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  1. It was clear that Shizuka wanted to show off more by the expression on her face, but Masato quickly halted that and told her to get on with the answers. However, contrary to how she wanted to show off there was not much she could tell them about the current attack as it was outside of her area. Furthermore, she was treating Arthur’s battle with Hollow as mere training for Masato which annoyed him as both of them were at risk at the time. Either way, the parasite Hollow was pretty unrelated to Tsukishima’s threat but at least he was useful to Shizuka and her spying so sparing him was probably the right decision,’I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then.’ One case might be closed but that did not mean that it was the end. There were 3 attacks and surely there would be more until this Tsukishima gets what he wants,’I’m not going to rush to my death, but I will participate in the battles that I can. So, if you need my help with anything you know where to find me. Now, let me out.’ After being returned to the girls’ toilet, Arthur sneaked out through the window and went to the rooftop. He took out his phone to check the time and saw that it was already past midnight. His breath turned into vapour as he felt the cold February breeze through his ripped clothing. Like he told Masato before, his first stop was to get his wounds properly treated so he looked around and once he had the direction, he travelled through the air using Bringer Light. Arthur arrived at Liz’s house and woke her up so that she could begin her magic. In the beginning, she used to be very grumpy about this, but she got used to it by now. She said it herself that she’d rather lose a bit of sleep than let him walk about injured. He used this time constructively and called Layla to tell her of the conclusion and situation. It was clear that they should be on guard more against Tsukishima’s movements. Furthermore, this event had shown them how their intel gathering was lacking so it was probably high time to build up on that. While he didn’t return with what could be called ‘concrete’ evidence, but it also made sense that the big Boss wouldn’t be showing himself until everything was set. These attacks won’t be small scale forever and eventually the whole of Karakura Town might get involved. What could they do to prepare themselves? There probably wasn’t much currently but if there were more groups Like Masato’s who were aware of Tsukishima’s intention then they wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t like Shinigami would sit by and watch either, or so he hoped as he didn’t know their intentions either. Once his treatment was over, Arthur could finally return home after what felt like two long days. In the house, everything was dark and quiet, and he too tried to be as quiet as possible. He took off his shoes and coat and headed to his and Iris’ room. As soon as he stepped through the door, she spoke to him,’Welcome back.’ Arthur always told her that she shouldn’t wait since he didn’t know what time he would come back, but it always ended like this anyway. She simply worried about him and didn’t want to be asleep in case something happened,’Yea, I’m back,’ he said and started undressing,’I finished up the case and got my wounds treated so we can rest easy.’ Arthur then got into bed embraced Iris and both of them soundly fell asleep in preparation for the next day. Word Count: 618 Attempting to leave thread
  2. Despite Arthur thinking that he had a good idea, the Hollow quickly refuted that he was only able to take control of Humans and Hollows which explained his current behaviour up to now,’Ah, it was worth a try.’ Even if he was a soul it seemed that the parasitic powers were limited to organic beings just like any normal parasite. Then to his previous query Shizuka looked at him an accused him of being stupid which he frowned to. He didn’t really want to take that from someone who was holed up in a toilet for high school girls and observed the daily life of many people without their knowledge. However, for the sake of finally finishing this case he let it go and listened. Tsukishima was the one responsible for making Hollow attacks on Karakura Town more organised and with this even more lethal. Though it didn’t seem like this Espada has been around for a long time either, so all of these were recent developments. The orange haired women also mentioned the news and some previous events of which he was aware of due to his habit of watching news on a recurring basis,’I know that it was done by Hollows but not like they wear armbands which make them easier to identify and connect to Tsukishima and spiritual beings can’t be captured by a normal camera either. We do not have the same intel gathering capabilities as you do. What is the third attack?'
