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  1. Nanori

    In-Game Regeneration Broken

    So yeah, the RPG regen is dead. At least for hollows, I can't really check with my Shinigami since he's too strong to take damage from anything. But my hollow hasn't naturally regenerated her health for a few days now. Not sure if you're aware of this already or not but I figured I'd make a topic about it so you'd look it over when you have time
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    Post Funny Shit

  3. Come at me bitch <.<


  4. Yuudai ShihÅin Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Information First name: Yuudai Middle name(s): Yamato Surname: ShihÅin Age: 564 Date of birth: 4th May Race: Spirit Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Current residence: Hueco Mundo Relationship status: Widower Social status: Criminal, Rouge Physical Appearance Height: 192 cm | 6'3" Weight: 85 kg | 187 lbs Eye color: Brown Skin color: White Distinguishing features: Menacing Posture Build of body: Battle-hardened Hair color: Brown Hair style: Unkept Typical clothing: Leather trench coat More Consume reality, ShÅ«en. Unveil your destructive path. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZanpakutÅ Name: ShÅ«en - 終焉 (Demise) Bankai Name: Junzentaru ShÅ«en- 純然ãŸã‚‹çµ‚焉 (Absolute Demise) Element: Desintigration Shikai: Bankai: Together we'll raise the foundation of creation, nothing can stop us. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZanpakutÅ Spirit Shikai Bankai Inner world Chaos, chaos is a ladder. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Misc Reiatsu appearance: Theme's
  5. Nanori

    Palace In The Dark

    Yuudai gleamed at the location of his attack in displeasure. The Shinigami reiatsu was no more. But it wasn't gone under agreeable terms for Yuudai. He'd kill enough creatures through ShÅ«en to know that their spiritual pressure would vanquish instantaneously with their hosts, for such was the nature ShÅ«en. He had still to witness anything it wouldn't break down. Yet, this one vanished in a slight delay. Yuudai was no fool, the Shingami who seemed blessed with the reaction time that would put any god to shame had managed to escape the certain death that unfolded in an almost instant. He couldn't have gotten far though, not yet anyway. And due to the level of subterfuge in his presence, it was likely caused by concealing kidÅ. Two grand cubes of ShÅ«en formed in front of him as he heard the Quincy reply to his previous statement. The reply to his curiosity about Yuudai would have to wait momentarily however as the dread Shinigami extended ShÅ«en's edge to prod the two cubes. They gave off a slight illumination before a scattering display. Broken down into billions of bodyless particles, too small in its current state to be neither harmful or visible under normal circumstances Yuudai dispersed them to scout along the mountain side. With his next advance already set in motion he saw no reason not to entertain the curiosity of the Quincy. After all he'd come here to meet with the Quincy reiatsu to begin with. "Someone who favors equality." He explained in a blunt, monotone manner to begin his introduction. "Aren't you tired of living in the shadows of everything, Quincy boy? A pretentious life; non-significant, expectant to be of little meaning as claimed standard by those who arrogantly demands superiority?" He asked in a more rhetorical way before continuing; "The potential of the Shinigami, the fierce superiority of a hollow, the prosperous will of a human. I intend to change that. Your former king worked on a favor of mine, I merely came to collect it." He paused his words momentarily as he looked over towards the Quincy. "So tell me, boy. Wouldn't you favor a world meaningless of war and where a Quincy is expected to live and not hide?" Yuudai finished with a small, cold smirk. As ShÅ«en's particles had scattered to cover the entirety of the mountain slope, there was a spot where the small molecular energy cells had come in contact with kidÅ and the dread Shinigami had no reason to doubt his sword's judgment. The location of the divine and almighty dodger had been located and as a result, the remaining of the scattered ShÅ«en molecular particles had begun to amass around it in a spherical, whirling motion. "Destiny comes to those willing to claim it. But for now, we share a common nuiscence aside a greater cause." He explained, proclaiming the Shinigami Captain as the enemy. Yuudai gripped firmly around his Zanpakuto hilt and flash stepped. The two previous scattered cubes began rapidly to mass back into physical shape. Like rectangular walls to both the left and right side of the Shinigami Captain. Their purpose was to close in from the sides, as well as to cut off those paths as possible escape routes. In the meantime, Yuudai had emerged at the pinpointed location. He stood on two platforms created through reishi above the mountain platform hidden between a boulder and the mountains exterior. Naturally, he'd already set his sword in motion to create a third cube; reaching down to platform ground to synergies with the remaining two. Even though his eyes couldn't witness anything due to the likely kidÅ he couldn't help but smirk coldly as the three forms he'd conjured only heartbeats ago illuminated brightly once more. May the best bs win.
  6. Nanori

