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  1. ooc: Hoping this thread gets back alive, it's been a good read so far
  2. haha yea, anyways I'm gonna drop now I'll cya later, good luck with the Rp btw
  3. ahh life, been writing a book then stopped halfway, spent most of my time researching and then there's college, been busy with the usual stuff xD
  4. hmm must be busy with rl stuff like exams and stuff, i myself barely got time until few days ago
  5. haha yea i've read it, she's always been the one with an explosive personality not to mention who has a bottomless pit for a stomach, it's a wonder how she doesn't get fat :/ well atleast she's keeping the action going around here, anyways I hope we see new and 'active' faces in the squad before I make my comeback
  6. i hear Aliza and Yoshiro have been helping you ? anyway what about Sorin, Soby and that new girl who's name i don't remeber, haven't heard from them in a while
  7. ha well i will be joining soon probably in a week or so *fingers crossed* got loads to do, anyway you guys seem to be doing fine without me atleast the squad isnt dead
  8. just 2 people doung the raids ? we need more recruits
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