  3. Arthur listened to the conversation and tried to take away as much from it as possible though he still didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it,’I don’t fully understand what’s going on here. What makes this Primera so special that you would spy on him and collaborate with Hollows? In my whole year as a Fullbringer I’ve never heard of him or seen him make any sort of move. The Hollow did tell me a bit about him, but I just don’t have any evidence for it you know?’ From the gist of things, it seemed that this has been going on for some time though with only the two of them involved he didn’t really know if it could be called a ‘large scale operation’ though it was definitely a long term one. However, he saw a flaw in the plan,’And you,’ he shifted his attention to the Hollow,’If you wanted to hide why not get a fake body? Kind of like the Gigai thingies that Shinigami use? Maybe even a realistic looking puppet or something.’ The reason he suggested this is that when the parasite possessed a human, his reiatsu increased and made it easier to detect him. However, if he was to possess a body which wasn’t living to begin with then maybe they could have prevented that and made it easier for him to hide all this time. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been able to find him if that was the case. Word Count: 246
  4. The two continued on their way keeping a good pace throughout. After their short chat ended, Masato directed him to the school and they moved through various doors and hallways until they got to the second floor and to be more precise, the female toilet. Coming to a school was already suspicious enough so he thought it couldn’t get any worse but now… Arthur looked at the Fullbringer with judgement in his gaze,’Why a toilet?’ The parasite also informed them that he recognised the place but just like Arthur he didn’t seem to feel anybody else’s presence. Masato mentioned something about getting swallowed whole, but he wasn’t really connecting the dots to their environment. A password was spoken so there must be an entrance here. At least they wouldn’t have to flush themselves down the toilets to teleport like in a certain movie. A few moments later the floor beneath them started changing into what looked like a mouth. Is that what Masato meant by swallowing? As the teeth rose and he found himself in the jaws of ‘something’ like any normal human he panicked and tried to get out but was dragged down. When he could next see, Arthur found himself in a dark room full of monitors showing various locations of Karakura Town as well plenty of other information he did not understand. This must be how she could see everything and clearly it was superior to what they have in Duality. Sat in front of all that equipment was the orange haired woman that was involved in this weird case. She seemed to be nervous in the face of Masato who punched her in the stomach before she could even finish her sentence. The Fullbringer then invited Arthur to do the same to ease his frustration. However, he shook his head,’No thanks. I don’t take pleasure from such things.’ While the reason that brought them here was stupid, he didn’t see a need to beat her up over it. He never found fighting to bring him satisfaction whether it was against a man or a woman. Though seeing that his friend may be getting a bit carried over Arthur took over and spoke,’We’ve brought the culprit of all of this with us. He wasn’t telling us the full story though which brought us here. Now, both of you explain yourselves.’ Word Count: 393
  5. Before they made a move, Masato first told Arthur where they would be going and that was Karakura High School. While the two of them were a bit too old to go to a school but at this time there shouldn’t be anybody around so it was unlikely that any trouble would be caused by this. He also said that the previously mentioned orange haired woman was able to hear them right now. Therefore, she was the mysterious person who helped them locate the parasite. More and more things were falling in place,’Alright.’ After saying so, the cyan coat reached out for him but as Masato wasn’t possessed anymore Arthur had nothing to fear as the threads formed bandages while tending to his wounds. It did the job for now as it prevented him bleeding out though he wouldn’t exactly call this satisfactory treatment,’It’s fine. We have someone who can do proper healing, so I’ll stop by later anyway.’ This made him realise that he should appreciate Liz’s skills more as her healing got rid of his wounds completely while with these stitches there was still a risk of his wounds opening up if he was to get into another fight. They started moving along and Arthur took Masato’s offer to let him hold the Hollow while he was asked about his motivations. He expected the question, but it was also part of their growing bond as after what they went through it was very likely that this wouldn’t be their last meeting,’I wouldn’t call it motivation. My faction is called Duality and our saying is ‘to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves’. Though it’s a thankless job so there isn’t any reward for it. I don’t especially care for the individual people either. People die every day of various reasons but if I can prevent further deaths then I will. I just want to keep the town safe to make sure that no harm comes to my loved ones. What about you?’ Word Count: 335
  6. The Hollow answered his questions which showed little guilt in their wording. In some respects, this little guy was very similar to a Human, Arthur thought. Masato then scolded the Hollow for being so carefree even though they could still kill him at any moment. However, just like the conversation Arthur had with the parasite during the battle, he pointed out that he had enough of begging for his life. He would accept whatever fate that they decided. Upon his question, Masato deduced that there was still a missing plot that the parasite didn’t tell them about based on the knowledge of his friends and his encounters. Hitting right on the mark, the Hollow kept his right of silence which meant that their work was not yet done. As this matter was more personal for Masato, Arthur’s presence was probably not required or needed which is why the Fullbringer asked him if he wanted to come along. Since he decided to spare the Hollow, he would need a reason to justify it to Duality as it was going against his mission. Naturally, this meant that he had to know the full story behind this little nuisance,’Yea, I’ve started it so I have to see it through to the end.’ However, he didn’t want to be walking around with the Hollow impaled on his umbrella and neither did he trust it to sit on his shoulder without getting any funny ideas. He looked around for any solutions and saw an empty takeaway box not too far off from them. Given that it was light it was most probably brought here by the wind from wherever someone decided to leave it. It wasn’t the most durable container but it looked like the Hollow lost his fighting will so they simply had to prevent him from running. Arthur went up to the empty box and detached the parasite from the ferrule and closed the box,’No complaints. I may not be killing you, but it doesn’t mean that I’m happy about my wounds. Just remember I can always shake the box nice and good.’ Finally, he undid his Fullbring and was ready to follow Masato with the box in hand. Word Count: 366
  7. Arthur Wright Maximum Fate Point Balance: 15 | Reiatsu Bechmark 91k [5] | Resurge Fate Points [3] | Achievements [7] Current Fate Point Balance: 1 Achievements Obtained: #03 [LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Use your 'First Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. #09 [INITIATION (1): Complete your first PVP battle or battle against a P-Controlled NPC. #18 [NOT EVEN CLOSE, BABY (3): Win a battle against another Role-Player or P-Controlled NPC where you have less than 1500 ND. AW#2 [The Umbrella Fella (2): [Exclusive To Arthur Wright] "That's disrespectful." - Use Myriad Manifestations Umbrella in its base form for 5 turns. In Progress: #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post). #13 [EXTROVERTED (3): Complete 10 Collaborative Threads Role-Playing with any number of fellow Role-Players (Minimum 5 Post, Battles Included). #23 [THAT'S CLASSY (2): Successfully Use Your Primary/Secondary Class Perks 10 Times. Over the course of multiple battles. 3/10 #25 [BATTLE-HARDENED (4): Participate in 10 Battles against other Role-Players or P-Controlled NPCs. 1/10 Purchases Minor: [4 POINTS] 1ST FOCUS: UNCAP a single Stat of your choice to the 200 Tier. Unlock the 230 Tier at 2★ Legend. [Perception] [10 POINTS] 1 TIME POWER ENHANCEMENT: Gain +25% to your secondary damage type. +15%/+10% For Balanced Power Types.
