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    Active & Inactive Urp'ers List

    4 years later. everyone dies.
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    Kyôuraku Family Manor

    Ooc this thread is for Kyouraku family members and their relatives, others can visit us whenever they want (except when we sleep @.@) the current occupants are: Alvito Kaycee
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    The raid results will be posted here
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    Here you can talk, discuss about anything, anything goes except chat battle and stories
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    Squad 3 Tavern

    ooc: Hoping this thread gets back alive, it's been a good read so far
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    atleast it went well
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    Squad 10 Song Of The Day

    *quietly listens to the songs*
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    haha yea, anyways I'm gonna drop now I'll cya later, good luck with the Rp btw
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    ahh life, been writing a book then stopped halfway, spent most of my time researching and then there's college, been busy with the usual stuff xD
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    hmm must be busy with rl stuff like exams and stuff, i myself barely got time until few days ago
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    haha yea i've read it, she's always been the one with an explosive personality not to mention who has a bottomless pit for a stomach, it's a wonder how she doesn't get fat :/ well atleast she's keeping the action going around here, anyways I hope we see new and 'active' faces in the squad before I make my comeback
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    i hear Aliza and Yoshiro have been helping you ? anyway what about Sorin, Soby and that new girl who's name i don't remeber, haven't heard from them in a while
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    ha well i will be joining soon probably in a week or so *fingers crossed* got loads to do, anyway you guys seem to be doing fine without me atleast the squad isnt dead
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    just 2 people doung the raids ? we need more recruits
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    Hello Everyone!

    is it too late to say Welcome ? *ahem* Hey there, happy to see new faces on the forum here, i hope you enjoy your stay, oh and if you like to kick off the rules and rp freely for a while drop my the Unofficial Role-Play thread, chances are you'll find me there....Eventually >_>, anyways welcome again.
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    The Captains Office

    Calm wind blows through the open window in the Captains Office, the curtains sways slowly along with it, and the shadow of the former Captain Alvito appears, he observes through the window a war, a war that could've been avoided, now innocents suffer due to peoples wrongdoings. Children's become orphans, the sick are left untended, the old are left to die. Chaos...Pain...Suffering... All of which is Nonsensical, even the Gotei 13 turned against each other and for what purpose ? Supremacy ? The Gotei 13 and their powerful Captains who once were feared by all are now fighting against each other for the position of who gets to be the Captain Commander, new factions rise, more lifes lost, Clans Die... In midst of all this war and violence he notices a sense of Love, one filled with joy and hope, he watches as Meta and Sayuri train, he watched how Meta tries to rebuild the Kido Corps with Sayuri by his side along with a few others. The war may have ruined many lifes but he was glad that Kido Corps wasn't fazed by it, no matter how much damage was caused he knew he could count on these two to make Kido Corps a better place. They say death gives you peace, it is the end of suffering, end of feelings, its the date where everything is just...Black... But not for Alvito, even in death he couldn't find Peace, knowing what was happening around he couldn't rest, but he couldn't do anything about it either, being a lost soul all he could do is pray... He turn around and stared at the showcase filled with photos, trophies, badges and other memorial items, he smiled as he scanned through each of them, he saw the Lieutenants Badge handed to him by his former captain, then the tattered captains cloak nicely folded, he wore that at the battle at Rukongai along with Night, that was the only time he wore the cloak, then he saw a wedding ring, placed comfortlessly in the ring box, he smiled and remembered the 'red' wedding although it didn't end well due to the Vanderiech rage goin on, and at the top of it all there was picture of Alvito with his squad members, that's was their first Squad Picture but sadly was their last too, everyone in the picture had a unique back story, different people From different place and of different culture came to Kido corps for one purpose, serve the Gotei 13 as best they can, Alvito had written a quote on his desk saying "Let your friends die, Provided your enemies fall along with them" surely it wasn't the brightest quote that but that was a code he lived by. He slowly walked towards the bookshelves and pulled out a dusty old book containing the names and descriptions of all the previous Captains and member of the squad, there he saw Mortal, his first friend ever since he came into Kido Corps, he was there by his side, he was more than a friend to him, Mortal was like a brother no matter what situation Alvito was in he could always count on Mortal to help him out, although times change...so does people...he gave one final look and said in a low tone "We Live in a world fit for Mercenaries and Outlaws, the rich wage war and the poor die, even death does not bring one peace, I pray that those who Los someone dear to them may receive salvation" he then slowly starts to fade away , the book he holds falls down with a audible thump sound and out came single photo which showed the younger days of Mortal and Alvito, mortal had his hand over Alvito's shoulder and Alvito held a damaged wooden sword with a broken tip vertically downward, both seemed bruised from heavy training, there were bits of T-bone lying around at the back, obviously li'll Mortal was a hungry back then as he is now, on the bottom was a hand written quote saying "Brothers for life in this and the next" The wind stopped blowing and the Captains Office became quiet and Cold once again, Alvito's Soul has passed on since his death was in the hands of a Shinigami he would be reincarnated as another person, but it would take a millennia before that happens. The day ends with nightfall and all goes dark...
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    Star Hq

