be much simpler if we did not have to trust him but it is true that if we want this to work out then we will have to give him a certain degree of trust. The problem is trust has to be built up and that means interaction. Would you be able to interact with him without judging him? I'm not saying we have to completely trust him because that is not what is required here and I don't think either of us would want to do that. However, if we were to know more about him then perhaps we could understand him more.' The Noble then said that he could agree to the proposition but only if Metabee does it for himself and not for the sake of the help because it could not be relied upon. The Captain shook his head though,'You know that what I seek is in death. I will not try to prolong my life but I will also not deliberately shorten it. If you want to support me then help me preserve the world.' He knew that Yoshirou wanted to support him but when so much was at stake they couldn't be selfish and focus on themselves. What was the point of prolonging his life if there was nothing left after Baal had his way? Yoshirou faced Asmodeus and told him that they wish to negotiate and explained the situation to him that it was he who was taking the risk by coming here because now that they were aware of him he would be hunted. Afterwards, he turned back to Metabee and told him that they could use this to their advantage and to speak of any doubts. Metabee turned to Asmodeus and spoke,'Well, what about it? What will happen to me if you take it from me? Will I become weaker or will it change me in any way?' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asmodeus simply waited while the two Shinigami discussed between themselves. Even in a situation of crysis they leisurely took the time to chat. He was still surrounded by the whole clan but as was said before it meant nothing before him. However, he would do nothing more. They required time to think the situation over and he would provide it to them, he still had plenty of time before he would be forced into Hell after all. They spoke a bit quieter to each other but he could still hear what was being said. They were not that far away from him to begin with and while he could not hear every word he was more than intelligent enough to understand the gist of things. Besides, if he was to focus on a single sense then it would be improved and he could perceive more than normal. The Shinigami spoke to him saying that even though he hasn't agreed yet he might be convinced if they negotiate better terms for themselves. Just like he listened to him the demon also listened to what he had to say and once he was done he would respond,'You are wrong,' he said as if it was an obvious fact. Asmodeus continued,'I have already told you that 'tis a matter of time before we clash blades. It makes no difference to me whether you are aware of me now or later as long as you do not get in the way of my vengeance. Your war is against all of Hell. Do you even know what you are up against? Have you ever seen or fought Baal? I have and therefore I comprehend your odds more than anyone here. His plan is to merge all realms together but not equally. Everything will be turned to Hell and you would become permanent residents of it. If you do not win that will be your future. It is you who are desperate though you do not fully comprehend it. I do not need your help. Actually, Baal's plan are somewhat beneficial to my goal. However, even I do not fully know what effects that will have and therefore, for the sake of my vengeance I prefer the current state of the world. That is why I have reached out to you.' The next thing they discussed between themselves was that they would use him to take his soul out but keep it from him until he fulfilled his end of the deal and then he was asked by the Vessel what he thought of that and if it would have any detrimental effects to him. Asmodeus spoke,' 'twill not work. It requires a living being as its vessel. If you were to extract it and seal it in a jar like you are implying then 'twould simply fade and cease to exist. Furthermore, you are mistaken. I do not require it now and would prefer that it has a more strategic use. 'twould not be after Sama'el and Baal are dealt with but during our battle with them. 'twould be the most effective action. At that point in time, I would have already given you my aid and therefore fulfilled my part. You must remember however that I am not promising you victory but simply offering my forces to aid you. As for side effects, mentally 'twill not change you at all. You are your own person and 'twill not change with or without it. Physically, 'twill cause a bit of fatigue and will slightly weaken you. While you can think of it as a sort of parasite, it can not make itself any stronger. Only prevent itself from getting weaker. At your level though, 'twill not be a big difference, you might not even notice it.'