  8. Arthur listened as the Hollow answered his questions so for now, he decided against killing him until the conversation would be finished. The parasite informed them that ‘number one’ referred to as the Primera Espada which he knew to be organisation of elite Arrancars in Hueco Mundo and this number suggested that the person had a lot of authority which he surmised by himself,’What does he look like?’ Despite the given name and the description of being a bigshot, Arthur couldn’t have said that he had heard of this Tsukishima Higurashi. None of the Hollows he had encountered ever mentioned him or the Espada, so they probably weren’t related to him. Masato then followed up by questioning the goals of the Primera which the Hollow didn’t know but informed them that it was not good. From the sound of it, with his scope perhaps the Human world would be affected in the future too. As for who the orange haired woman was, to his surprise it was Masato who knew her, and he asked what the Hollow did to cause this. Even though he answered their previous questions, this one he hesitated to tell them. The parasite finally squeezed out that he stole pants of this Azami women which made Arthur glare at the Hollow. Any sympathy he had for the Hollow went out the window. All of this… He could have died… All for a pair of stolen pants! This time he showed no remorse as he shook the umbrella up and down for a few moments,’You don’t even have hands! How’d you do it? Anyways, what did you do with them?’ Masato and the Hollow made sure they were on the same page which enlightened the Fullbringer who seemed to have a complete understanding now,’Would be nice. What do you want to do with him?’ Word Count: 307
  9. This time the battle truly had come to an end. Even before his final strike, Arthur could feel the Hollow reiatsu instantly weaken and he saw the crux of the problem emerge from Masato’s neck. It was planning on escaping through the hood of the coat and he didn’t know if he could make it in time. After all the effort he put in the fight, he certainly didn’t want this little parasite to get away from them now. Luckily, Masato seemed to be getting control of his body just as quickly as the Hollow couldn’t pass through the hood, most likely due to the hardening of it. There really was no escape for it now. The ferrule of the umbrella successfully pierced the Hollow. He pulled out the umbrella from the hood and kept his arm stretched out while pointing it away from both Masato and himself, just in case it tried to possess either of them again. The Hollow impaled on the ferrule was really tiny, with no arms or legs, it was simply a little worm,’Something so tiny caused so much trouble,’ he thought. He now understood what the Hollow told him about its body and felt bad for him. None of the strength that he previously displayed remained. It was just an ordinary Hollow. Still, the Hollow would have seriously killed him if he could so Arthur would show no mercy,’Number 1 and orange haired woman. I want names.’ If the Hollow was associated with other dangerous Hollows, then his death might bring them more trouble in the future which is why he wanted any useful intel. If the Hollow didn’t answer, Arthur would contemplate shaking the umbrella up and down until he spilled the beans but decided against doing so. Despite the fact that he was a Hollow, the Fullbringer didn’t want to torment a sentient being. Furthermore, he didn’t want to become one of those monsters that the Hollow mentioned. On the possibility that the Hollow answered, Arthur would listen and then let Masato ask his questions. Ultimately, with answers or not he would end the Hollow’s life. He thrust the umbrella forward causing the parasite to be separated from the ferrule and then with a horizontal swing he cut it in half. With the Hollow gone, Arthur undid his Fullbring and sat down on the ground as he lost his balance. He let out a sigh,’Man, I’m tired. You owe me new clothes,’ he said the last part as he faced Masato. Word Count: 419 Achievements obtained:
  10. As their battle reached its final stage, any of their attacks could prove to be the last one. Both of them were becoming more desperate by the second as their strengths waned. Arthur’s Gafu attack didn’t work as well as he wanted as Masato simply destroyed it with his cyan arms, but because of that he was unable to fully block the next attack, so it was not wasted. The ferrule of his umbrella pierced into his opponent’s hand though there was no sign of the Hollow coming out. This meant that the battle was not over yet. He braced himself for the coming offense, but this time the Hollow seemed to copy Arthur in his approach from the fact that he went for the legs first. The cyan arm gripped onto his right foot and though it didn’t break any of his bones, it did restrict his movement which was something that he relied on a lot. The actual attack was from Masato’s right cyan arm which came from below in the form of an uppercut. Arthur swung his umbrella at the outside of the fist in order to redirect it and twisted his body as much as he could in the grip of the arm. The force of the swing still caught him though as it made a cut on his right cheek causing blood to drip down his face. He then swung horizontally at the cyan arm holding his leg which caused its grip to weaken but not remove it. His attack managed to cut halfway through the wrist, so he finished it off with a downward stab as the hand was severed from the rest of the arm causing it to soften back to normal thread and giving him freedom over his leg. This time he was confident that he could finally put an end to this fight as Arthur once again stabbed at the Hollow. Word Count: 320 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