    "its finally been built" says Alvito as he enters the new hq for stern ritter "I The captain of the STAR will herby make this our official hq, here is where we will plan wars, since we failed to take out the hollows of hueco mundo the commander has given us a chance of redemption and now we have a new mission, to get Lance back to the vanderiech. War with: squad 7 result in a win: get lance back result of failure: take out squad 7 and each and every member other info: squad 7 has been lacking training, and the captain has been going out on dates and making his lieutenant do stuff, so he has a blunt experience in battle, due to thus the only possible threat in the squad is Jiro and Akito warning: it has been noted that a strong presence has an alliance with squad 7 identity: Mortal Phoenix race: undefined he should be approached with caution members: Lance Akari eniko Akito Jiro and more new members have joined
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    Karakura Town

    Here you can continue your rp in karakura town instead of posting it in grounds/barracks
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    Where It All Began

    hurry up already, if you dont hurry up you won't make it to the examination yelled a voice of a young academy student, calling out to her brother Hurry up Alvito she said again and no soon later a man runs down the road wearing a academy uniform, a man with Black hair, blue eyes and big smile on his face, slow down Mina we still have 3 hrs before the exam actually begins the man stops midway to catch his breath when the young girl named Mia said in a voice full of joy and excitement i know but think after this exam were official shinigami with zanpktou's and stuff, we'll be so cool Alvito stands up straight and says yea and a risk of being killed in the process if we dont tred carefully, i mean were going to be facing real hollows and the last thing you need is be over confident Mina grunts in response, but later walks towards Alvito and throws her arm around his shoulder and walks with him to the academy, but that's not going to stop us best duo sibling, right brother ? ? Alvito smiles and walks along with her having no other choice, yea you maybe right both of them heads to the academy. The beginning of all the day when a man named Alvito Black became a shinigami, a time when normal days in soul society changed, where the world was never the same, down the path he walked, the man had no family or friends, Mina was his only family, Alvito had no memories of his time as a human, only remembering his name and the name of someone he held dear to him, Mina, his beloved sister, not so long later Alvito reaches the academy with his sister, woo hoo im so excited the young girl jumps up and down in fit of excitement, Alvito who stood behind her just sighed in and said well atleast she's happy Alvito didn't seem to be interested in being in the Academy nor did he seem to have any interest in the idea of being a shinigami, the only reason he's here, was because of his younger sister, Man's childhood dream of being a shinigami they still had time to spare before the examination had started, Mina saw her friends and rushed towards them without hesitation and initiated in the "Girl Talk" Alvito sighed again, ugh....well since im here might as well take a stroll around the place, he left the class and walked down the halls and started walking down the dorms, some of the rooms were open and some of the occupants acted strangly, most of them being couples and doing their 'thing', Alvito didn't mind them much as he didn't want his last day at the academy to end in awkwardness, he kept walking until he reached the Academy grounds, there he watched, as other academy students walked towards the academy, he dsont have much to do so he decided to sit under a sakura tree the sweet scent of cherry blossom and peacefulness of the area, was so calming, he didn't have a care for anything else for a brief moment, he indulged himself in the calmness, until it was interpreted by the giggling of a group of academy girls, he open his eyes and looked around before finally seeing the girls, one of the girl was blond, and was carrying a file of some sort, she looked at Alvito and smiled, and gave a tiny wave, Alvito waved back at her and smiled, soon the academy teachers had reached the area the girls quickly entered the academy while the blonde girl stayed behind for a moment, She smiled at him again and winked before she left the area, Alvito smiled but was a little confused as to why she did that, Alvito stood up and brushed himself off and slid his hands inside the pockets of his uniform when suddenly a teacher approaches him from behind and places his hand on Alvito's shoulder, he turns around and sees an intimidating looking man, he froze for a few seconds, and before the teacher could say anything Alvito began running towards the Academy, the teacher just sighed and walked towards the academy as well it was almost time for the preliminary exam to start both Alvito and his sister along with many other waited for the exam to officially start there was a slight hissing noise coming from the seat located 3 rows behind Alvito, he turned around and saw the same blonde girl he saw earlier again, she waved at him and smiled, he smiled back and turned around and looked infront again, he seemed creeped out by this now, he tried to relax and wait for the exam to start ooc this is a pendulum arc and begins way back when Alvito, Mortal, Emmel and Heonu were back in the academy, this is an invite only rp can't use tags cuz im on the phone :/
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    Where It All Began

    wait....I ignored who O.o p.s. i try my best to reply and i aint the type to ignore ppl (unless you're one of those gender bending ninjas)
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    Kido Corps Training Grounds

    ooc- grahh soooo tempted to get back but bah fkn work ! >.<