    Palace In The Dark

    A distant rumbling came from the near distance. Another one followed and Yuudai halted his advance before stepping through the portal. His henchmen's also being alerted by the sudden noise in the supposedly dead palace glanced in expectation over for Yuudai's word. "Your excellence.." one of the Arrancars announced in a respectful manner with a deep bow. They wanted orders as things had progressed in unexpected manners. Yuudai didn't turn his back around to face his minions however. Instead, his attentions were turned in the direction of the noise, curiously his eyebrow in symmetric action to his upper lip rose in a crude display. "Maintain the portal." He commanded for a second time before stepping towards the distant noise. The closer he got to the source of the sound the more certain he grew in expectations over the reiatsu levels he felt in the same direction. He took this place for dead, the Quincy a dying breed, a cogwheel not able to be placed in his grand scheme of things. And yet this reiatsu came radiating through battle, the bloodthirsty sensation never lied. This was a good thing, if the Quincy still were alive even after Max's demise they could still be of use. And Yuudai without any good intentions other than for his own was going to make sure the Quincy wouldn't succumb to the inevitable before his plan demanded it so. He'd arrive into the hall where he sensed both a Quincy and Shinigami reiatsu. He stepped through the gate concealing his own, if a upper hand could be gained he'd cease it. The sooner this business got over with the better. In the distant he heard a fools voice, seemingly to be explaining his ability to a supposed opponent. Careless, foolish and utter stupid. The arrogance of a Gotei Shinigami no doubt. The dreadful ShihÅin flash stepped closer in, embracing the shadowing nature from the lack of light on the mountain slope. He'd gotten close enough to get recognition on the Shinigami's face but however, he had no clue who this jester was. Nor did he have any interest. He could tell he was nothing but a fool however and grasped the hilt of his Zan. The Shinigami whom still seemed to be unaware of his presence, couldn't keep his mouth shut. Instead of attacking his enemy, he'd rather prepare him by announcing an attack through hakuda. He started to execute something that looked ridiculous and as expected full of openings. For when the man jumped softly in the air, setting himself in an un-maneuverable motion Yuudai caught the opportunity at hand and drew is sword with a singular swinging motion. ShÅ«en had been released, its command was not needed for such a thing is needless for a Shinigami possessing bankai. The swing came silently and with an instant; a huge cube surrounded the foolish jester of a Shinigami. Faster before gravity could allow the Shinigami's feet to touch the ground again the huge cubic phenomenon illuminated radiantly. Instantaneously after; its interior was left with nothing but dust. Anything that resided within during the incineration would have been disintegrated into nothing but molecules, such is the power of ShÅ«en, the sword that deny creation. Certain, that the jester Shinigami wouldn't have been able to survive ShÅ«en's attack after the foolish display of putting himself in an uncontrollable position, Yuudai called out from the shadow to the second presence in this room; "Step into the light where I can see you." He wanted to see if the Quincy possessed enough ambition to Yuudai's expectations or, if the fact still remained that the Wandenreich died with its King. Which in that case, the Wandenreich could prematurely succumb to the worlds fate. Abilities
  7. Nanori

