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  1. Would appreciate if someone were to soul bury me at District 2! Kinda failed at keeping track of how much damage the npc made, so kinda played a bit as a human but had to commit suicide ^^'
  2. Procrastination is bliss 

  3. OOC: Well, this has been a long break for me o.o Didn't really think I would find this place again T_T
  4. Star Wars 1-2 and 6 Waiting for the newest one to come out >.<
  5. You need comforting? *Takes out a giant cake and some super coke*
  6. ooc : The moment that I realize that you guys have WAY more free time than me xD
  7. One year later, no goddamn reply xD How does it feel Mortal ?
  8. Be careful to not make him upset and make an even bigger mess
  9. Love that I said we shall have a camping while I was camping VictorH to get to kill him xD
  10. Well the so called "active" ones in the squad would be Meta, Sayuri and two or one more ( don't know their names) I mostly come once in a while to just visit, but if you call that active then I guess I'm part of the upper sentence. I think that Alvito/Lucas Raven has started to join the BSE a little bit once again, maybe not full time but he's also here sometimes. And I guess you could say the way you parted was "rude" but it's not really so called rude since many before you have left their squads or whatever group they were in before by not even mentioning something. So don't be sad But at the same time, be sad you missed an awsome, what i would call, adventure !
  11. Every girl/woman on BSE,Happy Women's Day!

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    2. Sauby


      Wait... Aiden, you're a girl o.o?

    3. OtterAiden
    4. Sauby


      So you're like me :P Typing girl/male in the profile but in reality, you're just using a poisoned mushroom that acts like a drug while we can't see it!

  12. Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani ft. Akon
  13. Sauby


    Well, never left but at the same time, not here Might the old times come back, with you being here ?
  14. Then it's offical ^^ Meta is the new Captain, and if Sayuri wants to, she will be the new vice captain/lieutenant Btw, Alvito, where have you been T_T
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