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  1. Kishikage Kaihri

    Rash's Art Dump

  2. Yo, Kia!

    Seen the newest KH3 trailer?

  3. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    I'm a bit annoyed by the current 101 Dalmatins event... I'm having 34 different ones, but can't even combine one of them and my Storage is full all the time T.T
  4. Kishikage Kaihri

    Squad 11 Raids

  5. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    It reminds me a bit of World of Final Fantasy. Only thing is, FFUX can get pretty expensive. XD But I like the idea and the story of it. Would be a great PS-Game indeed.
  6. Kishikage Kaihri

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Raise your glass - P!nk
  7. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    I'm also waiting for KH3, haven't seen much footage yet though. Meanwhile I'm hanging around KH Unchained X.
  8. It's so sad when you come online but don't read my PN :(

  9. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    Thank you, that chronological order is a pretty mess... Good to know BbS is not 0.2 BbSafp, but that this game is between KH and KH2 except for the endings, which are after DDD and before KH3, makes me really unsure in deciding which of the two to play first... but I guess I'll just play BbSafp and hope for the best. It plays a bit od doesn't it? I don't like the automatical switch of the commandos (magic attack, potion, whatsoever)
  10. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    Played DDD yesterday, the intro made my eyes wet a bit, reminding me of all what happend in KH and KH2. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the controls, as I'm currently used to different controls (playing FF XV, WoFF and others) DDD is the seventh game and BbS is the sixth but what is the right order regarding timeline? Does someone know that?
  11. Kishikage Kaihri

    Kingdom Hearts

    It's coming next week, looking forward to playing Aqua~
  12. Kishikage Kaihri

    Talk about ps4 games

    Playing currently: Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy and Uncharted 4 (and 2nd playthrough of InFamous Second Son). On pause: Xenoverse 2, God of War 3, Digimon Cyber Sleuth (finished the story though but want to make a New Game+ when I got Dianamon, which isn't THAT easy to get, screw you Lucemon!) Assassins Creed Black Flag/Unity/Syndicate (though I almost finished Black Flag and Syndicate I think) Playing on occasion: Samurai Warriors 4-2, Dynasty Warriors 8 (or 9) Empire and Blade & Storm Nightmare Waiting to be installed and played: Ratchet and Clank Also I'm waiting for Horizon: Zero Dawn and Detroit: Become Human Did I miss something? Maybe.
  13. Kishikage Kaihri

    Post Funny Shit

  14. Kishikage Kaihri


    Butthurt a bit because someone isn't interested in a game you love? How should I "break silver" if I don't even play ranked? XD If this is all you have to say, the "discussion" (as if there ever was one) really is one-sided.
  15. Kishikage Kaihri


    Masterpiece? Good taste? Whatever~