  10. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Ultimately, the decision fell to Metabee as it was his life that may be at stake and so Yoshirou wanted to hear his thoughts. He slowly thought about everything they were told and what they should do with it. It was definitely not as easy decision to make and one that should not be made lightly. The Captain made up his mind and spoke,'War brings unlikely allies together. I think we should take his offer, though it doesn't mean that we have to trust him. He said it himself; it's a non aggression pact so it just means that we have to not attack each other and they will aid us.' He knew that most here would not be willing to co-operate with a demon and would think him crazy so he continued,'I'm not doing this for myself either. It is very likely that many of us will die in this battle, me included so prolonging my life is quite pointless. If you are able to co-operate with other racess then think of it that way. Sometimes we must be able to co-operate with criminals to be able to do the greater good. It is true that our forces are a bit lacking but against an immortal opponent it will never be enough. What better way is there to combat immortality than with our own immortal forces? If we want to increase our chances of winning then this deal may be it.' Metabee then looked to Yoshirou for his opinion. The Noble was also a leader of this army so his input was crucial to the matter too. If he was not to agree with his opinion then he would respect it and they will continue looking for other ways just like they have been doing so far.
  11. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee listened to the demon as he would to anyone else. He wasn't one to easily get offended by words and was good at keeping his cool so the taunts and insults had no effect on him. He just hoped that Yoshirou would be able to do the same since Asmodeus directed most of it towards him. Now was not the time to act rashly and they had to play along until they had enough information. However, before they were told anything the Tsumikami raised his spiritual pressure enough to affect some of the Clan members. Yoshirou instantly unsheathed his second Zanpakuto and let out a warning shot demanding that he ceases the threats. The Captain didn't hesitate either and in the same time unsheathed his Zanpakuto and raised his left hand to follow up with a Kido in one swift motion. They didn't know if he listened or if he did it on a simple whim, but Asmodeus did lower his spiritual pressure and finally gave them something to think about. In a way he was right. These Shinigami have never encountered a Togabito before and they didn't fully comprehend what they were up against. Even Metabee and Yoshirou didn't have that much experience to be able to call themselves experts. In light of this, the demon told them that he would be able to assist them in the upcoming battle as long as they didn't attack each other. However, he wouldn't do it for free and he stated the price by pointing at Metabee,'So in the end, it comes to this.' Ever since coming into contact with Asmodeus, he has been talking about returning something to him and he knew what. Recently, on two occassions he has seen black flames that no one else could, once in his inner world and once in the physical world. Furthermore, his spiritual pressure has been a bit harder to control as it would involuntarily leak from time to time. Now he knew the reason why. Yoshirou questioned him about the intruders identity and intentions and promised that if he was asking for his life then he will not escape. The Captain answered him,'I can't tell you because I don't know. He introduced himself as Asmodeus yet that is not his real identity. He wants the thing I've told you about, the darkness within me but what it entails I don't know.' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Their talk on credibility ended there as the Shinigami stayed silent so Asmodeus took that as his victory and moved onto the main topic. They did not take lightly to his first point as the Noble unsheathed his second Zanpakuto and launched an arc of air at him which hit him but did not damage him whatsoever. To begin with, even if it did damage him he would not feel any pain from such a tiny graze and it would take a fraction of a second to heal. Asmodeus smiled at this. Of course he knew that this was nowhere near his full strength but they were still making a big mistake. He was being severely underestimated! The other side thought that they could win simply because they had the numbers, but that was actually to his advantage. Apart from those two, the rest were simply fodder to him. If they were to all charge at him at once then he could easily eliminate all of them in one move so that not even ashes would remain. However, he would not tell them that and let them bask in their 'strength'. It was the highest falls that were the most entertaining to watch after all. He finished speaking and gave both of them their choice which he did not expect them to answer instantly. Both were visibly confused and wanted more information which was a lot of the times more valuable than money. The Shinigami said that if the cost was his life then he would be tortured for all eternity and definitely regret his actions. This time Asmodeus could not help himself but laugh in his usual demonic way,'Ah, how foolish! You believe yourself to be crueler than Hell itself? 'tis truly the height of hubris! You who upholds his fake justice remember this: without evil your 'justice' would not exist. I am your reason for being! You claim to be on the side of justice and save people. Yet to save one person you would trample on a dozen of wishes. You would ignore even more to save those you trampled over. After each conflict you keep telling yourself that this is the end, that everyone will be happy and that peace will come, yet it only keeps repeating itself. You are nothing but a pup. One day, you will realise what must be done and come to the same answer as me!' Asmodeus then brought his attention to the vessel,'Fear not though, I will not take your life. Actually, I am the one who will save it! Baal recognises me as a threat. Centuries ago, he took from me a part of my soul and sealed it within some poor soul. What do you think would happen to them? They would die, instantly. I have watched as it went from person to person, from generation to generation causing death at every step. Until one day, it found you. You seem to have a resistance to it, perhaps because of your natural affinity to darkness or perhaps that happened because of my soul. It matters not. You feel it now do you not? As it slowly corrupts you and destroys you from the inside. It will kill you just as it did all the others. Luckily, I want it back. If you return it then any chance of death will be eliminated, though I cannot speak for any other threats that you bring to yourself.'
