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    I love GFX related stuffs and videogames!
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  1. ^Hi and thank you! yeah it's fun but a bit stressfull too xD
  2. Elincia Lune


    I just recently watched this episode and I can just say that its so awesome! The characters and storyline are so good!
  3. been awhile!~ a GFX update from me! -Recently, I'm having a part time job in a gaming company -I've been learning how to draw especially chibis. -I just started using PS CS6 (awesome black bg ) -Just celebrated 3 years in the field of GFX so now an update to some of my recent works!
  4. Ohh thank you so much Liu Shen!
  5. My first work for my fraccion! wooohooo~ A little big though XD but good thing it resized and the quality was not that lessened XD. I made it as our picture raid (When I tried being an espada. I didn't last long as an espada but good thing Maxxie maintained my little change for the fraccion lol)
  6. Welcome to BSE and awesome qoute from Lightning

  7. Hmmm... Dragon's Dogma is an awesome game for me
  8. Awwww thank you Heonumaru Thank you Liu Shen
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