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  1. Where It All Began

  2. Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    So what do you think that the next legendaries will be in gen 7
  3. Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts may beat that out
  4. Anybody Still Play Pokemon?

    Pokemon shall ruel the world Muwahahaha
  5. Forgotten Memories Arc: Chapter One:two Lost Soul Reapers Return

    Ooc: its fine rl comes first
  6. Barracks

    *The cloaked Shinigami went and grabbed a slice of both types of pizza and went back to his spot and started eating the slice of pizza and watched the small group of pepole that was their as he ate the pizza which was really good in fact "Damn good pizza" he muttered to no one but himself as he scanned the area of the barracks*
  7. Rp Charicter Bios

    (Place holder for Sorin's bio I know it's 2 years over due but I couldn't think of anything back then so i'll do the bio shortly and then update it as the rp goes on)
  8. Barracks

    *The cloaked Shinigami then looked at Meta "You want some saki" *He asked as he offered Meta some Saki before he left where he was at the current time as Sorin did his best to try and not be reconized by his old friend as he kept his eyes on the other two Soul Reapers who were talking to one another at this time*
  9. Kido Corps Seats

    I know it at one point used to be Dragonlord and then Rougemortal
  10. Kido Corps Seats

    Let me guess Chicken
  11. Barracks

    *The cloaked Shinigami walked to the kitcheb to get some saki seeing as he was bored at this time and thought that a drink might help liven things up a bit so once in the kitchen he opened a secret stash of Saki and opened the bottle and took a swig from it*
  12. Kido Corps Seats

    All the members but Sayuri are male
  13. Kido Corps Seats

    You're on evil bi*** (jk)
  14. Kido Corps Seats

    What's your rpg account name Mortal
  15. Kido Corps Seats

    Ok time to do this regularly again Captian/Lieutenant level Shinigami: Captain: Metabee Lieutenant: Sorin Suzaku High seated officers: 3rd Seat: Alvito 4th Seat: Sayuri 5th Seat: HollowedSharingan 6th Seat: Deltawave 7th Seat: RenHakume 8th Seat: Hikisaku Karasawa 9th Seat: Chicken 10th Seat: Zakoji Seated Officers: 11th Seat: Sikfir 12th Seat: NoityouloveIchigo 13th Seat: SenHigurashi 14th Seat: AlmightyJanjo 15th Seat: Specter