  12. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Asmodeus smiled as the Shinigami kept a stern tone and told him to stop before he lost his credibility. Clearly this one didn't seem to be a good sport but maybe he could make something of him yet,'Ah, you do not know how much you lose. If only you knew who you were talking to! As for credibility, I am sure that in your eyes my race took away any credibility I have the rights to.' He did not care that he was talking to a Noble for he did not acknowledge him as such. These Nobles did not possess any titles to signify so after all. As for his own Nobility, he had discarded that long ago but he would still use it from time to time to show his status to the other party. It was thanks to that status that he became who he is now so it was undoubtedly an important aspect of him. Once he was done speaking, the vessel was the first to agree and sheathed his weapon while the other was reluctant but agreed to it,' 'tis certain that we will cross swords though it shall be at a later date rather than sooner.' The white haired demon then inspected the men that were surrounding him and continued,'You are not ready. Your men are shaking in their breeches...well, sandals. I simply have to do this...' Asmodeus increased his spiritual pressure though he showed no intent to attack, he was simply trying to prove his point as the weakest members would fall to their knees in fear while the average would struggle to stand. As he didn't raise it to the maximum the rest should have no problem and he lowered it moments later to not cause any hostility. The demon continued,'Luckilly, they will not be fighting Baal directly but I suggest that you train them harder if you want to have any hopes of winning. 'tis one of the reasons I am here. I propose a non aggression pact betwixt us. I can help you turn the tide of battle in all three realms simultaneously and even directly lead you to Baal. However, your survival solely depends on you. I will not win your wars for you and care not for the outcome either. I simply pursue my own objective. Of course, I am a demon so for my assistance a price must be paid.' Asmodeus then smiled and pointed at Metabee. He was sure that he would understand. The rest simply had to agree to the deal but the one that must pay the price is only him. Naturally, if the others disagreed then he will not offer them his assistance and find a different way to get what he wanted. There were other advantages of doing this as instead of helping these fools delay their death he could use his army to storm the castle. However, even he wasn't certain that he could win and so to increase his chances he needed his power back which should bring him on more equal footing. He would take every measure to ensure this happening. The demons hand opened up ready for a handshake,' What is your decision?' he would say as he waited.