  11. While his slide didn’t really surprise his opponent as Masato hardened his legs with the coat before his attack came, but the interesting thing was that despite blocking the attack his balance was affected. This only showed that the Hollow’s control was nearing its end which means Arthur’s pain and efforts have paid off. However, this didn’t mean that all fighting desire left the Hollow as Masato’s body twisted and a punch intercepted his stab attack knocking it off course. This was followed up with a strike from the tail for which he didn’t manage to reposition his umbrella in time causing it to hit him in the stomach, cutting off his breath and pushing him back simultaneously. The Hollow used this short break to answer his previous statement and Arthur listened to what he had to say. He wasn’t one to dismiss another’s point of view just because they were a Hollow or any other race. Honestly, the parasite did have a point,’I’ll agree with you that the world is cruel no matter where you go. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. However, in my Human world you wanted to go the park to feed on innocent people. That makes you a threat and it’s not something I can allow.’ As for the rest, Arthur didn’t really know who he was referring to though for number 1 the safest assumption was whoever was Hueco Mundo’s leader. Their chat came to an end as Masato readied his body for the next attack as two cyan arms came out of his coat and both of them came at him to punch him. Arthur opened up the umbrella into shield form as Masato once again used a speed that he was not able to perceive which limited his defensive options. He hardened his body to tank the first attack while the second attack with came just a moment after which pushed back his arm and his whole body back even more. He reverted the shield back into the umbrella form and gathered wind energy in his left hand for another Gafu which he fired right at Masato’s face. The intention was mostly to block his sight, but he was certain that it still wouldn’t kill Masato even if it hit. As soon as the Gafu was dealt with, in the same instant Arthur would use Bringer Light to close the distance that had accumulated between the two and would stab forward at the Hollow on the neck in hopes of finishing this. Word Count: 420 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
  12. Arthur’s feint almost worked on the Hollow, but he still managed to block it in the last moment with his tail. He used this brief moment to answer Arthur’s previous statement and how incorrect he was but to Arthur that just proved his point even more,’That is exactly why you are deluded. Neither that body nor power belongs to you. You are simply a coward who can’t fight by himself.’ After the burst of reiatsu dissipated, the Hollow made its next attack which was a punch to his chest. The thought of punching with his left hand came to his head but he decided that it was a bit too wounded to directly use it to counter this punch, so he once again relied on his Fullbring. He pulled back the umbrella and thrust it forward at the fist which resulted in the ferrule piercing through his skin and into his hand right between the middle and ring fingers. Even while making the punch, Masato body didn’t stop moving as he prepared for his next move. Seeing that his opponent once again became a cyan blur he didn’t risk it and this time he steeled his body at the same instant he was not able to perceive his movements. A knee came into contact with his face but thanks to his ability he did not get injured nor did he feel any pain. The next attack was also a kick, but this time the Hollow did a spin before attacking in order to give himself more momentum. Arthur swung his umbrella at the leg and a shockwave was created as their attacks collided though as the losing side he was also pushed back from the force. Arthur could feel that very soon he would be reaching his limit as he felt his sweat in various parts of his paining body and his breathing was starting to become more strained with every attack he had to deal with. As he was out of attacking range, he had to get closer, but he thought about his actions more carefully and started running towards Masato. However, just before he was in range his body lowered itself as he slid across the ground while simultaneously swinging the umbrella at his opponent’s calves. The slide put him just behind Masato so Arthur deflected himself off the ground and with a small leap stabbed forward at the centre of Masato’s back. Word Count: 405 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