    Palace In The Dark

  8. Nanori

    Palace In The Dark

    The crackling sound of the dark shaped dimensional pathway echoed through the vast hallway, the faint light that illuminated from it wasn't nearly enough to suppress the shadows creeping around them. They had arrived, to the shadows realm that is and what normally would have been a sign of intrusion was now greeted with silence. Nothing but the dusty ice and a profound silence the palace was greeting them with. The master, being the first to enter this realm had a moment of recollection before his subordinates followed him through the dark pathway. He had been here, once, very long ago. He held no expectations for this place, nor was he really surprised for its current state. It would seem the saying 'cut off the snakes head and the rest will follow' wasn't just a myth for a reason. Just like its former king, this place no longer served a purpose other than a monumental tomb of failure. As the cyan haired Arrancar, Pedro, whom was accompanied by a hooded girl in which was the very source of this portal came lastly through the dark entrance, Yuudai only spoke a few words. "Await here, maintain the portal." his dominant voice commanded despite being very calm. Accompanied by two other henchmen Yuudai started making his way towards the throne room. Even if it had been a long time since he'd lastly been here, his memory of it remained rather intact as not much had changed. Whatever traps the paranoid Max had set up should have exhausted their effectiveness by now, and even if they hadn't Yuudai did no fear the 'minor pranks' his friend placed around his home. As for potential effect it would have on his subordinates accompanying him he simply did not care. The dead silence of the palace left his march through the hallways more like a twisted advance, every step echoed through the corridors like the ticks of a pendulum swing. Tack, tack, tack. Upon reaching the great hall, which essentially was the throne room Max room wasn't far off. He approached the very throne itself, glancing over its dusty surface before turning to his right, a few steps of a stairwell and then a great wooden door. Behind here, was the Kings private quarter, and the item he sought to reclaim would be in there. The old oaken door made a cracking noise once Yuudai pushed it aside, lightly, using the hilt of his Zanpakuto. He stepped inside the room and the two Arrancar henchmen right after. Already it was like stepping inside the workshop of the great mind he knew once, The Major. Strange devices and obvious weapon shaped objects, both finished work placed upon shelves and unfinished projects lying about. Impressive as always what this tinker could accomplish creating, this wasn’t what Yuudai had crossed dimensions to claim. He sought the Bugu of the ShihÅin, the weapon he'd extinct the whole clan to acquire. Yet, those accursed golden ancestors had placed a seal over, one only breakable from a direct descendant itself or.... By the great mind of Montana Max. Many years ago, he'd been asking his friend for a favor to remove the seal but alas, Max had been unable to return the object before his unfortunate demise. They both might not had the same final goal for their future's but they had one common ideal; change. Perhaps that is what stabilized their fragile friendship to start with. Pondering where Max would have stored the Bugu for safe keeping, one of his subordinates felt for some reason to express himself over the last King and his Quincies; "Useless.. Just like their kin and leader these objects reeks of failure.. Just like the rest of this whole place.. It's no wonder a regime like this fell as hard as it did..". Yuudai didn't get bothered over the insults his subordinate passed down, his relationship with The Major maintained for mutual benefits, from either side there where no real personal opinion between the two. However, despite all that, Yuudai found ignorance something to be worse than insults, and felt the need to shed some light over his lesser companion; "Strange and bizarre where many things The Major had in motion during his life time, but I assure you that none of them where to be proclaimed as useless. The very fact that your feeble mind is not even being able to comprehend them shouldn't be used to judge his work, that is an insult if any. As for these objects you claim to be useless, most of them are in fact.." Just when he was about to complete his sentence the other of the two companion had started touching and messing around with the objects in the room, specifically a sphere he'd taken from one of the standing shelves. It was spherical object and not before long a set of needles emerged and impaled the curious Arrancars hand. A very painful scream followed the thud of dropping the sphere to the ground. The hand The Arrancar had gotten impaled slowly started to dissolve and disperse as the toxins within the needles started to spread through his body. With a collected approach Yuudai placed one hand over the affected Arrancars shoulder and the other high up on the arm as he teared with nothing but his brute strength, through hierro and bone he dismembered the decaying limb from the body as he calmly continued his former explanation; "Highly hazardous to spiritual beings." The Arrancars arms would with time regenerate but none of that mattered to Yuudai. However, thanks to the Arrancars curious nature the shelf from which he'd taken the object from seemed to be rather.... Flexible. There where markings on the ground, indicating this very shelf had been pushed a lot, and that wasn’t something that would go unnoticed to Yuudai. "Of course.." he simply stated as he with one draw of his sword split the shelf In two. Wrapped in a cloth inside a small small box formation in the wall the object Yuudai sought resided. As he grasped it in his hand he immediately felt the seal, as expected from Max had been dealt with. "We got what we came for, let us return." he commanded as he started to take the lead back through the dark, cold corridors..
  9. Deep beneath the desolated sands of Hueco Mundo, isolated in a forsaken facility a man with great ambitions resided. A twisted man time had forgotten about, known as Yuudai ShihÅin. Bearing a strong resentment against his previous clan and ill will for Sereitei and everything associated with the Shinigami, a stronger spiteful grudge had evolved during his century of solitude. Amongst this man whom was sitting on a pale iron throne a gathering crowd surrounded him. A crowd of brainwashed servants, modified to obey his every command and twisted will. His own created army of Arrancars. Patiently Yuudai had been waiting, preparing and evolving the research of a selfish madman's ideal for the creation of an new age. And now at the final steps of his desires he was ready to set the wheel in motion. His eyes shared no other emotion than domination as he spectated his crowd and a resolute voice begun echoing through out the dark hall as he'd begun a speech to his obedient surroundings. Brethren.. Sons and daughters. My precious creations. They'd call you monsters, murderers.. Denying your very existence to be anything else than poison for their own selfish system. I share with you all a dream of unity, where no being shall be lesser. A united world, one world, a strong world. A world that doesn't rotate around the petty broken words of 'balance'. A world where the arrogant Shinigami nor the mighty Hollows are created and plunged into the endless cycle of hate. I bring you a vision of one. One race, one strong race. A godless race. We shall create our own freedom, our own fate. A world where no man will have to fear death. For too long have we lurked in the shadows in this god forsaken desert, too much time has passed for preparations. And for too long have we kept our enemy waiting. Nothing ever changes in this world unless you provide the tools, I am living proof of that my precious friends.. The Sereitei should not have forgotten about the calamity in blood and the scar that where left behind when one of their mighty houses fell within a single night. A new dawn is coming, but in order for a dawn to rise, darkness must cover the land.. And this time my brethren.. there will be no room for scars. It is time. The final stage is within our grasp, after this... A true peace will be achieved. Cover the world in dusk. Let the breaking of our dawn commence... With the finishing words the dark hall erupted into a fierce choir of battle fueled howls from the many creatures that where bent under his will. Yuudai's dominant gaze traversed the bloodthirsty gathering until it fell upon a slim figured silhouette at the very end of the stairs to his throne; "Pedro." he requested as a cyan haired Arrancar stepped forward and kneeled down at the edge of the first step. "Yes, Yuudai-sama." he pledged to his lord. "Fetch the girl, it is time to bring back what my dearest friend Max failed to return from the Shadow Realm before his unfortunate death." Yuudai commanded, taking his own words as law for the Arrancar. His superior gaze left the servant whom immediately left to do his bidding. He took one lasting look at his gathering before stepping down the throne, merging with the shadows further in the dark hall.