  13. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    One might question why Asmodeus went to the effort of being stealthy only to be caught, but to him everything was according to plan. His eyes perceived movement in the windows while his ears heard the running of people in corridors. Everyone was aware of his presence now. It seemed that everywhere he went there always was a fitting audience to see him which reminded him of when he was alive and crowds flocked to see the mysterious Count. Before long, another Shinigami jumped down from the balcony and landed besides his vessel. He too knew who this was as he saw him in his visions but it was also child's play to figure it out. His stature, manner of speaking and the highest spiritual pressure told him that this was the Lord of the mansion, a Noble. Asmodeus smiled at the Shinigami who joined them,'Is this the hospitality you show to an honoured guest? Clearly, you are nothing more than a peasant pretending to be a Lord. Let this be a lesson: a Noble should show hospitality even to his greatest enemies, even if he means to poison them or slaughter them in cold blood.' Of course, he did not seriously expect to be invited inside for a cup of tea and biscuits, but he knew how to taunt people and strike where it hurts. He could see more and more guards getting into position further cornering him into an impossible situation and yet the demon showed not a single ounce of fear in him. Furthermore, to the two before him he seemed unarmed with no weapon which would add to his insanity. This was who Asmodeus was. Especially as an immortal, he did not fear death, but even in life he did not resist when he was sentenced to death. If he failed once then he will be able to try again and again until he succeeds. Asmodeus then spoke again,'I will leave, though whether peacefully or over a mountain of bodies is a choice that you will have to make,' he focused on Yoshirou,'I suppose this concerns you as well so I grant you permission to stay.' He did not particularly care if Yoshirou stayed or not but as long as he wasn't attacked Asmodeus wouldn't attack back. 'Now, I want you to use your brains,' he said as he tapped his head with his index finger,'One. In my visit here there has not been a single casualty on your side. Two. I am immortal. Killing me would achieve nothing. Actually, as far as I am concerned I could simply leave you to your fates and let Baal stomp on your carcasses. Yet, here I am. Now then Gentlemen, what say you? Shall we begin?' He said so with a devilish smile on his face. Whether they would listen or attack him, he was prepared for both. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before Metabee could answer the demon, Yoshirou appeared beside him with his Zanpakuto drawn. If he was here then it meant that the rest of the Clan will also be moving into action pretty soon so even if a fight were to break out the intruder would be vastly outnumbered. The Noble warned the intruder and then asked him about the identity of their guest and he answered,'Unfortunately, I know who he is, but I can't really explain it. As for his goals or reason, I know just as much as you do.' They still had to be aware of all the possibilities, especially that this could very well be a trap to preemptively weaken their forces before the battle began. The Captain listened to what the demon had to say but most of it seemed to be taunts aimed towards Yoshirou. Even in this situation this demon had the confidence to speak like that and a Karadawaru could not be seen on him though he doubted someone would come into enemy territory completely unarmed. This meant that there had to be some trick up his sleeve and if not then he really was insane. Asmodeus then presented two points to them and Metabee thought about it,'He is saying the truth. I haven't heard about any casualties from the Kido Corps. or any damage caused in general.' Metabee sheathed his Zanpakuto and said,'The least we can do is hear him out and then we can decide what to do with him.' He wasn't letting down his guard but he was showing that he was willing to give the demon his attention. It was the same with Sama'el. They listened but they did not have to agree with what he said. For now the enemy showed no hostility and it wasn't good to always resort to violence. However, if he was to attack then they will quickly strike him down. Having come this far they did not want to lose more things.
  14. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    Metabee returned to the mansion to see that it was still perfectly standing just like it did when he left so nothing bad happened. Despite that, the feeling in his chest did not go away. He just couldn't figure it out no matter how much he thought about it. As he passed through the gates, he saw the carriage being parked in the distance which meant that Yoshirou was already back. However, it seemed that they missed each other as he saw no sign of him and since it was a late hour he didn't want to look for him and disturb others. Metabee thought that if it was important the Noble would eagerly wait to meet up with him and discuss the outcome, but perhaps it did not go well or maybe he was experiencing some kind of side effects from the training and he decided to rest. Either way, if there was something wrong they would talk but seeing as it did not happen he decided not to pursue. Instead, the Captain headed to his room to hopefully get some rest as well thinking that if he did then maybe the burning in his chest would go away. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asmodeus suppressed his spiritual pressure and left behind the knocked out Shinigami to sneak through the streets of Seiretei. While he couldn't say that security was tight but there were still patrols out and about which slightly hindered his progress at times. The key word being slightly as he simply dealt with the situation as appropriate. At times he would knock the Shinigami out, other times he would use noise to distract them, some times he simply had to use the cover of the night and dead angles to get by. Even if he was caught he could simply knock them out with Karadawaru, but of course this would be only as easy as it sounds when it came to individuals. If it was to be a large group, then even he might be hard pressed to maintain his stealth. Luckily, no further complications appeared. 'Wait and hope' was his motto. He was a very patient demon that used his intellect to calmly get through most situations. This was how he always was, even in life. There will always be an opportunity, you just have to be patient and know how to seize it. The mansion was now in his sight. Given that this was a Noble Clan it was guarded more heavily than the streets so charging through was not an option. He carefully examined his surroundings for any openings that he could take advantage of. After a few moments he found what he was looking for. The architecture of such buildings was always that the gates would be guarded more heavily because if the enemy gets in then it will be harder to repel them. That's why most often than not on the inside there would be a few areas that would be overlooked. However, being Shinigami with experience they would not do that but still not as much attention was given to those areas. Meaning they were less guarded. He jumped through the wall and took out the Shinigami on the other side and quickly hid his body where it would not be seen. Now that he was in he had less options to continue. One of which was to turn his cloak, which was currently retracted under his collar and couldn't be seen, into Shinigami clothing and simply walk through. The colour would be a bit different but as long as someone did not get close they wouldn't really notice in the night and he wouldn't get recognised by his face either. However, considering the fact that now only guards were around, he couldn't just walk about without knowing their set patterns and rotas. Therefore, he decided to continue like before and analyse the situation before acting. It was no quick task and it required great patience, position and fast reactions that were also smart. Many would not be able to accomplish this, and even those trained would be liable to fail even with the tiniest mistake. Unfortunately, Asmodeus was used to skulking around in the shadows and foiling others plans so he was quite skilled at this and managed to get through as the balcony now appeared in his sight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Considering that things weren't feeling right, the Captain did not sleep. He was resting but he was still vigilant. He didn't want another tragedy to happen and cause them to lose more. Especially now when it might cause him to give up completely. Unfortunately, as much as he hoped life never made it easy for him. The sounds of sirens made him get to his feet as a Hell Butterfly entered through the balcony and delivered a messaged to him. It was from the Kido Corps members stating that a Togabito has broken through the Hell's Gate and is currently somewhere in Seiretei. His thoughts quickly raced. Was it Sama'el? Has it already began? Metabee shook the thought out of his head though. If it was Sama'el then he would simply appear at their doorstep and wouldn't need to go through the Gate and if there was an army they would have sensed it. Thefore, it must be an unrelated event but he still couldn't rule out the possibilty that they were acting on Sama'el's orders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWnc5eSzB8o The Captain faced the door as he was about to leave to let Yoshirou and JDan know but,'Where would you be going, I wonder?' a voice caught his attention as he looked back to the balcony. He saw a man illuminated by the moonlight standing on the railings and smiling. They had never met before and yet Metabee instinctively knew who he was. He had been warned but he couldn't become paranoid about someone who might not have existed. Unfortunately, he was now standing right before him,'Who are you?' The Tsumikami simply answered,'Asmodeus.' Metabee quickly searched through his memory if the name meant anything to him and he found the source,'Asmodeus, one of the demons summoned by King Solomon.' The white haired demon laughed and spoke,'Not quite. Do not compare me to that weakling. If you know of him then perchance you might know of my true identity too, though it matters not. You have something of mine that I wish to have back. How about we make a deal betwixt us?' Metabee knew this demon was very dangerous and fighting inside was to his disadvantage so even if he was to hear him out he wanted to prepare for the worst. In an instant, the Shinigami drew his Zanpakuto and in a single leap appeared before Asmodeus and swung at him though the Tsumikami blocked it with his bare hand and the impact caused them both to fall out of the balcony and land on the ground below, without taking any further damage as both knew how to land. Asmodeus spoke,'Ah, attacking someone who came to talk. Is that the Shinigami code? Humanity has disappointed me once more. Will you not listen? What I have to say may be most beneficial to you.'