  13. Arthur’s attack dug into Masato’s flesh as blood was drown though the attack didn’t do as much damage as it should have as Masato must have tensed his muscles to mitigate it. However, the Hollow didn’t seem to be particularly troubled by this as he simply grinned at him while the cyan coat fixed itself. He wished that his could do that so that he wouldn’t have to buy new clothes after every battle but unfortunately those weren’t sold anywhere. His eyes were not able to perceive Masato’s next attack as he used his full speed and then Arthur felt a severe blow to the stomach as his breath was cut off and he involuntarily coughed up blood and bile in addition to being pushed back a distance. He wiped his chin with his sleeve to get rid of the fluids once the coughing stopped and watched for Masato’s next movement. The Hollow decided to then copy his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, but it was a poor replica as it was an ordinary umbrella. Masato’s Fullbring was based on his coat so he knew that he wouldn’t be able to recreate his own Fullbring. Furthermore, as a shapeshifting weapon it was impossible to copy all the intricacies by simply looking at it,’Do you want my autograph while you’re at it? Or are you simply going through your Chūnibyō phase?’ The cyan replica was thrown at him, but he was able to deflect it with a single swing of the real thing, but the Hollow didn’t give up on it yet as he reached for it with his tail for a follow up attack. The sweep was at a low angle as it was aiming for his knee, so he pointed his umbrella downwards and swung it almost like a golf club to intercept the attack. Arthur then saw his opponent running towards him as he prepared for a kick to his right side. He swung the umbrella to intercept it as even with Masato’s strength kicking metal would hurt him. However, due to the force of the attack his arm was pushed back towards his body as the umbrella met his face and he was forced to take a few steps back to prevent breaking any bones in his arm. He took a step forward to compensate for the distance and then began swinging his umbrella horizontally from right to left but this was meant as a feint as in the middle of the action he repositioned his wrist and stabbed forward into Masato’s neck, where the Hollow was. Word Count: 428 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
  14. Since they have entered close combat only a few mere moments have passed. In these few moments, many actions were made which was a testament to both of their skills. The Hollow was quite in a predicament due to its current position but that didn’t stop it from once again showing a brilliant display of skills to escape it. Through the use of his reimaging free limbs Masato’s body was launched upwards as he countered Arthur’s attack and got back to his feet simultaneously. However, due to this there was not much he could do to protect himself against Arthur’s Gafu. Though that only applied to his limbs as his coat did a well enough job of blocking attacks for him even when he was not physically able to. His opponent then reclaimed the blade that was previously thrown and immediately used it to attack, this time with the hilt. In response, Arthur too pulled back his weapon and thrust it forward to intercept the attack as the two weapons clashed. To follow up Masato used the blade how it was supposed to be used and sent another attack with the sharp side. He repositioned himself from their previous clash and with a downward swing he intercepted this attack as well. Blocking and clashing these attacks was definitely not easy on him and especially on his left hand which made a double handed grip slightly more difficult. This is why he had to put all his effort into every single action and couldn’t let down his guard for even a moment, especially against an opponent who had more ‘limbs’ than him. The next attack came from the tail aimed at the centre of his abdomen, so he parried the attack to the right though his side was still cut in the process. To retaliate he swung the umbrella diagonally from Masato’s left shoulder to his right hip. Word Count: 317 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
  15. The two were locked in heated close combat as neither of them wanted to give way. The Hollow once again showed his stubbornness which was fine as long as his attention was on Arthur. His previous attacks were blocked, quite masterfully in fact, especially by someone who he did not expect to have elaborate sword experience. Masato then repositioned himself and threw his sword into the air, which didn’t really surprise Arthur as he could turn his entire coat into whatever he wished. However, he doubted that was done just to distract him so it must have been preparation for an attack. Before the blade fell though, he paid more attention to the body of his opponent as he lowered himself and sent out a sweep at his legs but at the same time his tail reached into the air so he connected the dots and knew that it was for the blade. Losing balance could cost him quite a lot so to counter the sweep Arthur kicked at Masato’s foot with his right. Though this prevented him from losing balance, the ground gave way from the force he put into his left leg as his base causing it to sink slightly. Though as he knew that the sweep could not change course, before their feet met, he looked up at the blade to see it coming down on his face. He swung the umbrella into the air to intercept it and once again took advantage of its unique circular shape as the blade slid off the curve and carried on downwards but this time it would hit Masato’s foot. Before his opponent fully got back to his feet, Arthur chose this as his time to strike as he swung down the umbrella vertically at Masato to make his raising himself more difficult. He followed this up by swinging his left arm in an arc as a wave of reiryoku came out aimed at Masato’s chest level which at this distance would be hard to avoid. Word Count: 336 Actions: Abilities: Stats:
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