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  1. Espada: White Prime-Fraccion: Kirogen Seat 3 - ThaAllMighty Seat 4 - Azrael the mad dog Seat 5 - RealGrimmjow Seat 6 - matty Seat 7 - Daeyang Seat 8 - joshhurd Seat 9 - Kanaker
  2. Members of this Fraccion:(21) Espada: White Prime-Fraccion: Kirogen Seat 3 - Occee Seat 4 - gortyboy Seat 5 - Marchocias Seat 6 - charlesius Seat 7 - ginryusaimishimoto Seat 8 - SWSWSW Seat 9 - SatoshiAmida Seat 10 - ThaAllMighty Seat 11 - mishimo Seat 12 - Azrael the mad dog Seat 13 - RealGrimmjow Seat 14 - Gospodarz Seat 15 - SephZalez Seat 16 - matty Seat 17 - MarzBarz Seat 18 - Grimmjjow Seat 19 - HazardousSoul Seat 20 - Daeyang Seat 21 - joshhurd Seat 22 - Bugboyeav Seat 23 - dacgolord
  3. Best Song in Existence.

  4. After kidnapping the previous 6th Espada and installing myself as Glorious Leader. Here are the raid results Azrael the mad dog did 104185.9 damage. The enemy group has 4999895814.1 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. Azrael the mad dog has 922364 left. White did 53729869158023900 damage. The enemy group has -5.3729864158128E+16 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. White has 980570127870150000 left. Congratulations, you have defeated the enemy! Go Team!... (I seriously need more people to join me on the fun side of the dark side)
  5. *Exploding from behind the dust cloud he randomly appears with a bottle of sake* AH HA. Found it. *Leaves*
  6. *Escapes from the ninjas and raids them back* See what I mean. Ninja raids.
  7. *Finds an air compressor and blows the dust out of the window and is now searching cupboards*
  8. *He throws the broom on the floor and pulls out a rug sending dust flying everywhere*
  9. Raids are fun. Especially ninja raids... Wait What?
  10. *walks in again, finds a broom and cleans dust away*
  11. Eh. May as well do this for the fun of it. Character Name: Rio Kanazawa Character Position: Prime Fraccion Under: Lorna (Mrs Aizen/Arya)
  12. *Randomly walks in to investigate*
  13. *Walks in and then walks back out due to it being empty*
  14. Allow me a moment to summarise this chapter. "Blah blah blah, Explosions, Further pointless talking, Ichigo, Semi-sarcastic comment, End" (All the opinions expressed in this post are mine and are not to be taken seriously.)
  15. To be honest I don't know myself. Just wanted to Hadoken.
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