  15. Metabee

    Kyouraku Mansion

    The last time Metabee had been in the trading district was when he was passing by with Yoshirou on their supply mission to Rukongai. He had been given a small tour of the place but since they were tight on time they didn't really visit the individual places so he wouldn't call it getting a 'full experience'. Though, since it was a bit late now and many stores were closed it probably wouldn't be a full experience either, but he didn't mind as he just wanted a simple stroll. The Captain started going to the individual stores and observed what they were offering or making as not all stores sold physical goods. There was a lot of daily life items but there were also a few stores that had really interesting stuff like the technology ones which he spent more time in as he was genuinely curious about the various developments they showed. By looking at all this stuff, an idea came into his mind about how to restore his energy even in mid battle which will definitely be useful in the coming fights. Though it would be limited to only him so it wasn't like it was a ground breaking discovery or something. He also found a few trinkets and decorations that he liked enough to want to purchase them for his room but restrained himself for now and kept looking. There was still a few food stalls about but they were closing up since now the restaurants became busier and so Metabee decided to buy a snack or two from the stall since he didn't want anything heavy at this hour.Since this was meant to be a kid friendly area there was not a single pub/tavern in the area which made him sigh though it was better that way as he just kept strolling around without staying in one place for too long. Along the way, Metabee even met with Akoy, a spring water merchant that he met last time, so they had a little chat about how his business was progressing and so on though there was no major developments since not that long has passed from last time. After that, there wasn't much else to see so Metabee looked to the direction of the mansion. Throughout the duration of his stroll the burining sensation in his chest started becoming stronger over time which made him a bit worried. It wasn't possible that the food at the mansion was undercooked or something since they had high standards and unfortunately, he didn't possess a skill like clairvoyance so he tried not to pay it too much mind. However, he decided that it would be best not to stay out too long and started heading back to the mansion where Yoshirou most likely returned by now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a day like any other where nothing happened for the Kido Corps members guarding the Hell’s Gate but that was a good thing since it meant that Soul Society was safe. It was evening now as the sky was dark and in just an hour or two their shifts would be over and they could go back to their rooms and sleep. In truth, it was a very boring job but one of utmost importance so none of them complained, besides they were not forced into it and willingly chose guard duty since someone had to do it after all. They kept watching like normal until something caught their interest; a ripple appeared in the portal. Then another and another which made them take up their fighting stances until the portal became distorted and a man came through. He was wearing an olive coloured suit, had very pale skin, bright yellow eyes that seemed to be glowing in the darkness, pure white hair and a hat matching the colour of the suit resting on them. Of course, if he came through the Hell’s Gate then he was no ordinary man but a Togabito! They ran at him but before they could do anything he raised his right hand at them as black embers shot out and hit each one of them in the chest making them lose consciousness and fall to the ground. Asmodeus looked at the Shinigami laying powerless and smiled. Normally, charging through the front gate would be an unthinkable strategy for someone as calculative as him. However, with the current state of Soul Society there was only very few Shinigami that could actually match his strength while the rest were trash not worth mentioning. The second point was that for the Hell’s Gate since there were guardians, there was no automated alarm system so someone had to raise the alarm. However, they would have to get to it first which as can be seen he didn’t allow. In conclusion, even though he walked right into enemy territory it was almost the same as sneaking in. Unfortunately, he was on limited time as these Shinigami were not dead and merely knocked out. As he wanted to negotiate, he couldn’t just walk in and slaughter their forces so he opted for knocking them out as a means of self defense. All he did was cause their bodies to shut down from an overload of corruption though they would wake in around an hour and a half but that would vary from person to person too. Therefore, he did not have time to idle around and wait for them to wake. Now the only question was in which direction must he go to reach the Shinigami. He focused and started searching for traces of his own spirit signature which made the task easier as he 'filtered' the searching to only high spiritual pressure. It took him but a moment to find it when it was narrowed down to the strongest few since there were not many with such a dark spirit signature. At the same time, a vision came into his mind of a big courtyayd, of a massive and luxurious mansion, of a balcony on the second highest floor. Asmodeus smiled. He and the Shinigami were linked and his own power was calling out to him. It will not be long before he can reclaim what is rightfully his.